Mirusia Louwerse

Mirusia LauwerseSoloist

Mirusia comes from Australia but her parents are Dutch. She is bilingual in English and Dutch. She was the youngest person to win the famous Dame Joan Sutherland Award for opera singers in Australia. She won the award at the age of 19! Her aunt, who still lives in the Netherlands, contacted me to tell me about the amazing talent of her niece in Australia. Of course I was curious so I listened to her voice on her website, phoned her straight away and two days later she was standing before me in my studio ready to sing to me. She chose a Mozart aria and I had tears in my eyes: with her fantastic voice and those blonde curls it was like listening to an angel! Mirusia really can sing anything, from opera to musical and pop, with obvious pleasure and such ease – as if it just happened by itself.

On tour too she is always cheerful. She is always singing, and according to her mother that started very early – as a little girl apparently she never said anything: she just sang everything! When at home Mirusia loves to play sports, cook and go out to eat with friends. Together with her I recorded an album ‘Waltzing Matilda’, and recently her solo album ‘Always And Forever’ was released, in which she is accompanied by the Johann Strauss Orchestra. I feel very proud that both albums immediately made it to Number 1 in the Australian charts. We will certainly be hearing a lot more from Mirusia, literally and figuratively!

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