Love in Venice LOVE IN VENICE
If there’s one city in the world that perfectly suits André Rieu with its romantic atmosphere, it must surely be Venice. It was Venice that inspired him to compose the beautiful love song which provides the title track for his latest CD.

LOVE IN VENICE is a CD full of new romantic tracks by André Rieu. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a gondola, gliding through one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Or enjoy the familiar hits like Volare, O sole mio, Santa Lucia, Azzurro and the wonderful, joyful holiday feeling we all get from ‘la bella Italia’. Pieces like Mama, Tiritomba, La Danza, Barcarole and the world-famous Serenade by Toselli mean you cannot miss this CD if you love romance, Italy and above all of course... André Rieu!
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Magic of the Musicals (compilation) Through 20 delectable tracks André Rieu parts the curtains and brings the Musical stage to your home. There are songs from a wide range of Musicals on this album, each carefully chosen.
Music of the Night - André Rieu celebrates ABBA CD "Music of the night" When the sun goes down after a beautiful day, a quiet stillness pervades the surroundings. The sounds of the daytime fall away, with just a bird here and there singing a last song for the night... I love that transient time of day. It brings warmth to my heart. Music of the Night, my new CD, is inspired by that very atmosphere and I hope the music I have selected to record for you re-creates just that ambience, whenever you choose to listen to it. So let yourself feel the warmth of the sun’s last rays, or stare into the fireplace’s last embers on a winter’s evening while you dream away to Yesterday, When winter comes, Hymne à l'amour and the many other beautiful melodies for the night. CD "André Rieu celebrates ABBA" When I was asked to record a CD of music by ABBA I was so happy, I jumped for joy! I also felt it was a great honour. For me ABBA is the best pop music ever! It’s great to dance to and it always gives you a happy feeling. My orchestra and I had a wonderful time recording their songs. It was a great experience. Thank you for the music, ABBA! You're the greatest! André Rieu.
Rieu Royale Queen's Day (30th April) is always a special day in Amsterdam and this year there'll be even more to celebrate as Prince Willem Alexander and Princess Màxima are officially inaugurated as the new King and Queen of the Netherlands. Earlier this year Queen Beatrix delivered an official address to the nation, announcing her upcoming abdication from the throne. This will take place on Tuesday, 30th April 2013 at the Royal Palace on Dam Square, followed by the inauguration of the new King and Queen at De Nieuwe Kerk. On this festive occasion André Rieu was invited to arrange a brand new waltz medley, The Coronation Waltz - a Waltz for the King, from the King of the Waltz! The Coronation Waltz will be performed live by André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra on the Museum Square (opposite the world famous Rijksmuseum) during the King's Ball. The inauguration and festivities will be a world wide TV broadcast. The Coronation Waltz is part of a special compilation album, put together by André himself: Rieu Royale. It also contains a fresh arrangement of the Wilhelmus, the Dutch national anthem, which is a first release on cd.
In love with Maastricht A tribute to my hometown Wherever we go on stage, I feel deeply gratified looking at the happy faces in our audience. That and playing with the Johann Strauss Orchestra is what I love most about performing concerts. But there is one show I look forward to the whole year – and my orchestra feels the same way: the traditional summer night’s concert on the Vrijthof, the big square in my hometown Maastricht. The atmosphere is breathtaking. With its medieval churches and historical buildings, and its many terraces, the Vrijthof is amongst the most beautiful and homely places I know. From all over the world people come into the city of Maastricht to be part of this unforgettable show. And even when the show is long over the audience still stays on the square to talk, dance and sing the melodies we’ve just played. I love this city more than any other place in the world. And it has been a pleasure and honour to record some of the highlights and melodies that have made these Maastricht shows so special over the past decade. And at the end of the album you can hear me sing with all the power in my lungs: ‘I’m in love with Maastricht!’ Yours, André
New York Memories After the successful concert in Radio City Music Hall in New York (2006), it was inevitable: the CD from André Rieu and his orchestra is, naturally enough: ‘André Rieu, New York Memories!’ ‘New York Memories’ allows André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra to be heard in a new way. It is incredible how versatile this talented violinist and his orchestra are. In New York, after all a city where people are used to quite a lot, they managed to turn the entire Radio City Music Hall on its head in a very short time with their repertoire. The melodies André Rieu and his orchestra played there have now been brought together on this fantastic CD: ANDRÉ RIEU, NEW YORK MEMORIES. André Rieu has created a unique mix of the high points of American and European romantic music. Besides the well-known tunes from films and musicals, he also plays the world-famous hit by Frank Sinatra ‘My Way’ and the fabulous ‘Music of the Night’ from The Phantom, both as wonderful violin soloist, as well as the moving ‘Nuns’ Chorus’ by Johann Strauss and the fiery Italian song that is so popular in New York, ‘Torna a Surriento’. Alongside André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra, this CD brings together the Platinum Tenors and the sopranos Suzan Erens, Carla Maffioletti and Celine Saleh. Suzan Erens sings, more impressively than ever, ‘Don’t cry for me, Argentina’ and, together with Carla Maffioletti, the moving ‘Pie Jesu’ by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Other highlights of the CD will doubtless include ‘I will follow him’ from the musical ‘Sister Act’, ‘Amigos para siempre’, the stirring waltz from the film ‘The Godfather’ and, entirely unexpectedly, the superhit ‘A whiter shade of pale’, daring but wonderful as a violin solo accompanied by a Hammond organ.
December Lights With the holiday season rapidly approaching, international superstar André Rieu invites you to a festive Christmas concert at his house with his new CD “December Lights” . Rieu’s romantic celebration of Christmas is just what you need to get into the holiday spirit. One of the highlights also included on the CD is a Christmas song the Maestro wrote himself: December Lights. It was inspired by the occasion on which Rieu met his wife Marjorie in the wintry town of Brussels in Belgium. "I was a young and poor musician studying violin at the conservatory and despite some material inconveniences the company of such a wonderful person gave me one of the happiest times in my life." The CD album “December Lights” is just what you need to get into the holiday spirit; the finest selection of Christmas songs on the CD are guaranteed to warm your heart on cold winter days.
And the Waltz goes on 'The waltz must go on’, was the wish of the nineteen-year-old (now Sir) Anthony Hopkins when he composed a waltz. Now over forty years later, his wish has come true. André Rieu has arranged his piece successfully and the world première of ‘And the Waltz goes on is’ has taken place! And it is now finally available on CD! In addition to this fantastic waltz, the album contains other waltzes by your beloved André himself. The waltz exists in every corner of the world. The Viennese waltzes are of course famous, but how about this melancholy waltz from Finland ‘Valse Triste’, the French ‘La petite Valse’? And a fabulous piece composed by André himself is the waltz ‘Dreaming of New Zealand’ – a homage to that country. As well as the breathtaking scenery, André was inspired by the New Zealanders, with their spontaneity and attitude of ‘life goes on’. This album includes two versions: one instrumental, and one sung by Hayley Westenra. We hope you enjoy listening... and waltzing!
Moonlight Serenade The album Moonlight Serenade has been nominated for a Classic BRIT Award as ‘Classic FM Album of the Year’ for 2011! This fabulous CD consists of a selection of the most beautiful romantic melodies ever recorded by André Rieu. Let yourself be transported by the Emperor Waltz, the Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet or the famous Venetian serenade ‘Barcarolle’. This fantastic album also includes the moving aria ‘O mio babbino caro’, a medley of Mozart melodies and one of the most beautiful waltzes by Johann Strauss, ‘Tales from the Vienna Woods’. But that’s not all! There’s a great bonus DVD so that you can see André Rieu whenever you like. Enjoy the amazing ‘Bolero’ or ‘Nessun dorma’ against the gorgeous backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace.
Rosen aus dem Süden What could be more delicious, now that autumn is with us and the days are getting shorter and darker, than to close your eyes and let this romantic new CD from André Rieu take you back to the warm sunny days of summer? The waltzes ‘Rosen aus dem Süden’ and ‘Dunkelrote Rosen’ allow us to see the summer in our mind’s eye once again in all its glory. Then listening to ‘Carnaval de Venise’ is pure delight, and with ‘Il Silenzio’, ‘The Rose’, ‘I dreamed a dream’ and ‘Les feuilles mortes’ we can gently dream our way into the autumn. Once again it’s pure enjoyment listening to this wonderful new CD from André Rieu. Why not have a look at the track list now and start looking forward to 19 (yes, 19!) fabulous new titles!
Songs from my heart Limelight, Ob blond ob braun, melodies from the musical My Fair Lady and the well-known Memory from the musical Cats, sung by the soprano Suzan Erens, the emotional ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’ by the composer Rodrigo... there’s just no end to the new CD ‘Songs from my Heart’. A joy for the ear and balm for the soul. André’s passion for music is clearly heard in every note and every enchanting melody. ‘Songs from my Heart’... specially for you, from André Rieu.

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