Vivienne Pratt
28-02-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre
I’m sure you’re extremely busy in the Studio before you travel to Florida. Many of my friends in the US are getting really excited and some are starting their journey across the States in preparation! Its wonderful News too on your FB page that soon you announce new tour dates and plan to widen your horizons to countries that have long awaited the ‘Maestro of the World' to share his beautiful music with them! I can tell you the internet is buzzing with hope and anticipation as your beloved publicum wait to see if they will be among the lucky new venues that you will visit! We all adore you and your wonderful JSO and I feel so happy and honoured that you will share your Christmas time with us once more in the UK! Take care, dear Maestro. God bless and Lots of love Viv xx

Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer xxx
28-02-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Dear Andre et al I am nursing my teddy who is overlooking the pillow with that very welcome grin.Next week I have an interview with a violin teacher n I am terrified.I love music but what if I hurt the violin Thevfirst time the bow goes across the strings.I feel sorry for her in advance.I wonder if the teacher wears ear muffs!
Dikke knuffel.please remember the teacher n violin next week.I wonder if the teacher will be blonde, curly haired, blue eyed n MALE.I wonder not a Nederlanders I guess

Lidy en Theo Idink
27-02-2013 - Winterswijk, Netherlands

Hallo André

Mijn ouders genieten altijd van de concerten op tv. Omdat ze morgen ( 28 febr.) 60 jaar zijn getrouwd geven wij als kado een weekend met ons naar Roosteren met daarbij een bezoek aan het concert op 12 juli op het Vrijthof.
Ik hoop dat het een mooie avond wordt.
U weet de mensen met uw muziek te raken en te verbroederen. Ik wens u en uw orkest heel veel succes.

Anne Wozniak
27-02-2013 - Fish Hoek, South-Africa

Dear Andre,
Have a wonderful tour of USA. I was at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento in January with my son who has now bought tickets for your concert there. It is just great to have a picture in my mind of where you will be performing. I would have loved to stay for it. Have to wonder how the arena will be changed from the basketball game I saw to a magical JS concert. I will watch out for the photos. Have a great time.
Love to you all,

Catherine Crapart
27-02-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
après la neige, maintenant la grisaille!
J'ai envie de chanter:
Sous le ciel de Paris
s'envole une chanson!
Et vous dire quand reviendrez vous à Paris?
J'aime écouter la balade pour Adeline que Stéphanie joue à merveille!
Merci i pour vos nouvelles et les vidéos sur votre site.
Un bonjour à mes amies fans!

Janice Brown, East KIlbride, Scotland
27-02-2013 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

Just watched your "In love with Maastrict" and "Tribute to your Hometown" DVD and CD absolutely fantastic and congratulations to you all with your 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Love to all and will see you all in Glasgow in December this year.

Bye for now.xxxx

Carol and Dorothy,Wolverhampton UK
27-02-2013 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO,

As you prepare to start your tour may we take this opportunity to wish you all asafe journey, good health and a wonderful time.

We look forward to seeing all the photo's and hearing any news.

God Bless and be with you all, and your families back home.

Gill Wilton Northants UK
27-02-2013 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
I hope you all have a safe and most enjoyable time on your tour to USA looking forward to all the photos
Take care love to you all
Gill xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
27-02-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Sunshine an blue sky Dearest Andre an a glorious day of fantastic music an great happiness for 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Areans. I start the day with the greatest CD in the world And The Waltz Goes On, next came Dreaming, now Magic of the Movies, heaven has arrived on earth, the joy an excitement will build with more CDs with the greatest treat to come this evening, your new Happy Birthday DVD. Lifted on high by your enormously talented magical music I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for the coming 2weeks of Sky Arts Rieu, no one has ever achived such a brilliant accolade an one so richly deserved, you have changed the world an many many lives by sharing your great love of Real music an zest for living. We owe you a great debt Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

27-02-2013 - Launceston, Australia

Dear Andre,Hope that your concerts in America are fantastic, as I'm sure they will

Love Judy

colindixon, durham, england.
27-02-2013 - Durham, United Kingdom

Dear Maestro,
Having purchased my tickets for our first visit to Maastricht and front row seats on 19th December at the new Leeds arena, It is refreshing to note that all tickets purchased through your website are sensibly priced. Most, if not all your concerts, are sold out,but unlike certain so called "superstars", your seat costs are within most people,s budget.
In these difficult financial times,I applaud your determination to bring top quality music to the common man. Bravo!!
Continued good health, Colin Dixon

Aussie Pat
27-02-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

just returned from the local shopping mall. As Iwalked into the Mall I heard the umistakeable sound of the Andre Rieu JSO and hastened towards the sound (unheard of in the Mall)and suddenly I was upon the huge flat screen outside JB HI FI store and guess what. there they were on the Happy Birthdy DVD and every few steps one took within the store were containersfull of the DVD. at last Adelaide has awakened to this marvellous music and in particular will some oldies in the aged care facility next door for i cant wait to give them a copy to play may you and your orchestra have a safe trip to the Americas.God bless

27-02-2013 - TIZIMIN, Mexico

Desde que lo conoci a traves de sus DVD´S que me prestó un amigo quedé impresionado por su carisma y la entrega y entusiasmo que pone en sus actuaciones, asi mismo, por hacer de la musica clásica una categoría accesible para toda clase de público, quitarle un poco la solemnidad de una sala de conciertos y hacerla popular. Mis respetos para Usted y Su "Johan Strauss Orch."
Adelante con sus éxitos y considéreme su admirador.
Mis felicitaciones.

Steph Wood
27-02-2013 - Totnes, United Kingdom

Thank you to all for the pleasure of your music. We will be in Maastricht this year; as it seems it will be the last year my husband will be able to hear and I want his last memory of music to be you; the orchestra and choir and as a special memory; maybe Kimmy; Maasricht Star and Frank on his Carillon. Now that would make unbelievable memories for hum

Vivienne Pratt
27-02-2013 - ,

Hi dear Andre,
I love all the new VIDEOS. Every one is a perfect representation of everything that is special and unique about not only you and your magnificent JSO and soloists, but also dear Pierre and his crew. Stephanie's emotional Balade pour Adeline is just beautiful and really tugs at my heartstrings, your stunning 'duet' with Carmen 'Love, Heaven on Earth' is 'out of this world', Tanja's La Cygne conjures perfectly the magnificent majestic Swan and Andre your farewell 'Waltzing Matilda' on the occasion of your very first Australian Tour is forever carved upon my heart.... seeing your tears as you bid farewell to your Aussie fans just opened the floodgates and my own tears streamed. Thank you so much for these beautiful Video memories! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Gerri Gurvich- Miami, Florida.
27-02-2013 - Palmetto Bay, United States

Dear Andre,
We are so excited that you are returning to South Florida on March 9th.
We have two young Grandaughters, who are very musical.Debra the oldest, saw you when she was just three. She was totally mesmerized. Didn't move from her seat! She just turned 6 last month. Our Grandchildren have now moved to Massachussetts, near Boston. We are flying them down to see you perform. This will be a fabulous surprise for them! As yet we have not told them. The little one, Gabriella is 3 1/2. They are constantly dancing around with scarves to your music. Debra and I are sitting in Section 2 Row K-13,14., in the middle of the row, down in the front. Gabriela is sitting with her Grandfather,upstairs-Plaza, Section 133, Row 5 #13 & 14.
We All Can't Wait To See You And Your Orchestra.
Kind Regards.

Sonia Carvalho
26-02-2013 - ITANHAÉM, Brasil

Good night!

I regret having missed shows in Brazil this musical genius!

Is expected back??

May God bless you and your team.

Hugs with love!

Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer x
26-02-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

Eamonn congratulations to you grand daughter.wouldn't it be wonderful in maybe 10yrs to see her live her dream.she would have to learn Dutch I believe.Her parents would be so proud, like Melissa Venemar n Akim Kamara?CHildren know about music more than we give them credit.Glenn n the Blue Danube, that beautiful ballerina of Dianne.Amazing.My sister is a pianist.I was supposed to be a boy n sadly never given the opportunity to study music.Imwould really love to learn the violin to understand the feeling of music going through the body.I don't even have a violin.I believe initially the sound is horrific till the player masters the scales at least.Thanks to Andre n JSO I appreciate music.

26-02-2013 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I just want to send my very best wishes to you and JSO for a safe, successful, and very happy tour to the US and Canada. All these audiences are in for a fabulous treat when you and JSO will appear in concert and I surely wish that I could join the Vancouver audience but that is a long trip from my area. I do wish you were coming to Toronto again but maybe next time. We miss you very much.
Thank you for all your beautiful music always and for being the person you are.
Much love to all.

Arlene Bennett, Beaufort, SC, USA
26-02-2013 - Beaufort, United States

Thank you Andre and for your very talented orchestra and guest performers. All of your productions are superb, unique, entertaining, and very inspiring. You have brought me much joy in this world of chaos and have enriched my life for the privilege of listening to your fine music. I truly wish we had more of this type of entertainment in our mainstream of life today for it exuberates love, joy, memories, and smiles. This fine music tugs at our hearts and touches the core of our souls.
God Bless...Safe and Happy Travels Ahead, Arlene

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