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Janet Balodis, Sydney Australia.
29-05-2011 - SYDNEY, Australia

Andre' I am so pleased you have told Australia that "we'll meet again"Some day! We really are still all thinking about the fun we had at your concerts this year and every other year,Please come back to out shores and keep your beautiful music coming to us.Today I watched The Fairy Tail DVD again and still enjoyed it,Tomorrow it may be Wonderland and so on.Keep them coming.x I think my copy of Fiesta Mexican has arrived so have to collect tomorrow, looking forward to watching that one too.Cheers for now your loyal friend and Fan.x

Yetty and Peter Ardill, Lisarow, Australia.
29-05-2011 - OURIMBAH, Australia

We are still getting over your terrific Sydney Concert and your coup in getting The Seekers back on stage.

Now we are now looking forward to attending the Vrijhof Concert in Maastriccht on July 15th.
Yetty, my wife of 42years, is dutch and a Gold Member of your Club.
Keep up the good work in making people happy by playing music they enjoy.
See you in Maastricht.

Alberte Brault, Sherbrooke, Québec
29-05-2011 - Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada

Allô cher Ami,

Quelle merveilleuse journée ai-je passé hier! Permets-moi de le partager avec toi un peu puisque tu es concerné.

Premièrement j'ai reçu un cadeau souvenir comme "gold member" . Merci beaucoup je le porterai avec fierté. C'était une belle surprise!!! Très Très Contente.

J'ai aussi gagné le CD compétition. J'étais renversée, moi qui a tout tes produits CD et DVD, je n'aurais pas pu m'en passer. Il a joué plusieurs fois, vraiment impossible de se fatiguer avec de la si belle musique et un si beau son. J'en suis profondément touchée. Merci un million de fois. Avec internet j'ai pu acheter 4 vinyls que tu as fait. Il faut les entendre pour s'apercevoir à quel point tu n'as pas changé, c'est à dire que tu as la même fougue, et le même enthousiasme et cette sensibilité légendaire qui me rejoint jusqu'au fond du coeur. J'ai toujours aimé la musique mais te connaitre c'est d'avoir gagné le gros lot. Merci André pour tout ce que tu fais pour nous, sache que tu habites dans mon coeur pour la vie. Je suis impressionnée de voir à quel point TU PENSES À DONNER Si tu savais combien ça ne touche, j'en suis émue crois-moi.

Et pour finir j'ai reçu le DVD FIESTA MEXICAINE je n'ai pas terminé de le visonner encore mais il est pétillant comme les autres. Merci André pour ce que tu ES.
Attention au surmenage...... c'est parce que je t'aime.....

Au plaisir de te revoir en novembre à Montréal.


Tessa Windsor UK
28-05-2011 - Windsor, Berks, United Kingdom

When was the interview with Andre and his son...I cant believe I missed it. (World Keeps turning)
I too received my lovely Gold members special badge; thankyou very much. Have you any plans in pipeline for returning to the UK?
Enjoy a well-earned rest with your family and grandchildren.
Lots of love to you,Andre and family.

28-05-2011 - Köln, Germany

Hallo André meine Oma ist ein RIESEN GROßER Fan von Ihnen geht wirklich auf jedes Konzert in Köln von ihnen und kuckt sich alles an von ihnen und kauft wirklich jede einzelne CD von ihnen :) da ich oft auf den Konzerten von ihnen mit bin wollte ich ihnen sagen wie Wunderschön Ihre Musik ist :) ?? Grüße aus Köln ;D

Christine Dawson
28-05-2011 - Chorley, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
A Big Congratulations on your Brit award........ I have received your suprise today and will wear it with pride Thank you
Best wishes to you all xx

NameChristine Dawson.
28-05-2011 - Chorley, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I would just like to Thank you for the wonderful concert in Manchester in April, I throughly enjoyed ever minute.
I am pleased also that I was a lucky winner of the competition for your Die Schonsten Walzer Von Album ! The young boy I care for with Autisim is thrilled with it as am I.
I hope to be able to travel one day to your home town to enjoy a concert there , this is my dream. Until then I wish you and JSO all the best wishes. I will be looking out for more concerts in the UK . Love to you all

Gianni Dardino
28-05-2011 - SAINT-BRUNO, Canada

Good morning Mr. André Rieu,

first I like to thank you for the beautiful music that You play for us, and what about your DVD Romantic Paradise, magnifico !

I have a request if You allowed me, before i became crazy trying to find the author of one of your pieces.
In the CD 'Dreaming' You play a very romantic piece : Incanto.
Can You, please, be so kind, to tell mi who wrote the music ?
Thank You very much

Hoping to see You in Montreal I wish You and your family a beautiful day.

Kitty van der Westen, Denemarken
28-05-2011 - Svinninge, Denmark

Hallo Andre,
Heerlijk dat ja naar Denemarken komt, Daar heb ik al zolang op gehoopt. Ik heb het je ook een keer gevraagd op het gastenboek. Maar nu kom je dus echt, en ik heb kaartjes bestelt.

Ik ben een nederlander die hier in Denemarken woont,en ik kom met een andrer nederlander naar je koncert. Ik kan eigenlijk niet meer wachten.

Dit is voor mij de eerste keer dat ik je ga meemaken, en ik kijk er ontzettend naar uit!!!! Je kon trouwens niet op een beter tijdstip komen!! Ik zit midden in een scheiding, en ik probeer een beetje uit die put te kruipen ( Ga wel lukken,hoor :-)) dus dat jij nu hier naar toe komt heeft een flinke zet in de positieve richting gemaakt voor mij. Dank je wel daarvoor en tot ziens in februarie!!!

nilsa messner - nilsinha- Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
28-05-2011 - Vista alegre, Brasil

Ao maestro André rieu.
O mais charmoso dos maestro.
Você é o simbolo da belesa da 3 idade.
Você é uma jóia presiosa.
você é um astro que blilha neste planeta
A música clássica e de elite.
A sua música são divinas muito lindas é gostosa de ouvir .
eu curto muito vc e esta linda jso.
Vocês são maravilhosos, eu amo.,vcs
Quero lhe dizer que todos os dias eu tenho de ouvir ou de ver dvd antes de sair para o meu trabalho,que Deus lhe proteja a vc e a jso.bjs para todos da família Rieu

Franklin Schutz. Skipton, UK
28-05-2011 - Skipton, United Kingdom

Andre Rieu as Peace ambassador of North and South Korea ( TV Nederland 3 on 26/05/2011 : De Wereld draait door ). This would be unique. Music would then be more powerful than politics. Now we are talking !!!!!

Margaret Jones Cheshire England.
28-05-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena Manchester. Today the sunshines in England I hope it does also in Maastricht and that you are enjoying your free time and being an 'ordinary man' though a man who is such a great musicial genius as you, can never really be called 'ordinary'. I am enjoying the music of the CD Moonlight Serenade at the moment while I play 'chef' in my kitchen, the music is so beautiful and joyous in parts, I become a'singing and dancing chef'. You and your music lifts my spirits so greatly and makes me feel so happy. I'm also excited as I travel in a few days to my second home in Belgium for a couple of weeks and take a trip to Maastricht for a couple of days where I know I shall see you out and about in the town,but I never intrude as I know how important it is for you to enjoy your private time in your own way. Have a lovely day,keep the wonderful music coming to our hearts and minds, theses special experiences make life worth living each day. Take care of yourself. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Jan Melbourne Victoria,
28-05-2011 - 3039, Australia

Dear Andre,

Just watching your latest DVD Fiesta Mexicana.
Having just listerned to Kimmi ( The Black Diamond ) sing
AVE MARIA. I am wondering if we could possibly see on a nother DVD this song performed along with another really nice one called The Nuns Chorus. Would really love it if Carmen Monarcha or Kimmie could sing it .
Just love your DVDS, & look forward to your next one

28-05-2011 - Templestowe, Australia

Watched Mexicana concert last evening. WOW! Loved it. The joy & excitement of the audience was palpable. La Paloma & Cielito Lindo were the first songs I was given to play when I began classical guitar lessons as a child - great memories. Can't wait until next year for Brazil & the tangoes.

jose gilberto
28-05-2011 - Merida, Mexico

hola maestro andré rieu, saludos desde mérida, yucatán, méxico.

admiro mucho su talento y su dedicacion a la musica, a mi me gusta tocar la guitarra y los teclados.

espero que algun dia nos visite, sera bien recibido.

mucho exito a usted y a su extraodianaria orquesta

saludos cordiales

nilsinha -Rio de Janeiro- Brasil
28-05-2011 - Vista alegre, Brasil

Querido André rieu &jso;André a minha família te adora tenho 3netos, FelipeFabiane,Ruam,eles já aprecia a suas lindas música.
eles são crianças mais já sabe escolher a boa música.
André você consegue conquista as criança e jovem.
Parabéns vc comquistou o mundo.
Se todos fosse iguais a você seria uma maravilha.
André você vai fazer show só em São Paulo e nos do Rio de janeiro estamos contando com vc e jso ok seja breve em 2012 o Rio de Janeiro lhe agradece bj no seu coração.

Marilene F. Vieira
27-05-2011 - Joinville Santa Catarina, Brasil

Oi André e sua maravilhosa orquestra!
Aqui estou eu novamente, agora para dizer que não esqueça de colocar na sua lista das turnês pelo Brasil, o nosso Estado - Santa Catarina - que fica no sul do país, tendo a capital Florianópolis, uma ilha linda com belas praias ao seu redor; também coloque Curitiba a capital do estado do Paraná que fica próximo de Joinville (nossa cidade).
Você e sua orquestra nos levam junto, onde quer que voces estejam, porque é simplesmente fantástico, maravilhoso, lindo, encantador ouvi-los!!!
beijos em cada um de todos voces!!!!

Magrit Vahldick
27-05-2011 - ,

Minha família inteira agurda com muita ansiedade o sua apresentação aqui no Brasil.
Saudaçòes Família Vahldick

martin jeanine.
27-05-2011 - ,

cher piere ,je viens de regarde un d v d avec different reportages .je suis tres emue de votre attachement a votre merveilleux pere,je vous comprent , car il est unique vous pouvez etre fiere les un s des autres;vous ete une famille uniques je suis tres fiere de vous connetre,et heureuses.quand andre etais malade cela m'a fait beaucoup de peine a la maison nous avons tous prier pour vous tous,que deviendrions nous sans lui, je n'ose meme pas y pensee cela est trop vous demande de lui dire notre affection et notre attachement a vous tous.que dieu vous protege.tendrement votre, jannine.

Edson Caressato - Blumenau-SC
27-05-2011 - Gaspar-Santa Catarina, Brasil

André Rieu,

Ficamos felizes ao receber a confirmação que dentro de um ano estará realizando sua turnê no Brasil.
Esperamos que o Sul do Brasil, Santa catarina possa ser contemplada com seu espetáculo.

Vamos acompanhar as datas que serão divulgadas e locais para os espetáculos da Orquestra Strauss.


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