Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
25-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre birds sing amid flowers so beautiful as sunshine returns.Spring is a new beginning for earths wonders a time for us all to hope for a brighter future of peace love an understanding of our fellow man. For 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas the answer lies in MUSIC. Vienna Blood, Voices of Spring, the Nuns Choir from your Fantastic Forever Vienna Cd bring breathless awe an wonder that a man an his Orkest can turn these compositions into great happiness of spirit an zest for living.With first bars of Salomi the glorious music takes over ones soul, the fun love an pleasure this gives is so exciting you want other people to come an share this magical moment living the joy Andre gives with his violin, the world needs you Precious Man.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

with love marlene caldwell
25-03-2016 - Joondalup, Australia

Marlene Caldwell from Perth Australia
dear Andre thankyou for coming back to Australia 03/11/16
I am very excited to be seeing you and the JSO I would like to ask if any chance you might bring along the famous Harlem gospel choir as people of Perth I am sure would just love to see them as well they were awesome in new York memories all the best to you and the JSO ,Safe travels.

25-03-2016 - Holubyne, Ukraine

Lieber André,

ich bin sehr glücklich!!! Endlich nach 13 Jahren geht mein Traum in Erfüllung! Ich gehe zu deinem Konzert in Krakau im Juni. Warum nach 13 Jahren? Da es bei uns in der Ukraine mit dem Internet länger dauerte, als in Europa (erst im Internet habe ich erfahren, dass es dein Orchester gibt), und früher war es für mich wegen finanzieller Gründe unmöglich dein Konzert zu besuchen.

Ich liebe deine Musik, sie macht mich fröhlich, wenn ich traurig bin, man bekommt immer gute Stimmung. Ich wünsche dir und deinem Team viel Erfolg, danke für glückliche Momente, die eure Kunst schenkt!

Auf baldiges Wiedersehen in Krakau, ich freue mich wahnsinnig!!!

Serge Mallette
25-03-2016 - Lachute, Canada

comme j'ai jamais eu la chance de vous voir a Montréal et que je vais en Autriche au mois de mai nous serons probablement les seul Québécois a aller vous voir a Graz le 20 mai prochain ,nous avons réussi a avoir des billets ,ont a bien hate de vous voir

25-03-2016 - Waterford, Ireland

Hi Andre
I am treating my husband Eddie to your concert in Maastricht this July its his special birthday his only wish is to see you in your home town and my only wish is to get a picture of you myself and Eddie it would be the icing on the CAKE;;;;;;; its the night of the 17th July ;my sister Anne is joining us its her special birthday too so celebrating's all round ( joining you from Ireland )
Thank you

24-03-2016 - 97540, United States

Dear Andre,
I hope I'm not the only one who tells you that we love your music and our bird does as well. Our bird is a parakeet who is very musically minded, his name is Petey. Petey loves the Irish Washer Woman and the Chianti drinking song. He can't clap with hands but he lifts his voice when your audiences clap and shout. We love your music but when we started to hear our little boy learn and love your music we were enthralled.

We are blessed because of you, so may love and blessings be yours. Lorita

berthillet Michèle de Mâcon Saône et Loire Bourgogne
24-03-2016 - Macon, France

Bonjour, André j'espère que vous allez bien ainsi que votre familles et les personnes de votre orchestre faite attention à vous tous je vous aime beaucoup bisous à vous tous Michele

allan wright
24-03-2016 - Cwmbran, United Kingdom

dear Andre,
when you plan your next U.K. tour, would it be possible to consider a venue in Wales. We have a number of suitable arenas including the Principality Stadium in Cardiff which with the roof closed has good acoustics. We also have very good professional singers and numerous Male Voice choirs. After all Wales is known as the land of song. Many thanks, will see you in Maastricht

Felicite Gillham from Somerset
24-03-2016 - Bath, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Are you coming over to the UK to present your new waltz to the Queen?
I am sure she would love to hear you play it to her. How lucky she is, and if a video was made of the actual presentation; of you with the Queen; we would all be able to enjoy the moment as well.

With love, Felicite x

24-03-2016 - Launceston, Australia

Dear Andre and staff,

Thank you for the lovely message that you sent to Belgium. I have visited Belgium and thought what a beautiful place it was. My thoughts are with the Brlgium people too.

Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne

Love Judy

Vivienne Pratt
24-03-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
I'm sure your supportive message to your Belgian publicum will be received with heartfelt gratitude and I am also sure that many of them will find a little solace and comfort in your beautiful recordings. God bless you Andre. One of your wonderful recordings that I particularly love to hear when life is throwing too much pain my way is your exquisite Album ROSES FROM THE SOUTH. The Rose; I Dreamed a Dream; Il Silenzio; Send in the Clowns; La Montagne; and totally enchanting Ballade fur Adeline are all captivating musical renditions that soothe a troubled heart, and of course your Violin solo of You Raise Me Up, does indeed raise me up and lifts me to a beautiful land where Sun shines in my heart forever. Thank you so much dear Andre. God bless. Love always Viv xx

Shirley Halford bury manchester
24-03-2016 - Radcliffe Manchester, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
I am overjoyed at obtaining tickets for my fourth concert to see you at Liverpool Dec 15th I listen to you everyday at work in the car it cheers me up when I am sad.
This year I am bringing my elderly parents as they would love to see and hear your wonderful music. I would love to hear December lights as this is one of my favourite pieces.
Til then dearest Andre take care xxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
24-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's still grey but following your strong support through your wonderful music an your heartfelt words of sympathy for the Belgian people, the heart of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is lighter an more positive, their strength will overcome all to a brighter future. I listen to the stunningly beautiful tracks on your Dreaming Cd, The Gadfly, The Swan an the oh so Glorious Morning an feel through your music the beauty of the world an the happiness, warmth an affection of its people. I remember the joyous times I've shared with so many happy smiling people at your fantastic Concerts, banishing cares an worries an living life to the full through divine an heavenly music created by Andre an his brilliant Orkest. It's priceless.Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Charlie D.
24-03-2016 - Woburn, United States


With so much in our world going on Andre, I want God to watch over everyone in your J S O. I,m looking forward to seeing and hearing all you folks back in New England once again real soon.

Be safe and God Bless.


Phil Hardy
23-03-2016 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

You could hear the massive collective sigh of relief across the UK when we heard your public announcement of the December UK Arena tour. We do realise how very fortunate we are to be able to regularly host your marvellous orchestra when you are in such high demand globally. Now with tickets secured once again for Nottingham my family can happily look forward to December. Our grateful thanks.

DAVOINE Alain et Joselyne
23-03-2016 - TOURVILLE LA CHAPELLE, France

J'ai beaucoup apprécié ton rapide hommage à l'un de mes musiciens préféré à savoir James LAST;
Aussi, compte tenu de ce qu'est ton orchestre, je te suggérerai de mettre prochainement à ton répertoire, l'un de mes morceaux préférés chez J Last, à savoir "oranges Blossoms"
Merci de l'attention que tu porteras à ce message.
Le cas échéant, dis moi ce que tu en penses. Alain

23-03-2016 - Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Thank you for the most beautiful Windsor Waltz for Queen Elizabeth 11 birthday I know she will love it
Also thanking you for your lovely message of sympathy for the Belgium people it is a tragedy thank goodness we have your beautiful music to listen to and help heal the hurt this has caused
please take care of yourself and all members jso crew and your families
Love Irene xx

Vivienne Pratt
23-03-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Yesterday more wonderful Dutch media reports, images and Videos of your super-special surprises in store for your Worldwide publicum! I love surprises myself! How appropriate too that you have included the Vrijthof in your plans as it is there that you found the great joy of inviting the World to your 'sitting room' in your beloved Home City of Maastricht. Queen Elizabeth will be delighted you have composed and named WINDSOR WALTZ for her Andre. I know she is a great fan of you and your music and of course as you so rightly say her Great Great Grandmother Queen Victoria loved waltzing to Strauss; in fact she ignored that it was not thought moral to dance so close together, and Waltzed the night away! So much to look forward to! Thank you Andre. God bless and love always Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
23-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's great an matches the mood of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket ' at Many Arenas following the dreadful news of the horrorific attacks on my beloved Belgium an it's people.The unique music of Andre became my rock yesterday giving me strength an support as I shed many tears as the horrors unfolded.The whole day your music was by my side comforting me,reaching into my heart and soul,telling me of the beauties of the world an the warmth an friendship of the majority of the people in it. Just as when you're on stage playing an speaking to us as the notes unfold you an your Violin become a beacon of shining light showing us joy an goodness when we're a part of the wonderous musical world that Andre creates. You got me through, bless you Andre.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

23-03-2016 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dearest Maestro,
Thank you, your family and the JSO for all the joy you bring to our lives. Your music brightens the darkest day. You are a star shining in our universe.
Thank you for honouring our Queen, it is a beautiful piece of music, regal and fitting.
Every Blessing this Easter to you dearest Andre, your loved ones and all.
You are held very dear in my heart, your "Desert Island friend", With much love, Madeleine

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