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Janet Jakeman York UK
28-03-2011 - York, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and the JSO, loved your interview on Classic FM .It was very nice to hear of your interests and your thoughts about everyday things, Nick Ferrari is a very funny man who can be naughty but nice he is a regular guest on the Alan Tichtmarsh show. Have a good rest now see you in Manchester. Much love Janxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

bliquy danielle
28-03-2011 - Saint saulve, France

yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss je viens de voter et je me réjouis de ce taux de pourcentage qui augmente pour notre plus grande joie, bravo maestro vous êtes le meilleur, bisous remplis de toutes vos gammes et il y en a !!!!!! Danielle

bliquy danielle
28-03-2011 - Saint saulve, France

quel plaisir de voyager à travers toutes ces belles photos qui nous rappellent des moments extra vécus en votre compagnie, la France vous pleure prince des coeurs, le Forest National nous invite à vous applaudir mais la France est grande et vos fans de ci de là sont si tristes de votre absence et de ne pouvoir s'y rendre, quelle chance de réunir dans votre beau pays un public mondial qui sait à l'avance la joie immense que vous leur offrirez à travers tous ces concerts prévus en juillet OUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF heureusement que notre belle place du bonheur existe et nous permet de nous réunir tous ensemble, merci de ce suprême cadeau ! je vous souhaite une belle ouverture de semaine toute ensoleillée comme l'est mon Saint Saulve, une envolée de tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

28-03-2011 - Queenstown, South-Africa

Hallo dear Andre

Thank you for visiting South Africa again! It was just wonderful and although we travelled 1000 km to see you, it was every km worth while. Can't wait for next year. My sister jand I went to the concert in Durban and I cannot keep her quiet!!. It was an extraordinary experience for her as it was her first concert with such a fantastic symphony orchestra !

Keep well

erika solorio alcantar. mexico.
28-03-2011 - Morelia,michoacan, Mexico

Hola andre, me da mucho gusto que regreses con nosotros, y a mi nieto mas, espero que lo dejen entrar y siiii gracias mil por la invitacion, ya tenemos nuestros boletos para el dia once, cuidate muchov y sigue tan alegre como siempre.
gracias por darnos tanta alegria con tu musica, gracias a ti mi nieto michel de 5 años toma clases de violin pues quiere ser como tu, ojala lo logre es muy pequeño aun.
hasta pronto y gracias.

Jean Stevens
28-03-2011 - Victoria, Australia

Happy Birthday Mirusia for March 29 from an ex Brisbane girl (not quite a girl now) and to Roland for March 31. Look forward to seeing you on May 11 in Melbourne

Fay Roberts Toongabbie Australia
28-03-2011 - ,

Dear Andre' waiting patiently for the release of The World of Andre Rieu, as well as the one where the JSO are all skating, your music & your Gift that you share with us is really appreciated far more than my words can tell you, also the beautiful photos from S.A. they are so special & the fact that you choose to share them with us, we are waiting patiently ? for Your Arrival Down under not too long now thank God travel safetly & a big thank you to Your Marjorie for sharing you ;

28-03-2011 - 32310210, Brasil

Duas horas de encantamento com as canções magistralmente orquestrada com amestria e competência desta figura impar Andre Rieu

28-03-2011 - Livingston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I am delighted that my husband and me are able to see you in concert this year. We are coming down from Scotland to Newcastle and birmingham on the Saturday night. we are hoping to come to Maastricht next year as we have all the dvds from there and they are fantastic. One last thing please consider coming to Scotland you and your orchestra would be made very welcome by all Scots, Hope you have a save journey over. love elly. I hope i will be able to meet you at one of the concerts xxxx

Vivienne Pratt
28-03-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre: I very much enjoyed your interview with Nick Ferrari this evening.
In your live/onscreen performances your heart-warming soulful eyes and the union with your beautiful violin portray your incredible empathy and charisma. But even without the visual effects, the words and sound of your evocative voice seem to come from deep within your heart and soul and transport the listener to another world.
I loved your choice of music. Ravels Mother Goose would be a marvellous piece for you and the JSO to include in your repertoire. It is beautiful.
Barbers Adagio for Strings has so much meaning for me. It was my partner's most beloved piece. The last time I played it to him was when he was dying in October just gone. Thank you so much for including it in your interview.
You said you are a severe but fair boss. I have worked with many high profile people and I am sure what you would call severe I would c all professional, but you also build caring, friendship and love into your relationship. You could not spend the endless hours in each others company without believing that your are in union working towardsa joint goal of enjoyment and perfection for yourselves and your audience.
Regarding your critics, remember: "Those who can-do. Those who can't-criticize". "Benjamin Disraeli said "It is much easier to be critical than to be correct!"
I would like to end by saying that you said Marjorie is the bedrock of your life; but for her, it must be wonderful to be loved by you. It is love that will keep your ship firmly anchored and keep the chain links firmly entwined!
Once again, thank you for everything that you share with the world and sorry to have rambled on for so long.
God zegene u en al mijn liefde.

27-03-2011 - Zierikzee, Netherlands

Vanavond met veel plezier geluisterd naar het Classic FM interview.
Jammer dat het niet lukt om naar de O2 te komen.
Een fantastisch concert gewenst, en vooral: heel veel plezier!

27-03-2011 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I just saw your interview with Sonia Kruger and I enjoyed every part of it very much. I have sent it on to friends.
Your wonderful personality comes through so well as does your detailed attention to your performances. Great pictures of concerts, back stage, your home and city.
All in all, this is a great interview, maybe the best yet!!
Have a wonderful break at home or vacation away with Marjorie! Cheers and much love.

27-03-2011 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Lovely to hear your interview on Classic FM which finished an hour ago. It's so wonderful to get to know you a bit better and to know your likes and dislikes. Yes, you are definitely anyone's hearthrob, young or old, who is really interested in you and your music. Everything you said is so true and I keep telling everyone what a charming and down to earth person you are from the moment I met you at the Royal Albert Hall last year. I sincerly hope and pray that God will continue to shower his holy blessings upon you and that you achieve your desire to celebrate your 120th birthday as the world needs someone like you to uplift us from our moments of unhappiness, sadness and lonliness. Music is a gift from God and should be loved by all. It's an inspiration.........
Looking forward to seeing you again at the O2 in April.
Lots of love.........

BarbaraGilliss from Waterdown Ontario Canada
27-03-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

Hello it's me again, I was just reading messages in the Guest Book and i think it's just so sweet what every one has to say about Andre and the JSO, and also Marjorie and Marc as well, as Marjorie plays a really big part in Andre's concerts, isn't it wonderful to be so loved, what a lucky family you are. Love to everyone. Barb

Barbara Gilliss from Waterdown Ontario Canada
27-03-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

I just watched one of your interviews and you sure did have a scary moment in South Africa, but thank goodness everything turned out alright as i really don't think any of your fans would want anything to happen to their favourite performer. A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have, and we are so lucky we have you and your orchestra. Andre i really think you are a legend in your own time and you have a beautiful soul, you did it your way and you are the best, I don't listen to any other classical music but yours, what would we do without you. See you soon in Toronto i hope, love you blue eyes. Barb

anita wade
27-03-2011 - Essex, United Kingdom

well done andre. moonlight has again topped the classic fm album charts for the 18th week with 6 others also in the top forty. i also heard your interview with nick ferrari and enjoyed it very much. i like your philosophy on life and wish the rest of the world would follow. music is the international language. my best anita.

Jennifer Lauch
27-03-2011 - DURHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Just listened to your great interview with Nick Ferrara on Classic F.M.What a beautiful outlook you have on life.
You said that you love playing at the Albert Hall, well I wish you would one day play at our fantastic SAGE in Gateshead, as it it the most wonderful music centre,

Only 22 days till Newcastle upon tyne Metro Arena.Have a good rest at home and see you April 19th

Ruth. Colne. UK
27-03-2011 - Colne, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Just to say thank you for the lovely interview I have just listened to on Classic FM in the UK. It was brilliant. Can't wait to see you on 21st April at the MEN Manchester. Take Care All of you . Kind regards Ruth

Jane Paterson
27-03-2011 - IP12 4HJ, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
I am a new listener to your music, and I must say that it is absolutely out of this world. I have watched some of your dvd's with an Aunt who thinks you are wonderful, and I have to agree with her. Your smile lights up the whole stage, keep playing and keep smiling.
God Bless you and the JSO.


Frederick Stevens
27-03-2011 - TR7 3BU, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
We two couples from Cornwall England drove through snow and the very bad winter weather in our motor homes to see you all at the New Years Day concert at Koln. Thank you and all the orchestra and singers for a wonderful experience.
We wish you all good health and good luck with your concerts this year and hope to see you all again soon.
From your friends in England

Fred & Diane and Simon & Chris

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