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Vivienne Pratt
23-04-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre,
Thank you for the beautiful photographs of Copenhagen. It is clear from all the photos and reports of your Danish publicum how much they have loved the unforgettable spectacle and wonderful music and performances in their 'Evening with Andre Rieu'. Next stop Bremen and yet more happy hearts will be humming and whistling their way home with feet hardly touching the ground their spirits will be so high! I look forward to the photos. Another piece of wonderful news today - Maastricht 5, Blue Ray, is on sale in your shop! I immediately ordered it and I cant wait to receive it! I have so looked forward to seeing this concert. Thank you. I hope you will get some 'Andre time' tomorrow before Munchen on Wednesday. Adieu for now, dear Maestro, God bless you. Lots of love Viv XX

23-04-2012 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Its so lovely to have you back with your fantastic music, there is nobody like you. Please take care of yourself. Much love Sally xxxxxxxxx

Colin A. McDonough
23-04-2012 - KEESEVILLE, United States

I have attended all but one of your concerts is Montreal, Canada (the one I did not attend was in our conflict with the Thanksgiving Day Eve in the United States). You are truly one of the best. It's always such an uplifting experience to listen and see you and the orchestra. I am sad to hear you will not be appearing this year. Hope it is in your future plans to come and entertain us again. May you continue to make beautiful music and make millions of people happy. You somehow make each concert special to each individual and the music constantly re-playing it in our memories. You and your orchestra and guests exude such warmth and merriment to all. Thank you for such wonderful times

Mario Moreira C
23-04-2012 - Los carolinos, Chile

la musica alegra el alma y usted Andre, por la manera de presentarla nos alegra el dia, me dan ganas de haber podido saber mas de musica, pero en fin,
Espero algun dia poder verlo en mi pais CHILE
Un a braza a la distancia

Kathy Prater New Zealand.
23-04-2012 - ,

Dear Andre,
The most marvellous weekend ever all thanks to you. Your return to the stage was well received by all fans even those of us not able to be with you.On Saturday 21st I attended the inaugural Bay of Plenty Andre Rieu Friendship group gathering. There were 10 of us present, and we hope to find more friends as we gather each month.I arrived home to find my Gold Membership renewal parcel - oh you have certainly spoilt me this time. Thank you so much, and now a new DVD "Under the stars"to be received very soon. This DVD will be my favourite, because I was actually there in Maastricht, and I am lucky enough to be coming again this year, so I look forward to seeing you all again. Great success Maestro, with the touring, and I will see you in June.
Warmest hugs from New Zealand,

Gill Wilton Northants UK
23-04-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre,
Wonderful to see you on stage, loving the photos of your concerts. Getting really excited about seeing you in Maastricht. Maybe my second dream we come true and I'll get to meet you, I live in hope.
Take care, love to you and your family
Gill xx

Moira Darroch, Scotland
23-04-2012 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre

Superb pictures from Denmark (particularly in the Harmony Parlor) - you look sooooo handsome, relaxed and well, and your wonderful blue eyes are sparkling again. Your legions of fans are smiling again now you are back with your beloved Lady S on stage.

Now you are in Germany ready to present your magical music with the JSO to another adoring 'publik'.

I see you had a day off in Denmark - please, please remember to take as much time for yourself as you possibly can. You are so very precious, Dear Maestro of the World.

Do take very good care always.

With much, much love
Moira xxxxxx

Coly - Béatrice Clermont-Ferrand , France
23-04-2012 - CLERMONT FERRAND, France

Cher André
Je suis heureuse de voir que tu as repris tes concerts et que tu es en pleine forme , mais ménages toi quand même .Merci pour toutes les belles choses que tu as mis dans ta boutique et le DVD de Maastricht 2011 .
Par-contre un petit regret : que ton parfum Stradivarius ne soit plus présent ; il m'accompagnait avec bonheur depuis des années mais ma réserve est épuisée .
Bonne semaine ainsi qu'au JSO .
Gros bisous , Béatrice

Chris Peart
23-04-2012 - SKEGNESS, United Kingdom

Wish we hadn't already booked our tickets and accommodation for Maastricht on 23rd June but hopefully the exclusive packages for the concert will be available next year. We (my husband, myself and a friend) are all really looking forward to our first time at Maastricht.

Patricia Torres - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina
23-04-2012 - Ciudad Autònoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Señor Andre Rieu - Che Panambi-:

Me ha conmovido ver las fotos de su concierto el viernes pasado. Sinceramente estaba muy preocupada, y temia que tuviera dificultades para reponerse.

Pero gracias a Dios, usted está en plena forma.

De todas maneras, cuìdese, porque lo queremos ante todo sano.

Un abrazo.

Judith Bradley, Grimsby, England.
23-04-2012 - Grimsby, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
The photos of you on stage are lovely at Odense and Copenhagen. You really look happy to be back where you love to be with your orchestra playing beautiful music to your public. I cannot wait until Maastricht, Newcastle and Birmingham to see you all again. I am also looking forward to seeing Carla back with you. Hope you keep having plenty of rest and taking naps on your bus on the way to the next concert. Take care.
Love Judith.

23-04-2012 - Cambridge, United Kingdom

I am so pleased that Andre is back. How lovely to have the delightful photos of his tours again. I am sitting here listening to the CD Hits and Evergreens. It is wonderful especially Meditation. I have never heard it played so beautifully! In fact I have listened to it three times straight off

Janet Jakeman York UK
23-04-2012 - ,

Hi Andre and the JSO, so wonderful to see you all once more, the concerts looked fantastic, enjoy the rest of the concerts(wish I was there!) take care much love to all Janxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

23-04-2012 - Coronel Suarez, Argentina

What a joy to see you again on stage fully recovered. Hope to see you someday in ARGENTINA
Que gran alegría ver que nuevamente está en el escenario totalmente recuperado. Esperamos verlo algún día en ARGENTINA

Dorothy Laigle
23-04-2012 - Canton, United States

Dear Andre, Really enjoying the photos of your concerts. Photos of places I only studied about in school. Also, the interesting facts you give about the cities. Thank you for sharing and It is great being able to see these photos on your website. I visit here daily, and sometimes twice a day. I enjoy reading the accolades of your fans. As always, take care, safe travels, good health and soooooooooooooooooo much success.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
23-04-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

My Dear Andre 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena is so full of happiness after seeing the wonderful pictures of you on Harmony Parlour looking so well at your concerts in Denmark. Now to Germany where once again you will enveloped in love by people exstatically happy to have you back playing your beautiful waltzes and other enchanting music with the talented JSO. When you play you give light and life to all who hear, flowers open their petals, birds sing, the sun shines, your unique musicial talent brings love joy and happiness to all. Strauss must be so happy to hear you playing once again and would be proud to share a stage with you, together you'd be magnificient - awesome music lasting until the end of time. Take care you are so very special. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Teresa Mullen...IRELAND
23-04-2012 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre,
We are all soo relieved to see you back on stage, where you belong. Lovely pics from Denmark and soo many beautiful and appreciative comments from your adoring Danish fans, we definately know you are back with us :)
Please do not overdo it, you are looking fabulous and the long rest has obviously done you a lot of good. Please remain in good health and we will see you in Belfast on 10th December ( and maybe Dublin also, on 9th December ). We have fantastic seats AGAIN for Belfast, ground floor, row 3 and right in middle, seat numbers, 24, 25, 26 and 27, we are all soo excited to see your lovely smiling face again and please have Stephanie play " Ballade Pour Adeline " again, it was very beautiful, when she played it in Belfast in April 2011.
God bless and remain safe.

23-04-2012 - ,

Dearest Maestro,
How wonderful to see your smiling face again. To know you are "back again". The world has seemed so very dark and dismal without you.
Take care dearest André, I am glad my prayers have been answered.
With all the love in the world,

Vicki Hogue
23-04-2012 - Warrimoo, Australia

Hi Andre
In my last comment, I meant to add how much I enjoy your solo of Shubert's Ave Maria on the In Concert CD. It is absolutely stunning! I would love to hear you play it again in an upcoming concert.
All the best to you, your family, JSO and Team!
Have fun in Bremen!

Catherine Crapart
23-04-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour vos photos de Copenhague, ce soir concert à Brême, vous allez peut-être visiter la ville, il y a une statue des animaux musiciens empilés les uns sur les autres : un âne, un chien, un chat , un coq, en hommage au comte des frères Grimm, c'est original!
Bon concert pou ce soir!

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