angélica romero apaulaza
10-04-2015 - Viña del mar, Chile

Muy contenta porque en agosto viene a Chile Andre Rieu y su orquesta, ya tengo las entradas para ir al concierto, viajo desde Viña del Mar a Santiago al Movistar en bus ida y vuelta, un poco pesado el viaje pero vale la pena con tal de ver a andre en persona, en DVD que tengo lo veo cuando quiero en casa. Que bueno que andre decidió venir a chile, nos ilusiona tanto, mil gracias, nos vemos en un tiempo más.

10-04-2015 - WEST BEACH, South-Africa

Dearest Andre and the JSO

I have amazing news!!! The best present for my 50th birthday ever!! A ticket to your Maastricht concert!!! How lucky can I be. Soooo excited..... Always dreamed about this... Now a reality. See you in July...

Carla Coetsee

Leila Rigoni
10-04-2015 - Cachoeiro de itapemirim - ES, Brasil

Olá André,
Sei que muitos devem te dizer isso, então serei mais uma a dizer: VOCÊ É SIMPLESMENTE MARAVILHOSO!!!!!
Infelizmente ainda não tive a oportunidade de assistir sua apresentação mas em breve realizarei esse sonho, se Deus quiser. Seria mais fácil se vc viesse a Vitória - Espírito Santo - Brasil - Será que um dia haveria essa possibilidade?
Um beijo bem grande, e muitas felicidades.

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
10-04-2015 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,Thankyou for heading to Aberdeen in December.I am sure the tickets will sell very quickly.I am already travelling to Glasgow for the fourth time so will have to miss out this year.Dare I wish that you may love the cold winter here so much that you will wish to return next year?In the meantime enjoy safe travels with your lovely JSO and soloists wherever you go in our world.No wonder we all love you,you give so much of your time to us all.
I wish you and Marjorie a happy time together as I know how much you treasure time with her and your family.
Love from Elaine

10-04-2015 - Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Andre te esperamos en Argentina! Vas a estar tan cerca luego de Chile, por favor tus fans deseamos que vuelvas!
We will wait you in Argentina, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10-04-2015 - PORT PIRIE, Australia

Dear Andre, Thank you for the beautiful music that made my Mum smile. No matter how many times she watched your dvd's the smile was always there. Sadly I lost my Mum to cancer on Feb 6th this year. Losing her was very hard for our family. Her Andre Rieu Collection is something we will treasure. May God continue to bless you to make everyone with your music.. Love from Wendy

mary gaywood carrickfergus
10-04-2015 - Carrickfergus, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and all the JSO, on my way to Belfast, it's a beautiful day here in Northern Ireland, I hope it is the same in Maastricht. Hope you are all enjoying your break. Collecting our tickets for the cinema today can't wait to see it, it will be magic. Take care everyone thinking of you all.

Enid Y Russell. Cooma.NSW Australia
10-04-2015 - Cooma, Australia

Hi Andre and JSO

My lucky week, just bought 3DVD set of 100 memorable moments(didn't realise DVDs were available) Had the CDs awhile.
Now today my DVD/CD came of The Magic Violin.. The Song of the Volga and Romance in F have always been favourites, now I can add more-No 10, Was Schoneres kann sein als ein Wiener Lied and No. 15, Song to the Moon, as well of course to finish it off December Lights.
Still checking anxiously for another Aussie visit.
love as always

Catherine Crapart
10-04-2015 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je vous souhaite un bon week-end ensoleillé!
Bonnes répétitions pour les concerts à venir!
Merci pour les photos!
Que la musique vienne apporter beaucoup de bonheur à TOUS!
J'aime à revoir vos DVD qui sont merveilleux et les images nous font voyager dans des endroits de rêve!

Diogo L. Fernandes
10-04-2015 - Arraiolos, Portugal

Good evening, dear André
I would just like to tell you that I'm a great fan of yours. Thanks to my grandmother, who was also a big fan, I "discovered" you through a CD she had. I listned and I loved. Since then my admiration for you has been growing! I'm from Portugal and I beg you to come here and marvelous us all with your magnificent concerts. Thank you for being so brilliant!
Best Regards
Diogo L. Fernandes

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
09-04-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre warm sunshine but very hazy out to sea an so funny watching the little children having racing games with their bicycles, maybe you'r doing this with your beloved grandchildren!! At this moment 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas is being soothed an relaxed by the wonderful music from your Moonlight Serenade Cd in preparation for a visit to the hospital this afternoon for a check up to see when I will be allowed to travel home. It is working wonders taking me away from all my problems. So many different beautiful pieces of music giving different visions an sensations, a time to reflex an look forward an use the uplifting music to gain strength to get through another day. Bless you Andre for the wonder you bring. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Vivienne Pratt
09-04-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Recently I read a lovely Dutch media interview with your multi-talented Trombonist, Ruud Merx, for which I thank him very much. He answered a question for me. Hearing your emotive rendition of TOSELLI's SERENADE, whether it be in your enchanting first Maastricht Summer Concert 'SONGS FROM MY HEART' or your most recent romantic, emotional and uplifting 'LOVE IN VENICE', its always ‘fresh’ and, if its possible, more beautiful than before! Ruud explained your musical pieces are written giving you and your JSO room to improvise and create different nuances. As he put it “Andre is a Sweet Factory and picks whichever flavour he chooses!” No wonder your life with your JSO is a harmonious marriage of minds dear Maestro! Have a happy day. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Sylvia Laidlaw, Hadrian Park, Wallsend, United Kingdom
09-04-2015 - Wallsend, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
At last I am able to log in again on your website thanks to some advice from your Helpdesk staff for which I am very grateful.
I hope you had an enjoyable Easter holiday with your family. I am sure your grandchildren in particular would have loved having you at home.
I am pleased that Margaret is out of hospital and is on the road to recovery. I am sure being able to listen to your wonderful music again will act as a great tonic as she continues to recover from her serious illness. I know from personal experience that your music can help you through difficult times in life. It is nice to be able to read her letters in your guestbook once again.
Take care.
Love Sylvia xxx

bliquy danielle
09-04-2015 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou printemps vers mon prince adoré ! je parcours vos dates de concert et me dis que ce mois d'août aura un parfum chilien, hummm un grand bonheur attend ce pays mais avant votre belle musique fera son parcours vers de belles routes fleuries, vous laissez tant d'amour musical partout ou vous vous trouvez, oh! oui quel bonheur se dégage de toutes ces salles ou une tonne d'applaudissements vous acclame ! c'est un monde qui brille de grande joie en votre présence ! je ne cesse de vivre mes excellents moments, çà me fait tant de bien, de tendres baisers vers vous de votre cht'ite Danielle

08-04-2015 - Comuna de Recoleta, Chile

andres,te comento que somos fanaticos de tu musica y desde tu ultima visita a mi pais-Chile-me propuse y lo he logrado de tener a la fecha ,33 dvd de tus conciertos a travez del mundo,los cuales disfrutamos en familia y amigos,mediante pantalla gigante.esta nueva visita a mi pais este 21 y 22 de agosto de 2015,por supuesto ahi estaremos.SEAN TODOOOOSSS MUY BIENVENIDOS A MI PAIS NUEVAMENTE.GRACIAS

victor aguilera ortiz
08-04-2015 - Comuna de Recoleta, Chile

fabuloso ,grandioso,un regalo para nuestros oidos y nuestra alma,que nuevamente te presentes en mi pais,Chile, este 21 y 22 de agosto..los esperamos con ansias y los brazos abiertos.

andree henno d'uccle belgique
08-04-2015 - Uccle, Belgium

bonjour mon prince j'espere que vous un peut repose en attendant de reprendre la route au mois de mai.vous allez etre en pleine repetition.bon courage a vos musicieins.vous etes mon rayon de soleil de tous les jours je vous aime et vous adore .amitiés a Marjorie et a vous mon prince je vous envoie mes plus tendres baisers.

Moira Darroch, Scotland
08-04-2015 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
Great excitement again in Scotland as Gold Members are able to purchase tickets for your concert in Aberdeen! I already have my tickets for Glasgow of course, but have booked for Aberdeen this morning and got front row centre - heaven!! Have booked an hotel for after your concert and look forward to meeting up with "Andre" friends from Aberdeen who are absolutely delighted that you are performing in their home town as they always come down to your Glasgow concert, where we all met. Thank you for venturing to the cold North!! See you in July in Maastricht and until then, as ever, do take very good care of yourself and your wonderful sparkling blue eyes.
With much, much love
Moira xxxxxxxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
08-04-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Afternoon Dearest Andre on a beautiful sunny day with a calm silver sea. Not a good day yesterday with another visit from the Doctor an more medication but mid evening 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas decided to watch your wonderful La Vie Est Belle DVD and the beauty of the setting, the warm friendship of your heart to the people an the glorious music created by you an the wonderful JSO gave great strength of spirit to my heart that life is so good an when times are hard loosing yourself in truely wonderful music takes away fears an worries. Somehow at the end of the DVD I felt as if I was wrapped in a protective coat of love an care, tomorrow would be better an happier - once again 'The Rieu Magic' worked. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

08-04-2015 - Oxford, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Having failed to get our usual front row tickets for this year's Birmingham Concert, I realised that I had been extremely lucky in the past and obviously needed to become a Gold Member. This I have done, and hope that if you add extra Concerts in Birmingham or Wembley, I may stand a chance of superb seats on the floor?? I am also looking forward to receiving my Gold Member gift.
From a 'big' fan and regular viewer of your weekend TV Concerts.

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