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Jennifer Lauch
19-06-2012 - DURHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Only another 3 and 1 half sleeps until we set off on our journey to see you and the JSO on sunday.
Thank you for bringing people togetherand for the friendships that we have made.and the new friends that we will meet .
Hope that the sun will shine on us all

Marcia Bettini
19-06-2012 - Cerquilho, Bhutan

Amei o show....., que eu assisti no dia 09/06/2012.

Vivienne Pratt
19-06-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
One day closer to your 25 year Celebration in Maastricht: I am sure the atmosphere is electric what with all the construction work in the Vrijthof and your preparations with the JSO! I watched your interview with Jo in Brazil and not only did you look fabulous, it was thrilling to hear you speak of your future plans to return to Brazil in September and on dates in the future more Brazilian and South American cities. What was even more exciting was that you intend to take Schonbrunn Palace to Copa Cobana in the future! What a fabulous and spectacular evening that will be! And what a 'papa and zoon' moment: I feel tears start in my eyes already! Thank you so much for sharing your news, dear Maestro. I'm sure you won't forget the pauses. Take care. God bless. Lots of love XX

Linda. Isle of Man
18-06-2012 - Onchan, Isle of Man

Totally enthralled watching the set being built for this weekends concert in the Vrijthof Square, on Parlour Harmony, it is fascinating...Am really excited for Sunday (even though drizzle is forecast)

See you all soon

Elizabeth Ward. County Durham U.K.
18-06-2012 - DH9 9NJ, United Kingdom

Hi to everyone either preparing to leave or already in Maastricht for Andre concerts, have a wonderful time and a safe journey, to those fans going to Maastricht for the first time, you are in for an unbelievable experience which will stay with you always. the friendliness and atmosphere is fantastic,
It is amazing how one man can bring so many people from all nations together in friendship and happiness. Enjoy

Kyle Craft
18-06-2012 - 94952, United States

Hallo André:

Catherine Crapart
18-06-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
cette semaine à Maastricht les 25 ans du JSO vont émerveiller votre public grâce à votre musique MAESTRO qui nous fait tant rêver! voyager! et que du bonheur en vous écoutant , 4 concerts pour célébrer cet anniversaire important! Mardi 26 je serai là pour vous applaudir dans votre chère ville qui vous aime tant! Pour moi aussi c'est un anniversaire mes 30 ans de mariage en juin, j'aime beaucoup cette ambiance particulière dans vos concerts. cela va être un moment de bonheur pour moi , j'espère que Sainte Clara va exaucer nos prières pour que tout se déroule sous un temps clément. Bonnes répétitions à tous! Bisous, Catherine.

Frank Holland
18-06-2012 - Glenelg North, Australia

Dear Andre,
My wife and I have recently enjoyed your concerts and we would like to thankyou for the pleasure that you have given us. My wife is 85 and suffering from Alzhiemers/Dementia. She loves listening to and watching the DVD's, we play them every Sunday. Your music has therefore been a great common communicator between us. Best wishes, God Bless
Frank and Shirley Holland

Madeleine, Littlehampton, West Sussex
18-06-2012 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dearest Maestro,
Like many others I will be travelling to see you at the weekend and am attending the Sunday concert.
I am so looking forward to it and wish you and the JSO a very happy four days. The weather does not look too good, so perhaps a prayer or two will help!
André my life has changed completely since I discovered you and your beautiful music. I never fail to have my spirits lifted to the heavens and all the difficulties I face drop away. You are held in such high esteem and I send all the love in the world, and see YOU SUNDAY, Madeleine

mireille laffitte
18-06-2012 - Lourdes, France

je suis de votre avis Danielle que vivre ces heures exceptionnelles doit etre magique ,mais ayant des problémes de dos je ne peux me permettre de faire ce grand voyage et croyez moi que je le regrette profondément .je vous souhaites de passer d'agréables moments avec notre cher André .à vous cher André je souhaite beaucoup de courage pour les derniéres répétitions avantces merveilleuses soirées sur cette magnifique place de Vrijthof .bisous a tous .

Sylvia Chung, London
18-06-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Trust that you had a nice little break and a Bon Father's Day. Yesterday, I played your DVDs Live in Tuscany & Maastricht V. Also, watched twice your concert in Vienne lasting for 1hr 45mins backed in around 1996 ( I think) from YouTube on Saturday & yesterday. For me, this is a great discovery as I always watch the small clips of video of this concert. Weekend filled with heavy dose of Andre's concerts. Really it has good & bad effects on me. There is only one Bad thing - I don't practise my scales enough. There are many Good things like putting on blasting volume and had a sense of feeling being in the concert - surrounded by the music.
Little & Petit Andre (Twins teddy bear) say allo to you & JSO.

18-06-2012 - ,

Wat 2 mooie uitzendingen za/zo bij L1.
En de mensen zo enthousiast in Sao Paulo prachtig om te zien.
Maarre.....op het Vrijthof willen wij ook wel horen:
Ai se eu te pego, klonk geweldig.
Tot ziens op het Vrijthof!

Patricia Smith
18-06-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Thousands of us will be making our way to Maastricht this week from all over the world to see your wonderful concerts. It will be a joy and a privilege to see you and the JSO perform in your hometown. I hope the sun will be shining on us all - the music will hopefully keep the clouds and rain away. See you soon Maestro. Much love Patricia

bliquy danielle
18-06-2012 - Saint saulve, France

ouverture de semaine avec tonnerre et éclairs, prions Sainte Claire !!! la place de Vrijthof sera déjà en fête par cette belle installation qui demande tant de travail ainsi que par vos répétitions, des heures et des heures sans relâche prince adoré pour nous offrir tant de bonheur VIVEMENT QUE NOUS PRENIONS LA DIRECTION DE MAASTRICHT !!!! enfin on va vivre !!!! à toutes et tous beaucoup de courage pour nous offrir autant de beauté, une envolée de tendres baisers vers vous maestro de votre cht'ite Danielle

Elizabeth Heinsohn-Deer
18-06-2012 - Adelaide, Australia

Hello beautiful André and JSO et al. Nearly time for the beautiful celebration concerts on the Vrijthof.It is 0843 in rainy Adelaide Monday 18th.You are all so very special, talented, cheeky like your never ending legged leader. I wonder if you fully realise the enormous impact your precious music has. NO ONE criticises you more than once to me.Recently at an old school reunion a cellist expressed distaste.she won't do it again, well not to me anyway.I suggested she listen to Tanja play Camille Sansons Le Cigne and then get back to me.-hasn't happened-another convert maybe.I am small and cello size rather than violin as in the past but I make up for lack of height with playing with words.I love music and words.knuffel to all Elizabeth aka HRH EIII.

Jean Willis, Bournemouth
18-06-2012 - Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
We are travelling to Maastricht this coming Saturday and will be at the concert on Sunday24th June to watch you and the orchestra live.
Hope the weather holds and you don`t get our awful rain and winds.

18-06-2012 - 03440060, Brasil

Buona estata in Brasile. Per te e per tutta la tua famíglia. Oggi io sono una persona piu felice ho riucito da aquistare un paio de ingresso per vedere il tuo Show in 6 de julho. Debbo dire che solo dal 2007 io ho conociuto la tua música bella ho ricevuto un regalo dalla mia figlia. Romantic Paradise. Sono una figlia di italiano, e non sai come me ha fatto bene la tua música.Oggi sono un,altra persona. Te ringracio per tutto . Sia pieno de felicitá. Per questo ti escrivo in italiano.Gracie mille.

Vivienne Pratt
17-06-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Just a few days and Maastricht's beloved famous son, Andre Rieu, returns to the buhne! I have read that you have some wonderful things in store for your audiences and I know they too have a wonderful rapturous welcome awaiting you and your JSO! What a fabulous four days it will be. I cant wait to see your Newsphotos and reports. You display such empathy and sensitivity on stage: its in your magical and beautiful music and also on your face and in your eyes: you captivate your audience. Then of course there is your mischievous sense of fun and humour which is a joy to behold! I expect you will be deep in rehearsals over the coming days, but please remember the breaks. Adieu for now, dear Maestro. God bless. Lots of love Viv XX

Silvia Cristina Machado
17-06-2012 - Jacarezinho _ Paraná, Brasil

Olá André! Foi muito especial assistir ao show em São Paulo nos dia 30 e 31 de Maio. Da próxima vez ficarei no setor Premium para poder jantar com você e poder tirar foto. Parabéns pela produção e pela sensibilidade musical. A arte de interpretar e a música nos trouxe uma imensa alegria e um impagável momento de vivermos um lindo sonho.
Com carinho e desejando muitas felicidades.

Camila Muñoz, Mendoza-Argentina.
17-06-2012 - Mendoza-San Rafael, Argentina

Querido André: su música es increíble, amo escuchar sus interpretaciones. A penas he escuchado pocas de las que hay pero me enamoré de "O Fortuna" y "Don't cry for me Argentina". Es la primera vez que una interpretación extrajera de nuestra canciones logra dejarme atónita. Es MARAVILLOSO. Espero que haya alguna presentación en unos años en nuestro país, sería realmente un sueño lograr ir a su concierto.
Carpe diem.

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