elaine burch bowden alberta
03-10-2013 - TOMOKO, Canada

Dear Andre'. Congradulations on winning the brits award for the thrid time. I really enjoy listening to Magic of the Movies I play it often. I'am waiting with excitment about your new cd of ABBA music I can hardly wait for it to go onsale.Please safe travels to australia . I know the airpland ride will be along one . Andre' I hope you will spend some quality time with your family and have rested lots.before you leave for australia. I also can hardly wait for your ABBA cd to go onsale and your Maastricht dvd. But for now please take care. I'am sending lots of love and will be waiting to hear all the news about your tour to Australia. Mirusia will be there to welcome you.

Carol and Dorothy , Wolverhampton
03-10-2013 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Congratulations Andre and the JSO for winning the Classic Brit award for the album of the year for the third year in a row, a first for any artist. You so deserve it.

God Bless you all

Kirsten esbensen
03-10-2013 - Soenderborg, Denmark

Dear Andre
Congratulations again.
We are looking forward to the concerts in London.
Have a safe trip to Australia
Best regards to all of you

Diana Warner
03-10-2013 - Basildon, United Kingdom

Congratulations on winning the Classic Brits Award for the third time. Wonderful!

may rose
03-10-2013 - Laventie, France

Toutes mes félicitations pour ce 3 ième Classic Brit Awards, vous le méritez bien . Bravo à vous et toute votre équipe .

Jennifer Moore, East Horsley, England
03-10-2013 - Leatherhead Surrey, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
Congratulations on your Classic Brit Award for the 3rd year running. I note that the Classic Brit Awards 2013 is being shown on ITV on Sunday, 5 October at 10.20 pm. I understand you were not there in person but there was a film clip of you and when your music was played the Royal Albert Hall "totally erupted". I mention this as I am sure many fans will wish to view the event on TV.
Meanwhile, you continue to sustain me after two serious illnesses. I just cannot believe the positive change you have made to my life. You are spoken about in our home frequently and it's like you have become a member of the family. Thank you for all you do. Keep well dearest Andre and safe journey to Australia.
Love Jennifer xxx

Eliana Arre
03-10-2013 - La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Dear Andre
Congratulations !!!! for the third time you won the Classic Brit awards. You enjoy our lives with your own style to play music and your concerts full of joy and good melodies.
Good luck for your trip to Australia !!!!
Thank you for the gift of your music.
A kiss and take care

Carlo Innamorati
03-10-2013 - L'Aquila, Italy

Ho visto per caso su youtube un'esibizione con "BOND" e sono rimasto affascinato dalla sua musica!!!!

Elizabeth Brunkard
03-10-2013 - City of Dublin, Ireland

Congratulations Andre on your great win. This album is truly magical. I have played this CD so often it is nearly worn out. It really is music for every occasion.

Enid Y Russell
03-10-2013 - Cooma, Australia

Hi Andre and JSO

Many,many congratulations on winning Brits award again, what a wonderful birthday present for you! Hope you have a happy family day before you embark on the long haul to us here in Australia
Not many more 'sleeps' as they say out here
Lets hope all our wild weather has gone by then, no two days alike.
love as always, safe travelling
Enid Russell, Cooma.NSW,Australia

Dawn from Ealing
03-10-2013 - W5 1SP, United Kingdom

Congratulations Andre and your orchestra for your hat trick at the Classic Brit awards - you must be really pleased as are all your fans who voted for you. What a lovely November we have to look forward to, your new programme on Sky Arts 2, a new CD Music of the Night and then your tour of England leading up to the best night of my life which will be 23rd December at Wembley. I hope you have a good trip to Australia and good luck with all your concerts and I know you will be saving the best for last (at least in my mind) Thank you for your music and take care

Leonie Buchanan Melbourne
03-10-2013 - Melbourne, Australia

Dear Andre and members of the JSO
I am looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne on October 18th. One small request.......would you please sing the 'Goodbye' song from the 'Whitehorse Inn' in English. I have loved this song since I was 13, now 68 and I am sure you would receive a good response from the Melbourne crowd. I notice that at your European concerts everyone sings along, the Australian do not seem to do this so much and wonder is it because a lot of songs are sung in another language. Maybe I am 'barking up the wrong tree' that is Australian for, 'getting it wrong' Anway whatever you do my friends and I will love it all and will sing all the way home on the train!!!!
Save journey to you all

03-10-2013 - England, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Many congratulations on winning another Classic Brit Award, Magic of the Movies is a fantastic cd which I play constantly.
I hope all is well with you and your family and that you are enjoying whatever you are doing.
I am so looking forward to the release of the new CDs and DVD (I just the ABBA cd cover, very trendy!) and also can't wait for your forthcoming concerts in the UK.
Take care, safe journeys, love to you, your family, JSO and all.

Sylvia Chung, London
03-10-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Congratulations - Winner of ClassicFM Album of the Year for 3 consecutive years. You have also set a record for winning the same award 3 years in a row. Congratulations again and this is very difficult for others to break.
Last night whilst having dinner watched your interview by Austrian TV showed on 21 Sept 2013 (my special day), it was very nice of you to show around your castle & particularly your beautiful garden & greenhouse. Now one more dream to add on my dream-list is to visit your castle, top of the list is to visit your studio. Hopefully it will happen on my next Maastricht concert holiday next year (subject to your permission to see your studio of course).
Little & Petit Andre (twins teddy bear) say congratulations to Papa Andre + your management team.

pam skelton west sussex uk
03-10-2013 - ,

Many many congratulations on the brit award.xxxxxx

Stan & Jean
03-10-2013 - HAMPSHIRE, United Kingdom

HIP HIP HOORAY. Well Done Andre & JSO for winning " Classis FM Alburn of the Year" for the third time.
We send you our heartiest congratulations.

Kathleen Bostock
03-10-2013 - Boston, United Kingdom

Well Done Andre,congragulations to you and your orchestra you all certainly deserve the win,I wish I could be there to see you receive your award but I shall be seeing you in Nottingham in Dec,so looking forward to watching your lovely concert. kate x x x

Hetty Garlick, Derbyshire, UK
03-10-2013 - Dronfield, United Kingdom

Huge congratulations to Andre and the JSO for winning 'Album of the Year' at the ClassicBrit Awards. To win this award three times in a row is really something!

Well done!

Hetty xx

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
03-10-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Congratulations dear Andre for winning the Classic Brit for the third year in a row!!! "Magic of The Movies" is an outstanding cd and fully deserved to win. Everyone voted with their heart and soul and we are all thrilled that you came out on top. You are greatly respected and loved in the UK and December can't come quick enough. Much love to you Maestro. Patricia

Michael & Sue Page
03-10-2013 - Cape Town, South-Africa

Congratulations are incredible !!

Kind regards,
Michael & Sue

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