14-02-2015 - London, United Kingdom

dearest andre.
what a lovely gift for Marjorie 40years .My remberance of valentines day is not a romantic one it was the day i lost my hubby bought me 1dozen red roses like you he is a very caring and romantic man enjoy your loving weekend together.hope your uk dates are out soon love to you all and a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.GOD BLESS YOU ALL XXXXXX

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
14-02-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre, even though it's cold an grey the garden is alive with busy birds an 2 squirrels chasing each other up an down the trees, what joy an sunshine they give to the life of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas. The heavens seem to sparkle with a million stars as the wonderously loving an romantic music from your Dreaming Cd plays, a tribute to lovers round the world on this special day, so many pieces staggeringly beautiful - The Gadfly, Morning, Aimer - I'm breathless with the feeling an emotion you create with your violin, tears of wonder that one man can be so exceptionally talented, able to convey through 4 strings the meaning of each note an give such pleasure. My Your Special. Have a lovely weekend with your beloved family. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

rapin caen
14-02-2015 - CAEN, France

bonjour maestro et grand merci a vous , une tres belle st valentin a vous et marjorie , restez comme vous etes simple , naturel et agreable avec votre public: nous apprecions votre generosite lorsque nous sommes chez vous a maastricht , esperant vous voir en juillet je vous souhaite de bons concerts pour moi un rendez est deja pris paris , alors a bientot maestro!!!!! votre dernier dvd est de toute beaute!!!!!!!!!!merci!!!!! bisous de normandie!!!! martine rapin

Enid Y Russell. Cooma.NSW.Australia
14-02-2015 - Cooma, Australia

Hi Andre and Marjorie

What a romantic you are after 40 years, lucky Marjorie, 40 years of love, happiness and success.

Thankyou for sharing it with all your fans who love and admire everything aboutyou - not only for your musical achievements, but for the stable, loving family you have - everyone's dream!!!

Please come back to Australia soon

love as always

Catherine Crapart
14-02-2015 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je vous souhaite une JOYEUSE ST VALENTIN !
Marjorie sera gâtée 40 roses rouges et un gros coeur en chocolat , pour la ST Valentin, elle le mérite!
Beaucoup de bonheur à tous les deux!

Donna L Smith, DuPont WA, Pacific Northwest
14-02-2015 - Du Pont, United States

Congratulations Marjorie and Andre, on your 40th engagement year. I just saw the beautiful bouquet of
red roses. Much love to you both, and, forever much
happiness with your awesome orchestra. You have
given the greatest gift to the world!
I have 5 of yourDVD's, and purchased Love in Venice with my recentmembership in October. I have so much more to purchase,before I have the entire collection. Will see the orchestra again in the Pacific Northwest, I hope, before long. Marjorie, do not let Andre take all the credit, so much
belongs to you, and family, and members of the orchestra, and always will!
Valentine's EVE, 2015

14-02-2015 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France

Merci Cher Androu de penser à nous tous.

En ce beau jour d'AMOUR, je te souhaite ainsi qu'à Marjorie, une douce et agréable journée, en vous souhaitant à nouveau 40 années de Partage et de Bonheur.

(J'aurais tant aimé pouvoir envoyé un joli Coeur à mon
Cher Epoux, hélas décédé trop tôt,cela me fait mal)

Des Grosses Bises pour vous deux, soyez unis et heureux pour de longues années encore.


14-02-2015 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
Thank you so much for the mini-video with your good wishes for Valentine's Day!
Congratulations to you and your wonderful Marjorie on the 40th. Anniversary of your engagement! A great cause to celebrate your love and to look back on such a lovely life together. The 40 roses couldn't be more beautiful! Have a very joyous weekend together.
As always, thank you so much for all your beautiful music and for all the joy and comfort it brings.
Much love and best wishes to you and Marjorie.

Retha van Dyk, South Africa
13-02-2015 - Port Elizabeth, South-Africa

A Big Thank you goes to you Andrè and your orchestra for bringing the world beautiful music. I hope to go to your next concerts in South Africa. When would you visit our beautiful country again?

John & Fern Blackler-Oliver
13-02-2015 - Timaru, New Zealand

Hi Andre
We booked a river cuise from Zurich to Amsterdam in July this year, arriving on the 12 July. Shortly after booking we received an email advising that you where doing a concert in Maasrtich that night. As we both love your music and DVDs we immediately decided to extend our tour and booked seats for your concert, traveling by train. We are really looking forward to your event as it will be a major highlight for us on our European tour from New Zealand. As a extra special occasion it is also my wife's birthday on the 11 July so it will be a lovely birthday present for her. Looking forward to the show.

Virginia in Virginia USA
13-02-2015 - Chester, United States

Thank you for the beautiful valentine card. I wish you and Marjorie a Happy Anniversary. 40 years is quite a goal. My husband Charles & I have had 60 years together. I know Marjorie does not want pictures, etc, but I would surely love to see the two of you together in a picture. What a joy for real music you both have spread into this world of chaos. I just cannot get enough of your music. Just wish I could see one of your concerts in person. God Bless

Andrew on behalf of Judy
13-02-2015 - Littlehampton, United Kingdom

Good evening

Mum is making really good progress since her having her Stroke. Still in hospital but looking forward to coming home to watch some concerts on TV in her own living room. I printed off a photo of you and took it in to hospital to show her. It really cheered her up.

Thank you

Gill Wilton Northamptonshire UK
13-02-2015 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I hope you and Marjorie have a lovely romantic weekend for valentine.
I'm so looking forward to Maastricht the wonder of your hometown it's such a beautiful place
Love to you and Marjorie
Gill xx

Pam Gill
13-02-2015 - Leicestershire, United Kingdom

just listening to the ein strauss festival cd its an oldie but a goody just like you are Andre ha hah anyway theres a track on it Feuerfest which is a brillliant catchy tune that would be good at Maastrict you can hear the glasses chinking!

Oh now were on the train racing along with Perpetuum Mobile another catchy tune!

Your great to spend a rainy afternoon with in the UK!

andree d'uccle belgique
13-02-2015 - Uccle, Belgium

bonjour prince de mon cœur je vous souhaite a vous et a Marjorie une bonne fete de saint valentin vous etes un couple qui respire le bonheur ca fait plaisir a voir je vous souhaite a tout les deux encore des dizaines d'annees de bonheur dommage que je n'ai pas de photos de Marjorie je termine en vous envoyant mes plus tendres baisers

Vivienne Pratt
13-02-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dearest Andre,
I can imagine that all over the World your beautiful CDs and DVDs will be being bought and played to celebrate the weekend 'day of Love', St Valentine’s Day. Speaking for myself I'm spoilt for choice so I'll celebrate with more than one! SONGS FROM MY HEART, ROMANCE, AIMER, DREAMING, WALZERTRAUM, ROMANTIC PARADISE to name but a few. LOVE SONGS I think will be first. Beautiful melodies performed by you, the most sensitive and loving musician on the Planet: Love theme from Romeo and Juliet, Serenata, Song to the Moon, Ballade, Love Theme from Godfather, I Love You and one of your finest most lovingly played pieces Romance Anonyme, which always reduces me to tears. I hope you and your beloved Marjorie have a wonderful loving weekend. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
13-02-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's cold but much brighter skies, the Rooks are busy making their nests, beautiful Spring isn't far away. Once again'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas spent the evening wrapped in Glorious Andre Music, totally overwhelmed by your utterly BRILLIANT In Love With Maastricht Cd you chose the tracker very carefully Andre, everyone shows to the full the staggeringly enormous talents possessed by your wonderful Orkest an Singers.The greatest Orchestras in the world an the finest singers could not better the music on these tracks, you'r totally Supreme above all others, you have that very great quality lacking in others, you inject life, feeling an soul into every note the sounds created are just STUPENDOUS. Another special day - Wow. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

bliquy danielle
13-02-2015 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou carnavalesque vers vous prince des coeurs qui dans le coeur de toutes vos fans les pensées s'y blottiront pour ce 14 février, vous êtes NOTRE FAVORI !!! puissiez-vous passer de bons moments auprès de votre aimée et de vos trésors ! pour Lille l'impatience est au rendez-vous mais quelle récompense que celle de vous revoir à nouveau et de vous y applaudir, vos cht'is titillent de vivre ces moments d'exceptions ! je vous souhaite ainsi qu'à tout votre orchestre et mes amies un excellent wk, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Gloria Vento Martel
12-02-2015 - Marbella, Spain

Esta tarde he recibido el libro de fotos My Dream comes true y el pin, muchas gracias, me gustas mucho, estoy encantada y crece mi admiración y mi afecto por Andrés y su orquesta. También quiero manifestar mi admiración por su hijo Pierre que construyó la réplica de ese fabuloso castillo. Enhorabuena!
Gracias Andrés por endulzar mi vida con su preciosa Música!

Anneke Cape Town South Africa
12-02-2015 - 7200, South-Africa

Dear Andre Marjorie and the JSO Hope your tour is successful so far as usual? Congratulations Andre with the Carnival Award you received on the 5th. Surely well deserved. I'm watching your calender everyday to see if South Africa appear somewhere???? Please Andre we would love to have you back here sometime Please??

Best Wishes to you all

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