Jelena, Serbia
26-09-2013 - Zrenjanin, Serbia

I feel so special while listening to your musical performances, so I can't find enough good words to describe it. I just wanted to say that it would be great if people in Serbia could have chance to listen to your music and live that magic for the moment!
Big greetings!

Bjarne Vilhelmsen
25-09-2013 - Nivaa, Denmark

Dear Andre Reiu
Thank you for the music. ABBa´s tittle is still going strong. I was to your concert in Copenhagen this year and thanks for it. But I missed a Danish composer to the concert: Jacob Gade with his famous composition " Tango Jalousi". I hope you understand this Danish tittle.
I have bought tickets to your concert in O2 Arena in Hamburg at jan. 29. 2014 and I hope you can play the number hear. It wouldt be a great pleassure for me and my wife.
Kind Regards
Bjarne Vilhelmsen
DK 2990 Nivaa

janice east kilbride
25-09-2013 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Just to say your all superb, used your music at my mums funeral, just gave her an appropriate passing

25-09-2013 - 754-0384, Chile

André: ¡qué maravilla tus conciertos!! no me canso de oirlos y disfrutarlos.
Me imagino que estarás junto a vuestra orquesta retomando fuerza y energías,con un merecido descanso.
Australia es el país "favorecido" con tu visita André,son ellos, muy afortunados! Felicidades!
!Acá en Chile ,preguntándonos ¿cuándo regresarás?.....
Besitos y mucha energía para tí y tus cercanos.
Ana Verónica

juan jose tinoco y marylu
25-09-2013 - Coyoacán, Mexico

estimado andre espero se encuentren bien tu familia orquesta y equipo de trabajo, fue sensacional estar nuevamente en un concierto en el auditorio el dia 18 de septiembre y con este es la tercera ves que tenemos el privilegio de escucharte en vivo y recordar la experiencia que vivimos en mastrich el 24 de junio de 2012 y me gustaria saber si tienes algun evento en tu ciudad para agosto, septiembre u octubre ya que queremos celebrar nuestros 45 años de casados escuchando y viviendo otro de tus conciertos en tu8 ciudaed natal, que se sigan divirtiendo y que dios los bendiga, saludos y suerte

Sergio Ap P Freitas
25-09-2013 - São Paulo, Brasil

Estou completamente emocionado, parabens pelo belo trabalho, e que Deus lhe muito mais a ti, saude e sabedoria para continuar esse magnifico trabalho.

Abraços forte e carinhoso de todos os brasileiros.


Louise Tomlinson
25-09-2013 - Cape town, South-Africa

Good day Andre
Thank you so much for the scarf and photos and decal (sticker) which I received a few weeks ago for joining up as a gold member. Oh I can remember opening is so carefully so as not to tear anything as I treasure anything that comes via your offices.
Andre thank you for your wonderful music and for sharing it all with us. Whenever I feel depressed or lonely (as I live on my own with my animals) I put on one of your DVD's and instantly I feel better and before I know it the whole day has gone by and I've just been sitting watching the telly with my favourite DVD's.
It is my wish that God looks after you and your orchestra wherever you go. May God keep you in the palms of his hands as you continue to keep the world entertained with your wonderful music.

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
25-09-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Thank you for all the reports and photos from your concerts in Mexico, as always the fans there had a wonderful time. Just seen the cover(s) of your new double cd ABBA/Music Of The Night and the ABBA sleeve is so great, you look fantastic Andre and it brought a smile to my face. After hearing some of the ABBA music in Maastricht I can't wait for the release and also the Music Of The Night sounds beautiful. It is a great joy being a devotee of all things Rieu as we always have so much to look forward to. The Dvd of Maastricht 2013 is going to be another wonderful edition to my collection, it was such an emotional and wonderful time that I had watching you and the JSO at the Vrijthof and the Dvd will bring back all those amazing memories. Patricia

Wendy Vázquez
25-09-2013 - Distrito Federal, Mexico

Dear André,

I wish I could have thanked you in person for the beautiful concert you gave the past September 22th in Mexico City. It was an unforgettable performance from you and your amazing Orchestra.
Thank you for filling us with such magnificent music. It certainly touches deep inside the soul and turns a single moment into an outstanding trip by all around the world!
Thank you for dedicating your life to the music and make our lives to be better by giving us your talent in every note you play.
God bless you, your Orchestra & your families. May you be in health and happiness every day.

P.S: I'm glad you liked the photos I took from that 5th concert at the Auditorio NacionaI. It's a great honor for me to see them displayed in your site, sir!

Thank you for making a dream come true...

25-09-2013 - Mexico, D.F., Mexico

THANKS ANDRÉ!!!!, your visit in Mexico was wonderfull, incredible!!!. We will wait for the next year for another concert in Mexico.

Don't forget us!!

Love you and the JSO!!

Germana Carla Favari
25-09-2013 - Mexico DF, Mexico

Querido André, gracias por venir a Mexico, Lo queremos mucho aquí. Tuve la enorme alegría de estar en el concierto del 18 de Setiembre, MARAVILLOSO!!!!.
Esperamos verlo el año que viene. Besos.

Vivienne Pratt
25-09-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
I hope all is well. Looking at your FB page today I see you have posted a beautiful video of Five year old Akim Camara playing Felix Mendelssohn's 'Dance of the Fairies': what a wonderful piece it was from one so young and once again you show how devoted you are to sharing your gifts and knowledge with the young. Browsing on your website I also noticed you have two new ‘PICTURES’ categories: ‘ON THE ROAD’ in MEMBER PHOTOS and CHILD FAN PICTURES! What a brilliant idea this is! My nephew, aged 7, decided to learn the Violin simply because he watched your ‘Andre in Wonderland’ and ‘Home for Christmas’, when visiting me, and was totally enchanted by your magic: he now has a Violin and is taking lessons! Thank you for the music dear Maestro! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Eleanor Dracoulis Mendoza
25-09-2013 - Distrito Federal, Mexico

El domingo 22 de septiembre de 2013 mi hija Suzanne Faugier Dracoulis paso por mi, Eleanor Dracoulis Mendoza, y me dio “UNA GRAN SORPRESA“. Me llevo al Auditorio Nacional a ver y disfrutar del maravilloso concierto de Andre Rieu, ¡El Rey del Vals! Me hizo pasar un día muy feliz. Un saludo desde México. !Cariñosamente! Eleanor.

veronica lucarelli
24-09-2013 - Rosario, Argentina

Hola soy Veronica de Argentina quisiera saber cuando vuelve Andre , ya que me perdi el recital del luna park , gracias ,saludos.

24-09-2013 - Ashton-under-Lyne, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
my wife and I already owned several of your CD's, and have been spellbound by your current series of concerts on Sky TV.
Regrettably age and logistics mean we are unable to see you on your UK tour this December - if only you had chosen to play one at Manchester's MEN Arena.
Perhaps a mid-summer concert at Manchester United's ground (max capacity 76,000)?
You sometimes mention that you welcome suggestions for pieces to include in your concerts. I would like to suggest a tenor/baritone duet aria, arguably the best piece that Bizet ever wrote, "Au Fond du Temple Saint".
I don't know the full range of the Platin Tenors voices - perhaps one of them is capable of taking on the baritone part?
Thank you for bringing music to life

Valerie Mann,Bexleyheath,Kent DA74BD nr London
24-09-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
Thanks for the news and lovely photos of Mexico City and your concerts there. As usual, everybody seems to have had a wonderful time both performing and watching the concerts. You are a tonic for everyone Andre. Your choice of music is always tailored so well to each individual country. You brighten up so many lives with your concerts. If its true that Manoe was unable to be with you and the JSO this time, as someone has said in their message, I hope she will be back with you very soon. She is so talented and such fun.
I'm looking forward to the Abba and Music of the Night cd. I'm sure it will prove to be very popular as will the series of programmes with Sky Arts 2 with Vera Lynn included.
Best wishes to you and the JSO. I expect you will be rehearsing for Australia

rosemary argyll scotland
24-09-2013 - Strachur Argyll, United Kingdom

darest andre i do love all your dvds i h dave and so lookfforward to seeing you in glasgow in dlove ecember hope you get my card andcontent keepwlove rosemary

24-09-2013 - NSW, Australia

Dear Andre

My daughter Anastazia who is 4 years old is Your biggest fan. As I am Your great admirer I decided to play your CD'S to my daughter as soon as she was born and now at age 4 she is Your great admirer also. Whenever we drive all I have in the car is your CDS as Anastazia won't listen to anyone else, she always asks me to put your CDS and she knows all of the music pieces. On her 4th Birthday she asked for a violin and she said that she would like to learn. I would love to see the concert with Anastazia so hopefully I will be able to buy a ticket not too far as Anastazia is still little but that is my dream to come with her to Your Concert so maybe the impossible will be possible.
May God Bless You
Your greatest admirers
Anastazia and Magdalena

Catherine Crapart
24-09-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Hier j'ai regardé votre DVD CHRISTMAS lOVEde 2011, que j'ai acheté sur un site internet, car il n'est plus dans votre boutique.
c'est un magnifique DVD de Noêl, qui est sorti en 1997 en cassette VHS .
Bravo André pour cette sublime réalisation, je suis contente de l'avoir trouvé, les chants de Noêl sont très beaux!
ABBA est un groupe que j'aime beaucoup, c'est une bonne idée de faire un double CD!
J'espère que vous êtes tous bien rentrés du Mexique, bon repos à tous!

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
24-09-2013 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
The postman has just given me a card I recognised my Daughters handwriting inside it said to Nana & Grandpa
it was the first scan of our first grandchild we have a long wait but are so excited. I am not an envious person but when I hear you and others talk about grandchildren a little bit of (oh I wish that was us crept it to my mind) now I will know what you and they feel like and mean.
Looking forward to Sky TV to see you again we are so lucky here in the UK thank you Andre for all you do for us.
love from Judy in a cool and overcast Stourbridge England

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