Carmen Monarcha


Carmen was born in Belém, a city close to the huge, ancient forests of the Amazon. She comes from a very artistic family: her mother is a famous singer in Brazil, and her father is a well-known Portuguese writer.
‘When I was very small my parents moved to Rio de Janeiro, where I spent all my childhood. When I was about 14 we moved to Sao Paulo, another great metropolis in Brazil. There I often went to concerts with my mother where she was singing. It was during one of her recitals in Sao Paulo that I first felt a musical vocation. I can clearly remember what a strong impression the music made on me at that moment. My mother was singing a Brazilian song accompanied by eight cellos. And right then and there I knew: I want to be a musician. Not a singer, no! I fell in love with the warm sound of the cellos and I was determined I would find a way to learn the cello...’
Besides the cello Carmen also plays the piano. She particularly enjoys playing the music of Gershwin. From her father she inherited a passion for ‘words and sentences’. Carmen adores literature and devours any book that comes into her hands. Eventually she realised that she could unite both passions, music and literature, in singing.
Whether she is performing a romantic aria or a funky pop song, with her warm voice and Brazilian temperament Carmen can always touch our concert audience to the depths of their souls, and melt the heart of every listener.

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