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Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
08-01-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. Busy day as later I'm taking 10 of the patients from my Hospice to a New Year Strauss Concert with a small local orchestra. Hope it will be good for them. They have come to love this type of music as I'm always playing your CDs Andre when I visit or take them out, your music always lifts their spirits and gets them smiling, especially when I start to dance and try to get them to join me! The magic you and the JSO create when you play lively marches and waltzes always brings them joy even on their dark days. When they watch one of your DVDs Andre they can't believe that "Classical" music can be such fun and so full of wonder and beauty. I try to explain your unique talent, but there are not enough words to do it justice. A million Thank Yous for the love and brilliance you give to all our lives, you are very, very special. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Kristina, Slowenien
08-01-2012 - Mojstrana, Slovenia

Ich wuensche Ihnen einen guten rutsch ins neue Jahr und ein erfolgreiches 2012! danke fuer die gute Musik!

Herzliche glueckwuensche!

Erik Jensen.
08-01-2012 - Odense NV, Denmark

when can we get tickets to Maastricht 2012?

Catherine Crapart
08-01-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je trouve cela merveilleux tout ce que vous faites en dehors de votre musique. Participer à l'environnement grâce à votre générosité des arbres ont été planté au Burkina Faso depuis 30 ans ! Et d'aider les autres!
Votre serre aux papillons est un endroit qui reflète la sérénité et la beauté! moi aussi j'ai toujours admiré les papillons et j'ai visité des serres , pour les voir de plus prés tellement leurs couleurs sont surprenantes!
Continuer à profiter de ces moments plaisirs dans cet endroit qui vous permet de vous ressourcer et de composer de beaux morceaux de musique!
Vous apportez tant de bonheur au gens que vous méritez d'être heureux au milieu de votre serre.

Pedro Boccaletti Neto (São Paulo City, Brazil)
08-01-2012 - SÃO PAULO, Brasil

Dear Andre,
You will be visiting us in May and June. Thank you for incluiding our country in your tour. All Brazilians fans including myself, for the first time, will have the great opportunity to see you, your wonderful musicians and singers, specially our Carmen Monarcha, at live. In your twelve concerts, please do not forget to include these four Brazilian songs: Carinhoso, Tico-Tico no Fubá, Aquarela do Brasil and Manhã de Carnaval, and, of course, play Bolero de Ravel and all Italian songs you have played around the world. I have already bought my tickets for June 01. See you very soon !!!

Ina stapley
08-01-2012 - Lobethal, Australia

Dear Andre,
can you please hurry to announce your concert in July if we dont hurry we will be sleeping on the street as we will not be able to get accomodation. We are travelling from Australia
cheers Ina

Marcus Vinícius
08-01-2012 - Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais, Brasil

André Rieu, eu gostaria muito de saber a letra (em legenda) das músicas que são cantadas nos DVD's em português ou espanhol.

Luciana Carvalho
08-01-2012 - JUIZ DE FORA-MINAS GERAIS, Brasil

Querido maestro! Eu e todos os brasileiros estamos ,desde já,agradecidos pela vinda de sua maravilhosa orquestra nesse ano..Estarei no dia 2/ pudesse,iria em todos os dias da apresentação...
Sejam bem vindos!! Abraços!

08-01-2012 - São lourenço, Brasil

Estou feliz, consegui ingressos para dois Shows, aguardo
DVD Show da Africa e Mexico, dizem ter sido explendido,
Em breve assim espero o do Brasil.
Abraços para todos do maior ao menor, Deus os abençoe.

Linda Manini, Bensalem PA United States
08-01-2012 - Bensalem, United States

My husband and I just finished watching Christmas Around the World and absolutely loved it.
Even though Christmas is over the concert brought back
a lot of the spirit.
My husband says there is no one who plays waltzs like
Andre Rieu and I agree.
We missed going to the concert here in the United States this past year but maybe in the future there will be another we can attend.
Thank you for all your beautiful music and many Blessings
for a Happy New Year.

Helen Hunter
08-01-2012 - Richmond. NSW., Australia

Hello Andre,
I have seen some of the new Home for Christmas videos, they are beautiful and so creative, can't wait for the dvd this year. Also are you going to release Maastricht 2011 soon? I have all the others and they are so much fun, along with over 30 dvd's.
Andre, I know how much you and Marjorie love the movie The Sound of Music, did you know that the actors who played the Von Trapp children have put together a Sound of Music Family Scrapbook? It contains photos and collectables and it is truly lovely and a must have for all us lovers of the movie. I am sure that you would be able to get a copy in Holland even though it is all in english.
Have a wonderful 2012 and I look forward to seeing you again when you come back to Australia, Love you Andre.xx

Mary Newman Ireland
07-01-2012 - County Wexford, Ireland

Dear Mr Rieu,

Prior to December 24th 2011, I didn't know anything about you. I was cleaning the floor (very exciting) and had the television on when I heard the most beautiful music, it was a recording of your concert in Dublin, well forget about the cleaning, I sat down and watched the concert, it was brilliant.
My husband then discovered (after I couldn't stop talking about the concert) that the Arts channel were showing more of your concerts which he recorded for me, so at 10pm when my granddaughter is in bed I watch the concerts.The orchestra seems to have so much fun when they are on stage, I have promised myself that someday I will go to one of your concerts. Unfortunately I am not in a position to book to see a concert in the UK or Northern Ireland later this year as I don't know whether we will be living back in the UK or still here in Ireland. Just like to say you have a wonderful smile when you play . My husband has just told me he has ordered me one of your cd's

Jean Bucknall, Llanfairfechan
07-01-2012 - LLANFAIRFECHAN, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

When are you going to come to Wales to play for us - after all, it is the Land of Song! Our daughter is getting married in August in a castle - how about that as a venue???

07-01-2012 - Belo Horizonte, Brasil

André Rieu, sua presença no Brasil é algo desejado longamente por nós que apreciamos sua música. Obrigada pela sua vinda.
Quero sugerir que na sua apresentação mencione a SERESTA, uma modalidade de serenata muito em voga em Minas Gerais, e que foi muito divulgada por Juscelino Kubitschek, nosso saudoso presidente.
A SERESTA até hoje é cantada pelas ruas das pequenas cidades de Minas, tem carater sentimental, saudosista e é muito linda. Ficaria maravilhosa interpretada pela sua orquestra.

Linda (Leics, UK)
05-01-2012 - Essex, United Kingdom

Hello dear Andre,

It is a horrible day outside in the UK, gales blowing and a bit dangerous to go outside! So today, I am watching some of your dvd's...I had breakfast with 'Dreaming', now (lunchtime) I am with you and the JSO at beautiful Schonbrunn, and later, at dinner, I will be in Maastricht once again. (I was only there last night, but in a different year, lol!). So, outside is bad, but in my cosy room it is full of good cheer and beauty. Thank you Andre, for making a bad day good! Much love from the UK, and I hope today is being a good one for you. Linda xx

Gwyn Cabral, Manchester, UK
05-01-2012 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre

Your music is fabulous and I had a wonderful New Year's Eve and New Year's Day listening to and watching you and your orchestra and guests on SKYArts TV. Fantastic! I have not been able to obtain tickets to see you in Manchester next December (missed last year's visit because it was postponed to 2011 and I was in Portugal). Will try next time or visit another country to see you. Thank you so much for so much pleasure. May it long continue.

All best wishes.

Marcus Vinícius
05-01-2012 - Belo Horizonte/Minas Gerais, Brasil

Mirusia Louwerse - A PRINCESA QUE CANTA.

bliquy danielle
05-01-2012 - Saint saulve, France

privée de mon ordinateur depuis ce dimanche enfin je peux y revenir et vous souhaiter un bon repos prince des coeurs, bientôt vous reprendrez votre belle route fleurie et pour la France elle sera parfumée de votre présence QUEL GRAND BONHEUR ! Dansez maintenant ne me quitte pas aussi bien cd et dvd, je me sens vite ressourcée et je ne peux que penser à ce qui m' attend ce printemps, toutes vos fans ne pensent et ne rêvent que de ce jour féérique ! de tout coeur de mon Saint Saulve une envolée de tendres baisers s'envole vers vous Danielle

Margaret Hall-Ernsting
05-01-2012 - BENTLEY, Australia

A message from Perth West Australia our Perth Arena is nearly finished. Please try and come, will visit Maastricht in June.We have all your concerts and cd. will pass them on to the Neerlandia Dutch society whom have a lot of very old people that they care for. Getting older they all speak the ouwe taal. Congratulations on the Austrian Medal.

Geoff Walker
05-01-2012 - Windsor, United Kingdom

I watched a video last night and Andre said something my father said to me when I was 5, I'm now 70. It was there is no more beautiful sight than an orchestrawith all the violin bows at the ready to play beautiful music.
How Andre concentrates with all those beautiful girls around him baffles me. Keep making us happy Andre.

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