Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein/Dancing through the skies

‘This must be a piece of heaven!’
That’s what they must have thought when they first met – my two hundred-year-old Stradivarius and the enchanting young singer Mirusia. It was love at first sight! And who was the Cupid who secretly kindled this beautiful romance? Of course, Johann Strauss! And the love-darts that he shot were his grand Viennese waltzes. It was these that made the two of them fall head over heels in love.

And I? I am the happiest man on earth, because I have been witness to this great love! Evening after evening I have the pleasure of playing the immortal Strauss waltzes all over the world on my old Stradivarius. And when I hear the stunning voice of Mirusia over it, Mirusia who at the tender age of nineteen won the world-famous Dame Joan Sutherland Opera Award, I can only say with Josef Strauss, ‘My life is love and laughter!’
So, I wish you great pleasure with my new CD, Dancing through the skies / Ich tanze mit Dir den Himmel hinein!

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