Dorothy Canton, Ohio
21-06-2016 - Canton, United States

Dear Maestro, Received my 46th. DVD [Welcome to my World] yesterday and can't wait to play it tonight after my daily chores. I love reading all the accolades of your concert from all the great cities you and JHO attend. Also the beautiful scenes of places, I remember reading about in school so many years ago. Always checking daily to see and hoping we will have you and JHO visiting somewhere in Ohio or Pennsylvania. Always in my prayers, God Bless you and your families, the members of your troupe and their families.

Maire Lewis, Cardigan, West Wales
21-06-2016 - Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Hello from Wales!
Great news about the extra Wembley concert but what about Wales. You did promise to see us in Cardiff as your parting shot in Birmingham last year............we are such a musical country with reknowned male voice choirs, brass bands, harpists and Katherine Jenkins - please please could you do a concert here?

solveig skovdal.
21-06-2016 - København , Denmark

Beste André!
Ik heb het genoegen om hier in Denemarken te zien (Forum woont) 2 keer gehad.
Beide keren, is een genoegen geweest. We kijken uit naar de volgende keer.
Met vriendelijke groet. Solveig Skovdal. Denemarken.

Margaret Crowther, Cheadle Hulme, England
21-06-2016 - Cheadle, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, you have played 'In a Persian Market' by Arthur Ketelby, but have you considered any of his other pieces? 'Bells Across the Meadow' is a beautiful piece which, like 'Intermezzo sinfonica' always makes me cry. It would fit into your repertoire very well, so please consider it, I would love to hear you play it.

21-06-2016 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I am so pleasedto see that Mirusia will be joing you on you tour of the UK in December this year it will be a special treat to see her perform with you and the JSO once again. I guess that are busy with rehearsals for Maastricht concerts at the moment I wish you every sucess and hope the weather is kind for your concerts. Is there any chance that you will be making a DVD of your December concerts it would be great to have a new Christmas DVD to watch.
As always I wish you, your family, the JSO and all in Maastricht all of my best wishes

Adolfo Gordon
21-06-2016 - Berwick, Australia

Hello Andre
I will be going for second time to your concert in Melbourne.
I'm from Venezuela and I will like if you make a CD with Latin American songs and from Venezuela you could play: Caballo Viejo, or Moliendo Cafe, or Alma LLanera or Concierto en la LLanura!!!!
Waiting for Maastricht on cinemas!!!!

Vivienne Pratt
21-06-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
What a totally wonderful week for Friends of Andre Rieu! Sunday we saw your very beautiful rendition of AMORE on UK TV recorded at the London Palladium: not only was the music exquisite, you were at your sparkling mischievous humorous best Andre! I read the totally captivating Father's Day interview with you and Pierre. Also, 'joy of joys, this whole week L1 Dutch TV is dedicated to your handsome self! La Vie Est Belle definitely in the 'World of Andre Rieu'! Speaking of your World I watched the totally hypnotic TV Show from WELCOME TO MY WORLD Andre. I loved touring your oh so romantic Castle De Torentjes and seeing Ivo Niehe speak with you about your life of music. Total Magic Andre! Thank with all my heart. Happy Day! God bless and love and respect always Viv xx

Catherine Crapart
21-06-2016 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
j'ai bien aimé votre DVD "welcome in my world", il est très intéressant,passionnant, et de plus j'étais contente de le recevoir dédicacé!
en ce moment vous devez préparer les répétitions pour les concerts de Maastricht avec le JSO!
Je suis sûre qu'il doit régner une bonne ambiance car vous êtes une grande famille musicale, et c'est formidable d'exercer ce métier qui vous fait voyager à travers le monde et donner du bonheur à tous! par votre sublime musique!!
Bonne musique à tous!
Bisous .

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
21-06-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre we have sunshine at last, a garden full of happy chattering birds chasing Squirrels an colourful flowers open an smiling. This will be a good day an with your beautiful music it soon becomes terrific how the spirits of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' st Many Arenas rise as I listen to the magnificent music of a great favourite your In Love With Maastricht Cd, what joy of heart an energy it gives, my smiles get larger an larger. I take a moment thinking of you an Marjorie deep in preparation working closely together for your coming home Concerts.You'll both have brilliant visions of how to 'Dress' the Square selecting the most brilliant music to delight the public an show the world what enormously talented musicians an singers you all are. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

bliquy danielle
21-06-2016 - Saint saulve, France

en ce 21 juin, à tous à tous les musiciens et à vous GRAND MAESTRO une bonne fête, une bonne écoute à toutes vos fans, que vos votes viennent caresser mes oreilles et dans mon antre virevolter pour m'envahir de grande joie à ne plus en finir QUE LA MUSIQUE COMMENCE tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

bliquy danielle
20-06-2016 - Saint saulve, France

belle ouverture de semaine pour vous prince adoré et beaucoup de travail pour embellir LA PLACE DU BONHEUR ville festive qui recevra vos fans du monde entier grâce à votre présence, vous maestro que toutes et tous idolâtrons, vous êtes et resterez le plus merveilleux de ce monde, vous offrez tant, votre objectif, donner du bonheur, de la joie, nous laisser tant de beaux souvenirs, soyez sûr que les miens ne cessent de vivre, c'est tellement merveilleux que de vivre des heures en votre compagnie ! gros calinous à Mik et toutes mes félicitations à Marcel, mes pensées ne vous quittent pas, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Vivienne Pratt
20-06-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Belated Happy Vaderdag to you all!
GEFELICITEERD too to dear Marcel who had a ‘special present’: a new Grandchild! Dear Andre I cannot thank you and Pierre enough for sharing your unique special relationship with the World in your frank Vaderdag interview which I read yesterday with great interest, laughter and some tears. It was so touching to read of Pierre’s beginnings as ‘the Leader’ of the Crew. I also felt a huge ‘tug at my heartstrings’ imagining you and Marjorie watching your fledgling take flight into the World of Men and Business knowing what he faced, but only able to support him and love him in his quest for manhood. I also loved your stories about ‘your girls’ who have captured your heart so completely! Thank you Andre. With love and respect always Viv xx

Rose G
20-06-2016 - London, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre.
it will soon be time to be in your lovely hometown once again I'm sure the weather will improve .Hope you had a restful weekend and taking rest when you fan this will be our 5th time to your hometown concertsbut our daughters 1st although she has seen you many times in Liverpool where she lives and we are sure she will enjoy every moment .Look after yourself you very special man and see you soon in Masstricht Love and respect always from your no1 fansxxxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
20-06-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's pouring with rain, so much the birds an flowers an along with myself crave the sunshine although, due to too many 'Bubbles' yesterday 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas sits quietly taking her tea surrounded by a warm golden glow of happiness coming from the Stunning Music on your enchanting Dreaming Cd your enormous skills as a musician show through clearly as each piece is so expressive renewing ones love of life, giving that Special Zing to the heart that only you Andre have the ability to create - You're Totally WONDERFUL. My friends an other visitors thought you an your music fantastic as it lifted the spirit of the charity party with lots of fun, singing and dancing an we raised £2,500 towards the research fund. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
19-06-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre cold and windy the pretty birds an colourful flowers bring the brightness an Andres Glorious Music adds the sunshine an 'The Lady in the Red a jacket' at Many Arenas can't resist playing your Magic of The Waltz Cd it's just MAGNIFICENT, so vibrant an exciting it gives great life to the heart an spirit.I take it with me today along with a few others as I go for lunch with friends to a large Country House supporting a Charity event for Breast Cancer. I know afterwards we are to have a small Andre Party in the evening at a friends house with Hapjes, 'Bubbkes' an of course Wonderful Andre Music so we can dance have fun an as always celebrate the life of a Brilliant Musician an Composer that brings untold joy to thousands, our beloved Andre.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

19-06-2016 - Miami, United States

Saludos desde Uruguay

Luis Enrique
18-06-2016 - Caballito, Argentina

Estimado Andre, estoy esperando ansioso su visita a Argentina para poder ver el espectacular show que no me canso de ver en videos. Soy un apasionado de la música. Gracias por tanta magia!

Pat & Bill Meechan, Larbert, Scotland
18-06-2016 - STIRLINGSHIRE, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Just a wee reminder that we will be at your concert in Maastricht on Friday 8th July 2016 to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, and if possible would you play Ode to Joy( All men shall be equal ) Then we go to the Vue cinema In Stirling to see your concert on Saturday 23rd July2016 prior to attending your concert in Glasgow on Friday 23rd December 2016. We are sure that we will once again enjoy ourselves watching you, your orchestra and guest performers in action.

Diana New Zealand
18-06-2016 - Feilding, New Zealand

Hello Andre

We would love to see you in New Zealand.. the closest you have got to us is Australia and Melbourne.. So please come to us.. we dont bite! not like the Australians do (excuse pun).

I live in the Manawatu (Feilding to be honest) near Palmerston North and so many times we see big concerts go only to main city centres.. and they forget the provincial areas .. yet you would have so many come to Palmerston north for many places around our area.. you would draw the crowds from everywhere.. I would even be available to help organise your concert here.. I also play many instruments and would be honoured to have the oportunity to play in your orchestra

SO please will you consider us soon thanks

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
18-06-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre another grey day reflecting the mood of the world at the moment, the recovery rests with Great Musicians like you Andre who have a very Special Gift that can bring peace, love an great happiness to the hearts of people if they embrace an listen to what you an your fantastic Orkest play.Piece after piece brings tranquility then wonder then smiles, spirits are uplifted the joy of Glorious Music enters the heart radiating through the whole body, one wants to sing, dance an share this Magical creation of excitement an love of life that this Fantastic Musician Andre Rieu is creating in front of them with a Violin. 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas feels this always an tells everyone she meets of Andres Brilliant an life changing Music.Lots of Lady Margaret.

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