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Jean Meredith
21-12-2012 - Widnes, United Kingdom

A Happy Christmas to you and your amazing orchestra, I was at your. O2 and I Was scared to death climbing up th stairs to the top. But all that stopped when you started to play, I Had a wonderful night for which I thank you. All the very best to you all for the future.

monica catley telford england
21-12-2012 - Telford, United Kingdom

Thank you dear Andre forthe wonderfull concert at the LG arena on 19.12.12. It was amazing, I will never forget the set of Bolero. Is it possible to have a dvd of the concert? Come back to England soon. Happy birthday orchestrs. Every blessing to you all xxx

elaine burch bowden alberta canada
21-12-2012 - TOMOKO, Canada

Dearest Andre'. Just want to say thankyou for all the fun of the advent calenderI know you are all home for the hoilday. And I want to wish all of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS. That means everyone there at your offices and everyone that works behind that help make your concert tours easier.I wish you all the best in2013.Good Health, safe travels, lots of love. Andre' you are the most special person and loved so much around the world.And say it great seeing you on the vision channel here in Canada. And i love your new dvd Home for The Hoildays.Thanks again for all the beautiful music and this wonderful website.

21-12-2012 - ,

Just received my tickets for Zurich 2014!! But Maastricht first!
So I say to You,

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing.
Thanks for all the joy YOU are bringing,
Who can live without it I ask in all honesty; what would live be
Without a song or dance what are we?
So I say Thank You for the music
For giving it to me. (ABBA)

Thanking YOU, Mr. RIEU

A very Merry Christmas to one and all.

From Bernie

Carolina Foresti
21-12-2012 - Campinas, Brasil

André!!Fico muito feliz em saber que teremos o imenso prazer em tê-lo novamente conosco em Abril!Mas eu lhe peço:venha a São Paulo também!!Você vai adorar o Rio, tenho certeza, mas São Paulo não pode ficar sem André Rieu e sua orquestra!Me deixe feliz logo, diga que podemos esperar vocês em São Paulo também!!De quem muito te admira e te ama do fundo do coração

Carolina Foresti

Veronica Squibb
21-12-2012 - Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom

Dear Andre - have just watched your December Lights on TV, so immediately bought the CD as it was so lovely. I love your music and I love the way you seem to enjoy it so much. Is there any chance of you coming to Bournemouth International Centre any time? Keep up with the wonderful music. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

21-12-2012 - Thoiry, France

Dearest André, feel so happy, that you got back home, so you can just relax and prepare the Christmas to your own "little" family! Have fun and enjoy the rare and special moments, with all those Kiddies, I am sure they will keep you busy in the next days! I dont know, what would you wish more for Christmas, but I wish that your wishes will come through in 2013! Good health, of course but lots of love, new ideas, new melodies and new places to discover with your "big" Family, the JSO! lots of love, take care

Orlando Kremer Machado
21-12-2012 - Rio de Janeiro, United States

Prezado Maestro!
Desejo um Feliz Natal para você, família e todos os integrantes da sua equipe. Parabéns pelos shows em São Paulo. Aguardo apenas o DVD em nosso país.
Um abraço

Janice, East KIlbride, Scotland
21-12-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom



Phil & Pauline Cresswell
21-12-2012 - Shrewsbury, United Kingdom

The LG Arena It was our first live concert with you although we do have all the DVD's.

Enjoyed it very much.

Come to Symphany Hall in B'ham instead!!

Merry Christmas

Sue Russell
21-12-2012 - Worcester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO
We had a wonderful evening with you in Birmingham on Wednesday, really not wanting it to end!.
May you all have a blessed and peaceful Christmas with your families and friends and a happy and prosperous New Year!


jackie thompson
21-12-2012 - Worcester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre . Thank you all for a most wonderful magical concert at LG Arena, Birmingham last night. (20/12/12). Was a treat for my Mum christmas & Birthday. Was such a shame that all the concert programmes had sold out. Is there any way I could obtain a programme for Mum, I am willing to pay the postage. Would be the cherry on the cake for her. Thank you all again for a most enchanting evening and wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
21-12-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre our country has grey skies an a heavy heart as does 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas knowing that you have left us an are on your way back home. For a moment I look back, an the Golden Memories I treasure of your concerts here and in Europe soon lift my spirits, I play And The Waltz Goes On CD which brings great joy an many smiles. Your Concerts have it all great happiness, brilliant singing, dancing, warmth of heart to all an the most glorious music ones ever likely to hear, played by an unbelieveably talented Orkest, lead by one of the greatest violinists there's ever been, every piece played from the heart to pure perfection, you really are a Treasure and Very Special Andre. Travel safely home to your loved ones precious man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

valerie Henderson. B'ham UK
21-12-2012 - Worcs, United Kingdom

Thank you Andre and Company for the most magical night I have ever experienced in my life. I always thought that I just loved modern music but having gone to your show two nights ago at the LG Arena in Birmingham I am now of a convert or should I say like equally Classical music. I was moved to tears and found the whole performance so wonderful, emotive and so uplifting. My health hasn't been too good for the last few years and this was just what I needed. I came away so very happy and cannot wait to see you again. Unfortunately, I see there are no plans to return to Birmingham any time soon. So, my message is to return to Birmingham soon and lift the roof off the Arena again and make this lady even happier. Merry Xmas to you all

Gill Wilton Northants UK
21-12-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Thank you for fantastic concerts in Birmingham I was there on the 18th and the 20th loved every second. Please come back to the romantic LG Arena.
I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy and very heathy NEW YEAR
Lots of love Gill xx

Jill Ashton, Sheffield, UK
21-12-2012 - SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO,
What a truly fantastic concert at the LG arena in Birmingham on the 19th December. My first experience but most definitely not my last! Manoe on the bagpipes was absolutely superb, what an inspirational lady!

Health and happiness to you all.

Jill xxx

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
21-12-2012 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dear Andre & JSO
I hope you are by now safely back home in Maastricht, thankyou for giving us the night of our lives in Birmingham, we traveled in the rain went home in the rain but in that romantic hall every thing was warm and cosy, we were lucky we just missed the snow storm which was good as we weren't dressed for i., To see you walk into the hall and to see you so close to us was wonderful you really do look fit and well. We are only a small island but I was amazed at how far some people sitting around us had traveled to see yo., The music colour and happiness coming from the stage gave us such a warm glow thank you Andre have a good Christmas and short rest with your wife an family.
Love from Judy in a dull damp Stourbridge

21-12-2012 - BEDFORD, United Kingdom

W hat amazing time we had with ANDRE and J S O ,at his CONCERT IN 02 LONDON 16 DEC , it was AWESOME never wanted it to end ,look forward to the next concert ANDRE , in your HOME TOWN i hope , All the very best CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL xx

Catherine Crapart
21-12-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Samedi Rotterdam clôturera vos concerts de l'année 2012 , qui ont apporté s beaucoup de bonheur à travers le monde grâce à Vous MAESTRO et au JSO , qui nous offrez une musique qui nous nous touche et nous remplie d'émotions! de joie! Et de bonne humeur!
Bonnes fêtes de Noêl à vous tous ! Vous allez pouvoir vous retrouver en famille et passer de bons moments avec vos enfants et petits enfants.

21-12-2012 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
Congratulations on a first class tour to the UK! You and JSO are so greatly loved the world over.
I want to wish you, your family and JSO a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013. May the new year bring you safety in travel, the best of health, great success in all your endeavours and joy beyond words.
Thank you for the treasure of the Christmas CD and DVD, also the fun of the Advent Calendar! Thank you for the best music on the planet and for just being you. You are a unique and very special person in our world. Thank you, thank you!
Much love.

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