The Platin Tenors


I don’t think it is possible to find any three men who can sing so wonderfully together but are so different from each other when they come off stage, as the Platinum Tenors.
Gary Bennett comes from Australia, more precisely from the island of Tasmania. Bela Mavrak is Hungarian and Thomas Greuel is from Germany. All three have fantastic voices and all three have sung in the world’s greatest operas.
Thomas is the only one who knew from the start that he wanted to be a singer. With his warm voice he was admitted to the music academy in Cologne and for years he sang the most difficult roles in the famous Deutsche Oper. When we come back from a tour he enjoys his time at home with his wife and little son, who loves being taken for a ride on the tractor across the land around the house. That’s what you call a proper dad!
Gary studied mathematics and physics at the University of Tasmania but with his superb voice a musical career could not be avoided. He moved to London to study singing and there he won a bursary from the National Opera Studio. At the moment he lives in Germany.
And as for Bela, where to begin? As his aunt was the only doctor in the village he came from, it was generally expected that Bela would follow in her footsteps. His father wanted him to study medicine but finally his voice proved so beautiful that he too became an opera singer. Bela spends every moment we are not on tour travelling all over the world, preferably to the furthest-flung and most remote spots he can find. He even managed to sing opera somewhere among a tribe of cannibals in New Guinea. On tour he finds time to go shopping every day and comes back with the most extravagant clothing and shoes which he displays at the sound checks, often to the amusement of the entire orchestra.
However different they are from each other, when they sing together they produce a unique sound, brilliant and with a warmth that goes straight to the heart. The first time I heard them sing in my studio I thought: I have got to have these three on tour! Since 2005 they have been a permanent part of my concerts and we have had so much fun together.

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