Stephanie Detry

Stephanie DetryPiano

Stéphanie is a fantastic violinist and pianist as well. She originally joined the orchestra as a violinist, and forgot all about the piano. But the old love did not fade away, and at the moment she plays the 88 black and white keys of the concert piano in the orchestra. She not only does this with the greatest skill, she is also one of the biggest clowns on the stage!

Stéphanie is a passionate photographer. She makes photo albums of our life on tour, with wonderful black-and-white photographs that she develops herself. Every day she puts one photograph in to reflect how that day was for her. At the end of each tour, her diary has grown into a real art book!

At home, Stéphanie has a whole collection of rare old cameras, and every time we have some spare time on tour, she’s off to look for something to add to her collection!

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