Hazel Rodgers
12-11-2014 - BELFAST, United Kingdom

So looking forward to 5th December in Belfast. My 95 year old dad and I will be in the 3rd row in the centre .that evening both big fans.looking forward to a fantastic evening.

Elizabeth Ward.
12-11-2014 - DH9 9NJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, my husband and myself have just watched your new dvd "love in Venice" which we purchased from your website, it is fantastic, for all we were in Maastricht and at this concert it was a joy to watch again, and brought back very happy memories, looking forward to seeing you in Newcastle on your UK tour and back in Maastricht next year.
Very best wishes to you JSO and the Crew.
Kindest regards, Elizabeth Ward.

12-11-2014 - Waterford, Ireland

Dear Andre and JSO

So looking forward to your upcoming concert in Dublin. Time has passed so quickly since the tickets were bought for the venue. I'm sure by attending your concerts in Zurich and Maastricht has helped alleviate the 'waiting' time for Dublin where I am sure you will provide a feast for the ears and eyes!

Thanking you, The Maestro of Maastricht.

Maggie from horsham
12-11-2014 - Sussex, United Kingdom

dear andre

Have just listened to your cd love in venice

it is wonderful .Close your eyes and you are transported to a summer climate and dancing to the lovely music .Was worth waiting for thankyou so much as well for dvd brings back the summer days in maastrict .Waiting now to see you all in Wembly on the 19th and 20 th dec. Have great seats .and will be dancing there as well.

Take care all of you

Love life and laughter

Maggie xxxx

Vivienne Pratt
12-11-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Maestro
Thank you so much for the Video clip of Lagunenwalzer! I've loved it since I was 6 years' old being Waltzed around the Kitchen by my Great, Great, Grandmother. I believe its one of Strauss's most beautiful melodies and played in your inimitable style it is 'without peer'! Andre what a joy it was to see you on our UK TV Screens yesterday in 'LOOSE WOMEN'. You really gave the 'Wow Factor' to the programme especially waltzing with dear Coleen, who was totally breathless after being in your arms! I know from reading the social media there are many ladies with aching hearts wishing they could have been Coleen: in fact I would have enjoyed it myself too! Your hair length and gorgeous blue suede jacket looked exquisite, Maestro. Have a happy day. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
12-11-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre grey an overcast but no matter as a few tracks from your Moonlight Serenade Cd will soon add sunshine to the sky an the heart of 'The a Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas. Again more photos of your beautiful happy smiling face on Facebook, it's just fantastic to see you looking so well an happy an WAM in the next 2 days your glorious music will fill the heavens of your homeland then pass down into Belgium.Thousands of people will get a pre-Christmas treat, visions of loveliness, breathtaking arias, music that will tear at there heart strings then evolve into enchanting waltzes giving itchy feet that must dance. It all builds with warm hearted friendship to the most sensational musicial experience of their life, oh wow what memories. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Catherine Crapart
12-11-2014 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je vous souhaite de bons concerts pour Amsterdam Rotterdam et Bruxelles, 3 soirées de bonheur et de joie pour vos fans et votre public qui vivront des moments inoubliables!
Bonne répétitions avec le JSO!

Donna Smith
12-11-2014 - Du Pont, United States

Hey, I see no bookings for 2015 in the United States. Since you have no calendar dates set for December, how about
booking your wonderful orchestra for the Seattle fans!

12-11-2014 - Skokie, United States

Dear Maestro Rieu,
Do you have any plans to perform in USA and in Chicago in particular?

Per Bökman
11-11-2014 - Asarum, Sweden

Bäste André!

Jag har just lyssnat för första gången till Er spelning i studion Gondoles á Venise. Det var så fantastiskt, jag grät när jag hörde slutet. Den känslan ni förmedlade med er enastående orkester, kom ända hem i min bostad. Jag beundrar er konstnärlighet! Stort, stort tack för er fenomenala musik. Ni bygger broar över motsättningar med Er musik och förenar människorna över hela världen.

Min fru och jag har sett er en gång i Malmö, Sweden, kom gärna tillbaka!!! Det var det bästa vi någonsin sett.
Per Bökman in Sweden. Sorry I cant speak english.

alfredo alhambra hernandez
11-11-2014 - Madrid, Spain

Te lo he preguntado alguna vez màs, vendras alguna vez
para España.Saludos Andre

Cher Dale
11-11-2014 - San Diego, United States

Hoping to see & hear you soon in the USA – more specifically ... San Diego, CA or Los Angeles or in-between!

Neil Murray, Newport, Wales
11-11-2014 - ,

Andre & The J.S.O. ,

Please, please, please consider CARDIFF, WALES as a venue on the U.K. Leg of your European tour. Land of Song awaits you !!!!! See you in Liverpool.

Elizabeth Spearman
11-11-2014 - Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, just to let you know that my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed your 'Love in Venice' concert when we went to see it at our local cinema on 3rd Nov. As I had recently had a heart operation followed by a mini stroke, I really thought that I wouldn't get to see it. The concert was absolutely amazing & I have purchased the cd & dvd for both myself & my friend. Looking forward to seeing the next one you do. Thank you so much for sharing yours & the musicians talents. God bless.

11-11-2014 - Maldon, United Kingdom

Great to see you Andre on Loose Women today. What wouldn't fans do to have been in Colleen's shoes when you waltzed with her :-) Well we can dream. Thank you muchely for the Music. Love in Venice has been playing almost non stop since CD/DVD arrived. Soooo looking forward to Brussels this week and Wembley next month. For my lovely neighbour & friend Janet, Brussels will be her first concert she is excited about this & more so since seeing you on Surprise Surprise last week. Truly a gentleman. Take care, even if you are travelling in a private jet :-) Love to you, your wonderful wife Marjorie, family and JSO & crew xxx

Vivienne Pratt
11-11-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I was so glad to see you would be appearing on 'LOOSE WOMEN today'. You have such a wonderful sense of fun and mischief and it really shows when you sit alongside all those ladies! Maestro I watched a lovely News/Video of your Castle at the weekend from Le Parisienne. You are so kind inviting the journalists to visit you and in so doing sharing your beautiful Castle with the World. One thing I saw I hadn't noticed before. Its the beautiful artwork that hangs above the Fireplace in your Salon. It's quite a dark canvas but looks like a battle scene, which I assume relates to the battle of Maastricht. I'd love to see it closer: it looks really ‘powerful’. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to visit your gorgeous Castle Maestro. Have a happy day. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
11-11-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre on another beautiful sunny day an as 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas listens to the warm loving melodies played so exquisitly on your Romantic Paradise Cd while watching the shimmering silver sea she is totally overwhelmed with the great joy an wonder that music gives to the day. The more you play the higher the spirits rise, continual smiles an happiness so great I just want to shout to the world, "embrace Andres' glorious music an feel just how fantastic life really is." No doubt you an your wonderful Orkest will be busy rehearsing for your 1st Concert in Amsterdam on Thursay, oh to be near your studio hearing the lively marches an waltzes - yes I'd dance in the street - then shed a tear at the stunning emotional ballads. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

11-11-2014 - Le houlme, France

Andre Rieu et son orchestre,c'est tout simplement splendide à chaque fois qu'il vient à Rouen nous sommes mon mari et moi dans les 10 premiers rangs,nous sommes allés le voir également au Stade de France
nous souhaiterions aller l'écouter à Maastrich en juillet 2015 (mais pour çà mettez toutes vos annonces en français) et est il possible d'aller écouter les répitions en studio?nous ne prenons jamais de vacances nos moments de plaisirs ce sont les soirées Andre Rieu

11-11-2014 - 14000, Peru


11-11-2014 - Hillcrest, Australia

Hi Andre,
Hope you're well. Love your music etc.
What's the name of the 9yr old girl who sang in your concert? She is absolutely fantastic!
Keep up the good work but don't wear yourself out!
Luv from Maureen in Oz!

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