Mireille JOURDAN
12-03-2014 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous !
Ici à Paris on commence à palpiter...en attendant demain votre concert qui nous mettra du baume au coeur !!!
Le soleil vous accueillera et surtout notre grande et chaude affection !
Merci de venir à nous avec le plein de joie, beauté et toutes les belles qualités de votre JSO et de son Grand Chef avec son humour, son talent et sa grâce ! Ce sera bon pour notre moral !
Mille baisers affectueux ainsi qu"à tous !
Bon succès ce soir à Limoges !

martine r caen
12-03-2014 - CAEN, France

bonjour maestro, que du plaisir de vous avoir en france, cela faisait si longtemps , je suis heureuse pour les personnes qui n ont pas la chance d aller a maastricht, celles ci vont pouvoir vous applaudir sur le sol francais . j ai hate de vous voir a caen comme a chaque fois et rendez vous a maastricht en juillet pour une petite semaine de bonheur entre vos concerts expos de marc et les amies , bonne continuation maestro bisous amicaux a avous et tout le jso martine maestro n ecoutez pas les mauvaises langues c est de la jalousie!!!!!!!!!

Penny from Adelaide
12-03-2014 - South australia, Australia

THANK YOU for screening your wonderful 2014 Maastricht concert in cinemas. I have just booked 2 tickets to see you in Adelaide. I wish I could be there in person, but this concert will be just fabulous. Thank you again for thinking of all of us who cannot make the long journey from Australia.

12-03-2014 - Laventie, France

bon concert à Limoges ce soir , joyeux anniversaire à Béatrice qui sera dans la salle pour vous voir jouer , un super cadeau d'anniversaire pour mon amie . bonne tournée à travers la France André .A bientôt à Lille .

Julianne :-)
12-03-2014 - DARGAVILLE, New Zealand

Kia Ora from New Zealand

Its 117 (July 7th) sleeps till I fly out to Maastricht which will be my first time ever. I am sooo excited and looking forward to my trip and taking in 5 of your special 10th Anniversary concerts on the beautiful Vrijthof and seeing the majestic sights of Maastricht and surrounds with my other fellow 4 Kiwis.

Trust you have a wonderful and safe tour in France and I look forward to hearing all about it soon

Vivienne Pratt
12-03-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you for the newsphotos from Amneville. I always love to see the 'behind the scenes' images of your magnificent JSO and ensemble when they are relaxing. I must say they look very intent on their game of cards and what better place to play than sitting outside in the sunshine! I see the guys found some comfortable seats too for catching some rays! Lovely to see Carmen and Carla almost looking like twins! How blessed we are in the UK Andre having so many of your amazing performances shown on Sky Arts 2 and now I see they are dedicating their channel to you once more this year in April for two whole weeks! Have a happy and safe journey to Limoges where once more you will share your magical musical extravaganza, dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Jean-Claude Grosch Audincourt France
11-03-2014 - Audincourt, France

Chère André
Mon épouse et moi avons eu l'immense plaisir de vous rencontrer au Zénith de Dijon le 06 mars, une soirée inoubliable. Vous êtes merveilleux. Et vos musiciens et vos chanteurs sont d'un très haut niveau dans leur domaine respectif. Nous regardons souvent vos DVD, mais rien ne vaut de vous voir sur une scène, avec une ambiance et la complicité avec les spectateurs.

Pauline Bradford
11-03-2014 - Mk43 9HA, United Kingdom

Hi Andre thanks for your help can't wait to come to the concert in Vienna in May your music is so good from your heart to mine hope you go on forever much love Pauline

"Mike" laoma Ma ???
11-03-2014 - Orlando , United States

What should I say?... can’t find the proper expression…
Awesome … not enough - Breathtaking… it’s beyond that, Brilliant… a head of that
Formidable pas suffisant - Magnifique meme pas…de plus
Superbo…ancora di piu – Splendido... mah!!!
Andre, You are second to none. Beyond imagination! L’excelence humane! Sei Grande!
As Gifted as Unique with no precedence no matter in which continent or culture you are, you revive the Dreams, the Love, the Tears and the happiness within fraction of moments
Enjoying your music and your humorous style…. I will be in Shanghai in April
Bravissimo!!! Andre ????? !!!
With utmost appreciation
Laoma Ma ??? “Mike”

11-03-2014 - Sussex, United Kingdom

hi just booked tickets for cinema live.Cant get to maastrict but this will be the next best thing. Just love listening to your music played so wonderfully. 1 of your fans wrote about you and I agree with her there are so many emotions that happen when I listen to you and jso don't know how you do it but please carry on playing making everone so happy .You are loved by all and to bring people of all ages together to listen to the music is something that no one else can ever achieve
take care all of you on your travels
Love and light


Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
11-03-2014 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, We know that you are The King Of The Waltz and rightly so, but you are also a key to all of our emotions, no matter how deep they are. I find it impossible to listen to you without either smiling, swaying, dancing or crying, you bring every emotion to the surface. There is a beauty in music that very few ever get to touch, they play the same pieces but there is something missing, I hear the same piece played by you and the JSO and I am in floods of tears - as you say Andre "from your heart to ours". You will always be greatly loved by your devotees because you understand the depth of music and how it effects people. I hope you will go on forever. Much love. Patricia

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
11-03-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Brilliant sunshine Dearest Andre an the most BRILLIANT Cd ever made And the Waltz Goes On plays an 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is totally happy. My last letter for 4wee ks.Thanks a Million for the support of your glorious music while at the hospital yesterday it made painful times bearable an many of the staff got to enjoy your wonderful music. I have a photo on my phone of 2 of the Radiographers waltzing round 'The Polo' Scanner at the end of my X-Ray, I must find out how to send it to you via my laptop! I pack an load my car as I leave for Dover at 7 tomorrow - already my box of Andre Cds is in the car to keep me smiling an safe on the journey, life is incomplete without your music each day. 6 days to Lille an a night of enchantment with Andre. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Catherine Crapart
11-03-2014 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
jeudi vous serez à Paris, c'est avec un grand plaisir que j'aurais la joie et le bonheur de vous applaudir avec le JSO, faites nous rêver tout en musique et partager avec nous votre humour que j'aime beaucoup!
A bientôt Maestro pour une soirée festive!

France-Anne SELLE
11-03-2014 - ESCAUDAIN, France

Cher Maestro; je devais aller vous écouter le 18 à Lille mais le décès de mon père et la santé défaillante de ma mère m'en empêchent.
J'essaye de trouver 3 personnes que j'Aime bien afin de leur faire bénéficier de votre concert qui doit être comme toujours MAGNIFIQUE car je ne voudrai pas qu'il y ai 3 places d'inoccupées au parterre.
Je serai de tout cœur avec vous et j'essayerai de m'empêcher de pleurer mais cela va être très dur car une soirée avec tout votre orchestre est une vision du paradis.
J'espère vous revoir un jour bien que je ne fasse plus de projets. Merci d'exister.

Vivienne Pratt
11-03-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I Love the Fan Photos from Strasbourg: beautiful portraits of you and 'the Sopranos' with such beaming smiles! Looking at your FB page today I clicked on the 'Album Player' containing 'playable' extracts of all the magnificent melodies from your MUSIC OF THE NIGHT/ABBA Album. Andre, this is one of the most exquisite collections of music and your arrangement and presentation of some of the most beautiful, emotional pieces of music written in modern times, including some compositions of your own, is absolutely unique and 'second to none'. I love it and listen to it endlessly and still hear something different and special. Thank you for the Music! Adieu for now dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love. Viv xx

Wolfgang Rumpf
10-03-2014 - St. Stefan ob Stainz, Austria

Hallo lieber Andre! Ich, Wolfgang Rumpf, bin ein großer Fan von Dir und Deiner Musik, ich war aber noch nie bei einem Konzert!
Daher freue ich mich schon sehr, das Konzert am 28. Mai 2014 in Graz zu besuchen. Das Schöne dabei ist, daß gerade am 28. Mai meine Frau Uli den 46. Geburtstag hat und ich sie zu diesem Konzert überraschen will. Sie weiß vorher nichts...
Die wird Augen bzw. Ohren machen...
Vielleicht könntest Du sie ja auch an diesem Abend überraschen...? Es würde mir, bzw. uns sehr freuen.

Ich freue mich schon auf diesen zauberhaften Abend!

Mit ganz freundlichen Grüßen
Dein Fan Wolfgang

Christine and Vincent Davies, Wales UK
10-03-2014 - Merthyr Tydfil, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,

We came to your brilliant concert in Wembley Arena, December 6th 2013 and have booked tickets for your next visit in December 2014. We would just like to ask if you would ever consider visiting 'The Land of Song' Cardiff, Wales to perform your wonderful music? We have a magnificent stadium and concert halls for you and your orchestra to perform in and feel sure you would be made very welcome by the people of Wales. We'll keep a welcome in the hillside.....

Jeanne-Marie Roger
10-03-2014 - Orléans, France

A bientôt à Orléans,
Vendredi prochain, nous vous attendons,

andreehenno de bruxelles belgique
10-03-2014 - ,

bonjour prince adore merci d'exister vous etes le soleil de ma vie le soir je m'endore en pensant a vous le matin au reveil vpus éclairez ma journee je souhaite plein de bonheur pendant vos concerts a venir j'ai hate d'etre en juillet pour aller vous voir a Maastricht et en novembre a bruxelles se sera magnifique comme toujours amitiés a votre orchestre je vous aime mon prince adore je vous envoie mes plus tendres baisers

Joyce Pickering UK
10-03-2014 - Pickering, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, what is there to say that has not already been said? Normally I can speak for the whole of the UK about anything, but just a minute here! My spouse and I went to see you in Newcastle and London last year (must admit London was the better) We are also fortunate enough to get tickets for Maastricht in July. It always seems to be the better show due to it being your own town/city so we are looking forward to seeing you there.
We wanted to come in August because it our Golden Wedding on the 22nd, but alas no show, so we opted for as near as possible and convenient, which is Sat.the 19th July. However we have got tickets so we are pleased.
Keep up the extremely fantastic output of the very best in music. As the saying goes ''Thanks for the memories''

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