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Carmela Catinian
20-10-2012 - BRAD, Romania


The world is undoubtly a better place with you around. I feel myself perfectly safe watching you on you way always standing in front of so many people hooked on music and wonderfully performing for them. But for you I wouldn't have spent 3 perfect days in Budapest last spring, I wouldn't be able to perceive Vienna as I can now and most of all I wouldn't be so excited about our summer holiday this year-an European tour starting from Romania and enclosing among others Budapest, Vienna, london, Paris and...yes!-Holland! (unfortunately not Maastricht!). At least I'll be catching a feeling about your country and its people. I am looking forward to it!!! Thank you for keeping in touch with us. Please, take great care of yourself! Bunches of love from me!

Wim Dingemans Sprang capelle
20-10-2012 - Sprang capelle, Netherlands

Hallo Andre,

De kaarten voor je show in Maastricht op 5 juli 2013 hebben we al binnen . We kijken er nu al naar uit, het zal ongetwijfeld weer een feest worden.

mireille laffitte .
20-10-2012 - Lourdes, France

Cher André .
Qu'elle joie de découvrir ces magnifique photos d'AMNEVILLE et AMIENS .Qu'elle splendeur la cathédrale gothique d'AMIENS et les vitraux superbe .Vous voir sur scène toujours aussi détendu et attentif à votre public ,votre orchestre souriant ce n'est que du bonheur .Votre tournée Douce France se poursuit pour quelques jours encore qu'elle joie de vous avoir chez nous .Je vous souhaite beaucoup de joie .Bon courage à tous .Bisous de Lourdes .Mireille .

Monique FURGAUT choisy au bac FRANCE
20-10-2012 - ,

Cher André merci pour ce magnifique concert d'Amiens ou il n'y avait pas neige (c'est une pte histoire entre nous) et personne d'Amiens!!!!!, nous avons fait 90km pour te voir mais quel plaisir et quel bonheur de revivre les gds moments des 25 ans du JSO et ta complicité avec ton merveilleux orchestre dont tu peut etre très fier encore merci et bisous a tous

Frankie Gobey, Harare, Zimbabwe
20-10-2012 - HARARE, Zimbabwe

Dear Andre,
Just looked up your photos in Amneville & Amiens, you look very well thin and handsome, and all the JSO looked very happy . The puplicum no dought were in their element, as they looked estatic.
I wish I was there, but I leave too far, to just hop over, but I will see you in London at the 02 Arena on the 17th December.
To night I will be watching your Cortona DVD, as I get home sick at times.... and that helps me.
All the very best to your goodself, Marjiorie, Pierre the JSO and all your crew.
Love Frankie xxxxxxxx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
20-10-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre at last 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' has read all the nice fan letters from when I was away. I see the first two of your new Videos, the Classic Brits wonderful an exciting getting your richly deserved award Also the one of you at home, I cry at the beauty warmth an love you show, sharing your lovely home with us. Such sweet happy little birds, reflecting the personality of their owner. Your beautiful home an gardens is in very safe hands as you'll nurture an cherish it for the future. What a bonus seeing the work of your very talented son Marc his paintings are exquisite, one day I hope to be the proud owner of one. Excitedly I go to look at your cooking video. Thank you precious man, it was a privilage to be a part of your life for a short time. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

bliquy danielle
20-10-2012 - Saint saulve, France

un samedi de rêve pour Rouen, allez Martine, nous ne danserons pas ensemble mais quelle soirée t'attend, je serai sans cesse par mes pensées vers cette belle ville et je ne cesserai de repenser à ces heures magnifiques qui ne cessent de trotter dans mon esprit, je fredonne vos airs à tout instant de la journée prince des coeurs et je me dis ( que de gens heureux vous faîtes grâce à votre merveilleuse musique, votre présence et celle du JSO, sans compter tous ceux que nous adorons revoir sur scène ) quelle bonne idée ce défilé artistique de toutes ces merveilleuses années vécues en votre compagnie, toutes mes pensées sont vers vous, tendres baisers Danielle

Riccardo Segreto
19-10-2012 - Ottawa, Canada

I would really like to see your show in live format, when will you be traveling back to North America. I am in Canada but I will do some traveling to come and see your performance.

19-10-2012 - Kildare, Ireland

Hi Andre, thank you so much for my gold members renewal package which I received today. Delighted with all the gifts. Enjoyed your new video clips and also the photos and updates from your recent concerts. Looking forward to seeing you all in Brussels, and a week later in Dublin. I wish you continued success and good health. Take care Vivienne

19-10-2012 - Constanta, Romania

While in Romania? I was in Budapest, Hungary on May 5, but I wish with all my heart to come and Romania.

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
19-10-2012 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre ,

I was at your Geneve concert on the 13th of october and what a marvellous night it was. The people of Geneve are usually very reserved but not on that night. They cheered you all and loved every minute of the concert. It was marvellous.
I have tickets for the concert in Newcastle on the 15th December 2012 and my husband and I are really looking forward to that and thinking how fortunate we are to be able to be at your concerts twice this year.
Take care all of you as you are very special.
Love from Joan.

Molly Higham. Manchester. U.K.
19-10-2012 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre, received yesterday my Gold Membership card,lovely gifts and super photo,s you are looking so well. thank you so much for all the pleasure you give to so many people,you and your Orchestra show the world through your wonderful music,warmth and humour that we can all get on together,if we try. Cannot wait to see you in December at both shows in the M.E.N in Manchester also one in Birmingham. But the best of all will be to see you in Maastricht next year. Have already got tickets, that will be MY dream come true. God bless you all and family lot of love. Molly XXX

Ros Hatton
19-10-2012 - Sale, United Kingdom

Dear Andre. Thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given me with your music. I love everything you do and can't wait to receive the Magic of the Movies album. I don't know anything about it but I am sure it will be just as perfect as all the others. looking forward to seeing you in Manchester. We recently had a season of your concerts on the T.V. and I recorded them and watch them over again. Thank you so much. Love to you and your family. Ros.

Tony Sammut - Malta
19-10-2012 - Rabat, Malta

Dear Andre,
My wife Maria, who is a gold member is a great fan of yours. I am preparing a surprise because on July 7th 2013 she will be 60 and without her knowing I am booking two tickets to bring her to the Vrijthof Maastricht concert which is on the same day!!!. She will be greatly surprised and a great birthday present She always watches your DVD's and it was always her wish to attend to some of your concerts

Gabriela Schulze Schlampp
19-10-2012 - Avellaneda, Argentina

Thank you for your music!!!!
Tengo a una amiga muy querida que tiene unos problemitas de salud.
Hace una semana le llevé DVD que me regaló mi padre, y ahora todos los días ve uno de sus conciertos.
Dicen que la música sana.... yo creo que si.
Muchas gracias y espero que podamos disfrutar de su arte en Argentina.
Muchos besos para todas y todos los que integran su staff.

19-10-2012 - AJACCIO, France


ce n'est pas facile pour moi maintenat pour venir vous voir.J'habite en Corse.
A bientôt de vous revoir enfin sur scène.

Dorothy Laigle
19-10-2012 - Canton, United States

Dear Andre, What great photos, I really liked the views of the square and how quaint the photos of the beautiful venue, the cathedrals and the bridge. Of course the lovely girls and handsome men of the orchestra including you. Thank you much. With best wishes always. LOVE

19-10-2012 - BONDOUFLE, France

Rentrée cette nuit du concert à AMNEVILLE, je ne peux m'empecher de vous dire quelle belle soirée j'ai une nouvelle fois passée en votre compagnie et celle de votre orchestre. J'ai eu le privilège de pouvoir être au pied de la scène lors des morceaux "bonus" et j'ai pu prendre de magnifiques photos.
MERCI pour cette très belle soirée et au mois de novembre à BRUXELLES.
Je vous envoie mille baisers et encore MERCI de nous donner tant de bonheur.

Marie Louise
19-10-2012 - Revel, France

Cher André
Merci pour votre magnifique concert à Strasbourg, que du bonheur
bisous à toute votre équipe

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
19-10-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre the warm an beautiful music of Forever Vienna wraps itself around 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas bringing her great happiness on this cold morning. Thanks a million for the lovely photos of Strasbourg a beautiful city I have'nt seen for 10yrs an also your beautiful happy JSO, so remarkably talented an such lovely people. Then there's you handsome as always in your blue suit but stunning in your Bavarian red jacket. I read the titles of the Magic Movies CD, WOW we are in for an enormous treat, the great feeling an emotion you bring from your heart as you play will be truely sensational, I feel the glory an wonder of your spectacular interpretations an have my box of tissues at the ready. What joy there is to come, thank you precious man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

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