Ann Rowe
11-02-2013 - Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Thank you for returning to us again,saw you in Manchester December 2012 cant wait to see you again in December 2013 in Nottingham.I wish you and your orchestra Safe Travels and good health until 'We meet again.I have many happy hours listening to your music while I work.

Beatriz MartinoName
11-02-2013 - ,

Querido Andre, yo no tengo la posibilidad de creer Q/viviendo en Argentina (Buenos Aires), tenga la alegria de hagas un concierto en mi pais, y a pesar de amo tanto la musica, y en estos tiempos, sobre todo la Q/tu haces, y aunque adoro tus Valses tu Orquesta, y sobre todo tu violin, quiero agradecer Q/a traves de Youtube, puedo tener la felicidad de disfrutarla, Eres un musico grandioso y disfruto muchisimo tus conciertos, gracias por todo lo Q/nos das - Your message

Grace and Lofty Thomas
11-02-2013 - BRIDLINGTON, YOTKSHIRE, United Kingdom

My Husband and I are coming to see you in july 13th i know you do not do requests as such but it will be our 60th wedding anniversery a couple of weeks later hence are present to each other but if you could include in this program the music The Wind beneath My Wings as it is my husbands favorite piece of music and he dedicates it to me as he says thats what i am. many thanks

11-02-2013 - Hampshire, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre

May I just say how much my husband and I bless your lovely wife for her fantastic idea of encouraging you to do your concerts. You and your YSO bring so much pleasure to our lives with your wonderful music and your sense of fun. Cannot wait for the new DVD and CD. Thank you so much for coming back to London again this year we will be at Wembley
in December and hopefully in Maastricht this summer. Keep all the concerts coming please on Sky Arts too.
Take care and stay safe on all your travels
Very warm wishes to you and your lovely family. Valerie xx

Dorothy Laigle
11-02-2013 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, I received my gold membership card on Saturday, plus the 2 great photos and wish to thank you. It really made my day. I am waiting for your new cd and dvd to be on sale. Certainly wishing you could have been visiting our part of the United States. Of course, we have to be patient, it is a large World we live in, and we can play our DVDS and CDS. Until your next visit on the Eastern Part of America, I wish you and your entourage Super, Great Success, Great Health and Safe Travelling. God Bless everyone.

11-02-2013 - Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

Dear Andre & JSO
Just watched 'Under The Stars Live in Maasrtricht' V - It is absolutely a wonderful experience watching your concerts - the way the audience obviously love it and join in, the way the orchestra also love it. I spent a magical time watching this and would not be diverted from it. I keep looking at your calendar to see if you will be in Maastricht in 2014. I know you are there this July but sadly I will not be able to come. I have never seen a live concert of yours and it is my one ambition to do just that, especially in your home town. Much love and try not to work too hard.

edward forshaw. liverpool
11-02-2013 - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hi andri looking forward to seeing you in maastricht. It will be my first concert on july the 7. And liverpool in december. Awesome. Regards eddie

Gitte Rosenkilde - Denmark
11-02-2013 - ,

Re: Your concert in Denmark maj 2013
Last year i Kopenhagen, you did not playsome music from our danish komponist, wich are playin music in the whole world.
Komponist: Gade: Tango Jaluci
or some other danish komponist.
I love to see you. It is 2 mal in Denmark, and 4 mal in Deutchland. I bye all you dvd/cd.

Pia Pascual
11-02-2013 - Quezon City, Philippines

When will Mr Rieu hold a concert in Asia???

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
11-02-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Another great to be alive day Dearest Andre in your world of wonderful music. 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas pauses for a moment from her dancing an singing to her favourite CD And The Waltz Goes On. Full of happiness an smiles I await the postman who I hope will bring more exciting an brilliant Andre music from deep in his heart, as he shows his love of home. There will I'm sure be great waltzes, fun music an of course great emotion. Jermaine said he cried on hearing you play Ben an Earth Song, we all know the great powerful depth of feeling you give to every piece making it your own, we instantly feel either love, romance, sadness, joyful happiness or rousing glory from your music, as you convey this pure perfection to our hearts Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Sylvia Chung, London
11-02-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Little & Petit Andre (twins teddy bear) were so pleased last Wednesday morning jumping up & down as they'll see you in Wembley. I usually drive there from my house - takes 30mins. I will have to do research how to get there from my office in Covent Garden to Wembley by metro.
Waiting for your new CD & DVD as I will also order the DVD And The Waltz Goes On which I took it to HK as Xmas gift to my friend.
Please consider to Make a CD & a DVD for O2 London Concerts 2012 - You & JSO 25th Birthday, Album of the Year again, plus the loves from your 100 thousands UK fans. Live at Royal Albert Hall was released in 2002. Perhaps it's time to have another recording.

Mireille JOURDAN
11-02-2013 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous !
Je vois que vous avez beaucoup travaillé pour nous !
J'espère que vous allez pouvoir vous détendre dans la liesse du Carnaval qui tient une grande place dans les réjouissances annuelles de Maastricht !
A Paris, pas de fête de Carnaval, sauf pour les enfants et les particuliers.
J'ai gardé un souvenir impérissable du Carnaval à Venise où j'ai eu la chance d'assister il y a quelques années, ce serait digne d'un de vos prochains DVD !!!
Bons plaisirs et vacances avant de repartir aux USA !
Mille baisers affectueux.

Vivienne Pratt
11-02-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
I hope you enjoyed a happy weekend. What an exciting time it is: enjoying happy days in the Studio with Jermaine Jackson, the imminent release of your new DVD Happy Birthday-Celebrating 25 Years and the CD In Love with Maastricht! I’m so excited about these new releases! A dear friend was in Maastricht with you last year and gave me a wonderful report of Vrijthof 2012 and at last I will see the DVD for myself! The CD Tracklist tells me its stunning and full of many magical memories of your Vrijthof concerts including your many friends who have guested helping to make these home concerts such warm and spectacular musical extravaganzas, such as dear Benny Neijman’s Ode to Maastricht! I cant wait! Adieu for now dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Beryl McClean. north yorkshire.
10-02-2013 - Harrogate, United Kingdom

my friend and i saw you in manchester on december 13 , really enjoyed the show. Today i have booked to come and see you in december in Leeds,my 21 year old grandson is coming, we are both looking forward to seeing you. Thankyou for all the pleasure you bring with your wonderful orchestra.

Brian Geall. Bournemouth
10-02-2013 - Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre , As a fan of yours and your ability to adapt all sorts of music , I am also a fan of Queen and I believe you could it proud in your own Fashion , I do recall a guest doing We are the Champions but with your soprano's and tenors I sure you could make a real production number

Julie woolmer
10-02-2013 - London, United Kingdom

Andre, my parents are such big fans, they only got to know about you last year, they saw one of your concerts on tv and all I now hear is you! :0). Are you going to extend your London tour for another day or two?? I've not been able to get tickets and am desperate to get them in to see you again.
I took them to the 02 in December, OMG! Ive never seen them enjoy anything as much, I was chuffed. Both were singing and clapping along by the end of the performance, never seen that before!
I'd love to get floor seats so they can have a little dance, though they are not able to do much, this would get them up! Please please say you'll extend your tour ;0)

Gill Wilton Northants UK
10-02-2013 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
It's been a miserable day today raining all day, but yes Andre you cheered the day up with CDs in the morning and a DVD this afternoon.
Last year when I saw you in Birmingham you stood beside me I couldn't believe it, then when you did a live question and answer session at the cinema you answered my question, maybe this year I will be lucky enough to meet you. I live in hope
Love to you and your family
Gill xx

Lorraine M
10-02-2013 - Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dear Andre & JSO
I am over the moon that you are returning once again it Glasgow. I had tickets for last years concert but had the dreaded Norovirus on the day of the concert and was unable to attend thus losing tickets and hotel reservation.
I hope that the same thing won't happen again this time!!
Will keep listening and watching CD's & DVD until then.
Best start to Christmas.

Gillian Jocelyn.
10-02-2013 - West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Hello Andre & JSO.

Just booked on your web site for my first ever Concert. It is at the new Leeds Arena and I can't wait. The tickets are selling really fast and the Arena is not even finished yet. It is a 60th Birthday present to myself.
I hope to get a photo of you and the lovely Teun, BLISS.
Thank you all for sharing you brilliant music and talents with us, the public.
Hope the year goes well for you all.
Gill xx

10-02-2013 - Thoiry, France

Dearest, André wishing you a very Happy Chinese New Year! So, as a wonderful Valentine-day on the 14th of February! Hope you can spend the day with the "love" of your life, "the 3 M's=Marjorie,Music and Maastricht! Take care, love

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