Catherine Crapart
19-05-2014 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour vos photos et messages du Danemark, c'est un plaisir de vous lire et d'admirer les endroits merveilleux de vos voyages!
la semaine prochaine Genève avec son jet d'eau de 140 m impressionnant et ses magnifiques jardins, je garde un souvenir merveilleux de ma promenade en bateau sur le lac Léman ,il y a plusieurs années, un cadeau inoubliable d'un être cher qui reste gravé dans mon coeur!
Bon voyage pour la Suisse! Le chocolat y est très bon!

Vivienne Pratt
19-05-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
What a fantastic time you have given to your publicum in Herning, Lotz, Odense and Copenhagen! Thank you so much for all the beautiful Newsphotos. I love seeing so much happiness on the faces of yourself and your magnificent JSO when you are on the buhne sharing your passion for the beautiful music that you send reverberating around the Arenas. The joy I see reflected in the faces of your publicum must make all the hard work and travelling worthwhile for you all. How appropriate that you play your beautiful music in Copenhagen, dear Andre, when it was the home of Hans Christian Lumbye, the Danish Johann Strauss! Safe journey home dear Maestro. Enjoy a couple of days break before resuming your Tour in Geneva. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Kerstin Lundberg
19-05-2014 - Lund, Sweden

Thank you for a wonderful concert in Malmo Arena!
My daughter was with me for the first time and she enjoyed it too. We even danced in the aisle. You are all very welcome back next year!

Janice - East Kilbride - Scotland - UK
18-05-2014 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,

Played your "Live in Brazil" and "Live in Vienna" DVD'S this weekend - absolutelly fantastic.
Just a little more time to wait until I see you in Maastrict for the first time this year.
My love to all on tour with you and goodnight.


Ps. Good night from a lovely sunset in Scotland to all musical friends on the Messageboard this evening.

Rose G
18-05-2014 - London, United Kingdom

HI Dear Andre.
glad to see your are enjoying your latest trip Maastricht is not far away my husband and I cannot wait off to lake como and the weekend counting the days when we get back for Maastricht this will be our 8th concert and enjoyed everyone please make some more dvds keep resting when you can keep that smiling face and sparkling blue eyes all the time love to you all dearest andre and JSO love your music

Carol and Dorothy Wolverhampton
18-05-2014 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

Mom and I have just listened to your new C.D., Magic of the Musicals, it is beautiful. Thank you so much for your wonderful music.

God Bless you all and your families.

Teresa Mullen xx
18-05-2014 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre,
I have just watched a video clip of your concert in Copenhagen last night,playing The Marina, I missed it soooo much, when it was left out of your December 2013 concert in Belfast, it always makes us leave your concert on a real high. May I please request from you that you play it in The Odyssey Arena in Belfast on 5th December this year. All of my other Andre fan friends said exactly the same thing when it was omitted from the concerts last year. We don't want to leave your concert feeling on a down, because it has come to an end, we want to leave the arena dancing, as we normally do, albeit we are still sad when it is all over. I hope you have better memories from The Odyysey this December, when you will not be suffering like some of you did last December xx

Helena Britsch
18-05-2014 - Eastbourne, United Kingdom

I don't know who does all this but I just want to say a big thank you for the lovely reports on each concert and the wonderful pictures that go with each one. It is so good to follow Andre and JSO and see all the great times they have with everyone. I especially value it now that I am not able to travel and Iove seeing places I have been to, many in the past and remembering what it was like there, Copenhagen for example.
Thank you so much.

vicky laurie. ickwell bedfordshire. england
18-05-2014 - Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Hi Andr'e
I am sitting in the hot sun at last listening to your
music with a glass of wine having just finished gardening what more dose a person need???

Keep well and all of you be safe.

Renate Weißenborn
18-05-2014 - ,

Danke wieder für die tollen Fotos von Euch Allen, in Dänemark !
Ich finde immer ein Bild schöner als das Andere und freue mich jedesmal über Eure gute Stimmung.
Nun kommt heute noch Malmö in Schweden, dann ein paar wohlverdiente Ruhetage, bevor es weiter geht in die Schweiz und nach Österreich, wo ihr schon sehnsüchtig von Euren Fans erwartet werdet.
Viel Glück und viel Erfolg wünscht Euch, mit lieben Grüßen, Renate W.

Helge Landvad
18-05-2014 - Albertslund, Denmark

Dear Ande' . First of all, thank You for a wunderfull Concert in København, and thank You for complyting my wish by playing The Second Wals. If You notict, was I dancing right before the bandstand. I had eye contact with Your female musiccian there was plying the bassoon. Before the concert was I teaching about 40 person in the Wienerwals in a resturant near by the Arena

Janice Lanarkshire Scotland. UK
17-05-2014 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

Just a thank you for changing my listening choice of music.
For the first time ever I am listening quite happily to a Pianist initials RC that Akim has played with in the past young Akim is dressed in a red shirt with candles about the stage in the piece I saw, cannot remember what they were playing
Thanks for opening people's enjoyment of the classics


susan turner wales
17-05-2014 - Newport, United Kingdom

i came to see you perform 2 yrs ago in birminghahn
it was the most wonderful night of my life;
i was hoping yu would come to cardiff, as i have been diaganosed with terminal lung cancer, so it was a dream that will not happen, im so disappointed, not t relive that night again
is there any chance you could come to cardiff, as i have a few months left, to hear and see you again is first on my bucket list, and at thoundis moment i can still get around
good luck on yuor tour\

Daniela Baumann
17-05-2014 - Regensdorf, Switzerland

Lieber André
am 23. Mai kommst du wieder nach Zürich. Meine Mutter Ruth und ich besuchen deine Konzerte seit Jahren. Wie immer freuen wir uns riesig. Dieses Jahr ist besonders schön, dass meine Mutter genau an diesem Tag ihren 82. Geburtstag feiert. Kein Geschenk würde ihr mehr Freunde machen, als ein Konzert mit deinem wunderbaren Orchester.
Alles Gute und bis am Freitag.

marie-jo jean-michel DIJON 21000 FRANCE
17-05-2014 - ,

cher ANDRE bon wek-end a copehnague , quelle chance de faire de si beaux voyages !!!! c'est sur au détriment de bien des choses exemple votre famille , mais je suis qu'a votre retour vous compensez . une dame de AUXONNE en cote d'or m'a laissé un message pour savoir si j'avais des photos de votre concert a DIJON , non je n'en ai pas ! mais j'en ai de MAASTRICHT je vais donc lui en envoyer elle qui n'est jamais sortie et e plus elle vous adore , pourquoi ne pas faire des heureux par des gestes simples !!!!!! AMITIES a vous et tout le J. S. O . mille bises a vous .

Susanne and Melisa
17-05-2014 - Horsens, Denmark

Dear Andrè,

I want to thank you for a great experience in Odense yesterday. My daughter Melisa, turned 18 years old and choose to selebrate her birthday at your concert. She never will forget this evening. Thank you for have turned music into a complete experince. My daughter would be pleased if you would sent her a autograpf.

bliquy danielle
17-05-2014 - Saint saulve, France

un wk tout en beauté, des fans qui vivront des heures exquises, tout sera fusionnel puisqu'avec votre public et vous même tout est osmose, c'est une profusion d'anecdote, des rires, des moments qui restent dans le coeur de tout à chacun ! votre musique est la reine de vos concerts qui accompagne tout en beauté notre roi de la valse ! belle route fleurie prince adoré et bons concerts à toutes vos fans qui n'attendent qu'un seul instant ( celui ou vous apparaîssez sur scène ) tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Puiu Iulian Macinca
17-05-2014 - Odense SV, Denmark

Hi Andre and JSO!
I want to thank you for the immense pleasure of participating for the first time at one of your concerts! it was an unforgettable experience! How could i since i had an incredible artist with an amazing orchestra behind him to congratulate me for having choose their concert to propose to my future wife.
I cold never forget, even if one day I'll go death, because the music will always be there, in my mind, in my eyes in my heart and my hand!
A thousand times thank you for visiting "Odenze" :) and definitely see you again in the future!
Best regards, Iulian

17-05-2014 - Cucuta, Colombia

Hola Andre Im from Cucuta Colombia and sinve my son lives in Germany and i was going to visit him this early summer i looked forward where your concert was going to be so we will be at Helsinki just to hear you. Cant wait so excited tro finally see you

Janice - Lanarkshire - Scotland - UK
17-05-2014 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

Have just listened to your delightful DVD "DREAMING" this evening, as ever every selection of your music a joy.
Would it be possible to perform "The Gadfly" in Maastrict this year, it is one of my favourites if possible.
Good night to yourself and the JSO and everyone on tour.
Safe journey and see you very soon.


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