17-09-2013 - Llandudno . North Wales, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
We paid double the price for front row seats in Maastricht from an unofficial seller and nearly didn`t get a seat- but at last minute all was well and worth every penny. It was wonderful and so will be back next year.
Have a great year of concerts `til we see you again in lovely Maastricht. Love to you all.

Dörte M.
17-09-2013 - Schleswig, Germany

Lieber André!

Ich wünsche Dir 5 tolle Konzerte in Mexiko und bin in Gedanken bei Dir. Ich sehe Dich schon vor mir, wenn Du Dein Lied "Celito Lindo" anstimmst und die Mexikaner sich kaum auf den Stühlen, oder vor der Bühne halten können. Kommt gesund wieder.

Liebe Grüße

Deine Dörte

Jenny Whitwood
17-09-2013 - Norfolk NR18 OEl, United Kingdom

I absolutely love your music. Was in Maastrict in July what an atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing you in December in Nottingham. Have a good tour

17-09-2013 - Yo62 6ad, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Seems ages since we were in Maastricht, but looking forward to Leeds in December.
Thankyou for your Autograph you gave to my son who picked you all up from the airport in his coach to go to the Alan Titchmarsh show, it was only by chance he rang to pass time whilst waiting for you to finish, I told him who you were and he didn't beleive me! I told him not to dare come back to Yorkshire without the autograph!! Thankyou for being so generous, I couldn't wait to get it and it's now in a safe place!!
Good luck with the brits

Shannah Eagles
17-09-2013 - Fleet, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Can't wait to see you in London on 23 December. I bought 4 front row tickets for Wembley but unfortunately my Aunt is unable to come so if anyone wants to buy a front row ticket at face value £90.00 I'll waive the £9.50 admin fee I'd love to hear from you.
This is a genuine offer.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
17-09-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Cold an grey Dearest Andre but with Magic of the Movies playing (for which I just vote) a joyful happiness an warmth surrounds 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas. I return from Belgium very late last night but always the first thing when I rise is to play your beautiful music and send affectionate greetings. Wonderful to see you all arrive safely in Mexico the people there will be tremendously excited, counting the hours to an evening of sensational music an the happiest an most fantastic experience they'll ever have in their life. I must say a million Thank Yous Andre for the great support your music gave to me an my friend as she recovered from her operation, we'd never have got through without you, all a total success an slowly her sight is returning. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Mrs Joan King
17-09-2013 - IP2 0SU, United Kingdom

Hi Andre

Greetings from Ipswich. I have just recently registered with your website I just love your music and so does my mother who is 93 years of age.

I hope all the people enjoy your music in Mexico

Rachael Mortimer, Shropshire, UK
17-09-2013 - TF1 6YZ, United Kingdom

Hi Andre. I hope the concerts in Mexico go brilliantly. At the moment I am off work for a couple of days with a bad cold. My Andre DVDs are being watched one by one. The concert in Nottingham on 20th December is getting closer and I can't wait. A year is a long time between concerts. By then I may have taken my grade 2 Violin and by the time we see you in Maastricht hopefully I will have taken or about to take grade 3. Lots of love and hugs Rachael xxx

Marianne Mathieson
17-09-2013 - Mangerton, Australia

Hi Andre Just met one of your many fans. His name is Lance Brown & he is 103 yrs old, lives at IRT Towradgi Park Retirement Village, 17a Murranar Road, Towradgi NSW 2518 and each Saturday morning he become the DJ at the village playing one of his collection of your DVD's for the other guests. He is absolutely amazing and independent for his age and really loves your concerts. I'm sure a greeting from you would keep him going for many years to come. Love Marianne

17-09-2013 - LOS ALERCE, Chile



Vivienne Pratt
17-09-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I was so pleased to see you had landed safely in Mexico! Vincenzo and Frederic posted some beautiful photos on FB. It looks as if you’ll have a particularly happy time as, not only are you engaging with your Mexican publicum who gave you such a thunderous welcome previously, but its also their Independence Day and the festivities look very exciting and colourful indeed! Turning now to the Classic Brit Awards: Andre, we are all voting like crazy and will continue to do so up to the last minute! You so richly deserve to win: ‘Magic of the Movies’ is a simply divine collection of the most memorable and beautiful music and I desperately want to see you mount the podium and collect the award! YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST, dear Maestro! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

17-09-2013 - RM8 2JD, United Kingdom

Hi André, Have a great tour in Mexico. Looking forward to your concerts at the Wembley Arena and of course the new Sky series. Wishing you good luck for the Classic Brit awards we are all voting.
Voting finishes 20th so hope all fans have voted by then.

Salete Luz
16-09-2013 - Sorocaba, Brasil

Muito feliz com os lindos presentes que recebi hoje! Muito obrigada, André Rieu! Você faz bem ao meu coração!!!

mary riley 16 = 09==2013 merseyside U.K
16-09-2013 - ,

Hi Andre
So delighted that you have arrived safely in Mexico enjoy your concerts and we in the U.K will continue to vote for you in the Brit Awards i am waiting to see you in December in Liverpool and i hope that you play Thank You for the Music as you did in Maastricht take care dear Maestro lots of love Mary xxxxxxxx

Wendy v.d Poll
16-09-2013 - Prinsenbeek, Netherlands


Volgend jaar hoop ik het concert in Maastricht bij te kunnen wonen.

16-09-2013 - PRESTONPANS, United Kingdom

Ola Andre, assistindo seus videos e escutando a boa musica que sempre leva aos seus concertos, nao paro de sonhar em ver minha esposa cantando ROBERT BURNS - My love is like a red red rose, no seu concerto em Glasgow no final deste ano. I know it is a dream......but we never know!!! All the best. Tulio

16-09-2013 - Hamburg, Germany

Hallo Liebes Team!
Dankeschön für die schnelle Information mit denn Dvds.Wünsche allen einen guten start in die neue Woche.
Liebe Grüße Diana

16-09-2013 - Durham, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
I have a suggestion for a piece of music for your orchestra to play which , I think, would be fantastic and emotional for the audience. It is the theme music from the series Brideshead Revisited by Geoffrey Burgon - it has received an Ivor Novello award and is a much loved piece. It would be wonderful if you would consider including it in your repertoire.
My husband and I are really looking forward to your concert in Newcastle in December - last year's concert in the same venue was marvellous . Best Wishes

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
16-09-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, So happy to hear that you have arrived in Mexico safely. I know the concerts are going to be amazing, they always are, and your fans there will enjoy every moment.
Can't wait for the release of the ABBA cd. I heard you play a couple of songs at Maastricht this year and it was wonderful. It was so emotional singing "Thank You For The Music" at the end of the concert at the Vrijthof - never was a song more appropriate for such a wonderful occasion.
Well I wish you joy and good times in Mexico and looking forward to seeing you soon in London for your third Classic Brit award (yes we are all voting like mad). Much love. Patricia

bliquy danielle
16-09-2013 - Saint saulve, France

une ouverture de semaine tout en beauté, je viens de vivre des moments d'exceptions, je me suis laisser transporter vers Maastricht et revivre tout ce que j'ai vécu, des frissons m'ont envahis le corps et en réécoutant Roger et Romano, des larmes d'émotions me ramenant à juillet et ma place du bonheur ! la France a la chance de diffuser ces concerts extraordinaires, tous ceux qui n'ont pu vivre ce grand bonheur, ne ratez leurs diffusions, ce sont des moments forts, très forts !!!! je vous souhaite prince des coeurs et JSO un bel envol et des concerts merveilleux, mes pensées ne vous quittent pas, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

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