Catherine Crapart
12-10-2015 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour vos photos et commentaires de vos concerts à Guadalajara et Monterrey, profitez de ces 2 jours pour visiter et vous faire plaisir!
Bonnes visites à tous!

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
12-10-2015 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Loved all the photos from Mexico, everyone looks so happy to see you back in their country. Listening to some of the tracks from the new CD Roman Holiday and I was so thrilled to see that you have included Gabriels Oboe, it is such an emotional piece of music and who better to bring every drop of emotion out of the notes than you and the JSO. I wish you safe travels and lots of joy with your current concerts in Mexico, and it won't be long until we are welcoming you with open arms back to the UK - the best Christmas present anyone could have. Thank you for the music, the concerts, thank you for everything. Patricia

Sary Tita Solorzano
12-10-2015 - Guadalajara JAlisco, Mexico

My name Hello Andre is Sara Solorzano I am an artist , teacher a little bit , my friend , I admired your work I really like though not reaching tickets here in my city Guadalajara México , I bought several CDs for your work , I hope you fill blessings, here you have a friend who asks for you and all who work for you , thank you and thank you here always tell me i love them Sary Tita Solorzano

Eliana Arre, Santiago, Chile
11-10-2015 - La Reina, Santiago, Chile

Dear Andre
At home watching your DVD Andre Rieu Happy Birthday, 25 years of JSO.....marvellous.....your music, your charming, the whole concert is a big company in this Sunday 's evening.
At this moment you are in México, good luck and good concerts as always.
Love and thanks for the music

Maureen Higham Cheshire England
11-10-2015 - WA7 2GG, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
i went to the Ziggodome in Ansterdam last november as a surprise birthday present from my children i was looking to the stage when the music started and was wondering why the people in front of me were looking my way, iturned around to and if i'd have reached out i would have been able to touch you i was so surprised i forgot to take a photo i was sitting a bit far back so i just took photos from there. but next year i'm coming to Maastricht and i've been able to get a seat in section A row 5 and i'm so excited thank you and the wonderful JSO for the beautiful music xxxx

maureen fremantle sctland
11-10-2015 - Dalbeattie, United Kingdom

dear andre ihave just seen you tube with with marusias wedding and your handsome self giving her away please give her my friend and I 2 old teenagers all the happinesss in the world we will be in masstrcht on july 8th 2016 our 3rd year we love your muic and your the the best and jso frm Maureen xx

Jaime Triay Campomar
11-10-2015 - Can Picafort, Spain

Hola André, para su información decirle que me paso bastante tiempo escuchando su ,fantástica música y darle las gracias por haber despierto en mi nieto JAN, la afición por la música.Mi nieto, JAN, (3 años) supongo que debe de ser uno de sus Fans mas jóvenes que tiene. No pasa semana que no me pida escuchar el violín y su música. Espero poder llevarlo,el próximo año , a Mastrich para escucharle en directo.Muchas gracias y un saludo.Jaime

Sylvia Bazell
11-10-2015 - Exmouth Devon, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
In August my husband and I visited Maastricht. I haven't been so excited to see a place since I was a child. I stood in the famous square and as the sun blazed down , for a photo I stretched out my arms with joy, I was in Maastricht, special because as one of the cafe waitresses told me,because of you.Next July we will be attending our first live concert. I am ecstatic. Andre, you've said the second waltz has a special place in your is my favourite. Please include it in your Maastricht programme.
Sincerely, Sylvia.

Jenny Jazwinski
11-10-2015 - Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Jenny Yorkshire United Kingdom 11 10 2015 Dear Andre Thank you for the Gold Member present will wear i the lovely Scarfe at your Manchester Concert in December Take Care And God Bless

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
11-10-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre cold an cloudy but the sun is slowly breaking over the mountains an 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas sits wrapped in blankets on the terrace with her friend listening to wonderful music from Romantic Paradise, an idyllic an perfect way to start our day. This will be followed by lively music from your Rieu Royale Cd as we busily prepare to receive guests. Yesterday as I drove through the hills an mountains ablaze with the colours of Autumn over an over I played your brilliant Magic of the Violin Cd as you combined to perfection the deep joy of music an the wonders of life, all we need is Marc's brilliance to capture those glorious moments on canvas. Thanks for the lovely photos of your first very successful Mexican Concert. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Johann Rojas Herrera
11-10-2015 - Cundinamarca, Colombia

Hello Andre, i don´t want to bother you but want to insist with something until the day has been fulfilled: When in Colombia, South America ?. I know it´s difficult but one of my dreams is to go with my mother to one of your concerts someday.

Thanks for giving us the possibility of feeling this wonderful music in another way. Thanks Sr. !!!

Sue Atyeo , Weymouth, Dorset.
11-10-2015 - Weymouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
My dear friend Andy has asked me to send you a message to thank you for your beautiful music, and this is the reason why. Last week he suffered a stroke, and whilst he was in hospital, he had to have a scan of his brain. He hated the ordeal of being inside that awful machine. But suddenly some wonderful music came on that changed his mood completely.
When he asked the nurse what the music was, she replied "Andre Rieu"
Say no more !!!!
Thank you from Andy

10-10-2015 - Fossombrone, Italy

marco pesaro italia
buonasera maestro so che lei parla anche italiano
volevo la sua attenzione su una canzone del 1973 bellisima ma con il suo tocco diventerà stupenda si chiama --ultima neve a primavera--di Franco Micalizzi. Se l'ascolterà capirebbe che è veramente bella.In italia non venite ma io vi seguo x internet siete fantastici

10-10-2015 - South Windham , United States

Dear Andre:
I just saw the video of Mirusia's wedding. So lovely.
And so nice of you to share it with us. Thank you for that. Not only your talent, and your music , but the kind thoughtful person you are, is what makes your fan love you, including me.
Best to you, your family and your orchestra.

William T. Bryant
10-10-2015 - Arlington, United States

Your music and that of your orchestra is of a quality that I highly appreciate.

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
10-10-2015 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I have just listened to a short preview of your new CD Roman Holiday and it has already had me in tears.The quality of the music knows no bounds,it really is beautiful,and I know it will be top of the charts as soon as it is released.Thankyou again for the pleasure you give, through your exquisite interpretation of the pieces you choose for your CD's.
I hope you are enjoying your time in Mexico,even taking a little time out for yourself,amidst the concerts for your happy mexican fans.
Safe travelling.Love from Elaine

Susanne Koller, Winterthur, Schweiz
10-10-2015 - Winterthur, Switzerland

Lieber André ich möchte mich einmal recht herzlich bedanken, dass ich als Goldmitglied jedes Jahr so fantastische Geschenke erhalte. Ich habe grosse Freude daran. Auch Ihre wunderschönen Musik-CD'S höre ich jeden Tag. Sie sind ein ausser gewöhnlicher Musiker, den es nie mehr in der Weise geben wird. Auch dafür ein herzliches Dankeschön. Ich hoffe sehr, dass Sie wieder in die Schweiz kommen. Ich wünsche Ihnen und Ihrem wunderbaren Orchester weiterhin alles Gute, viel Freude bei Ihren Konzerten, viel Erfolg und gute Gesundheit.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
10-10-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre a cold- 3c- but beautiful Autumn morning, dew laden spiders webs, a host of pretty chatting birds with a careful eye as the Sparrow Hawk calls from nearby. As the mist slowly settles on the fields 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas takes tea while the sensational pieces of music from your Dreaming Cd bring tears to my eyes, somehow your superb playing expresses the magic of the day, a golden warmth of enchantment seems to settle over all, no music is ever as good as yours Andre, your Violin gives new meaning to life that one can only feel, never express. Many thanks to the members of your Orkest that have given us wonderful photos of Mexico you'r all a joy to see. Now with your Glorious Music playing I must drive to my friends. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Alvaro R. Dardón
10-10-2015 - Don Justo, Guatemala

Admiro y disfruto sus presentaciones, espero que algún día se pueda presentar con su orquesta en mi pais, Guatemla.
Les deseo mucho éxito en las presentaciones que restan del
año y muy especialmente las que en estos días están teneido en Mexico.

Sueño con un día escuchar alguna melodía Guatemalteca con su gran oruqesta.

marinela parvan
10-10-2015 - Simeria, Romania

Thank you,Maestro..!!! God bless you ,forever with all your family and..orchestra..!!! Amen..!!!

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