André Rieu, Moje Hudba, Můj Život

The biography of André, ‘My Music, My Life’, with over eighty photos from his private albums, has now also been translated into Czech.

‘Moje Hudba, Můj Život’ is the story of André’s life from his birth until his big breakthrough with the Johann Strauss Orchestra.

What was André like as a little boy? And later, as a student? Did he fall in love often? When did he start playing the violin? Did he enjoy learning the violin? What kind of a family did he grow up in? How did he get to know his wife Marjorie? Was it love at first sight? How difficult was it to set up an orchestra of his own? Did he have immediate success?

You can find out all this, together with more about the exciting life of your idol André Rieu in this biography, written with much love and humour by his wife Marjorie.

The first 10 orders will get a copy of the book personally signed by Marjorie Rieu!

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