Marjorie Lewis Neath South Wales.
10-02-2014 - West glamorgan, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO, Booked on Friday for Birmingham, Maastritch already booked for July 20th, my sister and I are really excited and are looking forward to both dates. Love to All from Marge Lewis xx,

bliquy danielle
10-02-2014 - Saint saulve, France

belle continuité de votre route fleurie qui ne cesse d'égréner des explosions de joie et sur chacune des villes que vous parcourez prince des coeurs, quel bonheur y règne à chaque fois ! bientôt la France sera au paradis, vous y êtes tant attendu, des jours d'attente interminables mais à l'arrivée, quelle soirée magique nous y attend !!! j'adore me dire, une semaine qui commence et la râturer pour en recommencer une autre jusqu'à votre arrivée chez vos cht'is, mon printemps de Lille j'en rêve chaque nuit prince adoré, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Vivienne Pratt
10-02-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you for the beautiful Hannover, Bremen and Dortmund Newsphotos. Its so nice to see photos of you, Andre, on stage doing what you do best: making magical musical evenings for us all! Nice to see Rene too with a beaming smile as he awaits the new arrival! I love the photos of the 'Ladies in Waiting' too: singing to their babies will prepare them for their arrival into the world of music that their mummies enjoy so much. How nice too for you to introduce us to the Wardrobe ladies. I’d like to say a big 'Thankyou' to them too for without them we wouldn’t see you and your ensemble so immaculately dressed: the ladies in their finery and colourful gowns and the gentlemen and yourself in your elegant stage-suits! Take care dear Maestro. God bless and lots of Love Viv xx

Hazel Jarvis Banbury Oxfordshire England
09-02-2014 - OX16 2AT, United Kingdom

Hi Andre

I am so pleased you are coming to Birmingham this December we were diasappointed last year not to see you there, Are tickets are booked also for Maastrict as well in July looking forward to coming back again to your wonderful city and lovely people,
Best Wishes for a wonderful year of music again


09-02-2014 - 92253, Germany

My wife and I would like to thank you for your wonderful concert in Nuernberg on 8-2-14. This was our third concert, the first was in Orlando Fla. After that concert I was hooked on your music. We now live in a little farming village of Holzhammer Germany. It is not far from AMBERG, and it is located in Germany. John & Anna

Tracey, Keighley
09-02-2014 - Keighley , United Kingdom

Booked tickets for leeds concert after seeing a fantastic show last December. Can't wait.

Janet Ibstock United Kingdom
09-02-2014 - Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Hi andre.

It is great to hear you are back in the UK in December. Good luck to you and your JSO for 2014

Uwe Schümann, Wietze, Deutschland
09-02-2014 - Wietze, Germany

Hallo Andre, das Konzert am 6.2.2014 in Bremen war wieder großartig - ein gelungener Abschluss zu unserem 10. Hochzeitstag. Danke für die schöne Musik!

Norma Russell Inverness
09-02-2014 - Inverness, United Kingdom

Dear Andre So excited just got tickets for Glasgow SSE ground level this time can't wait.You are blessed with such a gift yet remain true to yourself. You are very very special you touch so many hearts

Sandra (Sandi) Baccolini
09-02-2014 - Sutton, United Kingdom

Hello dear Andre, I have just ordered the Violin gold necklace! Received pillow,teddy bear,t-shirts etc, lovely. Thank you for your wonderful music and all the amazing Shows that we are watching on Sky Arts 2 every Saturday - they are just fantastic - you And your Orchestra are So very talented and bring pleasure to all who see you. You deserve more than one medal! It is my dream to come to see you 'live' one day and to meet you is i'm sure just an impossible dream, but i'll keep 'dreaming!' Thank you for all the joy you bring, stay well and safe, I treasure my 'Gold Card' and wonder what the 'free gift' is later on?! I love you to bits Andre and my partner plays your music every week on his Radio Show in Kingston-on-Thames, U.K. With much love to you all and our 'thanks for everything'

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
09-02-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

I hope you're now home Dearest Andre for a couple of days rest with your lovely family.Thank You for the lovely photos of Hannover, Breman an Dortmund. You as always looking so beautiful an happy, then there's the gorgeous mums to be an finally the wonderful wardrobe ladies, they are a treasure an deserve a Medal, they work enormously hard as your whole Company are always presented so beautifully. Your attention to detail in all you do is superb, perfection in music an perfection in all your work brings great pleasure an happiness to 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas an thousands of your fans around the world. As I listen to the sensational And The Waltz Goes On Cd I recall treasured golden memories of your stunning music, enjoy your 'Home Time' Andre .Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Margaret Hardy
09-02-2014 - West Midlands, United Kingdom

Hi just watched your Flying Dutchman for about the 4th time and was wondering if you know what Akim is doing now is he still playing to violin now. He was fantastic for a boy of his age.Thank you for such wonderful music and programmes Andre Rieu is fantastic.

Best Wishes Margaret

bliquy danielle
09-02-2014 - Saint saulve, France

j'adore !!!! en ouvrant l'ordi, je lis LILLE une attente qui caresse mon coeur chaque jour que je vis !!!! petit coucou dominical vers vous et vos aimés prince des coeurs, un coucou très éventé qui me mène à requinquer certains dégats dans mon jardin occasionnés par cette tempête !!! je rage car cela me prive de mes moments merveilleux en compagnie de votre musique, allez je ne panique pas je redoublerai ces instants qui me sont nécessaires au quotidien ! merci pour vos superbes photos ! puissiez-vous passer de bons moments avant de reprendre votre belle route fleurie, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

alison jefferies from henley on thames uk
09-02-2014 - Oxon, United Kingdom

Hi Andre just watching you on sky arts really enjoyable to see have booked for December Wembley arena 20 the can't wait I will be wearing your scarf which I just bought its a shame about our English weather it would be nice to have a concert outside .

Cameron Crawford, Lisnarick
09-02-2014 - Irvinestown , United Kingdom

Just booked tickets for Friday 5 December. Really looking forward to my second concert. Booked seats closer to the stage, I want to be able to see the expressions on the orchestra members faces. Roll on December

charles antonio mascarenhas alves
09-02-2014 - Varzea grande - Mato Grosso, Brasil

Quando to triste stressado ou preocupado com alguma coisa , vou para o youtube e vejo carmina burana o fortuna e lindo intenso chego a chorar toda vez que ouso e vejo...parabens...venha logo ao brasil...

Pat and David Woodward. B/Stortford, Herts. U.K.
08-02-2014 - Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. Am loving the pictures as you travel through Germany, it looks like you are all having a great time over there, especially your three ladies who are all expecting babies in the near future and look so well, or as we say in England, " blooming", - you really have a very happy productive orchestra, this must be the down to all your lovely music!! Just hope that they don't all go into labour when they appear on stage with you, you might have to get clued up on your midwifery duties, but guess this would not phase you, and as we all know you could always play the Brahms Lullaby!! Ha.Ha. Glad you are coming back to the U.K. in December 2014.. Keep well and stay safe on your travels. Fond musical affection.

Jenny whitwood
08-02-2014 - Norfolk NR18 OEl, United Kingdom

Hi! Andre , booked my ticket for your concert in Birmingham went to Nottingham last year and had a fantastic evening with you all. First I have Maastricht to look forward to. Have fun on your tours. All the best to you all . Best wishes Jenny

05-02-2014-Christiane Meyfeld, Hannover
08-02-2014 - Celle, Germany

Dear André,

it was to have attended your concert you an indescribable experience.
It was not bad faith that we have in the ,,Blue Danube Waltz" wept.
In this waltz we feel connected with my father. Unfortunately, he is already dead for many years. He could have just liked your music as we.

Thank you very much.

Pa Gill
08-02-2014 - Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Love your photos Andre that show all the intricate decoration thats on the ladies dresses and my how they sparkle when you see them live as in Nottingham last year and I will see them again at the LG this year!! Yippee ! You are always dressed to perfection Andre love the voilin cufflinks!

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