elaine burch bowden alberta
02-12-2013 - TOMOKO, Canada

Dear Andre'. Your Home For Christmas dvd was enjoyed by all of my friends at my lady's fellowship at church last tuesday. Your castle was so beautiful with all the lights and the welcome you gave everyone. Yes the ladies just loved it and I have one friend say she could listen to your music all day. Andre' some of the ladies even cried when Kimmy sang Ava Maria because it was so beautiful. Once again you stole everyone's heart with the magic that this wonderful dvd captures the true meaning of christmas.Andre' Thankyou for the Music. And I just want to send lots of love to you and your darling Marjorie.

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
02-12-2013 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I have just ordered 2 calendars for this year. I have had a great deal of pleasure taking all the beautiful photos in while I am doing some work on my computer. Looking forward to receiving next years with great anticipation. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the concerts etc. on Sky Arts2 this passed month and I am sure the next ones will be just as enjoyable. Both my Husband and myself shall be at your concert in Newcastle on the 10th of this month and having enjoyed 2 past concerts (one of them being in Maastricht this year which was fabulous) I am looking forward to a memorable night again on the 10th. Love to you all. from Joan.

02-12-2013 - Pereira .Risaralda, Colombia

hola André

cada vez que escucho tu, música mi alma vibra y siento que me uno a otro mundo, maravilloso y angelical donde mi espíritu vibra .

Carmen Temmerman
02-12-2013 - Sint-Truiden, Belgium

Dag André,

De muziek die u maakt, samen met uw orkest is heerlijk, genezend voor ziel en lichaam!! Bedankt!

Carmen en medezusters

Vildan Tuna Kutay
02-12-2013 - ISTANBUL, Turkey

Dear Andre ;
It was a great pleasure to listen your first performance in Istanbul ,in my own country. Concert was fantastic, the songs you have selected from Turkish was nice too, Thank you, so much, for the joy and smiles your music brings to me. Looking forward to come to your next concert in Istanbul.
See you soon.

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
02-12-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Well the UK is buzzing awaiting your arrival here in a few days time, we've all had our tickets for months and now the concerts are almost here!
Each concert I have been to has left an indelible memory for me, especially the Maastricht concerts. Whenever I have my MP3 on all the emotions come flooding back of when I was in the Vrijthof, swaying and singing along with 10,000 others, wonderful moments like that never leave and once you hear the music from these concerts you again relive all the emotions you felt and see yourself at your happiest. There is no one else who could do this Andre - you are very special. Much love Patricia

Linda Guerrero Lanoyre - Lima, Perú
02-12-2013 - San Martín de Porres, Peru

GRACIAS!!! Maestro!!
en este mundo de hoy que se vive tan superficialmente, indiferentes muchas veces ante el grito de dolor de tanta gente...usted, logra llenar nuestros corazones de mucha esperanza, cuando en esa expresión mágica de sus conciertos, nos envuelve en un mundo de paz...
Dios bendice su logros y de todos quienes en su entorno colaboran día y noche para alcanzar estos logros.
Con afecto....

Carol and Dorothy Wolverhampton UK
02-12-2013 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO,

As you prepare to return to the UK this week may Mom and I wish you every Blessing, we know you will be an enormous success.

Unfortunately you are not in Birmingham this year, and Mom being 90 and house bound I will not e able to travel to see you all this year. But we will be with you all in spirit.

We shall hold you all in prayer and your families back home, not forgetting all those behind the scenes in your company.

God Bless you all

Sonja Engmann
02-12-2013 - Ostfildern, Germany

Hallo Andre

Nach langer Zeit kann ich meiner Mam den Wunsch erfüllen zum Konzert mit ihr zu kommen. Wir sind am 18.01.2014 in Stuttgart. Ein Traum geht für Sie in Erfüllung. Natürlich höre ich ihre Musik auch sehr gerne. Sie hat in den letzten Jahren viele Schicksale erlitten. Vor kurzen hatte sie nun auch eine schwere herz OP und ich dachte ich verliere Sie. Daher wollte ich Sie um ein Foto mit ihr bitten, wenn dies möglich ist. Ich weiß es sind bestimmt 1000000 die es wollen. Sollte dies möglich sein bitte ich um Kontakt über meine Mail. Wir freuen uns schon sehr auf Ihr Konzert.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
02-12-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

What a beautiful day Dearest Andre even though its cold an grey, the happiness an excitement is rising as in 4 days time you'll be here with us in England. Now that's an early Christmas present 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas an all your fans cannot wait to receive, as the treasured golden memories of your 2013 Concerts with us are relived in our hearts an minds, as we await your arrival with the brilliant JSO an Opera Singers, an many more delightful surprises I think. I don't know which Cd to play first as all the music is so fantastic, recalling times in so many Concert Halls where I've laughed an cried stunned by the beauty before me, an the mind blowingly glorious music. Forever Vienna plays The Blue Danube an I'm over come with warmth an love. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Renin Ceyhan - Istanbul/TURKEY
02-12-2013 - Istanbul, Turkey

Dear André,

I had always prayed for you to come and give a concert in Istanbul .

Finally my prayer was answered. I bought my ticket in March, at the moment I heard you were coming and was able to see and listen to you very close to the stage, live at the Sinan Erdem Arena on Friday.

I was thrilled. It was the concert of my dreams. Congratulations and many thanks to you and your orchestra.

Looking forward to you next concert in Istanbul, I would like to extend my sincere wishes for a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you, your family and your orchestra. May God Bless you all. Lots of love

Sebile Del Zotti
02-12-2013 - Istanbul, Turkey

There is no word which can express what I felt in your concert in Istanbul. After waiting 8 months to see all of you and listen your music alive some tears were inevitable.
A simple thank you is not enough to show our appreciation but what else I can say I don't know. Fortunately I have all of you, somehow you are in my life and I had the chance to listen you.
Thank you to all of you.

Sebile Tübe
02-12-2013 - ?stanbul, Turkey

Sevgili Andre, sizi canl? dinlemek benim hayalimdi. ?stanbul'a gelerek hayalimi gerçekle?tirdiniz. Bu yüzden te?ekkür etmek istedim. Çok ama çok mutlu oldum, her?ey çok güzeldi ve zaman nas?l geçti anlamad?m. ?yi ki vars?n?z, sizi seviyoruz. Benim bir ricam olacak, mümkünse bir sonraki konserde benim çok sevdi?im valslar? al?rm?s?n?z repertuvar?n?za, lütfen:) Danube love, The second waltz, Anthony hopkin's waltz veya Cera una volta il west. Vals?n kral?ndan bunlar? dinlemek muhte?em olur ?stanbul'da. Sevgiler, sayg?lar...

02-12-2013 - San Salvador, El Salvador

Hola Mr. André.. me alegro en haberlo conocido, solo he tenido la fortuna de verlo en T.V., gracias por traernos tanta alegrías, tristezas, y razones para sentir cada nota que nace de su manos....

Abrazos y que la luz sea su guía.

Ana B.
02-12-2013 - ZARAGOZA, Spain

Hello André,

Every day that my 70 years old mother, listens to you, her life has sense. Your music makes her move every day with a smile in her face.
We would love so much you to come to Spain!!!
Please inform us if that is possible...

Thanks in advance.

Best regards...

Vivienne Pratt
02-12-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Thank you for the gorgeous Istanbul photos. It came as no surprise to me how much your Turkish publicum absolutely adored you all! I'm so glad there was time for a little sightseeing. Istanbul is such an historic place with so much diverse architecture. Just seeing the enchanted faces in your photos fills my heart with joy knowing how much excitement, love, humour and beautiful music you will have shared with them. I'm sure you left the arena with the sound of their happy voices ringing in your ears begging you to stay or hurry back soon! Friends have told me how touched they were that you included some of their beautiful native Turkish music too Andre. AND NOW WE IN THE UK CANT WAIT TO EXPERIENCE YOUR MAGIC! See you soon dear Maestro! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

01-12-2013 - Caracas, Venezuela

Hola querido André,
Acabo de recibir,' from Amazon, New Year's in Vienna y An Unforgettable Evening with Andre Rieu que trae 3 DVDs, en total 4 maravillosos DVDS con una selección de piezas tan buena que uno no se cansa de verlos.
Gracias por tanta belleza André. Yo no pierdo la esperanza de poder asistir a uno de sus conciertos en Maastricht, ojalá sea en 2014!
Saludos desde Venezuela!

Pauline Wilson Edinburgh
01-12-2013 - Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I came to see you this year in maastricht july sat night this year, it was so memorable ....I came with my father two friends and a free ticket as my mum sadly passed away before the date, my papa went to the gates of maastricht and found a local absolutely delighted to be offered her ticket and we all made a new friend that night :) you were fantastic! looking forward to seeing you @ Hydro glasgow in two weeks time, cant wait :) fans for life xxx

Gladys, South Lakeland, England
01-12-2013 - Cumbria, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
In July my lovely granddaughter took me to see your wonderful concert in Maastricht for my 84th birthday. I have seen your Cinema Live shows locally, and now My granddaughter is taking me to see you in Liverpool on 13th of this month. She has become a fan after seeing you so I will not be missing any of your wonderful shows. Your tireless energy amazes me, you stand for 3 hours whilst playing your lovely violin, you conduct with a nod or raise of the eyebrow, and show appreciation of everyone's talent. YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Manuel García, Antequera Málaga, España
01-12-2013 - ANTEQUERA, Spain

André, mi bebé de 9 meses se queda extasiado escuchando y viendo el vídeo de tus conciertos. Es increíble como atiende a todos los detalles, incluso aplaude cuando termina una canción. Gracias a esa manera de vivir la música, has conseguido que en mi hogar se respire la bendición de la música, alegrando nuestras vidas, a través de un bebe de 10 meses. Gracias André y a la orquesta.

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