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Bert en Rita Westmaas
02-12-2012 - Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands

Beste André,

Na een heerlijk avondje in de Ziggo Dome, hadden wij ook nog eens een ontspannen overnachting in het NH-hotel bij Schiphol met als finishing touch een fastastisch ontbijt de volgende ochtend.
André, hartelijk dank voor dit alles!

Jim Creaney
02-12-2012 - County Louth, Ireland

Handels Hallelujah Chorus was first performed in Dublin in 1742 and would be special to include at christmas when you visit us .We are looking forward to the concert. Sky Tv are showing Christmas At Home at the moment which is so special

babs from Somerset
02-12-2012 - Taunton, United Kingdom

Last Christmas I was flicking through the TV channels and came across your concert in Maasracht and I have been hooked ever since. Today I watched Home for Christmas and I was mesmorised - thank you so so much for bring such wonderful music to our screens and so much joy. Keep up the good work and I do hope you have a wonderful holiday with your lovely family. Best wishes for 2013 and a healthy one. love to all Babs

02-12-2012 - Sk6 2bg, United Kingdom

love the advent calender and thanks so much for whoever thought of it just brilliant
am so looking forward to the telephone call on the 24th
have a wonderful xmas andre and everyone who is part of the magical world of andre and all yr families
see you at manchester luv x

Catherine O' Leary
02-12-2012 - Co.Cork, Ireland

Dear Andre & the J.S.O. I have just finished watching your "Home for Christmas" on Sky1. Wow, wow, wow, two and a half hours of sheer bliss and the true spirit of Christmas. I only wish I could have witnessed it live. Congratulations on such a a wonderful programme. Cannot wait to see you live in Dublin on Sunday 09th. Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to us.

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
02-12-2012 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre,
How very kind of you to offer all these wondeful prizes from your Advent Calendar.You really do have a heart of gold.
I am now counting the days one by one to 12.12.12 when AT LAST I and my friends will be with you in Glasgow,we have booked our travel and hotel and put our tickets safely in our handbags.We are all getting very excited and cannot believe we have waited since October 2011 when we first booked our tickets.
In the meantime I shall be watching you on our TV to pass the time away.
Thankyou dear Andre for everything you are to your devoted fans worldwide and may your music always fill our hearts with joy.
Take care and travel safely wherever you all are.Elaine

Denis Choate
02-12-2012 - 1501, South-Africa

Hi Andre,
So glad your health has improved and that you are again mobile. So enjoyed your concerts in South Africa this year - many thanks for coming. We look forward to your visits here soon and are very sorry you wont be in South Africa in 2013, but hoping to see you here in 2014!
Thank you for the wonderful Advent Calendar - what a wonderful idea and gesture!
To you and your loved ones we wish you a blessed Christmas with much music!!

02-12-2012 - Bardstown, United States

Hi Andre,
Thank you for your wonderful music, it has helped my Mum (Elizabeth) during her cancer treatment. When she was first diagnosed I bought her tickets for your show in Glasgow on Friday. She told me this morning that she didn't think she would live until the concert, she is now recovering after chemo and radiation and looking forward to seeing you and your orchestra. I only wish I could be with her and my Dad at your concert on Friday, however, I live in the USA and have a young family. Thanks to you and your wonderful orchestra for the joy and hope you've given our family.

Groetjes en liefs Maaike xxx
02-12-2012 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Lieve Andre en JSO.

Zag vrijdag avond de uitzending van Florian en daar waren jullie rook bij. Wat een mooie uitzendingen zijn dat altijd.Ook mooi sterren traden er bij op maar jullie sprongen er weer uit als altijd. Vanmorgen was er ook een uitzending op Duitsland maar jullie waren er niet bij dat was echt een misser.
Maar als ik de foto's bekijk en al die optredens zie die jullie zo tussen door ook doen dan is het niet meer bij te houden. Vandaar dat ik wel eens een toitoitoi mis. Maar schrale troost ik denk toch wel aan jullie want muziek maken dat is nu eenmaal jullie leven. Nog wat optreden dit jaar en dan even rust en bijkomen tijdens de Kerst en Oud en Nieuw maar jullie kunnen daarna er ook weer gelijk tegen aan. Dus alvast maar een toitoitoi dan kan ik het niet vergeten.

02-12-2012 - Cheshire, United Kingdom


Selina Xia
02-12-2012 - Shanghai, China, People's Republic of

Hi, Andre! I am Selina, a 7-year old girl from China. I have listened to many pieces of your music at home! I love to listen to them. I would like to invite you to Shanghai so that my friends and many Chinese can attend your concert!

Linda Waidson Eltham London
02-12-2012 - ,

Hi Andre

so excited only two weeks away until I see you at the 02.
I have been very greedy and booked to come and see you both nights. How could i let you be so near and not visit you especially when the 02 is so very close to my home.
Good luck with your tour. I hope you and your orchestra keep well during what is going to be a busy time for you all.
Am so so excited. Thankyou you are my hero!!

bliquy danielle
02-12-2012 - Saint saulve, France

dimanche tout blanc ce jour, NOËL se prépare tout doucettement mais avant cela la Saint Nicolas pour entamer cette période de fête ! de nouveaux trésors dans votre boutique prince des coeurs, le calendrier de l'avent est une excellente idée !!!! de quoi satisfaire toutes vos fans du monde entier !!! petit repos auprès de vos trésors avant de reprendre votre belle route fleurie ! ce 30 novembre votre fête et date d'anniversaire de mon mari, vous êtes toujours présent quelque soit le moment et ce n'est que bonheur, je vous souhaite un excellent wk prince adoré, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Rose G
02-12-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
What a stunning calender love the pictures looking forward to the 17th at the 02 enjoy your vocation with the family

diane banister 100 the river road revesby 2212 n.s.w
02-12-2012 - Sydney, Australia

hi andre. my name is diane banister of 100 the river road revesby 2212 n.s.w. i just came back from qld and found a email. saying you are going to be in sydney in october 16th 2013. i told my husband and son about this. and they told me to go down and buy three front roll seats. i told them the tickets were 249 dollars each and he said dont matter just go and get the tickets before they sell out. i told my husband and son we will be in roll 22 and it will be the c section no 46/47/48. and then i showed the tickets to them. you never saw anyone so excited. you see this will be our first time we have been able to see you in person. and beening pensioners this is so good to be able to do this. . best regards diane/bob/sean banister

Alberte Brault, Sherbrooke, Québec
02-12-2012 - Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Allô cher André,
J'ai écouté ton CD de Noel, musique, choix des pièces, solistes, ténors TOUT EST DIVIN, DIVIN, DIVIN!!!! J'attends quelques jours encore pour voir le Blu-Ray....Wow!!!!!!
Tu finis jamais de nous impressionner!!! De partager le mois de décembre avec nous relève du génie, tu es d'une grande délicatesse, d'une proximité jamais vue ni sentie de la part d'un artiste. André tu traites tes fans comme des rois, je suis heureuse de faire partie de cette grande et belle famille. Merci André pour tout ce que tu fais pour nous, tu es notre cadeau de tous les jours de l'année.
Grand merci spécial a Marjorie pour son apport important
dans ta carrière et son soutien de tous les instants. Bravo Marjorie. Au plaisir et je vous embrasse tous les deux. XXX

Elke Bliefering
02-12-2012 - ,

Lieber André, vielen Dank für Euren wunderschönen Auftritt im Adventsfest! Es war schön, Euch alle wieder einmal im deutschen TV zu sehen.
Danke auch für den Adventskalender, der sicher vielen von uns ein wenig Freude und Spannung in der Vorweihnachtszeit bescheren wird. Ich wünsche auch der großen "Rieu-Familie eine wunderschöne Vorweihnachtszeit!
Toi toi toi für Tour durch UK und Irland!

Vera Alencar
02-12-2012 - São lourenço, Brasil

Fomos presenteados com o DVD "Home For Christmas",
Não poderia deixar de cumprimentar André, sua orquestra e todos de suas familias, desejando um Feliz Natal, cheio de paz, alegria e que Jesus faça morada no coração de cada um.
Um grande abraço.

Janet Cowling
02-12-2012 - LEEDS, United Kingdom

Hi Andre & Family,
I loved James Last for making Strauss so appealing to me, I got the luxury of meeting him after a concert one evening, I was just married 2 weeks before that, I'm sure you can understand, it was 1981, he was the closest thing to bring singers and orchestral music into fun land, I'm struggling to put it into words.
Then my parents introduced you to me only last year, and what can I say, fab, superb. there isn't the words to describe your music, your concerts, and I love the idea that at the end of the day you all have great fun and enjoy what your doing. Lots of love to you all, & have a great time with us in the UK. xxx

02-12-2012 - Braintree, United Kingdom

Hello Mr Rieu. I have been "potty" about your musical interpretations and your fabulous orchestra for many years now, but have never (yet!) managed to see you in concert. I hope to rectify this, maybe next year, but the only place I want to see you all is in Maastricht! I will work on this......
In the meantime, I would love to recommend another piece of music that I don't think you have discovered yet, but I think it would sound fantastic - it is "Benedictus" from "The Armed Man" by Karl Jenkins, a very well known composer from Wales. I can just hear you all perfectly in my head.
Keeping my fingers crossed, for both the piece of music and the visit to Maastricht! With all best wishes and love to you and your family. xxx

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