Gary Burgon
14-07-2013 - Flintshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and your musical family. Just attended the cinema showing of your concert in Maastricht and would like to thank you all for your wonderful music and song. I was so very moved and inspired, lifted and strengthened by what I saw and heard. May I also comment on your invitation to the wonderful orchestra of mentally handicapped people to come on stage and play with you. I watched with great delight as you all loved them and let them share your experience. I was delighted to see you all share the stage with such love and kindness. My daughter is likewise handicapped and so it really did make the evening very special for me. I am very grateful that even though you are all fantastically talented, beautiful and famous, you took the time to love these very special people, thank you

Doreen Wilkinson
14-07-2013 - WA4 6UL, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

I watched your wonderful concert at Cineworld a few hours ago and still have a smile on my face. I can't describe the joy your concerts give me. Your music is so uplifting. Thank you so much for broadcasting the live concert. It's the next best thing to being there. Please do it again.

14-07-2013 - 754-0384, Chile

Oh André! ¡qué deleite haber escuchado y visto tu concierto en Maastricht,me lo enviaron, y es magnánimo!! ya no sé qué palabra usar para expresar lo grandioso que eres, y tu orquesta. Dios te envió con una clara misión que has cumplido exitosamente. Transmites tanto amor,tanto cariño,y das tanta alegría!!!
Siento una suerte de envidia sana de los favorecidos que estuvieron en Holanda, por cierto hermoso país.
Te envío muchas buenas ondas de amor,buenos deseos para que sigas repartiendo tanta bondad y bellos sentimientos a través de tu música.
Besos y abrazos .Verónica

Sam Major
14-07-2013 - Reading, United Kingdom

Good Evening, I have just returned from the cinema watching you live from your home town, what can I say you make me smile and I have a love of Classic music which you make so much fun. Thank you and god bless.x

Mavis Wells
14-07-2013 - Derby, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

Your cinemalive was fantastic the atmosphere was electric, almost as good as last December's Birmingham Arena concert.

We are really looking forward to December 20th 2013, when we will be in Nottingham to see you all.

Love Mavis xx

Margaret from Swansea
14-07-2013 - Swansea, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. Just seen the concert in the Vue Cinema in
Swansea,. The best programme yet.
To see Marcel and his 3 sons, & another proud father Roger and his son Ramon.

The Josti Band were outstanding, a joy to watch, thank all
the JSO and soloists for their care and help in making sure
no-one of the band felt left out. Your family is expanding
very fast.
See you in Dec., in Nottingham

Rachel Jolley
14-07-2013 - Woodbridge , United Kingdom

Wow André and your amazing team of masterful musicians and singers, what a show you put on! Just come back from your beautiful concert televised live from your home town, to my local cinema! What a happy, happy, joyous night, I had the biggest smile the whole evening and am filled to the brim with high happiness, thank you a thousand times over, each and every one of you.

God's Blessings beautiful people, from Rachel x

14-07-2013 - Quilpué, Chile

Agradezco a Dios el privilegio de haber asistido al concierto realizado en Santiago, Chile, el 2 de Junio de 2013...fue realmente maravilloso, un sueño cumplido .
Gracias André por haber venido a Chile, Dios permita vuelvas algún día, sería glorioso volver a disfrutar de otro magnífico concierto y de esa maravillosa música con la que me deleito desde que era una niña.

Pat Turner
14-07-2013 - Worcester, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Tour cinema concert was brilliant, just sorry not to have been with you in person. The guests were all super and Trini Lopez great. It is lovely to see so many people enjoying their work and giving so many millions joy,
Thankyou so much

michelle butterwort..england
14-07-2013 - ROCHDALE, United Kingdom

After spending hundreds of pounds travelling from england to see you on 4t july in maastrict, i have to say my friend and i were extremely upset to find the expensive seats we booked where not allocted to us and we couldnt see a thing! we tried to get into the show regardless, much of what we have seen before at other shows but we still tried to get into the spirit of things.
After the show ended we were both excited to see you being interviewed outside a hall and waited 15 minutes with cameras at the ready to take a picture of you (you had your back to us while being interviewed) How disappointed we was when after waiting all this time, you completely ignored your fans and didnt even give a small wave or smile.Mr have burst our bubble with your ignorance ! Goodbye

Coral and Sharon
14-07-2013 - Kingston upon HULL, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

Me and my mum have just got back from watching you at Cineworld cinema for another one of your Vrijthof concerts 2013. It was wonderful to be back in the square again and brought back memories of last sunday when we were actually there.

We also met some other people that were at the concert in Maastricht when we were, it was lovely.

Keep playing,

Coral and Sharon x

Wendy Davies.Market Drayton UK
13-07-2013 - Maket Drayton,Shropshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
i have just returned from your concert at the cinema.It was wonderful-almost as good as when I saw it live in Maastricht on June 28th.At least the weather was good this evening-although it rained on 28th-the concert was marvellous.. Hope to see you in Maastrich next year.
Kind regards.

13-07-2013 - Nantwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Six of us travelled by car from Cheshire to Maastricht for your concert on 5th July. It was wonderful and we all enjoyed a fabulous evening. Thankyou to you all.
We stayed for week in Valkenburg visiting Maastricht several times. It is a lovely area of Holland and we look forward to returning!

13-07-2013 - Pontypridd, United Kingdom

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy listening to and watching on tv.
What would be great would be for andre to do some concerts in Cardiff,Wales.

Anita van der Velden, Nederland
13-07-2013 - Capelle aan den IJssel, Netherlands

Lieve André,

12 juli was ons eerste concert op het Vrijthof. Wat een geweldige ervaring!!!!!! Mijn moeder en ik zeiden al tegen mekaar, volgend jaar weer!!

Ik wens jullie allemaal gezonde jaren toe en dat wij nog veel mogen genieten van jullie muziek.

Liefs Anita

Christine Denham 13-07-2013 Accrington, Lancs UK
13-07-2013 - Accrington, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, My partner and I travelled to Maastricht last weekend and were at your wonderful concert on Sunday 7th July. What a great concert and the atmosphere was wonderful. It has long been my dream to see you in Maastricht and I feel very lucky to have had the chance.

GLADYS South Lakes, U.K.
13-07-2013 - Cumbria, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, orchestra & all concerned, not forgetting hard-working Pierre who I saw dashing around at Maastricht concert, 6 July. I am 84 years old and it was my birthday gift from my grand-daughter who took me there from south Lakeland, England. It was pure magic, your town is beautiful and performance faultless. I hope to be there again next year. I could not believe that you walked in off the road just feet away from me. I have not yet returned to normality. Please take care of yourself and stay well to go on making all of us who love you so happy Thank you to everyone concerned. Your faithfull fan.

13-07-2013 - RETFORD, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

WE came to Maastricht last weekend to be at your concert on Friday 5th July.

It was wonderful !!!

Thank you so musch for yuor special music

Love to you all Lokking forwad to next year

Olivia 13-7-2013 UK
13-07-2013 - Kent, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. what a wonderful day we had on July 6,the way we were looked after, the castle visit ,a superb dinner, and best of all the concert ! seats near the front ,and your lovely music, just heaven, I will remember it forever. It is six months till your concert in Leeds but I have memories to keep till then. Thank you again.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
13-07-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Listen Dearest Andre someone is playing Music of the Night on a CD, the piece is so moving an full of unrequited love an emotion you can feel the meaning of each word, gentle tears roll down the face of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas as she is stunned by the beautiful musical interpretation. Only one violinist in the world has this brilliantly unique ability, an that is you Andre Rieu. Be immensely proud that you can give such pleasure to others when you share your great talent. Last evening you shared your great gift with thousands in the Vrijthof, never before had people realised that music could be so mind blowingly wonderful. Each piece just got better an better. A sleepless night followed as they relived the magic of a truly perfect night. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

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