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Jackie Rhynd
24-07-2011 - Peterhead, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

My daughter and I have just been to Aberdeen cinema to see your concert, we enjoyed it tremendously. Your orchestra and singers were fantastic as was yourself.

My mother is a big fan of yours as well and would have dearly loved to have been with us but unfortunately she just got out of the hospital on Tuesday and was unable to join us but I will be giving her every detail of a most enjoyable evening.

I hope you enjoy your well earned holiday and wish all the best to you and your colleagues.

Moira Darroch, East Kilbride, Scotland
24-07-2011 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre

I have just arrived home after viewing your concert tonight from Maastricht, via satellite to Cineworld in Glasgow, Scotland.

What a wonderful concert! You are looking very well and, as usual, you had a marvellous time, as we did in the cinema!

To finish off the evening perfectly, I have just turned on my television to Skyrts2 and there you are - Live in Vienna. The boys have just had their Weiner Schnitzel and I am now looking forward to the rest of the concert - two in one night!!

It was certainly a huge treat to see you and your wonderful blue eyes on the big screen - I am still hopeful that you will bring your magic to Scotland.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us after the concert and PLEASE DO take that "proper" holiday you talked about!! You give so very much to the world and more than deserve to spend some quality time out of the spotlight.

Take very good care.

Much love
Moira xxxxxx

Robert Owen
24-07-2011 - Crawley, United Kingdom

Hi Andre !. Yes, I too have just been to Cineworld in Crawley/Sussex/UK to watch your Live Concert from Maestricht. And what a Concert it was, and how much I enjoyed both seeing yourself and the wonderful members of the Johann Strauss Orchestra , not to forget some beautiful Ladies there and participating individuals in the audience too!.
And surprise, surprise, what a sensation to hear the fantastic Waltz written by that great Welsh actor, Sir Anthony Hopkins, who displayed his latent talent for musical composition.. That Waltz goes on..., is a worthy piece to be played in any Johann Strauss concert by the great Andre Rieu himself. I hope it will be on Cd in SACD format too. !
Also Andre, please can you tell me if you recorded those lovely old Maestricht drinking songs, I wish i could sing the Dutch words, as it sounds so good., and c an you tell me the titles please.>
would love to hear and see you in Antwerp in November, or in Maestricht before Christmas, if I can get there, as I have COPD. > I am sure listening to the JS Orchestra conducted by you in person, would do wonders for my condition. Bravo ! and Thank You for tonights Concert,
Robert in Crawley/UK

Vivienne Pratt
24-07-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Thank you very much for updates of Fan-photos. It is much appreciated, especially on a Saturday when you have been so busy all week.
The photos are great. Frank is looking really well and happy. And you, dear Andre, look as handsome and 'Tres distingue' as ever. I especially love to see photos of you and Pierre. You two ALWAYS smile affectionately to each other, and it is lovely to see. And seeing you in front of Marc's Exhibition reminds us that you have another brilliantly talented son also. Marc's canvasses 'live' and they are just beautiful. I will proudly display his 'Lost Heroes' soon enough! My thanks to you for sharing both of your mega-talented sons with us and you are quite right to be inordinately proud of them both. Just as they are proud of their loving and extraordinarly gifted dad.
Well I saw that the Vrijthof was aboslutely packed this evening and thankfully the weather was calmer. So I bet you all had a spectacular time. And what's more, all the folks around the world that watched in the Cinemas will have joined your audience. Wow what a mega-audience you had and will have again on Sunday night!! In the 100's of 000's! Awesome!
It doesn't seem possible that you have waited for this Vrijthof week for so long and I bet it has just flown by for you. But I will guarantee tomorrow night will be unbelievably emotional and joyous all at the same time. So enjoy it all Andre. You, and your JSO and your whole ensemble, thoroughly deserve all the plaudits and love that are sent to you from the world. God bless you always. Until tomorrow then...
Lots of love and light - sleep peacefully. Viv XX

Mandy and Michael Wilson
24-07-2011 - Elland, United Kingdom

We really enjoyed the 'cine concert' this evening, and especially the new waltz composed by Sir Anthony Hopkins. It was a wonderful experience to feel part of the concert and feel the atmosphere, even though we were in the UK. We loved the new singers and also the Russian trio, hope this is the start of a new dimension of concert going ! Mandy and Michael Wilson Elland West Yorkshire England

Myrtle Hudson, Norwich
24-07-2011 - ,

Hello Andre,
I have just returned from the cinema after watching your wonderful concert in Maastricht. It was absolutely wonderful and so many lovely surprises. I took a lady with me who was on the same holiday as me 3 weeks ago when we visited your home town and it was the first concert she had seen live. I must thank you for some a wonderful evening. I hope your concert will be recorded on DVD. I have the other 4 from Maastricht.
My thanks again.

Hélène de Québec
24-07-2011 - Arthes, France

Bonjour Maestro,

Je suis heureuse de pouvoir partager avec mes amies les photos de vos concerts à Maastricht, surtout quelle n'a pas été ma surprise de voir enfin une de vos très grande fan en photo sur votre site. Il s'agit de Babou une de vos fans françaises et une très grande amie !

Je vous souhaite bonne continuation et je vais avoir le plaisir de vous écouter à Montréal au mois de novembre !

Merci pour tout le plaisir que vous nous donnez !

Jim Guthrie Aberdeen Scotland
23-07-2011 - Aberdeen scotland uk, United Kingdom

My wife and I have just returned from a cinema in Aberdeen Scotland where we thoroughly enjoyed watching your live Maastricht concert. Such a happy evening and a fantastic uplifting experience. Can we have more live concerts. Will there be a DVD (UK version) soon?

Val Housley Leyland Lancs
23-07-2011 - Preston, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and the wonderful JSO.Hope u had a good concert tonite and the weather was ok.I dont know about you Andre i am glad the Lady Margaret is back from her cruise because i to read her messages to you all.Thank you Lady in the Red Jacket from the MEN you really cheer my day up as you must do for Andre! Take everyone and hope the last concert in Maastricht is a success.Looking forward to seeing you again in Brussels in November.

carlos nuno pereira
23-07-2011 - Aveiro, Portugal

Que tal um ou mais concertos em PORTUGAL? Para quando? Gostaria de o convidar para dar um espect´culo em AVEIRO, no estádio que leva 30.000 pessoas sentadas.
Contact me

Emory Klann
23-07-2011 - Dublin, United States

Hello Andre,

I'm 13 years old, and you inspired me to start violin. I have played viola for 2 1/2 years. I have only been playing violin for a couple weeks. I wanted to go to one of your concerts during your 2011 tour, but I can't make it to any due to a huge Irish dance competition. My goal in life is to meet you. I hope my career has to do with music when I'm older. I love your music so much! Whenever I play violin, I think of you and it feels like I'm in a different world with no troubles. My favorite thing to do is play for other people. I love to see the expressions on their faces while I play. I hope to someday meet you! Best of Wishes!

23-07-2011 - Thoiry, France

Dearest André, tomorrow is the last concert then you off on holiday! I am sure you are sort of sad and happy to leave the stage for few weeks! Have a wonderful holiday, so as all the members of JSO and the Rieu-team! Love

Anke Vos
23-07-2011 - ROSMALEN, Netherlands

heb vandaag mijn "gold member card" .
ik ben er trots op .
Volgend jaar wil ik weer in Maastricht zijn .
Hoop dat de dvd van vorige week gauw uitkomt .
Ik heb heel erg genoten .
Het allerbeste voor iedereen in uw orkest ,alle zangers en
iedereen die meewerkt aan de " BEST SHOW ON EARTH "
very best wishes Anke

Gill Quinn, Modder River (near Kimberley), South Africa
23-07-2011 - MODDER RIVER, South-Africa

Dear Andre and Team, I have just finished watching your "A Midsummer Night's Dream" dvd (for about the 100th time) and everytime I see the Bloemfontein Choir, but more especially the Hout Bay Music project kids, I feel so proud of them! I am a South African through and through and I know what sacrifices are made to help underprivileged kids in this country. The opportunity you gave them last year is truly amazing and heart-warming and I am sure a lot of those kids will never forget what you did for them. The pride and joy on their faces on that dvd show it all. Thank you, and continue your good work. Other than on all my dvds, my husband and I will see you in a year's time in Johannesburg. With best wishes.

Jacqueline & Erik Hilversum/Holland
23-07-2011 - Hilversum, Netherlands

Wij hebben genoten vrijdag 15 juli wat een verrassingen! De wals van Anthony Hopkins was prachtig! Kortom een superavond en tot volgend jaar! Bravo!

Bruno uit Volendam
23-07-2011 - ,

Hallo Andre, Marjorie, Pierre en alle medewerkers.
De show op 22 juli op het Vrijthof, was weer fantastisch.
Gelukkig werkte het weer ook mee.
Ik kan niet wachten op de dvd hiervan. ik hoop dat deze snel komt, zodat ik weer kan hergenieten.
Jullie zijn allen super.

Rosemarie Dixon
23-07-2011 - ,

Well, we have dreamed of coming to Maastricht for months as we couldnt get to your british concerts.Six of us made the trip, as I have a fear of flying it was touch and go as to whether I wold get on the plane. Was it worth it!!!!. You bet it was we had a wonderful time.Think I might wait for you to come back to England though. We found the dutch people lovely and friendly,it just the flying.Kindest Regards

Stephan en Monique
23-07-2011 - Hoensbroek, Netherlands

Veer hubbe genote vaan 'ne super sjoene aovend.. alles waor perfec, 't weer zaot mét en de ambiance waor waanzinnig!! Bedaank!! Op naor 't volgend jaor..daan zien veer us weer!

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
23-07-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. Today in Cheshire we have beautiful sunshine, I hope you have this also in Maastricht and that it stays with you for the evening and your concert. You had a truely brilliant concert last night, I feel it in my heart and soul even though I have yet to read reports on the event. I had an evening at home of superb music with the great 'Andre Rieu' this was my way of celebrating with you, your fantastic achievements and magnificient music. It was none stop DVDs, Live in Maastricht 3, Moonlight Serenade and my two favourites Forever Vienna and La Vie Est Belle. I did alot of dancing and singing and some crying as some of your musicial interpretations are deeply emotional. I also toasted your good health, great energy, fantastic spirit and your kind warm hearted personality that endears you to so many, many people. Thats another bottle of Andre Boevers champagne gone but in a very worthwhile cause! Now you will be very busy preparing for this evening, final rehearsals and checking everything is going to be perfect for tonight, in my mind I can see your rushing round Maastricht directing all operations, I know what a perfectionist you are. This is to your credit as tonight thousands of people will have one of the most wonderful evenings of their life, they will have memories to treasure for many months to come, even possibly years ahead. They will hear such brilliant music, see such fantastic sights and be wrapped in a magicial atmosphere of unique wonderment and awe that isn't possible to create anywhere else. A once in a lifetime experience that a person can only relive again if they attend another of your brilliant concerts in the future. A million thanks Andre for all that you give to us. A special thank you for making me personally so very, very happy, giving me huge energy, great spirit, continual smiles and a heart so full of joy, life is truely worth living. Have a wonderful evening. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Jemea Cadano
23-07-2011 - Paranaque City, Philippines

Dear Andre and your amazing team,
I have just seen your video with Mirusia Louwerse singing the "Ave Maria" and was dumbfounded by the music lifting her voice to heavenly proportions! I was hooked the whole day yesterday and upon waking up this morning,all I did was listen to your music. I was raised in a family of music-lovers and I started playing the piano at the age of 5 myself and performed before audiences during my yearly recitals till I was about 17 years old..I love all the classical pieces I've learned and listened to since childhood. Now at the age of 41,I've listened and watched you, with your orchestra and soloists, like a child in awe and grateful to God for the music He continually pours and creates through masters like you and your team. I would love to see you all perform live but I live so far away (I'm from the Philippines). It is with a prayer in my heart that I would be able to attend if only one of your concerts someday.Godbless you all and continue giving love and joy through your wonderful music! Thank you so much!

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