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Barbara Gilliss Waterdown Ontario Canada
08-09-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

Welcome to Canada Andre Rieu and The Johann Strauss Orchestra. By now you will be in Calgary and how lucky they are to have you and you really don't know how much i wish i could be there, maybe if i twitched my nose i could be there in a few seconds. Its really hard to know that you are so close and yet so far away. The sweetest thing i've ever known was finding you and your orchestra, or, did you find me. What are we all going to do when you retire and there are no more tours or road soaps or interviews and the guestbook and harmony parlor are gone and you are not on facebook any more, I don't even want to think about that happening at least not for another fifty years. ( keeping my fingers crossed ) enjoy your time in Canada, love you blue eyes. Barb

Andzela Karadzoska
08-09-2011 - Vanderbijlpark, South-Africa

Dear Andre

Thank you for letting us here in South Africa be able to watch your "live in Maastricht Concert 2011" at our Theatres. I just found this out now and just got my tickets for the 15th of October.
I'm so excited, and can't thank you enough for this!!!
Keep well
love Andzela xxx

bliquy danielle
08-09-2011 - Saint saulve, France

notre bel hollandais volant est très attendu de toutes ses fans le coeur battant ne rêvent que de ce moment magique VOUS APPLAUDIR rien n'est plus merveilleux que se trouver devant vous prince des coeurs et de vivre des instants inoubliales qui restent scellés dans nos coeurs, si vous saviez combien ces moments ont des trésors !!! de tout coeur je vous souhaite une belle route fleurie acclamée de tous ces applaudissements que vous méritez tant, oh! oui tellement, vous savoir si loin me cafarde mais je sais que vous sublimerez ce continent et je me sens si fière d'être une de vos fans parmi des milliers partout dans ce monde à adorer votre si belle musique, votre savoir faire, votre talent qui ne cesse de grandir, je vous fais d'énormes bisous de mon Saint Saulve, votre cht'ite Danielle

Cindy Eelen
08-09-2011 - Lichtaart, Belgium

Gisteren gekeken naar jou concert van Maastricht, wat heb ik heerlijk weggedroomd bij het beluisteren van al die prachtige muziek en zeker die mooie walz van Anthony Hopkins. Ik hoop dat het je nog lang moge gegeven zijn om deze prachtige muziek naar onze oortjes toe te brengen en wens jou en het JSO een zeer fijn werkjaar toe. Groeten uit Belgie.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
08-09-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Aena. Its now time to do what you love the most, play your wonderful music, show the world how talented you are and how real music should be played, so the listener feels its emotion, joy and happiness,giving them an awe inspiring evening of pure magic to treasure forever. You and the JSO are masters of musical brilliance. The plane marked 'GREAT CARE SPECIAL CARGO ON BOARD' is ready. Safe travels to you all. Those lucky Canadian people have immense delights to come. A violin in the right hands produces truely beautiful music. Take care you very special man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

08-09-2011 - Cape Town 7872, South-Africa

Dear Andre! I bought 4 dvd's to enlighten my depressed soul - and it worked! Thank you SO much! I'm doing my PhD on Morals and Values in Education. Spent the last thirty odd years inHigher and Tertiary Education, and I was SO delighted whenI watched your "African Dream" dvd! Thank you SO much for your interest and compassion in the children of my country! I can't imagine the pleasure to meet such a gifted person as yourself and your wonderful entourage! all of the best!

Catherine Crapart
08-09-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Vous êtes peut-être sur le départ,ou dans les nuages volant vers le Canada!
moi avec votre dvd AIMER ,je vole au-dessus des campagnes , des rivières, des superbes châteaux , en écoutant ce sublime dvd! en musique!
Les lumières et les couchers de soleil sont des tableaux de peinture ,qui reflète la beauté de la nature qui nous entoure! J'aime particulièrement : GADFLY,AIR ,ANDANTE,ROMANCE,AIMER et comment ne pas aimer votre musique! Elle me fait rêver! Ce sont des moments tellement agréable de se laisser bercer par toutes ces merveilles que vous interprétez avec talent!
Musicalement Vôtre! Bisous, Catherine

Enid Russell, Cooma,NSW,Australia
08-09-2011 - Cooma, Australia

Welcome back Andre and everyone to your 'fan club'
We have missed all the updates, but you all must have a break sometimes, especially you Andre if you want to make to '120years'!!!!!!

Anxiously waiting for next Australian date or Los Angeles (excuse to visit my son and daughter in law in U.S. ) and combine a concert with them.

Love as always

Vivienne Pratt
07-09-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Good evening dear Andre
I hope this evening, once more, finds you well. I've been accompanied on my travels by your '100 Years of Strauss'. Another wonderful recording full of the most beautiful music - 'Off on Holiday' and 'Without a Care' are so joyous my feet fairly few across the pavement and the 'Nuns Chorus' - so beautiful - brings memories of early days at the piano learning to play this piece - the first ever piece of music I learnt to play! It always brings tears to my eyes! Well dear Maestro, I hope that whenever/wherever you travel you will have happy days and peaceful nights. For now, God bless, keep safe. Lots of love. Viv XX

Rosie Lyson..a long time Montana fan!
07-09-2011 - Great Falls, United States

I was really excited today when I saw your 3 blue busses going North through Montana headed for Calgary, Alberta. I know this probably sounds crazy. But I have been a fan for years..have your cd's and vhs and dvds and this will be as close as I will get to actually seeing you in person! Seeing you in concert has long been a dream of mine. Sure wish you could come to Montana to play. But I know we don't have any place big enough. At least I can say I was "this close" to seeing you!

Luciene Arruda de Araújo, Brasil
07-09-2011 - CAMPO GRANDE, Brasil

André conheci seu trabalho recentemente. Mas ja sou uma fã incondicional, toco violino desde 2004, porém ainda tenho muita dificuldade, só que é um instrumento apaixonante. Amo tocar, e quando vejo seus videos, fico emocionada, e me imagino tocando dessa forma. E até mesmo com a mesma emoção. Vc é muito especial mesmo.

Barbara Gilliss Ontario Canada
07-09-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

Well i guess you are all very busy getting ready to leave for Canada, and how lucky we are to have you and your orchestra again. I was reading your website on my Facebook and i don't know if you can read those comments everyone makes about you but they are very flirty and i am sure it would make you blush, every one has a lot of wonderful things to say about you Andre, you are like a big Teddy Bear and all your girls really love you, enjoy your tour. Love you Blue Eyes. Barb

07-09-2011 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France


Bon voyage. Succès au Canada!

07-09-2011 - Rheden, Netherlands

Hallo lieve André en JSO

De bewoners op mijn werk (kleinschalig wonen met dementerende ouderen) genieten regelmatig van de mooie dvd's die je gemaakt hebt.
Ze zingen en neuriën mee en als een nummer is afgelopen beginnen ze te klappen.
Het is heerlijk om te zien hoeveel pleizer jullie mooie muziek hun geeft.
Heel veel dank hiervoor, ook namens de bewoners.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
07-09-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. God I'm so happy, my friend got the all clear from her Dr's, the 'big C's gone. I've played your wonderful CDs all day making me even more joyful. Going to give her a small Andre party tomorrow, she's now a fan - I played your music all through her treatments and when driving her to hospital each time. It helped get her through her dark days. A million thanks for your creative genius, lifting all our hearts and spirits. It'll soon be time to travel, so take great care of yourself you precious man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Dorothy Laigle
07-09-2011 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, I am elated, very soon you and your ochestra will be on our continent, playing your concerts. It has seemed so long and now I can be on countdown till you play in Pittsburgh. Wishing you and all the orchestra, crews a very safe and profitable, successful tour wherever and everywhere you travel. Looking forward to any new CDS and DVDS that you have made. God Bless, and rave reviews. LOVE

Anne Wozniak
07-09-2011 - ,

Dear Andre,
You will be on your travels again soon so will wish you lots of happy days giving the gift of your music to your devoted fans. I am very excited now to have become a gold member and I have just booked tickets for myself, family and friends to your concert in Cape Town next year. All the best seats were already taken, but that is ok, we shall all love it anyway. It is wonderful to have it to look forward too. Have just watched Fiesta Mexicana and was very moved by the story of your illness and your recovery. The bond between yourself and Pierre is most beautiful to see. Family is so precious. With love to you all.

Catherine Crapart
07-09-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
J'espère que vos répétitons se déroulent dans la joie et la bonne humeur! Vos fans vous attendent avec impatience!
Je vous souhaite à tous un bon voyage pour vos concerts au Canada!
A midi sur radio classique, il passait ROSES du Sud ! Quelle valse magnifique! votre dvd sur l'ile de MAINAU est de toute beauté! C'est toujours un bonheur de le revoir!
Il fait un temps gris et venteux!
Pensée affectueuse à tout le JSO!

Patricia Smith
07-09-2011 - ,

Hi Andre, Just wanted to wish you a wonderful time on your tour of Canada & America - wish I could be there. We all look forward to the new CD and also the Christmas Dvd.
You have brought such joy worldwide to so many people, this planet is a happier place because of your music.
I hope we see you in the UK soon.
All good things to you and the JSO. Patricia

Miserey Françoise.
07-09-2011 - Montceau-les-Mines, France

Bonjour très Cher André,
Tout d' abord, j' espère que vous allez très bien ! Ainsi que votre Orchestre et tous vos Proches !
Un grand merci, je viens de recevoir votre nouvelle écharpe aux couleurs de Maastricht, elle est de toute beauté, merci André, vous nous gâtez, je l' admire, ainsi que tous les autres objets de chez vous.
Très bon courage pour vos concerts ! Je pense à vous, à bientôt !
Votre Fan.
Gros gros bisous.

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