irene galloway kirkcaldy scotland
09-12-2012 - Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dear Andre had a wonderful time in Gasgow it was fantastic my 1 st concert live i hoped you liked the orange roses and thank you for high 5 you made my night good luck in all your concerts you and your family have a merry christmas and a happy new year also the jso best wishes for 2013
thank you xxxxxxxxxx

Dawn UK
09-12-2012 - W5 1SP, United Kingdom

Just received your calendar & Dancing through the skies - both are fantastic - thank you. The Dresden concert was something else - what a wonderful wedding day memory you gave to the briden & bgroom. Many thanks

Dorothy Laigle
09-12-2012 - Canton, United States

Dear Andre, Enjoyed the photos and comments about Glasgow and Dublin. Thank you and JSO. Liked the plaid kilts on the guys. Continued Success and Safe and Happy Travelling to everyone. I am amazed to see the great audiences you have in Europe, I hope to see that here in the United States when you return here for concerts. God Bless everyone. LOVE

Pam Harris . Rochester . Kent . U.K.
09-12-2012 - Rochester kent, United Kingdom

Hello Andre , ive just seen your photos from Glasgow and Dublin , and what a wonderful time everyone is having . Its true what Margaret Jones from Cheshire said , we know you are over here because we can feel the warmth and joy of you and your music . We are hoping that we dont get snow this week , i jokingly said that we would get to the O2 even if we had to walk . But my poor niece has just broken her wrist in two places and i dont drive , HEEEEELP !!!! looks like loads of money for a taxi , you are worth it though . Love to you all . Pam . xxxxxxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
09-12-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre it may be cold an grey but the life an home of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is full of sunshine, happiness an love after a fantastic evening concert dancing an being wrapped in your magnificient music from And The Waltz Goes On. Some of the greatest pieces of music written are on this CD an some of the most loving an emotional and all played by a uniquely talented Andre whose musical interpretations are so stunning they leave you breathless Thank You for the lovely photos of Glasgow an Dublin, you an the brass players look lovely as you wait to wow the audience an alone on stage you look fantastic Andre, so handsome an slender you must be very proud of 'The New You'. In so many ways you are such a special man, a privilage to know you. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Terry Spice England
09-12-2012 - Gillingham, Kent, United Kingdom

Dear Aundre and the JSO, Thank you for all the pleasure and happiness you have given Me and lots of fans around the world. Seasons greetings to you the orchestra and every one who makes it possible.

Lesley Wild Kilcreggan Scotland
09-12-2012 - KILCREGGAN, United Kingdom

My husband and I were at your concert on 7th December in Glasgow what a wonderful time we had such beautiful costumes and wonderful orchestra and beautiful voices, it is a shame there were so many latecomers but I understand the traffic was chaos, everyone in Scotland is not always late! I saw your Christmas programe on Sky last night it was fantastic, I am unable to decide which cds to buy perhaps them all! Your misic is so wonderful, thank you all.

C. Jesson, Glasgow.
09-12-2012 - Coatbridge, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
The concert in Glasgow on the 7th Dec was magnificent. Absolutely fantastic to experience you and the JSO live in my home city instead of watching you on tv. The tv shows are great too but nothing can replace the experience of actually being there. I must say my party and I were appalled by the latecomers though I believe there were not enough staff on the doors taking tickets which led to an enormous queue forming which eventually snaked out into and through the car park. Perhaps next time you come, and there just HAS to be a next time, you might consider booking the Clyde Auditorium (known locally as the Armadillo because of its external appearance) which has far better acoustics and a more organised staff. Whatever you decide, please, please come back to Glasgow.

Andrew Bryan
09-12-2012 - Largs, United Kingdom

Great night in Glasgow on Friday best concert I've ever been to and can't wait for Wednesday, was luck enough to get dumped on by a ton of fake snow and was amazing to see my girlfriend on the big screen trying to retrieve it from the front of her top!!. Also why I think people should be on time for the start of concerts the stewarding at the secc was a bit if a joke and should really take a look at themselves , however I agree with mike that there is no excuse for people who were late back from the interval,finally to the elderly lady who took not well sitting behind me I hope she is feeling better now. See you Wednesday

Charles Zammitt
09-12-2012 - Derry City , United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Forgot to add. My wife Elizabeth will also be attending your Concert, Tomorrow night in Belfast, really looking forward to it.

09-12-2012 - Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

Thank you for a wonderful concert in Glasgow. Your live show is amazing and bringing on the pipe band at the end was superb. My girlfriend and mother and her friend loved your show. I was saddened it took so long for everyone to be in the arena leaving you standing there but your humour was a credit to you even though I am sure you would not have been too happy. For you to be on stage for 3hrs with a 10 minute break was amazing and we were privileged to see you for the first time in Scotland. I hope you enjoy your time in Scotland and it encourages you to come back soon.

Charlie Zammitt
09-12-2012 - Derry City , United Kingdom

Just watching your Christmas Special. Brilliant!. Will be attending your concert in Belfast, Tomorrow night. 10/ December

Maria Esther
09-12-2012 - LONDON, United Kingdom

Looking forward to see you on 17th at O2. The tickets are a gift from our daughter on our 36th wedding anniversay on the 18th. We followed your programs on SKY ART and recorded a couple to play them over and over. Any guest who visits us goes through listening to your music.
Merry Christmas to you, your family and every member of JSO and a Happy New Year

Lorraine Leport
09-12-2012 - Montrose, United Kingdom

HI Andre
I travelled 100 miles to be at your concert at the SECC in Glasgow on Friday 7th Dec. ( and I also managed to get there in plenty time). Absolutely wonderful, although not the most romantic backdrop, the concert was of the standard which is expected from you and the colour and the atmosphere was terrific. It just made my birthday complete and should I never do anything else in my life at least I can say I seen you and your orchestra and your sopranos and tenors live. Many thanks for a brilliant evening and long may you continue to entertain.

bliquy danielle
09-12-2012 - Saint saulve, France

coucou dominical prince des coeurs, journée pluvieuse mais qu'importe ce jour je le vivrai avec mes deux trésors !!!! que de compliments vous honorent sur le LO et pour cause puisque vous êtes un être d'exception !!!! des idées ne cessent de fusionner pour nous rendre heureux et je sais que Marjorie et vos proches en sont des auteurs complémentaires à vos idées, on a de la chance car on sait qu'en votre compagnie tous nos ennuis s'oublient et lorsque cette rencontre se passe sur notre belle place du bonheur, là c'est le paradis VIVEMENT 2013 avant cela un superbe dvd trône dans ma cheminée et attend NOËL avec impatience, tendres baisers Danielle

09-12-2012 - Beerwah, Australia

dear andre, we love your home for christmas, brilliant, how nice to see marjorie!we wish you and your family a bleset christmaS, THANK YOU FOR YOUR BEAUTIFULL MUSIC. EXACTLY 6 YEARS AGO I WAS BITTEN BY A BROWNSNAKE, I AM IN A WHEELCGAIR SINCE, YOUR DVD S HAVE HELPED ME SO MUCH, THANK YOU,

Gillian Byrne.
09-12-2012 - 0000, Ireland

Hi All,

We would like to thank you all for a fantastic night in Dublin . You bought smiles and laughter to us all. Congratulations on the 25th year. Only half that of my Mum & Dad their 50 th Anniversary. Have a great Christmas as you made ours. Thank you all again it was so enjoyable .

John Payne
09-12-2012 - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Last evening had a wonderful and restful time sitting in my living room watching your Christmas at Home special on Sky Art 2.
I'm sorry I will not be at your Manchester concerts.
Will you be coming to Liverpool sometime to give a concert?
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You, Your family and Orchestrate.
Thank you for such wonderful music.

Maureen (Mooney)
09-12-2012 - MAYNOOTH CO KILDARE, Ireland

Dear Andre & JSO Thank you all for a fabulous show tonight (Dec. 8th) in Dublin - my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. All the extra little touches were great and the whole programme was brilliant as was Bolero and The Dublin Firebrigade Pipe Band. Again Thank You for a very memorable night and hope you will return to Dublin in the neat future.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Peaceful and Happy 2013.

Marguerite Murray Dublin
09-12-2012 - Dublin, Ireland

Hi Andre, you were brilliant Dublinto Such a joy to watch and listen. You love what you do and it shows, you spread incrediable happiness and joy wereever you go dublin's conert tonight was the best.]Love marguerite

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