Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
29-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

An early letter Dearest Andre as on this cold grey day 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas must hold the hand an give support to a brave yet very sick lady from the Hospice as she receives more threapy. I know you an your wonderful music Andre will help even more than I, she tells me when she listens to your CDs she forgets her troubles. She takes her favourite Dreaming, saying the warmth an love of the music gives her an inner peace an happiness. I look last night at your beautiful photos on Facebook from years ago when making La Vie Est Belle I listen at the same time transported to the Waldbuhne what glorious music an brilliant spectacle what vison you have to gladden our hearts, you've got more magnificient an clever as the years passed Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
29-01-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, We continue to see you on Skyarts2 on a regular basis, and although the devotees like myself already have them in their collections it is still wonderful to watch the concerts over again.
The joy your music and concerts bring to people worldwide cannot be underestimated. I have waited a very long time for someone like you to come along, I first saw you on Classic FMTV in 2001 and I was mesmerised - the piece they showed was the Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet and it was so beautiful that I couldn't get you or the music out of my mind. I hope you will go on forever, you bring joy and happinessto so many. Much love Maestro. Patrici

Catherine Crapart
29-01-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Je laisse mes pensées vagabonder
au son de votre musique romantique!
où naissent des idées de rêver
à ces paysages féériques!
qui paraissent comme une légèreté retrouvée
comme dans un conte fantastique!

Merci Maestro de nous faire rêver! continuer de nous éblouir avec vos succès!

29-01-2013 - Guadalajara, Mexico

Buena noche es sumamente maravilloso escuchar sonido tan hermoso... mi corazón tiene paz... me encataría que volvieran a México a la ciudad de Guadalajara... fui a verlos cuando vieneron y me encataría nuevamente soñar con ustedes y vivir tan grata experiencia y personas que no han tenido esta dicha puedan disfrutar del don tan maravilloso que Dios les ha dado.
En este momento escucho el DVD André Rieu Home for Christmas simplemente maravilloso.

Anna Melbourne Australia
29-01-2013 - Victoria, Australia

Greetings from the land Downunder!
Have you ever played 'Vincent' (Starry Starry Night-Don Mclean)?
Perhaps in Melbourne in 2013?
Thank you for your music


Vivienne Pratt
29-01-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Having watched Romance I wanted to 'revisit' Romantic Paradise: a stunning DVD of your amazing Concert in the truly atmospheric little town of Cortona. The whole ambience of the Square from which you created the amazing amphitheatre is unbelievably breathtaking. Watching it on DVD I can 'feel' the hot evening air and hear the echo of the glorious music and your wonderful Stradivarius, pieces like Romance Anonyme, Once Upon a Time in the West and Strangers in Paradise, reverberating around the buildings surrounding the Square: you were indeed strangers in paradise! I love the 'Behind the Scenes' too where your amazing crew turn a little Square in Cortona into an incredible amphitheatre! You are indeed the 'Magical Andre Rieu'! Take care. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

jacinta johnston
28-01-2013 - Dublin, Ireland

hi andre i love your music imfrom dublin i only heard all year music befour christmas and it was brillent used to listen to other music but your music took to me more than anything i ever heard keep the best music going composer

David Bell, Blantyre, Glasgow.
28-01-2013 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Thank you Andre for your magnificent music.
I especially love Amazing grace with the Bagpipe's, it makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.
Hope your back in Scotland again soon, wosh i had have been able to get tickets for your concert in Glasgow in December just past.

Keep up the Great work.

Beatriz Serafina Martino
28-01-2013 - Ciudad de Buenos aires - Capital Federal, Argentina

Yo soy Argentina y vivo en Buenos Aires, me encanta su musica, como dirige su preciosa orquesta, y adoro los valses desde siempre, ademas tambien adoro como ejecuta piiezas hermosas en su violin. Lo considero un musico de una excelencia poco frecuente, y lo felicito por su exito y su premio de Londres, Lo merecia. Gracias por los momentos felices que logro vivir con sus conciertos.

28-01-2013 - Powys, United Kingdom

As a new member I have to say how much I love to watch your concerts. As much as I enjoy seeing the enjoyment on both your and the orchestra's faces I love to see the joy of the audience, especially the elderly people that you see remembering past pleasures or sadness.

To have the gift to bring a message to each and every person in your huge audiences is wonderous indeed. I don't know how life brought you to this point at a time when I'm here to see and enjoy it but I'm so grateful to it.

Wishing you continued health, wealth and happiness (not necessarily in that order it's just a saying)

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
28-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Winter has returned Dearest Andre with severe frost but as 'The lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas listens to the beautiful music of Forever Vienna she is transported to a lovely concert hall on a warm summer evening where you an the JSO look spectacular an give enormous pleasure an happiness as you play, opening our hearts to the joy of Real Music. I listen yesterday to Pini di Roma on U Tube. Where did you get such a truely magnificient idea from? This piece is breathtaking, keeping so many musicians together as one voice is a gigantic task yet you did it superbly an perfectly All those Brass players an the whole of the JSO were fantastic an we all see once again how enormously talented you are Precious Andre, an awesome emotional moment no one should miss. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Mireille JOURDAN
28-01-2013 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous.
J'ai revu hier avec grand plaisir DVD "Home for Christmas" : Félicitations, quel beau travail et quel beau résultat ! Parfaite atmosphère des Noëls de mon enfance (surtout les années où il y avait un peu de neige, ce qui est rare dans la Provence Maritime !).
J'imagine l'énorme boulot rien que pour enneiger les décors si nombreux, et pour les désenneiger !!!
Tout parfait, "December lights" très émouvant.
Mais j'aurais aimé "Minuit Chrétien" en français...!
Mille baisers affectueux.

Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer
28-01-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Dear Andre, my neighbours are now engaged.I played the wedding march on top notes for weeks and guess what it worked so congratulations Maestro Nostra working on enjoyment of the music.with tongue in cheek I told them I could now love them more now they were legal.its a joke they are in their early 20' precious Christmas in Lights is hot from overuse and I wore the new blue scarf on Australia Day.never in my life have I worn Australiana on the celebration day but I wore a shift with the Aussie flag n red tights.glad I didn't have to look at it.had to wear the Andre scarf for balance.

Vivienne Pratt
28-01-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Your 'Magic of the Movies' remains at No.1 in Classic FM's Album Chart! Its so wonderful to see the hard work of you, Marjorie, your fabulous JSO and ensemble being appreciated! Here in the UK your 'Romance' was televised. What a very special collection of moving moments and the most Romantic music in the world this DVD contains. You play each piece with such sensitivity, straight from your heart: such melodies as Lagunen Waltz, My Heart Will Go On, The Last Rose, Toselli's Serenade and my own special favourite Romance Anonyme which sends shivers down my spine and brings tears to my eyes you play it with so much heartfelt emotion. And finally you play your tribute to your beloved home 'Ode to Maastricht' and tears fall! Have a happy week. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Winifred Stone
27-01-2013 - Newark,notts, United Kingdom

Congratulations!!!!! Number one in the Classic F M music chart for 11 weeks. Waiting for more news about an album with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Mouthwatering thought! Thank you for all the music.

Brenda Brown, Leicester, England.
27-01-2013 - Leicester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre - just listened to Classic FM Top 30 and you are still at No 1 with Magic of the Movies. This makes it 11 weeks!! Forever Vienna is at No 9 and has not been out of the Top 30 in the 3 years since it was released here. You have 8 CDs altogether in the Top 30. Fantastic!
Looking forward to your next CD/DVD.
Hope you are well and enjoying a break from touring.
love from Brenda.

Adrian Gomersall North Yorkshire England
27-01-2013 - RIPON, NORTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Looking forward to your concert in Maastricht, saw your show in newcstle 2012 which was great, it was the best night of my wife, s life so she told me, good luck with your forthcoming tour of the states

27-01-2013 - Thornton Cleveleys, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
How are you now? Keep up with the exercises they do work . I have just finished your books my music my life and dreams come true, they are wonderful.
Half of my dream came true when I saw you in Manchester 2012 the other half is to meet you, maybe one day. Your CDs and DVDs are out of this world, I love them.

love, Christine Whittaker Blackpool England

Rina en Co Wesseling
27-01-2013 - ZEIST, Netherlands

Wij kijken nu al weer uit naar de nieuwe dvd en cd over het 25 jaar muziekplezier verspreiden over de hele wereld en naar het concert in Wenen op 18 mei

Patricia Torres Dávila - Ciudad Aut{onoma e Buenos Aires - Argentina
27-01-2013 - Ciudad Autònoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

De Buenos Aires, Argentina, une autre fois je vous salue avec beaucoup de affection et je vous souhaite le mieux dans votres presentations de cette 2013. Nous le espoir a Argentina.
Amicalement, Mr. Rieu.

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