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Frankie Gobey ,Harare, Zimbabwe (Africa)
22-02-2012 - HARARE, Zimbabwe

Dear Andre'
I am so glad that you and the JSO are feeling better.
I must say that I was a bit worried, as there were no messages from your fans and no news regarding your health.
Hope you have a lovely concert tomorrow, and please do not over do it.(like jumping up and down like a cricket....)
Wilst thing have been quite with you, I have been watching your wonderfull DVDs every day, the music, and performances are just wonderfull.
Best regards to you all, best wishes and love
Frankie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carol and Dorothy Wolverhampton, UK
22-02-2012 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,,

Since my earlier message today my Mother and I are greatly saddened to read on Harmony Parlour that you are still unwell and February concerts are having to be cancelled.

We cannot imagine the concern to you and your family and the JSO as you are all one big family, but prayers are on going for your return to health but that you will find peace and strength during this time, to return not fully recovered would be a big mistake your thousands of fans would not wish that and will wait to welcome you back on stage in the Lords perfect timing.

God Bless you all

Enrique Pineda, Valencia - Spain
22-02-2012 - CANALS, Spain

Querido Andre;

Al igual que Mario estoy deseando que vengas a España y a la ciudad de la musica que es Valencia.
Ni te imaginas lo deseosos que estamos de veros. Sois realmente extraordinarios.
Un abrazo y saludos a todos los componentes de la Orquesta y al maravilloso equipo que se encarga de los montajes de tu espectáculo

22-02-2012 - ,

Cher André RIEU
Avec tous mes voeux de total rétablissement
Prenez soin de vous

Marilena Andriolo - Sao Paulo - Brazil
22-02-2012 - ,

Sr. André Rieu,
Acabo de receber uma carta sua, acompanhada de lindos brindes, uma bolsa maravilhosa e duas lindas fotos que ocuparão lugar de destaque em minha casa. Além disso, agora possuo o cartão de Gold Member, fato que me deixa muito honrada e orgulhosa. Muitíssimo obrigada pela gentileza Sr. Rieu. Tenho a mais plena certeza de que do senhor só esperamos coisas belas e impecáveis. Agradeço seu cavalheirismo.

Rozsnyai Judit
22-02-2012 - Targu Mures, Romania

Dear Andre,
I'm so happy that you've recovered and you are able to keep your concerts this week. Certainly, all your fans are looking forward to seeing you on the stage again. Be careful with your health because that is the most precious above everything.
I would be so happy if I would be in Stuttgart tomorrow evening to enjoy your wonderful music in life. Anyway, I've bought all your CD-s and DVD-s and I'll enjoy a nice Andre Rieu concert tomorrow in my home.
I wish you great success in all your concerts and first of all good health!
Kind regards, Rozsnyai Judit

Martha Strickland
22-02-2012 - Washington, United States

Good Day Andre, so happy to hear you are doing fine now and performing again. I was wondering if you are planning on producing a DVD from the Maastricht's concerts from summer 2011? I have not heard or seen anything regarding this, I do hope you will because the Maastricht concerts are always a delight to see. If not please think about producing one, I know your schedule is extremely busy but it would be nice to see the 2011 summer concert.

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
22-02-2012 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, at last the news we have been waiting for,that you are able to commence your hectic concert schedule.Please do try to take time out to rest in between so that you remain well and your lovely blue eyes will sparkle again.
Thankyou for the lovely gifts you sent along with my Gold membership renewal,how very kind of you.
I look at my calendar every day and have got the 12.12.12 marked as that is when my dream comes true and I and my friends will be in Glasgow for your long awaited concert.
Take care dear Andre and love to you and the JSO.

Mary Riley merseyside u k 22-2-2012.
22-02-2012 - ,

Good Luck Andre as you start another long year of concerts but please take care of your health and only do what you need to ------deligate. WE ADORE YOU AND YOU MAKE SO MANY PEOPLE HAPPY LONG MAY YOU REIGN

MORLET Josette 75020 PARIS
22-02-2012 - PARIS, France

Cher André,
Quel grand plaisir de vous savoir à nouveau en forme et que vous avez retrouvé une bonne santé.
Je vous souhaite ainsi qu'au JSO une belle reprise de vos concerts.
Continuez à bien prendre soin de vous.
J'attends avec impatience le bonheur d'aller vous écouter lors de votre tournée en France.
Avec toutes mes affectueuses pensées.

Liz & Stewart McCormick, North Yorkshire. England.
22-02-2012 - Thirsk, United Kingdom

Hello Andre & JSO - We hope you are now all feeling better and back on the road again. We are coming to see you on Tuesday 28th February in Dusseldorf - so looking forward to the concert. I will be waving my Union Jack flag, so please wave back! and say Hello in English!!

Jill Cambridge UK
22-02-2012 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

To the person from Port Erin Isle of Man, please don't let the fact that you are in a wheelchair stop you from attending one of Andre's concerts. I too am in a wheelchair but have never had any trouble going to a concert. Just explain when you book tickets.Yes Andre's concerts do get a lot of people but I think you would be surprised how friendly and helpful everyone is. So saying I am still trying to pluck up courage to go to Maastrict. I will do it one day!

Lynda from Motherwell
22-02-2012 - NORTH LANARKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
So glad you are feeling better and off on your European concerts. I miss hearing of your exploits!
Please take things easy and don't over-stretch yourself.
Hope all in the orchestra are ok now as well.

Take care, dear Maestro.
Bon Voyage!


Carol and Dorothy Wolverhampton UK
22-02-2012 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO, We pray you are all well and fully recovered from theterrible sickness time you have experienced.

We pray for your health, strength and protection as you begin your tour tomorrow please take care all of you, you are all so precious . Wonderful newsof all the new dates being added to your tour later in the year but again your health and strength must come first. Mom and I and countless others will be holding you all in prayer.

God Bless you all not forgetting Marjorie and all your families.

22-02-2012 - Adelaide, Australia

Dear Mr. Andre Rieu! I hope You are filing better,we sending Yu lots of love from Australia

22-02-2012 - ,

hi Andre
i love your music and i love listening to violin music it is the best i love being australian and i know you love coming to australia from your fan Rhiannon and i love singing and dancing too :)

Claudia Jasso Ciudad de México
21-02-2012 - Mexico, d.f., Mexico

Queridos André y Orquesta JS, les escribo para saludarlos y que tengan este año tanto éxito como el de años atras o mas si es que esto es posible, veo en la agenda de este 2012 que aún no hay fechas para visitar de nuevo la Ciudad de México, será posible poder asistir a otro magnífico concierto este año, ojalá que si. En espera de fechas en este país que los quiere y extraña. Les mando un afectoso saludo.

21-02-2012 - 007, Colombia

Dear Andre, I adore listening your music, is something to feel on the air, dancing on the clouds, wonderful music is your music, thanks for exist.

I expend so much time listening and watching your videos, while is impossible to see you in person, well take a deep breath, it could be who knows? I believe in miracles!!!!.

With my best wishes for you today and forever, God bless you,

Vilma .- Colombia

Giuseppe Ciardo
21-02-2012 - Codogno, Italy

Caro Andre, volevo chiederti il motivo per cui non organizzi un evento concertistico qui in Italia.
Vieni qui da noi, siamo italiani e la bella musica ci piace tanto. Un abbraccio.

Dear Andre, I wanted to ask you why not organize an event concert here in Italy. Come to us, we are Italian and the beautiful music we love. A hug.

Enrique Pineda
21-02-2012 - CANALS, Spain

Estimado André;
Desde que le descubrí a través de Youtube no he parado de buscar videos de sus actuaciones en internet. Llevo meses escuchandolo todos los día en el coche y en mi ordenador mientras estoy trabajando. En mi casa dicen que estoy loco con usted y que es algo anormal, pero no solo me relaja escuchar su musica, sino que me lo paso además muy bien viendole a usted y a toda su orquesta. Es una lastima que no venga a España. Creo que en mi pais nos estamos perdiendo un espectáculo grandioso. Felicidades a usted y a toda su orquesta, son los mejores.

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