Vivienne Pratt
02-07-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I so hope the present glorious sunshine will remain throughout your Home Concerts which have become such a tradition and opportunity for the World to visit you in your 'Vrijthof Front Room' to celebrate an unforgettable evening with Andre Rieu, Wizard of Wonderful Music, Maestro of love and mirth! Thank you to dear Martine for more extraordinary magical scenes of happiness and joy from your forthcoming DVD. Even from these little snippets I can see you have created an absolute masterpiece once again. I so look forward to seeing it. But first of course happily I will see you in the Cinema on 18 July to join with you in your Maastricht Magic! One day I hope my dream will come true and I’ll visit you ‘at home’! Happy rehearsals dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Michael & Sue Page
02-07-2015 - Cape Town, South-Africa

We watch eagerly with growing excitement as your beautiful Vrijthof is almost finished being transformed into an open air concert hall. Having had the most wonderful time last year, we can feel the excitement mounting, even from Cape Town. Our very best wishes to Andre, the JSO,and everyone else who has a part in making this such an incredible experience for all. We hope to join you again next year...can't wait!!
Kindest regards,
Michael & Sue

Mireille JOURDAN
02-07-2015 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous !
Pour ce soir votre répétition générale sera, j'en suis sure, un grand succès !
Si la chaleur est trop forte, laissez la veste au vestiaire !!!
Bon courage, à bientôt au deuxième week-end (4 soirs car on est fous !) gardez un peu de force pour nous !!!
Mille baisers affectueux ainsi qu'à tous, avec une bouffée de brise marine pour vous rafraîchir !

Catherine Crapart
02-07-2015 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je vous souhaite bon courage pour les répétitions, malgré ce temps très chaud!Amusez vous bien dans la joie et la bonne humeur!
Tous ces gens qui préparent l'installation des concerts ont du mérite de travailler sous cette chaleur!
Dans 8 jours je serai présente pour apprécier votre musique et le plaisir de vous revoir!
A tout le JSO qui est formidable vous nous apporter beaucoup de bonheur!

02-07-2015 - Gálvez, Argentina

Hola André!
Lo esperamos en Argentina, queremos disfrutar su música- Hay muchas opciones además de Buenos Aires, Rosario. Córdoba, Mendoza, y sería majestuoso espectáculo ver y escuchar su orquesta con las cataratas del Iguazú de fondo.

Hanne Ansbjerg Larsen Denmark
02-07-2015 - Slangerup, Denmark

Dear Andre!

Thank you very much foe Goldmembergift.

My husband and I are looking forward to the Koncert

in Copenhagen in 2016.


01-07-2015 - Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Dear André, please, when you come back to México, please, play the "Huapango de Moncayo", its a beautiful song and very representative of México.

Muchas gracias y por acá nos vemos!!!

Chi stone howe
01-07-2015 - Exmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I am nearly 83 and my life ambition has always to see you in concert in your home town of Maastricht and now my dream has come true. Arranged by my family I will be there on sat 4th July at your concert. It would be my life's dream come true if I could just shake you hand. Love Christine howe

Wendy Ellen
01-07-2015 - Sudbury Ontario, Canada

Hi Andre,
What a wonderful surprise when my Gold Member gift arrived last week. Thanks!
We are planning a trip to Maastricht in July 2016 and are anxiously waiting for the concert dates to be posted. Can you please let me know when the posting of next July concerts might be expected?

Awaiting July 2016 with great excitement,

01-07-2015 - STOKE ON TRENT, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,

It's now only 8 more day before my husband and I fly out to Brussels and via train to get to Maastrict to see you for this our second visit to your homeland. We are there from 10-13th July and will be seeing you on 10th, 11th & 12th with our two friends.

Lots of Love to you and JSO,
Hazel and Terry xxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
01-07-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Afternoon Dearest Andre from a sunny England its 28c! The Cruise round The Med is over an 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas arrives home with the wonderous melodies of your fantastic Moonlight Serenade Cd ringing in her ears as it was the last Cd to play as I drove home from Southampton. Your glorious music always lifts my spirits, makes me smile an keeps me safe on long car journeys, I couldn't do them without you. So much news about you to catch up on an great excitement builds inside as I know your 1st Maastricht Concert is only hours away. Even though I won't be with you I feel enormous pride for the great joy an wonderous music you'r going to share with thousands who'll come from all over the World to see The Greatest Violinist an his Orkest. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Rose G
01-07-2015 - London, United Kingdom

dear andre
just recieved my gold membership love it to bits the keyring my hushand has ut on my handbag and shall wear my scarf at the square on the 11th and in liverpool on the 19th thank you so much love and best wishes to you all safe journeying you very special man

Vivienne Pratt
01-07-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
What a lovely surprise picture of you and your sparkling new Red car. Its beautiful Andre: sleek and elegant exactly like your handsome self and, being Electric, so very good for the Environment! What a brilliant idea to offer your publicum coming to see your Maastricht 2015 Concert in their local Cinema a chance to choose one of your exquisite melodies which you will play! You’re so very unique Andre giving opportunities for your 'friends around the World' to engage with you making them feel part of your wonderful life of music. I’m really looking forward to seeing you for what will be an exciting, enchanting, magical, joyous evening filled with glorious music and your charming engaging humorous self! Have a happy day Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

bliquy danielle
01-07-2015 - Saint saulve, France

juillet, mois des grandes sensations, mois du bonheur, mois des rendez-vous de toute nationalité, mois des heures exceptionnelles sur une place exceptionnelle ou tout brillera par votre présence prince adoré, un océan de joie déferlera des soirs durant le tout accompagné d'une tonne d'applaudissement vous remerciant de tout ce que vous apporterez et de tout ces préparatifs pour des moments inoubliables, des milliers de tendres baisers vers vous prince de mon coeur, bon courage pour tout sous cette chaleur torride, votre cht'ite Danielle

Mattie & Mike Smyth
30-06-2015 - Kilmarnock, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
We were at your concert in Glasgow about four years ago at the SECC. What a dark dismal place you called it ! Come to Maastricht and see me there, you said. We have come on our Ruby Wedding anniversary to see the magic in luscious surroundings on Friday 3rd July. An Irish/Scottish medley would be most appreciated.

30-06-2015 - Stayner, Canada

Andre -

Your music gives us great joy. When will you return to Canada. It's been a long time.

Carmela Catinian
30-06-2015 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,

Back to the Earth now,I must continue. Children will be children.They will always love new toys and yes, your new toy-the red car is perfect!!! There is always something left to ask you:please, drive it, don't fly that car!I know how 'restless' you can be when the excitement prevails in you. Maastricht and the whole world is ready for you,please,take great care! Promise? Yes, I know, it's perfect, doesn't pollute at all,she (I suppose you've given it a name) probably makes you feel as young as you...are, but just kill her softly,OK? I wish you a perfect start with your most beloved concerts. Conquer the world, conquer people's hearts, take prisoners or whatever, but drive carefully, OK? You are my hero and this is forever with or without your red car!!!

Carmela Catinian
30-06-2015 - BRAD, Romania

Dearest Andre,

I've just watched your interview for L1 in Bucharest and for some time I was there again. I remember every single moment of the two magnificent days I spent there and as I had told you before I had a memorable birthday party being part of your concert on the 13th of June. It's somehow odd:before a concert I am always very excited at the opportunity of seeing you so closely,but once there I am not eager to run towards you, but to watch you playing with all my soul and senses. I'd like to keep that precious time for ever in my heart,because I know that it's one of the unique perfect moments in a life time.

marie-jo jean-michel CHARTON 21000 DIJON FRANCE.
30-06-2015 - Dijon, France

bonjour ANDRE, c'est MARIE-JO et JEAN-MICHEL de DIJON vos très fidèles fans . super, de nous faire suivre en direct ,sur f b l'évolution du VRIJTHOF , de jour en jour. je suis très curieuse des belles aventures..... qui avez -vous bien pu marier, pour que nous ayons de si belles photos d'un....MARIAGE, mais qui ?? BON ATTENDONS !!!! . YES, le medecin m'a donné l'autorisation d'aller a MAASTRICH , vous gratifier ,de nos applaudissements, devant un spectacle nous le devinons GRANDIOSE . nos voudrions bien êtrent dans votre studio entendre, ce que vous nous reservez. mais non gardons la surprise.... beaucoup de courage a tous, qui travaillez plus ou moins dur, ici 35°, alors courage a vos tous , grosses,maistrès grosses bises a vous TOOOOUSSSSS. prenez soin de vous ANDDRE, ( BUVEZ BEAUCOUP.)

Vivienne Pratt
30-06-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
What an exciting day you had yesterday! Thank you Bela and Vincenzo for all the beautiful photographs. All I can say is what a magical Concert DVD it will be and what an enchanting happy surprise too! Last night I watched highlights and interviews from your spectacular Bucharest Concerts on Dutch TV. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed it Andre. Your stunning musical production overlooking the magnificent majestic architecture of the Piata Constitutiei was a joy to hear and behold! I can only try to imagine the feeling you must have had as you stepped on to the buhne overlooking that huge beautiful edifice: you could be forgiven for a few tears Andre: it certainly brought tears to my eyes! Have a happy day dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

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