29-04-2016 - Las Vegas, United States

Please come to The Smith Center here in Las Vegas Nevada. I'll never forget the delightful Christmas program you gave us. I want to see and hear all of you again, soon!

29-04-2016 - Fana, Norway

Ik vind het fantastisch om de The Berlin Comendian Harmonist te horen. Mijn vader had grammofoonplaten, 76 toeren, van The Comendian Harmonist. En heb ze dan als kind vaak gehoord. Zo komen er weer herinneringen boven aan mijn vader en aan toen.

Jozef de Goede
29-04-2016 - Upper Kedron, Australia

Andre, my wife and I are looking forward to your concert later in the year here in Brisbane. I wonder if you will be playing that awesome piece that Sir Anthony Hopkins composed on the night. I was born in Holland in Amersfoort on the same day as our King. Hope we can get to talk when you are here. Thank you.

Jill Tysoe 29-04-2016. Leyton London.
29-04-2016 - London, United Kingdom

Dearest Darling Andre.
Congratulations! You have done it again with your new C D, The Magic of the Waltz. It is Fantastic, I Love the Windsor Waltz and play the C D every day.
Looking forward to seeing you on 20th December at Wembley.
When are you going to bring out a D V D of your Shows in London?
With lots of love from Jill Tysoe, your number one fan in East London. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Catherine Crapart
29-04-2016 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci pour vos nouvelles de Odense et belle photo avec Hans Christian Andersen , et autres photos superbes!.
Ce soir La Suède Pays des célébrités ABBA, que j'aime beaucoup , dont je suis Fan de leurs chansons!, et Chiquitita que j'aime particulièrement chanter avec votre musique , c'est si beau!
Bon concert pour ce soir!

Vivienne Pratt
29-04-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you so much for the lovely images from Odense. I love the one of you standing with Hans Christian Andersen in your cosy and warm 'Mustard' Quilted Jacket. It reminds me so much of the beautiful images of you walking with your beloved Xander. Its so nice to see some of your 'Angels of Music' too Andre. They look very beautiful in their colourful ornate gowns and gloriously happy just as I would expect living a life of music and love alongside you. The evocative images of your Bus and Odense and News and images from dear Eric, Laurianne, Martine, Aga, Carmen and Vincenzo all give me a wonderful sense of being with you on Tour and I thank them and you very much indeed Andre. Safe journey to Malmo and a Happy Weekend. God bless, Andre, and love and respect always Viv xx

Inge Johanneson
29-04-2016 - København, Denmark

Kære Andre tusinde tak for en dejlig koncert i forum københavn igår som altid en pragtfuld oplevelse og vi glæder os til at komme til holland i juli og høre dig i din hjemby

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
29-04-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre beautiful sunshine but still bitterly cold with flowers harmed by the frost. 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas rises early as last night I received news my friend Lady Ann in North Wales has a bad fall, at 86 she needs extra care an I go to help an put some joy into her heart. Once again Andre you an your Glorious Music come to the rescue as busily I pack the wonderful music from Forever Vienna so vibrant an lively lifts my spirits an gives that 'feel good' factor that with Andre by ones side all will be well.Your CDs are being packed as the Magical healing power of Andres Music will help revive my friend. Also I thank you for the lovely photos from Ordense, you look wonderful in your Golden Coat Strauss would be very proud. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Charles Sammut
29-04-2016 - Rabat, Malta

Dear Andre'
I hail from the Island of Malta which is located in the central Meditterranean. I can assure you that there are thousands of fans of your concerts like myself on the Island. I can assure you that you would fill the biggest covered venue on Malta if you had to organise a concert here - i refer to MFCC at ta' Qali. Besides if enough advertisements are published in nearby Sicily and Italy you can organse several concerts and fully book them for sure!!!!!

Lisbeth Lønholdt
28-04-2016 - Stenløse, Denmark

Dear Andre
Thank you for a wonderful concert in Odense. My husband and I vent to your concert for celebrating our Silver Wedding and my husbands 85 years birthday. And we have a wonderful evening, that we never will forget. You have the Happiest Orchestra in the World the best solist. My husband and I especially love the Sabeltanz. We have heard it many times, but yours is best off them all. We hope, that we next year can go Maastricht to hear you there. We look also forward that you come to Denmark again next year, then can here twice.
Love from Henning and Lisbeth

Kathy Garratt
28-04-2016 - Wetherby, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO your DVD and CD of Magic of the Waltz are wonderful ;no one in the world plays waltzes as you do ,they are truly magic.I am watching Love in Venice on Sky Arts and you are speaking in Dutch and English ,all of your English fans, I am sure ,are hoping that you will speak both languages at your concerts in Maastricht . You are such a good linguist and speak English so very well and there will be hundreds ,if not thousands, of English speaking people at your concerts.We also hope that your concerts will be full of waltzes. You all bring so much happiness to so many people . God bless you all .r

Gill Wilton Northamptonshire ukm
28-04-2016 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Thank you for the photos it's great that you take us with you
Love to you all
Gill xx

28-04-2016 - Zevenaar, Netherlands

Hoe bijzonder is het dat ik volgende week donderdag 19 mei in Budapest het concert mee ga maken, het is dan nl. de geboortedag van mijn lieve moedertje in haar geboortestad......

Sigrid Haigh
28-04-2016 - Tasmania, Australia

Looking forward to your Australian tour, Tasmania has been however left of your tour, What a pity, So many german migrants - like me- came to Tasmania to make a new home, Love the shows on SBS tv here. Enjoy that great music you so lovingly play.. Hopefully will make it across Bass Strait.

Vivienne Pratt
28-04-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I see you and your Happiest Orchestra in the World are once again joining hearts with your Danish publicum transporting them all to 'heaven on Earth'. How I would love to be there! Thank you so much to dear Laurianne and Nathallie for keeping me in touch with your travels and also dear Vincenzo for his magical images allowing me to be with you even if only through the eye of his Camera. Listening to your MAGIC OF THE WALTZ: The Merry Widow; Valse Trieste; La Petite Valse; your exquisite Coronation Waltz; and of course the totally enchanting WINDSOR WALTZ, I occasionally hear your beautiful Stradivarius, so powerful, ‘singing’ above the Orchestra and I love it! Thank you dear Andre. Travel safely to Copenhagen. With all my love and respect always Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
28-04-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre we reach 1c some flowers didn't survive the frost, extra food for the birds an Squirrels they constantly feed to keep warm soon the brilliance of the sun will help just as the brilliance of your fantastic music is warming the heart, giving peace an contentment to 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas as she takes her tea an listens to the stunning pieces of music on your Dreaming Cd, it's truly spectacular, wrapped in the warm loving arms of the music one floats along in ecstatic joy amazed that little 'black notes' in the right hands can give such pleasure, your great talent is staggering Andre I can't believe that 4 strings and an Orkest can create such heavily wonder. Take this Magic to Copenhagen an 'blow their minds' Andre. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Therkild Rohde
28-04-2016 - Herning, Denmark

Dear Andre
I will like to Thank you for a wonderful concert in Herning yesterday. Last year was the first time I was to a concert with you. That was on a ticket that my mom bought so she and my dab cut go. But unfortunately, she died suddenly, before she cut hear you again. Therefor I went to your concert with my father last year. I like you concert so much that I loaned a dvd, to show my wife, a concert with you. We both like your style and concert so much, that this year we went to see and hear you again. And we loved it. We went home full of positive energy. So Thank you and your orchestra for a wonderful evening. Wish you all the best.

Morten Boesen
28-04-2016 - København, Denmark

today is the big day. Johann Strauss Orchestra is coming to perform in Forum Copenhagen. Welcome all of you, hope we as always have a good time together with music, singing and dancing. We live in a small country here but we are great fans of André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Hope you are all happy and in good health. Hip Hip Hurra.

27-04-2016 - Breda, Netherlands

dear andre,
zou je eens een keer het nummer van de beatles ""strawberry fields"" met je violen willen spelen ?
je zou mij en ik denk vele anderen er een groot plezier mee doen.
dank voor je mooie muziek en veel succes in de toekomst

27-04-2016 - Amiens, France

Chers André Rieu&JOS;Félicitations pour votre valse WINDSOR.J'espère que vous ajouterez d autres dates pour Maastricht Ce serait mon 10eme anniversaire de concert à Maastricht L'espoir fait vivre Cordialement

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