Maggie Deeley
29-07-2013 - Briston, United Kingdom

Hi Andre et al, we are so thrilled we are coming to see you at Wembley in December, please say you will play the second waltz as it is our favourite. My sister and I are coming from two counties Norfolk and Suffolk and cannot tell you how excited we are and we cannot wait! Listen to you all the time in the car as have all your CD's Counting down the days - Maggie & Catherine xx

Elizabeth from ADelaide
29-07-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Hello Andre et al. Thankyou for the amazing concerts in your beloved, beautiful Maastricht.i met so many international fans through Ineke and Ruud's picnics and gatherings. At one of the concerts II sat next to a tall Dutch lady who was wearing the same colour as Queen Maxima. It was fun singing in English while she sang in Dutch, naturally. I had never seen or heard the instrument Carlos played. No wonder Maxima cried the music was beautiful. I am back to voting daily from Adelaide. You really are the top performer was great to hear Jermaine sing with his rich voice.the tribute to Michael was very emotional.Trini Lopez was great as well. To see another child play with his father was special. Thankyou Roger and Romano and everyone.You are amazing.

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
29-07-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Currently re-living my week in Maastricht by putting together a book of photos of the wonderful time I had there. I am sure that you are very busy in your studio working on different projects that you have in mind for the future which makes it wonderful for us devotees as there is always something to look forward to. I can't wait until December when you will be back in the UK and I will be seeing you in London. I wish you all good things for everything to come in your life and career, you are very special to us all. Patricia

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
29-07-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Thank You Dearest Andre for making yesterday very special for my 'old ladies' so much they enjoyed your wonderful music they chattered about it the whole time as 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas drove them home early evening. Today I relax an tend my garden with the soothing beautiful melodies from Romantic Paradise putting a golden glow around my heart. Memories of your past concerts an the great joy your music has given to my friends when I've shared your recorded concerts with them is giving me untold happiness, as I watch the trees swaying in the breeze the world looks very good. I hope you are able to relax an tend your garden, your birds an the plants in your Orangery, as you dream Precious Man maybe ideas for new musical compositions may come. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Carol from Scotland.
29-07-2013 - Livingston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
We were watching one of your dvd's at the weekend, and I said to my husband would'nt it be lovely if Andre could come to Edinburgh and do a concert at Edinburgh Castle. So I am sending this message hoping that you may give this some thought! It would be lovely on the Castle esplanade. In stead of through in Glasgow. Edinburgh would be nice, but I think it would have to be in the summer months!
Love and Best Wishes

Mary Riley 28-07-2013 Merseyside U.K
29-07-2013 - ,

Hello Dear Andre

i spent a wonderful week in Maastricht and went to three concerts golden memories to last a lifetime. You were coming thro the gate for the dress rehearsal and you have ra said hello ro me and when it was over i got a lovely firm handshake from you you always say to follow your dream well i did and thanks to you my dream came true. I also met Marc a lovely young man and so like you Andre at the end of the week i collapsed and spent the naxt ten daye in hospital but the advantage was i was overlooking your beautiful castle enjoy your break dear Maestro with Marjorie you have earned it take care with much love Mary xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

David Annis
29-07-2013 - Saxmunden, United Kingdom

Dear Andre- My wife and I will with Gods help and if we can get tickets be attending your concert on the 6th of December at Wembley, could you and your fantastic Orchestra please play a favorite of ours the Anniverasy Walz as on this exact day in 1980 we were Married and I still see my wife as the girl I marrried 33 years ago in my eyes she has not changed only for the better to put up with me she deserves more than I could give her but attending and hearing this song would make her day.

Thank you for the sheer joy you bring to our hearts.

Best Regards David

Alberte Brault, Sherbrooke, Québec
29-07-2013 - Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Bien cher André,
Ce dimanche suis allée voir ton concert au cinéma!!!!!!
Quel concert!!!!!!! Grandiose est faible!!!! J'ai aussi adoré les nouvelles pièces. Ma Ma Maastricht FABULEUX
SUBLIME. TU ME DONNES GOÛT d'y aller... L'an prochain le 10e, je te connais bien mon Grand.... je me doute bien... Quelle belle énergie se dégage de vous tous!!!!! La relève renversante.... on sait bien ils ont à retenir de quelqu'un n'est-ce pas??? C'est féérique tout ça. Josti band émouvant rien de moins, André TU POSSÈDES UNE SI BELLE ÂME, tu es toute ma fierté et mon oxigène journalier. Merci beaucoup de nous offrir tant!!!!! On voit bien que c'est ton COEUR ET TA GRANDE PASSION : TON MOTEUR
MILLE MERCIS ENCORE UNE FOIS, je suis une insatiable de ta musique et heureuse de l'être.

Merrill Stalker
29-07-2013 - Ottawa, Canada

Dear Andre

I have just returned from a theatre presentation of the 2013 Maastricht concert, in Ottawa Canada.
It was truly superb; without question the best music I have heard in a very long time.
I look forward to your next visit to somewhere in this area.

Vivienne Pratt
29-07-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you've had a wonderful weekend with your adorable little grandchildren: maybe doing some violin practice with them too! I’d like to say a big 'thank you' to your wonderful Customer Services. I received my beautiful Maastricht 2013 Coffee Mugs, Key Ring and highly attractive pillow all within the week plus the really impressive Maastricht 2013 Commemorative Coin which really is something to treasure. I noticed also some lovely Pashminas in the Webshop so I've ordered those too and now have those to look forward to as well as Marjorie’s wonderful book ‘My Music My Life’ when its available. How lucky I feel that you share the captivating story of the accomplishment of your life’s dream, alongside your beloved Marjorie. Thank you both. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

28-07-2013 - Montreal (Quebec), Canada

Dear Andre,

I've just come home from seeing your Maastricht 2013 concert at the Scotia Bank Cinema in Montreal and I just had to write to tell you how fantastic an experience it was. The music on the stage, the audience in the square all came together for what was to me 3 hours of pure happiness! Don't know when you'll visit Montreal again but I hope to be able to make it to your concert when you do. It would be the next logical step after seeing you on TV, on DVD and on the Big Screen. Wishing you, your family and your orchestra the very best,

Patricia Diaz Gascogne Micvhaelsen
28-07-2013 - Mendoza, Argentina

Dear André: My best wishes for this holidays. . Only you could capture the meaning of this season that is filled with so much love. With a lot of admiration.Patricia xoxoxox

28-07-2013 - 754-0384, Chile

Cher André, hier, j'ai vu un video du concert à Maastrich, et c'est formidable! superbe!...vous ètes magnifique .
Chaque fois que je découvre un nouveau video, je trouve des merveilleuses surprises, les quelles font bien à mon âme,en écoutant votre pensée et vos mélodies.
Mes fils me disent que je suis folle,et oui !! je suis folle pour la musique,le spectacle à vous .André Rieu.
Beaucoup de bons désirs pour tous, votre JSO.
avec amour.

28-07-2013 - BONDOUFLE, France

cher Andre, J'ai vu avec plaisir que vous nous proposez de nouveaux articles et je dois vous avouer que j'ai été séduite par tous. Je les ai donc commandés et déjà reçus Je recommande tout spécialement les biscuits de Maastricht qui sont fameux et ma gourmandise m'en a déjà fait manger 2 boites.Je viens d'en recommander 4 autres boites pour les offrir à des amies tellement ils sont excellents.
Vous devez en ce moment vous reposer en Famille avec Marjorie, vos Enfants et Petits Enfants et peut-être nous préparer de nouveaux morceaux enchanteurs pour vos prochaines tournées. J'attends avec impatience le mois de mars 2014 et j'espère pouvoir retourner à Maastricht pour vous revoir et visiter de nouveaux quartiers de cette belle ville.
Très bonnes vacances. Mille baisers.

28-07-2013 - Maldon, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, JSO, soloists and of course back room staff. THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL MUSIC. I watched the 2013 concert at Braintree Cinema, sooooo looking forward to December 23rd at Wembley Arenas, and in the meantime your music is getting me through a rough month - have lost a number of family and friends - some expected deaths and others not, and in a few days it will be the 7th anniversary of losing my lovely hubby Tommy. (And our wedding anniversary on the 6th August) But your beautiful music can make me laugh, cry and lift me up to carry on, especially with the housework and ironing LoL. Thank you muchely one and all. Now looking forward to the day when you announce the 2013 concert is available on DVD : - )))) Take care and safe travels when you are back on

28-07-2013 - JUVISY SUR ORGE, France

Coucou André, une douce pensée pour vous et vos merveilleux musiciens qui vous accompagnent par le monde, je sais que vos concerts à Maastricht ont été splendides bientôt le dvd en attendant de vous voir en France à Paris en 2014. Je vous embrasse virtuose mondial ainsi que toute votre famille

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
28-07-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A night of rain Dearest Andre has completely refreshed the garden. As you play Morning from your lovely Dreaming CD 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas cannot help but shed a tear at the beauty of nature all around her.Somehow with the fantastic talent you have for musical interpretation you give an extra warmth an sparkle to the trees an flowers. In a short while I take a few old ladies for a special treat an 'Andre Day' of wonderful music starting in the car as I take them to a lovely Country Manor House for Sunday Lunch, following this we return to my home for an Andre DVD of their choice then champagne an light refreshments with more Andre music an a little dancing. What joy you'r going to give Precious Man, they'll sleep well with wonderful memories. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

David Siggers, The Wirral, Cheshre
28-07-2013 - Bromborough Wirral, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and Team. Thank you for a wonderful show on the 13th July. We stayed at the Kruisherenhotel on your organised day and the staff and the girls who looked after us were lovely. We enjoyed the trip to your castle. From 1300 onwards until the early hours of the morning on the 14th the organisation was superb and our seats at the concert were excellent.
We hope you will organise a similar venue next year for your concerts in Maastricht. We want to stay at the same hotel and hope to be able to book some extra nights to coincide with the Saturday concert so we can see some of Maastricht.

Berith Ekman (
27-07-2013 - Halmstad, Sweden

I am looking forward to see You live in Malmö next year!
I hve a question: Who rote the beautiful melodi from the
CD "Aus meinem Herzen" MY FATHERS FAVORITE?
I have not been able to find out!

Please help me!

27-07-2013 - ,

Ciao André,
sono stato a Maastricht con mia moglie per il tuo concerto come al solito molto bello. e? la terza volta che veniamo a vederti. Ripeto ancora perché non vieni anche in Italia?

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