Pierandrea Rosso
03-01-2014 - Casarza Ligure (GE), Italy

Quando un concerto in Italia ? Un nuovo concerto, ovviamente !

When a new concert in Italy ? In Genoa or near Genoa ?
Thank you.
I'm an Italian fan.

Paula T Yeovil Somerset
02-01-2014 - Somerset, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre, your concert on the 23rd December was better than I could ever have hoped. The atmosphere was fantastic as was the concert it daughter took me to the concert as I was unable to drive due to health problems.The on;y thing that would of made it better was if I could of met you in person maybe next time.I hope you and your orchestra had a relaxing Christmas and I will hopefully see you again in Maaschtict

J East Kilbride Scotland
02-01-2014 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

Just listened to"Music of the Night" and your celebration of "ABBA" as the song ABBA composed. ##Thank You For The Music## you have given absolute joy yet again. Bye!

02-01-2014 - Utrecht, Netherlands

Hoi Andre,

Omdat mijn moeder uit Maastricht 70jaar is geworden in oktober komen we zaterdag naar je concert op de verjaardag van mijn vader die eigenlijk dan ook 70 zou zijn geworden als die nog had geleefd.
Nooit gedacht dat de Andre die in begin van zijn cariere bijna mijn auto raakte toen hij bij het station in Maastricht wilde draaien met zijn bus.Wij hebben er enorm veel zin in en zijn erg benieuwd hoe de show zal worden.
groetjes en tot zaterdag..

Ines Tharang
02-01-2014 - Sebnitz, Germany

Sehr geehrter Herr Andre Rieu,
meiner lieben Mutti habe ich zum Geburtstag die Eintrittskarte zur Veranstaltung im Januar 2014 in der Messehalle in Dresden geschenkt. Leider ist sie am 29.12.2013 friedlich eingeschlafen.
Zur Trauerfeier wollen wir ihr Lied "Die letzte Rose" spielen.
Wir waren schon einmal mit ihr zum Auftritt in der Messehalle in Dresden. Wir haben so gut gut gesessen, dass wir sogar tanzen konnten. Sie hat damals gesagt, "... tanzt nur", sie wußte, dass wir in einem Tanzverein sind und gern Wiener Walzer tanzen. Es stand in unserer Zeitung schon ganz zeitig, dass sie im Januar 2014 wieder hier sind. Da war für mich klar, was ich schenke.
Sie hatte sich schon so darauf gefreut.
Viele liebe Grüße, Ines Tharang

Moira harwood
02-01-2014 - 5yb, United Kingdom

Dear andre
When are you coming back to England
Loved the Liverpool concert on the 13 th December
Was amazing. Xx

bliquy danielle
02-01-2014 - Saint saulve, France

2014 s'est déjà enflammé pour nombre de vos fans, mon coeur s'emballe car je sais que je vivrais mon printemps de Lille, un roi exceptionnel y fera son apparition comme dans tant de villes françaises, pays qui sera heureux car votre présence en nuits magiques transformera ces villes par des heures magnifiques, là je dois dire que je titille d'impatience et je sais combien sera ma joie lorsque vous apparaîtrez devant votre public ! de tout coeur prince adoré je vous adresse ainsi qu'à tous ceux qui vous entourent une bonne et heureuse année, merci d'existez, vous qui nous faîtes rêver et savez remplacer nos peines par de la joie, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Derick Bus
02-01-2014 - Preoria, South-Africa

Dear Andre, I was so fortunate to receive as a X-mas precent your My African Dream dvd! I will cherish it always. Best wishes to you, your loved ones and whole team for 2014!

peter ct. U.S.A.
02-01-2014 - New fairfield, United States

I would truly love to see one of your concerts the next time you are on the east coast of the United States, I enjoy listening to your music on the internet. God bless you and you troup for all the Joy you bring.

Suzanne Forbes-Murray
02-01-2014 - Inverurie , United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO I am looking forward to coming to a live venue to see you all in person. My husband and I have watched your DVDs and also Sky art channel for two days. You have entertained us, made us joyous and even waltzed in front of our TV. We love the happiness you bring into our homes, the voices of the singers outstanding.. I have read your book my music my life. I have ordered another of your books and DVD . You make people so happy Andre and JSO wishing you health and much joy in 2014

Vivienne Pratt
02-01-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
I'm sure your first concert of 2014 in Koln will have been absolutely magical! What better way can there be to start the New Year than with a captivating Andre concert: spectacular backdrops with a kaleidoscope of colours and enchanting music that carries us along on a magic carpet ride to a land of happiness, love and joy punctuated with your mischievous humour! I cant wait to see your Newsphotos. Thank you so much for my Gold Membership, Andre: I look forward to receiving your surprise! What a beautiful photograph of you, dear Maestro, greeted me when I opened my New Year Andre Rieu Calendar! Such a captivating vision of a handsome man doing what he loves doing best! Adieu for now. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

William Clifford
01-01-2014 - Cardiff, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, When can you visit "The Land of Song"? That country is Wales. The largest venues would be in Cardiff. The Millenium Stadium has a covered roof and will easily hold 65,000 You would have an ecstatic welcome from your many fans in Wales.
Just enjoyed your Wembley Arena concert

01-01-2014 - Great yarmouth, United Kingdom

my birthday March 13th. I have tickets booked for Paris on the day. what better birthday could I have than being in Paris and listening to Andre.

counting down the days till then.

Helma Kindler
01-01-2014 - Koblenz, Germany

Wir bedanken uns sehr, lieber André, dass wir mit Dir, dem Johann-Strauß-Orchester, den Platin-Tenören, Carlos Buono und Mirusia das Neue Jahr beginnen durften. Ihr habt uns mit dem schönen Konzert in Köln sehr viel Freude bereitet. Diesen Jahresanfang mit Euch in der Köln-Arena genießen wir nun bereits im 10. Jahr und schöner kann ein Neues Jahr nicht anfangen! Herzliche Grüße senden Uschi und Helma

01-01-2014 - Hamm, Germany

Thank you for the fantasticl concert in köln

Trish from Kent
01-01-2014 - KENT, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and JSO. saw your brilliant show at Wembley on
23 rd December, a great start to Christmas.

Looking forward to Maastricht at the last concert in July.
We came last July to the wet one.
The weather getting from Kent to our hotel and than onto Wembley was dreadful but our driver who works for Bayliss of Deal was superb,

Thank you Andre for making it all worth while.
Have a great new Year, and Good luck for all your future concerts.

Liz Steele Bury St Edmunds
01-01-2014 - Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

Hi to you all,
We had been waiting so long for your concert and the day was nearly ruined by the strong wind and rain. However despite it all we made it to Wembley on the 23rd and had fantastic seats. It was simply magic. It was wonderful to see Marcel and all his family. Simply wonderful. We are now waiting for our trip to Maastricht, something else to look forward to.
A Happy New Year to you all, safe travels and keep enjoying your wonderful concerts.

Liz Steele

Dawn from Ealing
01-01-2014 - W5 1SP, United Kingdom

Dear Andre thank you for making an old lady very happy - your concert on the 23rd at Wembley was fantastic and no one weanted it to end, most of all me. I had dreamt about seeing yiou and your orchestra and singers since I booked the tickets in February and believe me it was worth the wait. I hope you had a lovely break with the family and by now you are off again on your travels. I wish you and everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year and who knows, maybe I'll get to Maastricht on 20th July for your concert as it is my birthday. Take care and look after yourself.

Barbara Oman
01-01-2014 - Swanage, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. My husband and I had the pleasure of being at your concert at Wembley Arena on 7th December. Thank you and the JSO for a wonderful evening. A few days later we put the Nelson Mandela tribute on Fb and also e mailed it to several friends some in America. Hope you have had a good Christmas with Marjorie and your family. A happy new year to you all and your wonderful orchestra.

Karen Penn - Dereham Norfolk UK
01-01-2014 - Dereham, United Kingdom

Happy New Year Andre and family and to the JSO and singers. My mother and I came to your London Concert on Monday 23rd December 2013. This was our first concert and we had been waiting for months for this. We were so excited to be going and you did not disappoint us as it was brilliant, beyond our wildness dreams. We hope to see you in Maastrict.. The African song sung my Kimi was the highlight of the show for me as it was wonderful. Thank you for the music.

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