Margaret Crowther
29-08-2013 - Cheadle, United Kingdom

Fantastic DVD and fantastic to have a DVD with new photos in the leaflet. Usually they are old photos taken from previous programmes. More new photos please, and it would be wonderful if all DVDs could be issued as quickly as this one - less than four months. I love it.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
29-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Sunshine an warmth return Dearest Andre an the beautiful melodies of Dance with Me Into the Morning and You Can't be True Dear from your Sensational Cd And The Waltz Goes On add a Magic an awesome wonder to the life of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas, as the notes flow across the garden the bird song seems to be more vibrant an the shrubs an flowers shine with more radiant colours, everything smiles as it feels its spirit uplifted by such beautifully played music and I know now that life is very good. I hope your joy an happiness at spending more time with your lovely family, an taking life an a little work at an easier pace is giving you great pleasure, time for your birds an your garden an a little music must give a rich golden glow to your heart. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Freddy Sarria Duarte (Nicaragua)
29-08-2013 - 505, Nicaragua

Un día miré el vídeo BOLERO DE MAURICIO RAVEL y aunque en el vídeo no había información de la orquesta y su director, a partir de ahí quedé embelesado y busqué más, más y más hasta que descubrí a André Rieu y no paré hasta mirar todos los vídeos que hay en Youtube. Hoy día estoy pendiente de cada una de sus publicaciones. Cuando se descubre a André Rieu es como un ensueño, porque la música, la alegría de todos los miembros de la orquesta, el estilo y los colores vistosos del traje de las mujeres, la gracia y destreza conque tocan los instrumentos te atrapa y todo esto te lleva a un lugar encantado donde la música te arrulla; cada pieza musical es como vivir un cuento de hadas.Es difícil describir la magnitud de una persona. Para mí André Rieu es SUBLIME, SENSITIVO, SENTIMENTAL.

Lise Néron
29-08-2013 - Laval, Canada

J'aimerais savoir si M. Rieu viendra au Québec sous peu. On s'ennuie...

29-08-2013 - La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Dear Andre

I wish you the best for your new concerts in Mexico. I go on enjoying your DVDs looking forward to your next visit to Chile.......when ????
Take care and good luck !!

Vivienne Pratt
29-08-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I was sitting in the glorious sunshine today listening to your magnificent album 'Magic of the Movies'. What an incredibly beautiful collection of powerful and emotional melodies this is. So many of my favourites: My Heart Will Go On, Edelweiss, Windmills of your Mind, The Rose, Laras Theme, Strangers in Paradise, Dances with Wolves, Stephanie’s gorgeous Adagio [Kings Speech], Edelweiss and Taras Theme, to name just a few. Dear Maestro, you play each piece as if every note comes directly from your heart to your hands and the beautiful Lady Stradivarius responds with heavenly music! Simply stunning! I so hope this Album is in the Classic Brit nominations for Album of the Year: we will vote you to the top spot for sure! Take care. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Lynne Allsopp
28-08-2013 - Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

So enjoyed the 2 Maastricht concerts 13th & 14th July, once in pavement cafe, once in main square. Looking forward to Belfast & Dublin in Dec. Belfast is the home of Belfast Giants Ice Hockey Team. You must play 'I'll Tell Me Ma' theme song of Giants. Ask Mr Sheerin from Dubliners, he knows it. Roof would blow off arena if you played this. Ps. Red rosé cafe is loved in Belfast as well as Dublin. Please!! Thank you, Lynne

Raymond Rohana, Indianapolis, Indiana
28-08-2013 - Indianapolis, United States

I hope to someday enjoy this in person, but will probably have to be in the USA. Any plans for a performance here??

28-08-2013 - SÖKE/AYDIN.TURK?YE, Turkey


Krystyna Grunberg Curitiba Brasil
28-08-2013 - Curitiba-PR, Brasil

Andre, was very beautiful you visit to Vera Lynn.
When I was a child in my home we have a LP (long play disc) and I love listen this kind of music. The best music for me was Lili Marlen with Marlene Dietricht. Good memories.
Good week to you and enjoy the end of rest.
With my love Krystyna

Veronica Squibb
28-08-2013 - Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

Dear Andre so looking forward to my first concert on 6th December at Wembley Arena - I would love to come to Maastricht for your summer concerts, but I don't suppose you know the date yet. I will be bringing my camera, so hope it is allowed to use them. I don't suppose you see anyone backstage do you? Anyway, I am so excited and so looking forward to seeing you, and listening to your wonderful music. Good luck and God bless.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
28-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

So grey today Dearest Andre but 30mins ago the postman arrived an now the heart an life of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is full of golden sunshine an sparkling diamonds as he delivered my Andre mug an it is just BEAUTIFUL. Normally I only drink tea from a cup made of bone china - it really gives a better taste - today I make an exception, I put on your Dreaming Cd an take my tea from my Andre mug an it is delicious,. My two favourite parts of a day drinking tea an listening to glorious Andre music have got a thousand times better, total happiness, looking at you reminds me of past Concerts, that beautiful man in a beautiful blue suit with an immense musical talent giving the gift of pure joy to his enthralled audience. Precious Man I'm in heaven. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

elsie, crawley. West Sussex.
28-08-2013 - Crawley, west Sussex, United Kingdom

So good to see you on SkyArts2at the weekend. How delighted Dame Vera must have been to see you and Pierre. She is such a lovely lady. Can't wait to see the
Sky programme you have made, I am sure it will be
amazing. Hope you have had a good holiday. Take care.

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
28-08-2013 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I am so pleased that you were able to meet our lovely Dame Vera Lynn,she meant so much to my parents generation and indeed to all of us who were born in the days when the radio was our way of hearing music.I was brought up on hearing records played by my parents and it has stayed with me ever since.
YOU Dear Andre have brought so much pleasure in todays' world and I thank you for your wonderful JSO,soloists and all involved with your concerts.I am so looking forward to Dec.21.when I shall be in your company.Take care on all your travels.Love Elaine.

bliquy danielle
28-08-2013 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou qui s'annonce avec de l'ensoleillement, ce soleil Mexico dans moins d'un mois l'aura devant ses yeux et dans son coeur puisque vous y serez, tout est ardent lorsque vous êtes présent, à chacun de vivre son bonheur car vous applaudir c'est un énorme bonheur ! demain mon trésor reprendra le chemin de l'école, je souhaite à tous les pioupous des mamans et mamies fans de vous prince des coeurs une excellente rentrée, terminez de profiter de vos amours avant votre envol vers ce pays qui n'attend que vous, une envolée de tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle qui se laisse bercer dans toutes vos gammes

Nurul Rahma Shofwati
28-08-2013 - Jatisrono, Wonogiri, Central Java, Indonesia

Hi, André.. I really wanna meet you. Please come to Indonesia :)

Marilyn Fitzgibbon
28-08-2013 - Paddington, Australia

Thank you so much for the Gold Members gifts. The scarf is just lovely and the postcards are very much appreciated.
Not long now for your concerts in Australia to start.
Very much looking forward to your concert in Brisbane as this time I have good front row seats (nearly in the middle)
See you in Brisbane on the 12th October

Elizabeth from Adelaide
28-08-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Hello dear Andre. Thankyou for the Gold Member presents.I have your beautiful burgundy and gold silk scarf, the blue one from this year and now this lovely one. The photos are beautiful ofcourse.a new fan of yours is a Maori lady, whom I took to CinemaLive for your concert . She hasnt stopped singing your praises along with me. The joy you bring to this world is immeasurable! I was fortunate to see your concert live with the little doll dressed in a replica of the suit you wear on stage.i made the outfit under is meant to be a compliment to you.I will treasure Pierre's comments about it forever. Maastricht, the Vrijthof, the people I met and seeing Marc 's exhibition was perfect. I won't be able to visit again so thankyou for the memories n music.

28-08-2013 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I was so happy to read of your visit to Dame Vera Lynn. You and Pierre must have had a totally wonderful visit with this beloved lady. The pictures are lovely of all of you.The series that you are recording for SKYTV will be so special with the episode to honour veterans. Thank you so much for doing this and also for the concert at the Vrithof in which you honoured veterans during your Maastricht 2013 series of concerts.
All veterans can never be thanked enough by all of us.We owe them so very much.
Thank you again for your kind and generous spirit toward these heroes.
I hope you holiday was perfect with your family.
Much love to you.

pat Stringer Adelaide Australia
28-08-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

What a wonderful meeting it must have been I well remember all the songs every one sung during the war years and the "White cliffs of Dover". a stark reminder of Englands sorrows. I shed a tear as you showed such caring and respect for Dame Vera.WHAT A WONDERFUL MOMENT TO SHARE. Thank you

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