Romance (PAL)

Romance (PAL)

In one of his greatest specials we meet André Rieu as a romantic par excellence. In ‘Romance’ he takes his viewers to see the most beautiful spots he has ever played in, each more romantic than the last: Vienna, Venice, Paris, Tuscany and of course Limburg, the beautiful area of André’s birth in the Netherlands.
We see the most moving moments from his musical career and we witness how touched André is when he comes home after years of concert tours to find a rapturous welcome in his own country.
Together with his Johann Strauss Orchestra and the sopranos Suzan Erens, Carla Maffioletti and Carmen Monarcha, André Rieu plays sensitive melodies such as the Lagoon Waltz, My heart will go on, Sous le ciel de Paris, The last rose, Du sollst der Kaiser meiner Seele sein and the world-famous Serenade by Toselli.
‘Romance’ from André Rieu stands for pure enjoyment, romance at the highest level!

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