Jolanda Schipper-Hagers Capelle a/d ijssel
18-07-2013 - Capelle a/d ijssel, Netherlands

Op zaterdag 6 juli voor de 4de keer genoten van je concert op het Vrijthof! Het was weer geweldig!, We genoten van het JSO orkest en de vele gasten waaronder André van Duin en Het Jostiband orkest! André was fantastisch, het nummer het DORP is geweldig, maar het lied dat hij speciaal voor jou gemaakt heeft over Maastricht was helemaal top! Wat een geweldig lied en dan ook nog in het Mestreechts!! Wij zijn er zeker van dat jij ontroerd was toen je dit lied over jou hometown voor het eerst hoorde. Ook het Jostiband orkest was super, zoals die mensen plezier hebben in muziek maken echt kippenvel! Het toont eens te meer aan dat muziek voor IEDEREEN!! is. Het was een heerlijk sfeer op het Vrijthof en we zijn er volgend jaar zeker weer bij! Wachten op de data voor 2014 en de DVD / CD van 2013!

Lynda Goodman, Motherwell, Scotland
18-07-2013 - NORTH LANARKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Spent 5 wonderful days in your lovely city of Maastricht and enjoyed every minute. The concert on 5/7 was amazing with the encores going on forever!!
The Dutch are so helpful and friendly and the weather was so warm. I've got Maastricht withdrawal symptoms already and hope to return next year, God willing.
Please keep on giving us pleasure with your wonderful music and take a well-earned Summer rest with the family.
May you continue to keep in good health,Andre,and I'll look forward to seeing you all in Glasgow on 21/12.
Love to all.

Tugsal Baloglu
18-07-2013 - Osmanaga, kadikoy, ?stanbul, Turkey

Dear Mr.Rieu,

After attending your concert in Maastricht on 5 th July, I shared the real pleasure taking apart the mutual love and respect of Rieu and Maastricht city. You both changed and saved my life.

When you come to Istanbul in Nov,2013. The nelow music piece would be an excellent suprise and gesture for Turkish audions. "Hammamizade Ismail Dede Efendi" has composed a waltz on J. Strausss era in Ottoman Empire as Royal Composer. You will find the words and notes under the given names through webside.

With all best wishes and hoping to see you in Istanbul,

Tugsal Baloglu
"Yine bir Gülnihal ald? bu gönlümü"

Linda Curley, Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
18-07-2013 - Gillingham, Dorset, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, JSO and team,
Well I am in love, not only with you, but with Maastricht, what a fabulous city, we spent almost a week there, attending your concert on 6 July, my 65th birthday, WOW - what a present! We explored and went to see your castle and St Pieters church, which unfortunately was closed, but we walked around and the weather was just perfect. Met lots of new friends at the Andre picnic, hoping to come and see you again next year, an experience we shall never forget. PERFECT!!
Love Linda x

Liz Thomas Bolton Lancs England
18-07-2013 - Bolton lancs, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Marjorie JSO and all concerned who brought us the wonderful concert from Maastricht, via our local cinemas, a HUGE THANK YOU all once again for a most beautiful evening, the music, costumes, locations all glorious.

Trini Lopez was great and took me back to my teens, and that is a long long time ago! The Jostiband was terrific, and what a lovely experience for them to play with your orchestra, something they will never forget.

You are a very special person Andre to bring so much joy and happiness to so many people, of so many nationalities, it is awe inspiring to see so much laughter and unity flowing thru your concerts.

Take care and keep your good health and love of life

Salete Luz - Brazil
18-07-2013 - Sorocaba, Brasil

André, I was very happy, even the Web, able to follow his concerts in Maastricht!! With so many Brazilian friends gifts! very good! Now what do you think in future to launch a perfume with your designer?!
Your fans would love! Thank you for all that you represent in my life! I love you!
God always bless you, your family and all the JSO!! Kisses in your heart!

Ana Verónica
18-07-2013 - 754-0384, Chile

Hola Monsieur André; me imagino lo agotado que debe estar junto a sus músicos, después de unas hermosas y agitadas presentaciones. Doy gracias a Dios y unas"duendecillas" fantásticas que han compartido tan magno espectáculo en Maastricht, realmente me he sentido una espectadora más.
Muy agradecida a la vida por haberme dado la alegria de conocerle André. Insisto ud. es MUY ESPECIAL. Grande!!!
Deseo que Dios le cuide mucho para que siga entregando tanto amor a través de su música.
Besos,. y más besos con buenas ondas para ud y su orquesta.

Vivienne Pratt
18-07-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I was excited to see in your Webshop a beautiful Andre Rieu Coin commemorating Maastricht 2013: I’ve ordered it of course as it will be a precious memento to keep. I then saw the reprint of Marjorie's wonderful book 'Andre Rieu: My Music, My Life' available to pre-order and ordered it too. I have the original print of the book which has been read by friends and family who’ve then ordered it themselves, but I’ll now have a beautiful pristine copy to keep purely for myself! It’s a wonderful read and a 'must have' for everyone who loves you: it shows your progress from 'a boy with a dream' to the Magical Maestro whose dream came true with a lot of hard work, a mischievous sense of humour and the love of his beloved Marjorie. Thank you both! God bless and lots of love Viv x

17-07-2013 - Milan, Italy

Hello Mr. Rieu.
I follow You looking internet videos.
I think some people are not just artists, but friendly and polite person.
Thanks a lot for Your" artistic performance".

17-07-2013 - ,

Hi Andre',
I just returned to Texas after seeing your third weekend of concerts. It was my first time to see you live and in person,
not on a DVD. It was an amazing experience and worth the long travel from my home in Central Texas to Maastricht via car, plane, train, bus and taxi! I don't know if I will be able to travel to another of your concerts but I shall remember these fondly the rest of my life.
Thank you for the joy you bring through your music and your smile.

17-07-2013 - Eastbourne, United Kingdom

my husband and I were so looking forward to seeing you at Maastricht on Friday 13th July - the last day of our holiday. Unfortunately, Kevin had to undergo an emergency operation in Germany after being taken ill the day before. So tickets purchased, hotel booked for that night, but it was not to be. Here's hoping we get another chance to see you maybe next year x

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
17-07-2013 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

I and my husband and my son were at your concert in Maastricht on the 12th July this year and we all had a fabulous evening. I had been hoping to come for many years and we were not disappointed. The weather was perfect and the concert even more perfect. I have many of your DVD's which I play most evenings but being there in person was unbelievable. You play your violin with such feeling and your sense of fun shines through. The orchestra were marvellous as usual and the night was just perfect. I have tickets for Newcastle in December when I am sure we will have a wonderful evening again. thank you very much and don't ever change Maestro. Love and all good wishes to you and all the family and of course the JSO. Joan

Steve Garry
17-07-2013 - Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland

Went to one of the (many) Irish cinema venues on Saturday for the CinemaLive show.

It was indeed a very good evening for all, and we are very much looking forward to the concert at the Point in Dublin in December.

You'll never walk alone and the bagpipes were very good, we'll just have to hope for something similar in Dublin later in the year.

Have a good summer, and give our thanks to the rest of the huge team that makes what you do such a success.

Thanks again for a magical evening

Steve & Val

17-07-2013 - Goiania, Goiás, Brasil

Querido André, Tenho um filho de 1 ano de 6 meses que assistiu ao seu DVD gravado no Brasil. Não deixa de ouvir um dia sequer agora. Acompanha os ritmos e pede para tocarmos o DVD, chamando-o de "IEL" por não saber pronunciar seu nome ainda. Agradeço pelo espetáculo proporcionado e por transmitir tanto amor em sua música. Espero ter a oportunidade de vê-lo tocar pessoalmente para nosso deleite e especialmente, para a alegria de meu filho, tão novo e tão tocado por sua orquestra espetacular. Obrigado por existir e por nos presentear, aquecendo nossos corações com música de boa qualidade!! Um carinhoso abraço de Goiânia, do centro do Brasil!!

Linda, CO14 8SS, England
17-07-2013 - Essex, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
Just want to say THANKYOU so much for what was a truly magical day on Sunday 14th July. No stone was left unturned to ensure that everyone who had bought the Special Package had the day of their lives - it was a priviledge to see your home, the dinner accompanied by the Salon Orchestra was like being in a fairytale, and the concert - WOW! spectacular and fantastic!!! I shall cherish the special gift always - it was a day I shall never forget my whole life!

Oh yes, we had a great time last Saturday too, reliving the concert at Ipswich Cineworld!

Sending much love and wishing you a well deserved break and lovely holiday.

Stan & Jean Harding
17-07-2013 - HAMPSHIRE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre'

Thank you for a wonderfull 2 days in Maastricht. The Hotel, the visit to your Castle and of course your perfect Concert on Saturday 13th. Do enjoy your holiday and your garden.
See you in Wembley on the 7th December.
Love as always.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
17-07-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

My poor flowers Dearest Andre wilt in the heat, it's 28c! 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas has completed her packing, I have a 6.30am start from my home in the morning to drive to catch the 2pm ferry. This is my last letter for 10days but you an your glorious music will be with me the whole time, my 'Andre Box' is packed with CDs an DVDs, my car has 8 CDs ready to play as you an your music give me smiles, an inner calm an strength as I drive. Music is a hugely important part of my life an the way you an the wonderful JSO play is breathtakingly beautiful the meaning an feelings you put into the pieces give one all the emotions of life an when the CD is finished the body is rejuvenated full of energy love an happiness. Precious Man you are just brilliant.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Linda Waidson Eltham London
17-07-2013 - ,

Hi Andre

Thankyou so much for a truly wonderful concert in Maastricht on Saturday night the 13th July.
It was amazing and what a delightful place it is. We stayed in a square five minutes away from the Vrijthof so we were able to take in all the pretty sights too. Manoe you are a real tonic to other breast cancer sufferers. I too experienced that journey twelve years ago.
Like you I want other victims to see that a person can get well. Well done to you !
Guess you are all having a well deserved break now.Enjoy!!

Love Linda

Ray Robinson, northwich,cheshire
17-07-2013 - CHESHIRE, United Kingdom

Just arrived back from sundays concert, spent 3 days in Maastricht and had a wonderful time. Beautiful town, roll on next year, well done Andre and JSO

Vivienne Pratt
17-07-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Looking at the Fan Photos today its so clear to see what a resounding success this year's Summer Concerts on your beloved Vrijthof have been! So many happy faces! How sad that the beautiful romantic buhne that was home to you, your magnificent JSO, soloists and special guests for your memorable 2013 Home Concerts has to be dismantled. I cant wait to see the DVD: I know it will be a smash hit! This year you held a Tribute Concert for your new King and now 2014 will be another landmark year for you, Andre, as I see you will be on the Committee organising the Celebration of 200 years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands! How special that is going to be! So many wonderful things in store, dear Maestro! Take care. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

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