LANNOO Bernadette
18-12-2013 - LADON, France

Je viens de recevoir les DVD et CD que mon fils doit m'offrir pour Noël. j'ai vérifié la commande mais je ne dois pas les ouvrir ni les visionner car c'est un cadeau Je suis impatiente de pouvoir les regarder car je sais que je vais passer d'agréables moments mais IL FAUT PATIENTER et c'est très dur
Je vous souhaite de passer un excellent NOEL

Fiona Connaghan
18-12-2013 - Co Mayo, Ireland

You didn't disappoint André. Another magical night last night at the O2. My parents are with you this evening, and I know they will have a wonderful evening!

Erika Bajtai
18-12-2013 - Ardee, Ireland

Dear Andre,
Thank you for the unforgettable evening last night in Dublin O2,and especialy thank you for the Second Waltz.It was amazing as always.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Shyam Uttamsingh
18-12-2013 - New Delhi, India

Dear Andre,
I am totally fascinated with the concerts that I watch many times over & over again. It is my dream to get you to perform in my country - India.
Would love to organize a concert here
Best Wishes & great regards

Patrick and Sandra Cunningham
18-12-2013 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Andre I am very much looking forwared to seeing you on Monday with my wife this is a suprise present i bought my wife in thanks for being with me for 20 years.
i am asking if it would be possable for you to wish Sandra a happy 20 years wedding anniversery on the night this would make her Christmas as well.

kind regards with thanks see you monday.


Andrea, Sheffield, Yorkshire
18-12-2013 - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. Thank you for a wonderful 24hrs in Nottingham on 12 Dec. In the arena we had aisle seats on the second row and as you marched in I was able to give you a high five! Of course the concert was amazing as usual but the next morning the excitement continued at the hotel. As we ate our breakfast a lot of familiar faces appeared in the dining room, including Pierre, Carlos Bueno, the Platin Tenors and the rest of the orchestra! It's a day I will never forget.
See you all in Salzburg in May. Can't wait.

Catherine Crapart
18-12-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour vos messages et photos de Liverpool et Belfast, 5 soirées de concerts à venir avant de fêter Noël avec votre famille, pour savourer ces instants si précieux dans la vie!
Je suis heureuse de revoir vos DVD de Noêl qui sont un moment de pur bonheur! Que de belle musique! les images sont superbes!

erika stundner
18-12-2013 - Porto alegre, Brasil

estão intimados a fazer um show em porto alegre rio grande do sul brasil!!!! hir sind viele imigranten von europa...

Breda Kinane
18-12-2013 - TIPPERARY, Ireland

Andre,saw you in Dublin last year with my husband,last night we were there again with our 21 yr old son and my mother.we all just LOVED the concert and can't wait to go again.we hope to make it to Maastrict some time.the music is still spinning around in my head.thank you and your wonderful orchestra for makinng us so happy.

18-12-2013 - Co Dublin, Ireland

What a fantastic night at the O2 in Dublin last night with Andre and his Orchestra, thank you all so much. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you all. xx

keith cornell,chigwell essex united kingdom
18-12-2013 - Ilford, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
i am counting down the hours and minutes till Monday night at Wembley.
I am looking forward to hearing Carmen singing live as well as Gary,Bela,and Thomas.
may i take the Opportunity to wish you,your orchester,and your family a merry christmas,and a very happy and successfull 2014.

Imbi and Erkki Raid
18-12-2013 - Harku Vald Harjumaa, Estonia

Maestro Andre

Thank You - for coming to Estland next June 5. We have already tickets for Estland (on sale today), Riga, Finland and Maastricht Jul. concerts!
What a wonderful year to come with You, Maestro and JSO - beautiful music and unforgettable memories...

Have Beautiful Christmas time !

Love Imbi and Erkki Raid

18-12-2013 - ,

Andre and JSO

Thank you for a wonderful concert in Dublin.

Kind regards and a very Happy Christmas to all.

Steve Garry
18-12-2013 - Ashbourne, Co Meath, Ireland

Thank you for a magical evening in Dublin. We knew what to expect, we've seen a lot of your concerts on Sky, and a couple of the cinema live events, but they only served to act as a taster for the live event. When you came on stage, it was clear that you have a serious cold, but as ever, the consumate professional gave us a show to remember. Early on, the Platin Tenors came on stage, and it was clear from the applause that greeted them that many there regard them as old friends, and so it was.

The tingles down the spine when you played "You'll never walk alone", and "Amazing Grace", both of which we've heard several times, were just amazing, and the power of the Mandela tribute, and the final closing ensemble piece were mindblowing. Out of space, thanks for an amazing event

Vivienne Pratt
18-12-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Thank you for the beautiful Belfast Newsphotos. Although the Odyssey itself was named for Odysseus, a mythological Master Mariner, it looks almost space-age! The photo of ‘The Statue of Harmony’ is so appropriate as HARMONY is exactly what you share with us all! A friend who saw you in Belfast had an absolutely magical time and said she’ll never forget it as long as she lives! How proud you must feel knowing how much joy you give to millions of people all over the world doing something that you yourself love: you are a Maestro extraordinaire and a magical weaver of tales with a mischievous and adorable sense of the ridiculous and we all love you! Now Dublin share their hearts with you and your magnificent JSO for two days! God bless dear Maestro. Lots of love Viv xx

john anderson
17-12-2013 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Andre, what a performance at the Glasgow Hydro. First time I have seen one of your amazing concerts, now looking to take my mum and sister to one of your concerts at Maastricht. I have gone shopping for your DVDs and CDs and now have a great collection, I have never been moved by music before until I was at your concert, I was so moved by the whole concert that I have not stopped talking about it yet, thanks again and looking forward to concert in Maastricht.

Christina Eastham, Northern Ireland
17-12-2013 - County Londonderry, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, what a fantastic, memorable night I had at Odessey Belfast. I had the bonus of seeing you walk around tuning up with everyone, two people did go close to watch but where soon told to get back, thing is I knew not to disturb you or any of the orchestra. OMG I could not believe my luck in watching you all backstage from my seat. It sort of makes up for losing my precious programme. It was a magical night from start to finish. I cried when I first saw the stage set-up, Platin Tenors are wonderful, as are the ladies, loved Kimi Skota such a beautiful voice, I am still on a high even dreampt of concert. Congratulations to each and everyone of your orchestra, and your crew not forgetting YOURSELF, there would not be a concert unless you were there. Thank you

17-12-2013 - Dublin, Ireland

Andre, my mother, Yvonne Mitchell, is a big fan and has organised a family reunion to see you and your orchestra tomorrow evening in Dublin. She is very excited! I am currently in West Africa doing some charity work so unfortunately unable to attend. I am not sure if you dedicate any of your pieces/songs to audience members but if you do, could you please dedicate a song to her. She is amazing and I miss her lots. I will be thinking of them all tomorrow evening enjoying your amazing performance.
I hope you enjoy Ireland. You have many fans!

Fiona Connaghan
17-12-2013 - Co Mayo, Ireland

Waiting for you to come onstage in Dublin! Very much looking forward to a fabulous evening!

Mandy Hunsdale
17-12-2013 - Newtownabbey, United Kingdom

Thank you to André and your beautiful Orchestra for the Belfast concert last night. The first time I have been but not the last! It was also very touching to hear Kimmy sing the tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, particularly for my mother who had just returned from South Africa that same morning. And you played my favourite piece, O Fortuna. Thank you for bringing such joy to our city. x

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