David White
23-06-2013 - Buckley, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I'll be honest, I'd never listened to any of your music until my Nan introduced me to you. She passed away earlier this year and we had one of your pieces played at her funeral. Since then I listen to your music as a strong reminder of her to me.
I hope to see you later this year in Liverpool.
Many Thanks for great music and memories.
David White.

Erika Argaluza
23-06-2013 - Lima, Peru

La embajada de Austria en Lima-Perú, está organizando el Segundo Baile Vienés, con la orquesta Fledermaus, dirigida por la violinista Iva Nikolova para interpretar los mejores valses de Johann Strauss, un motivo más para insistir en su presencia en Perú, Sr Rieu pues somos admiradores de su maravillosa interpretación musical.Es uno de los pocos músicos que atrae a tantos jóvenes diría es el equivalente al flautista de Hamelin
solo un día por favor

Verott.US, Valparaíso-Chile
23-06-2013 - Edificio Mirador del Puerto, Chile

Querido André y JSO, soy de Valparaíso (Chile), fuí junto a mis padres a verlos a Santiago (Movistar Arena) y fue algo maravilloso. Espero que en el 2014 vuelvan a nuestro país, ya que en Octubre estarán por Brasil, podrían pasar nuevamente por Chile, sería fantastico ir a verlos de nuevo.
Tus DVD son unicos, lo mejor, gracias por entregar tanta alegría y bella música.
Saludos para ti y tu orquesta.

Ilan Bar
22-06-2013 - Modiin, Israel

It is always an emotiion and a pleasure to listen to your music, with all it's variations.
What are the chances that you and your marvelous orchestra were to come to Israel. I'm sure that you will have a very warm and loving audience here from all parts of the population.

Cinthia Fehling
22-06-2013 - Martinez, Argentina

Lieber Andre,
Vor kurzem waren Sie in Buenos Aires (meine Heimat) und sobald ich das erfuhr, kaufte ich sofort ein Ticket so nah wie möglich an der Bühne. Ich bin mit Ihrer Musik aufgewachsen, bin genau 25 Jahre alt und eine junge Fan von Ihnen. Habe alle (oder meiste) Konzerte in YouTube gesehen. Aber Sie live zu sehen und mit Ihrer Musik im Konzert zu tanzen, war unglaublich. Habe getanzt, mitgesungen, geklatsch und konnte es kaum fassen. Und wenn ich mal arbeite oder studieren muss, dann begleitet mich Ihre Musik und ich schaffe es begeistert durch die Stunden. Ich wollte mich herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken. Weiter so! Ihre Musik geht einen richtig unter die Haut ins Herz!
Hoffentlich treffen wir uns mal wieder in Europa. Bis dann.

Hedy Márcia Carlomagno
22-06-2013 - Ribeirão Preto, Brasil

Caro André Rieu,

Admiro muito o seu trabalho e a sua pessoa. Você é uma inspiração para mim. Te adoro! Possuo todos os seus DVD.


22-06-2013 - LADON, France

génial, je viens d'avoir mes places pour le 13/3/2014 à PARIS quel bonheur de vous revoir en plus je serai au 1er rang sur le cote mais si près de vous on ne veut pas vieillir mais vivement le mois de mars 2014 en attendant je regarde vos DVD
je vous envoie toutes mes affectueuses pensées

Teresa Mullen...IRELAND
22-06-2013 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre,
Only 6 more sleeps until we see you for our 1st time in Maastricht, we are looking forward to this trip sooooo much, the only thing which is a little disappointing is the weather forecast for Friday 28th, it is showing rain showers but this will not dampen our spirits, we are soo used to much rainfall in Ireland but a little sunshine would have been very up lifting. Anyway I have no doubt whatsoever that our spirits will be lifted sky high once you & JSO appear in front of our eyes, just as you have lifted us sooo much on both occasions when you came to perform for us in Belfast in 2011 & again in 2012 & soo looking forward to seeing you all again on 16th December 2013, ground floor, row 1, seats 13 & 14 :)
Take care & see you allon Friday evening.
Teresa x

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
22-06-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A grey wet day Dearest Andre an also very sad as my friend an neighbour passed away while I was with her yesterday while wrapped in the arms of your glorious music. This morning the wonderful music from Moonlight Serenade is giving strength and an inner peace to 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas the inspiration of the music also tells me how precious an wonderful life is and its beauty makes you feel warm an happy an wanting to smile. Your unique talent for musical expression an the way you teach us how to enrich an enhance our lives through the joy of good music is invaluable at a time like this. Its true Precious Man that your music heals, gives strength, courage an determination leading to deep joy an happiness. Thank You for all that you give Andre. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Janet Balodis Sydney Australia.
22-06-2013 - SYDNEY, Australia

Dearest Andre` I have purchased my tickets to Cinema Live and can't wait to see your Concerts this year.Looking forward to October as well.Wish you good health and greatest success for 2013 and onwards.Love all that you do.

Ana Verónica
22-06-2013 - 754-0384, Chile

¡¡ MAESTRO ANDRÉ ! ! hoy he tenido otra agradable sorpresa, me han enviado desde Croacia , por correo ,un video con vuestro concierto en Viena ,¡ magnífico! cada vez más disfruto el oir tan hermosas sinfonías...
Gracias por dar al mundo tanta alegría a través de la música. muchos besito desde Chile.

María Ester
22-06-2013 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Thank you very much for having visited Argentina, we really enjoyed your beautiful music.

Elly Fleming
22-06-2013 - Moorebank, Australia

Hello Andre, I'm so looking forward to your next tour of Australia.

As a special treat would you consider asking/allowing Mirusia & Gary, our two 'Aussies' to do a duet together. It could be one of our Australian songs such as Waltzing Matilda, or anything they might suggest.

That would be wonderful, not just for us, but I'm sure for them as well.

Keep the lovely music coming and above all, look after yourself.

22-06-2013 - Capital Federal, Argentina

Desde hace tiempo que sigo su trayectoria y tuvimos la suerte de estar con mi esposa en el primer concierto que dió en Buenos Aires Argentina en el Luna Park, nos pareció bárbaro. Como Argentino me gustaría que además de interpretar No llores por mi Argentina se animara a interpretar algún tango le sugiero La Cumparsita, Mi Buenos Aires querido, hay muchos que se podrían adaptar a su formidable orquesta. Lo felicito por desmitificar la música clásica, un gran acierto. Gracias por todo, un gran saludo desde Buenos Aires.

Maggie Deeley - Norfolk England
21-06-2013 - Briston, United Kingdom

My sister and I are coming to the concert on the 7th December and we would love it if you played the second waltz as it is our favorite. I have just watched the coronation concert and we are so excited to be able to be part of the audience -we cannot wait!! xx

21-06-2013 - Briston, United Kingdom

Hi I am a great fan and am coming to the concert in London on the 9th December from Norfolk with my sister, also a great fan, please play the second waltz!!!!!!!

21-06-2013 - ,

Dear Andre,
I can't imagine anything more beautiful than sitting in semi-darkness on the Vrijthof listening to Mirusia singing 'In mir klingt ein Lied' in memory of the wonderful Anneliese Rothenburger. If you do choose this song for Mirusia, I can picture 10,000 people reaching for their hankies and on 12th July I will be lucky enough to be
there with them. I am filled with admiration for the way you have achieved your dreams and continue to do so and in the polite, yet firm way you tackle your critics and leave them confused and sometimes converted!
Your music makes my life complete. Please never stop.
Fondest Regards, Tessa x

Eliana Arre
21-06-2013 - La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Dear Andre
From Chile I wish you the best for your concerts in Maastricht begining next week. I look forward to see you again in Chile in the menawhile I enjoy your DVDs Best regards

Linda Curley, Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
21-06-2013 - Gillingham, Dorset, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and JSO,
Counting down the days now until we will be in Maastricht for my birthday concert, can't wait. Also, to have a look around your wonderful city and its surroundings and your castle and St Pieters (of course!). Saw your Coronation Concert on TV, really fantastic, singing along with all of the music, Mirusia looked very emotional as I am sure you all were. See you soon!

Vicki Hogue
21-06-2013 - Warrimoo, Australia

G'day Andre, We just finished watching Rieu Royale. I'd seen the concert on Youtube, but the DVD is so much better. What an amazing concert!! Nederlanders sure know how to party!! Wish I'd been there.
I agree wholeheartedly with everything Patricia Smith has said. Unfortunately though, I won't be in Maastricht this year, but I'll be watching the concert at the cinema.
Looking forward to October!!
Thank you, Andre!!

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