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Hazel Jarvis Banbury Oxfordshire United Kingdom
26-06-2012 - OX16 2SZ, United Kingdom

Hello Andre

It was great to come back to Maastrict again to see you and your the wonderful JSO I just new the sun would shine when you appeared and it did !!
Another absolutely marvellous concert it all goes to quickly, I am now looking forward to seeing it again on Saturday at the cinema a truely wonderful performance by everyone , see you in Birmingham in December and please bring Mirusia with you I did miss her on Sunday.
Take care
Love & Very Best Wishes Hazelxx

26-06-2012 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, thank you so much for the wonderful concert in Maastricht. I had the time of my life, it was a dream come true. Maastricht is a fantastic place. Thank you for all your beautiful music, to the JSO and to all the backstage crew that work so hard. Much love Sally.xxxx

Maureen and Peter Heayn, Cornwall, England.
26-06-2012 - TRURO, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,the JSO and all your performers,
We are back in Cornwall after four wonderful days in Maastricht. We saw your concert on Friday and it was absolutely amazing.The experience will stay with us for ever.To have been to your beautiful home town and to have seen such a spectacular concert has given us such pleasure. Your music joins so many people together. Thank you all so much.We saw you in the Vrijthof on Thursday afternoon and when we waved to you,you waved back to us.That made our day. Thank you all for making our 25th wedding anniversary celebration so special.We wish you all Good Health and many more years of giving us your wonderful music.

26-06-2012 - England, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre
Well my wish came true, I attended my first Maastricht concert and certainly hope it won't be the last I absolutely loved it, my head is still up in the clouds with excitement of it all. After all that bad weather, everything was just perfect the sun came out and your magnificent personality and musicality shone through. Well done to you, JSO and all involved to produce such a magnificent spectacular concert.
I was also delighted to speak to your charming son Marc whilst visiting his art exhibition. I hope little Ivan enjoyed his birthday, and wondered if you managed to celebrate it with him at some point. Enjoy some very special family time before you go back to Brazi. Lots of love

Vicky Bramham Johnson , UK
26-06-2012 - BD20 7RX, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, Just want to say a big thank you for the wonderful concert you gave us in Maastricht on the 24th!
Me and my mum thoroughly enjoyed every second!
Looking forward to seeing you again in Manchester in December!

Love, hugs and best wishes from Vicky and Judith
x x x x :o)

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom
26-06-2012 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
Your last night on the Vrijthof and if the remarks from the people who have been lucky enough to have been there are anything to go by you have given so much joy and happiness to so many people again. Have a rest if you possibly can before you start your next round of joyous concerts again. Please do not over do it and take it steady. Will be in Geneve at your concert when you are there. Looking forward to that very much. Love to you all.

from Joan

Madeleine, Littlehampton, West Sussex UK
26-06-2012 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Thank you dearest Maestro for a wonderful concert on Mid Summer day - Sunday 24th June. The rain tried to dampen our spirits as it poured for much of the time, but eventually it cleared up.
The joy of seeing you on the steps of the Vrijthof was simply wonderful and you look so marvellously well.
It was my first concert in Maastricht and certainly will not be my last.
The only thing I noticed was that you did not say "Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman" in all the languages, I just wish I spoke Dutch.
Every blessing and safe journeys to you all. Keep well and safe wherever you go. I shall be praying for you (all).
With all the love in the world, Madeleine

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
26-06-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

My Dearest Andre again the day is grey but the heart an life of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena is full of warmth an love as I listen to the beautiful music you play on Moonlight Serenade.Many Thanks for all the lovely photos an news of Maastricht 2012 at last I've read all articles from all websites! The visitors to your town have enjoyed sensational music, spectacular singing an 1st Class entertainment beyond their wildest dreams, the memories they cherish will live in their hearts forever. I can't be with you for your last concert but I'll have my own playing your favourite CDs. I'll dance an sing an toast your good health with champagne, my heart an thoughts will be with you all evening. Have a wonderful time precious man, you richly deserve it. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Jennifer Dawson
26-06-2012 - 01915, United States

Dear Maestro Rieu, fantastic orchestra, and dedicated and talented family, staff and crew, thank you again for a beautiful series of concerts in Maastricht. It is such a wonderful atmosphere on the Vrijthof, and your organization plus the entire city put out such a great welcome for visitors. It's a real pleasure to visit. The concerts were once again outstanding, and congratulations and Happy Birthday to the JSO!
Hoping to see you in the U.S. again soon,
with best regards to all,

Ton van Rijswijk uit den haag
26-06-2012 - Den haag, Netherlands

Weer genoten (voor de 8e keer alweer) op zaterdagavond bij het concert op het Vrijthof. Ik versta inmiddels Limburgs na alle voorgaande ervaringen! Spreken nog niet. Was een fantastisch concert, hoop dat je conditie goed blijft, want we willen nog heel lang van deze muziek kunnen genieten.

Sylvia Chung, London
26-06-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
The photos from the Maastricht concerts have said it all - spectacular, colourful, effects of lighting, audio and visual,...etc. Definitely I will have to include a holiday trip to Maastricht to your concert(s) next year in addition to my usual trips to swiss & HK. I must try the Cafe in Maastricht & must be there to feel the atmosphere. Hopefully you will include a visit to your studio as I love to see your studio.
It's very interesting to watch the dress rehearsal video. Everything down to minus details must be perfect - Mario (backstage crew) had to bring the table out again as he was not quite in time when you asked him to.
A VERY HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY - ANNIVERSARY to YOU & JSO. Extended applause and jumping up & down from Little & Petit Andre (twins teddy bears)

Patricia Smith
26-06-2012 - ,

Hi Andre, Have just returned from 5 days in your wonderful Maastricht. I had such an amazing time. Watching the soundcheck, the dress rehearsal and then the concert it makes you realise how much work goes into putting on such a superb concert. I was so thrilled to be able to get so close to you and the sound at the concert is so pure. I will never forget my first visit to Maastricht and I will be back!! Your hometown is very beautiful and the people very friendly and welcoming. I'm missing Maastricht already!! Much love Patricia

Herculano Pinto
26-06-2012 - Limeira, Brasil

Hello, Mr. Rieu.
On 29/05 I and my family participated in your show in São Paulo, was amazing I hope see again in the next year.
For the next time I will bring my grandson to see the show, although he has 3 years old he loves see your dvd.
Please inform us when we will have a dvd of your show in Brazil.

26-06-2012 - Kildare, Ireland

Dear Andre and Jso, I have just arrived home from Maastricht having attended two of your concerts on the vrijthof. The weather was good, the atmosphere electric ,and you Andre were superb. The concerts were excellent. You can see from the many photos that a brillant time was had by all, including myself. Best wishes Vivienne

Helma Kindler
26-06-2012 - Koblenz, Germany

Lieber André, ein herzliches Danke an alle Mitwirkenden dieses großartigen Festes der Sinne an diesem Wochenende in Maastricht. Ihr habt uns verzaubert mit Eurer herrlichen Musik, den wunderbaren Gesangseinlagen und jeder Menge Spaß und Freude. Die Stimmung und Atmosphäre dort ist einzigartig! Selbst Petrus liebt Euch, kein Tropfen Regen fiel während der Konzerte. Wir freuen uns schon auf nächstes Jahr! Liebe Grüße und weiterhin viel Erfolg in Brasilien wünschen Euch Uschi und Helma

Wendy Atfield, Surrey United Kingdom
26-06-2012 - Wallington, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
My sister and I travelled from the UK for the concert on 23rd June and we enjoyed a really wonderful evening with you and your fantastic orchestra! It was a great thrill to see you all for real for the first time, having watched you for so long on TV and DVD's. Your show created a truly memorable atmosphere, one we will always remember. Our thanks to you all for giving us a unique music experience. Special love to you and your musical 'family'!!

Maria Luiza- Salvador-Ba.BRASIL
26-06-2012 - Salvador-Bahia, Brasil

Dear Andre,

I wish for you and orchestra very happy
return to Brasil.

With love

Vivienne Pratt
26-06-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you've had a good day. You really are incredible you know, Andre. You're a truly sensitive man who's gifted beyond compare and you share yourself and your gifts with a world in dire need of your compassion and beautiful music! Each spectacular concert is never the same: even the same piece of music is treated to the special Andre magic and seems fresh every time we hear it. 'The Bolero' is stunning and so spectacular! Every person who travelled to your Vrijthof Anniversary Concerts, no matter the distance, will go home happy and at peace with the world, having enjoyed a 'Night to Remember' in the most beautiful Square in the world! I know your 'Finale' will be just as spectacular and beautiful. Have a wonderful evening, dear Maestro. God bless and lots of love Viv XX

angel brunssum
26-06-2012 - Brunssum, Netherlands

vandaag 26 juni zijn we weer aanwezig bij het concert zoals alle andere jaren maar....we nemen onze dochter mee die dan haar 23ste verjaardag mag vieren. tevens feliciteren wij jullie met het 25 jarig jubileum.

Christine Puddifoot
25-06-2012 - Cb22 3dg, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and JSO,
We have just arrived back in the UK after the most amazing concert ever in your beautiful home town. It was tour first time in Maastricht and I must say a huge thank you to all your backroom staff, all the security people and the 'bellboys and girls' who were so friendly and helpful. There were over 1700 of us from the UK there Sunday and it really was incredible.
We didn't want the concert to end and my 9 year old daughter thought it was the best thing ever, dancing while waving her Andre Teddy Bear....
Roll on Birmingham

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