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Gill Wilton Northants UK
19-04-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
So pleased you are back with us, Wish I was one of the lucky ones to be at your concert tomorrow. I'm sure it will be a fantastic evening. Looking forward to seeing you in Maastricht.
Take care, love to you and your family
Gill xx

bliquy danielle
19-04-2012 - Saint saulve, France

veille d'une soirée exceptionnelle qui fait titiller un public qui n'a qu'une hâte, celle de vous applaudir, mes pensées seront vers ce beau pays qui vibrera de tous ses feux, un tonnerre d'applaudissements lorsque la musique commencera, votre sourire les fera craquer, votre musique les feront rêver, quelques petites larmes émotives pour certaines, et comment donc, vous revoir ce sera houaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa et toutes ces surprises que vous offrez à chaque concert, du mérite vous en avez ainsi que tous ceux qui bossent auprès de vous, vous égrénez du bonheur, c'est votre objectif, vous y réussissez à chaque fois, tendres baisers Danielle

Elizabeth heinsohn-deer
19-04-2012 - Adelaide, Australia

Hello beautiful André & JSO tomorrow night our time, it is now 1006 190412 in Adelaide you will be on stage in Denmark. How special is hope you considered the high gold chair with the red leather swivel seat.Thankyou Marjorie, Pierre and family for restoring André back to health.You will ofcourse be aware of the prayer days for you all.It is spring in Maastricht and it must be absolutely beautiful with the flowers.It is Autumn here with my favourite colours, burgundy and gold.Have a wonderful time tomorrow.dikke knuffel Elizabeth

19-04-2012 - Thoiry, France

Dearest André, its so wonderful to see YOU, back! Will thinking about you friday night! Love

Vivienne Pratt
18-04-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre,
I expect your happiness at being back in rehearsals is turning to a realisation that soon you will be waiting to approach the stage to recommence your Silver Anniversary 'Evening with Andre Rieu'! And, just as always, those butterflies will be fluttering inside you nervously. Dear Maestro every single soul in that arena will be sending you so much love you need have no fear and, just as always, dear Pierre, will be there staunch in his love and support for his Papa. Your JSO, happy their 'Boss' is back with them, will be waiting alongside you ready to give you the Concert of your life. I would love to be there to see and hear the ecstatic and thunderous welcome you will receive but will have to wait to see photos and reports. Keep Strong, God bless. Lots of love Viv XX

Groetjes en liefs Maiake xxx
18-04-2012 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Lieve Andre en JSO.

Zijn jullie er klaar voor. Ik heb vandaag mijn laatste plicht gedaan en heb voor jullie allemaal een kaarsje gebrand in die hele mooie kerk in Maastricht en een schietgebedje gedaan.
Nog wat tover poeder gestrooid dus nu moet alles beter worden zeker met jou.
Ben nu weer thuis met een paar zeer moeie voeten maar heb ook lekker gewinkeld. hihi
Ik wens jullie alvast een toi toi toi voor de concerten die komen gaan. Het zal best even weer wennen zijn om met z'n allen op reis te gaan.

18-04-2012 - Maldon, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre, great to see your news once more. So happy that you are back on stage on the 20th April. Please dear Maestro take good care of yourself once you are back travelling the world for the sake of your health as well as the sake of your loving family. They must be so pleased to see you back to good health, but will really miss you as you have been home so long. I hope that despite being ill you had precious time with your grandchildren, they grow up so fast as I know only too well. Have 23! (Grandchildren/step/honary ones as well as one step great granddaughter).
Have just received my early birthday presents to me, concert scarf, key ring, teddy and pillow. Good luck, TCGB. x

Enid Y Russell
18-04-2012 - Cooma, Australia

Hi Andre and JSO
Wonderful to see you all on website again looking so well and back to what you all love doing-making music and making people happy.
You all look so well, especially you Andre, please stay this way, we all need your concerts, and hopefully you can come 'down under in 2013'.
Very impressed with Maastricht packages, seriously thinking of 2013-a dream come true that would be for my '80th'
Please take care and rest between concerts
Love as always

Mary Webster
18-04-2012 - Melbourne, Australia

So glad you are well, you look great. The best of luck for Friday 20th. Love, REST and take care.

Lexa Baird, Glasgow, Scotland
18-04-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hello! Andre, I have just been watching your concerts in Maastricht on SKYin that beautiful square,we will be visiting Holland in June, unfortunately couldn't get tickets, so will have to be content in seeing you and your wonderful orchestra in Glasgow on December 7th, I have two very good tickets for then,we will be staying in the Hague so will tour round the area before heading north to Groningen, a visit to Maastricht is a must on one of your tour dates, if only to soak up the atmosphere in the town. I wonder,have you ever played Highland Cathedral, it is a beautiful melody composed, by two Germans, Uli Roever and Michael Korb for the bagpipes,the best arrangement I ever heard was by a violin orchestra, in a Church,could you try this out iLn Glasgow.It would be magnificent. Regardsxx

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
18-04-2012 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dear Maestro Andre,
What a lovely week this has turned out to be,watching you on Sky TV ,then my parcel arrived from you with the lovely Teddy Bear and also my scarf.But the best news was opening my laptop to see your smiling face rehearsing with your beloved JSO in your studio.I echo the sentiments of everyone in your guestbook,Welcome to our world again we have missed you so much.A special thankyou to your beloved wife Marjorie for taking such good care of you,she will,I am sure, miss you when you start travelling again.
Love Elaine

Berna Bertina- Perth - West Australie
18-04-2012 - ,

Heee die Andre, fam. en JSO, geweldig om je weer in aktie te zien, allemaal blije gezichten en iedereen weer happy.
Houden zo en aub..... doe het rustig aan deze keer ook al heb je veel in te halen. We willen nog heel lang van je kunnen genieten en dan maar liever in kleine opzet en hoeveelheden dan helemaal niet.
En vergeet Australie maar voor een poosje, veel te ver weg, veel te lang vliegen, te veel tijdverschil en te vermoeiend dus en big NoNo voor nu.
Succes de 20e, komt helemaal goed, reken daar maar op.
Groetjes en liefs voor allemaal.

Patricia Smith
18-04-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Wow you make the whole world smile, seeing you back with the JSO. The photo of you in your Studio is just wonderful, and one we have all been waiting to see for a long time. As everyone is saying, you look great, tanned and above all happy as ever. Let the music flow Andre, you are the Maestro of Maastricht and The King Of The Waltz - there is no other. Just knowing you will be back on stage soon makes my heart smile. Will be thinking of you on the 20th, I'm sure it will be an amazing evening. Love Patricia

18-04-2012 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. Wishing you all the good luck in the world for your first concert back in Odense. I will be thinking of you all along with all your millions of other fans. Just received Pillows, teddy bear, key ring and scarf they are fantastic. Thank you so much. Please take care of yourself. Much love Sally xxx

Patricia Rigby - UK
18-04-2012 - Wigan, United Kingdom

I would like to wish you and the JSO all the luck in the world for Friday 20th April, i am sure your concert will be fantastic as usual, this time last year you where in Manchester UK. Lots of love to you all and I will see you in Maastricht xx

Elisabeth Kas
18-04-2012 - Frankston, Australia

in life we are rich if we love ourselves, then our heart will overflow with love warmth and compassion towards other's. Life for me is confused because we lived in Amsterdam but moved to Melbourne Australia when I was five. I look at the pictures especially of the canals and the old style homes and my heart aches quite a lot. now i am 66 and never was able to return back.... I listen to your music Sir, I see the artist who of course are part of your team, and as are all those who put your concerts together. I sit here now writing to you because my heart is fueld with love and warmth when I hear your music. thank you so much, I love and respect you and wanted to let you know you and your people are loved from afar. and I would like to say thank you to your family for sharing you

Kate ,Boston Lincs England
18-04-2012 - Boston, United Kingdom

Welcome back Andre,I,m so happy you are back to good health,you have been missed so very very much but I play your music every day and watch your dvds so I am a happy lady just to know you are with us again,please dont overdo it again.Love to everyone ,Kate from Boston lincs,

Pam Harris, Rochester, Kent. U.K.
18-04-2012 - Rochester kent, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, it is fantastic to see the pictures of you back in full health and in the studio with the JSO, you all look so happy to be where you are meant to be. I somehow think though that you are not going to be taking it gently as you should be, so please , please be careful, try not to overdo it. Big extravaganzas are not what we always want, as long as you are there for us with your beautiful music and your handsome looks and humour, we are over the moon. Not on it as youd like to be , ha ha . I send you all my best wishes for Friday in Denmark. Love, Pam. xxxxxxxxx

Beryl and Ray Clark
18-04-2012 - Mitcham, United Kingdom

So good to learn you are well again and will be playing once more. We hope Friday goes smoothly and without hassle. It will undoubtedly be a wonderful evening,so many people having a fantastic time.

With all our good wishes,

18-04-2012 - ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, So pleased to see you back in your studio and looking so relaxed and happy, everyone looked so happy to have you back. Good luck on your return on the 20th. One thing let your hair grow again it is one of your trade marks. Keep up the good work , take care and love to everyone. Loads and loads of love, roll on December.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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