11-07-2014 - Dublin, Ireland

Complements to everyone on a great show at the Vrijthof, we enjoyed the concerts on Sat 5th & Sun 6th July. Great Balance to the night. Tickets booked for Dublin in December.

Margaret Gilby SA2 8BT Swansea
10-07-2014 - Swansea, United Kingdom

Hi Andre. Early start tomorrow morning, on the way
to Maastricht for Saturdays concert. Just checked
weather there, thunder storms good thing
I have all weather gear even waterproof trousers.
We will enjoy ourselves. I have my eye on one of Marc's
paintings (The Windmill.) Very hard to choose.

See you all Saturday, So sorry your football team
missed out, after a long hard fight Wednesday evening.

Best Wishes Margaret

John Walker
10-07-2014 - Retford, United Kingdom

Hi Andre.

At long last, my wife and I and a family friend made the trek to Maastricht (from UK). It gave our television a rest (Sky Arts 2) for which it is eternally grateful! Your music is inspirational and the JSO dripping in talent. We admire the whole Rieu 'business engine', you deserve the success you have worked so hard for. I don't need to pen more accolades as it has been done so eloquently by others before me. Suffice to say, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Best regards John, Gill and Fiona. (XXX from the girls)

BLAYDA bernadette
10-07-2014 - VARANGEVILLE, France

Fan d'andré RIEU depuis de nombreuses années, je viens d'aller à Maastricht pour assister à son concert le 6 juillet au Vrijtoff. même sous la pluie, ce fut magnifique et je ne regrette pas d'avoir fait 700 km pour admirer le maître.

j'espère qu'il repassera bientôt par Nancy pour que je puisse aller de nouveau passer une soirée magnifique.

bravo encore et merci pour cette soirée magnifique.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
10-07-2014 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Dearest Andre on this beautiful sunny day an even though it is late in the afternoon 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas couldn't let a day go by without writing to you. I've been with a cancer patient in the local hospital since early this morning giving comfort and support during a series of treatments. Wonderful music from 3 of your Cds have been our constant companion, troubles fears pain an worries have been eased an swept away as piece after piece of uplifting glorious music enchants an takes over the mind. The lady in treatment said she was in a Kingdom of light and love with the music painting pictures of flowered landscapes full of happy dancing ladies an being with Andre she knew no fear. Thank You Precious Man for your treasued gift. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Vivienne Pratt
10-07-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Just read some stunning reviews of last weekends magical 'Venice in Maastricht' 10th Anniversary Concerts! Your amazing romantic backdrops and scene-sets have 'blown your publicum away'! Special mention too to the absolutely exquisite performances of dear Mirusia 'I Belong to Me' and Carla's 'Cara Nome'. You and your JSO are the best Andre and the report goes on to say you are one of the International Top Ten Performers in the whole World. Of course we all know that but its nice to see these words splashed across the Globe in Lights! Hope you're day goes well Andre. Tomorrow we see you on the Buhne again and my friends in Maastricht can't wait! Adieu for now dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

Mireille JOURDAN
10-07-2014 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous !
Maastricht un peu pluvieux n'arrêtera pas vos fans ! Je suis de tout coeur avec vous tous et mes amis fans que je ne pourrai pas rencontrer demain au Fans-dinner hélas. Mais j'assisterai à vos deux derniers concerts des 19 et 20 pour vous applaudir de tout coeur, même s'il pleut !.... et même avec ma canne pour m'aider à marcher !!!
Ne soyez pas pleut aussi ici en Provence et je ne peux vous envoyer qu'un grand bouquet de rayons de soleil fictifs du fond de mon coeur avec mille baisers affectueux. Allez Maastricht !!!!

Catherine Crapart
10-07-2014 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Encore félicitations ! pour ce magnifique concert de vendredi 4 juillet, j'ai passé une soirée inoubliable avec cette très belle musique! Carla et Mirusia très belles robes et magnifiques voix!
J'ai rencontrer une Fan de Mexico qui a voyager avec moi en train de Liège à Maastricht, un bonjour à Xitlalli!
En 2015 j'espère vous revoir à Paris , je sais que de nombreuses fans qui ne peuvent aller à Maastricht vous y attendent !
J'espère que le soleil reviendra pour vos prochains concerts !
Bravo pour votre bande dessinée ! Les enfants vont adorer!
Toujours plein de bonnes idées!

10-07-2014 - 1285, Argentina

Buenas noches quiero agradecerle el placer que nos causa al escucharlo y la simpatía que derrama. Pero quiero contarle algo que supongo le va a agradar tengo una nieta de 28 meses y adora sus videos cuando esta frente a la computadora pide por nene nene es por usted y además quiere aprender violín y hay que verla cuando intenta dirigir la orquesta como lo hace usted. Muchisímas gracias otra vez y esperamos verlo pronto en Argentina ah!!!!!!!!!!gracias por sus felicitaciones por el mundial.

janice east kilbride scotland uk
09-07-2014 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

Just back from Maastricht and an absolute joy to listen to.
This was my first Concert on the 6th which was on Sunday, will return next year definately.

Joy to all at the square and congratulations to Soloists and Orchestra Members and you Andre of course.



vicky laurie ickwell bedfordshire england
09-07-2014 - Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Hi everybody have got tickets for 19th july for the theatre show looking forward to it also can not wait for
new c.d. to come out be safe x

Vivienne Pratt
09-07-2014 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre
Many of my friends arrived in Maastricht yesterday and others began their journeys from around the World today. All of them cant wait to send me texts and images indicating the Magical Maestro of Maastricht, YOU, is visible to them, and how excited they are to see you looking handsome and vigorous with a bounce in your step ready to recommence your spectacular 10th Anniversary Concert weekend and I have to say, Andre, I’m impatient to get their messages and pictures! I must confess too to being impatient to see your new super romantic 'Love in Venice' DVD and CD! I know for sure it will be full of the World's most beautiful melodies of love, some of them your own, played exquisitely in your own inimitable style. Adieu for now dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv xx

09-07-2014 - Warsaw, Poland

I still see Vrijthof and hear your music in my head!!
What a pity we had to return so soon! How dull to wake up and accept that my neighbors’ dog barks at me as usual, my kids prefer fast food rather than my elaborate salads, as usual…O God!
Next year I’ll stay in Maastricht the whole month!!! If only I solve the eternal dilemma: or you have time, or you have money; it’s difficult to have both:))

Meanwhile, see you in the cinema! It won’t be the same– nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace the magic of your concerts in Maastricht!!! Must be the energy and happiness you radiate when you are in your hometown… Did you know it?
City of Jolly People, indeed!! :)
For now, I am going to enjoy the cinema and to appreciate all the details I overlooked on the concert.
Fun and sun this weekend!!!:)

bliquy danielle
09-07-2014 - Saint saulve, France

d'énormes souvenirs voyagent dans mon esprit, des moments d'exceptions en compagnie d'un être d'exception, oh! oui prince des coeurs c'est ce que vous êtes, vous êtes doté d'idées inépuisables pour qu'un monde entier soit heureux, notre place du bonheur est vraiment le rendez-vous des gens heureux, cet endroit est féérique et nous enlève tous nos soucis, merci à vous d'exister !!!! je souhaite à tous et toutes des concerts merveilleux, il n'y a rien de mieux lorsque l'on est en compagnie d'André Rieu, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
08-07-2014 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hello Andre Hope you are well and resting up after the first concerts, we are looking forward to being on the Vrijthof with you and the JSO on the last weekend, friends have told me how wonderful all three of the first concerts have been. I was sad to see how the concert goers had left all the litter for your team to clear up, you give us bottles of water for us to drink you give us ponchos to keep us dry surely the least we could all do is to take our litter away with us. I have ordered sunshine for our visit to Maastricht so fingers crossed.
Love from Judy in a very wet Stourbridge England

marie-jo jean-michel charton 21000 DIJON FRANCE
08-07-2014 - Dijon, France

CHER ANDRE , j'e vois aux photographies que vos spectacles se passent bien..... mais qu'a t'on fait de si mal pour mériter un pareil temps, qui doit magré tout vous contrarier je regarde la méteo maastricht tous les jours mais guère d'embellie de prevue !!!!! nous arivons le 18 mais ce n'est pas mieux . bref nous aurons toujours la même grande joie d'assister a ce magnifique spectacle . bonne continuation et !!!a bientot sur le vrijthof que nous n'allons pas reconnaitre ...bons concerts a tous et grosse bises de DIJON .......ou il pleut sans arret .

Gwyn Cabral, Manchester
08-07-2014 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Your Italian set looks fantastic; can't wait to see it on Friday, 18th July. Have been reading some of the messages from people who were at your earlier concerts and the excitement is rising!!! Hope the weather is as good as we have here in the UK at present: warm, mostly beautiful sunshine with just a shower here and there. Pray that it won't be on the evening of 18th. This is my first concert in Maastricht and I am sure it will be as wonderful as I am expecting. I'm just sorry that I probably won't have the opportunity of saying 'hello' to you and thanking you personally for all the pleasure your smiling face and beautiful music bring to me. A bonus would be to say hello to Marjorie and Pierre, too!!

Lots of love to you, your family and the JSO until 18th.

Gwyn xx

Brenda : Dublin
08-07-2014 - Co Dublin, Ireland

Hi Andre & JSO, we have just had the most amazing 4 days in Maastricht we were at your concert on the 4th & 5th of July both brilliant the atmosphere on both nights was fantastic pity about the rain on Saturday night but it didn't dampen your spirits or ours. We have fallen in love with your home town and hope to go back soon for a weekend break. Looking forward to seeing u again on the 19th at the cinema, and of course in Dublin in December. Thank you so much for bringing so much joy into mine and so many other lives with your music you and your orchestra are amazing, enjoy the rest of your concerts in Maastricht . Take care. x

Isabel de Córdoba, Argentina.
08-07-2014 - Córdoba, Argentina

Aún suenan en mis oídos las melodías del concierto del 4 y 5 de julio, FELICITACIONES a André Rieu y toda la orquesta por los momentos felices pasados. Hermosa la ciudad de Maastricht, su gente agradable, amable, dan ganas de quedarse a vivir en esa bella ciudad!!!

Dorothy Harding. London
08-07-2014 - Sheerness, United Kingdom

Your concert on 4th was wonderful and was surpassed only by the sound test when you were you at your most entertaining. We used your travel company and hotel and found you catered marvellously for the disabled as did everyone on the journey from the uk.
Your music is so alive and brings a happiness unknown ever before. You deserve every good thing life can bring.
We are booked for the cinema and Nottingham and hope to do more than 1 concert in Maastricht next year.
Keep well and happy. God bless.

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