Sue Kear, Cheltenham,UK
24-11-2013 - Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I've just returned home from watching Home for Christmas at the Cinema and it was wonderful. I loved seeing your beautiful castle and loved the Q & A's at the start of the show. A lady two rows in front of me was lucky enough to have her question featured. The concert in your garden was so lovely as was the carol service in St. Peters Church.Your comment about the Cease Fire and giving soldiers violins instead of guns was so right, if only this could really happen, this world would be a much better place. I was not the only pearson in the audience to shead a tear.Well done Andre you make so many people happy with your music. Look forward to seeing you at Wembley on 7th December. Love from Sue.

Dawn from Ealing
24-11-2013 - W5 1SP, United Kingdom

what an amazing night you had at the coronation concert I saw last night on TV You must have been so proud it was fantastic and the thousands watching had a wonderful time. We have been so lucky this past month with sky arts 2 and you on Tv and Strictly come Dancing now we have to wait for another week and you will soon be making your magic inthe UK and then for me, and many others. the concert to end your tour on 23rd December. Looking forward to that night and actually seeing you live will be the best Christmas present ever. Take care of yourself and your orchestra and roll on 23rd December.

24-11-2013 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Carrissimo Andre
Just returned from CinemaLive. What a wonderful evening I had. Even though I have the DVD and watched it on the big screen last year, it was like watching it all over again for the first time. I actually felt like being at a live concert. What wonderful and fantastic moments you give us and teach us how to really enjoy and appreciate Christmas. I wish everyone can spread this love, frriendship and warmth all year round and not just at Christmastime.
Many thanks for the special moments and for answering my question. I know that you are not that worried because the halls and venues will always be full for a very, very long time indeed!
Lots of love, peace and blessings...

Coral, Sharon and Patricia
24-11-2013 - Kingston upon HULL, United Kingdom

Just been to see your Home for Christmas film where I work at Cineworld in Hull and yet again it was such a lovely atmosphere. Me and mum took nanna this time and she loved it. I was asked to play either my viola or violin for people coming to watch your film. I'm going to play next year if you show your maastricht 2014 concert at the cinema. Can't wait for next year in Maastricht. Keep playing xx

iván pérez valenzuela
24-11-2013 - Franklin, Chile

Andres: soy un admirador de su musica lamentablemente me perdi su poresentacion , aqui en chile la ultima vez que estuvo por aqui, espero verlo para la proccima vez que este por aqui

Carmela Catinian
24-11-2013 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,

You promised something like...not so many interviews, not such a busy life, etc. a few years ago, but it seemed to have been just a new 'beginning', after all...Never tired, unstoppable, extremely innovating and creative, you are a kind of wizard of a perfect world of Oz. Today you've made the whole world happy again with your live broadcasting and not in the least you are about to conquer the Turkey of Sulleyman the Magnificent and no doubt you'll succeed. It's a challenge because it's a brand new experience for all of you, so I can't do more but keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you good spirit and very good luck during the Turkish adventure!

Maria de los Angeles
24-11-2013 - Salamanca , Mexico

La felicidad que usted expresa en sus interpretaciones, sencillamente la transmite. Gracias por manifestar el amor de la mejo forma que Dios creo. LA MUSICA.

Jennifer Moore
24-11-2013 - Leatherhead Surrey, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
You picked me up, dusted me off and put me back together again after 2 serious illnesses. The change you have brought to my life has been amazing.........buying your DVDs, having SKY installed for SKY Arts Rieu, AR evenings with friends, your Maastricht concert Cinema Live, viewing the numerous TV interviews on your website including seeing your childhood home as well as Welcome to My World. What a gourmet feast! But the best is yet to come as I have seats in the 1st and 2nd rows for your 3 Wembley concerts plus I have also purchased your Castle package for Maastricht next year. Wow, Wow Wow Andre. Safe journey to Istanbul dear Maestro. You are very special and close to my heart. The happiness you bring to so many people is just wonderful - and you are right music "heals"

Erica Metson, Bfraintree essex
24-11-2013 - Braintree, United Kingdom

Greetings to you all,

Waiting to go to Braintree Cineworld for a screening of Home for Christmas and a live link up with you ..... can't wait to see and hear you and the JSO again xxxx

Neli Trankova-Russe, Bulgaria
24-11-2013 - Ruse, Bulgaria

Hallo Andre ! Ihre Freude und Ihr Orchester Aufführungen ist immens. Viele meiner Freunde sind deine Fans . Ich hoffe, Sie von unserem schönen Land Bulgarien gehört und wird es in Zukunft kreative Pläne und Touren beinhalten . Meine Ruse mit den jährlichen Internationalen Festival March Music Days bereits 50 Jahre verbunden. Wie die meisten europäischen bulgarischen Stadt an der Donau gelten für die europäische Kulturhauptstadt für das Jahr 2014 freuen, wenn godina.Shte iamam Glück, hören und beobachten Sie die Leistungen Ihres brillante Komposition.

24-11-2013 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France

Bonjour Cher ANDROU!
De retour chez moi hier soir vers 22h.25 je vais vivre un instant cauchemardesque.
Je lance ma télé sur ARD ( 1° image qui apparait) tu ouvres ton étui! LE CHOC ! Visage fermé,les dents serrées,les yeux où se mêlent colère et peur, "Mein Gott Mein Gott"
N'ayant pas suivi l'émission,j'ai senti bondir mon coeur,j'étais mal,comme toi,j'ai été piégée
Tu es resté "Fair-Play" j'admire ton contrôle devant un événement aussi grave, par chance ton coeur est solide.
Voilà l'anecdote de ma soirée, j'y ai bien cru.(.Bande de farceurs)Un petit coucou à OTTO.
A bientôt Cher ANDROU.Bon concert à Istanbul.
Plein de Bisous pour toi et JSO.

Angelina Milcharek Hein
24-11-2013 - Tangará da mt, Brasil

Sou fã de sua orquestra, maravilhosa.

bliquy danielle
24-11-2013 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou dominical prince des coeurs, énormes pensées vers Maastricht, pays de nos rêves et de nos si beaux souvenirs, pays toujours en osmose surtout vers LA PLACE DU BONHEUR ou tout est féérique !!! nuits magiques me fait toujours chavirer, à chacune de vos apparitions nous parlant de notre venue chez nous, mon coeur fait boum, la France enfin va revivre, nous allons revivre !!! et ceci grâce à vous et le JSO qui nous émerveille toujours ! je vous souhaite un excellent dimanche mon prince adoré ainsi qu'à toutes mes amies qui ne peuvent également se passer de votre musique et de vos concerts, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

gijs bakker
24-11-2013 - Maren kessel, Netherlands

25 mei komen wij naar salzburg dit om de verjaardag van mijn vrouw [marieke bakker] te vieren zij wordt dan 65 jaar. een wens is altijd geweest een concert bij te wonen dus dit gaat nu gebeuren een speciale liederen voor ons zijn de roos, ave maria, amazing grace south africa
misschien een felicitatie mogelijk
wij zijn al jaren een grote fan van u en uw orkest

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
24-11-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Cold an icy Dearest Andre the beautiful sunny skies an the magnificent music from Magic of the Movies gives a warm happy day, high spirits an a good to be alive feeling. The cake baking yesterday with the little children was a great success though tiring! They loved your Skaters Waltz were continually gliding round the kitchen to it an as it was icy outside we had to try to skate to it out there! Over an over they said "Play the pretty skating music Auntie M", I must have had it on about 30 times but they loved it saying it made them feel like ice fairies. However, it was beautiful to listen to The Blue Danube, Gold an Silver an many others once they had gone home, with a few reviving glasses of Champagne! Have a lovely weekend with your family an grandchildren. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Manuela Beutel
24-11-2013 - Weißenfels, Germany

Hallo André Rieu haben gestern verstehen sie Spaß geschaut....

Also ich muss sagen du hast es echt gut gespielt bei Frank E.

Aber ich glaube wenn deine Geige (das beste stück)wirklich weg gewesen wäre wärst du nicht so ruhig geblieben.....

ABBA war natürlich der Hammer CD läuft hoch und runter bei mir zu haus.....bleib schön Gesund

Rita Sleiderink
23-11-2013 - Rossum, Netherlands

Heb zo ontzettend genoten van de 2 concerten die ik live van Andere Rieu mocht bijwonen. Geniet heel vaak van you Tube filmpjes van Rieu, prachtig de Bolero Van Ravel en kippenvel en ongecontroleerde tranen bij You never wolk olone.... ben 12 juli jarig en ga eerste rang kaartjes voor 2 personen vragen voor weekend erna in Maastricht!

Andre en alle personen van jullie orkest bedankt voor ongelofelijke mooie momenten in mijn leven;)

Jean barrett
23-11-2013 - Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Playing your "music of the night" over and over again Andre, what an inspiration to include some Abba. Beautiful CD Love it

23-11-2013 - Perry, United States

Dear Andre,
I received my ABBA-Music of the night CDs this week. They are truly beautiful! Thank YOU & the JSO for the music!

23-11-2013 - Dijon, France

très cher ANDRE, par ce samedi soir hivernal ,je viens depasser un délicieux momment, en votre compagnie. je viens de regarder votre merveilleux concert 2013, que de souvenirs les larmes de nostalgie et de bonheur me montaient aux yeux !.... quel merveilleux momment vous nous avez offert, nous aimerions que cela ne s'arrête pas, hélas tout a une fin. mais le bonheur revient puisque nous allons vous applaudire a dijon, et ,et !.... a nouveau a maastricht, en éspérent y arriver en forme ? trois opérations cette année et une en janvier, je compte sur vous pour me porter chance. !.... bon voyage a vous tous, desmilliers de bises a vous tous, sans oublier MARJORIE

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