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16-12-2011 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France

Coucou Chers ANDROU et JSO.

Je viens vous souhaiter pour demain une très belle soirée à Harnhem, une soirée pleine. de Bonheur et de joie pour vous tous.
Malgré les événements menaçants dans mon village, (des eaux boueuses qui avancent et qui roulent, la tempête qui gronde) je pense à vous et je serai avec vous par la pensée.
Recevez des Grosses Bises de Jevoncourt.


16-12-2011 - Oldsmar, United States

Andre, Just renewed my membership ,let me use it next year. PLEASE PLEASE come to TAMPA , FLORIDA next year. I hope to see a DVD of your summer concert from your home town. I feel left out over here in the USA. We miss so many things that you do. Hope you , your family and all the JSO have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A grateful UK fa
16-12-2011 - ,

Dear Andre and the JSO just to say a big thank you to you all for the tremondous pleasure your music brings to all who listen to it.Life hasnt been easy for my family this year and since the first of your concerts on Channel 5 on a Sunday morning you have brought the smile to my Mums face i can tell you that's an achievement.
You really do deserve the very best of everything together with the JSO and everyone who is involved in any way with organisation.Just watching In Wonderland what a treat.
So to you all and everyones family a very happy Christmas and 2012.Looking forward to the UK tour

Rania Hammoud - Beirut, Lebanon
16-12-2011 - Beirut, Lebanon

Do you have any plan to do a concert in the Middle East at all???

Luiza Elena (São Paulo, Brazil)
16-12-2011 - São Paulo, Brasil

We are eagerly waiting for you here in Brazil. It will be wonderful to dream with open eyes! =)

16-12-2011 - ,


Sandro Marin - Mauá - São Paulo - Brasil
16-12-2011 - Mauá, Brasil

Andre, is welkom om Sao Paulo, We houden van je en je band en hopen je te zien in mei op de Ibirapuera Gymnasium. dank u

Thelma and Alan Lucas, Adelaide, South Australia
16-12-2011 - Evanston Park, Australia

Thank you for the satellite broadcast from Amsterdam last Sunday. Very enjoyable. What wonderful generosity, giving each ticket holder a free DVD and CD of "The Christmas I Love"....and delivered to our doors by Courier!
Thank you Andre. May you, your family and the Orchestra and the Team have a very happy Christmas and a delightful New Year!

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
16-12-2011 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena. Today we have a little snow! so pretty. I write early as it is the ladies funeral from my Hospice and for Gwen we are to play your Barcarolle Andre, she loved it as she said it always made her feel warm and contented I am playing And the Waltz Goes On as the music is so beautiful, lifting my spirits and gladdening my heart. It will help me through this day. This evening I go to see my old friend Ken Dodd in his comedy show and ater we are going to have a few drinks together! You will be busy rehearsing for Arnham tomorrow, those lucky people, what a fantastic evening of your magnificient music they will have, hearts full of joy, thousands of smiles and much dancing. Have a wonderful time I know you will be brilliant. Take care as you travel, you are very precious. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Linda Collier, Isle of Man
16-12-2011 - Onchan, Isle of Man

My Christmas has got even better, with concerts on UK TV throughout . What a lovely treat !!!!!

Christmas Greetings to you all.


FAY ROBERTS Toongabbie N.S.W. Australia
16-12-2011 - Sydney, Australia

Dear Andre' The Waltz King is part of my Christmas presents, temptation got the better of me I just could not wait, as it has Your Amsterdam concert included,we saw it at the movies on sunday last but I wanted to see it again, such a great concert, & The book is really beautiful I have the photo book but can only look at the photos which are so good, but in The Waltz King I can now read all about the photos oh it is so good Thank you to You & Marjorie for sharing so much, we are so far away here in the Land Of Australia, but you are much loved by so many; may You Marjorie Pierre Marc Their Family have a happy Musicial Christmas;

Catherine Crapart
16-12-2011 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André ,
ARNHEM va passer une excellente soirée , accompagner de votre musique. A tous beaucoup de joie pour ce concert.
Cette nuit le vent à beaucoup soufflé, et il pleut, vivement que le temps se calme!

16-12-2011 - Saint helena, United States

my christmas present to me was the vip seat in pgh i now have all dvds and 6 cds and have been playing them almost continuously -bought several duplicates for presents and 1 i
actually wore out-you have no equal- may God bless you all with many glorious Christmases and the rest of us with many more beautiful performances

Maria Luisa Coutinho de Resende Reis
16-12-2011 - Natal-RN, Brasil

Querido André Rieu,
Eu e meu marido estamos muito felizes por você vir ao Brasil. Em 2010 fomos para Amsterdan para assistirmos seu show no estádio do Ajax no dia 4 de setembro, dia em que meu marido completaria 60 anos e queríamos comemorar assistindo seu show que era nosso grande sonho. Infelizmente o mesmo foi cancelado por causa de sua doença. Ficamos tristes pelo dois motivos mas rezamos para você ficar bom. Agora que você vem ao Brasil, não poderíamos deixar de ir a São Paulo para realizarmos nosso sonho desta vez. Também queremos muito ver e ouvir nossa conterrânea Carmém Monharca, lindíssima e competente por sinal. Até São Paulo se Deus assim permirtir e ele há de querer. Bejins

16-12-2011 - ,

Bonne répétition pour votre spécial NOEL& succés assurés pour ARNHEM& HASSELT
Meilleurs voeux pour un NOEL en famille
Ds l'attente de votre prochain dvd je regarderai ZDFle 24:12

maria aparecida spaulo, Brasil
15-12-2011 - São paulo, Brasil

I am very happy, because you're coming to BR in2012/ May.I love JSO and you.

Vivienne Pratt
15-12-2011 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Good evening dear Andre,
I just wanted to wish you a happy weekend and especially a fabulous concert evening on Saturday in the Gelredome at Arnhem. I am sure that your public cannot wait for you to bounce onto the stage once again and the stadium will once more be filled with your amazing music and spectacular backdrops. The roar of sports fans will be replaced by beautiful music, glorious harmony and cheers and applause enough to split the heavens wide open! I know it will be unforgettable and will live in hearts and minds forever. So for now I will wish you adieu, keep safe and God bless. Lots of love Viv XX

15-12-2011 - ,

Hello Andre...we hope you here, in Brazil!!!

15-12-2011 - Angra do Heroísmo, Portugal

Did you know when Andre Rieu come to Portugal for a concert?

Cesar Alfredo Ambiel
15-12-2011 - Sao Paulo - SP, Brasil

Andre and JSO,
Wellcome to Brazil! I was at Vrijthof Square last July to see your show. It was great! Do you know if Carmen Monarcha and Carla Mafioletti will come to Brazil too?

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