Eduardo Correa
26-06-2014 - Montevideo, Uruguay

I'm expecting the videos of next concert in Maastricht. You always surprise us in this concerts. I wish you and JSO a very good concert. I always wish to see you in a concert in Uruguay.

Terry Cole
26-06-2014 - Joplin, United States

Howdy Andre,
I was wondering if someday you could play one of my favorite songs. Its by Don McLean and called "I Love You So." Perry Como made it famous more than 40 years ago. Another one of his that I love is "Starry, Starry Night."
Thank you,
Terry Cole
Joplin, Missouri USA

Brian Lawrence
25-06-2014 - Attleborough, United Kingdom

Looking forward to returning to Maastricht next month. One of my favorite cities.

Molly Higham. Manchester. U.K.
25-06-2014 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre, really enjoying your DVD Magic of the Musicals, lovely music and beautifully sung by all the singers, nice to see Suzan Erens. again . Looking forward to seeing you again in Maastricht, so enjoyed last year,hope the weather will be as nice this year. Will be going to see Marc's paintings also, really lovely. Just wish I could afford one.Hope Pierre had a nice Birthday ,a good day with his lovely girls. Lots of love XX

Gordon Thomas
25-06-2014 - Penarth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre.
Congratulations on reaching your 10th anniversary of your Maastricht concerts. I've booked to attend the July 19th show as a celebration of my 50th wedding anniversary - what will you do for your 50th Maastricht concert anniversary show. I also hope to meet a Maastricht friend whom I last worked with in Tapijn Kaserne thirty years ago. All this should add up to a great weekend.
Have a great time and I hope you and your team have a great time. on this great milestone.

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
25-06-2014 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre
I have just returned from town where I had to make an appointment for after our holidays I was asked where we were going and on saying Maastricht the young lady said Oh your going to see him aren't you, of course I knew she meant you, she then asked me to tell her how to get tickets and hotels for next year, I told her the best way was through your web site which I gave her the details so I like everyone else hopes you will do another concert in your home town next year, lovely to think when the name Maastricht is spoken it's you people speak about and it's all because you speak so lovingly about your city. Take care dear Andre see you soon Love from Judy in a warm sunny Stourbridge England

25-06-2014 - Launceston, Australia

Please come to Australia again

Craig Dayton
25-06-2014 - Gettysburg, United States

Dear Andre...Please come back to the United States for a concert series. I want my mom to see and hear you in concert before she passes on. She is 86 and loves your music, as do I.

Sheila south africa
25-06-2014 - Boksburg, South-Africa

Dear andre and Jso thank you for all the joy you prouide in sharing your friendliness our vitamin tonic of the day. tell us more about Marjorie and the grand children pls God bless

24-06-2014 - Vähäkyrö, Finland

You gave me strength and comfort when I needed it the most., when I was feeling so alone. In the middle of my lifes biggest crisis, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and had just had an operation. She was supposed to be with me in your concert in Helsinki, but couldn´t come when she just had been released from hospital.
I would have so much wanted to be there with her, and give her the same wonderful experience I got. Luckily we have your music to listen. It heals the soul and mind!
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! <3

24-06-2014 - ,


Not many days to the first of your concerts at the Vrijthof. I am so looking forward to the 4th July!

I wish you and the JSO good luck, good health and of course good weather for all the concerts.

Kind regards,

24-06-2014 - Castletown, Isle of Man

Dear Andre. How you like to tease us, your fans, dropping little hints as to what we can expect in your next CD. and the cinema concert,( I have my ticket) which is the nearest some of us will get to Maastricht. Perhaps next year.. Last time I was in Maastricht was 1963! (you would have been 14) my husband did a lot of sailing in Europe and I went with him so long as I could have the car during the day and was free to explore. O for the confidence of youth. Maastricht was one of the places I discovered. I loved it. and took him back to enjoy it as well. If he were still alive we would definitely be at the concerts, probably more then one. . Thank you for the glorious music. rest occasionally and keep well Freda.

Vivienne Pratt
24-06-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Thank you for uploading my 3 year old nephew, Zackary's, photo on the Child Photos: he absolutely loves ANDRE IN WONDERLAND: especially the 6 naughty Dwarves playing their instruments wrongly! Andre dancing with the Sprookjes folk, Hansel and Gretel and the magnificent Wizard casting spells on the Orchestra and 'little Andre'! I watched the Dutch News Video with you and your JSO ecstatically playing Hup HOLLAND Hup and I loved you singing along dear Andre! It brings to mind the excitement in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT's DREAM when you all played Hup HOLLAND Hup on the Vrijthof with the wonderful D J Otzi and all of your publicum sending a resounding message of applause to the Dutch team – just as now! You’re a SUPERSTAR Andre and we love you! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
24-06-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dull an grey today Dearest Andre but complete happiness in the heart of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas despite a lot of problems with my Laptop. Wonderful Andre Music from Moonlight Serenade lifts the spirits an encourages the heart to go on. Why is it when you play your violin it sounds so rich melodic an beautiful you just want to hear more, yet listening to other violin soloists it sounds flat, screeching, dull an boring you just quickly want them to stop. You have immense passion, talent an feeling for music with enormous warmth an expression an I'm sure a hand is guiding this gift to greater things each day. This'll be my last letter for several days as the Laptop has to be stripped an cleaned. Always in my thoughts. Stay safe an well. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
24-06-2014 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Really looking forward to seeing you and the JSO in Maastricht on 11th July, your concerts are always memorable and being in your hometown just adds to the enjoyment of it all. Very excited that you are recording another cd. Being a devotee there is always something to look forward to and everything you do is a joy.
So happy that Holland are still in the world cup, and hope they will continue on to the final!! Sending you love and music as always. Patricia

24-06-2014 - Warsaw, Poland

Hello André,
We know you are busy with the concerts in Maastricht but for sure simultaneously your team is working on your calendar for next year so it’s high time to start to ask for new concerts in Poland. Please..?
We’ve been at your concerts abroad and each and every one of them was totally fabulous! But only in Maastricht we had experienced such an energetic atmosphere as we felt in Poland.
Ok, Maastricht is above all, it’s like going to Mecca. We’ll never quit! It’s absolutely unique!
But talking about going somewhere else… obviously now, as you made the first step, we would prefer to host you in our own country. Pleeease come soon and give us opportunity to prepare a surprise for you too… Our creativity doesn’t end with singing “Sto lat” at all ;)
Give us a chance Maestro!!!:))

24-06-2014 - South Asutralia, Australia

Hi Andre

I just wanted to thank you for your music, my son who will be 2 next month is one of your biggest fans. He pretends to play the violin with 2 straws and plays music alongside with you. When we go to the library, he heads first to the music section to find your dvd's. We watch your dvd's minimum 4 times per week.

We took both my daughter (4yrs) and our son to your concert in Adelaide in 2013 and both danced throught the entire concert except for the last 2 songs. It was one of the most special moments in our lives as family.

Thank you, once again.

All the best for you and your family

23-06-2014 - BONDOUFLE, France

Bonjour André, Je viens de recevoir les cadeaux de Gold Member qui m'ont beaucoup plu. Le stylo est très beau et le bijou qui avait été décliné en porte clefs et qui maintenant est fait en forme de broche me permettra de le porter sur mes vestes. L'autocollant est bien en vue sur la couverture de mon répertoire.
J'ai également apprécié l'attention lors de l'envoi des DVD l'envoi des deux cartes postales qui vont me permettre de faire part de toute mon admiration pour vous a deux personnes.
Le mois de juillet approche et j'attends avec impatience le 19 jour où je me rends à Maastricht pour vous admirer une nouvelle fois. Ce sera la 4ème fois cette année avant je l'espère de terminer l'année avec Bruxelles.
Je vous envoie mille baisers

Andrew D Murr, Sheffield, England
23-06-2014 - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Here again.

Sorry I'm a bit late mentioning this, but I really enjoyed your version of Lips are sealed from the Merry Widow. With The Platin Tenors and Carmen, Carla and Mirusia with the vocals. I went to see the Operetta back in 2010, at the Leeds Opera North, Oera House, Leeds, with a group of disabled friends.
Viewing that section on the Andre Rieu and friends DVD, It brought back fond memories.

All the very best for your 10th Anniversary concerts in July.

Margaret Gilby Swansea SA2 8BT
23-06-2014 - Swansea, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. Lovely to hear the teaser.,

Was Mireille back in her special place on the drums?

We have missed her smiling face.

Now really counting the days to the 12th.

Best Wishes to all.

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