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Claire Wright
09-05-2011 - Christchurch, New Zealand

It was a great Evening in Christchurch last nite (8-5-11). Hope you and the Orchestra came back, We enjoyed the Seekers.

Kathy & Rob (Christchurch) Robin & Tony (Masterton)
09-05-2011 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you for a wonderful time last night in Christchurch.
That was the most fantastic night and one we shall never forget.
We admire you for coming to Christchurch inspite of the aftershocks and the very real risk of another shake.
You created a memorable time when we could forget our problems and you took us on a magical ride.

Raewyn van der Loeff
08-05-2011 - Auckland, New Zealand

I would like to say thank you for the wonderful experience that my husband and I had on the 6th of May in Auckland New Zealand. We had brought tickets last year for the concert that was suppose to be in October. So I had be waiting that long. All I can say is that the wait was so worth it. This was my first ever concert and I was so glad that it was. Thank youn for the wonderful night that was filled with beauty and magic.

Groetjes en liefs Maaike xxxx
08-05-2011 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Lieve Andre en JSO.
Toch even de foto's bekeken en wat mooi is het daar. Dat houtsnijwerk spreekt mij wel aan.
Ook alle moeders daar de groetjes van uit Nederland maar ook alle mensen die daar zijn van het Orkerst en die erbij horen. Maak nog maar veel mooie muziek. Het is hier in het Haagje erg warm en zitten te smachten naar een buitje regen. Het was hier 29 graden. Ik hoop dat jullie het niet zo warm hebben maar aangenaam is om op te treden .
Maak nog maar wat mooie muziek uurtjes daar.

08-05-2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Ola, Maestro Andre Rieu....
Olhei atentamente o seu calendario e vi que não esta programada a sua vinda ao Brasil neste ano de 2011...que pena,o Brasil inteiro é seu fã....e eu,queria comemorar meus 70 anos assistindo a sua apresentação.
Tenho uma bisneta de 2 anos de idade,que o DVD predileto dela é Andre Rieu in wonderland...
Não vou desanimar,tenho esperança de ve-lo ao vivo muito abraço.

Kay UK
08-05-2011 - RM8 2JD, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I saw you at the 02 London, fantastic evening-hoping to travel to Maastricht to see you in July- health permitting. Please come back to UK next year, all your fans waiting.

louise hewitt
08-05-2011 - Wirral, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
just a note to say my mum adores and when i told her i had got tickets to go and see you in concert in Manchester for her christmas present she burst into tears. Unfortunately she had a nasty fall and cracked her ribs and vertebra and was unable to attend and she was devastated. Please please please can you tour the U.K. again soon so she can see you in real life, (she watches you on dvd all the time). Is there any possible chance you could send her your autograph that would make her day and i'm sure it would really cheer her up and help her get better
thank you Mr Rieu, hope to see you in the U.K. again soon

David Rolfe
08-05-2011 - Chester hill, Australia

Hi Andre,
Welcome back to Australia. I am looking forward to your concert on Friday night in Sydney. I have been looking forward to seeing you again and was upset that you had to postpone all your concerts in Australia due to Illness last year. I am hoping Bolero and Cannon are on the play list on Friday both pieces of music I love and I good listen to them both for hours on end. If it was not for you Andre I would never ever have been able to love classical music. I am only sorry that I never saw your World Stadium tour live in Sydney. I now have almost all your DVD'S that are for sale in Australia. See you on Friday night,

Margaret Jones Cheshire England.
08-05-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Andre from 'The Lady in Red at the MEN Arena Manchester. At this moment you will just be getting up and then starting to get ready to go to Melbourne. Once again a million thank yous for the wonderful evening you gave to the people of Christchurch. You and your music gave them immense joy, thousands of smiles and hearts full of love and renewed spirit to continue to rebuild their lives after the terrible earthquake the experienced. Now you have to do this all over again for the good people of Melbourne only for a different reason. You have an immense capacity to do this task. Take great care of yourself as you are travelling, you are so precious to me and many others. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Barbara Gilliss from Waterdown Ontario Canada
08-05-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

Last night on WNED- PBS, Buffalo N.Y. and Toronto I watched your concert Live in Dublin, they were promoting your concert at The HSBC Arena in Buffalo N.Y. for November 21 -2011 and like all your concerts Andre it was absolutely beautiful and full of fun. I see your annual spring fair-- Sint Servaasfair on the Vrijthof and it looks like a lot of fun and makes you wish you were there to join in the fun. I would like to wish every one a Happy Mother's Day, enjoy your tour and look after yourself, love you Blue Eyes, Barb.

Tim Davis
08-05-2011 - Conroe, United States

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, Maestro. There are many that play classical music and can do so beautifully, but there are few that can bring forth the passion, beauty, and poetry of music in our souls. You are able to make us feel the music, feel the rythm, and make the love in music resonate deep within us. I pray your tour of the United States ignites the passion and joy of classical music to new generations.

08-05-2011 - Modbury, United Kingdom

Very excited about seeing your concert in Antwerp in November. A surprise for my husband. We are driving from the UK and making a holiday of it.

Teresa Mullen...Ireland
08-05-2011 - COLERAINE, Ireland


Please, please. please come back to Belfast during your tour of 2012, we Irish just love you, your JSO, your soloists, your backstage backdrops, actually we just loved everything about you and everyone is still talking about your concert on 27th April. I promised my mother-in-law I would take her to see you next year, if you return to Belfast but for us she sadly passed away onThursday and now will never get to enjoy the experience that I did but she did get your"Moonlight Serenade" cd/dvd for her 83rd birthday 3 weeks ago and it gave her great joy, to watch and listen to you, so thank you for that. Keep safe during your Australian tour, it may be a much bigger country than Ireland but our hearts are equally as big as the Australians and we hope one day that Ireland can be your 2nd home. Safe travels to you, your orchestra and all your team and please return to us soon x

Dorothy Laigle
08-05-2011 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, Thanks for the interesting photos from Aukland. I really enjoy looking at all the places you and JSO travel. And the photo of all the beautiful women that are Mothers in your orchestra. I hope to them and all the Mothers in the World a very Happy Mothers Day, every day of the year. LOVE

Julia Earl Marton New Zealand
08-05-2011 - Marton, New Zealand

Back at hotel after concert in Christchurch and it really was magic. Have waited such a long time as I originally bought the tickets in March 2009 and nearly didn't make it after my flight was cancelled from Palmerston North in the North Island. But I was detirmined to get to it and it was worth it. A really wonderful experience which I will not forget and hope that I will get the opportunity to go to another concert in the future as it was a fantastic experience. In Europe in July so will be looking to see what is scheduled

08-05-2011 - Christchurch, New Zealand

thank you for coming to Christchurch NZ fantastic show

Margaret Jones Cheshire England.
08-05-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good evening once again Andre from 'The Lady in Red at the MEN Arena. As I write this letter you will probably be fast asleep after finishing your fantastic concert in Christchurch and all those thousands of people there will also be sleeping and everyone with a smile on their face holding memories of one of the most wonderful nights of their lives. They now feel full of new energy, courage and spirit to continue to rebuild their lives after the terrible times following the earthquake. This has all be due to you and the JSO playing wonderful music, giving them great joy and enormous amounts of love through your words and actions. Everything you have done for them reivigorates the soul giving them new hope for the future. They now feel able to face the new day with a spring in their step, a smile on their face and great joy in their heart. What you and your brilliant music has done must make you feel a truely happy and contented man that you were able to be of such great help and comfort to these people in such troubled times. You were really, truely the great tonic that they needed. God love and bless you for your prescence in Christchurch. You must also be sleeping peacefully with a smile on your face. Lots of Love from Lady Margaret.

Colin Sampson
08-05-2011 - AUCKLAND, New Zealand

Wonderful concert in Auckland NZ on Friday night next time you come to New Zealand could we hear Hayley Westrina sing some New Zealand songs. Hope you will be back in Auckland in 2112. Can't wait to catch another concert

Rosie Banbury
08-05-2011 - AUCKLAND, New Zealand

The show was fantastic when are you coming back to NewZealand I have so many friends that want to see you and i would love to see you again.

Catherine Crapart
08-05-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour ces trés belles photos du musée des MAORIS à AUCKLAND! superbe pirogue, maison de réunions, et sur le sol ce cadran indiquant 18116kms AMSTERDAM, et 18550 kms PARIS ,et d'autres villes.
Je vois que vous profitez de vos jours de repos pour visiter, et apprécier la culture du peuple MAORI.
La photo avec FRANCK est trés originale!
La tournée musicale va se poursuivre sur l'AUSTRALIE, alors bon voyage à tous!

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