Elizabeth of Adelaide
17-04-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Dear Andre et al what a wonderful time you have given to the viewers of sky arts n the concerts in Rio.Carmen n Carla must have loved going home.I can't remember which one comes from Rio.I have my DVDs n next is The Gala Concert with JoJa Wendt n the fly catcher.That dear little girl sat so still when the net had to be untangled from her hair.I replayed the next segment three times just to make sure there was no injury!after all I am a nurse, krankenschwester von beruf ?sp. it is so good that Marc will have another exhibition during Vrijthof concerts.I have the beautiful cards.thinking of you all n hope your spring is spectacular.big hugs

Alejandro Santander
17-04-2013 - CONCHALI, Chile

Saludos desde Santiago de Chile.,André le esperamos con los brazos abiertos

María Teresa from Argentina
17-04-2013 - Lanús, Argentina

Dear Andre
I'm just here in my room looking at my ticket for your next Concert, on June 5th, you are next to enjoy us with.
Since I knew you, I heard you, I dream you; I can't stop thinking about you. And I said you might be the only one person, in my whole life I would have the really pleasure to assist to a Concert.
I talk about you, your charm, your sense of humour, and, obviously the magnify of your music.
I bore my friends telling them, I'm in love with you.
When I took notice you were coming to Argentina, I couldn't belive it.
My heart is feeling for first time, since long time past, really happy.
With all my respect and admiration, I simply say THANKS!!!!

Alejandro Santander
17-04-2013 - CONCHALI, Chile

Un sueño hecho realidad.,mi hijo menor Cristian me llevará a la función del 01 de Junio al Movistar Arena.A mis 74 años las sorpresas como esta me generan mucha emoción.,al igual mi Nieta Sofía hija de Cristian..espero reunirme con la familia de chilenos seguidores de André...para esto cuento con 10 DVD.,QUE ME GUSTARÍA COMPARTIR.MI CORREO ES :

Vivienne Pratt
17-04-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
What wonderful news that Maastricht 2013 will be on Cinema screens in the UK this year! I feel sure that once again it will be a 'sell out'. One of these days I am determined to come to see you on your wonderful Vrijthof! But I'll definitely see you at Wembley in December... looking forward to it in fact! I love the Newsphotos of the Day trip to Sugarloaf. What a simply stunning vision it makes standing tall against the beautiful sky! Its so nice to see JSO members with their beaming smiles enjoying some relaxation and taking in the sights - and how brave they are riding in the cable car! Belo Horizonte next dear Maestro. I’m sure that you are looking forward to it just as much as your publicum! Take care dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Amanda Osborne
16-04-2013 - Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Thank you so much for giving people in the UK a chance to see your concert in Maastricht live via satellite in July. I am happy to say I have already booked my tickets and will collect them tomorro. Many Many thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I know there are many people like myself that are unable to get to a live concert, this is the next best thing.
Love and best Wishes to you and the JSO

Olga Cartagena de Carren
16-04-2013 - Paysandú, Uruguay

Really listen to your music is a delight for the soul and an extraordinary and unusual food for the spirit as we share with you his sensitivity to music. I was always a lover of classical music and have discovered it to you and your orchestra elevates us spiritually me and my husband when we recreate yours videos. To my surprise, today you are in Brazil, Belo Horizonte, my Country Uruguay border.Would give much to be there in this moment Warmest regards from Paysandu, Uruguay. Olga Cartagena de Carren

Helen - from Sheffield
16-04-2013 - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Thank you for a wonderful 2 weeks. I work in school and it was the Easter holidays and it was a great way to spend it. The way you present your music is very special, you really feel part of your concerts. Your orchestra are a credit to you, long may you all perform. Xxx Thank you

16-04-2013 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Hello Andre

This year is mine and my husbands ruby wedding, and he has bought me three presents, a holiday in Sarento Italy, a big party, and tickets to see your show when you come to Nottingham in December and that is the best one of all. Love Gloria

Angela Gimbert.
16-04-2013 - Lochgelly, United Kingdom

Hi Andre from Scotland i have watched all your concerts and have thouroughly enjoyed them and am well excited i have tickets for Maastricht June 29th for my mum and me and we are only 10 rows from the stage so can not wait for June to come also got tickets for Glasgow an really looking forward to seeing you live for the 1st time thanks for making classical music so much fun! xxx

16-04-2013 - San Martín de Porres, Peru

GRACIAS!!! por tu arte...un arte desde el CORAZÓ encanta... Dos te bendiga... hoy escuchaba unos de tus conciertos como regalo de cumpleaños!!! qué gozo!!!... cuánto quisiera poder ir a algún concierto tuyo!!.. el Señor dirá, nunca pierdo la esperanza...
eres GENIAL!!!... mis oraciones por ti y por quienes detrás tuyo hacen posible que nos deleiten con tan bello arte...

Carlos M. Renteria
16-04-2013 - Bogota, Colombia


Cuando vienes a Colombia, llevo dos años ahorrando para no perderme ninguno de tus conciertos en Bogotá, Medellín o Cali.

16-04-2013 - Bagà, Spain

Querido André ¿cuando va a venir a España para hacer un concierto?

16-04-2013 - Cork, Ireland

Good that you're returning to Ireland again.Any chance you can play outside Dublin for a change next time (2014)... perhaps Cork, the second city? Keep up the great music.

16-04-2013 - Obanos, Spain

Me encantan tus espectáculos, los he podido conocer por internet. ¿Cuándo tienes pensado venir a España?.

Héctor Bravo C.
16-04-2013 - Santiago, Chile

Quiero compartir mi gran alegría al saber que visitarías mi país Chile. al primer día en que se pusieron a la venta los ticket para el concierto, ya los tenia en mis manos.
El poder asistir a tu concierto, es sin duda que tambien es un pequeño homenaje a mi querido padre (quien ya partió de este mundo). Él, era un gran admirador y seguidor de vuestra música, de él pude heredar los gusto por la buena música y la admiración hacia usted.
un abrazo grande y muchas gracias por visitar a nuestro país.

Jan Thomas
16-04-2013 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

The Sky Arts Rieu programmes have been a delight. I loved the music of course, and the pictures from Maastricht and of the tours of Australia, South Africa and Japan, but best of all perhaps were parts of the documentaries. I was particularly touched by the beautiful relationship between Andre and Pierre.

16-04-2013 - Barcelona, Spain

Sr. Rieu: vuelvo a ser yo, no se i los correos le llegan por la misma línea del libro de visitas por eso es por lo que repito el mensaje. Barcelona inicia este año un nuevo ciclo de conciertos en verano, por favor entérese y venga en próximo año, su música en los jardines de Pedralbes sonaría fantástica y nos haría soñar y pensar que el mundo no es tan malo como lo pintan. Barcelona necesita Adré& JSO. Prometo no ser mas pesada. Hasta pronto les deseo lo mejor a Ud. y a toda su familia.

Katherine Rossel
16-04-2013 - Santiago, Chile

Bello André!!!!

Feliz estamos con mi Madre y todo Santiago esperando tu magnifica presentación en Chile!!!!!!

Te envío un fuerte abrazo, bendiciones y mucho amor.

Hasta prontito!!!!!!

16-04-2013 - Lincoln, United Kingdom

Hello Andre from Lincoln

thank you for Sky Arts Rieu!

my husband and I watched most of your concerts....they made our life so enjoyable. it is wonderful to share the beauty of music with an orchestra which is so talented and that appears so happy.

Thank you for taking over Sky network and sharing your amazing skills

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