Cristiane Ricieri Thomaz - São Paulo - Brasil
06-01-2017 - Carapicuíba, Brasil

Querido André,

Admiro muito seu trabalho e sua Orquestra.
Sonho em um dia poder ver uma apresentação de vocês...em pensar me emociono.
Estou nesse momento assistindo os vídeos no Youtube e impossível não chorar...é um conto de sonho..
Me imagino em um belo vestido, dançando ao ouvir as sinfonias...
Infelizmente minhas condições financeiras não me permitem.
Tenho passaporte e visto mais não tenho dinheiro...vou fazer todo esforço possível para poder ir ao Chile em agosto.
Muito mais sucesso para o Senhor e Toda Orquestra.
Um forte abraço com carinho e afeto !!!

Francesca Franzoni Parma Italia
06-01-2017 - Parma, Italy

Caro Maestro domani ti aspetta un appuntamento importante e che ti toccherà il cuore tantissimo perchè per la prima volta suonerai senza un membro della tua orchestra e sapendo quanto sei sensibile sarà difficile per te.
Volevo chiederti quando verrai in Italia. Tu dici che vuoi portare gioia nel mondo con la tua musica ma da noi non vieni.
Ti prego non privarci della tua fantastica gioia e della tua Italia ti amiamo veramente.

Geoff and Jean Cayton
06-01-2017 - Lancs, United Kingdom

Happy New Year to you Andre and your family and orchestra.and our thoughts are with Rudds wife and family at this sad time .we will see you in Manchester in march our love to you all Geoff and Jean

Elizabeth Ward.
06-01-2017 - DH9 9NJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre as you prepare for your first concert tonight, I wish you the JSO and all the crew all the emotional courage and support you need . Do this for Ruud.

Vivienne Pratt
06-01-2017 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre
How wonderful to see a lovely Media interview in your Studio this week as you were in rehearsal for tomorrow's Ziggo Dome NEW YEARS CONCERT. What a spectacular that will be Andre! As always, it moved me greatly seeing your lovely face and hearing you speak with such love in your voice, Andre, about how important your beloved Marjorie and your Sons and Grandchildren have been in your life. I never tire of hearing you speak of Marjorie’s dedication working a day job enabling you to stay home 'building' your life of music and creating your own Orchestra and how this allowed you so much time to 'bond' with your Sons, Andre, who I know absolutely adore you in return. Have a super special evening of enchantment in Amsterdam dear Andre. With love and respect always Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
06-01-2017 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre 2c windy an very cold the little Goldfinches get blown about but they love the sunflower hearts an the tiny Wren bobs under the plant foliage looking for bugs, he's so lovely. 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is so lucky to have these wonders of nature visit her each day plus many more. I shed a silent but happy tear as I listen to the familiar an greatly loved pieces of music on your Moonlight Serenade Cd happy in the knowledge that no matter what life brings you're always there Andre with wonderful music that soothes, uplifts, comforts an always at its end brings warm happy smiles. Your brand of music is especially unique it's like being enfolded in warm loving arms that makes the world an ones life a better place. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

06-01-2017 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Dear Andre the JSO and all in Maastricht
Just to wish you all well as you begin your 2017 concert season
. I hope all goes well for you and you can put last years tragedy behind you. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Nottingham in March and again in Maastricht in the summer.
I do hope that you will return to the UK in December for the Christmas concerts as the Christmas concerts are so special to all your fans in the UK.
Best wihes to you all and a Happy New Year

Carmela Catinian
06-01-2017 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,
It's the big day tomorrow again,the 1st concert of the new year in a 'brand-new' location.There's no way back,there's only the path to tomorrow,you know.Your heart is now more sensitive,more touching,so it will be your music,too,because you are taking precious memories with you forever,you yourselves are the memories and also the future.Ruud will be there for you every single moment,even if you can't see him anymore,just like that.It will be tough,but not impossible,you will find the way,after all.We love you all anyway and we'll be standing by you with all our hearts.Break a leg tomorrow night!

Catherine Crapart
06-01-2017 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je vous souhaite un bon concert pour Amsterdam et Bruxelles, c'est reparti pour une nouvelle année pleine de musique pour donner de la joie et du bonheur à tous!
A Vous et AU JSO toute mon affection!

j Partridge UK
05-01-2017 - Ibstock , United Kingdom

Hi Andre

Congratulations on your milestone of 30 years with the JSO. You have given the world so much enjoyment with your joyful music.
Wishing you all continued success for many years to come

best wishes Janet

Jan Martin - Marloth Park - South Africa
05-01-2017 - Mpumulanga, South-Africa

Dearest Andre and All members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra, Choir and Soloists.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all on what will be the most difficult performance of your careers.
God Bless and keep you all safe.
Remember you are all very precious.
Break a leg for 2017

Alan Rawcliffe
05-01-2017 - Southport, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and Orchestra,
It has been such a sad Christmas and New Year following the loss of Ruud. He was so young to be taken from us and I know everyone will miss him. I had enjoyed his smile and humour for many years.

hazel mccumber
05-01-2017 - Hollywood, United States

Dear Andre Sorry to be late in telling you how sadden I am to hear of your loss. Rudd will be missed and he will be in thoughts always. You are a great person in helping everyone to get through this sad time. I have always loved you folks for years and love you all. Please have everyone take care and travel safe. You bring joy and hope to all. Love to all family and wish you all the help God can bestow on you to help you through this sad time. Love to all. XXXXXXXXX

Rose G
05-01-2017 - London, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
best wishes for 2017 it must have been a hard end to 2016 remember all your fans are with you all in that unhappy time looking forward to July in your own square really enjoyed Liverpool.
Love and best wishes to you all and lots of respect a very devoted fan roll on July please rest and take care of yourself you are a very special man
Loved all your shows on Sky although I have all the dvds Love you allxxxx

martine rapin caen
05-01-2017 - CAEN, France

maestro , je viens vous souhaiter une bonne et heureuse annee avous , votre famille et le jso avec une pensee pour ruud et sa famille , j ai hate de vous retrouver a paris en mars bisous amicaux de normandie , un petit message a veronique corbin , je suis de caen et je viens vous dire que andre va au mans pas loin de chez vous je pense si vous voulez me joindre je vous enverrai mon adresse mail je suis fan du maestro depuis des annees bonne journee

Vivienne Pratt
05-01-2017 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Today I see there’s even more excitement stirring in the World of Andre Rieu! In Prague, Budapest and Vienna to be precise Andre! They wait, anticipating what they know will be a spectacular, enchanting evening of some of the World's most exquisite compositions from Opera, Classics and Pop arranged and performed in your own unique style alongside your own magnificent JSO; humour and romance; and Waltzing in the aisles! All accompanied, of course Andre, by your handsome charming self, spinning tales of magic and 'life' to captivate us mixed with flashes of your mischievous humour that I absolutely love. The one thing I know when I enter the Arena is inside there’s music, romance, excitement and joy and I never want it to end! Thank you Andre! Love and respect always Viv xx

Marina van Beveren
05-01-2017 - Ecaussinnes, Belgium

Beste André, Als kind was ik al fan v.d. walsen van Strauss. Voor de bevalling van mijn zoon in 1981 luisterde ik naar een Strauss casette. Toen ik enige jaren later een optreden van jou zag op tv was ik gelijk verkocht. Sindsdien droomde ik ervan om een concert bij te kunnen wonen en afgelopen juli 2016 lukte het me eindelijk een ticket te kopen voor je concert van 8/1 in Brussel. In oktober werd er een hersentumor bij me geconstateerd. Ik was bang dat mijn wens om jou en je fantastische orkest live te zien optreden niet meer zou uitkomen. Op 6 dec jl werd ik geopereerd en God zij dank zal ik er zondag bij kunnen zijn. Dit concert is voor mij een wonder op meer dan één manier. Ik hoop de gelegenheid te krijgen je persoonlijk te bedanken voor de vreugde die je mij al jaren brengt. XXX

Donatella Pipitone Alfredini
05-01-2017 - TORINO, Italy

Buongiorno André, per prima cosa auguro un sereno 2017 (anche a Marjorie e famiglia)ricco di splendidi successi come sempre. Immagino che la mancanza del bravo Ruud si farà sentire soprattutto nelle prime uscite in concerto ma, con la JSO, siete molto uniti e vi farete forza dandola anche alla famiglia di Ruud.Come sempre la vostra musica continuerà ad entrare nel cuore di tutti .
Ho ricevuto da poco il DVD di Efteling (con unito nuovamente l'omaggio del CD e ringrazio ), è veramente meraviglioso (da sogno ) sono rimasti incantati anche i miei 5 nipotini . Certo è che ogni volta che in un DVD appare Ruud col suo sorriso e la sua allegria viene e verrà sempre un po' di tristezza .

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
05-01-2017 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre its -7c bitterly cold but sunshine an blue sky the dear little birds need extra food, the Robins been in my kitchen, he's always first for the cheese an mealworms followed by the Blackbirds an Blue Tits also today a have a lovely Bullfinch, how happy they make my heart your wonderful music from your brilliant Magic of the Waltz Cd is giving extra zing an sparkle to my life. Embracing your unique fantastic music is like the dawn of a new life each day, note by note promises new wonders an adventures, as you play Andre you rejuvenate the spirit an soul of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas an I hope an pray that when other people hear your magnificent music they get the same enchanting feeling, pure magic from Andres brilliance. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
05-01-2017 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, As you embark of your 2017 concerts, I wanted to send you love and joy for your Amsterdam date on 7th January. I am sure you know that there will be millions of people around the world thinking of you all on that day., the music will be an enormous help to you and the JSO especially at this time.
Safe travels and see you in March.

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