14-07-2013 - Haarlem, Netherlands

Net terug van een weekendje Maastricht. Zaterdag bij het concert geweest met oa. Andre van Duin, Trini Lopez en natuurlijk Jermaine Jackson. In een woord: Super!!!!
Mooie show, volgend jaar op een van de terassen????

Peter & Jean McCormack, Perth, Scotland.
14-07-2013 - Errol, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, What a fab concert we enjoyed in Maastricht last week - all our favourite music too! We were fortunate to have seats in the front row, directly
at the steps up to the stage. We also went to the cinema last night, and there we were. It was a full house in Cineworld, Dundee, Scotland. It's a must that we get this concert on DVD & Blue Ray. Thank you, too, for the paper weight - it looks fab with the light behind it. It was just the right size for carrying in our luggage. After two trains and two coaches, we eventually made it back to Schipol!!

cornelio odonovan
14-07-2013 - Cork, Ireland

13 of july from ireland we a group of 50 people were at the cinema livein killarney south west ireland tonight and we enjoyed the whole concept of the concerts from masstricht every body enjoyed the great show looking forward to the next concert in dublin on the 17 of dec 2013 . we have tickets already booked

all the best from south west ireland cornelio odonovan

Anne Henry
14-07-2013 - Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, What a lovely photo of you, Pierre and Jermaine. It is so good of you to share your family with us.
I was at the first Maastricht Concert ( at which, you'll remember, it poured down in the second half), but I enjoyed it immensely just the same. I went to the cinema in Llandudno in Wales to see the concert and it was so booked up, we had an "overflow cinema".
An absolutely wonderful night and delighted to hear that your little grandchildren are learning the violin.
Thanks to you, your family and the orchestra and team for all you do to make our lives so full of music.
Love to you all,

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
14-07-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Such beautiful an caressing music Dearest Andre from your Dreaming CD bringing peace an tranquillity to the heart an mind of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas as she sits amid her garden flowers on another hot sunny day. A million Thank Yous for the lovely photos of your past 2 Concerts. You an all the Opera Singers look so beautiful, I can imagine an feel the glorious music you must have created together. A great pity Kimy couldn't be there to complete 'The Music Family' picture an for people to hear her stunning voice, which is truly divine. The photos of you an Jermaine are Magic, what a great connection between you an a desire to share your love of emotive music to remember the greatness of others, what empathy an a big heart you have Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Lois Little Rosebud, Victoria, Australia.
14-07-2013 - Rosebud West , Australia

Hi Andre,
I have seen a great number of your concerts but CinemaLive today was exceptionally fantastic! You are a genius Andre. After all the preparations that must have gone into producing such a magical event you thought of your English speaking fans and you gave us all your dialogue in English. Much appreciated.
I was at the Maastricht concerts in 2012 and tonight's CinemaLive was almost as good as being there.
Congrulations! and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Beryl Depledge, Rotherham, South Yorks. England
14-07-2013 - Rotherham, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, Last night my sister-in-law & I watched your wonderful Maastrictt concert at Cineworld. It was a joy to watch. Thank you so much. We are looking forward to seeing you live at Leeds Arena on Dec. 19th very much. We are both hoping there will be no problems coming to us before then as I am 83 & Pat is 77! Oh yes, what a wonderful experience for you & your orchestra to be invited to the coronation of the new king & queen of the Netherlands. Also, it was so lovely to see the disabled orchestra & listen to them, what an experience. Marisa had me in tears when she sang "Time to say goodbye". It was my husbands favourite song. Take good care of yourself & your entourage, see you in December 2013. Forgot to say - you are coming to the most beautiful county in England - Yorkshire!!

Ken Richardson
14-07-2013 - Leeds, United Kingdom

Went to see the live concert last night at the cinema in Leeds, it was fantastic !
Can we have more live concerts beamed across the world please ?

My wife & I cannot wait to see your concert when you come to Leeds in December.

14-07-2013 - Itegem, Belgium

Wat was dat een prachtig concert vrijdag op het vrijthof.
De sfeer,de fantastische lichtschow de vele gasten die allemaal het beste van zichzelf hebben gegeven.Hartelijk dank aan iedereen.Het was alleen spijtig dat we helemaal achteraan zaten en de schermen nogal laag hingen zodat we niet alles heel goed gezien hebben.Toch voor herhaling vatbaar.
Chrislin Heist-op-den-berg

Ludivine LOQUET
14-07-2013 - Chièvres, Belgium

Bonjour à vous !
Je suis venue de Belgique avec ma maman pour venir vous voir à Maastricht le 12 juillet ! J'ai trouvé le concert magnifique ! cela fait la 3eme fois que je viens vous voir ! 2 fois en Belgique à Forest National et une fois à Maastricht dans cette si belle ville ! Merci pour ce si beau concert et toute la joie que vous partagez avec le public. J'aimerais tant un jour vous rencontrer ! Je n'ai que 23 ans et j'aime votre musique ! Bisous de Belgique et bonne continuation Monsieur Rieu ainsi que toute votre équipe ! Prenez soin de vous! A très bientôt dans un nouveau concert, j'aimerais vous offrir quelque chose !

Sylvia Bazell
14-07-2013 - Devon, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, Enjoyed our second cinema live concert last night in Paignton Devon. It was so lovely, and I never wanted it to end. My husband and I must must visit Maastricht next year. You work so hard, but it pays off, because we all love you.

Annette Dall Hansen
14-07-2013 - Holbæk, Denmark

Dear Andre and JSO! Thank you for a fantastic concert on Saturday in the cinema! We are not able to be in Maastricht this year but we would not miss the concert!! Of course it is not the same sitting in a cinema listening to your lovely music - but still a very great experience!
All the best to you and the whole orchestra!

Lesley Harrison, Pembroke Dock, UK
14-07-2013 - ,

Dear Andre
Thankyou so very much for sharing you live concert.It was so lovely and the atmosphere in the cinema was almost like being there with you. Some got up and danced in our limited space including my mother in a wheelchair who took herself for a dance with you . It was her 89th birthday she said she would never forget it. You have given concerts in England Scotland and Ireland please do come to Wales as you have so many waiting to see you. Take good care of yourself and your family and love to all JSO.
Keep up the fabulous concerts, love Lesley xxx

Margaret Walters Powys
14-07-2013 - ,

Went to the cinema last night with my daughter who said she only came with me for the company. She was so moved she cried , laughed and throughly enjoyed the evening. You now have another follower and I have a daughter who I am now able to share your wonderful music with. Thank you so much.
Looking forward to years more of your wonderful music and your fantastic orchestra.
Lastly your audience in the cinema were all extremely friendly even though we didn't know anyone there before the performance, as we live an hour's drive away from this cinema, but this was all because of the atmosphere of your music and wonderful orchester.

Erica Metson
14-07-2013 - Braintree, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

Greetings from England. Just received my copy of In Love with Maastricht..... played it through this morning and love it.
Especially at the end of the CD when you sing "I'm in love with Maastricht"..... not only are you a fantastic violinist - you have a great voice.
Really enjoyed your concert on the Vrijthof on Sunday 7th July, and also re-lived the 2013 concert screened last night at Cineworld in Braintree.
Keep weaving the Magic of the Music, and thank you to your wife Marjorie for the vision in creating such productions for us all to enjoy and remember for ever
Good wishes and thank you to everyone involved with JSO Love you all xx

Sheila Marshall
14-07-2013 - Barnsley, United Kingdom

I thoroughly enjoyed your concert last night. From the only cinema in Barnsley England. My wish is one day, be at a live concert. Thank you for making classical music so enjoyable. Now more and more people are enjoying your music. Thank you so much for making last night so special.

Ernest Staton, Chandler's Ford, England
14-07-2013 - Eastleigh, United Kingdom

Dear Andre what a fabulous concert we had the privilege to watch live in the cinema at Southampton. A big thank you for giving us the opportunity to witness this wonderful spectacle.

Looking forward to seeing you live at Wembley on the 6 December

Moira Darroch, Scotland
14-07-2013 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
Went to the cinema last night and relived my memories of my first visit to Maastricht this year. Cineworld, Glasgow Renfrew Street was showing on 2 screens, such was the demand for tickets. Thank you again for your interview with Charlotte at the end of the concert (even if you did have to wait for the stirring pipes to pass!). Yes, Dear Maestro of the World, your ARE a happy man and so are your legions of fans around the planet because of your incomparable, magical music. Have a superb last concert tonight on THE square and 'Happy Holidays' to you, the JSO and all the team. As ever, do take very good care of yourself and your wonderful sparkling blue eyes. See you in Glasgow at Christmas.
With much. much love, Moira xxxxxxxx

Derek & Daryll Bailey
14-07-2013 - Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Good morning, Andre, and all the orchestra, choir, soloists, and guests.
Thanks you all so much for a lovely evenings entertainment at the CinemaLive showing of your 2013 Maastricht concert., It was brilliant, but then, all your concerts are.
We have already booked to see you in Glasgow, in December, also at Wembley Arena, on the same tour, and a visit to Paris in March, next year is also booked.
We are just waiting for the dates for Maastricht 2014 to be released, ready to book a weekends concerts. Our last visit to Maastricht was 2009, and watching the concert last night, make us really realise the withdrawal symptoms for the real thing. Good Luck with the final concert tonight.
Derek & Daryll Bailey. Maccleffield. Cheshire

Valerie - Hampshire England
14-07-2013 - Hampshire, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, My husband and I were so lucky to be with you in Maastricht for your first concert, what a truly wonderful experience even if your hot line to St.Peter let you down and the rain poured on us all but of course it could not dampen our enthusiasm. Thank you so much for getting the words up on the screen for Mar Mar Mastreecht, its so good to be able to sing along with your beautiful Dutch folk songs. Thank you also for the concert last night shown in the cinemalink, fantastic it was almost as wonderful as being in the Vrithof.
Bless you and your family and all the JSO for such glorious music and so much fun and laughter. Take care and safe travels, see you at Wembley on the 23rd Dec.

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