bliquy danielle
26-01-2015 - Saint saulve, France

quelques jours de repos prince adoré pour profiter de la glisse ! Maastricht a revêtu son manteau blanc, votre ville reste fantastique été comme hiver ! mon Saint Saulve n'a connu jusqu'à ce jour un samedi verglassé recouvert de neige et désormais la pluie reprend son cours, pour éviter de l'entendre tomber quoi de mieux que de se noyer dans toutes vos belles notes, elles ont ce don de me ressourcer et de penser au futur qui de jour en jour m'emportera vers Lille pour y vivre mon moment de bonheur, mille pensées vers vous, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

25-01-2015 - Thale, Germany

Hallo Andre,
wir haben das Konzert in Magdeburg erlebt und sind begeistert, wie die Solisten und das Orchester die Musik darboten. Es war ein echter Genuß, obwohl ich skeptisch wegen der Akustik in der GETEC-Arena war. Die Klangfülle durch das große Orchester hat uns den vorgestrigen Abend unvergessen werden lassen. Man merkte allen Akteuren an, daß sie auch richtig Spaß am musizieren haben. Das sprang natürlich auch auf das Publikum über, was dann ordentlich mitzog im Melodienrausch.
Vielen, vielen Dank für diesen gelungenen Konzertabend und HARZliche Grüße aus Thale
von Familie B.

Gerardo Estrada Hernandez
25-01-2015 - Azcapotzalco, Mexico

Estimado Andre, me permito brindarle una sincera felicitacion. por su arte, por su trato y por su sensibilidad tanto musical como humana, gracias por permitirme entrar en su mundo y ojala pronto regrese usted a mi pais donde como usted lo vio es bien recibido y cuenta con afecto

Adrian Chirila, Essex, UK
25-01-2015 - Ss14 2rn, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
I have watched and listened to your concert at the Wembley Arena on the 20.12.2014. This was my first concert with you. There are no words to describe the joy and appreciation of your show. For those two hours I have experienced and lived in a magic world. It took me out of the horrible daily stress and made me feel simply happy.
I wish I would have the opportunity to invite you to dinner next time you are in UK, but obviously I realize you receive thousands of such invitations.
With all due respect Maestro,

Kirsten Esbensen
25-01-2015 - Soenderborg, Denmark

Hello Andre and JSO
We are looking forward to the concert in Hamburg.
Please if you later in your program could play :Estrahlen die Lichter von Csardasfürstin. It is a very wonderfull
piece !!!!.
Kind regards

Gill Wilton Northamptonshire UK
25-01-2015 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre I hope you enjoy your short break before you are back On tour looking forward to all photos
Keep looking at your calendar to see if dates for UK pop up. I keep wishing
Love to you all
Gill xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
25-01-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre a calm steel grey sea little fishing boats appearing from the mist, a day of magic an mystery the beautiful fairy tale music from Andre in Wonderland was made for this morning an is already making the eyes of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas sparkle, I gasp in total awe as the enchanting music enfolds me in a world of blissful happiness, you an your lovely JSO never fail as you play to give music a unique quality that always makes a person an a day Very Special. 'The Andre Effect' can be clearly seen in the happy faces of the audience at your Concert in Chemnitz, many will have been unable to sleep singing the music over again an reliving the sensational pleasure it gave to the heart. Travel safely home to your beloved family.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Alberto angel
25-01-2015 - 20 de julio, Colombia

Hello Mr rieu, i like too much your musicc,its greats.i have your videos,,dvd.thank for give us so much happines.. I admire you.i hope can recive notice of your activites in my mail .your music give me peace Miriam Escamilla López
24-01-2015 - Atlacomulco, Mexico

dear mr. rieu: I´m miriam escamilla lópez, from méxico. I want to ask you if you can include in your program more mexican music and the music of the beatles, please.

You can come to méxico whenever you want. Congratulations.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
24-01-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre lovely sunshine but very windy, the waves crash over the pier. It's a time for that 'Rieu Magic' notes of peaceful, warm loving music that fall like scented rose petals,giving the happiest of hearts an great smiles, your beautiful Dreaming Cd has an enchanting perfection that only your great talent an 'oneness' with music can create. Listening to you in interviews an reading your thoughts on life makes 'the Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas wish your philosophy of life could be 'bottled' an one given to every person in the world, plus one of your CDs. A teaspoon each day while listening to your glorious music will give a contented heart, inner strength an untold joy. Have a lovely weekend an enjoy 'being Grandpa' once you get home. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Patrick dagostino
24-01-2015 - Gzira, Malta

Hi Andre i live at malta and i just saw your videos of your concerts of any music that you and your your group are great and the people that you visit all enjoy your music. I saw your tours around the world that you are very busy and i like that some day will come to malta to give us a great music . I play in the bands for 25 years and i stop but i listen your music so great . I cant arrange nothing to bring you to malta but if you ask some people to arrange to come like manoel theatre people will do some thing for malta and i will be in the front row . I hope that i will see you at malta in the future and thanks

Zizi Bergamaschi
23-01-2015 - São Palo, Brasil

Please, please, please, you must to go back to São Paulo, Brazil!!! Please, please, please!!!

Iva, Serbia
23-01-2015 - Belgrade, Serbia

COME to Belgrade
Dear Mr. Rieu and his team members, my name is Iva and I am writing you from Belgrade, main city in Serbia. My whole family are your great admirers. My father first introduce me with your music, he is your fan. I wanted to ask is it possible for you to come and have concert in Belgrade. That will be great event for all music lovers here and in the Balkans. I am now listening your concert in Brazil from 2013 and what can I say, this is beautiful and stunning performance. Every second of the Skaters Waltz is to enjoy and to feel like your are in clouds. Your whole orchestra is charming and your concert is like never ending tale.
I hope we will soon have the chance to enjoy your music live and to dance also.
All the best from Belgrade for the whole team!
Yours faithfully.

bras yvonne
23-01-2015 - Panazol, France

bonjour andré , comme disais catherine de montigny c'est dommage que l'on ne vous voit pas plus sur les chaines françaises . je viens de m'apercevoir en écoutant votre musique que vous pourriez faire un CD que de mélodies ou vous jouez en soliste : may-way , serenade du rossignol , roméo et juliette , le parrain , l'adajio , les roses du sud , le titanic ben , music of the nigt , komm tsygan ; pour cette derniere vous avez une dexterité formidable . vous devriez la mettre dans votre programme .enfin voilà !!une idée de CD qui je crois en enchanterai plus d'un car c'est tellement agréable de vous entendre avec votre merveilleux violon , mais le violon ne fait pas tout . vous m'avez beaucoup aporté depuis que je vous écoute
recevez toute mon amitiée.

Vivienne Pratt
23-01-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,
You have composed arranged, conducted, played and recorded alongside your magnificent JSO the most exquisite collection of music ever and I never cease to give thanks for being in the World at the same time as you. Yesterday, amongst others, your stunning Album 'YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE' resonated through my home. Annie's Song, Con te Partiro, Mondscheinsonate, the powerful All I ask of You, the stunning Nearer My God to Thee, Yours Forever and the very emotional You'll Never Walk Alone, to name just a few exquisite pieces, allowed me to escape into the music and ‘feel the love’ you injected into each piece. Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Maestro. Safe journeys to Magdeburg and Kiel. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
23-01-2015 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre, though very frosty there is brilliant sunshine an the sparkle from the sea gives a feeling that spring isn't far away. The great happiness an warmth of heart your glorious music from the magnificent And The Waltz Goes On Cd brings to 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas a vison of the first Snowdrops followed by lovely Daffodils an the very pretty mauve Andre Tulips. Now The Masterpiece Dreaming of N. Zealand creates an explosion of awesome wonder an love at the beautiful world we have, that bow in your hands is painting a picture of the unity an friendship that comes between people who let your music be a part of their life. Tonight in Magdeburg the Concert Hall will ring with superb music giving enormous smiles an untold joy. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Ram - father of Fletcher Chatha aged 2 yrs
23-01-2015 - Newton Aycliffe , United Kingdom

Hello Andre

We as a family love your music. However the one person who lives, breathes you, your music, your shows and even imitates you is our son. He has been listening to your music for over 2 years and listens to you first thing in the morning and numerous times throughout the day. We were enjoying it so much we bought him his first violin, within one week he could hold the violin as it should be held and started playing 'noise' but to us beautiful noise. As he learnt to be gentle he started playing it slowly and started taking the violin everywhere. So for Christmas we got him his first 'proper' violin. He has enjoyed it so much. I have videos of him watching you on tv and doing everything you do on stage. He hums to the tunes etc so thank you from my son who is 2yrs and 2 month old

bliquy danielle
23-01-2015 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou vers vous prince des coeurs, cette fin de semaine réchauffera nombre de coeurs, ce froid sera vite oublié grâce à votre merveilleuse musique, dans mon antre lorsqu'elle caresse mes oreilles je me sens si bien !!! j'ai hâte de vous applaudir à nouveau, mars se rapproche doucettement pour me conduire vers Lille ou là tous vos cht'is vivront leur soirée d'exception !!! je vous souhaite une excellente fin de semaine prince de mon coeur, tendres baisers de mon Saint Saulve Danielle

Robert Goulart Marcéllo, Santa Catarina, Brasil
22-01-2015 - Cocal do Sul , Brasil

Olá André, espero ansiosamente por mais uma visita ao Brasil!! Adoro a Carmen, Carla e toda Orquestra, Fantástico!!

Vivienne Pratt
22-01-2015 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I watched your interview on ZDF with Markus Lanz and loved it! It was so nice to gain insight of your views on things occurring in the World that also concern your publicum. Of course my favourite piece of the interview was you and dear Pierre discussing your close involvement with your beautiful little granddaughters. Its so lovely that they call you 'The Stalker' as an endearing description of your love and dedication to your grandchildren! If only all the little children in the World had such dedicated family to guide and comfort them: I know your little Granddaughters return your affection 'a millionfold'! Safe journey and magical evening of music in Chemnitz dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

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