Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
04-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre it's pouring with rain an heavy mist an grey cloud hangs over the sea. It's Carnival for 3 days now in Oostende an we need sunshine! Inside that comes from the Glorious Music of our beloved Andre an his fantastic Orkest. This makes 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas brim with happiness though I'm very busy preparing for the arrival of my Dutch friends this afternoon. Oh how I sing an dance round my salon an kitchen to your beautifully uplifting Red Rose a Cafe, it's going to be a weekend full of partying an Celebration dedicated to Brilliant Andre Music, the sharing of treasured memories of our past Concerts an great excitement of looking forward to coming Concerts an a year of happy hearts made possible by this Great Man, WOW. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Mria Luiza FrancaSalvador-BA.BRASIL
03-03-2016 - Salvador-Bahia, Brasil

Dear Andre

I wish all well. Wonderful collection of
songs of the Roman Holiday. I thank once
more by the moments listening your music.
God bless you.

Lynette, Northampton UK
03-03-2016 - Northampton, United Kingdom

Heard a snippit of your new composition in honour of our Queen and the Windsor Waltz sounds really nice and I'm sure Her Majesty will be thrilled that you have taken the trouble to compose something in her honour for her 90th birthday. Thank you Andre. Hope your tours are going well.

Marco Antonio Paraventi
03-03-2016 - Cotia - SP, Brasil

Família Rieu.

Agradeço de coração o presente que recebi de vocês.
Kit com calendário, fotos, camiseta e o incrível e emocionante livro da Sra. Marjorie Rieu - "ANDRÉ RIEU (Minha música, minha vida).
Foi uma surpresa como poucas que já tive.
Contente demais vos agradeço muito, muito mesmo.
Abraços a todos.
Tenho esperança que ainda vou ter "tempo" e oportunidade de assistir a um concerto de André Rieu.

Jonathan Valente Mulero Van Opstal Nascimento
03-03-2016 - Santos/São Paulo, Brasil

Olá André, meu nome é Jonathan, eu tenho apenas 21 anos fiquei encantado com a maneira que você trabalha, e gostaria de agradecer por manter viva esta música, gostaria de ter a honra de conhece-lo um dia e de presenciar um concerto seu aqui no Brasil, PARABÉNS por todo seu trabalho, mais uma vez obrigado por manter a música clássica viva com alegria e muito humor.

Um forte abraço e que Deus esteja sempre ao seu lado!

Jonathan Valente Mulero Van Opstal Nascimento

Enrique, Valencia, Spain
03-03-2016 - CANALS, Spain

Hola Andre;
Te cuento una historia terrible y a la vez fantástica. Llevo siguiendote 7 años y por casualidad. Mi ilusión era ir a tus conciertos de Maastricht en Julio con mi esposa y mis dos hijos. Nunca pude. En Diciembre de 2013 falleció mi esposa por un cancer y en Febrero de 2015 mi hijo de 20 años de una forma repentina. Nunca pude viajar con ellos. Dios me envió un angel (mi actual pareja) que me obligó a ir el verano pasado a verte a Maastricht. Sencillamente fue fantástico. Ahor este año el 14 de julio volveremos a ir con mi hija de 25 años y seguro que va a ser doblemente fantástico. Mi hija, Alicia (mi pareja) y tu música han hecho que siga viviendo con ilusión y que cada día que paso con los tres, sea un día de felicidad. Gracias Andre por todo lo que has hecho sin saberlo.

janet partridge uk
03-03-2016 - Ibstock , United Kingdom

HI Andre

How nice of you to compose a waltz for our Queen to mark her 90th birthday. I am sure she will love it.
you are a truly talented person

Hoping you will be coming to the UK this year.

wishing your all the best


Vivienne Pratt
03-03-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre
I hope all is well. Please may I say a big thank you to dear Bella and Vincenzo for their recent images of their return home: Bella as always looking resplendent and chic and Vincenzo in his beautiful beloved Roma which reminded me so much of your exquisite Album ROMAN HOLIDAY. I will never forget all the lovely Video clips you gave us explaining each piece. What a beautiful collection of Songs of joy and love Andre: Mio Angelo; Intermezzo Sinfonica;the uplifting A Far L'Amore Comincia Tu; Felicita; L'Italiano; the emotional La Solitudine; Dinner; La Traviata; to name a few. My joy when I discovered you had included Gabriel's Oboe, Andre, knew no bounds: It completely stole my heart. With all my heart I thank you. Have a happy day dear Andre. God bless and love always Viv xx

bliquy danielle
03-03-2016 - Saint saulve, France

j'adore regarder encore et encore vos photos qui ne cesse de défiler et je me dis ( quel élan d'amour vous avez envers toutes vos fans ) en vous écoutant prince de mon coeur, je me sens bien, je vous revois caresser votre archet les yeux fermés et de même pour moi lorsqu'arrive ce romantisme que j'affectionne par dessus tout, du bonheur de haut niveau qui fait palpiter mon coeur, merci pour tout, de tendres baisers pluvieux ce jour mais qu'importe puisque MON MOMENT RIEU m'attend, votre cht'ite Danielle

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
03-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre bitterly cold powerful wind blue sky an a little sunshine. 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas just returns from the market overflowing with happiness having had a little dance with the trader who sells the CDs as he was playing your fantastic Sportpaleis Waltz for all to hear. I just had to let everyone know you are the Greatest Musician since Strauss and the King of the Waltz. Many people I talk to an tell of the wonder an brilliance of your Concerts, they said "we see he makes you smile non stop." I said "if you listen to his music everyday he'll do this for you." A few buy one of your CDs so I spread The Andre Magic an that makes me feel terrific as its the best medicine in the world. Let's all make everyday an 'Andre Day.' Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Anne Wozniak
03-03-2016 - Fish Hoek, South-Africa

Dearest Andre,
After a frustrating and unproductive day I really needed some Andre time.. I chose to watch your DVD Wiener Festwalzer. In no time at all my mood was changed by your cheerful music and your expressive face as you played Voices of Spring waltz , Skaters waltz and Vienna Blood.
Audience participation is such a joy to watch, everyone loves you Andre and the problems of my day dissolved, being replaced with your sensitivity and humour. Thank you so much I was captivated all over again and my day had a perfect ending'
God bless and much love to you and your orchestra, Anne

Morten Boesen
02-03-2016 - København, Denmark

We are awaiting you Maestro and the JSO in Copenhagen. We enjoied ourselves last year too, hope this years concert will bring the same joy. You always put on a fantastic show. We welcome you in Copenhagen Forum in approx. 8 weeks. Take good care of yourselves everybody. lots of love and music to you all from me and my wife.

02-03-2016 - Nottingham, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
What a truly talented person you are the Windsor Waltz is out of this world. Hopefully you will include it in your concert tour this year. At the risk of repeating myself again please please put your fans out of their misery and let us know if and when you will be coming to the UK this year. I do hope you will be with us in December as Christmas wouldn't be the same without an Andre concert.
Best wishes to you, your family, the JSO and all in Maastricht

bliquy danielle
02-03-2016 - Saint saulve, France

un coucou très ensoleillé vers vous mon prince adoré, comme d'habitude mercredi entouré de mes trois trésors dont vous en faîtes partie et comme vos notes que vous nous dédiez partagent mon coeur et celui de Noa et Solédad et comme nos coeurs sont gorgés d'amour, vos notes ne cessent de nous faire rêver, donc je me laisse emporter dans des moments merveilleux en compagnie de mes petits enfants, que du bonheur à vivre, de mon Saint Saulve, une envolée de tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle ( pour vous excellents moments auprès de vos aimés )

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
02-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre at last the rains gone replaced by a bitterly cold wind, blue sky an lovely sunshine, with Glorious Music playing from your La Vie Est Belle Cd life can't be better.Then, 'The Lady In the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas goes on to listen once again to your Sensational Windsor Waltz. I cry with pride at your great talent,Love of Music an your kind generous heart an thoughtfulness of others, to create such a fantastic Masterpiece for our lovely Queen.This waltz has everything, Majestic beauty, loving tones, regal moments from times past, its triumphal then blends into that 'Special elixir of Rieu Magic' radiant smiles as one has to glide round the floor in breathless wonder.Our Queen will love every moment of this experience. YOU'RE BRILLIANT. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Andrew D Murr. Sheffield.
01-03-2016 - Sheffield, United Kingdom

I cannot wait to see Her Majesty the queen's face when she is presented with your Windsor Waltz. She will over the moon . Well done dear Maestro .Bravo. I am sure that John Suchet is truly honoured to play it on his Radio programme on Classic FM.

Josette MORLET 75020 PARIS
01-03-2016 - PARIS, France

Cher André,
Un petit mot pour vous dire que j'ai été très heureuse de venir à votre concert de Cologne, pour la première fois, et de découvrir cette belle ville. J'ai apprécié une nouvelle fois votre merveilleux spectacle, votre si belle musique et interprétation de vous tous ainsi que cette ambiance si joyeuse. Maintenant, reposez-vous et profitez bien de vos petits enfants. J'attends de découvrir votre nouvelle valse pour les 90 ans de la reine Elizabeth.
Avec toutes mes affectueuses pensées. Josette

Vivienne Pratt
01-03-2016 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
The more I listen to your exquisite Windsor Waltz for our beautiful Queen Elizabeth the more I fall in love with it! Its truly inspired Andre. Hearing it, my mind turns to a Sunny but freezing cold day in April 2013 when you presented your own composition, Coronation Waltz, to your own beloved outgoing Queen Beatrix and her Son Willem Alexander and daughter in law Queen Maxima who were picking up the mantle of her long and happy reign. I'm so glad that you committed the whole day of celebration, and your own spectacular Concert on the Museumplein in their honour, to DVD and CD RIEU ROYALE: a jewel in your Crown and Zenith of your success! What a glorious day it was Andre as people laughed, clapped, danced and even cried. Thank you and God bless you Andre. Love always Viv xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
01-03-2016 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Good Morning Dearest Andre from a grey an misty Oostende, as the first track from Forever Vienna begins to play, the beautiful Blue Danube, a burst of brilliant sunshine spreads over all I see an into the heart of "The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas, an event occuring whenever I hear your Wonderous Music. I am relieved to see that your Company will not be going to Turkey at present with all its troubles, your safety is of paramount importance. I'm sorry for the lovely people who have to live through these times, I'm sure they'll understand an look forward to your return at a later date. A Special Enormous THANK YOU to Marjorie an the whole of your Company for all they've done this past year to insure our lives are enriched by Glorious Andre Music each day.Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Janet Balodis Sydney Australia
01-03-2016 - SYDNEY, Australia

Dear Andre, So glad to see concerts are all going well. Just wanted to update you regards My Chemo. Glad to say all going well so far. Love your New Waltz for Our lovely Queen Elizabeth. I'm sure she will love it too. Looking forward to seeing you again in October this year. You always build on the excitement before you come to our shores. I hope you have found some New talent from Australia to perform with this year we have such great artists hear too. My husband will be coming again this year again it has been a few years since he saw you last time. When Dame Edna and Alan Jones performed with you. My Youngest Daughter aged 30yrs and I both travelled to Maastricht last year to see two of your concerts 12th and 13th July.You gave me a High 5 on your way in. That was nice touch thanks x

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