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Pam Harris, Rochester, Kent. U.K.
19-03-2012 - Rochester kent, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, I hope you are still following orders, Marjories, ha ha. I am a bit slow on the uptake sometimes but i can now find out how you are by logging on to the Harmony Parlour web page. While i was shopping the other day i was humming one of your pieces to myself all day , Heia In The Mountains. Thats how mesmerising you are. And , Andre, have you ever considered playing Mahlers Symphony No 5 from the film Death In Venice. It is beautiful, as you probably know.How about at the O2. Look after yourself and love to you all. Pam.xxxxxxxxxxx

19-03-2012 - Lancashire, United Kingdom

It was nice your fan Alan Titchmarsh showed a repeat of your recent performance to let fans know about your latest release
I for one will be buying it.
We are all rooting for you.
Get well soon.

19-03-2012 - England, United Kingdom

Hello my dear Andre
How are things going today? I do hope you are beginning to feel much better.
The sun is shining here at the moment and with the help of Moonlight Serenade I am doing the housework and have just done the actions for the snow waltz all by myself in the kitchen, wonderful don't you think.
My thoughts are always with you and I know with the loving care of Marjorie and the family I am sure you will soon be feeling your old self again. Please take care, keep safe and don't overdo it. Lots of love to you all.

Janet Wigginton
19-03-2012 - Bedfod, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Am coming to see you, with my husband for our 50th birthdays at the NEC in Birmingham, England in Dec. Am so excited even now!!

Maria Grazia
19-03-2012 - Firenze, Italy

Hello Maestro, I hope that his health problems have been resolved in the best way. In his guestbook I read that they invited you here in Italy for a concert at Villa Clerici in Milan ... Please welcome! How I wish I had the honor of attending a concert!
Estimated with affection. Greetings from Florence

Violet Kirkintilloch Scotland
19-03-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre My family & I hope you are feeling well & we send our love & best wishes to your family . Thank you for the nice gifts I received when I renewed my membership. Looking seeing you in Glasgow in December .Please look after your self x

Catherine Crapart
19-03-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Demain c'est le printemps, j'espère que vous allez de mieux en mieux, comme votre jardin doit être magnifique en cette saison. Hier je regardai le dvd ma vie ma musique qui est dans le livre album le Roi de la Valse, on peut voir votre orangerie où vous trouver votre sérénité parmi vos plantes, les oiseaux, les papillons et les poissons, cet endroit est d'un calme! de quoi se ressourcer, profitez en pour retrouver votre énergie, et oublier les tracas, en rêvant à toute cette beauté de la nature!

19-03-2012 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I am very happy to know that you are improving slowly but surely in health. I hope you will take as much time as you need to renew your vitality. Your schedule ahead is very heavy indeed and I wish it could be less strenuous for you. It is a big concern.
I hope you are enjoying quality time at home and just maybe, you are again composing some very beautiful music. My dream is that some day you will present us with a CD made up of only your own compositions! How wonderful that would be!
I hope and pray that your healing continues and we will all be waiting for you whenever that happens.
Much love.

mary riley 19-3-2012 merseyside
19-03-2012 - ,

Dearest Andre
My thoughts are with you constantly, you are taking so long to get better please,please take as long as you need to be completely 100% fit .Pierre says in his interview that you are worried about no money coming in and that you might have to dip into your reserves so what its only money you will soon make it up again.Forget everything and concentrate on getting well again,my heart goes out to marjorie as she must be permantly worried about you take care much love to you all look forward to seeing you in the very near future.Lots of love mary xxxxxxxxxx

Lynda from Motherwell
19-03-2012 - NORTH LANARKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I sincerely hope and pray that you are feeling better and getting plenty of rest while you can.

In case you are not aware you had FOUR albums in the top FIVE of Classic Fm's Sunday chart - 1,2,4 and 5!!!!! That's fantastic and good news for you and your talented orchestra.

Please take care and try not to get stressed, Andre.

If your fans could influence your health you would be on top form by now!

God bless



Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
19-03-2012 - ,

Dear Andre, I hope you are now feeling better, we miss you but we know everything will be fine once you are back on form. Your music has inspired all over the world, and over the years you have healed and helped countless people with your concerts and Dvd's etc. I have written you a poem which I have sent over to you, I do hope you receive it and that you like it. Keep strong Maestro you are greatly loved and that, along with the strength from your family will see you through. We love you Andre. Patricia

Lord and Lady Norrie (Annie McCaffry- writer)
19-03-2012 - Thornhill, United Kingdom

When you come to Glasgow, would you consider a concert in the barn at our private home which is large enough. We already have musical concerts ANN WALTZES which are huge fun. We are one and half hours from Glasgow, by Drumlanrig Castle on top of a hill. Music of all kinds are very much a part of our lives in South West Scotland. It would be a great pleasure and a priviledge to invite you. We also have a cello summer school here. We would be delighted to have you stay and have an evening of a few people if you prefer that or nothing at all - we have a good grand piano. We look forward to your reply.

Berthillet Michèle Mâcon ¨Saône & Loire Bourgogne France
19-03-2012 - Macon, France

Bonjour , cher André
vous nous manquer beaucoup , avec mon mari ont pense bien à vous , j'espère que votre santé s'améliore , André prenez le temps de vous reposez profitez de votre femme Marjorie , enfants et petits enfants ,le travail passe après , André ont vous aime beaucoup alors repos , dimanche j'ai regarder un de vos dvd j'adore votre musique , avec les cd je peux écouter sur mon ordinateur , j'aimerais aller à maastricht une année pour vous voir mais ?
je vous fais de gros bisous . Michèle de mâcon

19-03-2012 - Romford, United Kingdom

Hello Andre

I enjoyed watching Romance.


19-03-2012 - Nijmegen, Netherlands

Beste Andre, wat naar en triest voor je om weer overwerkt te zijn. De berichten hebben me aan het denken gezet. Een hele andere en mooie aanpak voor je herstel zou kunnen zijn om aan de slag te gaan met een combinatie van Emotioneel Lichaamswerk (ELW), Holistic Pulsing (HP), dieptemassage en ademen. Dat geeft een meer stabiele situatie en blijvend herstel. Wil je hier meer informatie over dan wil ik je graag met iemand in contact brengen die je hiermee kan helpen en die erg met je begaan is. Zie het als een mooie uitdaging om het nu echt anders te gaan doen!

19-03-2012 - Middelburg, South-Africa

André, I hope you will look after yourself and regain your health fully. I wonder if you remember my banner at Sun City; I will say it again: ANDRé IS DIE BESTE!!

Elizabeth - Argentinien
19-03-2012 - Hurlingham-abuenos Aires, Argentina

Liebster André,
besten Dank für deine Musik und deine Gesellschaft. Gott soll Dir Segen, Gesundheit und Freude gebe, als Dankeschön für die herrliche Minuten in denen deine Noten uns träumen lassen. Schwere Stunden habe ich, nur mit deinen Videos überwunden.

Vivienne Pratt
19-03-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you've had a peaceful weekend with your wonderful family. You work so hard and give so much of yourself and we love you for it, but right now you need some 'you' time. Although I missed your column in the latest Chapeau, it was so nice to see you mentioned in such 'glowing terms'. Looking back on 15years of Chapeau recalling the 2001 opening of your Sound Studio - the most modern in Europe! Also to read that just as you love Maastricht, so they are proud of their famous son and applaud you as a major factor in Maastricht's international reputation! Dear Maestro, you and your beautiful music heal the world but for now let that music take you on a magic carpet soaring through the skies and across the seas in peace and tranquillity. Keep strong. God bless. Love Viv XX

Gisela Barrios
18-03-2012 - Aguascalientes, Ags., Mexico

Hola André!! No vendrás este año a MÉXICO?? Recuerda que aquí te amamos. Tienes unos fans muy fieles. Por favor... inclúyenos en tu gira 2012!! Dios te bendiga!!

18-03-2012 - Bucarest, Romania

Cher André, je vous souhaite santé et de nouveau santé pour vite revenir parmi nous ! Votre publique souffre et vous lui manquez beaucoup. Nous attendons impatiemment le dvd de votre concert de Noël à Maastricht et non seulement.

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