Moira Darroch, Scotland
01-09-2014 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
1st of September today already! I do hope you have been enjoying your R&R;family time and the sun in the south of France with your brother Robert. No doubt your grand-children will have kept you busy and enjoying lots of happy times while Opa was not 'at work'!!
You will probably soon be turning your thoughts to your Brazil Tour and I am sure that your adoring (enthusiastic!) Brazilian 'publicum' are already counting the days.
I am still re-running this year's amazing Maastricht visit over and over in my head when "Venice on The Vrijthof" gave us all yet another unforgettable concert.
Enjoy the rest of your 'vacation' time dear Maestro, and, as ever do take very good care of yourself and your wonderful sparkling blue eyes.
With much, much love
Moira xxxxxxxxxx

Vivienne Pratt
01-09-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your beloved family. September is here and I can hardly believe I am only 4 months away from seeing you at Wembley in December! I’m sure, your thoughts are now focused on your forthcoming Brazil Tour where you will once more engage with your excited publicum as you carry them along with you for a Magical Musical Extravaganza! Reading your FB Spotlight on Soloist Bela Mavrak I was totally absorbed. What an interesting man he is, quite apart from his beautiful exquisite voice that we all love so much. If he’d become a Doctor the world of music would have been much the sadder for it, but the medical world would have had an enchanting ‘singing practitioner’! Have a wonderful day dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
01-09-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Awful rainy day Dearest Andre but its not possible to be down hearted, as wonderful music from your Music of the Night Cd floats around the home of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas covering all it touches with a warmth, happiness an love a fantastic start to any day. Yesterday I look on my Laptop at the exquisite works of Art created by your son Marc, they are truely fantastic, they overwhelm the eyes, such beauty, such enormous talent in his fingers, just like his Daddy, only you overwhelm the ears Andre, the pictures you create with your violin give our imaginations a magic that makes us feel we are with you an the places an characters you portray, 2 uniquely gifted people whose talents we share. The Rieus' give a calm soul, hope, love an happiness Lots of Love lady Margaret

lucian Huzum
31-08-2014 - Brasov, Romania

Hello Andre,
When do you come in Romania? You are loved and appreciated in my country. For your concert, for your music, for you, we are obligated to go to Budapesta, Wien or in Germany. When in Romania? We are many places where you can sing for Romanian people. Please Andre, come in Romania, Bucuresti, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, anywhere in my country and sing for us.
Please Andre, do not avoit us, we love you. Romania is a beautiful country and I am sure you will love us because we love you. Sing for us at your violin "Balada" by Ciprian Porumbescu, sing for us "Romanian Rhapsody" by George Enescu, our composers, sing for us what do you want and we will love you.
I wish you all the best and I waiting for you.
Have a wonderful day.
Respectfully, Lucian H.

Juan Carlos
31-08-2014 - SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, Spain

Cuando España? No tienen previsto hacer un concierto en España¿

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
31-08-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Such a beautiful day Dearest Andre, glorious music plays on your Moonlight Serenade Cd, the sun shines an 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is totally overwhelmed by your musical interpretation, those magical an talented fingers of yours playing Barcarolle, Lara's Theme, The Gadfly an many more bring a breathless an sparkling wonder to the World. There's NOTHING so beautiful as when You an your lovely JSO play music, no matter where you travel in the world you'll never discover a better or more talented Orkest, no one else has the ability to create such pleasure an happiness through the gift of pure music. Now I hear Swan Lake its so fantastic I can't describe its beauty, I think you've given me Heaven hear on Earth. Thank You Precious Man, what a gift.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Dawn from Ealing
31-08-2014 - W5 1SP, United Kingdom

Last weekend your wonderful Hamburg 2002 concert - 2 hours of you and your orchestra and only one interruption and then this weekend Dreaming another fantastic hour of you playing your wonderful music Thank you for giving me strength to carry on. Did you notice the request from another fan regarding your solo The Rose at the end of the Dublin concert is it at all possible for you to include this at your Wembley concert on 19th December and also Dancing through the skies - for which I am still trying to get some English words. I expect you get thousands of requests but it is worth a try. Have a wonderful tour of Brazil and take great care of yourself and the JSO and I will see you on 19th Dec - many thanks as always for the hours of enjoyment you give to millions

bliquy danielle
31-08-2014 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou dominical prince des coeurs pour vous souhaiter une excellente rentrée, à l'avance nous savons que votre route fleurie sera grandiose puisque vous avez ce don de rendre vos fans si heureux, vous applaudir c'est tout simplement merveilleux, toujours dur de vous dire au revoir, mais se laisser emporter dans tous ces moments d'exceptions, je me dis oh! oui, quelle chance mais quelle chance nous avons que celle de vivre en votre compagnie !!! un océan de joie et de bonheur à perte de vue, bisous à tous vos petits trésors qui reprendront très vite le chemin de l'école, tendres baisers mon prince adoré de votre cht'ite Danielle

Nicola Wilson
31-08-2014 - Warrington, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Your music has got me through some very bad times. I had an operation on my back which went wrong leaving me disabled. On days when I can't do much I put on my iPod with your music. The power, love and strength within your music lift me to a higher and better place. I am hoping to be able to come and see you in Liverpool and would like to say thank you for getting me through these tough times. I am looking forward so much to seeing you in person.
Much love.

jane cramer england.
31-08-2014 - 4pu, United Kingdom

my dearest Andre
i hope you are very well indeed. i have only been recently been able to watch your fantastic concerts, and have been watching them over and over again they are mesmerising, funny and even made me weep. yourself and your orchestra are most definitely the best in the world cant wait to watch and hear more. i have even made you a big fan of my mum. we both find it very funny when all of you start to "be silly" we have tears of laughter. may you play forever in my heart.

lots of love xxxxx

marie-jo charton dijon 21000 FRANCE
30-08-2014 - ,

Un petit coucou, cher ANDRE, voici enfin le soleil revenu, et le moral avec, il me semble que notre beau concert sur le VRIJTHOF est déjà bien loin!!! Mais malgré cette grisaille, c'était une raison de nous distraire en regardent divers d v d,des plus anciens aux derniers tous aussi beaux .voici je pense le temps ou vous avez déjà repris le travail, ça y est une nouvelle année commence pour vous, nous attendons avec impatience le d v d 2014,pour revoir toute cette féérie que nous avons vécue, avec tellement de bonheur. MERCI encore a tous sans exception, a MARJORIE qui se donne sans compter. Bonne reprise bon voyage a tous bons concerts. Milliers de bises a tous.

30-08-2014 - Castletown, Isle of Man

Dear Andre
My Gold Membership application has gone through, thank goodness. My computer was not behaving and I was going to have to borrow one! Cannot do without my Gold Membership, how would I get an early chance of seats at your concerts? Looking forward to Liverpool in December (second row) and your new CD. It has been suggested you do a CD of Rieu plays Rieu. splendid idea, I have thought that for some time!
Enjoy Brazil, thank you for the music and keep well

Elaine Costa
30-08-2014 - Sao Caetano do Sul - Sao Paulo, Brasil

Dear André, we are so happy you are coming back to Brazil!! Please add one more weekend to your presentations in São Paulo. The good seats have already been taken...
Thank you for all the joy you spread all over the world!

Gianni Anullo
30-08-2014 - Roma, Italy

Many. many thanks you for all!!!!!

30-08-2014 - Rijen, Netherlands

hoi andre,

sinds kort super fan van jou en je koor.
dit jaar kom ik samen met mijn man en oma van 85 voor het eerst naar jou live concert in het ziggo dome, en we hebben er zin in. ik weet niet wat je opzet is maar na wat zoek werk op youtube kwam ik toch wel hele bijzondere songs tegen en ik hoop daarom ook dat je deze dit jaar weer zult spelen, te beginnen met happy day, i will folow him..

we zien je snel.
groetjes en veel succes

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
30-08-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A cool grey day Dearest Andre but good for gardening as there are so many dead flowers to be cut down, shrubs to be trimed an weeds taken away, an with the help of wonderous Andre Music playing from the La Vie Est Belle Cd 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is covered in radiant sunshine, thousands of smiles an enjoying every moment of the day - always you make life Special. A little sad last last night when I saw the dates for your Concerts in Denmark as I so wanted to attend one the next time you were there but its too close to the Geneva Concert, only 4 days away an I'm too afraid to fly, an the distance is too far to drive but I'll make it one day, an the thought of all the other Concerts of 2015 gave an explosion of happiness. Have a lovely weekend. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Noemi Gutierrez
30-08-2014 - Mexico, D.F., Mexico

André no se olvide de México, ya lo extrañamos,
Cielito Lindo

Gladys Arriagada
30-08-2014 - LOS ALERCE, Chile

Querido Maestro, lo sigo a través del face. Es muy lindo el trabajo que entrega a un público tan diferente, en todo el mundo.
Irradia felicidad y bondad.
Personas como Usted necesita el mundo

Un abrazo

Adriana Machado
30-08-2014 - Ribeirão Preto, Brasil

Parabéns André,
seus músicos são maravilhosos, dá gosto de ouví-los e vê-los, tamanha é a alegria que eles transmitem, pois com certeza são valorizados e respeitados. Feliz do país que apoia as artes em geral ! Moro em uma cidade do estado de São Paulo chamada Ribeirão Preto e temos aqui uma Orquestra Sinfônica, que infelizmente está agonizando, morrendo, sem verbas e salários atrasados. Recentemente fiquei sabendo que duas de suas cantoras são brasileiras: Carmen Monarcha e Carla Maffioletti, que surpresa boa, que orgulho saber que brasileiras participam de sua orquestra. Seria um sonho poder assistir ao vivo uma apresentação, mas sei que ficará só no sonho, mas será, com certeza, um sonho maravilhoso ! Obrigado por existir: você, sua música e seus músicos !

Alison Sarah Carroll
29-08-2014 - 4ll, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

I received my ticket for the hydro show yesterday morning.

I'm so looking forward to seeing your show for the very first time.

I bought your latest DVD "magic of musicals"


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