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Gill Wilton Northants UK
06-05-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
Thank you for the photos of your tour, I love to see all the places you visit. The sunshine looks wonderful, we haven't seen much of that in poor old grey UK. It's a good job we have you to brighten our days.
Take care, love to you and your family.
Gill xx

Gerell McCann, Grapevine, TX
06-05-2012 - Forney, United States

A friend sent me a video of you playing My Way on your Stradivarius at your tribute to Frank Sinatra at Radio City Music Hall, NYC. OMG how beautiful it was. My friend, knowing i own a non-restored Stradivarius told me yours and mine are exactly alike except for one small difference; yours makes music and mine sits in a cabinet. I would love to restore it someday. But, back to my reason for this message, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and labors to help inprove this crazy world we live in by reminding us that there is beauty all around us if we just stop to enjoy it. Your music is wonderful. I live in Texas and don't have a lot of money but someday I hope to be able to enjoy your music in person at a live performance. How great that would be. Thank you.

Don & Laurie Brazie
06-05-2012 - Peoria, United States

My wife and I miss you in Phoenix, Arizona. It was our tradition to be part of your concerts everytime you passed through Phoenix.
Hope to see you back in Phoenix soon. We miss you.

Maria Luiza Franca-Salvador-Brasil
06-05-2012 - Salvador-Bahia, Brasil

Dear Andre,

Finally, i'll see you and your marvellous orchestra in S.Paulo. I'll go from Salvador-BA. to S.Paulo. I'll be
in the show 2/Junho. God bless you, your familly
and your ochestra.

Riet Holmer Jansen Doetinchem
06-05-2012 - Doetinchem, Netherlands

Hallo Andrè, Pierre, JSO en crew.
Ik ben net terug in mijn hotelkamer in Boedapest en wil jullie laten weten dat ik een een heerlijke muzikale verjaardag heb gehad. Jullie speelde happy birthday omdat het het JSO 25 jr bestaat natuurlijk!!! , ik ervaarde het alsof het voor mij was, mijn dag kon niet meer stuk.
De Bolero..... ik altijd kippevel van,Grandioos weer zo mooi, deze keer Marcel met Glenn samen. Fantastisch mannen.

Ad Langeraar
05-05-2012 - 's-gravenpolder, Netherlands

Hallo Andre,
Bedankt voor de vele mooie muziekmomenten tot nu toe.
Ik hoop op een mooie zomeravond in Maastricht nog eens het verstilde Spiegel in Spiegel van Arvo Pärt door u en uw orkest te kunnen horen. Vele mensen zullen met tranen in de ogen naar deze schitterende muziek luisteren!
Met vriendelijke groet,
Ad Langeraar

05-05-2012 - 5000, Argentina

Hola Andre, soy Carolina y soy de Cordoba Argentina. Me encanta la bella musica que tocas, y las increibles puestas en escenas que se realizan en tus conciertos.
Sería un gran honor que usted venga a Argentina.
Un gran saludo desde Cordoba y espero que venga a dar un majestuoso concierto aca.

05-05-2012 - Lausanne, Switzerland

Hello Andre,
I wonder why you haven't (yet) come to Tallinn, we would love to listen to classical music in your interpretation! Maybe it's too much North, but a warm welcome would compensate for that :) Hope to see you,
warm regards,

nancy dodson
05-05-2012 - Saint helena, United States

dear andre my prayers have been answered you are healthy and active again i am especially thrilled to have the latest dvd done in Maastricht-I was there i stayed for three weeks and i think I have each street and shop memorized i cried when the aircraft lifted off Dutch soil it is such a beautiful country and you and your people are the crowning beauty-the first nite was beautiful and my second nite was RAIN i took out a loan when you came to pittsburgh in usa and had vip ticket it has all been worth it i hope when you come back to usa I can do it again no adjective is adequate you are wonderful and the whole group perfect please come back soon with love

05-05-2012 - Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Hi, I am Eve from Romania and I have just learned that You are considering coming to Romania soon.
It would be wonderful! You won't be disappointed!
Just, please consider coming to Cluj-Napoca, it's a wonderful little town, somewhat like Maastricht. We have a beautiful Arena that can hold 30 thousand people.
It would be the perfect place for you to perform and music lovers will adore you!
I am so happy that you are back, beautiful and perfect as ever!
Lot of love from Eve, Romania

Catherine Hall
05-05-2012 - Flintshire CH8 9HJ, United Kingdom

Hi Andre I am sure that many people would like to join you and your orchestra as the quality of the performance is fantastic. My husband,myself and my son Andrew have only recently found your music but have been addicted from the first time we played it. My son is 19 and has been playing violin since he was 9 in various orchestras, he also plays a variety of instruments and we notice that a lot of the orchestra play other instruments. How do you choose the musicians in your orchestra?. We have several DVDs and CDs of your work and it is constantly playing in our home. My son also plays the organ and has been playing Whiter shade of Pale from the New York DVD. I hope that you are feeling better and I know the love of music will spur you on. We will see you in Manchester.Lots of love Cathy

Coen en Ingrid uit Echt
05-05-2012 - Echt, Netherlands

Hoi Andre,
Afgelopen woensdag,2 mei was het zover. We hebben op Nederland 1 het complicatieconcert van het optreden in de Arena met de koperblazers. Het was geweldig om dit terug te zien.Mijn vriend is een aantal keren in beeld gezien, zonder partij voor zich.Hij zat zelfs mee te spelen op zijn bugel.

Gloria Hayman
05-05-2012 - Deal, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, I agree with Patricia. Your music lifts my spirits and gets me through the household chores. When I watch your concerts on DVD they never fail to rouse all my emotions, joy, tears, humour YOU ARE AMAZING. I have yet to see you 'live' but it is on my agenda for next year, as this year has been very taken up with my youngest sons Wedding, at which your music will be played. I am swaying to your music as I type. I hope you are keeping well now. Best wishes Glory

Lexa Baird, Kilsyth, Glasgow, Scotland
05-05-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hello! Maestro & JSO,

All the best for Hungary to-day, I am having a wonderful week, great weather here in Scotland, for a change, listening to your music, DVD's & postman just delivered 4 CD's & 2 DVD's, icing on cake will be SKY Art's tonight, won't want to sleep, waste my time when I can be listening to your wonderful music. Good luck in all your travelling, performing. You all must make some time for recreation!! Take Care & God Blessxx


Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
05-05-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

My Dear Andre congratulations from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena for once again producing a brilliant concert for the lovely people of Budapest they have never seen anything so beautiful or heard music so fantastic full of life, emotion an soul they were totally mesmerized. How lucky their lives are going to be lit up again this evening with the love an wonder of Andre Tomorrow like a comet trailing billions of stars through the sky you will dazzle and amaze the Austrians with your magnetic charm and sensational music and once again be a tremendous success. I will be enfolded in glorious Andre music this evening from And the Waltz Goes On renewing my smiles and spirit while I toast your continued good health with champagne. Take care precious man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Vicente Esteve, desde Valencia, España.
05-05-2012 - Valencia, Spain

Hola Sr. Andre !!
En mejores circunstancias podría llenar un extenso libro
con mi particular mensaje; pero, para mí, lo mejor será
emplear cuatro palabras: "Gracias por estar ahí"
Seguro seguiré sólo su sentida música.

Frans van Eijk
05-05-2012 - Ockelbo, Sweden

Hallo André
Bij deze wil ik je bedanken voor alle post die ik ontvang maar ik zou het op prijs stellen alls dit in het Nederlands is of Zweeds. Maar ik geniet van je muziek ook laatst van uit de Arena. Ik heb een vraag je reist veel maar Zweden daar ben je maar een keer geweest en dat is langeleden het zou mooi zijn om dat is over te doen.

Tack ska du ha med en hälsning från Sverige of
Bedankt voor alles en een hartelijk groet van uit Zweden

Andrew and Lorraine, Northwich, Cheshire.
05-05-2012 - Northwich, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,My wife and I both fell in love with your music just 12 months ago and in that short period of time we have been addicted.Your shows are all recorded and we often sit back on a saturday evening and watch them over and over again.We are coming to watch one of your summer concerts on 22nd June in Maastricht as a gift to each other for our 2nd wedding anniversary.we are both looking forward to the evening so much.Keep up the good work.

Renate Alkan
05-05-2012 - Toronto, Canada

Dear Andre and orchestra! I Mrs. Renate Alkan hope to see you in Canada Toronto,Ontarrio again. I saw two of your live concerts in Toronto,Ont. and would really like to see a third concert here in Toronto,Ont. All my best reagards to to your family and also everyone that is in your orcdhestra.

Signed Mrs. Renate Alkan

05-05-2012 - Dernancourt, Australia

Hi Andre, I have been to all your concerts in Adelaide, Australia. They were fantastic. Now I am going to be so lucky to see you play in Masstricht on the 24th June. I was due to fly home to Australia on the 23rd but have made arrangements to extend my stay to attend. I had booked my ticket and then your special packages were advertised. I just had include this in my itinerary. I am so excited. This will be a wonderful way to finish my European holiday.

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