Bill Meechan, Larbert, Scotland
01-01-2017 - STIRLINGSHIRE, United Kingdom

Your fame has finally reached now heights. On Only An Excuse shown on BBC1 on Saturday 31/12/16 Jonathan Watson did a comedy sketch of you quoting your Scottish Football Fans Song Book. All the people who watched it now know all about you, and this will increase your following in Scotland

Allan Hayward
01-01-2017 - Jambin ,Queensland, Australia

I am a long time fan of the JSO Orchestra,am deeply saddened by the news about Ruud.My deepest sympathies to the JSO family and Ruud,s family also.You are all in my thoughts during this tragic time.

Isobel & Stewartie
01-01-2017 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Good morning André & J.S.O and very importantly to Lin Ruuds,family We are from Glasgow and we read our Sunday Express paper it is paying tribute to all the greats we have lost this year including Authors, Politicions, Actors Singers, and of course Musicions However we would like to add Ruud to this tribute perhaps his profile wasn't as bold however his wonderful presence was as high as the sky. The loss is immeasurable as we have lost Ann my sister in law at 56 On the 7th April and our mum will be celebrating her ???? if spared 16th April. If we could all spare a thought for those who have lost someone they love praying we will see you all 24th March and thank youxx

Sue Burke Warrington Cheshire 01/01/2017
01-01-2017 - Warrington, United Kingdom

Dear Andre I first saw you on Sky arts and I was enthralled. I saw you at Liverpool in 2015 but I would love to see you in Maastricht. We have had a terrible 2016 with my husband being seriously ill so was glad when it ended but he was much improved by the end of the year. i recorded a New Years concert from Vienna as Susan Erans sang with her fellow singers my favourite song "The Rose" I was so touched that I believe now 2017 will be a better year. Hopefully we might make Maastricht. GodBless you for your wonderful music

Mike & Maureen Brierley, Bolton, UK
01-01-2017 - Bolton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre & the JSO
We have enjoyed watching your concerts over many years, you have brought us much pleasure.
We have just learned of the sad death of Ruud and would like you to pass on our sincere condolences to Lin and the family.

Lynette, Northampton < UK
01-01-2017 - Northampton, United Kingdom

Farewell Raud, may you RIP. A sad end to 2016 Andre but hopefully you will be back to your old selves before too long.

A Peacefull New Year to you, your family and the JSO.

Rosie Waters, Caerphilly S. Wales
31-12-2016 - CAERPHILLY, United Kingdom

My thoughts are with Ruud family, friends and all those who enjoyed his playing and beautiful character.

Have enjoyed all the concerts of Andre Rieu, and you were very much a part of the enjoyment. The music the JSO plays touches so many people and their hearts. But it's also is the personality of the musicians who bring true enjoyment and you certainly added to this. There is no doubt you'll be sadly missed by all.

Madeleine Ellis
31-12-2016 - Felixstowe, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I'm so sorry for your loss. Your music brings so much joy to so many people. This is so hard for me as my childhood friend has been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer. We had hoped to be in London with you but now it is not possible. My friend of 36 years is a massive fan of yours and introduced me to your wonderful shows. Would it be at all possible for you to send a photo to Diane? Sending love for 2017, Madeleine xxxx

Jean Wood. Great Britain.
31-12-2016 - Flintshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Lin and all,
So sorry about Rudd, you must all be in shock.
We were at your concert in Liverpool and we had such a great time, it seems impossible that something like Rudds death could happen.He was such a comedian.
We feel for you all, it's bad enough at any time but at Christmas seems so much worse.
Please remember the good times, his memory will always be with you.
You all seem to be one big family take strength from each other and help each other through.
God Bless you all.

Anne Henry
31-12-2016 - Gwynedd, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Thank you and all your family, Lin and Family and the JSO for the most beautiful tributes and photos of Ruud. You have all experienced that dreadful Christmas and now we approach the New Year. I send you all my love and wish you every blessing and strong health to enable you to go forward with your wonderful concerts. I have no doubt you will feel Ruud's strength and presence as you perform those melodies which his talent enhanced.
My love to you all.

Stewart Lilly - Harwell - UK
30-12-2016 - ,

Very sad at the recent loss. Prayers for the family

Sue Black. Warwickshire. UK
30-12-2016 - Rugby, United Kingdom

We were at the concert in Leeds 19th Dec.- it was fantastic- one of the best. Was really upset to hear the news about Ruud the following day- unbelievable. André and the JSO must be distraught. My thoughts go out to Lin and the children.
He will be very much missed.
God bless you all.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
30-12-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre from cold but sunny Lisbon. Slowly you'll be coming to terms with the tragedy that befell you an your Orkest just before Christmas, the loss of that giant of a man an musician Ruud. I read with tears your words on the news page i agree with everyone but one thing sings in my heart, that this wonderful man will NEVER be forgotten, there are so many memories of his brilliance an his happy smiling face, all the live Concerts I attended when he gave such joy an pleasure to the audience an his talent on the trombone beyond words. I asked an this evening the ships small Orkest will play The Second Waltz as a tribute to him,a piece he played to perfection an a flower of respect will be eaten. God love him an bless him, rest in peace dear Ruud. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Vivienne Pratt
30-12-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
Watching Ruud’s beautiful Service of Remembrance I was completely overtaken by grief. The setting, the lovely floral tributes and lonely catafalque in beautiful pristine White, the colour of the Angels, near broke my heart yet at the same time I felt such pride for you all that you had made a sad event a lovely collection of memories Andre. Dear Pierre looking so smart in his simple, but elegant, Grey Suit and Purple Tie struggled to give his Oration, but of course the sadness of the occasion was more than anyone could bear and his lovely voice wavered sometimes as he fought to control his grief. You and your beloved Marjorie must be very proud indeed of your young Son Andre. Thank you so much for allowing me to share it with you all. With love and respect always Viv xx

Janet Lee Taylor
30-12-2016 - Victoria, Australia


by Janet Lee Taylor, Melbourne AUST

You will never be forgotten,
Could never ever be lost

Home is where you'll always be, safe and sound and free~

Our souls will whisper always ~
to each other every night

For our souls, they live forever~
In the warm sounds of your light

Janet lee Taylor
30-12-2016 - Victoria, Australia

Big Blessings and Deeply felt Prayers, direct from Melbourne, Australia to Lin and children, the JSO family, & Andre and immediate family. Without the love of you all and the musical gifts you all grant us, life in times such as Ruud's departure would have been unquestionably unbearable!!! Magically and miraculously, one day we come to adjust to the world as we know it without our loved ones. But until then your music and love is the greatest healing power on earth. Thank you Andre XX To Ruud ~ thank you~ Adieu but keep shining!!!!

Doreen & Wally McRoberts Brampton Ontario, Canada
30-12-2016 - Brampton ,Ontario , Canada

Our thoughts and Prayers are with you and Ruud's family at this distressing time.
Although we have only watched your videos and the performance at the show, we love your orchestra and the music that they all play.
We are hoping to see you in person when you come to Canada again.
Best wishes for the New Year to you and your family and your JSO family.

Nicholas Flynn
29-12-2016 - Waterford, Ireland

It is with a heavy heart i write these words expressing my sadness at Ruud's untimely death. To Lin and his family may God comfort you at this time of overwhelming sorrow. people from all around the world will remember Ruud and mourn with you. May the Lord grant Ruud eternal rest until you meet again. Like many others I feel helpless in the face of this tragedy. We offer you our love and support and the gratitude of every person he brought joy to. God bless you and the children.

Ann Marie Smith, Glasgow
29-12-2016 - ML3 8UA, United Kingdom

Rest in peace Ruud. Heaven will enjoy your beautiful music as we did on earth. My thoughts are with your dear wife and children, Andre and your JSO family an. You will be sorely missed by all. ????????

conchita villamore
29-12-2016 - Barcelona, Spain

Mi mas sentido pésame y todo mi afecto hacia la familia
de Ruud. Una gran perdida para todos los seguidores de la orquesta

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