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mandy bennett
02-03-2012 - Tf4 3ns, United Kingdom

your music has been a great comfort to me after my losing my husband
watch your dvd s alot and of course always listening to youre music

Carol and Dorothy Wolverhampton UK
02-03-2012 - Wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, we are so saddened to read that you are still unable to resume your tour, but so pleased that you are taking the presure off yourself by cancelling for several more weeks. Enjoy the rest and time with your family and everyone will be looking forward to seeing that you are ready to tour again, take as long as it takes, prayers are constantly being said for you all.

God Bless

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
02-03-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I was pleased to read slightly happier news from your official press release. We need you to be fit and well for your concerts, so rest, enjoy your beautiful grandchildren and I am sure Marjorie will spoil as always. The stage will always be there waiting for you and so will the thousands of devotees, no matter how long it takes. We pray that the concerts at the end of April will go ahead but it is up to you - we will always be here. You have, with your concerts & music, blessed many lives and changed many lives. Keep strong Maestro and know that you have the love and devotion of people worldwide. Patricia

02-03-2012 - LE BOUSCAT, France

Cher André je vous souhaite un prompt rétablissement - prenez bien soin de vous - on vous attendra patiemment de vous revoir sur scéne en pleine forme - bon courage à vous - bisous Yvette

Vicki Hogue
02-03-2012 - Warrimoo, Australia

G'day Andre
Enjoy the extra time with Marjorie, and playing with your grandkids and your dogs. Spend time in your oranjerie soaking up the atmosphere. Think of all the nice people and things you have in your life.
When I think of you, I'll think of all the joy you've brought into my life, play your CDs and DVDs, and see you feeling happy and at ease.
Sending you, your family and team all my best wishes.

02-03-2012 - NYON, Switzerland

... Si vous n'étiez pas si loin, Maestro, je me proposerais comme INFIRMIERE PRIVEE à temps partiel ... Ne vous inquiétez pas pour "la Reprise", ni nos billets -bien au chaud dans nos placards à petits trésors : Ce qui importe pour nous tous est VOTRE SANTE d'abord et pour toute votre Famille. Bien-sûr, vous nous manquez beaucoup.Mais grâce à votre formidable Equipe -les si sympathiques Kerstin et Frans -ainsi que tous vos Fans-Clubs, nous tenons ... Et -bien-sûr : VOTRE MERVEILLEUSE MUSIQUE !!! *BON RETABLISSEMENT*!!! Your Forever ,* ...

S.C. van Zon-Bouw
02-03-2012 - Dordrecht, Netherlands

De tickets voor Wenen zijn al lang geleden gekocht, de accommodatie geboekt en de reis ook. Nu hoor ik allerlei alarmerende berichten.
Vooropgesteld: het belangrijkste is dat André er bovenop komt. Maar onze angst is: gaan we nu voor niets naar Wenen?
André, héél veel sterkte. Ik kan me voorstellen dat de druk erg hoog is, maar je gezonheid gaat voor alles!

Sylvia Chung, London
02-03-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
You are in the process of building up your strength back to 101%. Perhaps you should try to plan nothing ahead & think nothing- not even think about what you are going to eat for lunch or dinner! When feeling hungry, eat something you like at that moment. Forget the time and date! If feeling tired, just lazing around then. Nothing is harder than doing absolutely nothing! Relax & enjoy life with your family and playing with your grandchildren-I think they are really cute now.
Just turned the monthly page on your calendar. Will be watching your DVD Dreaming -Denon recording printed in USA - I purchased in HK on New Year Day 2012.

Mireille JOURDAN
02-03-2012 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André !
Don't be worry for us, we love you enough for waiting for you the necessary time.
Please be quite an rest.
You are THE ONE for me...formidable for ever !
Loving kisses to you and to your family and JSO.

Pour Catherine : merci, amitiés aussi. Peut-être aurons-nus la joie de nous revoir à Maastricht.

Maria Grazia
02-03-2012 - Firenze, Italy

Dear Teacher I saw that the dates of his tour would start from March 6, that's my birthday I wish you a heart to feel good for that day and that you have fully recovered his health and could resume his work of love. stiamto affection.
Florence, Italy

Janet Jakeman York UK
02-03-2012 - York, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I am really sorry to hear you are still not back to your usual self, I truly sympathize as I suffer in the same way with the same illness. I know it is frustrating and annoying but please believe everyone when they tell you that rest is the only thing to do to feel better, I have found that out eventually .My heart goes out to you as I truly understand how you feel ,please rest and relax and I am sure everyones best wishes will help. Take care with much love Janxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elke Bliefering
02-03-2012 - ,

Lieber André, viele Deiner Fans sind sehr traurig, dass Du weiterhin krank bist. Du hast mit Deiner Musik so viele Menschen glücklich gemacht und ihnen geholfen, Krankheit und Sorgen leichter zu ertragen. Ich wollte, jetzt könnten wir Dir helfen!!! Aber leider können wir nichts weiter tun, als in Gedanken bei Dir zu sein, und Dir aus tiefsten Herzen Gute Besserung wünschen!!! Nimm Dir alle Zeit, die Du brauchst, um wieder gesund zu werden!
Herzliche Grüße, Elke

02-03-2012 - Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Hello Andre..

Remembering all the fun times and happiness you've given us over the years and now it's our turn to be there for you so here we are sending positive and caring thoughts your way for a return to you feeling strong and happy and enjoying life again.
We'll still be here whenever you're back but in the meanwhile please just use your energy for recovering ~

Catherine Crapart
02-03-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Mars annonce bientôt le printemps!où la nature nous offre sa floraison de toutes couleurs, comme l'est votre musique pleine de notes qui fleurissent pendant vos concerts,avec de très belles valses et mélodies.
La France va valser avec le JSO pour savourer ces moments de bonheur que vous apportez à tout votre public , dans la joie et la bonne humeur!
Bonnes répétitions, et bon voyage à travers cette jolie France aux paysages si harmonieux.

Wendy & Dave Laing
02-03-2012 - Roxburgh Park, Australia

G'day Andre, sorry to hear that you are not well again. We simply wish you well, and can only say 'RELAX'!
Dave & I had major surgery 4 months ago, when I donated one of my Kidneys to him (yes, we were 98 - 99% compatible!!)
We simply did what the doctors told us - walking in fresh air , when able - relaxing, and listening to our bodies!
Get well mate!
hugs from Melbourne
Wendy & Dave Laing

Mary Webster Melbourne,Australia
02-03-2012 - Melbourne, Australia

Oh dearest André, so sad to hear the latest news that you are not as well as we thought. You know you are in our prayers and thoughts always and we love you and will wait for you no matter how long it takes. I don’t speak Dutch but from the few words I picked out from what was on Harmony Parlor Facebook page and trying an online translation site I figured out pretty much what the English translation turned out to be, though I was hoping I was so very wrong. I wish you dear Maestro a speedy recovery over the next few weeks and for you to stay healthy. Love, REST and take care. Mary

Jennifer Lauch
02-03-2012 - DURHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, so sorry to hear that you aes still feeling so unwell, and have to cancell more concerts. Your good health and return to fitness is the most important thing, so I hope that you will have a good rest and not return to the stage until you are 100% fit.

Us devoted fans will wait as long as it takes to get our beloved, twinkly blue eyed boy back.

Lots of love to you all Jennifer

FAY ROBERTS Toongabbie N.S.W. Australis
02-03-2012 - Sydney, Australia

Dearest Andre' not good news for you The flu can really drain your system, may I be bold & suggest Echanacea, Garlic Zinc & C they are all in one tablet I am 77 & found myself like you so ill with side effects my Dr. suggested the above tablets they have been a big help I have a flue needle each year [yuk] better than flue though & have been flue & cold free for 5 years ; You are precious to all so take care dear friend we all care & worry about you , so take time to heal its so important, we look forward to you When You ARE WELL TAKE THE TIME PLEASE;

Vivienne Pratt
01-03-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
My heart aches for you knowing how much you want to 'live your dreams'. I know well the feelings of frustration, anxiety and even panic when your body or brain 'takes a holiday'. But dear Andre, we need only see such wonderful productions as Wiener Festwalzer and La Vie Est Belle to know how much of your self you give to your emotional playing and conducting. Not forgetting the concentration needed to compose such beautiful music as Lost Heroes, Please Don't Go and the unforgettable December Lights written for your beloved Marjorie. So dear Maestro, please relax for a little while longer and soon the sun will burst through those clouds and fill your heart and mind with all the zest and vigour needed to continue your dream. God bless you. Keep strong Love Viv XX

Barbara Conroy, Pittsburgh Pa,USA
01-03-2012 - Gibsonia, United States

Andre,I hope that full recovery will come soon,and as much as I want you to return to Pittsburgh someday,I would rather know that you are tollally well and performing only in Europe for a while than to travel too soon and become ill again.I hope your dear dogs are beside you during this time of rest, they seem to be able to sense illness and I believe that just their nearness may speed your healing Many prayers and take care

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