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doug stratford
24-11-2012 - Tamworth, United Kingdom

just been to see your christmas show at the pictures brilliant fantastic

Bill Huntley Crawley England
24-11-2012 - Crawley, United Kingdom

Just back from the local cinema, and "Home For Christmas". Absolutely wonderful. Thank you André and the whole orchestra, and everybody else concerned.

Glyni from, Kent
24-11-2012 - Gillingham, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I've just returned home from the cinema after seeing Home for Christmas. Well done another excellent performance.

Will be at the O2 to see you in December

Look forward to seeing you in Maastricht next year

Hanne Dragsbæk
24-11-2012 - Glesborg, Denmark

Lieber Andre´ mit Orkester und Familie.
Wir waren in Kino Grenaa, Dänemark und werden uns so sehr bedanken für "Home for Christmas". Es war sehr, sehr schön. Wunderschöne Musik und Kulissen. Ganz liebe schöne Menschen. Danke, danke - wir sehen uns in Herning 2013 - alles liebes für Euch alle.
Erik und Hanne Dragsbæk

Gill Wilton Northants UK
24-11-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, thank you for answering my question at the cinema. Loved the Christmas concert, looking forward to seeing you at Birmingham
Love to you and your family

Bernie O'Mahony
24-11-2012 - ,

Dear Andre & JSO,
BRAVO BRAVO!! I have just returned from your fantastic Christmas concert at the cinema.. a 75km round trip. As usual you do not disappoint with your most endearing music. The scenery was spectacular and your home looked so inviting. I particularly enjoyed O Holy Night and the powerful rendition of Jerusalem. Andre, how right you were to mention if countries at war can agree to have a ceasfire at Christmas they could also agree to end their wars and needless loss of lives.
Music brings many nationalities have proved this many times.
Thank you for bringing such enjoyment to so many. looking forward to 02 Dublin soon (2 nights)!! and Maastricht in 2013.
Kind regards


Susan Arnold
24-11-2012 - Reading, United Kingdom

We have just been to our local cinema to see your "Home For Christmas".Fabulous show and although I am registered with very limited sight listening to your music is one of my favourite pastimes.I have several of your DVD's and we will be at the O2 in London on 16th December.
My husband has also booked for us to come to your home town of Maastricht for your concert in July 2013.
Best wishes to you,your family,and your orchestra for Christmas and the New Year.May you continue to enjoy good health to enable you to keep bringing enjoyment to so many people.

Susan Arnold,

24-11-2012 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Ciao Andre
Well,well,well! Amids the torrential rain I made my way to the Cinecinema to see your fantastic "Home for Christmas". Took the day off work, naturally. Met my friends. Broaddcast started 40 mins late. The Qs & As were very interesting and funny..Yes almost everyone wants to marry you (not me though) Then... it all went reception for almost the first half. Very frustrating and disappointing. Nevertheless, my friends and I enjoyed the second half immensely. We also cried. What marvellous renditions of masterpieces. Sure felt like Christmas already. We all loved it. Thanks a million for keeeping us all happpy this Christmas. Love and blessings for a Merry Chrismas to all as well. Always....

Marjorie Lewis South Wales
24-11-2012 - West glamorgan, United Kingdom

Dear Andre Just got back from Cinema, what a fantastic Xmas concert, my sister and I really enjoyed, counting the days for Birmingham now.can.t wait,Love to all ,from Marjorie xx

Andrea wright-tomlin
24-11-2012 - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Home for Christmas cine link was tremendous am so looking forward to your concert in Manchester xxx

24-11-2012 - Haywards Heath, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I have loved the series on SkyArts 2 in England this last few months and really enjoyed the Mexican show and of course the wonderful show in South Africa.
I have 2 tickets booked for the O2 on Monday 17th December and are so lucky to be sitting in block A2 Row D and seats 26 and 27.
I was due to see your show with my partner Steve but he died in March this year and has left a huge gap in my life.
Your music reminds me of our time together, the music from Swan Lake, the ballet that we saw the night we got engaged, a jouney we would never complete. We also loved Eric Clapton, You look beautiful tonight. It would be wonderful to hear you play that.
I am coming along with my best friend Julie and we are so looking forward to the evening. It will be magical. We cannot wait !!

Angela Borley, Ballymac, Ireland.
24-11-2012 - TRALEE, Ireland

Oh Andre,Andre,Andre ! hav'nt you and the team done it again! Just gotten home from 2and a 1/2 hours of wonderful, glorious, joyful music and song at my local cinema and it's all thanks to yourself and the fantastic people who work with you. I'm so, so glad you included the Hallelujah Chorus, for me it's the best of the best excepting for the love song you wrote for Cortona.
They say all good things come in 3's; I've just had comfirmation of my booking for Maastricht 13, tonight and you're back on sky arts 2 !!!!!
Everyone have very safe journies home, wonderful Christmases and lots of fun and rest!!!!
Angel Blessings for all.

Eileen UK
24-11-2012 - Lancashire, United Kingdom

A huge thank you Andre for broadcasting your Christmas concert.
It was wonderful, the cinema was packed tonight.
The question and answer session was interesting, the clips at the end a bonus.
Thoroughly enjoyable.
I look forward to seeing you in Manchester on the 14th.
Kind regards.

Lloyd Short
24-11-2012 - Chilliwack, Canada

I love your music. I just watched Live in Australia.
I think it,s one of the best I,be ever seen.You,ll never know the hours of pleasure your music has given me.
Thank you so much

Blair Durno
24-11-2012 - Arbroath, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Me and my Gran are coming to see you in Glasgow on the 12th of December and if it was possible that we could meet you in person back stage before the concert starts and get photos and an autograph me and my Gran are really big fans we love your music

all the best to you and the orchestra cant wait to see you in December

Marilyn McNaught
24-11-2012 - Karama, Australia

Dear Andre

Looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide in 2013. I'm flying down from Darwin to take my mum, as 23rd Oct is her (87th) birthday.

Mum loves your concerts and has many of your DVD's. She doesn't know I've booked yet!

You give so many people so much pleasure, Andre! All the best to everyone until then!


elaine burch from bowden alberta canada.
24-11-2012 - TOMOKO, Canada

Dear Andre'. just to let you know I had a very special person visit me at my home and at the time I was watching your new dvd Home For Christmas .( IT WAS THE PASTOR OF THE CHURCH I GO TO.and I said could I show this dvd at church, its a beautiful christmas concert. Thoughtfully done. I think he was surpised. And as it tells of what christmas is all about. I know this dvd has touched my heart deeply and will be played alot threw the christmas season this year and for years to come.Andre' Thankyou for all the beautiful moments you share with us. Take care. Lots of love .

24-11-2012 - TOMOKO, Canada

Dear Andre'. I sure like all the good news of you on this website and seeing you in those blue tails, walking out onto the pitch at that football match was the best moment in your life.there must have been lots of tears in your eyes Andre' as memories came bach to you. I love those blue tails.Also that red jacket you were wearing when Jermaine Jackson was in your studio. Does this mean we will you hear you play music with the Jermaine jackson sometime soon. And also Andre' Ilove your new dvd Home For Christmas., My husband and I SAT down and watched it and we really loved it. TAKE CARE ANDRE.

Herman Jopia Rojas
24-11-2012 - Valparaíso, Chile

Estimado Andre
Cabe la posibilidad de realizar alguna gira con su prestigiosa orquesta a Sudamérica e incluir Chile en ella????
Herman Jopia Rojas

Linda Myatt, West Chazy, NY USA
24-11-2012 - West Chazy, United States

Dear Andre & JSO...So glad to see you are doing 2 weekends in Maastricht in 2013. I already have vacation and 3 concerts booked. Now to get the time for the next 3!! Sounds greedy, I suppose, but your music has restored to much to my life. I cannot thank you enough. Will be renewing Gold Membership in a few weeks. Looking forwrd to next summer. Much love to you, family and JSO

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