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Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
18-12-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre so cold an grey yet the life of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is full of sunshine, love an wonderful music, as Forever Vienna plays an I prepare to drive in a couple of hours to my hotel in Birmingham ready to attend your concert this evening. Thank You for the lovely photos of you an your beautiful JSO, you can feel the joy an energy of the fantastically warm atmosphere you create wherever you go, you have a Magic Touch Andre that makes the whole world twinkle an shine. I don't think anyone in the world can be greater loved or have more friends than you Andre as you connect with people so warmly an easily, an yet have the most enormous talent for playing music that reaches into ones heart an soul giving untold pleasure. Your SPECIAL. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Keith and Sue Waite Hull United Kingdom
18-12-2012 - Hull East Yorkshire England, United Kingdom

My husband and I had a wonderful time at the concert in Newcastle, we loved every minute of it.
We travelled from Hull and had to stay overnight, however it was worth every penny.
It was wonderful to share in the 25th anniversary of the JSO.
Thank you
Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for 2013

Farid Mashood
18-12-2012 - LONDON, United Kingdom

Hello Andre & JSO
Happy 25th Birthday !
What a show last night !!!! There is only one word to describe it " W O W "
Many Happy returns !
With seasons' greetings from me and my wife, have a safe journey home.

jean and eileen
18-12-2012 - Ng334ql, United Kingdom

what a fantastic evening on sunday, you made two old ladies very happy indeed especially receiving one of you lovely smiles whilest dancing to your music.

Mandy Keedwell
18-12-2012 - Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Thank you for a wonderful concert on the 16th December in the romantic O2 we had a wonderful night, we really didn't want to evening to end, congratulations on your 25th birthday that is a great achievement. Happy christmas to you all, and enjoy the time with your families and friends.

Sylvia Chung, London
18-12-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
It was a Super Bon Concert in O2 Arena-London last night. Petit Andre (one of the twins teddy bear) was so happy that you shaked his hand when you were leading the JSO to the stage at the beginning of the concert. Of course, the snow waltz with snowing effect was brilliant. The whole evening was incredible and you drove the audience really mad during encores. They all immersed into the music and would not let you go - dancing, singing, jumping, waiving the arms & taking photos simultaneously for the last 15mins!!! Definitely "An Unforgettable Evening with Andre Rieu" as you named this tour.
Little & Petit Andre saying have a nice journey and bon concerts in Birmingham - it's a very big venue and surely the atmosphere will be electrified.

18-12-2012 - England, United Kingdom

Hello dear Andre
I haven't been able to write in the guestbook for a while but must just say what a wonderful time was had by all at the concert in Manchester it was truely magical and it will stay in my memory always. You were absolutely on top form and looked so well and happy. I also am enjoying the news and photos of your time here in the UK and hope the last concerts are as successful as the first ones.
I simply love the advent calendar and look forward to opening it every day. Thank you for your wonderful music which I watch and play constantly. Wishing you and your family and JSO a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Lots of love to you and all.

Rose G
18-12-2012 - London, United Kingdom

dear andre
what a fantastic night at the 02 on 17th really had the christmas feel it was a wonderful concert when you get home you enjoy the holiday and rest with the family.

Catherine Crapart
18-12-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Londres et Newcastle ont été réjouis de vos concerts, c'est agréable de parcourir vos nouvelles et de voir vos photos!
Birmingham va pour 3 soirées vivre des moments exceptionnels en vous écoutant! Ici la pluie! En ce moment TF1 fait la promo de votre DVD et CD de Noêl!On aimerait bien voir une petite interview de vous pour les fêtes comme avant sur RTL9! Merci pour les DOWLOAD sur votre calendrier de L'Avent, et de voir des membres du JSO participer à la création de décorations c'est super sympa! Quand on voit tous ces cadeaux dans ce magnifique décor accompagné de votre musique cela fait rêver! c'est vraiment entrer la maison du Père Noêl !J'aurai aimer connaître ces sensations dans mon enfance!
BIsous. Catherine.

bliquy danielle
18-12-2012 - Saint saulve, France

un réveil enchanteur en ce mardi de décembre, quatre du matin réveil par un chant d'oiseaux : est-ce l'hiver ou le printemps, je sais que par votre fabuleux dvd qui se trouvera au pied du sapin que l'hiver nous a tendu ses bras, de bons moments à passer la semaine prochaine, découvrir ses cadeaux et vivre la nuit de NOËL en votre compagnie ne sera que pur bonheur ! pour vous prince des coeurs et JSO tout ceci se rapproche également, encore quelques soirées de rêve pour atteindre cet objectif !!! 2013 fera une ouverture de toute beauté à Cologne, présentez ses voeux en live doit être féérique, tendres baisers vers vous prince adoré de votre cht'ite Danielle

Pauline Ross LU5 5HA
18-12-2012 - Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

What a billiant concert at the 02 on Sunday. It certainly lived up to and surpassed our expectations. A wonderful and enjoyable evening full of party atmosphere. Will definately be booking again hopefully in Mastricht. May you all have a very happy christmas and peaceful new year.

18-12-2012 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Ciao Andre...It was lovely to see you again at the O2 on Monday 17th. What another stunning performace by you, JSO and the singers. I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every moment. A sheer pleasure to see you looking much in form and in good health! Thank you, Andre, for the delight and happiness you give to everone.
Wishing you all a safe journey home and a Merry Christmas. May the new year bring peace, goodwill, happiness and good health to all.
Lots of love.....Always

philip emery
18-12-2012 - Retford, United Kingdom

Just got back from your concert at the o2 ,may I first say thank you for a most wonderful evening,the music,effects and atmosphere were superb,moved to tears with bolero,nessum dorma and amazing grace,can't wait to see it all again on DVD if you are bringing one out of this tour.once again thank you and merry Xmas

Keith Pilbeam
18-12-2012 - Chatham, United Kingdom

Thanks for your wonderful concert at the O2 on Monday 17 december and Happy Birthday to all of the JSO. I hope you come back to UK very soon. Wishing you and the JSO a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We love you all.

Neil Sarbutt
18-12-2012 - BASINGSTOKE, United Kingdom

Andre. Thank you for a brilliant 65th birthday and christmas presant atthe O2 on Sunday night. May I also wish you and your family a very happy christmas and a happy New Year.

Carol Harwood Malvern UK
18-12-2012 - UPTON UPON SEVERN, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Thank you for a wonderful evening in the 02. it was a real party. Today my feet are aching my voice has gone
we had a ball and you eventually got rid of us after so many encores. You were on great form with the jokes
and creating the magic only you can with the music and fun,
Xmas greetings to you , your family the JSO and singers and your support team.
Carol Harwood Malvern UK

Lynette Foster, Northampton,UK
18-12-2012 - Northampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, no doubt it is an exhausting tour you are undertaking but you do it with aplomb - you give joy to all who hear and see your concerts and I can't wait till Wednesday when we shall see you at the Birmingham NEC Centre.

Sheila Manley
17-12-2012 - Dorchester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre Thank you for the fantastic concert in London last night. It was a wonderful start to christmas. I would like to wish you Marjorie your family & the JSO a very Happy Christmas.

Jan Steward, 17-12-2012 Ipswich, UK
17-12-2012 - IPSWICH, United Kingdom

Thank you for your fabulous concert at the O2 Sunday 16th December, it was the first concert I have been to and it was wonderland. Can't wait for the next one, wonderful atmosphere, best christmas present ever. Happy holiday to you all and your families

Glynis Docherty Newcastle upon Tyne
17-12-2012 - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

What a fantastic concert in Newcastle upon Tyne on 15th December. Loved every minute. Thanks to you and all your orchestra. Hope you come back to Newcastle soon.
Happy Christmas to you all.

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