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Vivienne Pratt
23-08-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre,
Tonight I watched one of my favourite DVD's - LA VIE EST BELLE. It may have been first recorded as a 2000 Millenium Concert but it is still as fresh today as the day it was made. You still look as youthful and just as effervescent as you did then and the boyish humour and sense of fun is just as acute! And the JSO likewise have hardly changed at all!
Your first melody is "You are my Heart's Delight" - and so says the whole world to Maesto Andre!!
The melodies on this DVD are just wonderful. Ramona reminds me of my Grandmother who used to sing this and dance around the kitchen with an imagined partner. Happy days they were.
Heia in the Mountains - is spectacularly atmospheric: not only is your playing amazing, but also the sky's above The Waldbuhne were threatening a storm. Superb!
And the Poliushko Polie - brilliant - the whole orchestra finish on a single note as if one single musician! - Incredible!
Finally, the mesmerising Bolero, complete with travelling lights across the Arena, and young Glenn Falize living his dream with his proud dad. You and the JSO are a true "family of music"!
I am very much looking forward to seeing he reports and photos from the upcoming concerts, but at the same time I am very happy that you are all getting a well deserved break in preparation for the tours. So for now I will wish you adieu once more, Dear Andre, God bless and lots of love and light. Viv XX

23-08-2011 - PARNAIBA-PIAUÍ, Brasil




Brenda Brown,Leicester, UK.
23-08-2011 - Leicester, United Kingdom

Hello Andre!
I hope you are enjoying a relaxing time at home with Marjorie and your family?
Your many thousands of UK fans are so pleased that the Maastricht concert is being shown in cinemas here on Friday 2nd and Sunday 4th September.It is being shown here in Leicester for the first time so I shall be going of course and it will bring back happy memories of my time in Maastricht in July.
We hope to welcome you back here next year if it is possible?
with love from Brenda.

23-08-2011 - Cluj Napoca, Romania

Dear Andre

I love your music and I will be the most happy woman, if you will have sometime an concert in my country.
So i would like to know if exist the possibility to have an concert in Romania.
Thank you for your music.

Deirdré Krüger
23-08-2011 - Springs, South-Africa

Dear André,

Hope you enjoy your last week at home. Please hurry back!! We really miss the RIEU MAGIC!!!
Love from South Africa xxx

Catherine Crapart
23-08-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Hier soir le tonnerre et les éclairs ont fait leur show! Ce matin de la fraicheur!
Dernière semaine de vacances pour vous ! Alors profitez bien de ces moments de détente en famille, avant la reprise des répétitions pour vos prochains concerts.
Je suis sûr que vous attendez avec impatience de reprendre votre musique ! Il faut dire que c'est un plaisir de jouer quand c'est sa passion,et qu'elle vous rend heureux , avec un public qui vous apprécie pour tout le bonheur que vous diffusez dans nos vies!
Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour vos nouvelles tournées à venir !

Lucelia Cevallos, Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico
22-08-2011 - Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

Hola André
Hace varios días escribi un mensaje aquí porque estoy feliz de que vienen a Mexico y mi esposo y yo tendremos la oportunidad de ir a la ciudad de Guadalajara para asistir al concierto del dia 14. En mi otra nota comente que ojala pudieran tocar el Huapango de Moncayo (adjunte unos links) y ahora revise tus mensajes veo que ya hay otra persona que tambien te lo sugiere. Ojala les guste e interpreten por acá.
Hasta pronto y los mejores deseos para todo el tour

luis santos-portugal
22-08-2011 - Queluz, Portugal

good night,i apreciate very much the music of andre rieu and wont ask when andre rieu come to portugal.i love to assist a concert of andre rieu.thank's and a good luck to andre rieu and his orquestra.but please come to portugal

Vivienne Pratt
22-08-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
Once again, I am hoping all is well with you all.
I watched 'LOVE SONGS' this evening.
It is a wonderful compilation of glorious masterpieces.
The beautiful scenery accompanying you and your magnificent Stradivarius somehow makes the emotion in your playing that much deeper..
'Song to the Moon', 'Far from Home', 'Morning' and 'I Love You' are so very beautiful.
As for 'Romance Anonyme' - when you play it, Andre, it is like no other version I have heard - you give it so much meaning - it comes straight from your heart and the Lady Stradivarius projects it for you for the world to hear! Just glorious! Thank you for the music and your beautiful soul.
Well, dear Maestro, once again, I will close and wish you joyous days and happy nights and God keep you safe until you return to Centre Stage and your adoring public.
For now Love and God bless. Viv XX

Tessa ,Windsor,UK
22-08-2011 - Windsor, Berks, United Kingdom

Can you tell me if Andre has another visit to UK planned yet? I noticed it appeared on the list in FACEBOOK message today! I hope he is having a good rest. Absolutely loved the Christmas DVD .Love to Andre and his wonderful crew/orchestra/family xxxx

Barbara Gilliss " A Beautiful Day In Ontario '
22-08-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

Never in a million years did i ever think i would be hooked on Classical Music and also on the man himself Andre Rieu. How can one guy and his orchestra capture the hearts of so many people from all over the world. I would give almost anything for Andre to do another concert at The Rogers Centre in Toronto with the full size Schonbrunn Palace, but i know that is a hugh under taking but the concert was absolutely spectacular from what i have seen on You Tube and i didn't know about Andre back then or i would have been at that concert. I'm really missing you Andre it has been four weeks now, you have to keep in touch with your girls and it seems forever since we last saw you or heard anything on twitter, but i know we will be seeing you soon and i am sure you miss us as well. Take care, love you blue eyes, Barb.

Janet Balodis Sydney Australia.
22-08-2011 - SYDNEY, Australia

Dear Andre' Marjorie and families we trust that you are all enjoying your holidays togeter and are getting to enjoy your grandchildren.They are only small for a short time and these are the special years to bond with each and everyone of them.What joy it must be to see them all together playing.Xmas in your household must be so much fun with them.Hope you are well Andre' and that we will hear from you soon.Thankyou for allowing Ineke and john to translate your photo book into the english version so that we know what is said on each page.You are an inspiration to the rest of the world.Take care my friends and hope to see you again one day soon.xWe look forward to future DVD's and CD's Andre'x

nilsinha Rio de janeiro -Brasil
22-08-2011 - Vista alegre, Brasil

Querido maestro e poderoso Violinista .
* André rieu*
Você para mim é um anjo é um sonho é tudo de bom na minha vida. vc é minha alegria.
adoro seus arranjo é tudo maravilhoso a sua jso é Fantástica eu amo vocês.
quero um dia estar perto de vocês que será um sonho para mim. fique com deus bjs para todos , e viva Maastricht.

nilsa messner -Rio de janeiro-Brasil
22-08-2011 - Vista alegre, Brasil

Dear André Rieu.
Andrew was happy to receive a message on facebook,
tha t you have accepted me my friend.
thank you maestro André rieu
a big kiss on your heart.

bliquy danielle
22-08-2011 - Saint saulve, France

toujours de nouvelles idées au goût du jour pour satisfaire vos fans prince des coeurs, nombre de reporters seront à l'appel de votre image, de votre côté glamour qui nous font toutes craquer !!! de tout coeur j'espère que cette ouverture de semaine soit positive autour de vous, ici je me dis ( heureusement que mon prince adoré existe, sinon je vivrais la tristesse grâce à vous, elle m'échappe pour être remplacée par du bonheur, merci à vous ) MON MOMENT RIEU m'attend, oh! combien j'en ai besoin, je vous envoies toute ma tendresse remplie de baisers Danielle

22-08-2011 - AGEN, France


A 72 ans la vie est parfois bien monotone et les distractions sont rares.
Mais je dois vous avouer que votre musique, votre orchestre, tenors et chanteuses sont pour moi une bien douce thérapie.
A chaque fois que j'écoute un de vos DVD votre musique me transporte de bonheur....
Continuez longtemps à nous émerveiller par votre talent.
Je vous souhaite longue vie et un grand MERCI !!!

Une admiratrice parmi tant d'autres

22-08-2011 - ,

Hello Andre

Thomas Beethoven: Adelaide, Gary South Pacific, Bela Only a Rose and La Dansa from Live In Heidelberg. I enjoy the wide range of music you play.


Tonnie Plane Flier
22-08-2011 - Caboolture South, Australia

Hello Andre,
I love your music and love the concerts.
thank you for making our lives so sweet with your music.
I have a daughter who loves the violin also she learns with ease. How lucky is she .
We wish you and the family THE BEST.
I am dutch origin one day i hope to visit Holland and see your live performance with my daughter.
greetings from Tonnie and Rebecca
Qld Australia

Adriano Rocha
22-08-2011 - Modidas Cruzes - São Paulo, Brasil

Caro André,

Tenho grande admiração pelo seu excelente trabalho!
Nós aqui no Brasil aguardamos anciosamente por um show de AR e JSO além é claro de Carla Maffioletti e Carmem Monarcha nossas compatriotas.

Um grande abraço!

Ana Maria Martinez "MARI" 75 años Mexico,Mexico.
22-08-2011 - Zumpango Estado de Mexico, Mexico

Querido Maestro:

Al fin gracias a dios realizare un sueño largamente deceado ya que en octubre tendre el gusto y honor de estar en su maravilloso concierto en vivo y conocerlos a usted , y a toda su orquesta. Voy a estar presente este 10 de octubre en la ciudad de Mexico, no tan serca como yo quisiera, pero si demostrando y expresando todo lo que significan Usted y su genial Orquesta para mi.

Le doy de antemano la bienvenida a este pais que lo recibe con los brazos abiertos y su corazon en la mano.

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