Vivienne Pratt
06-11-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
It was lovely to see you talking to 9 year old little Amira: who sung O Mio Babbino Caro with a pure and crystal clear voice of an angel: simply divine! And how wonderful of you to offer her a Masterclass with you and your JSO at your Recording Studio! Her face when you made her the offer made my heart sing! She was completely stunned and delighted at your amazing offer! What a caring man you are, Andre, and always so willing to give your time and support to young people who are striving and working hard to achieve their dreams just as you did all those years ago. Speaking of your dreams, thank you for the magical ‘Andre and Friends’ Blue Ray which has arrived! It will be watched over and over again! Bye for now dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Judith 8 anos,Lorca (Spain)
06-11-2013 - LORCA, Spain

Hola,,Me llamo Judith y toco violin desde dos años,me gusta mucho como suena y lo quiero mucho. En futuro quiero ser violinista muy buena y profesora.
A veces mi mama me deja ver los conciertos bajo tu direccion y lo que me gusta son las princesas tocando sus instrumentos ,wow,wow,wow es algo muy precioso y bonito.Gracias Andre.
Madre -si mi hija tiene un brillo en ojos y abre boca cuando ve y escucha los conciertos de Andre .
la musica es llena de colores y realmente es muy agradable a ver los musicos vestidos de epoca y tocando de mil maravillas.Si en futuro mi hija tocase en una orquestra sin duda me encantaria que esta libre de estereotipos.
Gracias por ser diferente.Thank you for the music.

06-11-2013 - Bradford, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I had goose pimples and the hair on my neck stood out when I
played my new CD this morning.Music of the Night.
It was 'Yesterday' that caused it, it is hauntingly beautiful. Two of my favourites, 'Non Ti Scordar Di Me' and 'Ben' are perfect. It would be lovely if any of those are on the programme when I come to see you all in December in Leeds, but whatever is on,I know I wont be disapointed. I can't believe that is only six weeks away.
Look after yourselves so we can give you a true Yorkshire welcome!
Love to you all

Linda Palmer, Idaho USA
05-11-2013 - ,

Really enjoy listening to your beautiful music with the JSO. God bless you Andre.. . .hope you know HIM in your heart. Prayers are with you!

trevor baldwin malvern wocestershire
05-11-2013 - Worcestershire, United Kingdom

dear andre today i received the new cd, tomorrow the new dvd should be with me but more importantly me my wife and daughter are taking our first visit to maastricht next year.we will be there on the 11th and 12th. hotel booked. looking forward to the atmosphere on the square and a glass or two of red wine.just hope the sun shines on us, best wishes to all of you.

05-11-2013 - Kuwait, Kuwait

Dear andre,
I just researve a flight to istanbul from kuwait to attend your consert..its a surprise for my husband in our aneversiry as he is a big fan of you..i would like to know if there is a chance and way to have your signeture..

cant wait to see you and enjoy your music

05-11-2013 - Maldon, United Kingdom

Dear Andre & Marjoire, how wonderful to see one of Marc's paintings on your Official Pictures site. He is truly talented and my dream is to be able to view them when in Maastricht next year. Another very talented member of the family. : - ))

Jack Franks
05-11-2013 - Barrow upon Humber, United Kingdom

Dear André,

I am so pleased to be coming to see you & the JSO in Maastricht on 18th July.

It is especially exciting for me because I shall be celebrating my big 50 Birthday the same day too !!

The trip is a wonderful gift from my beautiful wife Jayne & we will both be so delighted to watch the "magic" you perform.

Have a great time !

Catherine Crapart
05-11-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je viens de visionner votre DVD Maastricht FRIENDS, cela me rappelle les bons moments que j'ai passés en juillet 2013, que du bonheur à revivre!
TRINI LOPEZ a été un moment exceptionnel il m'a rapellé les bons souvenirs de ma jeunesse! Le public a ressentit à travers la BAMBA et IF I HAD A HAMMER des moments de joie!Cela swinguait beaucoup!
Magnifiques chansons de JERMAINE JACKSON et très émouvantes dans SMILE!
On se laisse emporter par la musique et cela fait du bien!

Ms Ruth Harloe; Albany, WA.
05-11-2013 - W Australia., Australia

Many, many thanks dear Andre for conning to Perth, Western Australia with your splendid Johann Strauss Orchestra. I had additional employment caring for a frail friend at New Year, and decided I was going to be in last Weeks audience - as my own celebration of my 45th birthday ten days before the concert. I wouldn't have missed it for all the Universe!!! My childhood was in Rhodesia, and after conning to WA I got my first Violin and began having lessons : that'a the microchip of my life with my violin, used for many years busking as I could not be employed; now I am cured, I work, and am in constant demand with my violin :-) You inspire me. X

Gwyn Cabral, Manchester, UK
05-11-2013 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

I am so excited! One of many wishes in life in recent years was to come and be part of one of your concerts in Maastricht and .... guess what! ... yesterday, I got tickets for myself and my husband to come on 18 July next year. I am a Gold Member but I didn't switch my computer on the day the tickets were announced so I haven't got the tickets I would have wished to have, but I think I have good ones. See you in Maastricht. Next year I have one of those bit birthdays that end in a zero and it is a present from my husband. I am only a little sad that I will not be able to visit your home and see you and Marjorie there. But ... Thank you so much for so much pleasure with your music: I have one of your concerts on SkyArts2 at the moment so am rushing back.
Love - Gwyn x

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
05-11-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Afternoon Dearest Andre on a cold but beautiful sunny day, the first thing 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas does after rising very late, due to the late hour I arrive home from my extended stay in Oostende last night, is to greet you an say a million Thanks for the glorious music that sustained me as I drove home, keeping me safe an full of smiles. Then I have to say CONGRATULATIONS on winning once again The Classic Album of the Year Award, I get the news while abroad, my friends an I had a massive party into the early hours of the morning to celebrate, 8 hours of your magnificent music, great emotion an happiness an of course a great deal of dancing, an I already know in my heart an mind who's going to win in 2014 I think he has the initials AR. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Rose G
05-11-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Good Morning Andre

Just watched Andre and friends Another fantastic dvd and to see ones self as well in thr enormous crowd was something special .I hope you are enjoying your rest ready for your u.k tour lookong forward to Liverpool and MASSTRICHT NEXT YEAR you very precious man of music

05-11-2013 - Ng242pu, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. What a beautiful picture from Marc. It looks very much like a view of East Anglia in England. So peaceful. Wish I could afford to buy it!

Mary and Alan Hollingworth
05-11-2013 - Mornington, Australia

Congratulations Andre, Marjorie, Pierre and Johann Strauss orchestra with your success in the British charts.
All down to hard work and great music.
We loved coming to Maastricht this year to watch your was a wonderful end to 3 months away and a great treat.
Thankyou so much for what you give with your music.

Warm regards

Michael & Sue Page
05-11-2013 - Cape Town, South-Africa

It's really happening...our dream is coming true!
We have booked tickets for the weekend 18, 19, 20th!! Accommodation and flights all sorted...
Absolutely Amazing...So Excited!

05-11-2013 - LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA, Spain

Today we have received the DVD of AR and Friends and we enjoyed a lot with it, since it was the concert that we attended the last July 6. Of the eight they had elected concerts than we did.
Well, and I go to the team RIEU, have not you noticed that every year we go to as many concerts Spanish?. Specifically in this DVD are at least SIX GROUPS of Spanish.
You only have to see the flags of Spain that appear throughout the concert.
Do not you think it's time to consider the fact of coming to Spain and give at least two concerts

Vivienne Pratt
05-11-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
Great news: on 24 November in selected Cinemas in UK, Ireland and Europe a screening of HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! Plus you will conduct a tour of your magnificent Castle as well as hold a Question and Answer session prior to the screening! What a remarkable man you are: not just allowing us into your home but also taking time to answer questions about your life and interests! Home for Christmas is such a magical Concert, especially as its held in your Castle Grounds, and I’ll never forget little Rosa flying up into the night sky before landing gently like an angel’s feather beside you on the buhne! PURE MAGIC! And of course December Lights, your tribute to dear Marjorie, will reduce me to tears once more its so beautiful! Thank you dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Paola Falsetti
04-11-2013 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Maestro André! Estoy sumamente emocionada al ver el vídeo de "Adiós Nonino" de Maestro Argentino Astor Piazzolla, interpretado con el bandoneon del maravilloso Carlos Buono
Muchas Gracias de verdad por llevar nuestra música a donde vaya...
Espero que vuelva pronto por Argentina, lo esperamos ansiosamente!!

Helen Hunter
04-11-2013 - Richmond. NSW., Australia

G'day Andre,
Thank you for the wonderful concert in Sydney a few weeks ago, I managed to record some lovely videos and now have some long time memories of a beautiful evening.
To Georgie , I was talking to you when your mother was trying to give Andre the brooch, glad you achieved it in the end! Your mother is in some of my videos. Lovely that his assistant gave your mother the big bunch of flowers. A truly fantastic night.

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