La vie est belle Composing is something I have been doing my whole life long. Even as a little boy, I used to improvise lovely melodies on the violin and later on the piano as well. For the first time, I have now recorded a waltz composed in collaboration with my brother Jean-Philippe on CD: La Vie est Belle!
André Rieu Live in Dublin André conquers Ireland... and the Irish steal André's heart! The unique encounter resulted in this CD of the Dublin concert at the end of 2002. An impressive André Rieu concert, just as we've all come to expect from him, but with a bit of magic from Ireland mixed in, giving a result that sends shivers down your spine!
André Rieu Live In Tuscany Long awaited, this CD has now been released! Even fans who already have the CD Romantic Paradise may well want to add this CD to their collection. In addition to some pieces also on Romantic Paradise, the new CD also has some fantastic live recordings. These include the Italian national anthem, recorded during the concert in Cortona in 2003 and the world-famous Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven recorded at the same concert and performed by the three soloists Carla, Carmen and Suzan, and of course André's wonderful choir. For anyone who was there in Cortona, it is a beautiful souvenir of that occasion. For anyone who was not there: just close your eyes and allow André to carry you off to beautiful Italy!
Musik zum träumen The title says it all: 'Dreaming'. The CD is a collection of the world's most romantic melodies, music to waft you delightfully away to dreamland!
Romantic Moments This Cd is totally different from the others I ever recorded. I love to hear this kind of music when I am daydreaming. I live an extremely hectic life, but in fact I am a very romantic person, who loves to be surrounded by peace and quietness. Antonin Dvorak's music is capable to make me feel perfectly happy.
Romantic Paradise Romantic Paradise certainly lives up to its title: music for those romantic occasions, or just for relaxing... The best-known themes from films and musicals together with world-famous classical melodies, golden oldies and much loved romantic compositions, all brought together by André on one CD. It's a fairy-tale come true! Listen for yourself and see what we mean...
Strauß & Co This CD proved to be my breakthrough. One of its numbers is the Second Waltz, a beautiful, melancholic waltz. It's actually called "Waltz No. 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2 by Dimitri Shostakovich" but it would never have become a hit with a name like that. Marjorie thought up the name "Second Waltz" and that's how it has become known. In the Netherlands, Strauß & Co. became No. 1 of the Top 100, and it stayed in the Top 10 for a whole year.
The Flying Dutchman Were you there? In July 2004, in the Parkstad Stadium in Kerkrade? No? You mean you missed the best party of 2004? Well now you have the chance to catch up on the party you missed with the CD The Flying Dutchman! André himself picked out the pieces of music which best reproduce the atmosphere of this unique concert, and included them on the CD. The pieces are hits from past and present, world-famous waltzes, marches, melodies from the world of opera, operetta and musicals, and you can sing along piece by piece (although you may not be able to hit the high 'G' together with our soprano Carla, but that's why it's so special!) So join the party with André Rieu, the Johann Strauss Orchestra and our sopranos Carla, Carmen and Suzan, whose magnificent number 'Manhã de Carnaval', (the morning after the carnival) also gives voice to the melancholy side of a party...
Walzertraum Besides two original compositions by André and his brother Jean-Philippe, this CD features a collection of some of the most beautiful waltzes ever composed, and all fabulously produced so that the listener will immediately recognise the unique sound of André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. The selection includes not only the waltzes of the famous Johann Strauss, known as the "waltz king", but also later waltzes. With his new CD "Walzertraum", André has shown himself once again to be the "waltz king" of our era!
Wiener Melange This CD has two violin solos that I love to play. The passionate gypsy song "I hear the sounds of a dulcimer" and "Méditation" from the opera Thais by Jules Massenet. I've been playing this piece for twenty years, and I still find the melody as fascinating as ever. I always notice that the audience is really moved by it. That's a wonderful feeling, and inspiring for me as well!

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