Vivienne Pratt
03-12-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Just saw you on BBC Breakfast! I love to hear you in discussion on our TV screens. Your voice is so animated and descriptive and you make everything you say 'come alive' almost as if you paint pictures as you speak! I love that your Granddaughter upon hearing Bella Tarantella shouted ‘Pizza’! Your participation in the new children's film about the Lost Sword of D'Artagnan will be very interesting for you and very entertaining for us especially as you are to write the music score! I look forward very much to seeing it. Thank you, once again, for the wonderful Advent Calendar. Its so nice to engage with you in this very traditional Christmas activity. Only two days and you will be here in UK, Andre: I’m so excited! Safe journey Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Jim walker
03-12-2014 - Preston, United Kingdom


Until the Royal Command Performance on a wet, cold, winter evening at Blackpool, I had never heard of you before. Then you and your orchestra appeared and lit the place up. Never before (or since), had that show had anything to match the thrill, colour, glamour or foot-tapping joy that you brought to the evening.

I just wish I was younger, so that I would have more years left in which to enjoy the things you and your orchestra play and do.

Best regards,


Eliana Arre, Santiago, Chile
03-12-2014 - La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Dear Andre I thank you very much for the nice pieces of your new DVD/CD you delivered us everyday through FB. Fantastic these surprises to start the day. A great idea !!!
I already have my DVD and look forward to receive the CD.
Thanks for today 's gift in your Advent Calendar a video of Frank Steijins, he is so nice, so talentous musician, my congratulations to him. Lots of surprises which I appreciate so much.
Take care dear Andre and the best for your next concerts

Catherine Crapart
03-12-2014 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
C'est un plaisir de redécouvrir votre calendrier de l'Avent, hier j'ai vu la vidéo de Franck très sympathique fameux compositeur, pianiste et carillonneur merci pour ce moment de musique!

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
03-12-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre many birds on the feeders this frosty morning. Very cold yet there is a beauty as the ice shimmers on the spiders webs an hangs from the trees.As you play to perfection Morning from your stunning Dreaming Cd, the sky brightens the warmth of the music fills the day an the heart of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas with great happiness, by the time you play Greensleeves the music has created a magical world of many pictures vibrant with life an colour, what greater joy could one want. An enormous Thank You for the lovely photos of Istanbul an especially those of your wonderful JSO always so happy an full of zest for living the exotic touch giving a mystic eastern Orkest. Soon we have you all to ourselves for a few weeks Oh Wow! Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Carmela Catinian
03-12-2014 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,

News? Yes, I got your latest creations. The CD is fantastic,such a romantic soft music,you feel yourself melting at each sound. Perfectly lovely. Thank you for the Advent calendar, too, it's again some excitement,not necessary for winning something, but just for fun!!! Ready for conquering Britain again? It's your turn now, they are everywhere in Maastricht during the summer concerts! You've been extremely busy as usual and we all are glad to hear anything about your so special world. My only regret for now and forever is that I can't see Romania among the very lucky countries on your 2015 schedule. Would you at least keep trying? Cluj, a lovely city in the west of the country{another Romania's Maastricht) would be as appropriate as Bucharest.Break a leg on Friday evening!

Parlindungan Marpaung from Indonesia
03-12-2014 - Bandung, Indonesia

Thank you for Advent Calender. It 's fantastic event for Christmas. I hope, I can win Grand Prize in this time. Bravo Andre Rieu, danke u well

02-12-2014 - Armenia Quindio Colombia, Colombia

Aprendí a disfrutar la música clásica una noche de frío invierno, donde la alegría de un video suyo hizo del frío un reconfortante calor, desde esa noche no he podido dejar de escucharlo y por supuesto seguirlo.

trevor baldwin malvern worcs.
02-12-2014 - Worcestershire, United Kingdom

hello to andre and the team, here we go again another uk tour.we are really fortunate to have you again when so many other countries want you. i will be in birmingham in 2 weeks and then look forward to maastricht again. we will put the kettle on for you in the uk and get the tea on the go. best wishes.

Tony K
02-12-2014 - Karuah, Australia

Dear Andre,

I am a 40 year old Spina Bifida sufferer confined to a wheelchair, I cannot walk, I am paralysed from the waiste down, up until now , I have only been able to see your concerts by watching the specials on SBS TV, Will you be making another trip back to Australia, I would really love to see you and your Orchestra in the flesh

bliquy danielle
02-12-2014 - Saint saulve, France

coucou vers vous prince de mon coeur, quel grand bonheur ce jour, toutes vos gammes m'ont séduites et remplies de pur bonheur, j'avoue que romantique à souhait j'en pleure mais il n'y a aucune tristesse, seule vos notes me caressent et me renvoient vers de merveilleux souvenirs vécus en votre compagnie, vous avoir dans notre vie, c'est divin, quelle chance, oh! oui quelle chance nous avons, je m'apprête à retrouver mes trésors, vous y êtes ajouté mais çà vous le savez, tous trois êtes si fortement blottis dans mon coeur, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Teresa Mullen...IRELAND x
02-12-2014 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre & JSO,
Thankfully the time is coming close to you all returning to us in Ireland, it seemed like this time would never come but now it is only 3 more sleeps until you return to us in Belfast and the excitement is growing by the minute.
Hopefully you & all JSO will not be suffering from terrible colds, like you did this time last year, my heart went out to you but still you gave the most wonderful concert, through all your discomfort. I will not be on quite a low. like I am usually am when you all leave the stage at the end of your performance in Belfast this year and the reason is that I be flying over to England to attend your concert in Manchester on 21st, so it is something to look forward to after Belfast. Take care & see you all Friday evening :) x

02-12-2014 - ,

Dear Andre, I really felt the effects of bad head cold/virus accompanied by dizzy spells. Very scary moments and I know just a little of how you must have felt when your world was spinning a while ago. Listening to Love in Venice gave me something to concentrate on, thank you muchely for the music. Your music, especially, helped me no end the best part of the day. Feeling little better today & no dizzy spells so far :-) Looking forward to seeing you on BBC Breakfast tomorrow & Wembley on 19th. Take care, :-)

Vivienne Pratt
02-12-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
We in the UK eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Incomparable Maestro Andre Rieu and his magnificent JSO and ensemble! What a huge undertaking as your highly proficient Stage Crew transport your 'Home away from Home' to the venues in readiness for your arrival. I read a really beautiful interview in our TV Times recently Andre. I was so happy to read that you like sharing your humour and love of music with us in the UK because we have a 'twinkle'! I felt so proud to read that and I cant tell you how much I really love your own 'twinkle'! When I see your handsome face begin to display the signs of your own mischievous humour it warms my heart, especially those blue eyes of yours that sparkle with mischief! Adieu for now dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
02-12-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre from a dull grey Cheshire but there is magic in the air, excitement an happiness for 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas as waiting for me when I arrive home late last evening were 2 parcels from Holland, one is your Love in Venice Cd the other your Calendar. On first look they are terrific oh WOW how I'm going to enjoy looking closely at them later today when I've unpacked then a total Andre evening when I can listen to an fall in love with all the wonderous music I know I'm going to find on the new Cd. In anticipation I play at this moment the fantastic Forever Vienna Cd an dance round my salon to the wonderful Blue Danube, oh my I'm being 'Rieued' again an it's going to be a glorious day THANK YOU Andre for 'Music to die for.'Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Bep Lambriex
02-12-2014 - Rockingham, Australia

Hello Andre en orkest en organisers. I have attended your concerts when I can and when I get home sick I play the video's of the concerts in Maastricht "op de Vrijthof". I left Maastricht in 1963 and lived for 50 years in New Zealand. The last few years I have lived in Western Australia, I prefer the climate here and one of my daughters lives here too. My most imported wish is to be able to just once more visit Maastricht and attend a concert there. I have been many places but my roots are still there and never left. Vivat Metreech, friendly greetings, Bep Lambriex

Guadalupe Soledad Jiménez
02-12-2014 - Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico

Sr. Rieu, hace algún tiempo le comenté que a mi nieta que ahora tiene dos años de edad, le encanta verlo, escucharlo, bailar, cantar. Aún no sabe hablar bien pero según ella canta.
Prefiero verlo a ud. que caricaturas !!!! Se me hace increíble como me dice todas las mañanas, cuando le preguntó que quieres ver? Ella me contesta Ane Riu. Gracias por hacer tan feliz a mi pequeña nieta. Y a mi esposo y a mi también nos encanta escucharlo.

02-12-2014 - Chirnside Park, Australia

Dear Andre,
Please come to Australia soon. My 2 year old son adores you. He watches your DVD's all the time, while conducting and trying to copy some of you actions. I would love to take him to one of your concerts the next time your in Melbourne.
I hope you, your family and JSO have a wonderful and safe Chirstmas.

02-12-2014 - 34567, Ecuador

SOY DE ECUADOR vivo en la provincia de Ambato, para mi es lo mas grande poder escuchar su música que aunque tan lejos me siento cerca, en verdad la mejor música, la mejor melodía es aquella en la cual no se necesita idioma para quedarse prendido de ella siempre, espero poder algún día estar sentado en un concierto y apreciar la magia de hermosas composiciones, mientras tanto desde la distancia seguiré anhelando esa posibilidad y llenando mi espíritu con música tan hermosa

Carlos Balcala, Martínez, Buenos Aires Argentina
02-12-2014 - MARTÍNEZ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Un excelente embajador que interpreta maravillosamente las delicias de la música; lírica, clásica y popular que nos deleitan con sorprendente maestría y peculiar diversidad para conducir todas las melodías y ritmos que suscitan asombro en un recorrido imaginario por el mundo fascinante de la música.
Gracias MAESTRO !!! por dar tanta alegría a todos quienes disfrutamos de su talento admirando el maravilloso espectáculo que vemos en cada uno de sus conciertos alrededor del mundo y que siempre deslumbran, fascinan y hacen vivir lo mejor de la música con la energía que libera su orquesta con tanta alegría y vehemencia que refleja su personalidad como conductor y su reconocida trayectoria como compositor y arreglador.

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