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José Renato de Andrade - Rio de Janeiro RJ
16-07-2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Hi Andre,

congratulations by your show at Sao Paulo! Wonderful! I'd like to know when you intend to go to Rio de Janeiro to see your show again! It was the best performance I've seen in my live!
I hope you continue to make people smile with music, music, music.
Best Regards!

Liefs en Groetjes Maaike xxxx
16-07-2012 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Lieve Andre en JSO.

Zo weer op de terug reis en dan lekker vakantie. Daar hoort een Welkom Thuis bij. Even lekker uitrusten en bijkomen van alle spektakel optredens van de afgelopen maanden. Samen met het thuis front.
Ik wens jullie dan ook een hele fijne vakantie toe . Nog even van de foto's genieten ,

16-07-2012 - JUIZ DE FORA - MG, Brasil

Parabéns pela apresentação fiquei encantado com o concerto.

Jill Tysoe E10 6HU London.
16-07-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Dearist Darling Andre I have just found out that you colect rare Butterflies. Well let me tell you that I am an extreamely rare Butterly and would love to join your colection. I will be fluttering to the O2 arena in London on 16th December to see you. I hope to meet you one day. with much Love from Jill Tysoe Your numger One Fan in East London. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eida Nascimbeni
16-07-2012 - Fernandópolis, Brasil


Sou apaixonada pelas suas músicas. Fui ao seu show em São Paulo (à 550km da minha cidade, veja só que paixão). Gostaria que incluísse em seu repertório a a música "India". Parabéns pelo show, fantástico, encantador.

Abraços, Eida.

16-07-2012 - LEICESTER, United Kingdom

Hi Andre I am a newcomer to you as it was only through Sky Arts HD channel that I came across you and your wonderful talent. I have since introduced my partner to your music as well. We both love it and watched your concert this year via the cinema what a wonderful way to share your music with us especially your 25th anniversary concert. We are now going to your concert in Dec in Birmingham and my partners parents who are also newcomers to you are coming. We are all looking forward to it, and maybe one day will be able to come to your hometown concerts.

16-07-2012 - Cochabamba, Bolivia

Estimado Andre
Un vals tan bello como el inmortal Danubio Azul, es el vals de Fausto de Gounod. Desearía que lo toques en algún concierto.
También te solicito si puedes tocar la marcha alemana Alte Kamaraden que está considerada como la mejor marcha alemana
Gracias por la atención

Kenneth Mills
16-07-2012 - TW12 2PG, United Kingdom

Really enjoyed your latest DVD, Songs From My Heart. Glad to see Fred Raymond among the featured composers.
Could we have more operettas from the1930's, please, especially those of Eduard Kunneke?
Best Wishes.

Michael and Sue Page
16-07-2012 - Cape Town, South-Africa

Hi Andre and the JSO,

Now we are Really excited...the next scheduled concerts are in SOUTH AFRICA ! It feels like we have been waiting forever - we booked last October, but what a treat that its nearly here. August 23, Cape Town, we can't believe we are really, really coming to our 1st, ( hopefully of many) Andre Rieu concerts.
Keep well and enjoy your rest.
Kindest Regards, Michael and Sue

Joyce Fox, Angus
16-07-2012 - DD11 2PW, United Kingdom

thanks for screening your Maastricht concert. I took my sister to the Glasgow cinema, she loved it (we both did) but I knew I would. Eagerly awaiting your Glasgow Concert. Glaswegians love fun and have a unique sense of humour so not only music but fun to look forward to

Julie - UK
16-07-2012 - Bh15 2en, United Kingdom

My granddaughter first heard your 'Australian' Concert when she was just over a year old. She adored it. One of her first words was Andre. When she was 2 I took her to an Italian Restaurant in Bournemouth. They were playing your music. Her face lit up and she said 'Andre' There was no one else in the restaurant so we danced. Now at just 4 she is coming to stay again. I asked her 'what shall we do? Suggestions of park/beach followed then she said 'can we go to the music shop and dance? I was stumped until she said ' you remember Nana, where Andre was' I couldn't believe that she'd remember from such an early age. She loves classical music and I will always attribute that to you. You clearly had a profound and lasting effect on her and have given her a gift for life. Thank you

Rozsnyai Judit
16-07-2012 - Targu Mures, Romania

Dear Andre,
Congratulations for your great success in Sao Paulo and now you are looking forward to a highly deserved holiday. Probably you'll stay in your wonderful hometown, Maastricht which you love so much, surrounded by you beloved family including your grandchildren.
Have a nice vacation full of joy, happiness and relaxation to be able to restart your new concert tour in the middle of August with renewed energy and good health.
I wish you and your orchestra a wonderful holiday!

Prinz Heinrich, Hamburg
16-07-2012 - ,

Dear Frank Steijns and dear André,
...only a room, musicians, instruments ... and hey, you' ve got it : THE WALTZ ... pure and true. Your "Wiener Festwalzer" really rocked me, it means so much to me (life is not fair, is it?) ... but your waltz can paint it colourful again, can make moments happy ... so am I ...

Vivienne Pratt
16-07-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
It's been clear that you've all had a wonderful happy time on the buhne sharing your beautiful music and fiesta with your Brazilian publicum! I love your latest Chapeau Column. How wonderful of you to share your journey back to complete health and happiness with us. I must admit that one of the first things I noticed on your return was the difference in the timbre of your voice: its tone is deeper and more 'serene'. And who could fail to notice how slim and athletic you are looking! As you said yourself you are 'reborn' and can easily continue for another 30 odd years. And with the JSO exercising too they will be there with you! I know you will be sad to bid farewell to Brazil but you will soon be back. Meanwhile, safe journey home. God bless and lots of love Viv XX

Robert de Jong
15-07-2012 - Ringsted, Denmark

On the Danish Island in Denmark called Bornholm, there is a fantastic ruin that lies on a hill top on the coast. It's called ''Hammershus'' (See the article on Wikipedia)

It would be a great setting for som shoots or even a concert?

Wendy -West Yorkshire,England
15-07-2012 - Wf10 3rq, United Kingdom

We have a new Arena opening next year in England which will hold between 12,500 and 13,500.It is leeds West yorkshire i wondered if this information would be of interest to your team if you are bring your orchestra again to England .Have a wonderful holiday after your Brazil tour looking forward to seeing you once again in Manchester in December

15-07-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

I am a relatively newcomer to your music,about 5 years,bot I cannot get enough of it.It is the Andre Rieu season on Sky Arts 2 TV. Iwatch it and then when it is repeated twice more.Also Have DVDs.My daughter has bought tickets for us to go to the o2 in December and I can't wait. I love the choir and your soloists especially Carmen Monarch SHE HAS A VERY SPCIAL VOICE.i WOULD JUST LIKE TO SAY HOW HAPPY AND HOW YOUR ORCHESTRA ENJOY THEMSELVES.Thank you for many happy hours.

CARMEN GOMEZ de Torremolinos - Malaga - España
15-07-2012 - ,

Hola querido André, siempre trabaajando tantissimo pero das tanta felicidad .... Ir a Maastrischt y asistir a tres de tus conciertos allí fue emocionante e inolvidable, maravilloso y cualquier calificativo se queda corto, gracias por tu musica y el sentimiento con el que la interpretas y tocas ese fabuloso Stradivarius. Mañana es el dia de La Virgen del Carmen La Estrella de los Mares , patrona del mar y claro está de todos los pueblos marimeros y patrona de Maastrisht tambien, estuve en su capilla , grabe la oracion que hay a la izq. supongo que tu ciudad celebrará con algun acto religioso tan precioso dia. Buscaré por internet . Me emocioné mucho al verte, a traves de un video , en la capilla de La Estrella de los Mares ,!! es que es mi Virgen y tambien la tuya !! !! Que maravilla!

Nayara Baena de Souza
15-07-2012 - Curitiba, Brasil

caro André, sinto muito se na mensagem anterior não tão agradável nas minhas consideraçãoes sobre os showsem São paulo.
abrindo seu site e vendo Mary Poppins e outros magnifícios concertos, New York Radio City, Austrália, Japão, todos os de Maastrich, realmente dá muita tristeza.
Sua orquestra e o sr. são magnifícos, mas o concerto deixou a desejar em inovação, recursos cênicos,etc.
Meu carinho e respeito, mas também minha decepção.

Carol Harwood Malvern UK
15-07-2012 - UPTON UPON SEVERN, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
You are coming to the end of your concerts in Brazil.You leave a perfect impression of beautiful music , fun and a caring and loving Maestro and JSO. It willbe wonderful to have you back again enjoy your break, there will be so much to catch up on. I have a photograph of you cutting your lawn when we returned from holiday the grass was so long we expected to find a Tiger in there so watch out.
Take care, keep up the daily programme best wishes for
the family.

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