Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
19-10-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre, so bright an sunny an wrapped in a woollen cape 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas sits on her terrace surrounded by chattering feeding birds, taking her tea with your stunning Dreaming Cd playing in the background, just BEAUTIFUl, no better way to start a day, uplifted by the perfection of glorious music from the violin, played by an extremely talented man. My mind drifts an wanders to past Andre Concerts, stunning backdrops, breathtaking graphics, an Orkest an Choir so beautiful, an above all producing sensational music led by The Grand Master of this Art our beloved Andre, a magical experience of awesome breathless wonder. Alrerady in your head you prepare these great delights for us in the coming months - WOW, WOW, WOW. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Ken Roberts
19-10-2014 - Tamarac, United States

I fell in love with your beautifull music when i saw you in Florida, i watch your videos over and over, love seeing Stephenie on piano, she seem so quiet and relax, can't wait until your return to south florida,

bliquy danielle
18-10-2014 - Saint saulve, France

quelle immense joie de vivre votre JUBILE sur une chaîne belge, un moment à me redonner des frissons, c'était comme si je revivais à nouveau votre décennie sur le Vrijthof, je dois dire, bravo et encore bravo, étant sous titré en français certaines de vos phrases m'ont énormément touchées, quelle magie à Maastricht, un été en effervescence ! j'ai adoré vous voir valser avec votre plus ancienne de vos fans, bon j'ai compris je dois attendre mes cent ans, on y arrivera puisque vous nous avez promis encore 50 ans sur notre place du bonheur, votre musique n'a pas de frontière puisqu'elle réunit un monde entier, vous êtes merveilleux, merci de votre cht'ite Danielle

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
18-10-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre on a grey yet beautiful day full of many Autumn colours, enhanced in their beauty love an warmth by the divine music being played by you on your Songs from my Heart Cd. Now 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas knows its going to be a wonderfully happy day. I look closely last evening at the exibition of Marcs work in Sao P what an extremely talented son you have Andre, you and Marjorie must be immensely proud of him, the pictures are Utterly Breathtaking, he captures to perfection the stillness of the day, the tranquility of the Earth around him. He feeds the heart an soul through ones eyes as you feed them via the ears with your glorious music, a brilliant combination. Have a lovely family weekend spoiling those grandchildren. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Pat Stringer
18-10-2014 - Adelaide, Australia

once again I am running late I have been viewing all the clips about "Love in Vienna" with the sun streaming through the window I was lost in the wonder of it all. The Man the JSO and the whole blooming lot Thank you maestro for the music and please all stay safe and well, our prayers are with you all and your families Pat

Rose G
17-10-2014 - London, United Kingdom

hI Andre just herd from my friend the she has finally got tickets for maastricht this will be her 1st time but our 4th time cannot wait have a good weekend wih Marjorie and the family love to you all

Eduardo Correa
17-10-2014 - Montevideo, Uruguay

Como un fanático más, y cada vez parece que somos más, siempre mantengo la esperanza de que en una venida a América puedan hacer un concierto en Uruguay. Un abrazo a todos.

Evanilda Gonçalves, Campo Grande, MS, Brasil
17-10-2014 - Campo Grande, Brasil

Querido André,

Obrigada por nos brindar com músicas tão maravilhosas, que nos fazem sonhar acordados! Você é uma pessoa muito especial que com o seu entusiasmo contagia a todos que tem o privilégio de conhecer o seu trabalho. Deus o abençoe grandemente.

Vivienne Pratt
17-10-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
Thank you for the FB Post with a 'link' to PREVIEW your stunning new Album, LOVE IN VENICE! You’re always so generous to us, your Friends around the World, and now you enable us to hear in advance all the beautiful pieces on the new CD! I’m so looking forward to watching your romantic captivating 10th Anniversary Vrijthof Concert 2014 'Love in Venice' and I know I'll be listening to the CD repeatedly. My family and Friends too will be having a wonderful Christmas watching/hearing their Andre Rieu Christmas gifts from me! You always spoil us with your exquisite musical compositions and arrangements, Andre, is it any wonder then that the whole World adores you and your music?! Thank you and God bless you dear Maestro. Happy weekend. Lots of love Viv xx

Sylvia Laidlaw - Hadrian Park, Wallsend, United Kingdom
17-10-2014 - Wallsend, United Kingdom

Having just learned that a very dear friend had passed away I was feeling sad so I turned to your wonderful music to comfort me. With your "Songs From My Heart" playing downstairs I went upstairs to look at your FB page and found your interview with Bill Overton of Classic FM coupled with the tour of your beautiful castle which took me into another world for a time. I then discovered I could listen to your new "Love in Venice" CD which is truly magnificent and must be one of your best so thank you for giving us this preview. I now can't wait to receive my own copy which I know I will play over and over again.

Hope you are now enjoying a well-earned rest with Marjorie and your family after your successful concerts in Brazil and before you prepare for your next concerts.

Sylvia xxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
17-10-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre amid lovely sunshine an the most beautiful music ever coming from Magic of the Movies Cd the hauntingly wonderful sounds you produce as you play Lara's Theme, The Rose an Moon River are pure perfection making 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas blissfully happy that one person in this world through the creation of glorious music can bring peace an contentment of heart - Your Cds should be standard issue to all war offices an government departments.Great news the Badger survived the night the vet thinks he'll be Ok he'll be put in a santuary soon to regain strength before being released into the wild. Excitment now builds in my heart as its only 28 days to seeing you in Brussels. Have a fantastic weekend with your lovely family. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
17-10-2014 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, I have been listening to tracks from your new cd Love In Venice and as always it is superb. The piece Azzurro has special memories for me as it was played over and over as we awaited your entrance into the Vrijthof this year for your concerts in Maastricht. What followed was the most amazing concert I have ever been to in Maastricht. I remember it started at 9.00pm and we were still dancing at 12.20am!! I love everything you bring to us devotees, your never let us down, it just gets better and better. I cannot wait to see what the years ahead will include, all I know is that there will be much joy, happiness, emotion and especially beautiful music. Thanks Andre. Patricia

Vladmir A Gobatto - Campo Largo, Pr -BR
17-10-2014 - CAMPO LARGO - PARANÁ, Brasil

We've been on the show in São Paulo on 05 October this year and was simply fantastic. Glow in the eyes of my daughter Giovanna 03 years, reflected the magnitude of live music. Congratulations. Giovanna, Aline and Vladmir.

Arquicelina Correia Paz
17-10-2014 - Sorocaba, Brasil

Olá Andre,
Faz pouco tempo que conheci você e a orquestra John Straus mas, confesso que já estou completamente apaixonada, sempre gostei e sempre quis aprender a cantar música lírica, enfim, infelizmente não pude ir à turnê em São Paulo mas, quero que saiba que sou muito fã de vocês e sonho em um dia conhecê-los pessoalmente, amo suas solistas e não poderia deixar de falar da voz de Kalki Schijvers, ela é perfeita. Andre, que Deus continue abençoando vocês para que tenham muito sucesso. Amo muito vocês.

17-10-2014 - 18951, United States

Just wanted to say that as my dad was dying from cancer, I played some Andre music. He loved listening to his Andre. Ty Mr Rieu for making my dad happy during his last few days.

Alberto Del Pino
16-10-2014 - Punta del Este, Uruguay

Estimado André:
Como prometido, tuvimos el placer de ver tu espectáculo el 11 de julio en la plaza de Maastricht. Fuimos desde Punta del Este, Uruguay especialmente a verte, y quedamos absolutamente encantados con todo. Nuestro grupo llevó cantidad de banderas de Uruguay, y seguramente fuimos filmados, esperamos vernos en el DVD, que por supuesto ya hemos encargado. No podemos esperar hasta el 3 de noviembre!
Ojalá que en uno de tus viajes de Sao Paulo, puedas hacerte una escapada para conocer Punta del Este, el mejor balneario de América del Sur! Y por qué no, tal vez te entusiasmes para hacer un espectáculo aquí?
Un fuerte abrazo de tu grupo de admiradores del Uruguay

Anneke CT South Africa
16-10-2014 - 7200, South-Africa

Hi Andre,What a lovely habit to celebrate every one's birthday this way. It really looks as if everyone is enjoying themselves!! Lovely pictures Happy birthday also to Karin, hope you will have a blessed year filled with music.

Kindest regards to all

Roberta Pacheco de Oliveira Fonseca - São Paulo - Brasil
16-10-2014 - São Paulo - SP, Brasil

I was in Andre Rieu´s show with my mother, step-father and husband here em São Paulo last 7th october 2014 and it was amazing! Andre and his orchestra brought for us a lot of happiness. Back soon please! Kisses and hugs!

Vivienne Pratt
16-10-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Thank so much for the FB Videopost of the Tour of your Castle that you shared with Classic FM’s Bill Overton. Every time I see the magical fairytale Castle I am enchanted all over again. I can well imagine the thrill it gives you seeing the transformation that you have wrought when you think of your visits as a Child to those dark, dank forbidding rooms to receive piano lessons. One thing strikes me every time I see you amidst all the exquisite furnishings: I almost feel the warmth that emanates from each room almost as if the Castle is very pleased indeed to welcome your young musical spirit, Andre, and thanks you for the transformation. As the plaque says 'Enter only those who love music' AND YOU DO! Have a happy day dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Denise CANAL
16-10-2014 - COS, France

Bonjour André je viens de passer en précommande votre nouveau DVD car je manque pas des leurs apparitions de me les procurer. un de plus a ajouter à ma collection . j'attend avec impatience votre visiter en FRANCE je suis aller vous voir a votre concert de TOULOUSE . surtout ne changer rien vous Etes génial. vos concert sont féeriques. ainsi que votre orchestre .je vous Adore .a très bientôt a TOULOUSE en attendant ce jour prenez sois de vous et de votre orchestre Je vous embrasse ainsi que votre orchestre amitiés a votre famille Denise de COS ARIEGE

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