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Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
23-08-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Wonderful to read that your SA tour has been so successful, but then your concerts are such a joy, who could not be swept away by the wonderful music.
You are like a beacon shining out to people, you bring them out of their everyday lives and make them forget all their problems and they are SO happy during the concert and for a long time afterwards! Music is wonderful for the soul and you & the JSO bring hope to what can be a dark and unhappy world! What would we do without you Andre........many thanks Maestro, keep the music flowing. Much love Patricia

23-08-2012 - Ottawa, Ont, Canada

Dear Andre

Thank you so very much for your wonderful music. It has halped me get through tough times and has inspired me to expand on music. I am glad to see and hear that you are doing well. I hope to see you back in Ottawa soon.

Greetings to all

23-08-2012 - Mexico, Mexico

André queremos que vuelvas a México muy pronto, te queremos y admiramos. Saludos.

Vivienne Pratt
23-08-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
What lovely Newsphotos you've posted today. I really love the one of Ruud and his lovely family alongside your very handsome self: My he's a giant fellow but I can see he's a gentle giant and putty in the hands of that gorgeous little girl of his! I would like to send Ruud a massive vote of thanks for supporting you in your return to fitness and health: together you climbed the mountain and the world heaved a sigh of relief to see 'Andre reborn' and ready for the next 30 years of magical and magnificent music! I see also that you're not only nominated in the Classic Brits but will also perform alongside your JSO: what an exciting evening that will be and I'll definitely be watching and cheering! Next, Cape Town awaits, dear Maestro. Enjoy! God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Iggi Bothma, JHB, ZA
22-08-2012 - Johannesburg, South-Africa

It was Friday night & I felt like nobody, I went to Andre Rieu concert & now feel like somebody...Thank you for a unforgettible evening, I wish it could just carry on into the night. You made a dream of mine come true, my next big wish is to see you live in Maastricht, right at the front, instead of way back where I was on Friday. Thank you very much, it was a great honour to be at your concert. Hope to see you again very soon here.

Ruud en Ineke uit Den Haag
22-08-2012 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Hallo Andre en crew,
hartelijk dank voor de leuke foto's op jullie website van de concerten in Zuid Afrika. Zoals altijd leven we met jullie mee en we vonden het helemaal leuk om personal trainer Ruud eens te zien met zijn familie.
Nog veel succes met de laatste concerten in Kaapstad!

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
22-08-2012 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and all,

Thanks for the lovely photos while you are in South Africa. They are a joy to see and also a joy to see you looking so well and happy again Andre. I have been listening to Romantic moments on your CD. What a lovely CD it is so joyous and so restful.

Take it easy and have time to yourself and come back safe and sound, and also love to Marjorie. Take care.

Love from Joan.

22-08-2012 - Launceston, Australia

Dear Andre, It is lovely to see all the photos of your S.A. tour so far. It brings back memories of the concerts in Australia and Maastricht that I have been to. Hope that it isn't too long before you come to Australia again. By the way you are looking fantastic your personal trainer is doing a great job
Love Judy

Dorothy Grupe Cairo. NY
22-08-2012 - Cairo, United States

Dar Andre Happy to see you happy & healthy on your twitter picture. While you & the JSO were on your holiday I played my latest DVD "Under The Stars" "and The Waltz Goes On" Your beautiful music eases the pain
many of use feel in this troubled world. I am not a TV fan so your 30 DVD keep me in a good frame of mind.
Your DVD takes me to countries I am unable to travel to.
I have be a fan since 1994 you & the JSO have been part of my life since then. I have seen you at the Times Union Center in concert 3 times in Albany, NY & hope to see you there next year.
Love to all

22-08-2012 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Many congraulations, Andre on gaining the Classic Brits award for lifetime achievment. No one else deserve this more than you. Your lifetime contribution is heavenly gifted and I pray everyday for you for God to grant you continued excellent health and long life so that you can continue to provide your healing music , unconditional love and charming smiles and bring everlasting happiness to all your beloved fans throughout the world. (including me, of course)
An enormous hug, kiss and lots of love..

Dorothy Laigle
22-08-2012 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, Great colorful photos from Durban. A nice family photo of you with your trainer and his family. I loved the little child watching the orchestra member with the slide trombone and violin. Too, too cute for words. My day always start with checking out your website. And in the evenings I usually do another check. I always check to see if there are any new DVDS posted. Thank you and your wonderful musical family. You really do make my day. My best wishes to you and JSO, also all the crew members. God Bless Everyone. LOVE
I keep memories of your concerts locked in my heart and mind. They were some of the best days of my lifetime. Thank you so much.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
22-08-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre the sun shines again on 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena and after seeing your S. African pictures on Harmony P. my happiness is complete. My how very happy and beautiful everyone looks an once again Andre you glow with health and 'handsomeness.' Everyone is staggered and amazed by your magnificient music, overcome by the fun, joy, energy an emotion you an your wonderful Orkest give to every piece you play. Awe an Enchantment barely describe what the people see an hear. I know it's not possible to sleep for many hours after attending your concert, all you do is relive over an over again the music, majesty fun an love you give to every moment. Now Cape Down breathlessly awaits this magical experience. Your unique an very precious Andre. Lots of Love Lady Maragret.

Joy Miller
22-08-2012 - Durban, South-Africa

Hi Andre, Once again we were treated to a truly wonderful evening with you and the JSO. Every concert is amazing and different in it's own special way. We had a fantastic time last night here in Durban, and all too soon the wonderful time came to an end. My husband and I danced the Blue Danube in honour of a friend of ours who was going to be there last night but sadly she passed away suddenly just over a month ago.
It is great to see you looking so well and relaxed. Thanks once again to you the JSO and everyone else behind the scenes that do a great job, well done all of you. Take care and keep well. Looking forward to seeing you again next year. My regards to Marjorie, I think she is an amazing person. God bless.

Gerry Ryan
22-08-2012 - Hillcrest, South-Africa

Hi Andre, soloists and the JSO
Wed morning and still suffering from euphoria !!
I have been to all three concerts in Durban and last night's was the best.
Wonderful too to see Carmen and Carla on the stage at last.
See you next year !

Vivienne Pratt
22-08-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I know for sure the folks in Durban are going to be dancing on air for a very long time to come after spending an exhilarating evening in the company of you, your JSO and ensemble. Also whatever fears or troubles may have beset them in the past days will have been forgotten as they watched your expressive face as you played some of the most glorious music ever written on one of the most magnificent instruments ever made. Its so hard to believe though that your next stop is Cape Town, where the magic will unfold once again, and then your thoughts will be turning to Europe once more: time truly does fly when you're having fun! For now, dear Maestro, I look forward to your Newsphotos from Durban and wish you safe and happy travels to Cape Town. God bless and lots of love Viv XX

Mary Hauser
21-08-2012 - Delavan, United States

I have all your DVD's and love them all. In fact, I own NO other DVD's but yours------really!! I just finished watching "Homecoming" again. It is without a doubt, my favorite and your best concert ever!! "The Swinging Bells of Limburg" with Frank playing the bells is my all time favorite. The song selections and talent on that DVD is fabulous. Your rendition of Toselli Serenade is without question, the most beautiful and touching song I've ever heard. What makes it top the list most of all, is the depth of your smile all night long. In no other concert does your happiness and fun shine thru so much. I have never seen one of your concerts but is my fondest wish to do so someday when you come back to the U.S.
Thank you Andre for YOU!!

Teresa Mullen...IRELAND
21-08-2012 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre,
Thank you soo much for the beautiful photos from S Africa, they are wonderful, especially with the little lion cubs, the wee white ones looked especially cute.
Enjoy the rest of your S African tour and safe journey home, to you, JSO and all your crew.
Look forward to seeing you in Belfast on 10th December.
God bless and take care x

Edwina Evans
21-08-2012 - Burlington, Canada

Dear Andre
I'm not sure I have the words to express the pleasure I've experienced listening to you, the JSO and your guests. I haven't had the pleasure of attending one of your concerts but did watch your 2012 Live from Maastricht at the cinema. It was absolutly fantastic and left me with such a feeling of joy that I went right out and bought several of your DVD's so that I could watch and lsiten to you all when I wanted to.
Hopefully your tour will come to Canada in the near future and I can see you all in person.
God bless you for the happiness you bring.

Pam Harris, Rochester, Kent. U.K.
21-08-2012 - Rochester kent, United Kingdom

To David Herriott of Solihull, England. I have three spare DVDS of Andre that your friend Maureen is very welcome to have if she hasnt already got them. I know only too well what its like to be crazy about him. Email me if you want them, nothing to pay.

Pam Harris, Rochester, Kent. U.K.
21-08-2012 - Rochester kent, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, i am so pleased that you are having such a wonderful time, and you have made my day with the absolutely brilliant photos of you all with the lion cubs. I am such an animal person, good job i didnt leave the word person out, ha ha.There are two things that i cannot do without and they are you and your music and the JSO and animals. Like music , animals can make you feel so good. Have more fun with your other concerts. Love Pam.xxxxxxxx

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