Vivienne Pratt
19-02-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Its hard to believe that the beginning of your 2013 Concert Tour "And the Waltz Goes On" is fast approaching and in two short weeks you will be on the buhne once more in Orlando, Florida! So many wonderful things have happened since the beginning of the year, what with exciting plans for you and your JSO to collaborate with friends from around the world in a musical extravaganza for Maastricht 2013, your new CD and DVD releases, Sky Arts 2 becoming Sky Arts Rieu and now a brand new Waltz composition from you and dear Frank! You are spinning a musical web that binds us all together in a bond of complete harmony, full of beautiful music, love, joy, deep emotion and humour and we rejoice that we have you in our world dear Maestro! Take care. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Joy Pexton
18-02-2013 - Auckland 0900, New Zealand

Dear Andre
This morning we were woken to knocking on our front door my husband answered it and bought me an envelope. On opening it it was to find it was the tickets I won in your Christmas Calendar for your concert at Vector Arena Auckland New Zealand. I was so excited in winning the tickets and had wondered if I had really won them and this has confirmed my dream. Now October the 25 th can't come fast enough Thank you ever so much. Now to put the tickets away where we won't forget where we put them.

18-02-2013 - SAN JAVIER- MURCIA, Spain

Por favor cuando vendras a ESPAÑA Somos muchos españoles quienes te seguimos y compramos tus videos. por favor ven te esperamos con ansia, Porque nunca has venido a este hermoso pais?

18-02-2013 - SAN JAVIER- MURCIA, Spain

POR FAVOR!!!!!! CUANDO VENDRA A ESPAÑA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
te esperamos con ansia y te seguimos muchos españoles

18-02-2013 - JUMILLA, Spain

Dear André, you made ??us discover a lot of wonderful music. And we really enjoy your show, thanks.

Greetings from Spain :-)

Margarida Silva
18-02-2013 - Silves, Portugal

Andre Rieu ,adorava assistir a um concerto ao vivo em Portugal , será que um dia se lembrara´deste Pais pequeno mas de muitos admiradores .

Admiro muito o seu trabalho , por isto gostaria de ve-lo ao vivo .
Cumprimentos e parabens pelo seu belo trabalho

Regina Marangoni da Costa / Brasilia, 18/fevereiro/2013
18-02-2013 - ASA NORTE - BRASILIA - DF, Brasil

Queridos todos...André e Orquestra, ainda estou fazendo muita força para poder estar com vocês de novo no Rio, pois já estive em S.Paulo/2012.
Gostaria muito de saber quando lançarão o DVD dessas apresentações aqui no Brasil...
Votos de felicidades nessa nova estada por aqui! Sucesso como sempre!!! abraços,

Lucy Vattuone - Buenos Aires, Argentina
18-02-2013 - Ciudad Autónoma Buenos Aires, Argentina

Querido y admirado Andre, eres fantastico como artista y como persona por tu humildad y tu grandeza. Haces feliz a millones de personas en el mundo. Asisti a uno de tus conciertos en New York y de alli en mas no dejo de disfrutar tus videos. Absolutamente eres el mejor musico actual y muy bien llamado "el Rey del Vals", entretienes mis dias con tu alegrìa y la de todos los que conforman tu Orchesta Johann Straus, los que eliges muy acertadamente. Felicitaciones a ti y a todo tu equipo de produccion!!!

18-02-2013 - Mirfield, United Kingdom


18-02-2013 - Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

Dear Andre - fantastic news that Sky Arts will be Sky Arts Rieu from 30th March. I for one will be an avid watcher and can't thank you enough for making this special programmes. I don't think anything in my house will get done in that period. With lots of love to you all xx

keith cornell essex uk
18-02-2013 - ,

dear andre
i have just ordered 2 tickets for wembley for my girlfriend's birthday and she can not wait.
my uncle and i are watching your concert's on sky arts on saturday's without's a shame the time go's so quickley.
best wishe's to everyone.

bliquy danielle
18-02-2013 - Saint saulve, France

février se déroule tout doucettement, bientôt il laissera sa place au mois de mars ou tout renait !!!! vos concerts feront cette ouverture printanière vers un pays qui vous attend le coeur battant, mes amies et moi-même attendons juillet et notre place du bonheur !!! votre belle musique comble ces longs moments qui nous conduirons tout droit vers Maastricht et toutes ces fééries, peut-être qu'entre deux lirons-nous une bonne nouvelle nous conduisant vers des concerts français, vous nous concoctez d'excellents moments à vivre, un grand merci à l'avance, vous nous manquez, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Elizabeth heinsohn-Deer
18-02-2013 - Adelaide, Australia

DearAndre, Maestro nostra. thankyou for your beautiful ecards I have sent formal invitations to my 70th decade party on them. You have saved me postage etc.People also now know without a doubt what I think of you and how I admire the way you honour your family and the JSO et al
It is 39oC here and totally cactus. I took my puppy to the beach 0700 this am and she wouldn't swim so home to be hosed to keep her cool.Enjoy your cold weather This is cripity crapity Krap! The music is superb however as always.

Lindsay from Australia
18-02-2013 - Canberra ACT, Australia

After immensely enjoying a concert in Sao Paolo last year I want to take my grandchildren, twins age 6 and a half to the Brisbane concert but my daughter says they are too young. Can anyone help me with thoughts on it being suitable or otherwise for this age bracket. Thanks.

Vivienne Pratt
18-02-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre,
I’m ecstatic! Sky Arts 2 becoming SKY ARTS RIEU for two whole weeks! You deserve every accolade Andre: ‘YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST! Then Sunday afternoon another surprise! Your tweet saying you and Frank are composing a new waltz, and a wonderful photo showing your harmony and passion for beautiful music! How exciting! Immediately my mind flew back to you entering the Marble Hall of the magnificent Belvedère Castle to find you were being presented with the Gold Medal of Honour in recognition of your role as a true Ambassador of Viennese music to the whole world and your expression of thanks was the stunning, unique and beautiful new Waltz composition of yourself and Frank: ‘Wiener Festwalzer’! I long to hear the new Waltz, dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love. Viv xx

Liz & Stewart McCormick, Thirsk. North Yorkshire.
17-02-2013 - Thirsk, United Kingdom

Just ordered tickets for your Leeds concert in December - so looking forward to it as have missed several of your concerts in the last year due to illness. Roll on December!! Our best wishes to you all.

17-02-2013 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I have just read your "tweet" that you and Frank are composing another waltz!! That makes me very happy indeed! After the exquisitely beautiful "Wiener Festwalzer",which is at the top of my favourite selections, I am very excited to hear it.
Wonderful idea! Thank you!
Much love.

17-02-2013 - London, United Kingdom

dear andre fantastic news that you are on sky arts rieu non stop for two whole weeks cant wait you deserve it you work so hard to get the accolade you deserve WELL DONE enjoy you forthcoming concerts but come back to us in the u.k safe and well GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Tim Hayes
17-02-2013 - Dublin, Ireland

Dear Andre, your music is enchanting, i am just after watching a concert on Sky Arts, truly wonderful. Lking forward to your concert in Dublin in December 2013.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Kindest Regards,

17-02-2013 - Mouscron, Belgium

cher trés cher andré rieu mon rêve vous voir dans un de vos spectacle j'ai mis des petiys sous pour cette année afin de pouvoir venir en hollande ma niece est marié a un de vos compatriote ils vivent a waudrichem

avec trois beau petit enfants hollandais bien xur
je lui a demandé un poster de vous car vou ethe mon idole , mais elle ne trouve pas ,elle me fait des dvd
chanson pour vous entendre c"est si bon quand on est seule dans la vie et vous ecouter me donne de la joie et des laemes de bonheur merçi pour tout cela cher andré rieux je vous adore

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