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Ralph Danysh
17-11-2011 - Austin, United States

I have become a fan accidentally while surfing the internet. I wanted to attend a USA concert so had the opportunity In Oct of 2011. I convinced a friend and his wife to attend also, not knowing whether they would like it or not. Well they were singing the opera pieces and I've never heard them sing before! I've only known him 37 years. So my real joy was seeing them enjoy!

Susan Homewood
17-11-2011 - Kent, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, listening spellbound to your new cd, and love the dvd that came with it. I see your Christmas concert is being broadcast by ZDF and Dutch TV and wondered if it would be at all possible to have it broadcast on British TV? I know all your British fans would love to watch your magnificent
Christmas show. Maybe a call to the BBC ...? With very best wishes to you all and every success with your American tour.

Martine Combier
17-11-2011 - Mâcon, France

dear André, quand aura-t-on le plaisir de vous voir dans nos télés françaises ???...mille bisous à vous et à Marjorie,....

Richard Muller
17-11-2011 - Mintlaw, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre, I am writing to you as an unlikely fan as I have never been much of an fan of classical music, however as a result of a recent visit to Bad Zwishenahn in Germany last September and then finding adverts in the paper for one of your concerts in Newcastle and hearing the advert for your new released album the waltz goes on, I suddenly find myself playing nothing else but your music. I would love to have further contact with you,
regarding an idea that I have for supporting the blind with radio's so they can listen to their favourite music. As my father in law was blind in the latter years of his life and the only companion he had apart from his wife was his radio with classic fm. I hope you will contact me. Kind regards Richard..

Josep Delhort Catalunya
17-11-2011 - ,

Hola André,
Para tu información mi nieto de 15 meses ya es un gran admirador de tu música y de tus video tres veces al día me pide que le ponga un vídeo túyo durante un cuarto de hora.
Según el día se queda escuchando durante media hora y te aplaude cada momento.
Da gusto escucharte estamos a dúo uno de 15 meses y otro de 62 años.

17-11-2011 - Kesteren, Netherlands

André & JSO!
Heel veel succes op jullie muzikale reis door de USA/Canada!
Ik ben net terug uit Amerika, wow wat een geweldig land!
Geniet van al dat moois en laat de mensen genieten van jullie muziek.

Jackie Ainger, Christchurch New Zealand
17-11-2011 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Thank you so much to the kind people who pointed out to me where I could find the words to 'Dreaming of New Zealand'. They are indeed beautiful.

Joan Quick Whitley Bay U.K.
17-11-2011 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and all the JSO,
I have just been listening to "and the Waltz goes on". What a fantastic DVD it is. Every one of you are amazing in it, and of course Sir Anthony Hopkins was so delighted to have his waltz played as well. Both my husband and I think this is one of the best DVDs we have seen of yours so far, and we are looking forward more than ever to being in Geneve in February when we will be at your concert there. I have many of your DVDs and also CDs which I am always playing and watching the DVDs and may we have many more of them.
Take care all of you and thank you for many hours of happiness.
Love from Joan

Gill Wilton Irthlingborough UK
17-11-2011 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
I expect your back in America now, I hope you have a safe and happy tour. Wish i was there.
Looking forward to coming to Maastricht in July, then Birmingham in December
Hope we will get to see you on UK TV long before that
Take care
Love to you and your Family
Gill xx

Alvaro Roxo Vaz - Fundão - Portugal
17-11-2011 - Fundão, Portugal

Desde há anos que tinha o sonho de assistir a um concerto de André Rieu.
Realizei o meu sonho no dia 11-11-11 em Bruxelas, onde me desloquei propositadamente de Portugal, para assistir ao concerto realizado no Forest National.
Foi fantástico. Maravilhoso. Fabuloso !
Estou muito feliz.
Desejo as maiores felicidades a André Rieu e toda a sua organização.

17-11-2011 - Fontenai sur orne, France

jvous faites toujours d aussi musique j en suis ravie
c est simple j ai limpression quand je vous ecoute je pars en voyage j essaie d imaginer l histoire
ferez vous un concert au zenith a caen ou alors cela serait bien a argentan dans l orne au quai des arts a bientot

17-11-2011 - Cupar, Fife, United Kingdom

All my life I have been looking for someone who plays good music in a style I like, although some artists with or without bands or orchestras played a few likeable pieces it was not consistent therefore I could not attach myself to any artist and say I was a fan. One day I bought the Forever Vienna CD by someone unknown at the time called Andre Rieu and there was a DVD in it as well, from that point on we were hooked and it’s amazing how our collection of your DVD’s and CD’s have grown and are played at every opportunity, thankfully there is a lot of rubbish on the TV so there is a lot of opportunity.
Really looking forward to your Dec 2012 concert in Glasgow.

17-11-2011 - Chièvres, Belgium

Bonjour, c'est encore moi, je vous souhaite une bonne fin de journée a vous et à votre troupe, j'espère que vous allez tous très bien.... Mais je me demandais, est-ce qu'il serait possible dans vos musiques prochaines, d'avoir quelques musiques de Vivaldi ou encore de Tchaikovsky ? Ce sont 2 artistes que j'aime beaucoup, et ce serait une grande joie si c'était vous qui pouviez jouer leurs musiques... Voila. Que votre musique reste aussi belle comme d'habitude. A bientot

Lynn, Atlanta GA
17-11-2011 - Marietta, United States

We absolutely love your music and your DVDs, but would really love to see a live concert. Any chance of you ever doing any concerts in the Southeatern United States.

We used to live in Buffalo, NY and wish we still did so we could see you there.

Thank you

bliquy danielle
17-11-2011 - Saint saulve, France

avec vous prince du bonheur, la valse continuera ! que de coeurs titillent attendant ces merveilleux moments, dans mon antre je suis au paradis puisque je suis entourée de votre si belle musique qui embellit ma vie, même si sur certains morceaux une larme coule, elle n'est que bonheur et souvenirs! vous vous apprêtez de nouveau à offrir tant de surprises, tant de moments forts, soyez sûr que mes pensées ne vous quittent pas, ce 19 sera en extase, de tout coeur, belle route fleurie maestro et Dieu sait combien elle sera belle, vers vous mon prince adoré, une envolée de tendres baisers Danielle

Brian Hill
17-11-2011 - Mount Vernon, United States

It is so fun and very cool to listen to your music.I just wish that you were coming back to the Seattle-Tacoma area in Washington state

Michael Leggett (Washington D.C.)
17-11-2011 - Waldorf, MD, United States

Andre Rieu,
I am 15 years old and I love your music and what you do. I'm going to be seeing your concert this Saturday at the Patriot Center and I am very excited. I might add that I play piano, trumpet, and the Steirische Harmonika accordion. I'm in a Schuplattler Verein in D.C. called Alt-Washingtonia. I hope to meet you one day!

June, West Midlands 17-11-2011 United Kingdom
17-11-2011 - Walsall, United Kingdom


To Jackie Ainger, Christchurch, New Zealand. The lyrics to "Dreaming of New Zealand" are printed in the last page of the book that comes inside the CD and DVD, 'and the Waltz goes on' you have just bought, they are lovely.

Rosiane H.
17-11-2011 - 89248-000 Garuva - Santa Catarina, Brasil

Olá André !!

Parabéns pelo seu trabalho, sua carreira e sucesso.
Aguardo seus shows aqui no Brasil.
Felicidades !!

Jo Pollard Hertford England
16-11-2011 - Hertford, United Kingdom

to Jackie Anger Christchurch New Zealand .
The words to dreaming of new Zealand are at the back of the booklet in the CD. Hope this helps.
as one fan to another

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