Dreams come true Do you sometimes dream of visiting André too? Have you always wanted to know what your idol is really like at home, in his own life? How he lives in his castle? Is it beautifully furnished and decorated? What does his kitchen look like, and his living room? And do you sometimes wonder what it’s like at his rehearsals? What’s the orchestra like, what do the singers do when they’re not standing on the stage? How does André treat them? What does André do during the day if he’s got a concert in the evening? What sort of things go on, on days like that? Who does the make-up and the hair for the female orchestra players? You can find the answers to all these questions in this exciting and fun book all about André – the second book about him written by his wife Marjorie. It is a luxury bound edition with lots of gorgeous photos. Real fans will want to be sure this beautiful book is in their collection.
An unforgettable evening with : André Rieu Beautiful 10 page 2011/2012 André Rieu program/tourbook.
My dream comes true... 2009 In this beautiful photo book you can follow how André’s dream, a dream that so many never achieve, has come true for him, and how he had a life-size replica made of the imposing Schönbrunn Palace and travelled round the world with it! The photos show you the story from the very beginning, right up to the amazing world première of ‘A Romantic Night in Vienna’ in Toronto. Magical photos take you further into the fairy-tale atmosphere of the Efteling Park and the recording of the DVD/CD “In Wonderland”. And we end up (where else?) in the heart of Vienna, in front of the Empress Sisi’s fabulous winter palace, the world-famous Hofburg. This is the most beautiful photo book André has ever made – you simply can’t miss it!
New York Memories 2006-2007 Every European artist dreams of one day performing on the stage where the best artists in the world have stood, in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. This book contains a fabulous photo report which brilliantly conveys the atmosphere of the concerts. For those on the stage, the unique atmosphere of this world city could be felt clearly, with its melting-pot of different cultures living and working in peace and harmony with each other. And that’s not all – the unforgettable performances at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace are also covered. For anyone lucky enough to have been there, this is a great souvenir. If you missed out, this book with its many beautiful photographs will allow you to get an idea of the magnificent spectacle that unfolded there. (The text in the photo book is in English, German, French and Dutch.)
Songs From My Heart 2006
Weihnachten mit André Rieu What could be more enjoyable at Christmastime than playing André Rieu's Christmas music yourself? Along with pianist Jo Huijts, André has arranged a selection of the loveliest, internationally known Christmas songs for piano (organ, synthesiser). A separate solo part (for voice, violin, flute, etc.) is included. The arrangements have been written to interest both beginning and advanced pianists. For beginning violinists, the bowing has been clearly indicated. The books have been beautifully produced in glossy four-colour print, with texts for the songs and many lovely photos. Even if you can't read music, these books will make fine additions to your André Rieu collection.

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