Marjorie Cordiner
18-08-2013 - Peterhead, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Received my Gold Member scarf and cards etc yesterday, they are fantastic. Can't wait to wave the scarf in Glasgow.

Thanks again for all pleasure you give to so many through your music x

Groetjes en liefs Maaike xxxx
17-08-2013 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Lieve Andre en JSO.

Zo daar ben ik weer even. Ik heb alles weer gelezen en gezien
dus ben weer helemaal bij. Genieten jullie van de vakantie. Lekker he en mooi weer maar dat verdienen we ook vind je niet?
Ik heb de agenda weer gezien en toch nog aardig druk en verre reizen. Binnen kort weer met repetities beginnen en er flink tegen aan. Maar dat zal allemaal best in orde komen. Geniet nog even en dan aan de slag. Veel plezier en heel veel muziek pret.

David Blee, Paignton, Devon,TQ3 2SZ, England
17-08-2013 - PAIGNTON, United Kingdom

I thouroughly enjoyed the Maastricht concert even though it was only on live cinema.
I am at present making the necessary arrangements to visit Maastricht for the 2014 concert and eagerly await the dates set for this when can they be expected.
Thank you for the wonderful music and good luck to you all for your tour dates

Jennifer Moore, East Horsley, England
17-08-2013 - Leatherhead Surrey, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Thank you for the lovely black and white scarf, cards and sticker. I will treasure the scarf always. What wonderful news for fans that Ryanair is flying into Maastricht! I still think we need a second airline to fly in - there are so many of us fans. Apart from holding AR Evenings for my friends at home, I am now planning an AR Afternoon Concert in my lounge with surround speakers for my 4 grandchildren (aged 6, 4 and 3 years, and 4 days old) - 'Home for Christmas' first half and Wonderland. 3 year old Phoebe is 'besotted' with the first half of 'Home for Christmas' and keeps demanding many times over "Andre - Father Christmas, bakery and Rosa Fairy". I hope you are enjoying your holiday break and thank you for all you do. Much love dear Maestro, Jennifer
17-08-2013 - Preston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and all involved with the concerts in Maastricht in July they look truly amazing also thank you to however it was that put the highlights on you tube
Looking forward to Liverpool in December.
Enjoy ur summer holidays and all get plenty of rest

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
17-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

How is the lovely Andre today, fit, well an happy I hope an enjoying a rest an quality time with his family, an taking extra time to have fun an spoil his beautiful grand children as grandparents are allowed to do that! The title of your Cd La Vie Est Belle fits this time perfectly - a wonderful family, very dear friends an all surrounded by your glorious music, an as 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas listens to your magnificent Heia in the Mountains she thinks, now that's how to live, spirits high an a heart full of love an smiles. I must say it was sad to see your Royal Family so grief stricken when laying to rest Prince Friso when only a few months ago they enjoyed great celebrations for the Coronation, their bond of unity will bring them through. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

17-08-2013 - CASTELAR, Argentina







Teresa Mullen...IRELAND
17-08-2013 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre,
I received my beautiful Gold Member gift today, thank you soo much for the beautiful cards, book mark and especially for my beautiful Gold Member scarf, I will wear it with pride in The Odyssey Arena, Belfast on 16th December and hupefully I will get to wear it in Maastricht next year, if I can be lucky enough to get tickets for one of your summer concerts. I hope you have enjoyed your break after another hectic tour, that of course includes all the members of the JSO, crew & everyone involed who contribute to making it possible for us to share an unforgettable evening with you.
God bless & safe travels starting again in September & counting the sleeps until 16.12.13 when you all return to us in Ireland x

Moira Darroch, Scotland
16-08-2013 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre - thank you, thank you, thank you! The 2nd part of my Gold Member Renewal package arrived today - so perfect, the day of my birthday 16 August! I already have the perfect place for the sticker, but not sure if I can bear to send any one of the beautiful cards to anyone else! I already have the red/white Maastricht scarf and the blue "An Unforgettable evening with Andre Rieu", but this gold/black/white Gold Member scarf is absolutely stunning. You will hopefully see mine at close quarters in both Glasgow concerts! I have had a lovely birthday today and this is the 'icing on the cake' for me. Hope you are still enjoying some relaxing time and taking care of your wonderful sparkling blue eyes.
With much, much love
Moira xxxxxxxx

Margaret, Newtyle
16-08-2013 - Blairgowrie, United Kingdom

Thank you for the scarf, pictures and bookmark. They will go will all my other treasures I have of you. I was in Maastricht on the last night and I'm now looking forward to Glasgow in December. I am also booked to go to Prague and Vienna in May so that will be something to look forward to. I hope all your next concerts go well. Love to Pierre and his family and to your darling Marjorie.

Janette Scott, Scotland
16-08-2013 - Linlithgow, West Lothian, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Many thanks for the lovely scarf etc. I loved seeing you in Vienna and also at the Vrijthof this year. Looking forward to seeing you and your wonderful orchestra again on 11th December in Glasgow. I hope you play the Beer Barrel Polka. Much Love Janette.

Linda Curley, Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
16-08-2013 - Gillingham, Dorset, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and JSO,
Just a note to say thanks for the 'prezzies' - a wonderful surprise. It is so lovely to have something through the post from you and your fantastic city.
I am still spreading the word, a number of people over the last few months have mentioned why do we go to Holland in July, WHY!! - well to see the most spectacular productions in the world! A lot of them have seen you on Sky Arts Channels and love your music, I am telling them all about the marvellous time that we had in Maastricht and our plans to do it all again next year. Enjoy your holiday and RELAX!!

Jill Baggaley, Foston, Grantham
16-08-2013 - GRANTHAM; LINCS., United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

Thank you so much for the lovely scarf, photo cards & bookmark; they are delightful & much appreciated.

I hope you & the family are enjoying a well earned rest & holiday. It won't be long before you are back in the air continuing your wonderful concert tour!

I am looking forward to seeing you 20th December at Nottingham; & then the long wait for Maastricht 2014:-)

Take care, Enjoy Life,

Love & Best Wishes.


Jean Pryde
16-08-2013 - Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Have just come home and found in my mailbox the lovely gifts you have sent. Thank you so much it was a great surprise to receive these today. Can't wipe the smile off my face.

You and your music bring such joy to my life, I can't thank you enough.

Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow on 11 December.

Good health and happiness to you.


Maureen. Torquay. England
16-08-2013 - Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom

What a wonderful surpise when the postman called this morning. Thank you, so much, for the great scarf and cards. Your music is so wonderful, I play your CD's every day and the DVD's as often as possible. You have brought Classical music into so many lives. It is so good to see other Classical Musicians following your lead.
Thank you for so many hours of pleasure.
Bless you, your family and all the members of the JSO.

Gwyn Cabral, Manchester, UK
16-08-2013 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Hello Andre

I do hope that you are enjoying a happy holidaytime with Marjorie and your family: so well-deserved. I hope you will feel refreshed and relaxed when you resume your touring schedule.

A few months ago I upgraded to Gold Membership and this morning received a package in the mail. I was so excited when I saw 'Andre Rieu' on the outside but when I opened the little box I was amazed and delighted to find such a beautiful scarf in the box, along with cards and a bookmark. Thank you so very much for these gifts I do very much appreciated receiving them. Since upgrading I have benefitted by obtaining Marjorie's second book (very interesting - lucky twins!) and your 'Rieu Royale' DVD.

Take care. Love - Gwyn

cynthia caddell
16-08-2013 - Horsham, United Kingdom

For the first time I was able to experience your wonderful music in your home town of Maastricht,the music was awe inspiring,and reduced to tears to hear Adios nonino performed.Would love to come back to explore the beautiful city and look into the history.the people of the city were so friendly and polite and I didn't feel like a stranger.Keep on producing you wonderful music Andre and helping to make ordinary peoples lives happy in this troublesome world.

alistair reid aberdeen
16-08-2013 - Aberdeen, United Kingdom

just received my gold member gift from you its just wonderful. looking forward to seeing you in Newcastle in December look out for the man in the kilt

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
16-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A night of heavy rain Dearest Andre but the beautiful warm melodic tones coming from your Dreaming Cd has brought wonderful sunshine. As you play Gadfly it brings a picture of a cascade of warm golden honey, mingled with a thousand stars stumbling over rocks in the garden, ending in a pool of shimmering golden light, your brilliant musicianship Andre has given great happiness to 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas once again. A lovely article I read of Jill's visit to your beautiful Kasteel home, it must have been pure magic to have walked through rooms touched by the great Andre an seen some of his treasured possessions, an also made to feel very special by his youngest son. Sharing part of your privacy Precious Man shows you have a big golden heart. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

16-08-2013 - TOMOKO, Canada

Hi Dearest Andre'. I have been thinking alot about you and all that your music means to me.It will not be long now aand you will be in mexico where your fans are waiting to welcome you. Dear Andre' and family you are so special to me .I bet you are making plans for your usa tour and I hope canada will be seeing you to. HOPE WE WILL SEE YOU IN CALGARY .you have noy been to alberta for awhile.But anyway enjoy your time at home. I know you love to be busy. Its good to hear that you spend time with Marc . Your family is really proud of you. Marjorie and you have built into your boys things that are important. Things that will get them by in tough times. A great family needs the leadership of a good man. Like you Andre'.tHAT IS ONE REASON WHY I'AM A FAN. LOVE ALL OF YOU .

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