Lola Torres
29-03-2013 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola Andre!!!

Estoy feliz, feliz, de presenciar tu maravilloso espectáculo en Argentina el 4 de Junio.

Es mi sueño hecho realidad. Me emociono hasta las lágrimas cuando te veo y escucho junto a tu maravilloso coro y orquesta. Son los mejores!!! También me divierto muchísimo y eso es lo que más me impactó de tu estilo.

Gracias, muchas gracias por venir a mi querido país!!!

29-03-2013 - Barcelona, Spain

Sr. Rieu. Gracias por hacerme pasar estos buenos momentos con su orquesta. La música como usted bien dice, da vida y nos la hace mejor y también nos hace mejores a nosotros. Andre (suena menos serio) No deje de tocar solos de violín en sus conciertos, su madre fue muy sabia al obligarlo a estudiar música desde pequeño, ella se dio cuenta que usted esta hecho de música y esto lo trasmite a todo el mundo. Bueno y nada mas, no espero respuesta pues recibirá miles de mensajes como este. Ah! se me olvidaba, pocos hombres reconocerían que tras ellos hay una gran mujer, mis felicitaciones

Vivienne Pratt
29-03-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
I hope you, Marjorie and your wonderful family and all the members of your magnificent JSO and ensemble will have a very happy and peaceful Easter period. Easter is a time for little children and I'm sure your beautiful little grandchildren will love having Opa to help them search for their Chocolate eggs - and wipe their little hands and faces after they've eaten them! Here in the UK the internet is buzzing with messages from happy people eagerly anticipating the commencement of SKY ARTS RIEU and I know apart from your spectacular concerts there are some wonderful interviews and tours of your beautiful Castle home and as I love listening to you speak of your life I will enjoy them very much. Thank you dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

28-03-2013 - Quitilipi, Chaco ,, Argentina

ya tengo mis entradas, para el 4 de junio en el luna park, que maravilla, escucar el con cierto de andre.- gracias por cenir !!!!!!!

All the best, Kyle Craft
28-03-2013 - 94952, United States

Hello Mr. Rieu:

I am so sorry and bumbed that I could not attend your concert in San Jose. I so wanted to and was so sad that I actually cried because I could'nt come. I hope you will come back again. But I was able to see youtube videos of it and as always I am pleased with what you do. Secondly, I wish you, your family, and your orchestra a Happy Easter with lots of waltzes. Always keep playing and yes you do have the most beautiful profession in the world. As you know I am a huge fan of Johann Strauss and of course you and your orchestra and that I am very serious about studying music in Vienna, in fact. Also you probably know that I play Strauss waltzes the best. I am hoping that I can meet you and your orchestra one day and to see what goes on behind the scenes and so forth.

Carol and Dorothy Wolverhampton U.K.
28-03-2013 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Marjorie and family, all the JSO and your workforce, God Bless you all with a wonderful Easter, good health, peace and plenty of rest.

Our continued prayers are with you, thank you for the hours of music you bring to us. We are looking forward to the next two weeks on Sky Arts 2.

God Bless Carol and Dorothy

familia Samayoa
28-03-2013 - City, Guatemala

ANDRE y toda su orquesta son especiales, desde Guatemala,
por fin tuvimos la suerte de poder verlos, fuimos a Fort Lauderdale , en vivo... es diferente.. ya que los vemos casi todas las noches en DVD desde nuestra cama los vemos en primera fila, pero no con el sonido ni la sensación de estar tan cerca de toda la orquesta, Carmen como siempre
le da el toque especial a la noche. los vimos cansados.... pero estuvieron espectaculares. y nosotros super felices.

28-03-2013 - Rosario, Argentina

Querido André, estoy muy feliz con la noticia de que venis a Argentina, ya tengo las entradas para verte junto con toda mi familia. Espero que podamos compartir una charla juntos.
Un gran abrazo, de corazón.

Anne Henry
28-03-2013 - Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Marjorie, all your family and all the orchestra.
A Very Happy Easter to you all. Have a good rest and enjoy those Easter Eggs.
Love to all the little ones too.
Much love,

Fred Meijer
28-03-2013 - Zwolle, Netherlands

Hallo Andre,
Es guboru Limburger in Sjinnu ben ig aug vol van dienu muziek etc. Nao 50 jaor hub ig Limburg vurlaotu want du leefdu dreef mig nao Zwolle en dao ben igal 6 jaor gulukkig samu met Hedwig. Es direktie en taxi-chauffeur bie RM-taxi Zwolle ben ig veul ondurwaeg met allurlei soortu luj oet binnu en boetuland. Vaak is dienu muziek tu hueru of tu zeen via un cd of un dvd van dig. Mienu zoon Max haet aug metgublozu met al die 400 blaozurs in 2009 op ut Vriethof. Ut is en blief guweldig veur mig es vadur dat mienu zoon dao bie mog zin! Allu passagiers in mienu Mercedes 250 Avantgarde vanjonk tot oud vingu dienu muziek aug guweldig en of ut noe un lang of un kortu rit is, medu door dienu muziek is ut altied weer un feest veur du luj en zekur veur mig!
Succes wier Andre !

Elizabeth Házi
28-03-2013 - Maldonado, Uruguay

Estoy super feliz porque voy a poder ir a ver este maravilloso espectáculo que me llena el corazón. Aún no lo puedo creer, va a ser un sueño hecho realidad!!!
Viajaré desde Montevideo, Uruguay con mucho entusiasmo. Gracias a André Rieu y su orquesta maravillosa por acercarse a estas latitudes.
Felices Pascuas!!!!

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
28-03-2013 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hello Andre & JSO
I agree with Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer Austrailia about voting for you as person of the year It's the first thing I do every morning and why there is voting for people who are no longer with us how ever good they were I have no idea.
Enjoy your Easter break with your family especially the smaller members, I am sure even though you are watching your food intake you could help your Grandchildren get rid of their easter eggs.
Love from Judy in a very sunny but cold Stourbridge England

Catherine Crapart
28-03-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Quel printemps, il neige à l'instant , quand le soleil reviendra t-il?Les fleurs aimeraient bien nous éblouir de leurs couleurs!
Dans votre musique le soleil brille toujours!
Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes de Pâques avec vos petits enfants, qui vont peut être chercher les oeufs dans le jardin , et goûter avec plaisir au chocolat!
A toutes les fans JOYEUSES PAQUES!

petra, goeree overflakkee
28-03-2013 - Oude Tonge, Netherlands

super en zo aangrijpend vond ik uw optreden met de KIKA-kinderen en hun eigen verhalen, het liedje you raish me up klonk erg mooi, die jongen heeft als boezemvriend, zijn viool, in goede en slechte tijden. zo mooi!!!Supertalent dat is hij.... Uw wals bracht iedereen weer in beweging en met die lieve kinderen als dansers.... heerlijk
Meneer Andre, mijn dank aan u en alle mensen van JSO.

Gill Wilton Northants UK
28-03-2013 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and Marjorie , I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family. I will be warm and cosy watching sky Arts Rieu.
Love Gill

Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer
28-03-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Hi Andre, JSO et al.tomorrow is Easter.i hope you all are home with your families.i voted today as always Andre. It would be brilliant to see you as number one.i am somewhat urprised to see votes are recorded for persons no longer living on earth! Thinking of you with love and hugs.

Elin Haver
28-03-2013 - Amstelveen, Netherlands

Lieve Andre
Ik vond het geweldig fantastisch om met jou en je orkest viool te spelen voor Kika!
Ik vind het erg jammer dat het nu alweer voorbij is.
Ook vond ik het aan tafel erg gezellig.
Ik vind je levensverhaal heel bijzonder.
Ik wens je nog heel veel leuke optredens toe en als je me nodig hebt met mijn viool kom ik meteen!!
Liefs van Elin (het meisje helemaal links bij de vleugel)

28-03-2013 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Ciao Andre
It has been a long time since I last sent you a message. It's not that I have forgotten you and the JSO but I leave room for others. I do keep a close watch and follow your every step. You and your music are with me everyday and people think I am a bit crazy when I dance my way to work. Thank you for the special on Sky Arts but I'll have to continue to follow you on Youtube. I have lots to thank you for and I am eagerly awaiting a very special moment with you and your orchestra in May???
Wishing you, your family and the JSO a very happy and blessful Easter. May God continue to shower his holy blessings on all of you for continued good health, peace, happiness and long life. And the magical music goes on.......................
Lots of love....Always.....

Sylvia Chung, London
28-03-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Really glad to receive the DVD & CD In Love For Maastricht yesterday. I deliberately placed the order late last week as I wanted to save watching this DVD in Easter. I was given my very first DVD/CD Moonlight Serenade during Easter 2 years ago. A special promotion was on & it only cost £4.99 for both DVD/CD in the shop. I though it was some kind of a joke as classical music could not be that cheap! However, I was assured it was of top quality. Of course, it ended up spending a lot to buy more DVDs & CDs after watching non-stop of Moonlight Serenade for 2 days until I had to go to my friend's house for BBQ.
Little & Petit Andre will of course be watching the new DVD & dit Super Bon Easter to you & your family - lots of Easter eggs for grandchildren, plus JSO.

susana eugenia padilla ortega
28-03-2013 - Mexico, Mexico

espero estes bien de salud que te cuides mucho porque haces mucha falta en todo el mundo tu musica es un balsamo de paz que en Mexico hace mucha falta te estamos esperando con los brazos abiertos tu orquesta es unica original por eso tu triunfo felicidades.

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