Ineke Cornelissen, Den Haag, the Netherlands
27-06-2014 - Den Haag, Netherlands

A big round of applause to Amrath Hotel DuCasque, for the super, super, super, brand new webcam to the Vrijthof square. What an amazing series of different views!! All your fans across the world are very thankful!!

Helen McCairn
27-06-2014 - Port Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

May I use your page to wish my darling husband Andrew a happy 16th wedding anniversary!!.. We only discovered you in December 2011 on Sky Arts and as I family we all love you.. a good husband is one who says 'yes dear' while his wife books concert tickets and buys endless Andre cds.. December will be my 5th time seeing you in Glasgow..hubby been twice as my 12 year old daughter always comes to your 2nd show. In fact she was the girl in the tartan dress and santa hat in the main photo for your Dec 21st concert last year..a photo to be treasured as she plays the cornet in a brass band, thank you to whoever took the photo!. Looking forward to cinema next month which will ease the wait until December..good luck to you & jso with your Maastricht concerts!
Love Helen x

Vivienne Pratt
27-06-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you for Video Teaser No 2 of your new CD! What a super-jolly, bouncy, uplifting and invigorating melody Andre! AZZURRO, an Italian love song with a difference: a 'marching melody' painting pictures as you play. I love it! Thank you so much Andre! I cannot wait till 'Fall' and see the whole Album. Well, unbelievably, this is the last weekend before your mega-spectacular, beautiful, crazy, joyous, extraordinarily special 10th Anniversary Summer Home Concert series full of beautiful music, beautiful people - on and off the buhne, happiness, humour, laser lights and explosive spectacular atmosphere! How I wish I could be there! Enjoy your weekend with your beloved family, dear Maestro. Thank you for the joyous music and love. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Eileen UK
27-06-2014 - Lancashire, United Kingdom

High fives André,
thank you for my membership gifts, especially the pen.
I love your teasers, it’s another of your great ideas.
Regrettably I won’t be in Maastricht this year but I have wonderful memories from my visit in 2013 which I will always treasure.
Best wishes to you, your orchestra and family.

27-06-2014 - GUADALAJARA JALISCO, Mexico


Mireille JOURDAN
27-06-2014 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous.
CATASTROPHE pour moi : en attente nouvelle opération du genou (gauche cette fois, le droit a été opéré fin Mars) je suis obligée d'annuler mes 5 concerts de Maastricht-2014...j'attendais cet évènement exceptionnel depuis un an ! Et, étant à moitié italienne, je me réjouissais d'autant plus que vous ayez choisi l'Italie pour thème de ce concert du 10ème anniversaire au Vrijthof. Je suis TRES
TRISTE car je souffre beaucoup jour et nuit malgré les nouveaux traitements médicaux, et je ne peux pas marcher.
2014 : Annus Horribilis pour moi !
Mille baisers affectueux à tous.

Marianna Borshcheva, Florida US
27-06-2014 - Palm Harbor, United States

Dear Andre,
I'm 23 and fell in love with classical music when I heard you play. You have given me something I cannot describe.
Also,"My sweet and tender beast" is my favorite waltz. After researching, I have not found any rendition of it by your orchestra. It would be so wonderful if you and your orchestra perform this.
When will you visit your fans in America again? Please come soon. We wait to hear you.


26-06-2014 - MUÑIZ/BUENOS AIRES, Argentina




26-06-2014 - HARARE, Zimbabwe

Dear Andre', I have just received your present, of the gold member badge, and the beautiful pen.
Thank you very much, I shall cherish it.
Cant wait to see you in Maastricht , in 20 days time, is going to be a long trip.....but well worth it.
All the vey best to all of you, Marjorie, and all the family.
Lots of love Frankie Gobey

26-06-2014 - Warsaw, Poland

Wooow, André!!!!
We always knew that you care about your audience but we didn’t realize that you do care so much! We asked in the morning for another piece from your new CD and in the afternoon you loaded it. Your swift response is absolutely impressive!!! :))) (the fact it’s pure coincidence doesn’t change our admiration)
The only problem is that the new teaser is even more teasing than the previous one! Now we do want mooore and sooon!!!!
Many thanks and waiting for the “next time”!

P.S. Your vocal should remain unchanged on CD :) It perfectly blends in with the orchestra! Honest!

love from John Peel God Bless you
26-06-2014 - Pontefract, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
It would be great if you could perform in Malta, I know it is a hard request, but hey! I can but dream, I love you, your orchestra, everyone really do look happy and relaxed, I just love the ladies decked out in their beautiful crinoline dresses, your playing your personality is out of this world, not forgetting the lovely lady singers, and the three tenors.
I will dream on and in my dreams you will perform just for myself and my wife x

Gill Wilton Northants UK
26-06-2014 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre
Getting excited now, not long until Maastricht . I love your concerts and wouldn't miss them for the world, but there is something so special and magic about Maastricht
I love the place, this is my third visit so I know what a wonderful time I shell have.
Love to you all
Gill xx

vicky laurie ickwell bedfordshire england
26-06-2014 - Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

have just played the music from the musicals o.m.g.
what a fab dvd thank you got my housework done in half the time.
best wishes

Vivienne Pratt
26-06-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre
I love the FB Video post of the simply stunning performance of 'Smile' from your ANDRE AND FRIENDS Maastricht 2013 DVD. Michael's presence was so apparent in dear Jermayne Jackson's performance. Everybody, including me watching the DVD, had tears streaming down faces alight with love. A remarkable and poignant performance by Jermayne, yourself and the whole JSO. I Loved it. Thank you dear Andre. I listened to your wonderful CD 'MIRUSIA ALWAYS AND FOREVER' today Andre. Simply stunning performances by your Angel from Australia. Mirusia had a Dream, as you lived yours. When the two Dreams collided another bright shining Star was born! As she sings alongside you on the Album 'There is a Song in Me' and yes indeed there is! God bless you and thankyou dear Maestro. Love Viv xx

Linda Collier. Isle of Man
26-06-2014 - Onchan, Isle of Man

Not long until the start of your magnificant concerts jn your home town, I really am now starting to get withdrawal symptoms, as this is he first year in 3 yrs, that I wont be there, due to having Chemo, treatments now all finished, and had I known how good I would feel, I would have taken a chance and booked for this year.
I have Liverpool in December to look forward to.

Am sure everyone going to Maastricht will have a Fantastic time,

Val, South Africa
26-06-2014 - 2194, South-Africa

Hi Andre and team!
My grandfather is 89 and has a huge collection of your dvds. He watches them daily and it gives him so, so much joy to do so. Thank you very much.

26-06-2014 - Warsaw, Poland

Your new CD’s teaser was really teasing :)) We want more!!!
When is the “next time” going to happen??
Can’t wait! Could it be a little bit sooner rather than later…???

bliquy danielle
26-06-2014 - Saint saulve, France

la place du bonheur doit se transformer de jour en jour, dans huit jours ce sera une explosion d'applaudissements, tout vibrera sur le Vrijthof qui sera la porte d'entrée du bonheur, là ou un festival de toute beauté nous y attend , les rues anciennes seront en fête également, cette décennie sera sans aucun doute un évènement exceptionnel ou nous nous dirons ( André Rieu c'est une vague de notes bleues qui envoûtent nos esprits pour se laisser blottir dans ce paradis doté de mille surprises, du bonheur à profusion, des larmes de joie, enfin de quoi se dire oh! combien la vie est belle en votre compagnie ) vivement notre rêve, tendres baisers mon prince adoré !!

Eduardo Correa
26-06-2014 - Montevideo, Uruguay

I'm expecting the videos of next concert in Maastricht. You always surprise us in this concerts. I wish you and JSO a very good concert. I always wish to see you in a concert in Uruguay.

Terry Cole
26-06-2014 - Joplin, United States

Howdy Andre,
I was wondering if someday you could play one of my favorite songs. Its by Don McLean and called "I Love You So." Perry Como made it famous more than 40 years ago. Another one of his that I love is "Starry, Starry Night."
Thank you,
Terry Cole
Joplin, Missouri USA

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