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anita wade
29-09-2011 - Essex, United Kingdom

Hello to all Andre fans, As well as having the top dvd Fiesta Mexicana, several Dvds in Classic fms top 40 album chart, being nominated for classical album of the year, bringing sunshine to our shores this week as well as himself and the JSO, Andre is currently at the No 1 spot in Person of the Year and to maintain this please please keep voting. Happy concert going to everyone.

bliquy danielle
29-09-2011 - Saint saulve, France

VIENNE VIENNE SEULEMENT TOI j'adore cet air !!! quel bel hommage vous vous apprêtez à offrir à cette ville de la musique, journée particulière pour et hommage ! Johann Strauss du haut de son nuage ne pourrait que vous en remercier, vous avez de part votre immense talent fait renaître cette magnifique musique viennoise, oh! combien je l'adore, je fredonne beaucoup en ce moment cet air d'Anthony Perkins LA VALSE CONTINUERA jamais elle ne s'arrêtera grâce à vous maestro qui l'égrénez partout dans le monde, puissiez-vous passer un excellent wk prince adoré, tendres baisers Danielle

29-09-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,

Félicitations pour le sucès de votre dvd MEXICANA numéro 1 in UK!
C'est un beau dvd ,les musiques sont superbes et quel enthousiasme du public mexicain!

Luis Felipe Contreras
29-09-2011 - Villa Barcelona, Chile

Come to Chile please! We need your talent! your Music! your humor! your show! your art! Chile Chile Chile Now please! x x

Helen Hunter
29-09-2011 - Richmond. NSW., Australia

Dear Andre, Your new CD sounds beautiful with all the lovely waltz music, you have certainly chosen some lovely tunes as usual. Hope to see you back in Australia next year, enjoy your travelling and take care, Love you Andre. xxxx

Eileen Beardsley (Christchurch, NZ)
29-09-2011 - Christchurch, New Zealand

Dear Andre and JSO,

My Mum, my brother and I just loved your concert in Christchurch, NZ, in May.

I am hoping you will come to Christchurch for another concert in 2012! I keep looking on your calendar, but no word about any concerts "Down Under" as yet.


Christina spencer
28-09-2011 - ,

To Andre and all the J.S. 0. I am lookinng forward to watching Alan Titchmarch on Thursday.
I have a sister in law who is suffering with cancer and every evening her son goes to see her and they have an evening with Andre .
It never fails to cheer her up so please keep the dvds. coming.
very best wishes to you and all the crew.

28-09-2011 - RINCON DE ROMOS AGS, Mexico

Felicidades por estar en el #1 en Gran Bretaña -UK

H. Romeo
28-09-2011 - RINCON DE ROMOS AGS, Mexico

Basicamente por internet y vía TV cultural (Canal 22) Se ha dado la publicidad de tu existencia en nuestra amplia Republica Mexicana, además de nuestra "Promoción abejita" que consiste en invitar a conocidos a disfrutar tus conciertos los mismos que han sido un exito -sin fines de lucro- y somos un grupo numeroso que ya estamos apuntados para tu audicion de Guadalajara¡ ahora sí como dices... en Paris Bercy; ¿Quienes vienen de Paris¡... 15 personas.... Y quienes vienen de fuera de Paris¡¡¡... La mayoria de la Audiencia. Creo así estaremos los Foraneos en el Auditorio Telmex de Guadalajara. Felicidades por #1 en UK

michèle de macon saone & loire bougogne france
28-09-2011 - Macon, France

cher andre rieu
je vous passe se petit bonsoir j'espére que vous allez bien et toute votre petite famille,j'ai commander le dernier dvd j'espére le reçevoir bientot ,ça vas me changer un peu de la maladie , cher andré je pense bien a vous quand venez-vous en france je voudrais trop allez vous voir bisous

Alejandro Abraham
28-09-2011 - Mendoza, Argentina

Con gran admiración, lo saludo desde Mendoza, Argentina, la octava capital del vino.

Ian McIntosh
28-09-2011 - Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Andre & JSO Number One in the UK well done all!!
Flying over for the Antwerp performance ...we can't wait
All the best folks

Ian & Jane

28-09-2011 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France


Toutes mes Félicitations à vous tous pour être n° 1 au Royaume-Uni, c'est pour vous un formidable encouragement, une belle récompense, vous nous apportez dans nos vies, le soleil, la lumière, votre bonne humeur et vos charmants sourires.
Merci à vous tous.
Je vous envoie à tous, de Grosses Bises de JEVONCOURT.


Gill Wilton Northants UK
28-09-2011 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Congratulations on being No 1 in UK. I knew you were here because we are having fantastic weather. Looking forward to watching Alan Titchmarsh tomorrow, its worked out well for me as i finish work at 2.30pm this week, see somebody loves me
Love to you and your family
your friend and fan always Gill x

28-09-2011 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Comgratulations on being No 1 with Fiesta Mexicana dvd in the UK. Wonderful news for all of us. Love Sally xxx

28-09-2011 - Launceston, Australia

Dear Amdre and crew, Congratulations on being No 1 in the UK. Well done to everyone involved
Love Judy
p.s When are you coming to Australia?

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
28-09-2011 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, We always know when you are in London as the sun comes out all over Britain. When you were here in April we were in the middle of a mini heatwave, and now again this week - you bring the sun with you. Thanks for the photos of your recent visit, everyone looks great. Congratulations on the No.1. spot for the Dvd "Fiesta Mexicana" I have it and it is wonderful, although having said that your Dvd's/Cd's have taken over the British charts ----yaaaaa!! Look forward to everything you do, such a wonderful experience to be a devotee of yours and the JSO. Can't wait for the UK shows next year. Take care. Love Patricia

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
28-09-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. So it was you who brought the wonderful sun to England, you never fail to light up our lives. I had a wonderful evening listening to your newly arrived DVD Fiesta Mexicana. Both very different from your others. So lovely to see your behind the scenes activities, such a normal guy, yet underneath lies an immense musical talent, that gives people enormous joy and happiness. The musical pieces on the other DVD, so lively,heart warming and spectacular but others so deeply emotional and tear jerking, pure magical Andre. You really are a very special man. Enjoy your day. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

christine puddifoot
28-09-2011 - Cb22 3dg, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
What lovely pictures of yourself and JSO in London for the Alan Titchmarsh show. Looking forward to seeing it tomorrow.
Waiting with bated breath for ticket details for your 2012 tour..

Best wishes Christine

28-09-2011 - Romford, United Kingdom

Hello Andre

I hope you and your wonderful orchestra are keeping well. Your CDs and DVDs are great. I still love Intermezzo.


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