bliquy danielle
17-10-2013 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou de votre cht'ite Danielle , dans mon coeur vous êtes la plus belle fleur, vous êtes celui qui l'embellit et qui lui donne un sens dans la vie et je dois dire qu'en ce moment ce coeur a besoin du contact musical merveilleux que vous arrivez à m'offrir, des émotions à ne plus en finir !!!! vous avez ce don de déposer des ondes positives à travers votre belle musique, elle m'aide dans ces épreuves qui traversent ma vie !!! lire sur votre page d'accueil LILLE houaaaaaaaaa quel bonheur je ressens, vous faîtes exploser l'Australie de moments merveilleux, cette fin de semaine n'en sera que plus belle, tendres baisers du nord de France Danielle

17-10-2013 - ,

If Kimi is your Black diamond,she surely is, then Mirusia singing Panis Angelicus must be you platinum gold. What a brilliant rendition. Looking to see you in Maastrichrt next year perhaps with Heino singing again or Ziesjoem

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
17-10-2013 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
Thankyou for sending all the lovely photos of your trip down under.Was that really Natallie Bolle sitting on the edge?How very brave of her.I am sure you are all having a wonderful time and enjoying the sunshine.From the messages from your fans, they have waited a long time for your return and must be so enjoying all your wonderful concerts.
take care on all your travels,love to everyone and stay from Elaine

Dorothy Laigle
17-10-2013 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, What beautiful photos of Sydney and the Orchestra members. Thank you for sharing. In checking my DVD's I own, I have 39 I must have missed ordering Live in Brazil. Will order it today. I wish you always Rave reviews, Great Success, Safe Travelling and perhaps someday you will return to our area in Ohio. God Bless and LOVE.

Madeleine Higgs
17-10-2013 - ,

Dear Andre
It was thrilling to see that you had won the Brit award CD 2013. Third year-keep up the good work.
After 3 years I think this is the year I will be able to see you in person. I am looking forward to it
I think I have every recording of your concerts and am awaiting your latest to arrive My friends and I am looking forward to our evening of bliss when we view it.
May God keep you and all your family well. God Blessl

Sheryl du Plessis Oudy
17-10-2013 - Oudtshoorn Souther Cape South Africa, South-Africa

Dear Andre
I have every DVD of yours possible'. Your music and shows are just magnificent and my husband and I cant get enough of the wonderful shows and music. Even our Grandchildren love the music and you can always see feet tapping hands conducting without conscious effort.
Thank you once again and when you are in South Africa again I WILL be there

Catherine Crapart
17-10-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour vos jolies photos de Sydney, belle architecture de l'opéra !Et autres photos très originales!
Franck toujours courageux pour gravir les marches comme il le fait pour jouer du carillon dans les clochers des églises!
C'est un excellent musicien et compositeur!
Quel beau ciel bleu, nous automne pluvieux!
Bons concerts pour vendredi et samedi à MELBOURNE!

Chris Collins 17-10-2013 NSW Australia
17-10-2013 - North Avoca, Australia

Hello Andre,
My husband and I went to see your concert last night at AllPhones Arena.IT was magnificent.
The music,the colourful scenery,the beautiful gowns.

It was night to go out and enjoy after 7months of sadness at the loss of our daughters husband at the age of 33 and leaving behind a 2yr old son.

We hope you come back again and maybe do an outdoor concert.
Maybe one day we will go to Maastricht to see you.

Marilyn Michell Sydney Australia
17-10-2013 - Mt Annan, Australia

Thankyou Andre and JSO for such a lovely Sydney show last night. Our granddaughter has wanted to attend a show with us since she was 2.Well last night her dream came true after a 5 year wait. It was so wonderful to see such a young child enjoy a show so much. Tomorrow is her news day at school so your programme from last night and all the photos we took will be going to school. She was so happy that she saw you close up when you came out into the auditorium and that Andre gave her a lovely wave and smile. Thankyou for making a little girl so happy and for all the joy your music brings. Hope to see you back downunder as soon as possible.

Vicki Hogue
17-10-2013 - Warrimoo, Australia

G'day Andre,
Thank you to you & your wonderful JSO, soloists & team for the fantastic concert in Sydney last night! My husband, Mum, sister & friends were with me & we all had a great time! I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for the two concerts & to catch up with friends I met in Maastricht last year. The party continues! My husband is staying home to look after our animals. Isn't he a nice husband?
Thank you for the music & fun, Andre!!!

Vivienne Pratt
17-10-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Thank you for the amazing Sydney photographs! Almost space-age architecture and the Opera House is so vast! Everybody looks really tanned and well and some must be really superfit to climb those cliffs! As for Frank, he deserves a medal standing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge: thankfully he had a harness on and as you say what a good thing he didn't have to run up the stairs as fast as he did the Bell Tower on the Vrijthof! I have to say too whoever that is sitting hanging over the cliff takes my breath away! CONGRATULATIONS: What a brave girl! I’m sure you and your 10,000 publicum made a very special evening indeed and the internet will be buzzing with all the happy photos and reports! Now Melbourne awaits dear Maestro! Safe journey. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Mavis Wells
16-10-2013 - Derby, United Kingdom

Thank you for the photo's from Sydney, it looks a magnificant city. Very pleased you were all able to have a day free to explore the main attractions.

So much looking forward to the 20th December to see you in Nottingham.

Please all of you take care of yourselves,

Love Mavis

Janice, Scotland
16-10-2013 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Just waiting in anticipation in Glasgow.
Keeping track of all your pictures being sent over

Chris Peart
16-10-2013 - SKEGNESS, United Kingdom

Really looking forward to being at Wembley on 23rd December but also cant wait for the dates of the Maastricht concerts to be announced, so that my husband and myself can book our trip to that wonderful city again.

16-10-2013 - AVELLANEDA, Argentina

Ojala algun dia lo pueda ver en la Argentina. Me fascina su encanto para interpretar cualquier tipo de musica. Felicitaciones. Un abrazo. Graciela

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
16-10-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Many thanks for all the photos from Australia, wish I could be there at the concerts but it's just a little too far from the UK!! With that said it is not long now until your British tour begins and I know it will be wonderful, I will be at Wembley in the front row on the 23rd December so I am slightly estatic over that - never being able to get a front row seat before. I have been to all your UK tours and also Maastricht in 2012/3 and it just gets better and better. Looking forward to coming back to your hometown in 2014 also. You make me happy Andre and it is a feeling that resounds around the world when people hear your music. Patricia

Danielle Gillbee
16-10-2013 - Camberwell, Australia

Dear Andre,
Thanks for the joy and pleasure your music has given my mother. She was so excited as her husband bought her a ticket to see you in Melbourne on the 19th, sadly her husband of 42 years passed away a few months ago. Listening and watching your music has given her great strength. Due to an accident my mother is now unable to attend the concert on Saturday night. She now has an iPod in hospital and can listen to your music.
Thanks for all the joy and we hope you return to Melbourne soon so Mum can attend.

Walter Simões
16-10-2013 - Santos - São Paulo, Brasil

Cumprimento-o efusivamente, por toda a alegria que é distribuída a todo o mundo, por sua extraordinária orquestra. Abraço fraterno. .

Vivienne Pratt
16-10-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
I love the Fan Photos from Brisbane of dear Manoe, and Mirusia and Gary. Speaking of photos, thank you so much for posting the beautiful ‘Paris photos’ on your FB page. They are some of my favourites. You all look so happy and full of fun and I recall your wonderful DVD ‘Waltzertraum’: where we join you all on a Cruise Ship to some of the world’s most beautiful sights and you share such beautiful romantic music as Das Alte Schloss, Sous le Ciel de Paris, and your so very evocative solo of Edelweiss. Andre, the internet is buzzing as your publicum begin their journey to be with you in Sydney. They are ecstatic and cant wait to share hearts and minds with you to make an evening of memories to last forever! Have a wonderful time dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

bras yvonne
16-10-2013 - ,

je vous disais que vous ne jouiez pas assez en soliste et je viens d'entendre l'adagio quelle merveille ; continuez ; vous avez repris abba et les feuilles mortes; ça va vous valoir des ovations dans mon premier message je vous parlais de vos musiciens , ils ont commencés avec vous , et sont toujours là ; c'est preuve que vous étes un bon maestro . c'est dommage que je ne comprenne ce que vous dites en concerts mais votre musique me suffi . j'ai été touchée par votre emmotion quand vous étes sorti de scéne en afrique du sud et de celle de pierre ; c'est vrai que kimi en a fait pleurer plus d'un merci pour tout

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