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07-02-2012 - ,

Dear Andre,
Wishing you well soon and looking forward to see you in Copenhagen once you have recovered fully.
Take care.

Jan Atkinson
07-02-2012 - West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, please let me add my wishes to you for a speedy recovery. If it is the flu that is still with you causing you to postpone even more concerts, I hope you get better very soon. The flu can take a long time to recover from, and you need to take time to make sure you are completely well. I agree with the other comments, that you are very precious to us and we need you to get completely well before you resume work. Don't try to rush it! I can imagine you would be a very impatient patient, but try!!!
Much love to you, and I hope the JSO are all well, from Jan xxx

Renate Weißenborn
07-02-2012 - Essen, Germany

Lieber André,
nun beginne ich langsam mir Sorgen zu machen und ich bete, dass Du Dich bald wieder richtig erholt hast. Wir brauchen Dich alle und sind glücklich, wenn Du wieder ganz gesund sein wirst.
Gesundheit wünsche ich auch Deiner Familie und dem JSO !
Liebe Grüße, Renate W.

Christina Spencer.
07-02-2012 - Fareham hampshire, United Kingdom

I am so sorry to hear Andre is ill again .IHope he makes a Full recovery soon.Iwish him well and please take the advice of The doctor and all your family.
sending very best wishes to you all,

07-02-2012 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Dear Andre,

I'm so sorry to read that you are still unwell . . please know that all the way from Perth you and your family are in our thoughts.

Sending you love & best wishes for you feeling 100% again very,very soon !!

One day at a time I believe ...

07-02-2012 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, So sorry to hear that you have had to postpone more concerts. You must take it easy and make a full recovery, please don't worry we all want you back fit and well, you are very precious to us all. Love Sally xxxxxx

07-02-2012 - Beverley, United Kingdom

i hope its the weather thats causing andre to cancel more concerts and not his health it seems quite worrying

07-02-2012 - England, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
I noticed that the concert in Bremen has been cancelled so I do hope it's not down to you still feeling under the weather, I hope you are much better, and also any one else who might have been suffering from the flu.
During this snowy weather, there is nothing better than to listen and watch your wonderful dvd's to brighten up my day. I absolutely love the way you play Eidelweiss, the sound of music is one of my favourites too.
Well Andre please take care and keep safe wherever you are and whatever you do. Love to you and all.

Kerstin Lundberg
07-02-2012 - Lund, Sweden

Dear André, I am so sorry to see that you have to postponed even more concerts due to that ugly flue! I wish you will be better soon and take really good care of yourself. Maybe it is someone else in the JSO that has got the flue. In that case I wish them a quick recovery too. I am sad to have missed both the concert in Berlin and Copenhagen but we´ll meet again!
Take care!

07-02-2012 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear André,
Welcome to England. I hope you and the JSO have a wonderful time and blessings follow you everywhere.
May the sunshine you bring with your beautiful music fill the air wherever you go.
You are a treasure beyond price and much loved.
A unique pearl and loved by all,
especially me.
I will think of you all day,
All the love in the world, dear Maestro,

Catherine Crapart
07-02-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Aujourd'hui vous donnez un concert en Angleterre, puisse vos invités trouver de la joie et du bonheur avec l'orchestre du JSO.
Malgré le froid, la musique et la valse seront faire briller cette journée sur de jolies mélodies!
Bon concert avant de reprendre votre route musicale demain.

Jean Stevens
07-02-2012 - Victoria, Australia

To Jonna, Odense N, Denmark
You were writing about Frederich Jenniges playing the Third Man Theme and Tales from Vienna Woods. If you can obtain the DVD 'Andre Rieu at Schonbrunn' Frederich plays both of those pieces with some hilarious outcomes. Enjoy the music.

philip magee
07-02-2012 - Northampton, United Kingdom

dear Andre rieu i was always thinking to myself how wonderful it would be to do a song with hayley westenra and it is wonderful masterpiece of music as it most give her great pleasure working with a wonderful person to sing a song of here homeland which must of give her true pleasure with working a wonderful person kind regards Philip magee

nilsa messner-Rio de janeiro- Brasil
07-02-2012 - Vista alegre, Brasil

Meu querido André rieu.
gostaria que vc toc ase a música (the RED rose cafe) ela é muito linda André eu gostaria que vc toca-se ela neste dia
porque eu estarei ai no seu show maravilhoso.
eu sei que é muita gente sei também mais vc merese todo esse carinho nosso.
seja bem vindo ao Brasil.
quero lhe dizerte amo muitovc é meu idolo querido.
meu querido violinista e um grande maestroe essa maravilha jso eu te amoooooooooooooo bjs

Shirley Johnstone - Brisbane 7/2/2012
07-02-2012 - ,

Thank you Andre for my renewal membership card and the very nice gold membership key ring and photos that I received with it.

I sincerely hope your bout of flu has cleared and you are now able to continue on with your concerts.

Regard Shirley

Vivienne Pratt
06-02-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you've had a wonderful day making beautiful music! Out of my window the landscape was snow, fog and very cold - but I was flown to sun and romance in Tuscany by Live in Tuscany! This surely is one of your most beautiful collections bursting with superb pieces such as Lagune Waltz, Intermezzo, Chanson d'Amour, I Love You and, one of my favourites featuring yourself and your beautiful Lady Stradivarius, Romance Anonyme - a heart rending piece which I have loved since I was a little girl. Thank you so much for sharing your artistry and gifts: you made a cold day full of sunshine and warmth. I know you are coming to England and wherever you are you will radiate sunshine - you only have to smile to make that happen! Safe journey, dear Maestro. God bless. Lots of love Viv

Chris Lynch
06-02-2012 - Lincoln, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, We were sorry to learn of your cancellation through illness in Berlin -2 Feb 12. We travelled to Berlin on 1 Feb 12 from England as we were staying at the Ritz-Carton a gift for my wife Jacquie and I from our Daughter and Son to bring some happiness and normality into our lives as we are extremely touched by your music. I am suffering from cancer and it would have been a dream come true as we had been booked on row 1 in the mitte. I would love my wife to see you in Berlin as we met there 21 years ago. God Bless you Andre and any help you can give us to see you live would be wonderful.

Laís Theodoro Borelli
06-02-2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

He, André! Mijn familie en ik kijken uit naar hun concerten in Sao Paulo. We zullen er allemaal zijn te genieten van de grootste musicus van de eeuw. Ik kan niet wachten voor het concert! Kisses!

Elsa Licón Malanco
06-02-2012 - LEON, GTO., Mexico

Dear André:

CINEPOLIS, in the city of Durango, Mexico, did not exhibit the Maastricht Concert 2011, and we beg you to put on sale a DVD, with this Concert, as soon as possible.

My friends in Monterrey, Mexico, told me that this Concert was amazing. Please let the people of the city of Durango, enjoy this presentation on a DVD.

I look forward to your reply and I send my best regards.

Brenda Brown, Leicester, England.
06-02-2012 - Leicester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,I am so glad to hear you have recovered from the flu bug.
We in England are wondering about the private concert you are performing tomorrow. Could it be for Her Majesty the Queen?It is, or course her Diamond Jubilee year. Whoever it is - they are VERY LUCKY!!!!
Keep well and keep warm.
love from Brenda.

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