Violet Kirkintilloch Scotland
17-02-2014 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
Received our tickets today for the Glasgow concert it will be good to see the live concert again.

17-02-2014 - 289,597, Peru

Hello, I'm from Lima-Peru and a great fan of the beautiful music that Andre, I would like to know if it will do a concert in Peru, I would love to go to one of their concerts. It would be a pleasure to attend. Thank you very much .... :)

bliquy danielle
17-02-2014 - Saint saulve, France

un énorme merci généreux maestro, votre coeur est immense et de nouveau vous le prouvez, ces inondations ont atteint fortement nombre de gens qui vivent un cauchemar, vos concerts au profit de ces sinistrés seront un lien solide entre votre si belle musique et votre grande générosité, merci pour eux, vos fans en sont très sensibles, pensées vers eux et vers vous, tendresse Danielle

Gwen Francis.
17-02-2014 - Bristol, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre.m
What a wonderful gesture from you to think of the flood victims in the UK and to want to put a charity concert on to help.
We were at your concert in Wembley Arena last December and what a wonderful time we had, and have booked tickets to see you again at Wembley in December this year,
Much love to you and the JSO for all the wonderful music you play.
It would be lovely to see you in Cardiff one day .
Take care you lovely man.
Gwen x

Much love to you and Marjorie and to the JSO>

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
17-02-2014 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, At last we have the sun shining here in the UK, it is a beautiful thing to see after all the storms. Your music continues to bring smiles and also tears of emotion. I was listening to "Endlessly" from Music Of The Night today whilst I was shopping and had to sit down and wipe away the tears, it is such a beautiful piece of music and there is no one who could bring out the emotion of the music like you Andre.
Thank you for your efforts to organise a concert in the UK to help the victims of the floods, you are such a caring man. I hope to attend the benefit concert, also see you in Maastricht in July and Wembley Arena in December. Much love. Patricia

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
17-02-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A wonderful morning Dearest Andre echoed by you in the beautiful emotive playing of Morning from your Dreaming Cd. The weather is Normal as 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas looks at the lovely photos of you, the Orkest, singers an musicians in Kempton, what a great way to start the day -Thank You. The end of your tour of Germany is near an what a spectacular 6wks its been, many thousands of people now have diamond encrusted memories to treasure that they will recall frequently over the coming years of magnificent music, singing to take their breath away, warmth an friendship from one of one of the kindest an most thoughtful men in the world, plus friendship, fun an laughter from the most talented Orkest in the world - be immensely proud Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Rose G
17-02-2014 - London, United Kingdom

dearest andre .
Such a kind and thoughtful man to think of the flood victims in the u.k you are loved by all if the concert is in the 02 in london I will be there take care you lovely man love to you all.

Mireille JOURDAN
17-02-2014 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André, toutes mes félicitations pour votre généreuse initiative de donner des concerts au profit des sinistrés des inondation au Royaume Uni qui est particulièrement dévasté par ce triste afflux d'eau.
Comme toujours je suis fière d'être une de vos fans, car vous êtes un bienfaiteur de l'humanité.pas seulement par votre musique mais à toutes occasions de nécessités.
Chapeau ! Bon courage et mille baisers affectueux.

Catherine Crapart
17-02-2014 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour toutes vos photos et messages, quand je lis que vous avez tous grimpez les 768 marches de cette cathédrale de ULM quel courage! Vous avez dû ressentir pour certains des douleurs dans les mollets!
Merci pour toutes vos explications intéressantes sur chaque ville où vous jouez, c'est toujours un plaisir de vous lire.

bliquy danielle
17-02-2014 - Saint saulve, France

encore une semaine qui s'est râturée et là on peut dire que la semaine prochaine la France recevra son président musical, quel bonheur mais quel bonheur !!! les dates prendront leur chemin pour arriver jusqu'à mon printemps de Lille, vite, vite prince des coeurs, vos cht'is ne tiennent plus en place, enfin revivre ces moments d'exceptions en votre compagnie et le JSO quoi de plus merveilleux que de se dire ( LA VIE EST BELLE ) votre musique est un bien être dans nos vies, excellente soirée à Berlin, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Danielle lindenbauer
17-02-2014 - ,

Dear Andre
I'd like to thank u for the beautiful music you play it is so joyful and up lifting to people. My mum seen one of your shows on tv one day and enjoyed it so much I went to the shops to buy it for her and surprise her with magic movies movies DVD concert. She said it was the best thing I ever bought for her. My mums wish is to go back to Austria cause that is where she from and seeing you play the music there brings back life into her cause my mum is very sick and I hopefully one day one. I can make her wish come true to see you live your music brings her tears to eyes and even mine it has incredible to listen to and I thank you for that and some day I hope I can see you one day live show.

Nilson Donizetti Camargos
17-02-2014 - BRASILIA , Brasil

Dear Mr. Andre Rieu, I'm a fan of the sr. in Brazil, like his many presentations and hear their DVD's. I want to congratulate him for his career and his orchestra.
Nilson Donizetti

Vivienne Pratt
17-02-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Thank you for the Newsphotos from Nuremberg, Neu Ulm, Karisruhe and Kempten. The 'portraits' of yourself in Nuremberg are stunning and remind me of a beautiful song 'One Voice singing in the Darkness' which I love. What a beautiful church tower in Neu Ulm, Andre. It has the appearance of an enchanted Gothic castle: how brave too of some of the JSO climbing to the top up 768 stairs! But what a beautiful sight when they got to the top. I'm thinking though its a good job that they can sit down during the concert to rest their legs! As you tour and share beautiful photos with us, Andre, countries and venues change, but one thing remains constant: you, your JSO and publicum all have rapturous beaming faces! Take care dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Hazel Rodgers
17-02-2014 - BELFAST, United Kingdom

I have booked my Father and myself to see you in Belfast in December (hopefully my dad will be ok then he is almost 95). He has all of your videos and cds and he is looking forward to seeing the concert . My wish is that he could get a photo taken with you or even a signed photo sent now. we will be in the 3rd row of the concert and in the middle so a great view .. My dad is looking forward to all the fun and beautiful music and singers. I am so looking forward to the show too.

A lovely thought from you to put on a concert for the people who are affected by the flooding..

16-02-2014 - Pereira - Risaralda, Colombia

Hi Andre,

I love you music so much, but when do you make a concert in my country?, please don't forget us.

Thank you!

Paulo Veiga, Coimbra, Portugal
16-02-2014 - Coimbra, Portugal

Dear Andre and all colleagues

Once a went to Belgium to assist a live concert. Simply delight.
I buy practically all your DVD

Looking your agenda until Feb'15 no idea to act in Portugal.

When possible, think on that. You will be surprised with people how warm are we.

Thank you

Renate Weißenborn
16-02-2014 - ,

Lieber André,
Natürlich folge ich Euch in Gedanken von Stadt zu Stadt und erlebe Eure Konzerte mit. Herzlichen Dank auch für die schönen Fotos, die mich immer sehr erfreuen und die uns alle an Eurer Tour durch Deutschland teilhaben lassen. Es sind wirklich tolle Fotos und ich bewundere alle, die diese 768 Stufen im "Ulmer Münster" mit dem höchsten Kirchturm der Welt, erklimmen und dadurch diese großartigen Bilder aus schwindelnder Höhe machen konnten. Bevor Ihr dann einige Tage zur Ruhe kommen könnt um für Berlin wieder fit zu sein, war das letzte Konzert in Kempten/Allgäu. Das ist so etwas wie meine Heimatstadt, denn dort verbrachte ich meine Schulzeit. Mögen die letzten 4 Konzerte der Deutschland-Tour so schön wie bisher sein. Viel Freude und Erfolg wünscht Euch von Herzen, Renate W.

Sandra (Sandi) Baccolini in N. Cheam, Sutton, Surrey U.K.
16-02-2014 - Sutton, United Kingdom

Our Dear Andre, I hope you are well and enjoying the tour of Germany. We get updates and wish we could be there! However, yesterday my gold necklace with 6 Violins arrived and I am So thrilled with it, its really beautiful - your friend Pierre Martens is very clever! My love and thanks to you both. So, now I have 3 t-shirts,acushion,a teddy bear 2 books and the necklace and many DVD's! we watched you for 3 hrs last night as always on a Saturday p.m. Sky Arts 2. Brilliant. Alan has played the 2nd Waltz and other tracks on his Hospital Radio programme at Kingston this morning (of course hoping most of the Patients will now be up and dancing!!) Take care Andre, stay well - hoping we will meet one day (dream on Sandi!)
Our love to you ,all your family and the JSO,and Soloists.
Love always from

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
16-02-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Beautiful SUNSHIINE Dearest Andre making a mini celebration for 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas as she tends her battered garden with your Sensational music from And The Waltz Goes On Cd giving great spirit an hope in my heart that the soggy plants will revive - sadly the Magnolia an Flowering Red Currant are smashed but replacements will be found, already the Primroses an Crocus smile as I clear away the leaves. The bright an lively Blue Tango reflexes the azure of the sky an that of your eyes as I look at the lovely photos of you in Karsruhe, another sensational triumph by the look of all the smiles on the audiences faces, reawakening wonderful old memories an giving new precious moments to cherish. Have a lovely rest with your special family. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Carmela Catinian
16-02-2014 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,

Here I am again! While you have been energetically celebrating 2014 in your own way, my family focuses the whole attention on the newest member of us-Karim, a perfect baby boy,who is now 2 months old. Of course you should know about it, you are his honorific granduncle, you know...My mum has become grandgrandma at 69, isn't it wonderful? I've watched today the episodes of-Welcome to my world-and I've been again impressed by the little gestures you make,by the warmth of your look when you talk about JSO and your employees,by everything defining the man-AR. And not in the least by the last line written for your fans-Thank you.AR.-And our answer is for now and forever-Always, Andre, thank you,too.The part with the British 'conquering' Maastricht on your behalf is super!!!

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