Music of the Night - André Rieu celebrates ABBA

CD "Music of the night"

When the sun goes down after a beautiful day, a quiet stillness pervades the surroundings. The sounds of the daytime fall away, with just a bird here and there singing a last song for the night... I love that transient time of day. It brings warmth to my heart.

Music of the Night, my new CD, is inspired by that very atmosphere and I hope the music I have selected to record for you re-creates just that ambience, whenever you choose to listen to it.

So let yourself feel the warmth of the sun’s last rays, or stare into the fireplace’s last embers on a winter’s evening while you dream away to Yesterday, When winter comes, Hymne à l'amour and the many other beautiful melodies for the night.

CD "André Rieu celebrates ABBA"

When I was asked to record a CD of music by ABBA I was so happy, I jumped for joy! I also felt it was a great honour.
For me ABBA is the best pop music ever! It’s great to dance to and it always gives you a happy feeling. My orchestra and I had a wonderful time recording their songs. It was a great experience.
Thank you for the music, ABBA! You're the greatest!

André Rieu.

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