Ana-Maria Condrut
02-08-2013 - Bucharest, Romania

I realy love this music, when I heard about it I said no again simphonic... no... but after first few seconds of listening I got inlove with it. Andre is a magnific violonist and all his work is reflected in the beautiful orchestra he has, they are like a family you cannot see this everywhere.
I wait for you in Romania, as I have seen till October 2014 you have no plan for Bucharest, Romania, but who knows maybe in this life I will have the privilege to see your magnific spectacle. Wish you all the best in the world!

02-08-2013 - Rotterdam, Netherlands


Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
02-08-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A lovely sunny day Dearest Andre, I have a surprise invitation from my dear friend Lady Mary to stay with her for a few days at her country house in Harrogate, she says she needs my help to look after some very special guests, sounds so exciting, an she adds "Don't forget to bring the Dutchman with you his music brings my home alive." 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas must be busy as I leave on Sunday. My 'Andre Box' of beautiful CDs an DVDs is already packed an as your wonderous music from La Vie Est Belle plays I have the energy of 10 men, each piece a work of art painting pictures of love, life an landscapes your imagination an feelings for living you pass to us Andre through your music are incredible. Thank You for the great happiness Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
02-08-2013 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I hope it won't be too long before we have news of the new Dvd for this years Maastricht concerts. All your concerts are special but this year's Maastricht concerts were even more so if that is possible. I am sure many devotees like myself are re-living the time we spent in your hometown this year, a really beautiful city with nice people and so many happy memories, which will all come flooding back when the Dvd is released. I hope you will go on forever making music, putting on spectacular concerts and making people happy, if there was an award for the person who has changed people's lives, made them smile and given them joy that it should be given to you!! Much love Maestro Patricia

Gill Wilton Northants UK
02-08-2013 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre and Marjorie
Hope you both have a lovely weekend.

bliquy danielle
02-08-2013 - Saint saulve, France

un petit voyage culturel en voyageant chez vous prince des coeurs, votre LO est tout simplement de beaux et bons souvenirs, toutes vos fans ou qu'elles soient restent émerveillées de tout ce qu'elles ont vécu et je suis entièrement d'accord avec leurs commentaires, du positif toujours et toujours, vous pouvez être sûr que notre coeur est rempli de joie, tout ce dont vous nous avez offert est scellé à tout jamais, chaque année je me dis que c'est de mieux en mieux et pourtant c'est toujours énorme, en plus des passages de l'intronisation etl'émotion de Jermaine Jackson m'ont fortement touchées, ce fut divin, je vous adresse toutes mes félicitations, tendres baisers Danielle

Ricardo h. Müller, Mendoza Argentina
02-08-2013 - Luzuriaga Mendoza, Argentina

Estimado Andre desde que encontré sus videos puedo por fin escuchar y deleitarme con música de excelencia que me transporta al paraiso. Que Dios le mantenga estos dones por mucho tiempo más.

02-08-2013 - Brisbane, Australia

Hello Mr Rieu!
I am 24, can't wait to see you in Australia, Brisbane. Love you!

Vivienne Pratt
02-08-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
Sitting in the sunshine today listening to your masterpiece album 'Rieu Royale' and remembering your unforgettable Coronation Concert on that extremely cold, historical and memorable day, I was thinking what a lot of exciting things you have in store for you, which means there are a lot of exciting things you have in store for us too! I imagined you will probably be using the time between concerts working alongside Marjorie planning and writing, working in the Studio, taking things at a more leisurely pace and of course keeping trim with your fitness regime which gives you zest and vigour for continuing your dream. I imagine the Orangerie and gardens are looking spectacular in this beautiful weather. Have a happy weekend dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx
01-08-2013 - Preston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and the Jso how i love reading the guestbook. I hope you enjoy it as well. It really lifts my spirit when i read what your fans write. I esoecially enjoy The Lady Margaret and Vivienne. They are so devoted fans as are we all.
Looking forward to your concerts in the UK in December.
Take care my friends enjoy your summer rest and look forward to seeing you in December.

The Bakers 1-8-2013 Broadstairs Kent UK
01-08-2013 - Kent, United Kingdom

we were lucky to be at your rehearsal on the 4th of July but also I was delighted to have my photo taken with husband had a photo with Nicolle Steins which made his day.We also took the opportunity to visit Marks art exhibition which we really enjoyed- then the vip treatment on the sunday 7th was fantastic and to finish it off in the front row for the concert was the cream on the cake. we have now sampled a vip concert in Geneva 2012 and Maastricht 2013-----Hoping it is not our last Love to all.

Michael Christensen
01-08-2013 - ,

Howdy Andr'e,
Two years ago I was scanning my TV channels and came across your show on PBS, From that moment on I can't get enough of your music and your orchestra. I even became a Gold Member but this might not sound to different from other fans or members but I'm and old cowboy that has lived on country music all his life so this has been a big change for me but a very beutiful change. My wife and I are going to come over to Maastricht to one of your concerts as soon as I can. I'm doing this because I want to see a show in person and the people from Maastricht seem to have so much fun.

01-08-2013 - El Llanito, Venezuela

GRACIAS, André Rieu.No he tenido el privilegio de asistir a sus ESPECTACULARES CONCIERTOS ; sólo con disfrutarlos en los videos me he sentido afortunada de deleitarme con su maravillosa manera , diria hasta MÁGICA manera de transmitirnos su amor por la música, su respeto y entrega al público , su alegría,humor,y su enorme sensibilidad. Repito desafortunadamente a Venezuela ,pais donde resido no ha llegado su "magia" en vivo, tampoco a Uruguay ,mi país de origen.
DIOS bendiga siempre su manera de hacer música, su energía y su amorosa entrega en cada ejecución musical, un abrazo desde el alma Ivonne

Massimo Di Folco
01-08-2013 - ITALY, Italy

it's beatifull!!!!!! good! very good!

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
01-08-2013 - ,

Glorious music Dearest Andre from Songs from my Heart spreads through the home an garden of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas like giant sunbeams opening the flowers, bringing light an love to the world an great joy an happiness to my life. Last evening I booked my hotels for the Concerts in Lille and Geneva next year with an extra stop in Nancy, it is along drive from Belgium! Already I'm so excited, I've missed enormously your live Concerts this year, something everyone in the world should experience Precious Man they're Pure Magic, the warmth of welcome from your heart, the happy smiling faces of the JSO, the Opera Singers an Choir with voices of pure Gold, dancing an laughter an the most Magnificent lively an emotive music ones ever likely to hear. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Catherine Crapart
01-08-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Quelle chaleur!on nous annonce 34°!!, j'espère que vous trouvez de la fraicheur dans votre jardin parmi vos belles fleurs!
Je trouve votre tasse "ANDRE RIEU"très belle! Je me la suis offerte lors de ma visite à Maastricht, d'ailleurs je voulais vous dire que les personnes de l'office du tourisme sont très sympathiques!
Je suis encore émerveillée de ce superbe concert du 5 juillet!
Un bonjour à toutes les fans!

Vivienne Pratt
01-08-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I’m loving all the recent Maastricht 2013 fan photos being posted and the internet is still buzzing with many hundreds of photographs which show what an amazing happy and spectacular Maastricht 2013 it was! You gave your publicum the time of their lives and it will never ever be forgotten! I'm so looking forward to seeing the Concert Blue Ray. I watched your 25 Year Anniversary Concert on the Vrijthof tonight and was captivated all over again: Spectacular colourful backdrops, your sparkling mischievous humour and so much beautiful music like The Third Man, Casta Diva, Ballad for Adeline, The Red Rose Café, the ‘Child’s World’ Medley and When I’m 64: and yes dear Maestro we will love you when you’re 64 and for ever after! Hope all’s well. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

kevin hunt
31-07-2013 - Cardiff, United Kingdom

hi Andre
just seen the brilliant show at Maastricht 2013. have many of your dvd and cd recordings.
notice that you are in concert through the UK in December in. England, Scotland and Ireland. why not Wales, the land of song, male voice choirs and many Andre Rieu fans
PLEASE come to the Millennium stadium in Cardiff to be given a fantastic welsh welcome, it can hold up to 75000 people and even has a retractable roof in case of bad weather !!
many thanks for the music

Pam G
31-07-2013 - Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, been watching your Sylvester Punsch concert and think it would be great if you could play Bahn Frei you know your steam train song at Nottingham on the 20th as we have lots of steam trains still in the UK and one is near to Nottingham namely the Great Central Station at Quorn love listening to all your music may you continue for many years to make us all happy Pam G

Rachael Mortimer, Leegomery, Shropshire, UK
31-07-2013 - TF1 6YZ, United Kingdom

Thank you for your message Vivienne Pratt. That will teach me not to check out the Blu Ray selection before buying my DVDs. I tend to get the latest ones when they are in the shop but I will not be doing that again. I will replace some of my DVDs for Blu Rays.

Andre I watched some of your Brazil concert on 3D last night. The 3D conversion on our TV is quite effective. Fantastic. Love your music so much. We have also booked the hotel room for when we come to Nottington on 20.12.13 to see you in concert. Really looking forward to it. Much love to everyone and keep up the good work.

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