Gwyn Cabral, Manchester, UK
25-02-2015 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre

Thank you so much for including Manchester in your 2015 UK tour. I have just booked my seat for 18 December and again I have been fortunate to have a front row seat in the middle block. Last December this was a fabulous position to be and now I am looking forward (already) to December and your wonderful concert. Recently, I feel that Christmas would not be the same without seeing you and the JSO in one of your fabulous concerts.
Hope you all enjoyed your German tour which is now coming to an end and looking forward to France.
Hope you are keeping well in this very cold weather and Marjorie also.
With love and all best wishes for your concerts in 2015.
Gwyn xx

Vivienne Pratt
25-02-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you so much dear Andre for being so gracious returning to our little Island once again to begin our Christmas with the most unforgettable experience anyone could possibly have! Exquisite music, captivating spectacle, your magnificent Happiest Orchestra in the World, Soloists and Guests and the 'icing on the cake', Andre, the Wizard of Wonderful Music and Maestro of Humour of Love. What better way to begin the Christmas Festive Season of Joy, Love and Brotherhood to all! As for me, tickets for my Nephew and myself are booked and my hotel reserved! So all I can add to that is roll on December! Thank you, as always, for the music, dear Maestro. Safe journey to Bremen. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Julie Blake
25-02-2015 - Iver, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
So looking forward to seeing you on the 22nd December, and just in time for Christmas, can't wait. Take care
Love you lots

Julie and Jean xxxxxxxxx

25-02-2015 - DE72 3AB, United Kingdom

so excited, got my tickets for Nottingham UK, front row this time, dear Andre, hope you and your lovely JSO stay well I know you really suffered last December with the flu, wrap up warm this year and stay safe. See you in December, God willing. xxxx

Marian Holmes
25-02-2015 - Romford, United Kingdom

Have just bought tickets for my daughter, 9 year old grandson and myself to see you at Wembley in December. Row 9 last year - front row this year! Looking forward to it already - what a wonderful start to our Christmas!

Thank you for the music.

Take care, keep well

Marian xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
25-02-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre amid the grey rainy day a ray of brilliant sunlight shines on the home of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas, she cannot sleep or keep still. Glorious music from Forever Vienna plays, the clock ticks an all I can say is YES,YES,YES, Andres coming to the UK in Dec. a time of shared love an feasting. Our feast is many days of sensational music transforming arenas into palaces of wonder, love an friendship as this is what you an your wonderful Orkest an Singers do wherever you go. No one needs a present at this time of year our gift is you an your lovely JSO an the brilliant music you create bringing joy an happiness beyond measure. Our country becomes the most enchanting place, you can't stop smiling. Thanks a Million. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Chris Oldfield
24-02-2015 - South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hello Andre.Brilliant news of you coming to Sheffield in December.But we have the pleasure of Maastricht first in July.Roll on summer.Danni,Sue,Rod and Chris.Bravo.

Anneke Cape Town SA
24-02-2015 - 7200, South-Africa

Dear Andre Marjorie JSO Hope the tour in Germany is successful as always. You will only be home 2 days before France is on the calender! May you have a wonderful holiday coming up next month and Hope you and Marjorie will spend it somewhere alone !

Good luck for all the upcoming concerts

Kindest regards

kieran magee downpatrick
24-02-2015 - Ardglass, United Kingdom

hi andre and jso hope you are all in good of the morning news to hear your going to put a smile on many faces as you will be back in dec for our annual Christmas concert.northern Ireland is sir a dull old spot and you n jso returning gives us joy with your modern classical music and show.i will get my tickets asap and indeed more of my friends will be going to see you in the odyssey on the 3rd of dec.again i thank you all sincerely for the effort and desire to keep going on with your work entertaining people world wide.i love your music and i hope to see you all soon.may your god go with you whoever he may be.keep trucking.

Molly Higham. Manchester. U.K.
24-02-2015 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Hello again Dear Andre,wonderful news you sent to me today,you are once again coming to the U.K in Dec. especially that you will be with us in Manchester for another of your fabulous concerts,what a great Christmas present you will be giving me. I am waiting now to book my tickets tomorrow. Hoping for good seats once more,which you usually give me. Thank you,now I have such a treat in store for the end of the year. Lots of love xx

Dawn from Ealing
24-02-2015 - W5 1SP, United Kingdom

What wonderful news Andre that you are once again making Christmas extra special for your UK fans. I can't wait to book my tickets tomorrow for Wembley on the 22nd. I hope you and the family have enjoyed your little break and that you are keeping well. Thank you again for all the joy you bring to your fans world wide and may you do so for many years to come.

24-02-2015 - Irvinestown , United Kingdom

So glad to hear that you are coming to Belfast in December. I have already booked the hotel at the Odyssey so we can enjoy the concert then just walk round to the hotel. I will buy my tickets ASAP

Look forward to seeing you and your wonderful orchestra

God bless

Eliana Arre, Santiago, Chile
24-02-2015 - La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Dear Andre
I am one of your fans in Chile, I love you and your music so much, your music is a good company at any moment.
I have most of your DVDs and CDs at home.
Sure coming down to South América is a long trip but there is many fans looking forward to have you and JSO with us.
The best for your concerts in Europe

Judith Bradley, Grimsby, England.
24-02-2015 - Grimsby, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Wow we are so lucky in the Uk that you are all coming over again for your concerts in December. I am thrilled that you are coming to Sheffield this time as this is not too far from home. Hoping also to go to Nottingham again. Enjoy the rest of your German tour. Look forward to going to Maastricht in July to see you all. Take care.
Love Judith.

Maggie from horsham.
24-02-2015 - Sussex, United Kingdom

dear andre
wonderful news you are coming to Wembley in dec will be booking on the 22 and 23 as I know the concert will be wonderful Christmas wouldn't be the same without andre getting us in the chrismas mood thankyou so much for coming to the uk The uk will be smiling

take care

Love Light Laughter

Maggie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Andrea - Sheffield
24-02-2015 - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Good morning dearest Andre
Just come out of hospital and seen that you are at last, coming to Sheffield in December.
Will be booking for me and the family as soon as they go on sale for Gold members. What a wonderful tonic and encouragement to get well. No one could do it better Andre. Thank you again for everything.
See you in December xx

24-02-2015 - ,

Dearest Andre et al, Thank you so very muchley for coming back to UK in December. It really wouldn't be Christmas without you :-) Three merry widows so looking forward to meeting up with friends old and new at Wembley Arena. Also didn't hesitate to renew Gold membership - golden goodies to look forward to. What a year for me - Maastricht and my lovely Dad's 90th birthday in July and then seeing you and your wonderful orchestra, soloists, choir and guests?? in December. Magic! Never disappointed with the lovely gifts received since joining. Wishing you all safe travels from a sunny Maldon, Essex.

24-02-2015 - Castletown, Isle of Man

Dear Andre,
I only asked yesterday for the dates you might be coming to the Uk, and there they are! Telepathy? perhaps not but it is nice to know we can plan the start of our Christmas festivities with what we know will be a wonderful experience, as your concerts always are.
One problem, do I come to Liverpool or Manchester, or both! perhaps even London or Birmingham, there is a thought. I wish it could be Maastricht.
It is blowing a gale here today, so I will not be going out, plenty of time to fill the house with glorious music Forever Vienna playing now
Keep well Freda.

Vivienne Pratt
24-02-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi my very dear Andre,
You have given us here in the UK & Ireland the very 'best ever' gift its possible to bestow: your music, your JSO and your unbelievably generous and gifted self! Of course I refer to the wonderful announcement that you will return to the UK and Ireland in December 2015! Andre last December when I saw you I faced a mountain to climb: my 6 year old nephew was about to 'leave us' and did so on 3 January. You, your JSO and incredibly beautiful and humorous performances gave me the strength to live through this devastating event.This year hopefully I’ll see you again and send you a 'silent thank you' for the love and encouragement you gave me through yourself and your music. Christmas 2015 will be a spectacular one! God bless you. With ALL MY LOVE and THANKS. Viv xx

Rose G
24-02-2015 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
cannot wait to book my tickets for the echo in liverpool in december.hope you are keepng fit and enjoying your recent tour.se3e you on the square in july that will be another fantastic night waiting for your new dvd to be released enjoy your rest with Marjorie and those lovely grandchildren whom im sure are spoilt by you when grandpa is around love to you and all the family your music is the light of the day god bless you all xxxxxxxxxx

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