Gloria Kitto
20-07-2014 - Wadebridge, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
My friends and I went to our local cinema to watch your 2014 live concert last night. We were all thrilled with the whole show and thought we were actually there!
A few years ago my husband told me aout your TV series and thought it was my kind of music. It certainly was! I was hooked and recorded all the series so I could watch these shows again and again. My friend and I came to see your live 2013 show also. Our cinema was packed.
I would love to come to your beautiful Maastricht for your concert in 2015. My dream come true!!
With love,
Gloria, Ethel, Enice and Rose
P.S. I am hoping my husband will join me in 2015!!

Liz Thomas Bolton England
20-07-2014 - Bolton lancs, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Marjorie, JSO and all concerned with the production of concert in cinemas on July 19th. Congratulations on 10 year anniversary, the wonderful artists you shared with us, little Amira, the little girl with the big big beautiful voice, the Gondoliers, what a great surprise they gave us, the lovely views of Maastrict, a truly wonderful evening that left us all BUZZING!!! and all this amidst all the grief of the terrible air disaster.

Thank you once again Andre, and wish as you do that all the people of the world could change their weapons for musical instruments

Valerie Mann,Bexleyheath,Kent,DA7 4BD London UK
20-07-2014 - London, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, First, my heart goes out to the families and friends of the people who were lost in the Malaysian airliner crash.
I attended the cinema presentation of your Vrijthof concert last night with friends. As usual it was a fantastic show filled with a wide variety of music to suit everyone. I was sad to hear Carla is leaving but I send best wishes and good luck to her for her new operatic career. She has a lovely voice and will be much missed.
I was particularly moved last night to see you leave the stage and dance with the 100 year old nun you had met on her birthday.. She looked so happy and am sure she had "an unforgettable evening with Andre Rieu"!!
I hope all goes well for the last concert tonight. Thank you, the JSO and artists once again for the music. Love to you all

Margaret Reece, Mansfield, England
20-07-2014 - Mansfield, nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and orchestra, just returned from your concert 18th July in Maastricht on a 3 day coach trip with Newmarket, it was absolutely fantastic, if I were to die tomorrow I would be happy in the knowledge that I finally got to see Andre Rieu live and listened to your fabulous music, I have no favourite piece I love them all but especially the waltzes.
I returned home last night and have lost my voice completely, but I will hold the memories of my special night deep in my heart.
Thank you all for a fantastic and magical evening and may you carry on playing forever.
Kind regards and love to you all

Teresa Priest. Sussex, UK
20-07-2014 - Worthing, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and everyone in Orchestra, Thank You so much for the WONDERFUL concerts on 11th & 12th July. I was so happy to return to Maastricht.
Also watched your concert again at the cinema yesterday, very, very enjoyable. Pleased to say that there was not an empty seat, and everyone was applauding, although you could not hear us.
So lovely that you kept your promise to waltz with Sister Leona.

Heike Scheifers Paderborn / Deutschland
20-07-2014 - Paderborn, Germany

Lieber Andre Rieu und Orchester!
Seit gestern bin ich der glücklichste Mensch auf Erden. Seit vielen Jahre bin ich großer Fan von Ihnen und ihrem Orchester. Einige Cds darf ich mein eigen nennen. Gestern habe ich anläslich menes 50 Geburtstages ein Konzertticket von meinem Lebensgefährten und meinen Kindern geschenkt bekommen für Köln im Februar 2015. Darauf freue ich mich schon jetzt. Es wird sicherlich ein herrlicher Abend werden. Villeicht bekomme ich ich ja auch noch die Chance Herrn Rieu einmal ganz nahe zu sehen /zu treffen. Ich wünsche IHnen allen noch viele schöne Konzerte und verbleieb mit ganz lieben Grüßen aus Deutschland /Paderborn Heike Scheifers

Muriel Dosogne, Belgique
20-07-2014 - Waterloo, Belgium

Cher André,
Ne pouvant assister sur place au concert à Maastricht, nous nous sommes rendues, ma mère et mère et moi-même dans un cinéma qui le retransmettait...
Un tout grand merci pour ce long moment de bonheur et de bonne humeur passé en votre compagnie et celle de votre magnifique orchestre. Une fois de plus, vous nous avez enchantées... Vivement le 15 novembre et Bruxelles pour assister "en vrai" à votre concert.
Milles merci !!!!

20-07-2014 - Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

Mijn dochtertje van bijna 4 heeft Downsyndroom. Zij eet niet zelf en moet 3 tot 4 uur per dag aan een voedingspomp zitten. Van baby af aan kijkt ze vol overgave dvd's naar jullie concerten. We hebben inmiddels een hele collectie en ze imiteert vanalles wat ze ziet. Omdat ze ook niet kan lopen dansen we veel met haar op jullie muziek! Bedankt voor het plezier wat jullie in haar leven brengen.

20-07-2014 - Shanklin, United Kingdom

Andre - we saw your show on the Isle of Wight (in the UK) last evening and were start struck by the whole event but in particular the young soprano Amira. What a fantastic voice she has and with no training. We hope that we shall be able to come to Maastricht in the not too distant future to see the show live. We hope that there may be a DVD shortly so that we can relive the memories of this special 10th anniversary concert

Sheila White
20-07-2014 - Leatherhead, United Kingdom

Fantastic Maastricht concert at Epsom cinema last night........we took two friends who had NEVER HEARD of you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They went home with 4 of my 35 DVDs to try and catch up with what they have been missing for the last 20 years!!! Two new fans

Sheila White

Sylvia Laidlaw, Hadrian Park, Tyne and Wear, England
20-07-2014 - Wallsend, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

I have just come down to earth after watching your 10th Anniversary Concert last night. A big thank you for giving your fans who can't visit Maastricht the opportunity to see the concert courtesy of CinemaLive. We all know you are a genius at organising and putting on concerts which captivate your audiences but I think you excelled with this one. The concert was absolutely brilliant and was filled with so many magical moments such as Amira the talented nine year old singer and you dancing the waltz with the 100 year old nun. You looked so well and happy and obviously enjoying yourself. I look forward to the DVD so I can relive this spectacular concert again at home.

I hope you enjoy your holiday with Marjorie and enjoy spending time with your beloved family.


Brian Whitehouse England
20-07-2014 - Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

What a lovely evening at our local tiny cinema. Andre and band at there best came home with the music still buzzing in my head. One of the best concerts I have ever seen and the young singer was so good. Keep it up Andre we all love your music.

Birte Michelsen
20-07-2014 - Munkebo, Denmark

Dear Andre. You and your orchestra are fantastic. I have just seen you in the cinema here in Denmark.Your msic are wonderfull and I enjoyed it reaally. Good luck to all of you

20-07-2014 - Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom

Dear Andre had the most wonderful night at the cinema last night i took my daughter and now she is a fan she loved it i think this year you excelled your selves and the thoughtfulness you had to dance with the lovely old lady shows what a compassionate man you are i will see you again in December so you and all the jso and family have a lovely break after these concerts
Love to you all Irene

Joan Peters
20-07-2014 - Wodonga, Australia

Sadly Howard & Susan Horder from Australia, who were so excited to attend one of your concerts in Maastricht, were on their way home on Malaysian Air, when they tragically lost their lives. We remember all the victims with love.

Mary Lazenby, Richmond, Tasmania, Australia
20-07-2014 - Richmond, Australia

Dear Andre
Two of the Australians who died in that terrible plane crash, Howard and Susan Horder of Queensland, were on their way home from attending a concert of yours in Maastricht which was the third time in your city. They also had attended a concert of yours in Australia and were avId fans.

Fay Roberts Toongabbie N.S.W. Australia;
20-07-2014 - Sydney, Australia

Dear Andre' You have such a hugh gift of HUMANITY always thinking of others, May God Watch over You & Yours always.

Beverley Farmer, Aberdeen, Scotland.
20-07-2014 - ,

Dear Andre and Orchestra, my husband and I were in Maastricht on the 12th of July to see your concert. Fantastic evening. It was the first time my husband had seen you live and he said he would like to see you again. Good news for me! Another trip in the near future beckons! Saw you again tonight in the cinema with my parents. Was absolutely brilliant to see you again and glad to see that nothing had been edited. Great that they had left in your unexpected sneeze! Hilarious. Thanks for a wonderful evening in Maastricht and also in the cinema tonight.

20-07-2014 - Maldon, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, with two best friends I made it to the cinema in Braintree last evening. What a magical time we had. Obviously I would have loved to have been sitting on the Vrithjof, and I will be there next year. A lovely couple who sat in front of us were there last weekend and told us all about the atmosphere -second to none! Sooooo jealous that I was a little tearful :-( Thank you for beautiful music, special memories and making new friends at each concert and cinema showing :-) Now looking forward to November and seeing you and your wonderful company in Brussels and December in London. Take care dear Maestro. Best wishes to you, your family and company x

Alison Sarah Carroll.Glasgow.Scotland
20-07-2014 - 4ll, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,

I'm looking forward to seeing you for the very
First time at the Glasgow hydro.

My thoughts and prayers are with the many people
That died because of this terrible plane crash.

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