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05-08-2011 - England, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Hope you are well and and enjoying yourself with Marjorie and the family.
Watched Fiesta Mexicana again yesterday, brilliant I love watching the documentaries and all the excitement of the audience, they absolutely love you as do all of your fans.
Also I would thank Viv Pratt, because I also have ordered the new book and can't wait for it to be delivered, so thank you Viv for the information.
Well Andre I will close now, miss you loads, and I hope that you are still having lots of fun wherever you are and whatever you are doing.
As always, take care and keep safe.
Love Elaine

05-08-2011 - ,

Hello Andre

Sousa: When My Dreams Come True - Fantasy is perfect for you. I watched Romantic Paradise (love the song which starts with a yodel) and Wonderland again. Lovely concerts.

Patricia Smith
05-08-2011 - ,

Hi Andre, I hope you are enjoying your rest with the family.

I was going to wait until the new book was translated into English but after reading all the wonderful comments about it I'm not sure I have the patience to hold on!! I spent yesterday evening watching "On His Way To New York" Dvd. It is wonderful to see what goes on behind ths scenes and how everyone has such a great time together. You, Andre make me smile - such great dedication to your work but such fun to be with - if only I had kept up my piano lessons who knows I might have stood a chance with the JSO!!

You are very special to so many people worldwide and especially in the UK - I hope you will go on forever. Patricia

Mireille JOURDAN
05-08-2011 - PARIS, France

Good morning Andre from Sunny South to sunny Maastricht ! Hope you are very well after one week holiday ! Hope you don't become lazy!!!!!
Enjoy and continue, all the best for you and family.
Many kisses to all of you.

05-08-2011 - London, United Kingdom


Vivienne Pratt
05-08-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope all is well with you all.
Apart from wishing to write to you, I wanted to say to Jill, Cambridge, UK - you are very wlecome. I am so glad that you did not let the fact that the text of Andre's new photobook is in Dutch deter you from purchasing it. It is a very beautiful book and, as I said, you will not really need to understand precisely what is written as Govert has captured his subjects with such empathy and perfection the pictures will speak to you . Especially those of Andre in his daily activities and also his quiet personal moments. It will be well worth the wait I promise you!!
And best wishes to you too!
Well, dear Andre, I will close now and and thank you for all your beautifully evocative music which accompanies me in my travels and quiet moments each and every day. God bless you all and keep you safe. Viv XX

Barbara Gilliss Ontario Canada
04-08-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

Its just a matter of time before we will be seeing you again, pretty soon you will be back into the full swing of things and it will almost seem like you were never gone. It's good that you take time for yourself, everyone needs to get away from the rat race once in awhile and have some time to themselves. I wonder do you miss us as much as we miss you, reading the comments in the Guestbook it looks like everyone misses you. Enjoy your rest and we will see you when ever. It would be nice if you could write something in your guestbook to us, any way love you blue eyes, Barb.

04-08-2011 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom


04-08-2011 - Panania, Australia

Can you tell me if you are coming back to Australia next year ? and is the Dame Enda concert on dvd the Melbourne concert? I hopoe you and Marjorie and your family are enjoying the summer break and enjoying the grandchildren too. As always your dvds are brilliant and should make many more .Maastricht people are very lucky to be able to see and go to your concerts alot .They would be so proud of you and the jso.

Gill Wilton Northants UK
04-08-2011 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and Marjorie hope you are both enjoying your holiday,
Come back rested and full of beans,
Please come back to the UK

Judith Bradley, Grimsby, England.
04-08-2011 - Grimsby, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
My husband and I had a Andre Rieu/JSO evening last night. We sat and had a drink out of the new beer glasses we bought in Maastricht with your picture on them and watched some of the filming which my husband took at your concerts - it brought back wonderful memories. We shall be purchasing the dvd of the concert in Maastricht when it is released. I bought the new photobook of you whilst I was there and it is a lovely book and although it is written in dutch I can understand a little of it. Your face and those lovely blue eyes look so full of fun, mischief and love in the pictures. I hope you, Marjorie and your family and grandchildren are spending some time together before you restart your concerts. I say it every time I write to you, but I hope we will see you again in the UK soon. Take care.
Love Judith.

Beth Williams
04-08-2011 - 2088, Australia

Dear Andre and Orchestra,
Loved, loved, loved the Maastricht concert on 24 July at the cinema in Sydney, Australia. It was amazing and so moving. Please, please, please make it into a DVD available here.
Also loved the concerts with the Seekers - brilliant idea.
Best wishes for your summer break and I look forward to seeing you again in Australia again next year. Your talent is amazing.
Thank you sincerely,

Sarah Harrison
04-08-2011 - Luton, United Kingdom

HI ANDRE ,i received my beautiful MAASTRICHT scarf, my Andre violin brooch is just perfect with it , thanks, i hope you have a wonderful holiday with MARJORIE and all the FAMILY ,, well deserved hope to get to one of your concerts again in UK,,if not your hometown, your ears must burn a lot ,as i talk about you in my hairdressers and Nail clinic , on holiday also my friends on Facebook , but then i guess all Fans do as we just love your music ,i adore all those lovely Gowns ladies wear all very smart gentlemen and of course your self with your lovely smile fond wishes to you all .

jill Cambridge UK
04-08-2011 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

Thankyou so much for the information about ordering the book Vivienne. It sounded complicated but wasn't. I have just put my order in. Hope it comes soon. Best wishes to you Jill

Catherine Crapart
04-08-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
un bonjour en cette belle journée ,où je vais retrouver mon musicien préféré,vous André!
A chaque fois qua nd je cuisine j'écoute radio classique, et quand j'entends des valses que vous jouez, je vous imagine avec votre violon accompagant cette merveilleuse musique qui nous donne envie de valser!
Sur mon calendrier je vous vois tous les jours ,vous êtes dans mon entrée, et des personnes qui viennent me disent Ah c'est André Rieu! Et je leur réponds oh oui il est formidable!
J'espère que vos vacances se passent dans votre endroit préféré!

Dulcie Woodford,Lawnton,Brisbane Australia
04-08-2011 - LAWNTON, Australia

Dear Andre I hope you are enjoying your summer break with Marjorie,family and your georgeous grand children. On Sunday 24th July, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend your concert being relayed in cinemas across the world from Maastricht. As usual it was magnificient.Thank you for having Marisia sing"Don't Cry for me Argentina". I have waited so long for her to sing this. It really pulls at my heart strings.Mind you everyone was brilliant. Hi to all the orchestra. I can't wait for the DVD to be published. It is also great to know you are fully recovered from your illness. May you live forever.

bliquy danielle
04-08-2011 - Saint saulve, France

petit courrier de nostalgie : valses jamais je ne m'en lasses, enfant je la dansais très souvent avec mes parents, les années ont passé puis un jour, une valse seconde a caressé mes oreilles, c'est ainsi que j'ai découvert une étoile, mon soleil de chaque jour. Cette étoile a embellit ma vie car vous maestro, doté d'une source d'idées inépuisables possédez ce don de nous engendrer du bonheur à travers votre merveilleuse musique qui grandit dans chaque coin du monde. Grâce à vous prince adoré, chaque jour je vis MON MOMENT RIEU et çà c'est fabuleux. A mes yeux vous êtes précieux, dans mon coeur vous êtes bonheur, votre rêve est devenu réalité, le mien avec vous valser, vous êtes notre ange gardien, dans votre monde musical c'est pour la vie. Jamais un jour ne se passe sans vous, nous avons tous besoin de vous, n'oubliez jamais prince des coeurs que nous vous aimons et vous aimerons à tout jamais, jamais de merci assez grand pour vous remercier de tout ce que vous représentez et nous offrez, de tendres baisers vers vous Danielle

FAY ROBERTS Toongabbie NSW. Australia
04-08-2011 - ,

Dear Andre' & Marjorie hope you are both enjoying the break you trully deserve it, you book of photographs arrived yesterday, thank you for allowing those photos to be shared with us, they are so natural , cheeky, & beautiful, I love the one on the pedestrian crossing, 75/76 & the cover both front & back, I consider myself so fortunate to be able have this book even though I can't read what is written as I only read & speak english, I admire you for the many languages you are able to speak of course not for that alone,what your music has done for my life & that of my daughter I can never thank you enough, I often wonder do you realise the joy & comfort you give to others by way of your music,, concerts dvds/cds &the;live streaming of your Maastricht concerts, I have to second what the Lady in red had to say she said it far better than I can but again I say a very big THANK YOU, & miows from Jasper cat who really knows your music when he hears it, a cat with excellent taste, have a lovey break ;

Mónica Medina
04-08-2011 - Celaya Guanajuato, Mexico

Hola André!

El pasado fin de semana compré el dvd de Fiesta Mexicana, nos encantó revivir ese concierto, y al igual que Guadalupe y su familia que salen el el dvd, mi familia, que somos mi mamá, mi hijo Cristian (de 6 años) y yo somos sus grandes admiradores, todos los días lo escuchamos, nos encanta ver sus videos, y ya esperamos con ansias el mes de octubre para ir de nuevo a verlo a México.

André, espero que en su concierto incluya más música mexicana, tenemos muchas canciones muy famosas que podría inclirlas.

Me encanta una que se titula " l´Italiano", wow! ¿podrias incluirla? que me dices de "Clavelitos", tambien .

Una felicitación por tu maravillosa Orquesta JSO, todos son íncreibles músicos, y en especial a la soprano mas hermosa que hemos conocido, y que voz! : Mirusia, nos encanta escucharla .

Que gusto volverte a ver André, me encanta como al tocar tu violín transmites con tu mirada todo el sentir que la música nos dá.

Con mucho cariño te esperamos!!!

Mónica de Celaya, Guanajuato, México.

Ana Maria
04-08-2011 - Jose Marmol Buenos Aires, Argentina

Todo mi cariño y admiracion para Andre desde Buenos Aires Argentina Y mi propuesta de matrimonio Besos Ana Maria

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