Sarah Ring- Northeast Ohio
14-01-2013 - Conneaut, United States

I wanted to let you know that your music is awesome and I appreciate it very much. I was hoping that you would have a concert somewhere like Cleveland- maybe sometime soon :)

Schnyder Marianne
14-01-2013 - Signau, Switzerland

für das wunderbare Konzert am 01. 01. 2013 in Köln möchte ich mich ganz herzlich bedanken, das war
wieder super und ging zu herzen !!
ein toller Start ins Neue Jahr
Liebe Grüsse an Andre und sein Orchester

marilyn fitzgibbon
14-01-2013 - Paddington, Australia

I have just become a gold member and I am looking forward to receiving my gift. It took me a long time to do but now I am looking forward to future treats from being a gold member

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
14-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Today is a real Wonderland day Dearest Andre as we have snow, so 'The Lady in the Red Jaqcket' at Many Arenas plays The Snow Waltz from of course your beautifully romantic Moonlight Serenade CD. As the flakes fall past my window, I'm covered in smiles an warmth from this gloriously soft sweet music, its like nectar falling from heaven, its so good for you you just want to hear more as you let it fill your heart with great joy. You have such an immense talent for getting your violin to light up the world creating music of staggering beauty, there's Magic in those fingertips. Your article in Chapeau is very interesting, there are some fantastic ideas, so many of us have so much to look forward to, truely brilliant music form our very Special an Talented Andre. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

A. Viegas
14-01-2013 - Abrunhosa, Portugal

Maestro e musicos . Simplesmente maravilhosos. Como gostaria um dia assistir a um concerto ao vivo.

Delma McSwiggan Omagh Co. Tyrone N. Ireland
14-01-2013 - Omagh Co. Tyrone, United Kingdom

My husband and myself have just booked to see your Concert in Maastricht in July. We watch your concerts on Sky Arts and they are the best especially the Waltz's. They are just wonderful. I was given your Christmas DVD for a present at Christmas and I love to watch it over and over many times. Looking forward to your concert . Take care and love to all .

Síle Uí Laoghaire
14-01-2013 - Co. Weford, Ireland

Dearest André my name is Síle Uí Laoghaire from Wexford Ireland, and I attended your concert in Dublin in December 2012. You lifted the spirits of myself, and my family, as we had just had a bereavement in the family, and the tickets were bought by my brother in law that had just died. It was very emotional, and uplifting. I myself am a piano teacher, and felt like jumping up on the stage, as to play with "the great maestro" would be some privilege. I have got presents of your c.d's for some of my pupils who are adults who are thoroughly enjoying them. Music is a gift for life, and you, and your orchestra give that gift to millions every day.
P.s. I'm glad I wasn't sitting in the row the snow fell on!!
Yours always
Síle the Gaelic name for Sheila

Bruno Hiche
14-01-2013 - Machalí, Chile

Andre! you are amazing come to Chile pliss. I always watch your videos and i tray to play violin like you. i hope that you can watch me playing violin. I am 17 and I play violin since I was 8. you are a master. I admire you so much. My dream is that you come to Chile some day.

14-01-2013 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I know you will be very busy these days and after reading the article in "Chapeau" magazine, it is very interesting that you are having numerous contacts with internatioal stars.
In spite of all this, I hope you never lose sight of the beautiful Strauss waltzes, your exquisite violin solos, singers and choirs and the first class talent of JSO members. This kind of music truly reaches the depths of my heart and I can't imagine anything else. This is certainly what you are about.
I am happy to read that you have committed yourself to some personal space and time to work out to keep healthy. Also personal quality family time is so precious.
As always, thank you for the best music on the planet and I look forward each day to hearing your wonderful music.
Much love.

Vivienne Pratt
14-01-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
I hope you've had a peaceful weekend. My Chapeau arrived and your wonderful column didnt disappoint! I loved reading about all the exciting prospects there are as your international contacts grow from all around the Globe. I'm sure a collaboration with Barry Gibb would produce a lasting tribute to his dear departed brothers. And what a momentous occasion it must have been for you and Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber to sit at the piano to collaborate on a special CD together! Two gentle giants of the musical stage enjoying complete harmony: its mind-blowing what a magnificent, magical outcome this harmony will produce! I'm so happy you enjoyed being here in the UK: It was magical to see you and I hope you will return some day soon. Take care dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Brenda Brown, Leicester, England.
13-01-2013 - Leicester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I hope you are well and are enjoying a break from travelling.
Just to let you know that you have TEN CDs in the
ClassicFM top 30.How fantastic!
How you are loved in the UK - come back soon!!!
love from Brenda.

Walter O. Perez
13-01-2013 - Venado Tuerto, Argentina

Andre, espero que hallas empezado muy bien el 2013, junto a tu familia y tu estupenda orquesta.
Te felicito por tu hermoso DVD de Navidad, gracias a Dios lo pude adquirir, ya que se edito en nuestro pais.
Ojala muy pronto puedas venir a Argentina, podamos deleitar de tus grandiosas melodias.

Landy y Sebastián
13-01-2013 - Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico

Eres fantástico!!!, mi bebe de sólo 15 meses te ama, desde la primera vez que vio uno de tus conciertos es lo que prefiere ver y escuchar, incluso aplaude al final de cada interpretación, especialmente si canta Carmen. Esperamos ansiosos tu concierto en México, ya que lo llevaremos para que pueda verte y escucharte en vivo. Gracias por tu música.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
13-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A glorious frosty morning Dearest Andre an your unbelieveably beautiful CDAndre in Wonderland fits it perfectly, frost an sunshine give a twinkling magic to plants an trees an your enchanting music adds its golden glow giving 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas a thousand smiles an continued happiness in her heart. By chance last night I see Dancing through the Skies, what a lovely DVD Andre at his finest, so beautiful an witty, yet today I think you look younger an more handsome The singing an music as always was magnificient an spectacular only you Dear Andre have the creative talent an imagination to produce such a fantastic work of art, the audience were in raptures each piece just got better an better This must be added to my collection Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Shirley Frost. Worcester. England
13-01-2013 - WORCESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom

Good morning Andre it is a beautiful crisp sunny winters day here and NO RAIN. I just wanted to say I watched your concert from the Opera house in Dresden yesterday evening, it was so different from your others but beautiful. The building was absolutely fabulous and everything fitted pefectly. It was such a peaceful relaxing concert and the singers were out of this world. You certainly are MR MUSIC . everything to do with you and your crew and family and orchestra are just lovely. I am certainly a very strong convert now. Love to you all.x

bliquy danielle
13-01-2013 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou dominical bien frileux prince des coeurs, mais qu'importe votre musique est toujours présente pour nous réchauffer, quelques multiples travaux et je me laisserais bercer de toutes vos jolies gammes ! sur notre chaîne tf1 LE COEUR DES FANS apparait de temps à autre et j'avoue que revivre cette expérience c'est fort dans ma vie car avant de nous rendre à Heerenveen, cette journée passé avec les enregistrements puis recommencer chez mon amie May, je dois dire que ce fut exceptionnel, ces souvenirs comme tant d'autres sont dans mon coeur pour l'éternité, mille pensées vers vous prince adoré, votre cht'ite Danielle

Assunção Vasconcelos - PORTO- PORTUGAL
13-01-2013 - Porto, Portugal

Cher André
Je viens de voir en ce moment votre dernier DVD " House for Christmas" avec un grand groupe d'amis.
Nous avons vécu une merveilheuse nuit pleine d'excelente musique, coleur, harmonie, enfin une grande joie de vivre.
J'ai étè a AMNEVILLE, ( je vous écrit lorsque j'ai retourné au Portugal) dont je garde une merveilleux souvenir!!!! J'aimerais répéter cette experience quand vous viendrais au Portugal. Vous serez trés bien reçu et nous serons très émus!!!! Énormes félicitations!!!!
Excellente nouvelle année

jocelyne de sarrians dans le vaucluse près de orange
13-01-2013 - Sarrians, France

cher andrè tu nous a vraiment faif plaisir a ton concert a marseille au mois de octobre et ton dvd et supert tu aime la noel ton chateaux et magnifique on aimerais y etre bravo pour le spectacle dehors et dans l èglise avec toi on ne lasse pas de regarder tout tes dvd et et se prendre a rèvè d aller te voir a maastrich

Jerry Ramak
13-01-2013 - Mission, BC, Canada

Good Evening, I live in Mission, British Columbia Canada. My Dad is 88 yrs old with failing eyesight, hearing and mobility. His one last wish is to see you live in his home country as you are his favorite artist. He listens to your dvd's on a daily basis. I will be bringing my dad to Maastricht on July 5th. I know he is looking forward to seeing you. Ciao and goodnight

Shirley Taylor Herefordshire. UK
13-01-2013 - Leominster, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your family.
I wish you all &the;JSO a happy & healthy New Year.
We so enjoyed your concert in B'ham on Dec. 18th & felt very honoured to share your 25th anniversary with you.
Love your Christmas DVD it is truly beautiful.
Hope you will be visiting us soon in the UK I'll be checking for dates so I can book early.
God bless & safe journeys, Love from Shirley Taylor

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