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Patricia Smith
28-03-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, We have beautiful weather here in the UK which is amazing for March, and I have been sitting in the sun listening to you on my MP3 - what can better that!! I had the most amazing view right across the sea and the track that came on was "Romance - The Gadfly" (my all-time favourite) - looking at the stunning vista and listening to this piece of music was glorious, it lifts the soul. I do hope the latest news that you are feeling better is correct as we have all been sending love to you and prayers. You are the Maestro of Maastricht and the rest of the world and we want you back with your wonderful smile and shining blue eyes - stay strong Andre. Patricia

Hans-Joachim Sahariv, Canberra Australia
28-03-2012 - Macgregor, Australia

Dear Andre', I am an admirer of your for since you started..your music brings happiness to the heart and tears to the eyes.

I am a Veteran and pensioner so mainly listen to your music and magic on radio on youtube, and I am guilty, I have downloaded some to help me at night to lay me down!

God bless you, your son and all your talented entourage.

28-03-2012 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France


Comment vas-tu ? Ce beau soleil de printemps est venu pour t'aider à retrouver ton énergie, il te permet de belles balades dans le calme et la détente, et te redonner ton moral tout en douceur.
Ne reviens pas trop vite, prends ton temps, nous désirons te retrouver sincèrement dans une forme éblouissante.

Hier soir, sur une chaîne française, est passé "Instinct" ce merveilleux film de notre célèbre "Sir Anthony Hopkins" dans le rôle du Pr.Ethan Powell, formidable acteur, toutes ces années de travail anéanties par les illusions des humains, un grand moment de réfléxion.

Continue Cher ANDROU à prendre soin de toi, et à jouer avec tes Petits-Enfants, des instants tellement précieux.
Je t'envoie de Saint-Nicolas-De-Port, plein de Gros Bisous.


28-03-2012 - ABERDEENSHIRE, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Its so wonderful to see you are well on the way to recovering from you illness. I have been willing you to getting better even more than most people, for my own selfish reasons as I have ticket for your concert in vienna in May after missing your concerts there quite a few time I was able to purchase ticket in the front row via you menbership, as soon as they became available, we are sad however because we are unable to attend a concert in you home town of Maastrick, we are so busy here in our business @ that time of the year.
Wishing you, JSO & all your loverly family lots of happiness. See you in May.
Kindest Regards

Maureen Heaslip.
27-03-2012 - Dunbar, United Kingdom

Dear Andre: I am a new member here on your website, and just had to tell you how much my husband and myself enjoy your music...we have so enjoyed your concerts now showing on Sky Arts...they are wonderful..Was so excited to read that you are coming to Glasgow with your Orchestra in December...but, unfortunately, it is a sell out and we couldn't get tickets..hopefully, next time !! Take Care, and hope you get well soon...we need your music to continue for many years to come...Regards..Maureen.

Valerie Goodman, Melbourne, Australia
27-03-2012 - Rosebud, Australia

Dear Andre,
Sitting at my computer, early hours in Melbourne Australia, naturally, first things first! A check on your health! Straight to and happily and hopefully, "no news is good news"! So many Aussies are heading to Maastricht this year to see you. We are awaiting the release of Maastricht 5 in April.
Please take the time to recover fully, your Calendar is still a daunting prospect (having just checked it!).
We receive no "Andre" news Down Under (not even via your friend Richard Wilkins!), so without your website and the wonderful Harmony Parlor, we would be all be "in the dark", so to speak.
Thankfully we live on your wonderful DVD's and CD's and memories of recent tours.
So, take care, love and best wishes to you and your wonderful family from Val. xx :)

Vivienne Pratt
27-03-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I so hope that life is treating you well and you are enjoying your beautiful music once more. It has been very evident just how much you are missed by the world and you will be anxious to return to them all. For myself, as much as I long to see your handsome emotive face and hear the music as only your sensitive hands can play it, alongside your wonderful JSO, my desire is tempered by my heartfelt wish to see you happy and fully recovered. I cant wait to see the deep emotion pass across your face at a particularly beautiful piece of music or that wicked glint in your eye when you see an opportunity for fun! So, dear Maestro, keep taking one step at a time and all of our dreams will come true I am sure. God bless you. Stay strong. Lots of love Viv XX

Carmen Gomez de Malaga
27-03-2012 - ,

Buenas noches querido André. Deseo sinceramente que ya estes totalmente restablecido y puedas disponer de un tiempo de relax solo para ti y tu familia.
Y tambien quiero agradecerte a ti y a tu eficaz equipo de Marketing los regalos que me has enviado por hacerme socio del cub Gold member, todo me ha gustado muchisimo hasta el punto de emocionarme y he podido percibir en toda la elección de los regalos el toke tuyo, personal , de tu exquisita sensibilidad , delicadeza y elegancia. Muchas gracias querido André.
Ya he comprado los billetes de avion y entradas para los conciertos de los dias 22,23y 24 de Junio en Maastriht, estoy muy ilusionada, vuelo desde Torremolinos, Malaga, España. Cuidate mucho, mis mejores desaeos para ti y todas las personas que te rodean. Con cariño, una malagueña.

27-03-2012 - Scandicci, Italy

grade maestro ti auguro una pronta guarigione.e presto ci farai ballare con la tua con orchestra .AUGURI!!!!!

susan from cape coral, florida
27-03-2012 - ,

Hope each day is alittle better than the day before, only wishing good health for you. Your fans want only good health for you. Forget the demands of the day, smell the roses, sit in your green house and enjoy the butterflies, birds and flowers. There is a verse in the Bible that says God knows when a sparrow falls so if He cares for something as small as a sparrow, how much more He must care for you and your health. The tulips will soon be blooming, someday hope to see them in the Netherlands. Always plan my trips for your concert times which is not tulip time, have to keep my priorities in place.

Patricia Torres - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
27-03-2012 - Ciudad Autònoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sr. André Rieu - Che Panambi-:

Le deseo una buena semana en su proceso de recupeación, hoy, lo más importante.

Con todo cariño desde tan lejos, Buenos Aires.

Un abrazo.

27-03-2012 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear Maestro André,
I hope the silence means you are gaining strength and being restored to full health. I hope you feel upheld by all the love and prayers around the world.
These must be very anxious times for you dear André and your wife and family and the JSO and all involved with your organisation.
Is there any chance of the Christmas Special being released in a DVD form? or are there any other DVD's nearing release? I know they will not bring in the revenue of the concerts, but the sale of them might help in these worrying times.
When you are better, dearest André, please may we have more violin solos by you? It is you and the JSO that we crave so much. God Bless you dearest Maestro, all my love and prayers, Madeleine

Vicki Hogue
27-03-2012 - Warrimoo, Australia

G'day Andre,
Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your rest.
Looking forward to seeing you back on stage next month, happily doing what you love with your usual enthusiasm and energy. Also, thank you for releasing Maastricht 5 next month! I saw it twice at the cinema-fantastic! See you in Maastricht in June!!!!

English-speaking fans can find more information about Andre and the JSO on

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
27-03-2012 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

So pleased to read you are feeling a little better. Take it easy and give yourself plenty of time to be your usual bouncy self. I watched the DVD on Sky Arts 2 on Saturday of Wonderland and it was wonderful. I have the DVD myself which I play often. Your cheerful smiling face was a pleasure to see. Love to all the family especially Marjorie who must be very concerned for you, and of course love to the JSO.


Chornelius Fivtria Yuwana Putra
27-03-2012 - Muntilan, Indonesia

Hi Andre.. I'm your fan from Indonesia. i really like your concert, so when will you concert in Indonesia?? You and JSO is so awesome.. i saw your concert in Australia from my DVD, and it was so amazing... and now, i'm just wondering when will you perform in Indonesia.. thanks

27-03-2012 - Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Andre,
I love your music so much and have 8 DVDs.
I think you are christian.
I am korean new zealander chrisitian also. I would like to suggest that you have a concert for handicap and unprivileged people.
You and your orchestra will be able to give dream and challenge to their life. God will be very happy.
I know you are extremely busy.
I am praying to God.


Vivienne Pratt
26-03-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I listened to 'In Wonderland' today and my mind took flight with your wonderful music. Suddenly I realised you return to the concert stage in Odense, the birthplace of the most famous Sprookjes spinner of all: Hans Christian Andersen. He was a dreamer too. How wonderful if you and Marjorie wrote a concert around his tales: such fun and romance would unfold as your music made the magic come to life! Dear Maestro, your music is life's breath to you, but please remember, the music pauses for the performers to catch their breath, so too should there be pauses in your industry for you to breathe the air, listen to the birdsong and let your mind take flight just for a while. God bless you Andre. Keep strong. Lots of love Viv XX

Coen Geurts
26-03-2012 - Echt, Netherlands

Beste André,

Ik hoop dat u weer spoedig beter bent.
Het meespelen met de grootste fanfare van
Nederland was fantastisch!
Op 22 juni komen Ingrid en ik luisteren.


Coen Geurts

Gill Wilton Northants UK
26-03-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
Hope you are enjoying the lovely weather as we are. Hope you are feeling well and more the Andre we know and love.
Waiting eagerly for the new Maastricht DVD to be released. Looking forward to being there this year, it's one of my dreams come true
Love to you and your family
Gill xx

26-03-2012 - Spijkenisse, Netherlands

Dear Drh.Andre,

Wat moet dit waardeloos voor je zijn.
Trouwens voor alle medewerkers.
Ik bid voor jou dat jij weer de oude mag worden.
Ik hoop dat je kracht kan putten uit deze berichten.
Heel veel sterkte en iedereen om je heen, zeker de gezinsleden.
Als ik kon toveren zou ik je beter toveren,maar helaas.
Jij maak de mensen zo blij met je orkest en decors.

Lieve groet van Ineke

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