Love in Venice

If there’s one city in the world that perfectly suits André Rieu with its romantic atmosphere, it must surely be Venice. It was Venice that inspired him to compose the beautiful love song which provides the title track for his latest CD.

LOVE IN VENICE is a CD full of new romantic tracks by André Rieu. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a gondola, gliding through one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Or enjoy the familiar hits like Volare, O sole mio, Santa Lucia, Azzurro and the wonderful, joyful holiday feeling we all get from ‘la bella Italia’. Pieces like Mama, Tiritomba, La Danza, Barcarole and the world-famous Serenade by Toselli mean you cannot miss this CD if you love romance, Italy and above all of course... André Rieu!

€ 19,95
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