Vivienne Pratt
06-02-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
What a 'Red Letter Day' yesterday was! Your beloved City returned your love a 'millionfold' with an honour appropriately translated into 'The Young Light'! Andre you are, and always will be, 'ever young' because the music, love, joy and humour you share every day of your life feeds your soul and regenerates your body and mind. This Honour is so thoroughly deserved. Your Worldwide publicum may not be able to come to Maastricht so you take it to them with your Music, CDs, DVDs, Concerts and above all else your loving and mischievous heart! Thank you so much for the beautiful Newsphotos Andre. Your beaming face and sparkling eyes show the emotion your heart feels. Thank you for the Music dear Maestro! Safe travels to Erfurt and Hamburg. God bless you always. Love Viv xx

Rose Gxxxx
06-02-2015 - London, United Kingdom

Good Morning Andre
Congratulations Well done you deserve every award that is given to you for such beautiful music you give to us all .Your wife and family must be really proud of you like you say without them you would be nowhere. hope your concerts in Germany are going well and you are looking after yourself.Safe travels looking forward to the big square in july and hope you will be coming back to your fans in the uk again this year love and best wishes to you all

Mireille JOURDAN
06-02-2015 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André !
Toutes mes félicitations pour vos nombreuses et permanentes récompenses et nominations bien méritées ! En particulier au Pince du Carnaval de Maastricht (et Prince de nos coeurs !).
Nous sommes très fiers d'être vos fans assidus depuis...vos débuts !!!! Nous avions raison de vous aimer et de vous suivre ! Merci des très très bons moments que vous nous donnez avec votre musique, votre humanité et votre modestie !
Mille baisers affectueux.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire,England.
06-02-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre a -5c frost an the little birds must be so cold as they busily eat but 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas has a few Snowdrops an Crocus out so Spring is coming! So wonderful to be able to share in your glory from the photos you send, as you receive the 't Joonk Leech' Award, always you think of others - the biggest heart, the kindest nature, care an thoughtfulness for your fellow man,your passion an great love of music has enhanced these qualities of your life. I am immensely proud of your achievement Andre as must be your whole family. We know that by letting your wonderous music into our lives we attain total happiness, inner peace an love of our fellow man, it's YOUR PHILOSOPHY an the world is a better place for having it. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Sylvia Laidlaw - Hadrian Park, Wallsend, United Kingdom
06-02-2015 - Wallsend, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Just enjoyed watching on YouTube the ceremony at your studios where you received the Medal of Honor from Tempeleers - what a proud moment for you. Once again many congratulations on receiving this award.

Enjoy your forthcoming concerts. I am still waiting to see if you will be touring the UK this year.

Sylvia xxx

06-02-2015 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France


Nous sommes tous très fiers de notre merveilleux violoniste, apprécié partout dans le monde.

Félicitations Cher Androu pour cette nouvelle distinction de Maastricht.

Bons concerts ce soir à Erfurt et demain à Hambourg.

Bises. MICHOU.

Patricia Cantú. Monterrey NL, México
06-02-2015 - Monterrey NL, Mexico

Hola André
Te escribo desde Monterrey NL México y espero con ansia tu concierto de octubre en la Arena Monterrey.
Con toda mi admiración y gratitud por todas las buenas horas que me has hecho pasar escuchando tus conciertos.
Bendiciones, con cariño. Patricia

Anne Stephenson-Verheijen Mardi NSW Australie
06-02-2015 - NSW 2259, Australia

Hi Andre,
Vanuit een warm Australie gefeliciteerd met je onderscheiding van de Mestreechter Carnaval!

yvonne bras
05-02-2015 - Panazol, France

bonjour andré ,
j'écoute radio classique et j'ai découvert que pour l'holaucoste vous avez joué la meditation de thiés de masnet qui est une merveilleuse mélodie que vous avez joué religieusement avec douceur comme pour les apaiser de leurs souffrances .
je benis la personne qui m"a fait vous connaitre car depuis j'ai beaucoup appris sur la musique ;

bonne tournée et revenez nous vite en france


Deirdré Krüger (South Africa)
05-02-2015 - Springs, South-Africa

Dear André, congratulations on you award today, it is pretty awesome. Please consider concerts in South Africa again. Your shows are on national television every weekend.

05-02-2015 - Boksburg, South-Africa

Dear Andre, we salute you. Your positive approach, your discipline and simplicity is a mind model we hold up to our students. Heartfelt congratulations in gaining recognition for the joy you spread, and in being granted the TEMPELEERS
acknowledgement of your talent. May you and your JSO , AND YOUR FAMILY BE BLESSED BEYOND YOUR FONDEST DREAMS THIS YEAR. Thank you for being such a role model.

Lisa Leopold
05-02-2015 - Belfast, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
The piece of music you played on Tuesday 27 January ( Holocaust Memorial Day ) a tribute to those who had perished in Auschwitz and other concentration camps was so moving it brought me to tears.
Thank you for all the music you play, so emotive in so many ways.
I have been to ALL your concerts in Belfast and look forward to going to many more!
You bring so much pleasure to so are an amazing man!
Again, thank you

Angélica Romero, Viña del Mar, Chile
05-02-2015 - Viña del mar, Chile

por el premio mayor de las Tempeleers, conseguido gracias al cariño que tienes por tu ciudad y al trabajo con que has logrado hacerla famosa en el mundo, gracias a los conciertos en ella y a los viajes musicales por todas partes.
con mucho cariño.

Catherine Crapart
05-02-2015 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
très belle récompense bien méritée! Vous pouvez être fier de tout ce que apportez à votre ville Maastricht!
C'est également un grand jour pour votre famille , et votre orchestre , pour toute cette belle musique qui rend les gens heureux!
Très belles photos!

Vivienne Pratt
05-02-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
As I write this message you will be receiving the Highest Award of the Tempeleers, namely the “t Joonk Leech" at your beautiful Studio. A fitting venue for this Award, Andre. The place where you write, arrange and rehearse, alongside your magnificent JSO, your finest beautiful music presentations. What a proud day for a beloved son of Maastricht and what a proud day for Marjorie, Marc and Pierre! I do so hope there may be some photographic memories of this momentous occasion for I too am very proud on your behalf and cognisant of the honour they bestow upon you. I realise that soon after your presentation you will be 'hot-footing' to Berlin where I'm sure the applause will be rapturous as they welcome you back. Safe journey dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love. Viv xx

bliquy danielle
05-02-2015 - Saint saulve, France

toutes mes pensées s'envolent vers Berlin qui vivra ses moments d'exceptions, comme j'ai hâte de les vivre à mon tour, revoir tant de beauté et de talent sur scène et revoir le plus craquant des hollandais, chaque jour me rapproche de vous, oh! combien Lille sera rayonnante ce 3 mars ! mes journées sont très actives en ce moment mais votre musique reste présente chaque jour que je vis, bon concert à toutes et tous, tendres baisers enneigés de votre cht'ite Danielle

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
05-02-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre dull an grey but no frost. At this moment 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas listens once again to her new Cd In Love with Maastricht an is stunned by its magical an romantic beauty, this along with And The Waltz Goes On an Dreaming is going to be one of my supreme favourites, it's just BRILLIANT. How do I choose the best piece, impossible they're all FANTASTIC, Panis Angelicus an Oh Fortuna tear at the heartstrings bringing tears from the deep emotion you give to the musical interpretation. Next Sierra Madre simply breathtakingly wonderous, then WOW at the end you pour your heart out as you sing for the town that you love, I cry with enormous smiles an happiness for the great man you are an your devotion to your home an music. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Catherine Crapart
05-02-2015 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
3 concerts pour cette fin de semaine pour réchauffer les coeurs de vos Fans et de votre public par ce froid, rien de tel que votre musique pour voyager dans le bonheur!
Profitez bien des plaisirs de la table :une bonne choucroute , ou une spécialité du pays, accompagnée d'une excellente bière! Dans ce pays l'Allemagne vous avez le choix de quoi vous faire plaisir!
Merci pour vos photos et messages .

Maryangeles Carro Afonso
04-02-2015 - La Cuesta de Arguijon, Spain

Hola André, te escribo desde Tenerife España, realmente eres un Maestro un genio tanto del violín como de la escena global que nos presentas en tus conciertos espero poder ir este año a alguno de tus conciertos en Europa muchas felicidades por tu vida por tu arte y por deleitarnos con tu música. Gracias

kieran magee downpatrick
04-02-2015 - Ardglass, United Kingdom

hi andre and jso hoping you and jso are all in good health. well done on winning the award of mco it will give you all a great lift.keeping my eyes on my laptop and hoping that you will soon announce your uk and irish tour. everyone here in northern Ireland loves your Christmas tour.keep well and may your god go with you whoever he may be.keep trucking,

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