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18-07-2012 - Maastricht , Netherlands


Welkom terug in Nederland
Heb een fijne vakantie met al diegenen die je lief hebt en rust
Maar lekker uit
Je hebt het verdient

Gr noel

Lucia Esteves
18-07-2012 - Rio de janeiro, Brasil

My sister and I went to São Paulo to see your show. It was really wonderful Congratulations for youm your orchestra and your singers. You were excellent. We hope to see you next time in Rio de Janeiro if possible. God bless you all. Lucia

Marie Mc Carthy, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, Ireland.
18-07-2012 - ,

Dear Andre and JSO,
So glad you are safely back on Dutch soil, hope you have a lovely holiday, and really relax and enjoy the family.
Sao Paulo seems to have gone really well for you all, and now we can look forward to the O2 in Dublin in December.
Had a dream last night that I was at your concert but I couldnt hear the sound, what a nightmare!
Best wishes to you all, and happy holidays!

Elaine Burch Alberta Canada.
18-07-2012 - CANADA, Canada

Dear Andre. That new 6 dvd box set of FROM MAASTRICHT WITH LOVE. will be a cherished set for me. And IAM ordering some more for my friends for them to experience what it is like to be at your concerts and maybe they will all come to see you live when you come bach to Calgary next time. I just watched the Dvd Live From Vienna. And the music and when Suzan sang the song The Hills are Alive With The Sound of Music : This show is my favorite movie. And no one has ever put so much emotions into that music and song like you have and the JSO. All I can say is BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO.\Andre' I will never stop giving my heart to you. Your music just is so heaven sent. It lifts my spirit always.

Anke Vos Rosmalen
18-07-2012 - ROSMALEN, Netherlands

Dear Andre
just received my renewal gift for your fanclub .
The photo,s and keyring are lovely .Thank you very much .
You are having a very deserved rest now after all the concerts in Brazil .
SAO PAULO must be a very quiet place now !!
I hope you have a lovely holiday , also your wife and family .
Thanks for all the music .Looking forward to more .

18-07-2012 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France

Petit Coucou Cher ANDROU !
C'est incroyable, notre Soleil est de retour......
Tous ces jours de grisaille sont sans importance, écouter ta belle musique est un éclatant soleil dans toute la maison, et c'est là le Grand Mystère d'un vrai Bonheur. Maintenant, tu dois penser à toi, oublier tes Fans, ton public, profite de ta Famille et de tes Petits-Enfants, ils nous donnent tant d'Amour, ils nous rendent plus solides pour notre futur. (Sans mes 4 Adorables Petites-Filles je n'aurai jamais surmonter mes peines) Bisous à toi Cher Androu et à tes proches. BON REPOS ET BONNES VACANCES.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
18-07-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena has just returned home from her cruise an the first thing I do is turn on my laptop so I can send to you a message. Welcome home from your fantastic second concert performances in SaoP so wonderful to know you and your Orkest have returned safely. A quick look at the concert pictures I missed gladdens my heart and covers my face in many smiles. The town of SaoP is going to be some what quiet and a little sad after your departure but the memories you have left with the people will be pure Gold an closely treasured to lift their spirits every day. The musical legacy you left behind in your CDs/DVDs will give them enormous joy an pleasure for ever. Now to my unpacking! Enjoy your rest precious man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
18-07-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I hope you are back home now with the family and looking forward to some time off. I understand the weather in Maastricht is changing into sunshine, so that is an indication that their favourite son has returned home!!
I know you don't do requests but is there any chance of including "The Lagunen Waltz" when you come to the UK. It is such a beautiful piece and no one plays it like you and the JSO.
Sending you lots of love Andre, and thanking you for all the music. Patricia

Mireille JOURDAN
18-07-2012 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire Andre !
Je vois sur Webcam que vous avez rapporté le soleil à Maastricht ! Je souhaite qu'il y reste pour toutes vos vacances.
Vous avez appporté la neige au Brésil pour la grande joie des fans qui n'en voient pas souvent...
Je pense que " La danse aux sabots" aurait aussi un grand succès là-bas non ? Moi j'adore (je ne peux oublier votre prestation avec Barbara dans un Zuber der Music, super agréable !).
Bon repos avant tout et mille baisers affectueux parfumés à la lavande de mon jardin !

bliquy danielle
18-07-2012 - Saint saulve, France

un merveilleux moment auprès de toutes vos si jolies photos, j'en avais grand besoin si vous saviez, vous êtes toujours présent prince des coeurs auprès de chacune de nous, pour l'instant présent vos aimés vous chérissent, profitez de ces instants merveilleux et surtout un bon repos avant de reprendre une belle aventure et puis Lille vous ouvrira ses bras et vos fans LEUR COEUR vous applaudir nous manque tellement, une envolée de tendres baisers au parfum subtil de mon jardin, votre petit Versailles doit vous sublimer, votre cht'ite Danielle

Flávia Marques - São Paulo
18-07-2012 - SÃO PAULO, Brasil

Hello Andre Rieu, his waltz never leaves my ear, from July 03 never returned to normal, I'm still dreaming of his music, of course I'm going again in September, please come back every year, can ultimately buy a house here in Sao Paulo and came to live here, kkk, I love you my darling and the world also loves you, God bless you!

Vivienne Pratt
18-07-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
By now you will have landed safely on your beloved Nederland soil and will have spent some time visiting with your adorable little granddaughters getting lots of Opa hugs and kisses! The little ones change and grow so quickly when you are away and have lots of stories to tell Opa and Papa! I saw today in Chapeau a really lovely photograph of Pierre and yourself at the after-party in Maastricht where you celebrated dear Pierre's birthday. Whenever I see you together the bond of love between Papa and Zoon burns clear and bright! I expect you will have lots of catching up to do, but I hope you will get some time to holiday and relax with your lovely family and enjoy your beautiful Orangery once again! Whatever you do: ENJOY! Take care. God bless and lots of love. Viv XX

18-07-2012 - Kildare, Ireland

Hi Andre and JSO, welcome back after your wonderful concerts in Brazil . Enjoyed the photos you sent. Hope you have a well earned rest before setting off on your travels again. Have my tickets for Brussels in Nov. A week later will be at 02 in Dublin .C'ant wait. You bring joy and happiness to so many people. Take care Vivienne.

Colin Grundy
17-07-2012 - Northampton, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

I am so pleased to have been able to get front row seats for the concert at the Stadthalle in Vienna next May. Vienna is my wife's favourite City and you are our favourite musician. We both cannot wait! Birmingham is not such a wonderful City but we will see you there for the Xmas concert. In the meantime have a great break-you all deserve it.


17-07-2012 - Zuidwolde , Netherlands

hallo andre,
al heel lang bewonder ik je en kijk graag naar je concerten op dvd. Nu heb ik een vraagje, zou je een keer (of meer) een wals van chopin of de polonaise, kunnen spelen, ik heb zon idee dat je dat grandioos kunt arrangeren voor je orkest !
Indien niet mogelijk blijf ik toch een grote fan.
Hoop dat je gezondheid nu goed is, zorg goed voorjezelf, je hebt maar één lichaam!!!!!!

Christina Spencer
17-07-2012 - Fareham hampshire, United Kingdom

Hello Andre and all the orchestra i am so pleased all the concerts went great you made so many people very happy.
you now have to have a restfull holiday .
thank you all for the music..I am so looking forward to seeing you all in london in December. thank you all.

Alicia Azcue de Bartrons
17-07-2012 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Somos argentinos y viajamos especialmente a San Pablo para disfrutar del concierto que Andre Rieu dio el 10 de julio. Su música fantástica, su orquesta maravillosa y su cálida personalidad nos cautivó.
Nos encantaría que considerara la posibilidad de dar conciertos en Argentina, toda mi familia, que es muy numerosa, es fanática de Andre.


Helen Wagner Müller
17-07-2012 - Igrejinha-RS, Brasil

Sou sua fã. Amo o seu trabalho e de toda a sua orquestra. Por favor, pensem com carinho na possibilidade de ser feito um concerto em Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil, no mês de setembro. Grata desde já.

Krystyna Grunberg - Curitiba-Brasil
17-07-2012 - Curitiba-PR, Brasil

Ok. Andre. Now is time to vacations. Enjoy with your granchildren like a great Opa. Travel with Marjorie, she deserved. Enjoy your life because the life is very short and when you see it is passed.Enjoy and return more strong in healt and spirit. Dont forget the exercises. Love Krystyna

Gwyn Cabral
17-07-2012 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Hello Andre: I am so excited today as my husband has obtained a ticket for me to see you and the JSO at the MEN in December. I tried several times at the MEN but they did not have any good seats left and I was so disappointed. I had a ticket to see you in (I think) 2010 but you were unwell and the concert was postponed. Unfortunately, I was on holiday in Portugal the day of the re-arranged concert. PLEASE try and keep well this year!!! My ticket is to be part of my Christmas present from my husband so it makes it extra special. I was watching one of your concerts on SkyArts2 when my ticket was booked. Thanks to Marjorie for all her good ideas for your concerts. Have you thought of arranging a concert in Portugal? See you in December.

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