bliquy danielle
28-06-2013 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou vers la plus belle ville du monde, endroit paradisiaque pour toutes vos fans ( LE RENDEZ - VOUS DES GENS HEUREUX ) une énorme bouffée d'oxygène à partir de ce jour, de la joie circulera dans toutes ces belles rues anciennes qui nous emmènent jusque la PLACE DU BONHEUR ( mes seules vacances c'est chez vous, je ne désire rien d'autre que de passer un wk en votre compagnie et de mes amies car je sais que ce sera grandiose ) un immense merci à vous d'exister prince des coeurs car sans vous que serait ma vie !!! pour cette fin de journée une seule phrase ET QUE LA MUSIQUE COMMENCE tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Vivienne Pratt
28-06-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
I have seen many photographs today of the VRIJTHOF and your rehearsals. The afternoon weather looked very gloomy and cold and it must be so difficult to manipulate you instruments with cold hands, but of course I know that, like you, the JSO are conscientious and committed, gifted musicians with a passion for the music. However another photo I saw this evening showed the skies having cleared a little and I'm praying the rain will stay away once it sees ‘Sun King Andre’ enter the Square! Another set of photos showed you all looking so happy and you, Andre, look stunningly fit and handsome! I hope you will have magical, joyous and exhilarating concerts with your adoring publicum who I know will have the most memorable evening of their lives! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

28-06-2013 - Kildare, Ireland

Hi Andre and JSO , wishing you all the best for your Maastricht concerts which begin on Friday. So looking forward to next weekend as myself and two friends will be on the Vrijthof. Delighted for you and all the team, that the concerts are a sell out, you make so many people happy with your wonderful music. See you on the 5th July. Continued success and good health. Take care Vivienne.
27-06-2013 - Preston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and the JSO all the production staff best wishes for the upcoming concerts in your home town. Looking forward to the cinema showing but would love to be there maybe another year. Love to you all and your families.

Sue mc namara. Killaloe co Clare ireland
27-06-2013 - Surrey, United Kingdom

Hi Andre - I am going to see you with my 8 yr old granddaughter and daughter in law Wembley Dec 6 please Ave Maria and Red Rose Cafe then going with my friend 02 Dublin Dec 17 Ave Maria and Red Rose Cafe have never been to one of your concerts can,t wait so excited watch sky arts always you and your son are amazing what you achieve!

GLADYS, South Lakes, UK
27-06-2013 - Cumbria, United Kingdom

Dear Andre & everyone involved in your fantastic performances.
It's happening, I have seen all your DVD's, seen your satellite performances, and now I really am coming to Maastricht to see you in your home town. My wonderful grand-daughter has arranged it all for my 84th birthday. I feel so fortunate. Could not wish for anything better. Flying KLM, staying at Maastricht Crowne Plaza for 2 nights, and on Saturday 6th July I really see you.
Thank you for all the pleasure you have given to me and so many others.
Love to you all.

Cindy Salvador
27-06-2013 - Lima, Peru

Dear Andre,

I'm from Peru, i love your classic music, I'm always listening!!!!!!. I would like to congratulate you for the beautiful concerts you do. Please, I would ask that you include to Peru for your next concerts, there are many people who look forward to your arrival.

Many kisses.

Val Mann,Bexleyheath,Kent,Nr London UK
27-06-2013 - ,

Hello Andre
Just to wish you & and the wonderful JSO + guest artists all the best with this year's concerts at your home town of Maastricht. I'm sorry I can't be there but, hopefully, I will be in 2014. I hope the weather will be kind to you as its such a lovely setting in the Vrijthof Square. Maastricht will be an interesting city to explore when I do get there. I'm looking forward to 12th December in Nottingham when I will be near the stage and can join in the laughter, fun and happiness you create with all your concerts. Best wishes to you and to everyone involved in preparing and performing such wonderful concerts

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
27-06-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Wonderful music Dearest Andre from La Vie Est Belle is banishing the cold an filling the heart of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas with much happiness. The anticipation an excitement of thousands of your fans already in Maastricht awaiting tomorrow evening must be electric. Even though I am many miles away I feel a special 'Magic' in the air, great energy an a pure joy of life that's going to be enriched by the glory of your sensational music as it wafts its way through the skies when you an the wonderful JSO start to play at the Concert. There will be brilliant musicianship, tears of emotion, dancing an great happiness. The 'icing on the cake' will be the warmth of your heart Dear Man shared with the people before you. Now that's unbelievably SPECIAL. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

27-06-2013 - HARARE, Zimbabwe

Dear Andre'
Just to send you, the JSO, and all your wonderful team, the very best wishes for your wonderful concerts in your home town, Maastricht.
I am very sorry that we could not be there this year.
With lots of love to you all,
Frankie xxxxxxxxxx

27-06-2013 - England, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre
I am thinking of you and Marjorie and sending my love and best wishes to you all the for the forthcoming concerts in your lovely home town. I can't wait to be there and am so looking forward to coming to Maastricht again.
Take care and try not to overdo it but just enjoy every minute and have lots of fun.
Thank you for making so many people happy and carefree with your wonderful music.
Love to you, your family, JSO and all your wonderful team.

Fiona Baxter
27-06-2013 - IM3 2DT, Isle of Man

Hi Andre,
We had our 1st experience in Maastricht last year, loved it. So we are back again this year for Sat & Sunday concerts. We will have time to admire your beautiful hometown. Three of us travelling over from the Isle of Man.
Gura mie ayd (thank you) to you, your family, JSO , choir & everyone else involved for bringing so much happiness into our lives.

27-06-2013 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
My husband and I are totally delighted with your Coronation DVD! Music is brilliant and so suitable for the occasion. We enjoyed the interview at the end and certainly realize that you all worked so very hard in a short space of time to get it all together. The stage was amazing in appearance and pictures of your wonderful new King and Queen as well as those of former Queen Beatrix were fantastic.
I have been really enjoying watching your stage evolve on the Vrijtof by means of the webcam at the Hotel Ducasque. This is fascinating!
All best wishes for the concerts in your hometown and as always, thank you for all the beautiful music and for who you are. Much love to you, Marjorie, family and JSO.

Vivienne Pratt
27-06-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Only two days before your 2013 Maastricht Home Concerts begin! I thought I’d remind myself of your previous memorable Maastricht Concerts, and began with 'Under the Stars' Maastricht 5'. Andre, you never fail to amaze the world with your spectacular productions. The enormous beautiful buhne stands so tall with its Roman façade, coming alive as its flooded with light and spectacular backdrops as you and your gifted JSO strike up with the most glorious music lovingly arranged with your special magical touch: Blaze Away, Nessun Dorma, Pie Jesu, Kalinka: just a few of the beautiful melodies and who can forget your world famous and astounding 'Bolero' complete with bouncing laser lights! Not long now to Maastricht 2013, dear Maestro! Take care. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Andrea Crawford
26-06-2013 - LEVEN, United Kingdom

Hope everyone enjoys the concerts in the next few weeks. I have tickets for the 5th but on the way to the airport my daughter took ill and we had to turn the taxi round and go home. There is no way we will make the concert . It has been our dream for so long to see andre in his home town and to have tickets in the best seats and not be able to use them is so heart breaking but my daughters health has to come first. So everyone really enjoy the concerts . We will be thinking of you all especially Andre and his friends but also all his fans

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
26-06-2013 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre, In a weeks time I will be taking to the air for the first time, I have never wanted to fly and said it would have to be someone or something pretty special to get me to fly, and you Andre fit the bill, I can't believe that on the 6th July we will be watching you on the beautiful Vrijthof in Maastricht, I wasn't surprised to read the concerts are a sell out I am pleased for you, you and everyone concerned deserve nothing less than to play to full houses, Take care Andre and enjoy the rest time in between concerts.
Love from Judy XXX in a warm Stourbridge England

Afke Booker-Schilstra PO213PT
26-06-2013 - Pagham, United Kingdom

Hallo Andre en iedereen in het orkest.
Morgen komen naar Nederland om het concert te zien op de Vrijthof op Vrijdag avond en we hopen maar dat het weer droog blijft. Dit concert is mijn verjaardagscadeautje van mijn echtgenoot, want Zondag word ik 70 jaar jong. We zien er ontzettend naar uit.
Groetjes uit Engeland.

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
26-06-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I can't believe it is only a week away and I will be back in Maastricht. I wish you love and joy for the 2 opening concerts and I know that everyone will have a wonderful time. I have tickets for the 5th July, and I can't wait to be sat in the Vrijthorf again, it is such a magical experience. You have a beautiful hometown and it is always a pleasure to re-visit each year. Thank you for all the amazing concerts. Much love Patricia

Marjorie van Laar-Blankestijn
26-06-2013 - Veenendaal, Netherlands

Beste André,
Dankjewel voor de prachtige muziek waar je ons mee kennis hebt laten maken.
Ben je al eens op Kasteel Amerongen geweest? Het is niet alleen een pas gerestaureerde historische locatie om te bezoeken, maar bijvoorbeeld ook zeer geschikt om een concert te geven. Het kasteel is omringd door twee grachten met daartussen een weelderige tuin. Vanuit het kasteel heb je uitzicht over de prachtige uiterwaarden, de Amerongse bovenpolder en de dijk richting Wijk bij Duurstede.
Kortom, dit mag je niet missen André.
Zeer hartelijke groeten,

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
26-06-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Back to the cold an grey Dearest Andre but all still looks good for the weekend though 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas reads that you make contingency plans to move indoors should the weather be dreadful. Your planning an attention to detail is always superb in all that you do, you strive for perfection an achieve it because of your great love of music an beauty that goes with it. You always insure your audiences have the greatest experiences of their lives, an music played so divine an gloriously they'll be overcome with enormous emotion an pleasure. On leaving one of your Concerts the words I hear are fantastic, brilliant, magnificent the greatest violinist you'll ever hear. I just gasp in awe an wonder Precious Man at your vastly majestic talent. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

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