Frank Steijns

Frank Steijns1st violin

One day you must come to Maastricht!

Then you can enjoy hearing the sound of Frank playing one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful sets of carillon bells high in the tower of our town hall. When they ring out everyone in the town knows: ah, the Johann Strauss Orchestra is back home!

Frank is a musical millipede – he plays quite a few instruments in my orchestra: violin, piano, guitar, mandolin, banjo and even carillon bells. When we are on tour, if there is a piano in the hotel bar, he can play for us for hours without ever needing a sheet of music to read from. In the studio he accompanies the singers’ rehearsals on the piano and helps me write music for the orchestra.

His great hobby is photography. In the odd moments on tour when he is off duty he works on the ‘News’ page on my website.

And as you know, Frank is also the fastest stair climber anywhere in the world!

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