Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
16-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A night of heavy rain Dearest Andre but the beautiful warm melodic tones coming from your Dreaming Cd has brought wonderful sunshine. As you play Gadfly it brings a picture of a cascade of warm golden honey, mingled with a thousand stars stumbling over rocks in the garden, ending in a pool of shimmering golden light, your brilliant musicianship Andre has given great happiness to 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas once again. A lovely article I read of Jill's visit to your beautiful Kasteel home, it must have been pure magic to have walked through rooms touched by the great Andre an seen some of his treasured possessions, an also made to feel very special by his youngest son. Sharing part of your privacy Precious Man shows you have a big golden heart. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

16-08-2013 - TOMOKO, Canada

Hi Dearest Andre'. I have been thinking alot about you and all that your music means to me.It will not be long now aand you will be in mexico where your fans are waiting to welcome you. Dear Andre' and family you are so special to me .I bet you are making plans for your usa tour and I hope canada will be seeing you to. HOPE WE WILL SEE YOU IN CALGARY .you have noy been to alberta for awhile.But anyway enjoy your time at home. I know you love to be busy. Its good to hear that you spend time with Marc . Your family is really proud of you. Marjorie and you have built into your boys things that are important. Things that will get them by in tough times. A great family needs the leadership of a good man. Like you Andre'.tHAT IS ONE REASON WHY I'AM A FAN. LOVE ALL OF YOU .

Renate Weißenborn
16-08-2013 - Essen, Germany

Hi André, das war gestern eine sehr schöne Überraschung, als ich das Päckchen in meinem Briefkasten vorfand. Herzlichen Dank für den attraktiven Schal und die schönen Fotokarten.
Ich wünsche Euch und Euren Familien noch eine erholsame Ferienzeit - während ich mich schon auf die Fernseh-Talkshow bei "Tietjen & Hirschhausen" freue !

Bis dann, herzliche Grüße,
Renate W.

Etienne Keller Schilde Belgium
16-08-2013 - Schilde, Belgium

Beste Andre,

Ik heb bijna al uw optredens gevolg via TV.
Dit jaar heb ik voor het eerst uw optreden Live meegemaakt in Maastricht.
Het was een unieke ervaring om te genieten van de prachtige muzikale uitvoering in open lucht zonder te moeten inboeten op de zuivere klanken.

Ik wens u alle succes voor de toekomst.


Etienne Keller

bliquy danielle
16-08-2013 - Saint saulve, France

demain jour exceptionnel dans la famille, journée remplie de vos valses et polka prince des coeurs, d'autres musiques y seront mais je sais que vous y serez présent, je vais me régaler à danser, grâce à votre si belle musique qui me tient à coeur ainsi qu'à mon premier trésor, demain mes deux trésors me combleront de bonheur pour l'union de ma fille et de mon futur gendre ! mes pensées restent toujours sur mes superbes moments en votre compagnie, de mon Saint Saulve en envolée de tendres baisers pour mon prince adoré votre cht'ite Danielle

elaine burch alberta canada
16-08-2013 - TOMOKO, Canada

Hi Dearest Andre' This morning I watched ( The Homecoming Dvd) This dvd should be in everyone's collection. It is a beautiful dvd because it is the last time I saw Benny. Because he soon passed away. Thankyou for this cherished moment. And also I want to say a big thankyou to your webstore staff they do a great job in sending out all my orders and they all arrived safe and sound. I hope we will soon see you in canada. We had a terrible flood bach id june. and calgary was hit hard and saddladome was damaged. But thanks to all the hard work of the people of the stampede board the saddledome is repaired and the shows that were cancelled are now able to come bach and do their shows.I really hope we will see you in calgary soon. lots of love.

Alfredo Sanchez

Hey Andre,
This is my first input here, let me tell you that my parents and me will be attending to your concert in Mexico City on Sep 21, we are excited !!! We have checked out most of your show videos and we are ready to enjoy your music next month.
My parents will celebrate 50 years gotten married, would be great if you and your orchestra play "Huapango/Moncayo" and "Ave Maria / Schubert", would be amazing !!! See you soon!
Alfredo Sanchez

Jean Garland. Holmfirth. West Yorkshire. HD9 1ES . U.K.
16-08-2013 - Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,

I have just received my Gold Membership welcome gift. Love the scarf and cards also the bookmark.

I shall look forward to wearing my scarf at the Echo Arena in December. I will be with my Husband and my Brother. It will be my Brother's first time at one your concerts. My husband and I came to see you at the O2 Arena Greenwich last December. So can't wait to see you again this year in December in Liverpool.

With my best wishes to the JSO and yourself.

Jean xx

16-08-2013 - Karlovac, Croatia

Do you plan to come to Croatia

Geoff & Laura Owen the Wirral England
15-08-2013 - Bebington, United Kingdom

Dear Andre.
A BIG thank you for our great Gold Member Gift Set, what a lovely surprise, we will treasure it forever. You and JSO have brought so much happiness to our lives. We play your CD's in car and every evening watch something from ourDVD collection which to date numbers 32. You really are a Master Showman Andre and in your own words have the Happiest Orchestra in the World.
We are so much looking forward to seeing you all in Liverpool 13th December. We have been to 2 concerts in Manchester and now you are coming just over the River from our home on the Wirral. We love all the Artists you have with you, especially love Carmen Monarcha.
Our love and thanks to you all

15-08-2013 - Rubi BARCELONA, Spain


Diana Warner
15-08-2013 - Basildon, United Kingdom

Thank you very much for the lovely scarf, cards and bookmark I received as a Gold Member.

Wendy Davies, Shropshire UK
15-08-2013 - Maket Drayton,Shropshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Today I have received my gold membership scarf and cards.Thank you so much.
Congratulations on your live broadcast on 13th July which I enjoyed at my local cinema.I attended the 28th June concert in your beautiful city of Maastricht and hope to see you live again next year at one of your venues.
With all good wishes to yourself, your family and the JSO.

Violet Kirkintilloch Scotland
15-08-2013 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Thank you Andre for my gift today the scarf and post cards are lovely.It is a long time since I wrote in the guestbook.Hope you and your family are all keeping well and The JSO.Sorry we will not be at the concert in Glasgow as we will be on holiday xx

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
15-08-2013 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,firstly I hope you are enjoying a lovelt summer with your beloved Marjorie and family.Your garden looks so lovely and peaceful,something you will enjoy after your travels.I received you lovely biscuits and coin,and then what a surprise to receive in todays' post the lovely scarf and photos.The scarf I will wear when I come to see you in Glasgow on 21.12.13 I am on the front row so you can imagine my excitement.Untill then dear Andre ,take some time out for yourself before you once again share your love of music with all your fans worldwide.
Love to You,Marjorie, Pierre and your fantastic JSO and soloists.Elaine

15-08-2013 - TOMOKO, Canada

Dear Andre'. In calgary and surrounding area your Maastricht concert 2013 was a well attended and it leaves all one hundred people saying wish you would come bach to calgary soon. It was like really attending your well loved concert. My dream is to be there in that beautiful city. I listen to your dvd's all the time ..They help me to keep from missing you so much.And Andre' My king size bed really looks great with all three of your pillows, two blue and your latest pillow from maastricht. And with my two teddy bears. My bed is a very warm and inviting place. Andre' enjoy your time at home with family and i hope you and Marjorie will be making plans for concerts in canada and in Alberta soon. Miss you. Love to all.

June Strachan
15-08-2013 - TN15 8DX, United Kingdom

Oh wow!!
I have just received my beautiful gold member scarf. can't wait to go to another concert to show it off.
Had a wonderful time in Maastricht.
I am now making an album to treasure the memories of a very special time.

Rachael Mortimer, Shropshire, UK
15-08-2013 - TF1 6YZ, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, I am really looking forward to the concert at Nottingham in December and cannot believe how quickly time is moving. It will soon be here. Next year we will be coming to Maastricht - it will be your 10th year doing these concerts, our 20th wedding anniversary and it will also be our 5 year old daughter's first time abroad. One day hopefully she will tell her grandchildren and great grand children that her first time abroad was to see the great Andre Rieu in concert at his home town with her mummy and daddy. Another great memory for our precious miracle daughter.

15-08-2013 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear Maestro, Thank you so very much for the beautiful scarf, cards and bookmark to celebrate my Gold Membership.
I had a wonderful time in Maastricht and wrote to you and Marjorie personally, also Pierre.
Every blessing and have a lovely rest and holiday.
Thank you again, with much love, Madeleine

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
15-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

More beautiful sunshine Dearest Andre an the reliving of treasured memories as 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas listens to Moonlight Serenade an The Andre Collection, certain tracks are especially precious as I recall watching you an the wonderful JSO live on stage giving enormous feeling an life to the music, creating a heavenly experience for the heart. Last evening I toasted your very good health an continued success with champagne as I sang, danced an was unbelievably happy watching the Rieu Royale Dvd. TOTALLY BRILLIANT. If anyone wants to know how to make people ecstatically happy by sharing their warmth of heart an then playing them glorious music just watch this Dvd, it has it all. Then with your big smile Precious Man you light up the world. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

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