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12-11-2012 - Carlow, Ireland

Disgusted I missed you on strictly, but am really looking forward to Maastricht in July. Hopefully the weather will behave, but coming from Ireland I've no faith in the weather.

Maureen, Invercargill New Zealand
12-11-2012 - Invercargill, New Zealand

Hi Andre & the JSO,
So exited that you are coming back to New Zealand. My girlfriend and I saw you in Christchurch and this time we are going to Auckland to see you. I am traveling from Invercargill (the bottom of the South Island), my girlfriend from Timaru ( half way down the South Island). We have our tickets and the accommodation is booked. So take care and see you in October 2013.

Fay Roberts Toongabbie N.S.W. Australia
12-11-2012 - ,

Dear Andre' yesterday I received your new dvd Home For Christmas, a beautiful dvd , different & oh so beautiful , so many moments in it bought tears to my eyes, thank you for sharing your talents & emotions with us, I can never trully express all that you & Your JSO & the music You share, does for us THANK You from the bottom of my Heart;

Janet Jakeman York UK
12-11-2012 - ,

Hi Andre and the JSO , many congratulations on being number two in the album charts,it is a wonderful cd and it deserves to be there! The magic of the movies cd is truly magic ! Loved you all on strictly come dancing also, with much love Janxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12-11-2012 - Oldsmar, United States

Hi Andre, Just got your CD DVD combo at Target. I had a hard time finding it. Two places in the store were sold out . Found two copies in the Christmas section. Can't wait to listen and watch them. Also can't wait for you to come to Tampa in March. By the way Rod Stewarts Christmas CD wasn't sold out!!! Be Happy and stay safe!!!

Moira Darroch, Scotland
12-11-2012 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre

Watched you on 'Strictly' last night (of course) - how beautiful and how lucky was Natalie to be able to stroke your cheek!! You looked fantastic and I would like to bet that the falling rose petals at the end of the dance, had a touch of Andre. Cannot believe how close it is to both your Glasgow concerts when I will finally be able to see those wonderful blue eyes for myself - then I will be counting the days to Maastricht in July 2013.
As ever, do take very good care. With much, much love, Moira xxxxxxxx

12-11-2012 - Zagreb, Croatia

Dear Andre,
still waiting to see and hear you playing in Croatia.

Janice Brown East KIlbride, Glasgow
12-11-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

HI Andre,

Saw you on Strictly last night, was lovely hearing The Rose again and the dancers along with you. See you all in Glasgow soon. Can't wait to receive your christmas DVD and CD. Love to your family and everyone and keep well.


peter & sue ferndown
12-11-2012 - Ferndown bournemouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre & JSO just purchased magic of the movies, have not played it yet, but it is sure to be excelent as usual. watched strickly lovely.
best wishes not long now to 02 concert.

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
12-11-2012 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Hello dear Andre,
I watched you on Strictly last night,you played The Rose so beautifully,the tone from your violin was exceptional,I could have listened to you all night.I even paused the TV so that I could play it over and over again. I so hope you will play it during your concert in December on 12.12.12 in Glasgow.I am counting the days and can hardly wait to see you all.It will be my first live concert and the excitement is mounting. Dear Andre take care of yourself and your beloved JSO and all who take part in your concerts.
Love to Marjorie for sharing so much of her life too,I'm sure sometimes she must just want you to be at home with her.
Love Elaine.

L C Whitbread
12-11-2012 - Nr12 8dp, United Kingdom

I loveAndre but he won my heart with his waltzes and popular music, the cobbler shopuld stick to his last. I can get happy slappy music anywhere and will not buy any DVDs which contain it.

virot michèle
12-11-2012 - ,

heureuse parmi André Rieu ......formidable musicien ainsi que son me manque peu de DVD et CD.....des son passage en france je ne manque pas d aller le lui souhaite encore beaucoup de souhaiterais lui faire un cadre en 3D lui avec son violon .serait il d accord.................bonne continuation je vous embrasse..............

Bob Teece
12-11-2012 - Minehead, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I was aware of you as a violinist but I must confess that I had not heard your music. This all changed when I saw a TV advert for your “Moonlight Serenade” CD, I liked what I heard so I bought the CD and enjoyed every minute of it but nothing could have prepared me for when I watched you & the Johann Strauss Orchestra on TV performing your concert in Maastricht.The concert was totally absorbing not only the music but the presentation,joy, passion & enthusiasm of you & the orchestra. I have now started building a collection of your concert DVD’s & CD’s and I am looking forward to seeing you and the JSO ( I must admit to having a soft spot for pianist Stephanie ) next year in Maastricht, I am also looking forward to visiting your studios at the same time. Best wishes Bob

Kirsty Macey
12-11-2012 - WIGAN, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
just wanted to say how fantastic it was to see you on Strictly Come Dancing last night - we let Cordelia, our 7 year old stay up to watch you as she's a huge fan. Tickets booked for Bolton cinema for 24th November and then 14th December in Manchester. It'll be our little girl's 2nd concert - she danced on the stairs in Manchester last time! She's also started learning the violin as she wants to be able to play as well as you - you've truly inspired her! xx

Cheryl Grave
12-11-2012 - Essex, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, fantastic arrangement and performance on Strictly come Dancing. That new violin of yours in your hands is just out of this world!
Looking forward to the 16th at the O2. Hope you all enjoy your tour of the UK, Cheryl xxx

Mary Riley 12--11--2012 Merseyside
12-11-2012 - ,

Hi Andre !

I watched strictly last night it was so romantic with your super arrangement of The Rose and those beautiful dancers, so much so i watched it again this morning thank you so much for sharing your music with us your grateful fans take care see you in December---- much love Mary xxxxxxxx

judy Needham Stourbridge England
12-11-2012 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hello Andre & the JSO
It is official I have no will power, I said I would not watch your DVD Home for Christmas until closer to Christmas well all my good intentions went out of the window and I watched the DVD, Wow Andre it is the best ever it's just so WONDERFUL. and December Lights well what a lucky lady Your Marjorie is to have you to compose such a beautiful piece of music just for her, I have yet to listen to the CD but I know it will be good. Take care all of you see you in Birmingham.
love from Judy in a very rainy Stourbridge XXX

kathleen bostock
12-11-2012 - Boston, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Just loved you & co on strictly dancing last night,wanted you to go on playing all night,you look fantastic now ,so looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham on Dec 18th,love to everyone,kate x x

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
12-11-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Wonderful to see you on Strictly Come Dancing over the weekend - you played one of my favourite pieces "The Rose", just beautiful. Recently received the Magic of The Movies CD/DVD - I love them both. The way the Dvd moves seamlessly from one concert to another is so beautifully done and the music is out of this world especially "Conquest Of Paradise". Everyone in the UK are crossing off the days until the concerts start here next month - it will be wonderful to have you back on stage in our country. Much love Maestro. Patricia

Catherine Crapart
12-11-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Bonne semaine Maestro , on ne peux se passer de votre musique tant elle nous apporte beaucoup de bonheur et de gaieté!
Je vous remercie pour les cadeaux joints avec ma nouvelle carte Gold, c'est toujours agréable de recevoir des présents! j'ai beaucoup apprécié la pochette d'envoi et tout ce qu'elle contenait, merci André de toute cette attention envers vos fans! je ne révèle rien pour laisser la surprise aux autres fans.

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