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Diana and Robert Schofield, Kalbarri, Western Australia
09-04-2012 - WA, Australia

Dear Andre

My husband and I live in Kalbarri, Western Australia. We both absolutely love your music and have a number of dvd's. Unfortunately we were unable to travel to Perth to see your concert when you played there a couple of years ago.

We are planning a trip to Europe and the UK in 2013 and are presently working out an itinerary. Do you have any ideas of your concerts in 2013 in Amsterdam or wherever?

By the way, I was born on 22nd October, 1949 so we are not too far apart in age!

Keep playing with your fantastic orchestra and all the wonderful singers. You bring so much joy to many many people.

Love and best wishes

09-04-2012 - CHARMHAVEN, Australia

Dear Andr'e, I am so sorry you have been so ill. I guess & pray you are almost recovered by now & have had time with your lovely wife ,children & Grandchildren :-) I have only just received this note from you as I have been in AFGANASTAN so it came as a shock to read this about your health. My CD's of yours helped me tp help our Boys & Girls fighting this war I used them as RELAXATION for them THNK YOU SO MUCH. mY DEEPEST RESPECT & LOVE TO THE ORCHISTRA & YOUR LOVELY FAMILY,,,,,,,GOD BLESS YOU & YOURS


Eduardo Correa, Montevideo - Uruguay
09-04-2012 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Desearía oir a Mirusia cantar Lullaby de Brahms, debe ser emocionante oirla. Existe alguna versión o no la cantó nunca.
Si no lo ha hecho este es un pedido de un fan incondicional de ella y de la JSO y por supuesto de André.
Un abrazo a todos desde Uruguay.

June and Malcolm Shute North Cave
09-04-2012 - Brough, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
We are so pleased that you are feeling better. Thank you for your message. We are so relieved.
Our presents for continuing our Gold Membership have arrived and we are delighted. The photographs are superb and I love the bag.....too good to use for shopping though!!
Our best wishes to you, all your family and the JSO.
Take Care all of you.
See you soon. We have 3 concerts planned and if you decide to go to Hong Kong we will take a trip there and make it 4.

Monica .
09-04-2012 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,So glad you are feeling better. I am hoping to get tickets for your concert in Manchester 2012. My mum has Alzheimer's and can not concentrate on reading or watching tv,but when we put one of your DVD,s she will sit and hum all the way through it, and always says I love him. Thank you for making my mum happy with your music. Happy Easter to you all. X

08-04-2012 - EH12 9AE, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and your wonderful team
Wishing you a Happy Easter and looking forward to seeing you again when you come to Glasgow -so happy you will see Scotland- we will give you a very warm welcome .
Take care
Viv and Betty xx

Clarette Quandus
08-04-2012 - Noord, Aruba

Dear Andre Rieu

I wish a happy easter.Im fine to be part of your website.I have always enjoy your music.Im a big fan of you.The best wishes and thank you for bringing the happiness with your music to us.

Poet and writer
Clarette Quandus,Aruba

LESNIK . René de Lewarde
08-04-2012 - LEWARDE, France

Bonjour !! Nous avions nos places pour Lille et avons appris vos soucis de santé !! nous vous souhaitons un prompt rétablissement et vous attendons le 30 aout à Lille !! Nous patientons en regardant vos dvd !! à bientot !

Judy Needham Stourbridge
08-04-2012 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre
Glad to hear you are nearly ready to entertain your fans again, I have just recieved your lovely book and I am reading it for the 2nd time, the delivery time was very good and arrived in good condition so thank you and it was so easy to buy from your web site.
I was given your Live in Sidney DVD for Mothers Day oh its wonderful and I really enjoyed seeing you with Dame Edna, and when are we going to see you dancing on stage on a DVD you are so good think about it Andre I'm sure your fans would love to see that, best wishes take care Dear Andre xxx
From Judy in Stourbridge

ron and brenda
08-04-2012 - London, United Kingdom

we were sorry to here you not been well,we wish you a very quick recovery,and hope one day to see you live.

08-04-2012 - LIMAS, France

Cher André, je suis très heureuse de voir que la santé s'améliore de jour en jour. Encore un peu de patience et tu pourras recommencer tes concerts pour la plus grande joie de tous tes fans.
Je devais aller te voir à LYON le 12 avril, hélas il me faudra attendre le 28 Août ..... Ca va être long, mais l'essentiel c'est de bien te soigner et nous revenir en pleine forme.
Je te souhaite, ainsi qu'à toute ta famille de très Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques.
Continue de bien te reposer.
Je t'envoie de tendres baisers de la région lyonnaise.

Ellen Pavlik US
08-04-2012 - Lecanto, United States

When are you coming back to the United Stares??? Florida, Arizona or Wisconsin????? Love your concerts. Please get well.......

Dorothy Walker, UK
08-04-2012 - matlock, derbyshire, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, great news about the new date for Glasgow, have booked it now and i expect it will be every bit as good as Maastricht was last year. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE PLAY FLOWER OF SCOTLAND, it's Scotlands other national
anthem, we will do the rest by raising the roof. Scotland will love and appreciate you for it.
See you in December.

Lois Little Australia
08-04-2012 - Rosebud West , Australia

I am so happy to hear that you are getting stronger. Your fans will be delighted as I am that there will be concerts very soon.Take care.

08-04-2012 - São Paulo, Brasil


It's been a great gift for Easter to know your recovery is absolutely in progress. God did His part and you did yours. Congratulations, you got it!
I've read your kind message to your fans. Thank you for the consideration. Our prays weren't in vain. Now, Dear André, I think your fans will be watching you from now on as angels caring more carefully after you. Keep doing your part so we can have you lightening our lives for thousand years away.
Waiting anxiously for you and your marvellous orchestra here in São Paulo. It's coming SOON!!!!

Big hug and a very happy Easter to you, the JSO and all yours. Sonia

Tanya Gera 08042012 Sliema Malta
08-04-2012 - Sliema , Malta

Dear Adnre,
A very Happy Easter to you, your family and musicians. I am so very pleased to hear you are feeling much better. I wish you all the best for the 20th. April. My friends and I are coming to see you live at the Stadthalle in May. Looking forward to it as we have only seen you on DVD's so far. The only slight problem is we dont understand much German so we might miss some of your jokes. Maybe you can include a bit of English every now and then. We are coming all the way from Malta specifically to see you. Lots of love. Look after yourself, keep well xx.

08-04-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi André, wishing you and your family Easter Blessings. I hope that you are feeling much better now. I will keep you in my prayers. I have booked tickets for myself and daughter, for your extra Glasgow concert on the 7th Dec. and I had paid for a Christmas dance on the same date, which I have cancelled to attend your concert (You are much more important to me, with your beautiful music which I adore, and which makes my heart sing). After all, there is only one André Rieu! I have also got tickets for your concert on the 12th Dec. in Glasgow and tickets for lovely Maastricht on the 24th June. I have never been to Maastricht before but it looks beautiful. Love and Best Wishes, Always and Forever x x

08-04-2012 - MONTPELLIER, France

Bonjour cher André, bien que nous apprécions énormément votre musique et concerts, il est une chose qui me tient particulièrement à coeur, "votre santé" alors SVP, prenez soins de vous, vous avez tant donné, qu'il faut penser à vous pour pouvoir continuer, mais a un rythme différent, vos fans, dont je suis, vous en remercieront.Sophie de Rouville.

Val Grey
08-04-2012 - Cornwall, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Am so pleased to hear that your health is improving and you are planning your concert in Denmark - you and your orchestra have been sorely missed, but the main thing is your health.
Last night on Sky Tv we watched Dancing in the Skies with the wedding party - such a wonderful concert and we have another one to watch tomorrow!
Wishing you, your family and the JSO a very Happy Easter.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
08-04-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Happy Pasen Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. I hope this day finds you well and maybe looking forward to sharing it with your 4 beautiful grandchildren. Perhaps you have an Egg Hunt with them in the garden, I hear the squeels of delight as they find the hidden eggs and then the joy of getting covered in chocolate as they relish the special treats of lovely Belgian Chocolate Pasen Eggs. I go to the Hospice soon to give some of the patients a special treat also. My treat at the moment is listening to your wonderful 'Fiesta Mexicana' lighting up this grey day and making me feel very happy, your music is unbelievebly special, thank you for all the joy it gives me. Have a lovely day, take great care of yourself, you are a very special man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

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