28-07-2016 - Warsaw, Poland

Dear André,
Your Maastricht concert in the cinema Atlantic in Warsaw was fabulous. As always! Obviously we didn’t have such a rock’n’roll party during encores in the cinema as the audience on Vrijthof had experienced. But it’s our fault after all. We should have gone to Maastricht! :)))

Thank you André and enjoy your holidays (hope you have scheduled some..)

Helge Jensen
27-07-2016 - BØNES, Norway

Hi André, Sorry I missed the Maastricht concerts but I'm here now, where are you? It's a lovely city and I will stay for a few days. See you next year in july.

Isobel & Stewart
27-07-2016 - Kiel, Germany

We visited your concert in Maastricht on the 10 July 2016 it was wonderful expirience and we will be back next year to see you all again. Enjoy your summer vacation and we send our best wishes to you and the members of the JSO

Linda Curley, Gillingham, Dorset, UK
27-07-2016 - Gillingham, Dorset, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
Went to see you at Cinema Live on Saturday, fantastic! - as usual. I was in tears from the beginning showing us the sights of Maastricht and having been there previous years I was so wishing I was there again - still next year awaits! It was lovely to see Pierre and his interviews with the audience. It was our privilege to meet Pierre some years ago and you should be so proud of both of your sons, as I am sure you are. I always pop to see Marc at his exhibition, which is amazing, it is my first stop! They are both very courteous and friendly, it must be hard, as there are so many people wishing to speak to both of them. Yet another triumph, I am sure you are aware you are a very lucky man! xx

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
27-07-2016 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, what a super reception you received from your cinema programme.To say you broke box office records does not surprise me at all. Your genuine warmth and humour makes you a very special man indeed.You so deserve all the fantastic feedback from your fans worldwide.
You put happiness into our hearts when the world is such a troubled place.

Please Andre enjoy some downtime with your lovely wife Marjorie and let her enjoy quality time with such a special husband.

Love from Elaine.

Rose G
27-07-2016 - London, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
like I said we took our daughter to Maastricht this year and she wants to go again next year there we are another fan every night when she comes home (she lives in Liverpool but works in London) she asks her dad to put another DVD of yous on it relaxes her before bedtime she is just like her mum hope you are relaxing before you start again God Bless and keep you safe you are certainly THE KING OF THE WALTZ`there is no one else like you see you in Liverpool in December love to you allxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

27-07-2016 - Mollerussa, Spain

Siempre he visto tus conciertos por youtube, y también tengo CD y y videos. Es fabuloso, creo que me quedaría corta de palabras para describir la magia de tus conciertos, tienes una gran carisma y eso lo reflejas con tus colegas o la familia con la que trabajas. Tienes un grupo de músicos maravillosos, que disfrutan y hacen disfrutar a toda la gente que los escucha y los ve.
Ojala que en tu programa hagas una visita a Barcelona en especial LLeida., sé que es pedir mucho.....
Un beso a todos a la distancia

Ann Woolven. Southend on Sea Essex
27-07-2016 - Essex, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I am writing to let you know how much I and my friends enjoyed the Cinema Live broadcast of the Maastricht concert last Saturday. The orchestra, choir and sololists were all up to their usual very high standard, and the selection of music was excellent. I would also like to congratulate the camera operators who produced the perfect ratio of shots of audience to performers in the transmission. Last but by no means least, I would like to thank and congratulate Pierre for his contributions both before the performance and during the interval. Both were very interesting and enlightening regarding what happens behind the scenes and were well presented. So thank you and all involved with a wonderful evening's entertainment.

Vivienne Pratt
27-07-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre
In my excitement and impatience to tell you how much I loved your totally enchanting Maastricht 2016 I forgot to thank you for the other 'magic' that you and Marjorie have created for us! I was overjoyed when I saw that, via UK Cinemas, you will screen an enchanting 'Christmas with Andre Rieu' in November too! My ‘heart took flight’ too knowing that in December I would see you in Concert at Wembley! Your kindness and generosity makes me feel very honoured and proud indeed Andre. Another joy yesterday was your lovely tweeted image giving a glimpse of your 'Nunnery' which immediately brought to mind 'In a Monastery Garden’ and how exquisite it would sound in this beautiful haven of peace. With all my heart I thank you Andre. With love and respect always Viv xx

27-07-2016 - Uccle, Belgium

Bonjour au prince de mes rèves . j'espère que vous profitez de ce repos bien mérité , ainsi que Marjorie qui le mérite bien aussi.
profitez bien tous les deux, désolée de ne pas écrire plus de choses a part que vous ètes dans mes pesées tous les jours. profitez bien de ses retrouvailles a deux, tant attendues .
je vous envoie mon prince mes plus tendres baisers,, et passez mes amitiés a Marjorie .
pour vous prince de mes reves (POUR VOUS UNE DOUCE PENSEE,VOUS ETES L' AMOUR DE MA VIE) a bientôt je vous aime.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
27-07-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre azure blue skies an already 28c. Now 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is in Corsica an waiting to take a tour of the island on a little train the harbour is very busy with many large yachts an lovely old buildings an craggy hills in the distance.Last evening just one beautiful piece of Andre Music that was the Blue Danube as a display of waltzes etc was given by some members of past Strictly Come Dancing contestants. At least the music bought back wonderful memories of your past Concerts an that magical moment when you hit the full melody an one must dance. My new friends an I are going to try to get one of the small bands to play a few of your fantastic pieces of music as ?I have loaded them a couple of your CDs to listen to.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

27-07-2016 - Grave, Netherlands

Hoi Andre,
Afgelopen weekend zijn mijn moeder en ik naar de bioscoop geweest voor uw concert. Bedankt voor de geweldige avond, het concert was prachtig!
Afwisselend, ontroerend, mijn complimenten! In ons anders zo rustige bioscoopje heeft u twee volle zalen getrokken! Ik als kerstliefhebber kom natuurlijk ook naar uw kerstconcert kijken, want dit was zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!

Ik weet dat u en uw orkest ook regelnatig soundtracks van films enz. spelen. Als u nog suggesties wilt hebben: luister eens naar de soundtrack van game of thrones, door Ramin Dwajadi, hier staan enkele prachtige stukken tussen, die ik graag eens door uw orkest gespeeld zou willen horen worden!

Nogmaals bedankt en geniet van uw vakantie!

bliquy danielle
27-07-2016 - Saint saulve, France

mille bisous aux senteurs très fortes de l'été ! dans mon antre je me laisse caresser par votre si jolie musique, je pleure toujours cette absence vers Maastricht mais je pressentais ce dont j'ai vécu en ce début juillet ! je relativise en m'abandonnant vers tous mes beaux souvenirs et en pensant à mon futur concert, de tout coeur je vous souhaite ainsi qu'à toute la famille Rieu un repos bien mérité, de tendres baisers vers vous mon prince adoré de votre cht'ite Danielle

Catherine Crapart
27-07-2016 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
je vous souhaite de bonnes vacances en famille, je vois que vous faites construire, non pas un couvent pour les Nones!
Mais peut-être un genre de patio ombragé et un jardin à l'italienne avec des fontaines? Quoi que cela sera ,vous avez toujours de l'imagination pour réussir ce que vous entreprenez!
Profitez bien pour vous reposer après tous ces concerts!
Je repense toujours à mon concert de Maastricht où j'ai passé une merveilleuse soirée de musique!

Chris Jay, Lancashire, United Kingdom
27-07-2016 - SOUTHPORT, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, myself and seven friends enjoyed your concert on Saturday unfortunately we were only at the cinema but next year hopefully we will be with you in Maastricht. your a great musician and entertainer. Pitty about the jibes about us leaving Europe only time will tell on that one, I know some dutch people would like to joing us!

Donatella Pipitone Alfredini
26-07-2016 - TORINO, Italy

Buongiorno André, sabato ho assistito a Milano (Italy) UCI Cinema Live al concerto. Siamo stati tutti entusiasti per il fantastico spettacolo . Gli amici, che non ti conoscevano si sono subito appassionati. Avrebbe dovuto esserci il sold-out e invece la sala non aveva molte persone. Peccato! Forse non è stato pubblicizzato a sufficienza o nel modo giusto.Avevo letto che ci sarebbero stati i sottotitoli in inglese ma purtroppo mancavano
Un grazie di cuore a te ed a tutta la JSO per averci regalato tre ore indimenticabili e spero di poter essere presente ad un concerto in Francia. Auguro una felice e riposante estate in famiglia

Maggie sussex
26-07-2016 - Sussex, United Kingdom

dear Andre
Was at maastricht 9th july Was in the clouds for a few days
Went to the cinema twice and took a friend to see it .
She is hooked and coming next year to your wonderful city.
Marcel must be so proud of his sons to be able to play that difficult piece of music having to keep the rythm How cute was the new baby .You said it would be spectacular and it Was. The whole concert was electrifying from start to finish.How does the maestro do it .the concerts seem to reach new heights love life laughter Maggie take care all xxxxxxxxxxx

Sylvia Laidlaw, Hadrian Park, Wallsend, United Kingdom
26-07-2016 - Wallsend, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
Congratulations on the fantastic news that you have broken your own box office record for last year with the showing last weekend of your 2016 Maastricht Concert taking more than £1.4 million at the UK box office and thus becoming the Highest Grossing Music Concert of all time.
Already booked my ticket for the showing of "Christmas with Andre" on 19 November.
Lots of love
Sylvia XXX

Kay Harding
26-07-2016 - Clacton, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
My mum and I saw your Mastricht concert this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. We only saw it at the cinema but Mum cant travel anymore. She has always liked the waltz and Strauss but even so I think you have opened up the world to her. I have also found everything fantastic too. I now like the waltz perhaps as much as she does. I have never understood why classical music had to be boring though.
Thanks for the welcome to Europe tongue in cheek or not. We smiled anyway.
I am sure theres an Xmas concert I think 19th December ? Am I right?
I would also be thrilled, and so would she, if you could send mum your autograph - please
My mums name is Marjorie Vera Harding

Adele Geritzen
26-07-2016 - BARCHI, Italy

Hello Andre, I went to your concerts in Maastricht for the first weekend, for the 9th year in a row. Absolutely fantastic, thank you so much. I went to the Cinema Live in Ancona Italy.. The audience was not big , but they were very enthusiastic.
However , virtually all of them told me that they were disappointed not having subtitles , so they could not follow your commentary and humour. Most Italians in this part of Italy, certainly, do not understand much English , nearly nothing. It would be so nice if it were possible to make some subtitles next year; And if a translator is required - I would be very happy to volunteer ! All the best to you and all the Circus.. enjoy your well deserved holidays!

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