Paul & Joan Gorleston ,Nofolk ,United Kingdom
15-04-2013 - Gorleston on Sea, United Kingdom

HI Andre
A fantastic two weeks of Andre & the JSO on Sky Arts Riue , Teriffic concerts and great seeing how everyone works together to produce these lovely shows.

Best Wishes

Pat Sharp,Laxey, Isle of Man
15-04-2013 - Laxey, Isle of Man

Have made the most of Sky Andre Rieu. Watched as many as possible recored some, particularly My Music, My Life and Behind the Music and the facsinating story of show preparation. The logistics are mind blowing. A wonderful in-sight in to how hard you all work to please your audiences. We'll appreciate even more the concerts we are seeing this year - twice in Maastricht and also Liverpool.
The Manx flag will be flying - how I wish you could come to the Isle of Man but I fear we don't have anywhere really big enough.
Best wishes to everyone, enjoy the tour and see you on July 12 in Maastricht.

Ann Leeds
15-04-2013 - Leeds, United Kingdom

Please please please can you do another season on sky arts 2 ,it was amazing !1 just to be able to switch on any time of day and hear your fantastic music was wonderful.I have recorded as much as I could,but would love to see another series,here's hoping that sky will listen to your fans and do it again.Thanks for so much music.

mark weaver. south yorkshire england
15-04-2013 - Mexborough, United Kingdom

Hi andre i have only just started to listen to you and your orchestra watched it for the last 2weeks on sky never thought i would be into classical music but you and jso are simply amazeing cant wait to see you live

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
15-04-2013 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Well it's time to get the duster out and get back to normal now that Sky Arts Rieu is over, It's been wonderful and although like many of your faithfull followers I have a goodly number of what was shown on TV never the less there were some concerts new to me I especially loved Sylvester Punch that concert seemed to have it all, and there was so much mischief going on with the JSO.
It wont belong before you are home with your family once more, take care Andre.
Love from Judy the weather seems at last to be getting better, Please come back to Birmingham XXX

Margery Hamill
15-04-2013 - AIRDRIE, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I have had wthdrawal symptoms since last night when Sky Arts Rieu ended, what a feast of music, interviews ,
and soaps, I loved them all!
It was great seeing all the work that goes on by all your crew (Pierre is a genious!!) you are so popular in Australia, you must have been exhausted signing all those autographs.
I received my Rieu Royale CD at the weekend, it is beautiful,
You will all be looking forward to the new King and Queens' inauguration, I hope we'll be able to see it on TV or even a video. please have some relaxing time, I'm looking forward to Dec.21st in Glasgow, love to all the family.
PS my favourite piece you play is Volgalied BEAUTIFUL!!!

Laura & Geoff
15-04-2013 - Bebington, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Have loved Sky Arts Rieu and hope you will do it again, we have seen you twice in Manchester and will see you in December in Liverpool for another Fantastic show.
You and JSO have helped us through some traumatic times and we want to say a BIG Thank You. We cannot get to Maastricht but you are such a BIG part of our lives since we first saw you on our TV in 2010.
Our love and thanks to you and all JSO.

Iris Rudeseal
15-04-2013 - ,

Hi Andre'
I am very excited to tell you that I will be traveling from Texas to your concerts in Maastricht, 12, 13 & 14 July. I
can hardly wait!

Jennifer Elliott
15-04-2013 - Merseyside, United Kingdom

Fabulous watching on Sky. Looking forward to Liverpool at Christmas. Hope you play "Youl Never Walk Alone" Thanks Jenny

15-04-2013 - Juiz de fora -mg, Brasil

Oi André,
Estive ontem no show no Rio de Janeiro (dia 14/04). Parabéns pelo carisma, alegria e músicas maravilhosas.
Volte sempre ao Brasil, estaremos de braços abertos esperando p/ vcs.

Pat Griffin. South Wales
15-04-2013 - PENTRE, United Kingdom

Andre, please, please come to Wales! My country is known as the 'Land of Song' where there are many choirs who could perform with you. I am going to Maastricht to see you in June soon and I am sure that it is going to be fantastic. It would be even better if you could come to Wales!

15-04-2013 - England, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre
Thank you for the news and photos of Brazil it looks a wonderful country and seems as if you all are having a fabulous time filled with music and fun.
I am missing Sky Arts Rieu already and although I recorded some of the programmes I am so glad I have all the DVD's.
Take care and have a safe journey back home. I can't wait to see you all in Maastricht in July.
Much love to you and all.

15-04-2013 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dearest Maestro, Thank you for two wonderful weeks on Sky Arts Rieu. A veritable feast of music. The Fairy Tale was so informative and amusing and yet showed the extreme hard work of all concerned the an André Rieu production. I have written many times before, not all my messages are shown, but from my heart I thank you (all).We are so very blessed to have you. You bring sunshine into our hearts on the darkest of days.
With deepest love, Madeleine

15-04-2013 - Ardea, Italy

In ITALIA quando pensi di venire?
Da quando ti ho "scoperto" non faccio altro che ascoltare la tua musica meravigliosa insieme ai tuoi magici componenti della tua grande orchestra.

Marjorie Cordiner, Peterhea.d
15-04-2013 - Peterhead, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
We were very disappointed we couldn't go to Maastricht this year but were very excited when we found out there is going to be a live link of the July 13th concert to the cinema in Aberdeen. We have bought our tickets.
Thanks for making our dreams come true.
Love you and the JSO xx

Roy Eve
15-04-2013 - Luton, United Kingdom

Hoi Andre
What a wonderful two weeks of viewing on Sky Rieu sadly TV now returns to normal! Our family and friends had a Rieu party last night and decided after long discussions that the performance of Nearer Thy God from the 2009 concert is without doubt the most moving of all the suburb performances televised and we all thought that if Nimrod were arranged in the same way viz:- you playing first then the brass then the choir and finally the whole orchestra this would be absolutely amazing especially for the UK concerts for which I have just treated the family for the 7th December concert at Wembley.
By the way Sky Arts Rieu should be a full time channel!

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
15-04-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Thank you for all the photos and updates showing your wonderful success in Rio, as always you bring great joy and happiness to thousands of people with your concerts. Here in the UK we have just come to the end of SkyArts Rieu which has been an amazing 2 weeks, I do hope Sky will do something similar in the future. Really looking forward to returning to Maastricht for your concerts in July, I was there last year and the memories are still very much in my heart so I can't wait to re-live it all over again. Much love & safe travels Maestro. Patricia

Catherine Crapart
15-04-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour toutes vos belles photos et messages de Rio , je vois que cela se passe dans une ambiance festive, là-bas le carnaval est grandiose par leur danses leurs costumes et leurs musiques.
Mardi, dernier concert à BELO HORIZONTE, alors terminez en beauté dans ce beau pays du soleil, qui nous fait rêver!
Bon retour à tous!

Pablo Martinez, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL
15-04-2013 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Is the first show I saw was your day,in HSBC ARENA magnificent. God hold it, He will accompany you always. Since ..Congratulatios ANDRÉ RIEU DE JANEIRO

Gabrielle Sobocinski
15-04-2013 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Your concert in Rio (sunday) was wonderfull!! You saw me and my friends, and "said hi"!! It was the first of many, i'll start to "collect" your concerts!! I would love to see you playing in Israel too!! You have an amazing gift!! Thank you for coming!!

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