André Rieu on his way to New York (NTSC)

André Rieu on his way to New York (NTSC)

With exciting stories about the real life that goes on behind the scenes, this DVD gives a colourful impression of the months of preparation that are going into the concert in New York.

Every aspect is covered – the travelling, the fun times on the way, but also the sadness and emotions. What is really involved in organising a concert like this? What does the orchestra eat? Where do they stay? What does André do in the daytime? Do the soloists like going shopping? Or do they prefer to surf the Internet?
There are lots of long interviews with André himself, about his work, his private life and his plans for the future. There are interviews with his son Pierre and with orchestra players, soloists, the cook, fans etc. etc.

This roadshow was broadcast on Dutch TV in a series of six programmes, and these have now been put together in the DVD ‘André Rieu goes to New York’.

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