Camila Alvarado
12-06-2015 - Bogotá, Colombia

Hola mi amado interprete Andre, te saludo desde COLOMBIA, para expresarte lo feliz que me siento de escucharte todos los días, de ver tus conciertos, son fascinantes, me gustaría mucho que vinieras a mi tierra, te sorprenderías de todos nuestros platos típicos, la cultura, la buena energía de las personas. Daría lo que fuera por verte en concierto aquí.
Déjame también felicitar a todo tu grupo, que maravillosas interpretaciones. Me fascina la voz de Carmen Monarcha, que talento de mujer, me encanta oírla.
Andre, espero te tomes un corto de tu tiempo para leerme, te admiro mucho, no digo que soy tu fans numero 1, pero cuantas de esas canciones e interpretaciones me han hecho reír y llorar... Te quiero mucho, desde Colombia, de verdad... Muchos queremos verte... Dios te y los Bendiga.

karen miller, glasgow
12-06-2015 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre I was at your concert in Glasgow last year and enjoyed it I hope this year will be better may I suggest that instead of we'll meet again which is a purely English wartime song you get Manoe to play our Scottish National Anthem FLOWER OF SCOTLAND on her bagpipes which will result in everybody singing and you probably getting a standing ovation

Maria Elena Gonzalez
11-06-2015 - CAPITAL FEDERAL, Argentina

Hola: Queria consultarles, ya que van a venir a Chile y a Peru en Julio, si no hay posibilidad de que pasen por Argentina nuevamente. Me encantaria verlos otra vez. Gracias.

Eduardo Correa
11-06-2015 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Estimados André y JSO veo con alegría que la gira sudamericana se está extendiendo, sería fabuloso que pudieran llegar a Uruguay. Un abrazo a todos

11-06-2015 - 605300, Romania

Dear Maestro!
God bless and lots of love !!!

Moira Darroch, Scotland
11-06-2015 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre - thought this may give you a wee giggle! I was watching the 'South Bank SkyArts Awards 2015' last night on the "new" SkyArts TV station. (There is now only one in place of SkyArts1 and SkyArts2, which has caused a bit of a panic among your devoted UK fans, especially on a Saturday night!). Stephen Fry was presenting one of the Awards and during his introduction said "for those of you watching on SkyArts, don't worry, Andre Rieu will be on next!" So you see, everyone is obviously aware of the concerns!
Enjoy the rest of your wonderful concerts in Romania and what a great gesture from you for the Childrens' Charities.
As ever, do take very good care of yourself and your wonderful sparkling blue eyes until I see you in Maastricht on 5 July.
With much, much love
Moira xxxxxxx

Mary Gaywood Carrickfergus
11-06-2015 - Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

Hi Andre I see your shows are going eel in Romania, that is brilliant. I've never been there but I would love to visit Transylvania, having read Bram Stoker's Dracula books, to be where they were set would be interesting.
Take care everyone on tour love to you and your family Andre from Mary

Ian Clyde Griggs, Sydney Australia
11-06-2015 - MARRICKVILLE NSW, Australia

Hello Andre and friends! We are leaving Australia next week and going on a lovely little holiday for my birthday, but the highlight is right at the end - Maastricht Opening Night, and then a Terrace Restaurant the following night! My little girl Kimberley who is only 5, is so excited. She has all the Maastricht DVDs and about another 30 more! She sings along with Suzan, Mirusia, Carmen, Carla and is looking forward to seeing who you will surprise us with this year. She would be so excited if she could meet you and say hello one day. Oh and of course, she wants a violin for Christmas. Regards from Ian, Jenny and Kimberley!

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
11-06-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre on a lovely warm sunny day we have 20c an the flowers are loving it, the colours wonderful especially the dark purple Iris standing so tall, beautiful an majestic - rather like you when you'r ready to lead your lovely Orkest out to begin a Concert, simply magnificent. The birds take their baths then sing extra loud spreading their wings to dry their feathers. In the background your Moonlight Serenade Cd plays an all together provide breathtaking pleasure for 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas. A few moments ago I cry many tears when I read of your kind generous heart in creating Charity Tickets for sale at your Concert on the 13th always you care about an help the less fortunate. You are a diamond Andre, a jewel in musics crown.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

11-06-2015 - KOCAEL?, Turkey

Perfect your musics. Ilike you Mr.Andre.

Vivienne Pratt
11-06-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
Once again you have shown what a truly humanitarian caring man you are! What an amazing idea to give 5000 tickets over to raise funds for all the disadvantaged children in Romania. You have already brought so much happiness to this beautiful land and now I'm sure many eyes have a tear, as does mine, at the thought of how much happiness your gesture of kindness will bring to those little children, Andre. Tonight I'm sure there will be tumultuous applause as you enter the Arena! Andre listening to your music in Bucharest I so hope you’ll be able to record it as its both heartbreakingly emotional as well as full of joy. In fact one of the pieces ran around in my head for days after hearing it! Have a happy return tonight dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Aseel Abdul Rahman Al Samarrai
11-06-2015 - Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir. André Rieu,,,

Please allow me first to introduce myself.
Am a big fan of yours and to be honest a big classical music fan.
Can't give words to describe your concerts and your music but to say, Its a pure perfection and such a relief for people to hear :D
One of my dreams now is to attend one of your concerts . I'll fly no doubt to wherever city hosting it because I live in Dubai in United Arab Emirates.
But only when I was checking your calendar it came to my mind that why you don't plan a concert in Dubai ???
Dubai or as they call it here in Middle East the gulf pearl is a city of magical blend between the east and the west . Wish and only wish if you can make it in the future
If you can plan one of your concerts in Khalifa Tower arena " Burj Khalifa"
The tallest tower in the world then a unforgettable lifetime concert will come true
Sincerely yours and many thanks

Aseel Al Samarrai

10-06-2015 - ,

I am speechless... Watch him with his Orchestra and listen to their music, then tell me if you wouldn't be speechless too... I won't miss his tour in December, no way!
Andre, I wish for you more successes and more great achievements.

Ingrid Téllez
10-06-2015 - Bogotá, Colombia

Hellowwww, André. I wrote you about my travel to Lima for your spectacular concert next august. I insist: don´t forget play the colombian cumbia with your beautiful Stradivarius. I think maybe "VOY A HACER UNA CASA EN EL AIRE". Please, André. It will be wonderful!!

Carmela Catinian
10-06-2015 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,

You start tomorrow again. As soon as you left like magic, the weather got worse. Come and bring the sun back with you again! You promised that at your first coming here. Thank you for the extra tickets on the behalf of everyone who can't afford to attend the concerts but certainly wants to do it.I'd like to be in the silence of your mind-when there is silence in your mind!-and see what you really feel and think about us, the Romanian.I think the first two concerts was quite difficult,it was only the 3rd one when you did seem to be in your booming mood.After all it's a brand new world out here, isn't it? You are AR, it's true, but you are also an extremely sensitive human being and we sometimes forget that and want everything from you. I'm looking forward just to being there

10-06-2015 - Banfield, Argentina

Dear Andre,
Have you planned to add a new concert in Peru? At this time the tickets are fully booked.
It is really a pleasure to listen to your music and Orchestra

10-06-2015 - London, United Kingdom

Good Morning Andre
What a lovely thing to think of the Save the Children charity for Romanian children it just shows what a loving and caring man you are god bless you only four more weeks to the concert on the square counting down the days after that December in Liverpool your concerts in Bucharest must leave a memorable image and memories then YOU ARE THE BEST in all you do take care you very special man .Love to you all and Marjorie.See you very soon

Vivienne Pratt
10-06-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I was so happy to see from an image of you at the Airport you had been able to spend a couple of days in your beloved Maastricht while some of the JSO and soloists went sightseeing in the beautiful areas surrounding Bucharest: one of them being the famous mysterious Castle of Count Dracula! Thank you dear Martine, Mirusia and Vincenzo for your lovely images of the exquisite landscapes and architecture. I can now see Dracula's Castle is actually very romantic with its colourings and beautiful pointed towers reminding me a great deal of The Eftling and your magical land of sprookjes in 'ANDRE IN WONDERLAND', which is a favourite of mine as it is also of my 6 year old Nephew! Safe journey back to Bucharest dear Maestro: your publicum awaits! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
10-06-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre I return from my walk on a lovely sunny morning but so cold only 7c. I need warmth an happiness so as always I turn to Andrés CDs and as the glorious music from Forever Vienna begins to play 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas has that glad to be alive feeling, many smiles an the fact, as the Romanian people will testify to, the world is a more beautiful place when enhanced by your breathtakingly magical music. Your Concerts in that country have been a phenomenal success. You have given them brilliant music to enjoy in a whole new way the musicianship is totally superb. At times serious an emotional an at other times joyful an full of fun, they feel you care and share the warmth of your heart an lively spirit for life, fantastic.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
10-06-2015 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Thank you for all the wonderful photos from your concerts in Bucharest, your audience looked thrilled to see you on stage for the first time in their country. I do hope you will release a Dvd of the concert(s). Not long now until your Maastricht concerts, unfortunately I won't be there this year but next year I am booking a VIP visit so that is something I am really looking forward to. I will miss not being in Maastricht this time around as I do love your hometown very much. I wish you joy and wonderful music for the next 4 concerts in Bucharest. Much love to you and the JSO. Patricia

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