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Teresa Mullen...IRELAND
09-01-2013 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre & JSO,
Now that I am only starting to comedown from your fabulous concert in Belfast on 10th December, I wish to thank you soo much for St. Petersburg Trio & Marcel& his son Glen, 2 of my most favourite pieces, Lara's Theme & Bolera, fantastic is not a strong enough word to express the marvel of these artistes. Also another thank you to Manoe for Amazing Grace, she wasfabulous, just as she was in Belfast on 27th April 2011. Please return to our beautiful island very soon, all Irish eyes were smiling at you.
Take care & most of all, continue to remain in good health.
Teresa x

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
09-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

The weather Dearest Andre tries very hard to dampen the spirits of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas as it is frosty an foggy but my eyes sparkle an shine an sunshine an happiness surround me. Your fantastic music from my favourite And The Waltz Goes On is so vibrant an uplifting its an explosion of coloured lights an twinkling stars. The energy an meaning you give to the pieces of music as you play is wonderous an leaves you breathless - its not easy trying to press my beautiful clothes an dance at the same time!! Its been fantastic looking through your archive pictures from your 2012 Concerts an travels, what brilliant music an magnificient experiences you gave to thousands. I eagerly await your return Precious Man an revel in the joy of my memories. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Julie Jackson
09-01-2013 - Essex, United Kingdom

WOW watched a fantastic live concert last night. Andre and JSO were up to their usual enthusiastic standard. Only trouble was, it was a dream and I still didn't have front row seats! Looking forward to having those front seats perhaps in a few years time when you return to London.

Jill Baggaley Foston Grantham
09-01-2013 - ,

Dearest Andre,
I hope you are having plenty of relaxation & family time during this period between concerts.
I have booked everything now for the Maastricht concerts so cannot wait for them to come around:-) I'm so excited I feel like a small child again!
Take good care of yourself & recharge all your energy for the coming season.
With Love for a very special man who creates such happiness for so many people.

Catherine Crapart
09-01-2013 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
J'espère que vous avez passez de bonnes fêtes , vous êtes peut-être dans la préparation de vos prochains concerts au USA, et préparez de nouvelles compositions et surprises musicales pour vos concerts de 2013.
Le DVD du concert de Maastricht de 2012 sera le bienvenu dans notre collection quand il sortira!
En ce moment le temps est gris! mais votre musique ensoleille notre vie!
J'adore votre DVD de HOME FOR CHRISTMAS , il est plein de gaieté, de beauté, et de féérie, des musiques et des chants pleins d'émotions!

Vivienne Pratt
09-01-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre
Listening to 'Andre Rieu in Concert' and 'Walzertraum' today I found my mind returning to December at the O2 when you and your wonderful ensemble performed some of the most beautiful and exciting music written and for a few hours nothing else in the world existed: just you and the love and happiness you had created. I know the pieces of music today weren't all the same but still I felt the heart stopping emotion and excitement listening to pieces like your own compositions 'Das Alt Schloss' and 'Auf der Kirmes', Marcel's frantic 'Circus Renz' and then your gifted, beautiful, emotional violin solo 'Ave Maria': dear Maestro you play this with such emotion and passion it touches my heart and tears fall. You're simply the best! Adieu for now. God bless and lots of love. Viv xx

Jane Smith
09-01-2013 - Hampshire, United Kingdom

Hello Andre.
Thankyou for all your beautiful music.You bring such joy to so many.I was moved to tears to hear you play Kojo No Tsuki.I love to listen to your concerts on Sky Arts 2. Long may you continue to bring such joy to us all .Lots of love from Jane.

Huub Verstegen
08-01-2013 - Henderson Waitakere Auckland, New Zealand

hallo Andre

mijn naam is Huub Vetrstegen
wij wonen al weer 25 jaar in New Zealand en zijn lid van een Nederlandse volksdans groep in Auckland.
wij genieten elke keer weer als we een van der dvd's zien en vooral van het antiociasme van de orkest leden,
ik wil je allen laten werten dat we bestaan, dus als je geintereseert bent. dan hoor ik het wel

groeten en veel succes.

Marie Mc Carthy, Limerick, Ireland.
08-01-2013 - ,

Dear Andre,

Happy New Year, hope it will be a good one for you and the JSO ! Many thanks for the Advent Calendar, it really added to the festive season, and I was delighted to win a calendar.
Had a great night in the O2 in Dublin on the 9th December, it was a fabulous concert and I particularly loved the rendition of the Last Rose of Summer, hope you will come back to us again soon.
Best wishes for 2013.

Sister Hazel
08-01-2013 - M KEYNES, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Your home at Christmas brought immense joy,to see you sharing your home and faith in christmas,wonderful music and finishing with the Crib.i hope your family Christmas was richly blessed and I shall think often of you and the orchestra with a light and thankful heart. Sister Hazel

Laura , Campina Romania
08-01-2013 - Campina, Romania

I hope you will come in Roumania soon !

Gill Wilton Northants UK
08-01-2013 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre
Still suffing from the flu,your music and DVDs help a lot. Looking forward to Maastricht and may be you will come back to the UK
Love to you all
Gill xx

sophie de rouville
08-01-2013 - MONTPELLIER, France

Bonjour cher André, les amitiés en langue française se font rares, ainsi que vos concerts, sur notre territoire, cela est dommage, car comme partout, ce sont des moments inoubliables, mais voilà ...... il est certains qu'en 2013 et 2014, nous en seront privés, a moins que ...... l'espoir fait vivre, mais d'avance MERCI.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
08-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

An early letter today Dearest Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas in an hour I must take a Hospice patient for intense therapy. We take Romantic Paradise to play as its his favourite finding the music relaxing yet giving an inner strength. The great happiness, energy an warm glow for living that all your glorious music gives me, plus the truely wonderful memories that I treasure so dearly from the many Concerts that I attended last year I pass on to him. I tell him of the fantastic evenings an Magical experienes you an the lovely JSO create, it brings him great comfort an many smiles. Your Real music Andre played with great fun, emotion, heart warming love an tenderness brings true joy an quality for living to so many people. Your Very Special Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Marjorie Hall, Shirley, Solihull, United Kingdom
08-01-2013 - Solihull, United Kingdom

What a wonderful evening my daughter and I spent at your concert at the LG Arena, Birmingham on Dec 18th 2012, it was my birthday. Think my daughter is now converted to your kind of music The first time I have been to see you on the stage, i do try to catch all the concerts on SkyArts2, had the 36 hour ones on recently, not just watching them but listening to the music whilst doing things around the house. You make classical music so enjoyable and loads of fun with your orchestra, long may it continue. I do hope you will visit Birmingham again soon. Happy New Year to you and your family.

petra, goeree overflakkee
08-01-2013 - Oude Tonge, Netherlands

Goedemorgen Andre, 22 december in Ahoy weer genoten van uw concert. Was akoestisch iets minder maar de gezelligheid en genot van uw muziek daardoor niet minder. Zojuist uw interview in de Linda gelezen, een plezier om te lezen dat het goed gaat met u en ook de liefdevolle inhoud binnen uw leven met gezin en de vier kleinkinderen. Een rijk man mag u zich noemen met zoveel liefde om u heen. juli komen we naar maastricht, we zien er nu al naar uit. De allerbeste wensen voor jullie van mij.......

Mary riley 08-01--2013 Merseyside
08-01-2013 - ,

Good morning Andre !!!!!!!!

what wonderful news ,number 1 in the classical charts and 10 albums in the top 40 .what an achievement well done, I hope that you are enjoying your break but knowing you i.ll bet you are working on something or other, the great british public have certainly taken you to their hearts so don.t leave it too long before you come back to our shores. in the meantime i will have to wait until July when i will see you in MAASTRICHT . with much love Mary xxxxxxxxxxx

08-01-2013 - Confins - Minas Gerais, Brasil

Andre, estarei no seu concerto dia 12 de abril no Rio de Janeiro. A expectativa é grande. O de São Paulo foi maravilhoso. Obrigada por trazer novamente ao Brasil esta fabulosa orquestra . Amo voces. Beijos

Vivienne Pratt
08-01-2013 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
I received a communication today from Classic FM inviting me to vote in the Classic FM Hall of Fame and needless to say I didnt need asking twice and I am sure too you will guess who I voted for!! Yes, YOU! I voted for two of your own compositions: Grand Valse Viennoise fom Wiener Festwalzer - a truly stunning waltz, which I am sure Strauss himself will have applauded and would have been proud to have written; and Ti Amo, your oh so beautiful 'I Love You' from 'Live in Tuscany' - each note played on your beautiful Lady Stradivarius straight from your heart to every heart of the captivated audience. I am now prompting all my friends to vote for you too! Take care, dear Maestro. Bye for now. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Bridget Goode
07-01-2013 - Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

I took my mum and Dad to see you in Birmingham as they are great fans of yours. I too am now hooked!!!! Didnt expect to enjoy your performance as much as i did.thank you for a great night.x

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