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Clenise de Farias Dantas
03-07-2011 - CAMPINA GRANDE, Brasil

Olá ,
Gostaria de saber quando realmente haverá show
no Brasil.
No aguardo,

Margaret Eley
03-07-2011 - Wellington, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Thank you for my membership package that arrived this week. My husband and I saw you in Birmingham U.K. and had the most wonderful evening. We were waiting on your route to the backsatge entrance and we had your wave all to ourselves. My parents are also great fans but sadly their age and health prevented them from joining us in Birmingham. We now have 11 of your DVD's and play them time and time again. Our best friends live in Durban so we are hoping to see you there. Love Margaret

03-07-2011 - NYON, Switzerland

All my love with this little flower to you and to the great and so beautiful Actress BARBARA WUSSOW !! ,* ,*

Ana Cioffi
03-07-2011 - Sao paulo, Brasil

Caro Andre
Estamos esperando ansiosamente pela sua visita ao Brasil.Minha familia e amigos aguardam pela sua maravilhosa orquestra.Abracos Ana Cioffi

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
03-07-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Afternoon Andre from a very very hot England, nearly 30 degrees! I sit out on my terrace but have to seek the shade from time to time as it is too hot - but beautiful. I hope you also have the sunshine in Maastricht. Last evening I spent the evening on my terrace until dark drinking champagne and listening to your CDs Dreaming and Moonlight Serenade. A couple of neighbours joined me half way through, enjoyed the music but think the way I react to it is crazy. I did alot of dancing, singing and crying, they just sit still and listen. I tried to explain how you must go with your feelings and emotions for the music but they couldn't understand. Ballade and the Swan I find really moving on the Dreaming CD, many tears and great emotion but the music is so brilliantly played and interpreted it reaches right down into your soul - wonderful, wonderful. Then we go on to Danube Love and Tales from the Vienna Woods which are so uplifting to the spirt and wonderful to dance to, this music on Moonlight Serenade is a Masterpiece, a work of art, how uniquely talanted you are to be able to create such beauty and joy from a piece of fashioned wood and some strings! I hope you are having a nice family day at home, with lots of fun with the grandchildren, truely rested ready to return to your passion of music tomorrow. Take care of yourself you very special person. Lots of Love from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. Lady Margaret.

Patricia Smith
01-07-2011 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Yes I agree emotion is very much connected to music and hearing a special piece can instantly move anyone to tears. I have found this my entire life but even more so now that I can listen to you and your wonderful orchestra whenever I like. Coming from a family that loved and played music (my father was a classical pianist and both my brothers played instruments) it has always been very sacred to me. With these modern inventions I can have my headphones on and listen to you wherever I am which is bliss. Although I have to say recently standing in a well-known supermarket looking at bananas with tears running down my face whilst I listened to "Ballade" did get me some strange looks!! Continue on forever Andre, you are so special to millions of us - and come back to the UK soon. Love Patricia

Kate Clarke, Brisbane, Australia
01-07-2011 - QLD, Australia

Hi Andre, I have enjoyed 3 of your concerts 'DownUnder' in Brisbane. Thank you fo bringing The Seekers back on stage!

Can you record, one day, the lovely piece of music called "Terry's Theme" from Limelight written I believe by Charlie Chaplin c1952. It would sound beautiful played on your violin!

bliquy danielle
01-07-2011 - Saint saulve, France

mille fois bravo à la photo du mois, c'est superbe, je constate que je ne suis pas la seule à dire ( si j'étais riche ) il est vrai Marc que posséder une de vos toiles me tient à coeur mais je dois patienter, mon premier trésor à besoin de toute la famille pour guérir, merci à vous mes amies d'y avoir contribué, je dois faire des sacrifices et de Maastricht je ne saurai m'en passer, sinon que serais ma vie, je prie souvent pour que tout se positive, j'aurai toutefois la joie d'admirer pour vos chefs d'oeuvre avant d'applaudir d'autres chefs d'oeuvre, un duo de choc à Vrijthof, ces beaux jours à venir se rapprochent doucettement, bisous à toute la belle et grande famille Rieu Danielle

Owen O'Connor
01-07-2011 - Downpatrick, United Kingdom

My wife Margaret and I are travelling to Maastricht for your concert on 15th July.
We are travelling from Ireland to celebrate my wife's 70th birthday and our 45th wedding annivesary.
A mention would be nice.Looking forward to the concert

Vivienne Pratt
01-07-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
Just quickly wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Stijn Vande Voorde for his beautiful creation and for winning Photograph of the week.
Also, AMANDA MCCOY, KANSAS: Romance for Clara was written by Andre and his Brother Jean-Phillipe Rieu.
Thank you for your indulgence Andre, once again have a happy weekend.
LoveViv XX

Anna Gray Aberdeen Scotland
01-07-2011 - Inverurie. Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre Trust all is going well with your filming in Vienna - excited to see the DVD when it is released.

This is also for Enid Goldfield

I too watch Andre and the JSO before going to bed every single night. It just seems to completely relax me and I then have a perfect night's sleep. I only discovered Andre by accident via the TV late last year and have become a devoted fan of his ever since. Music is in my blood and I quite often sing along with his soloists. Managed to see him in Newcastle this year and the concert was amazing. I have been widowed for the last 15 years and since late last year I have found a new lease of life all thanks to Andre and the JSO. I am on the computer every morning catching up with all the Andre news.

Catherine Crapart
01-07-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Bravo à Stijn Vande Voorde de Belgique! C'est un travail remarquable! et c'est trés beau, cela a dû demander des heures de travail cette reproduction du château et tout le décors ainsi que les personnages!
Je vais me plonger dans votre musique pour me délasser , c'est un moment agéable de vous écouter.
Bonne journée à toutes les fans!

01-07-2011 - Romford, United Kingdom

Hello Andre

I sleep better after watching one of your DVDs. Dreaming looks like a lovely DVD/CD. Do you like Lumbye Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop?

Vivienne Pratt
01-07-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I trust this morning finds you all well. I expect you enjoyed the day yesterday with a beautiful lady, with that most beautiful building as a backdrop.
I watched La Vie Est Belle again last night. It is such a wonderful concert. I love it.
During the day I came across a published article stemming from an interview you gave in early 2010 as a pre-cursor to your ill-fated UK Tour.
You discuss what were your considered ten greatest classical recordings. What stood out to me was you spoke not just of the music but of your memories and feelings about each piece.
In particular I love that you disclose that Ma mere L'Oye connects with the child that still resides inside you [that beautiful child inside you bursts out all the time in your concerts with that joyous, mischievious humour that you share with your audiences!] You share many personal feelings but one piece and comment I think is very telling. When you discuss Mahler's 4th Symphony you speak of being an emotional man and how tears readily spring to your eyes. And this piece of music always makes you cry. What a blessing that you share your emotions - they are part of what endears you to people and the reason why you are so loved universally.
Yes, you are a magnificent musician, a wonderful conductor, a very charismatic and charming man, an incomparable teller of stories that weave wonderful pictures entrancing both young and old. But above all of these things you are a caring, giving, humanitarian man with a loving heart and one that is not afraid to show his emotions - be they sadness or humour - or even frustration!
Add to this, the wonderfully talented JSO, your beloved and gifted family and all the hard work contributed by your brilliant team and it is what makes your Concerts like no other on the Planet and your music so instantly recognisable. I cant wait to see your new DVD.
Well dear Maestro having shared my thoughts on your thoughts! I will wish you a very happy weekend. Only a few weeks now till your Concerts begin: I bet your feet are itching to get on that stage.....!! Take care, God bless you and safe journeys. Lots of love Viv XX

bliquy danielle
01-07-2011 - Saint saulve, France

ouverture de juillet, mois tant attendu si vous saviez prince des coeurs !!!! ce mois est d'OR car ce qu'il représente pour mes amies et moi-même est exceptionnel ( vous applaudir à nouveau sur notre belle place du bonheur ) se ressourcer de votre si jolie musique, un partage communicatif qui ne cesse de s'agrandir, mon monde de rêve à ses fantasmes, tout ce qui se rapporte à mon prince adoré me conduit vers de grandes passions, celle d'écouter votre musique me fait vivre MON MOMENT RIEU admirer mes trésors et me laisser transporter vers ce qui m'attend ce 15 juillet houaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa j'en frissonne de bonheur ! en attendant ce jour J les parfums de mon jardin s'envolent vers Maastricht en y déposant de tendres baisers Danielle

Mireille JOURDAN
01-07-2011 - PARIS, France

Bonjour et merci André de ces bonnes nouvelles :

- Je ne manquerai pas de visiter l'exposition de Marc, comme l'an dernier. J'adore son talent, sa gentillesse et sa modestie et je voudrais être riche pour pouvoir lui acheter beaucoup de tableaux !

- Quel plaisir de vous revoir sur scène avec la belle et talentueuse Barbara ! Vous faites un duo superbe de beauté,talent et humour. J'ai gardé les 3 VHS des "Zauber der Music" 2001,2002,2003 , j'aime toujours les regarder, même si je ne comprends pas du tout l'allemand ! Alors j'espère que de ce nouveau film que vous tournez à Vienne naîtra bien vite un DVD sous-titré !

Bon week-end ! Baisers provençaux (what is this ? Ah Ah Ah !)

amandamccoy, kansas, u.s.a.
01-07-2011 - 66007, United States

could anybody tell me if 'romance for clara' (please don't go) was composed by andre? so wistful and beautiful. thank-you anyone for any information, amanda.

Barbara Gilliss " Ontario Yours To Discover. "
01-07-2011 - Waterdown Ontario Canada, Canada

When i grew up my curfew was when the street lights came on, my mom called my name not my cell phone. I played outside with friends not on line. If i didn't eat what mom cooked then i didn't eat. Hand sanitizer didn't exist but you could get your mouth washed out with soap. I rode a bike without a helmet and getting dirty was ok and neighbours cared as much as parents. We most certainly have come a long way in this world today and Andre and his music makes it a much nicer place to live. Andre's music really does sooth the soul and we are all so happy he came into our lives. Love you blue eyes, Barb

Barbara White
30-06-2011 - Lake Ann, United States

Barbara White Lake Ann Michigan, United States
June 30 2011
Dear Andre,
First of all, we are relieved to know you are feeling more like yourself and we are very sorry for the amount of time you suffered with your illness.
Our entire family are proud fans of yours. My husband I saw you perform in Pensacola, Florida several years or more ago, and will never forget it!
We have all your DVD’s and CD’s and it’s hard to choose a favorite. A couple nights ago we watched Fiesta Mexica, having just received it in the mail. A lot of our family was present because it was my parents 64th anniversary and they wanted to watch this new DVD of yours.
I can’t begin to tell you the mood that prevailed in the house while listening and watching this extraordinary DVD. As with all your music, our spirits soared and, just seeing your smiling face and your orchestra is like having more family around us in our own homes. You have become so familiar to us! We adore you.
Your music, your smile and your words, truly re-build hope, heal and inspire us all. All things seem possible when you are performing.
We also enjoyed the tribute to Michael Jackson, The Earth Song. It was beautifully done and Michael Jackson would be overjoyed to know someone of your caliber is echoing his music and legacy.
We are hoping that some or all of our family can visit Detroit to see your concert there in September.
Our hearts are full of appreciation and love for you, for all you do that makes our lives and millions of others better. God bless you and please take care of yourself. We will be watching you.

30-06-2011 - England, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Great to see you out and about again, hope all goes well with the TV special in Vienna, it would be wonderful if we could receive it in the UK.
Wish I could come and visit Marcs exhibition, hopefully next year assuming he will have another one then, any way I hope it is a great success for him.
I know you will soon be getting ready for the Maastrict concerts, would have loved to come this year, but I will be there in spirit and will look forward to the next DVD coming out.
So for now Andre, take care, keep having fun and keep smiling.
Love Elaine

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