Bill, Glasgow, Scotland
11-03-2013 - Howwood, United Kingdom

To Andre,
Looking forward to your concert in Glasgow, in December.
I had been listening to some of Burns' melodies in January and had this thought...Our national poet and song-writer, Robert Burns, wrote a lovely song to his beloved Nancy in 1791, called Ae Fond Kiss. This would make a beautiful slow waltz, as has been sung by our own Eddi Reader.
He died in 1796 and never heard or danced to the wonderful waltz, which didn't arrive here till about 20 years later, and if played for him, I could see Robert and Nancy's spirits dancing a waltz somewhere in the aisles to the words he wrote to Nancy.
But thank you and your orchestra for what you give so generously.
Regards, Bill

11-03-2013 - Porto Velho - RO, Brasil

Parabéns ao Maestro André e sua orquestra; a qualidade da apresentação dos mesmos, a atenção e carinho que dispensam ao público é digno dos melhores elogios. Senti-me realizada por ter sido privilegiada ao conseguir me fazer presente ao Gin. do Ibirapuera visto que moro em Porto Velho-RO. A viagem até S. Paulo, exclusiva, foi um dos melhores "investimentos" que fiz rumo à minha satisfação pessoal... Obrigada pelos momentos que proporcionaram ao público brasileiro!...

Creuza Regina Sanches
11-03-2013 - Santa Bárbara D'Oeste, Brasil

Andre, desde aqui do Brasil nossas saudações, VAMOS VER SEU SHOW IN SÃO PAULO hoje pela TV Globo, beijos

Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer
11-03-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Just voted later than usual.37oC today and humid.all the animals are safe and cool with water+++.the music helps all of us stay look great with glasses dear Pierre. I recall you suggesting to your Pa at Efteling to try contact lenses???!!!just a thought.i don't know where you are but safe travel home to your beautiful families in Maastricht.thinking of you all

11-03-2013 - Moron, Argentina

My Dearest Sir,
with all due respect... COME ON!!! you're not comming to Argentina?? we are sooo close to Chile and Brazil!! we are thousands and thousands of people who admire you so much! please! pass through the Andes Mountains and come to play for us too!! and please... don't ask Argentina not to cry for you! haha... kisses, lots!

Marlene Passos, 09-03-2013
11-03-2013 - Palm Beach Gardens, United States

Dearest magical maestro,
I attended you concert last night in Fort Lauderdale and it was pure magic! The majority of the audience last night, myself included, traveled hundreds of miles to live such dream! The "morning after", at breakfast in the hotel I spend the night for safety, the talk all around the dinner was your concert from last night. All is so perfect during your concert and I commend you as well for having artists of such diverse nationalities as part of your beloved musical family. Your love for music and friendship towards your audiences is so heartfelt! I am already looking forward for another opportunity to attend another concert of yours.
Best regards,

Mike Stevens
10-03-2013 - Portland, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, like John we have just discovered you and your fantastic Orchestra on Sky Arts, and we are hoocked, its amazing how you can fall into your music so easy, my Wife and I are now true fans and have already started to collect the DVD's.
I would ask one thing of you, if you and that fantastic Orchestra could some day visit us here in the South of England, say Southampton or preferably Bournemouth, that would be the icing on the cake. Well done to you all amazing music

Nevylle L Smith Gulfport, Mississippi. USA
10-03-2013 - Gulfport, United States

Good Morning Andre;
I just arrived home from Orlando, FL. where I saw your concert, on Mar 7th. As always your concerts continue to impress me. You appear very active and I wish you continued good health. I was even more impressed with your memory. Even though I said I was from Mississippi when you spoke to me in the audience, I knew you remembered me from back stage, when I saw your show in Baltimore nearly 4 years ago. I wanted to thank you for recognizing the veteran in the audience, who liberated your home town during WW II.
That my friend was a very honorable thing to do. For that you will be forever etched in my heart. I wish you and the JOS a safe journey as you travel the world spreading the word about the best music on the planet.

Gerda Sanborn 2085 Hadden rd Euclid,ohio 44117
10-03-2013 - Euclid, United States

Dear Andre,I had a dream come true when my daughter I visited in Tampa took me to your concert. I am a true fan of yours,watching every one of your shows on PBSI am 82 .See my father also played the violin and he toured germany with johann Strauss grandson up till 1936.............war time .......S o you can understand my love for the sound of the violin. I was closing my eyes and dreamed at the arena....You are a true gentleman and musik in your blood.Yes I will try and find the cd so I can listen at it when i go home with all my other CD.Thanks for Sharing your talent with the world.........We love you,gerda

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
10-03-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Winter has returned Dearest Andre but as you travel 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas will follow you through your magnificient music playing on La Vie Est Belle, already my home is full of sparkling sunshine just like you'll soon have in Phoneix. Your understanding of musical interpretation is unbelievable, you inject great light, life an majesty into Juliska from Budapest an Heia in the Mountains then when it comes to Danube Love an Lara's Theme you bring a warm loving tenderness to the heart and with Amazing Grace you reach into the soul with deep emotion, the notes always bring tears as only you can express the beauty the mind feels as you play a ballad of rebirth an love. You have a unique spirit Precious Man enabling you to give joy to the world. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

10-03-2013 - Oldsmar, United States

Andre, So glad you came to Tampa the show was GREAT!! Please wish Manoe a very Happy Birthday. Hope to see you again in Tampa. Best wishes on your tour.

Shirley. Worcester England
10-03-2013 - WORCESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Just heard you are 0n a chat show in London next week. what a lovely surprise. Looking forward to seeing you on Sky arts for two weeks lovely. I don't know what it was but I keep watching your 25 anniversary celebration concert and yiou seem different somehow, very relaxed and really enjoying everything and the orchestra, but then they always do enjoy themselves. Good luck on your tours this year and really looking forward to seeing you at London Wembley on 23rd Dec cannot wait. Safe journey to you all. xxxx

Marion Boot
10-03-2013 - Parcent, Spain

Weet u of u dit jaar in spanje komt? Ik woon hier al vele jaren en wil zo graag een concert hier bezoeken. Groetjes.

Becky Sankner
10-03-2013 - St. Petersburg, United States

Dear Andre, JSO members and support staff,

Thank you for your wonderful performance in Tampa, Friday night! I attended with my 95 year-old mother and a close family friend. Our friend, who was so impaired when she was born that she was deemed un-teachable, yet went on to graduate at the top of her class in high school, with no apparent handicaps, and has since lived a life of culture, grace and kindness, could not stop telling us what attending your concert meant to her. She knows her music, and she saw the beauty and substance you bring to it. Your work leavens the world. It's no wonder so many people of genuine substance love and care about you! Best wishes, and come back to Tampa (at least 4 times) before my mother's 100th birthday!

Angela Kerry. Ballymacelligott. R.O.I.
10-03-2013 - TRALEE, Ireland

Hi all you heavenly happy Angels, oh and Andre of course!!! Just found out there's a whole 2 weeks of wonderful music on sky arts 2 on the way. If I could take the time off of work, I'd be making a real piggy of my self! All that lovely feast of goodness and not a hip hugging calorie in sight!! but I've the time booked for my very first concert in Maastricht in July,so I'll be watching after work instead.
Rest as much as you all can.
Take care of your selves and each other.
Angel Blessings for everyone as always.

rosemarie twidale
09-03-2013 - ,

Andre i am a gold member and i have just got your happy birthday dvd and i am watching it now as my husband is in hospital to cheer myself up as with the rest of your dvd (i now have 16) we both love them we saw u in your home town last year and in birmingham and we look forward to seeing u in our citty nottingham this year. Keep up the good works!!. Rosemarie Twidale

Flavia Marques - São Paulo
09-03-2013 - SÃO PAULO, Brasil

Só se fala em André Rieu aqui no Brasil!!! uhhuuuuuu




Miguel Angel Haase
09-03-2013 - Picarte 4.000, Chile

Doy gracias a Dios por los maravillosos talentos de André,con mis esposa lo disfrutamos con mucho agrado en nuestros momentos libres.Estaremos en Stgo.en mayo disfrutando de éste magnifico concierto.Un abrazo desde la hermosa Ciudad de Valdivia-Chile

patricia orrego.
09-03-2013 - Santiago, Chile

Estimado Andre y familia musical.Una vez más he quedado
fascinada al poder ver y escuchar tu maravilloso dvd,Happy
Birthday.Me siento allá en tu ciudad natal al verlo,nos
transmites tu magia a traves de tu musica.Verdaderamente
eres un genio de la música.,eres unico junto a tu maravillosa
orquesta.Estoy tan feliz de que por fin vengas a mi país,yo
ya tengo las entradasTodos los exitos del mundo para ti y
tu familia musical

Enid Y Russell. Cooma. NSW.Australia
09-03-2013 - Cooma, Australia

Hi Andre and JSO
Wonderful to see travel photos again, especially one of Pierre-when do we just see one of your beloved Marjorie?
Girls look great with their hair rollers in, thats what we all love about you all- the natural ness despite your fame
Love the new DVD and also the CD, being played non-stop at the moment.
Have a wonderful tour, good health and safe travelling
See you all in Sydney Oct.16th
Love to all, Enid

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