Remie Cornelissen
01-07-2013 - Zeeland, Netherlands

Beste André,
Hier een bericht van misschien wel je grootste fan, Remie.
Remie mijn zoon van 23 jaar oud, helaas zelf niet in staat om te mailen vanwege zijn beperking, luistert dagelijks meerdere malen naar de ruime schare dvd's die hij heeft van allerlei optredens en dat al vele vele jaren. Het verveelt hem helemaal niet in tegendeel hij vindt het PRACHTIG.
Remie kan het niet zeggen met woorden maar alles wijst erop dat hij er enorm plezier aan beleefd én er geen genoeg van krijgen kan.
En zondag a.s. breekt er wel een heel bijzonder moment voor hem aan, hij gaat namelijk een concert van jou bijwonen in Maastricht, in één woord helemaal geweldig! hartelijk dank voor alle mooie muziek..........................
Veel warme groeten, Remi

Ana Rojas
01-07-2013 - San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

Dear Maestro & JSO,

Great was my happiness and satisfaction in knowing that you have masterfully played "Adios Nonino" and "Libertango" by Astor Piazzola at the Vrijthof concert 2013!! I could see it through videos and I am excited when I heard your interpretation.
Thank you very much for it ...
I would humbly ask you to consider another Argentine tango's theme which is titled "El día que me quieras" by Carlos Gardel. Perhaps you and your orchestra also can include it in your repertoire. Surely you will make a wonderful interpretation.
Once again thanks for giving us what you know to do, that is beautiful music.
Kind regards.

Brian Greaves. UK
01-07-2013 - Marlow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO. Just returned from Maastricht and was so thrilled to have been there acknowledging the veterans. Was a cold night on Saturday, but you lifted us all with your enthusiasm.
You are all an inspiration.
Wishing you health, happiness, all your dreams and especially FUN.
Thank you.

A.J. Snijder Arnhem
01-07-2013 - Arnhem, Netherlands

Beste Andre en medewerkers,
Samen met een Korea Veteraan hebben wij uw concert op 29-06-2013 bezocht. Wij hebben genoten!!
Als oud lid van de Koninklijke Marine kan ik dit zeer waarderen.
De waardering die u hiermede geeft aan de mensen die zich hebben ingezet voor onze vrijheid is zeer op ze’n plaats.
Vrijheid komt niet vanzelf en zal verdedigd moet worden dat vergeet men weleens.
Er zijn opnames gemaakt, komen deze beschikbaar? Een dvd of misschien een speciale uitgave voor de belang hebbende.

Diana Winkler
01-07-2013 - Hamburg, Germany

Lieber Andre! Liebes Team!
Dankeschön für die wunderschönen Bilder vom Maastricht Konzert. Viel Erfolg für die nächsten Konzerte in Maastricht.

Liebe Grüße Diana

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
01-07-2013 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

2 0r 3 days respite and then off again with the concerts in Maastricht. Thank you for the pictures of the 2 concerts. I will be there on the 12th July with my Husband my son and My daughter-in-law and we are all so looking forward to it. It is the first time we have all been there. My husband was never a lover of classical music till he saw one of your DVD,s and then he was captivated by the magical way you played it. Many many thanks. Take this next few days a little easy and love to all your family and the whole of the JSO.

Lots of love from Joan.

Emily Cartmill N. Ireland 01-07-2013
01-07-2013 - Armagh, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
I can't believe I am coming to Maastricht for the concert on Sun 7 July, but I must also say I am not coming alone as 4 yes FOUR of my sisters and 1 sister in law are coming as well. We are all very big fans and are so excited about the trip and the Vrijhof concert. We have seen you and the JSO many times on TV and also in Belfast but this caps the lot. I would have just 1 small request - would it be possible for me to play the BIG drum beat in The Radetsky March. It is impossible to listen to it and not hit THAT BEAT - it would be truly AMAZING if I could do it and it would also be an enormous surprise for my family who will be with me! We hope to listen to your wonderful music for many years to come. Keep up the brilliant work!
Love to all The Team

Tony Corcoran
01-07-2013 - Dublin, Ireland

Looking forward to enjoying the concert in Maastricht next Saturday 6 July. Travelling from Ireland with USA grand-daughter. Love to Andre and Manou. Avine and Tony Corcoran with grand-daughter Ashlinn. Watch out for us in row 14!

Dorothy Laigle
01-07-2013 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, Wonderful photos and remarks at the concert in Maastricht. Thank you, and I must say you are as debonair as always. I thank you very much for your tribute to the veterans of World War 11. Wish I could have attended one of the concerts held in the square. But thankful for the photos and remarks. I know Pierre enjoys information about the past war, as he certainly has a collection of memorabilia of the war. I do hope you and your orchestra returns to the eastern part of the U.S.A. and hope I can attend one more of your concerts. God Bless you, Good Health, Happiness, Great Success always and Safe travels to you and your entourage. LOVE

01-07-2013 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dearest Maestro,
I can hardly believe this Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be coming to your concerts. I am so excited.
I am so glad to see your concerts are going so well. You are one in a million and I am so grateful to you for all the beauty, joy, healing and pleasure your music brings. I particularly love your violin solos. Thais by Massenet is so very moving, and you play so sensitively. I will see you all soon, and send my love, to you your family, the JSO, and the whole team. Madeleine

Ana María Espina
01-07-2013 - Capital Federal, Argentina

Recibí el hermoso DVD música de películas. Es más hermoso de lo imaginado. Gracias por hacer tanta belleza para el alma.

Eduardo Cappe - Brasil São Paulo
01-07-2013 - Amparo-São Paulo, Brasil

Caro André Rieu!
Nunca apreciei musica clássica sempre achei a musica fria, sem sentimento e distante. Mas quando vejo seus concertos pela internet é possível sentir a musica como se eu pude-se tocá-la com minhas mãos, sinto o coração bater mais forte é um sentimento inexplicável é magnífica sua interpretação, sem mencionar as graças feitas pelos trompetistas a Stephanie Detry tocando Ballade pour Adeline e Sanne Mestrom em Bolero de Ravel. Certamente estarei em seu concerto no Brasil se assim Deus me ajudar e gostaria muito de ouvir a musica Garota de Ipanema de Tom Jobim. Um grande abraço a André & JSO.

Doreen Scott
01-07-2013 - NE61 2TY, United Kingdom

Following the recent sudden death of my husband. Life was very difficult until I found you on Sky Arts 2 for your two weeks. I sat for three days and nights laughing crying and sleeping a little and now your music and your philosophy has mended my heart. At my recent birthday family friends and neighbours were dancing in the garden
Your music is with me in the kitchen, sitting room and my car. At night I listen to your Love songs before I sleep (very well). I'm a bit of a bore to my family and friends telling them of your music. I am coming to your concert in Liverpool 13th December. Yes I'm addicted.
Could I request that you play Ill Silenzo. It gives me goose bumps. Roger plays so well. Love to Marjorie, the lovely Pierre and devotedly to you.

Amanda Osborne
01-07-2013 - Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I am unable to get to the Netherlands due to problems beyond my control. Thank you so much for arranging one of your concerts to be sent via satellite to the UK and other countries, I have my tickets and eagerly am waiting for the 13th of this month. It will be as close as I can get to really being there. My eldest daughter is now a fan after I showed her one of your concerts that I have on DVD and now she has started to collect your CDs.
All Best wishes to you your family and the

Sylvia Chung, London
01-07-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
It was a nice break in Amsterdam & I spent 3 days in Maastricht. I love your home town very much & the people were really nice & friendly. Of course, the food was delicious always bon appeitit.
I originally bought tickets for concert on Sat, 29th. Weather was not great on Friday, so could not really do much. However, suddenly got a though of getting last minute tickets at 5:30pm as I was told from information by Vrijthof Square there's still a few left earlier that day. Nearly had the most upsetting moment in my life when paying for the 2 tickets at the little stall as I took out the credit card. Sorry-cash only! I was searching my pockets frantically 130 euro cash. Luckily got 3x50 euro.
Despite it's raining on Friday, it was a great concert & fun for Singing In The Rain

Catherine Crapart
01-07-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour toutes ces magnifiques photos de votre concert ce week-end, si la pluie s'est invitée le soleil était présent dans votre musique!
J'ai hâte d'être à vendredi sur cette jolie place pour passer une soirée pleine de joie et de bonheur à votre concert!

Petro Clase
01-07-2013 - Strathavon Sandton, South-Africa

My goodness, the day has finaly arrived. I am all packed and ready to get the plane flying. Have already practised my waltz steps, have to fit and ready for the lovely music.
I do not have to look at the pictures of the Vrijthof and Andre's smiling face, I will see it in person and enjoy the music by the JSO. WOW!! See you all in Maastricht, very soon.

Vivienne Pratt
01-07-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
What a lovely Sunday morning surprise! Your tweet saying how much you enjoyed your 'first nights' on the Vrijthof! Thank you Andre! Thank you too for the beautiful Newsphotos from Vrijthof 1 and 2. I was so sorry that it rained on your first night, but seeing your lovely photos I can see it didn't dampen anyone's spirits one bit! You looked stunning in your gorgeous Orange Sash and your publicum's happiness was a joy to behold! What a moving 'Veterans Day' too Andre. There could be no better way to remember the valiant bravery of the veterans who were prepared to sacrifice their lives to free others than to play all the moving songs from times of war including your own tribute Glenn Miller ‘St Louis Blues March’. You’re simply the best! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

30-06-2013 - Wellingborough, United Kingdom

Thank you for a wonderful time despite the rain on Friday.
Sadly we left when you told us the concert had ended and missed the last part of the concert.

I hope to catch it the next time I see you.

Hazel White
30-06-2013 - DE72 3AB, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, my friend and I came to your concert on 28th June in Maastricht, our very first live concert, and yes, were were there wearing our poncho's in the pouring rain, but we didn't care how much it rained, it wasn't going to spoil our fun.Thank you for yet again an amazing concert, everyone was in fine voice, just wished you could have spoken a few words of English for the many of us who were there, the only word most of us could understand was PONCHO, never the less it was a brilliant night. See you in July in our local Cinema and again in Nottingham UK in December.
Love to you and your family xxx

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