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Adrian Gomersall North Yorkshire England
27-01-2013 - RIPON, NORTH YORKSHIRE, United Kingdom

Looking forward to your concert in Maastricht, saw your show in newcstle 2012 which was great, it was the best night of my wife, s life so she told me, good luck with your forthcoming tour of the states

27-01-2013 - Thornton Cleveleys, United Kingdom

Dear Andre
How are you now? Keep up with the exercises they do work . I have just finished your books my music my life and dreams come true, they are wonderful.
Half of my dream came true when I saw you in Manchester 2012 the other half is to meet you, maybe one day. Your CDs and DVDs are out of this world, I love them.

love, Christine Whittaker Blackpool England

Rina en Co Wesseling
27-01-2013 - ZEIST, Netherlands

Wij kijken nu al weer uit naar de nieuwe dvd en cd over het 25 jaar muziekplezier verspreiden over de hele wereld en naar het concert in Wenen op 18 mei

Patricia Torres Dávila - Ciudad Aut{onoma e Buenos Aires - Argentina
27-01-2013 - Ciudad Autònoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

De Buenos Aires, Argentina, une autre fois je vous salue avec beaucoup de affection et je vous souhaite le mieux dans votres presentations de cette 2013. Nous le espoir a Argentina.
Amicalement, Mr. Rieu.

Carol Harwood Upton upon Severn UK.
27-01-2013 - UPTON UPON SEVERN, United Kingdom

Good Morning Andre .
Yesterday I went to see the film Le Miserable again, once again the cinema was packed with ages 12yrs to 80. We had been twice before and each time the audience clapped at the end, the music and story bewitched the audience. I would love to hear you and the JSO play the wonderful melodies from this musical it would be a match made in heaven.

Ann Rawlings, Rugby, Warwickshire.
27-01-2013 - Rugby, United Kingdom

Can Andre or any of his fans please tell me what the new song was that the Three Tenors sang in the Birmingham concert last December, It was a happy cheerful song but I cant remember the title. Hope someone can help as I
would love to hear it again. Best wishes to Andre and all orchestra and backroom staff.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
27-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

The snow has all gone Dearest Andre replaced by brilliant sunshine, The Flying Dutchman is playing wrapping 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas in a warm happy glow. Soon Spring will be hear an Andre will be lighting up the world with sensational music once again as he begins his live concerts, the excitement for his arrival starts already in the USA, such lucky people. I look back at Maastricht in the snow an liken the steps leading to your Kasteel to a Stairway to Heaven, at the top stands an extremely talented man, who along with his wonderful Orkest has once again created awe inspiring magical music, this will soon give us enormous pleasure, a chance to share your love of home. We wait with baited breath Precious Man for the realse of your new CD. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Gill Wilton Northants UK
27-01-2013 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
At last our snow has all disappeared. Hope all is well with you getting excited about your new DVD and CD being released. I do hope you will come back to the UK this year, looking forward to seeing you in Maastricht . Take care
Love to you all
Gill xx

Sarah Kurk. Kent, England
27-01-2013 - TN25 7JB, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and the JSO,
Almost 6 weeks have passed since I saw your concerts in London and Birmingham. Every day since, I re-live parts of the shows when I think about the song that were performed. Kimmy Skota singing Casta Diva will stay with me forever! Your music has such a calming influence and since the concerts, I feel somehow more relaxed and content with life.

I look forward to your return to the UK some day soon, and hope to be able to share the experience with my parents for their golden anniversary.

Until then, enjoy your tours, and keep happy and healthy!


bliquy danielle
27-01-2013 - Saint saulve, France

petit coucou dominical prince des coeurs, bigre ce qu'il fait froid, la maison frissonne mais de votre musique je serai vite réchauffée, en ce moment mon trésor ne cesse de vous admirer et de vous écouter, de sa petite main fragile il nous désigne qu'un violon lui ferait plaisir, pauvre petit amour sachant que ses petites mains ne peuvent faire ce dont il a envie, ce qui est sûr je le serre très fortement et danser au son de votre violon, çà nous le pouvons, je ressens en lui une passion de votre musique de plus en plus forte et cela me fait plaisir, voila j'ai mes deux trésors pour embellir ma vie, tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

Raquel Afonso
27-01-2013 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Quando a televisão brasileira, exibe um concerto do Instrumentista André Rieu , vejo que a Ciência que entrará no céu é a música e este grande homem de Deus passa para nós esta certeza, Sensibilidade, Amor, Pureza, Alegria .Obrigada por nos prestigiar com sua presença .O Brasil te ama.

Isabel Sicilia Ferreira, Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil
27-01-2013 - Charqueadas/RS, Brasil

Adorei conhecer seu trabalho, parabéns!

catherine coyne
27-01-2013 - County kilkenny, Ireland

hi andre
went to see your concert in the o2 arena dublin ireland it was fab every minute of it

Stela Soares de Souza
26-01-2013 - Sapucaia do sul, Brasil

Oi! André quero felicitar a você e sua orquestra maravilhosa, belissimas apresentações que transmitem alegrias por onde passam. Meu sonho é que um dia ter a alegria de poder ver e assistir você tocando violino...sou sua fã desde 2006, nesta ocasião recebi uma mensagem muito linda e o fundo musical era Tosseli Serenade- Andre Rieu ...amei. Adoro o teu jeito de se comunicar com o publico...sempre com um sorriso nos labios. Deus abençoe! Andre e Orquestra!

26-01-2013 - Essex, United Kingdom

Andre the Cook! Brillent video of a cookery lesson. How many of our cooks can play the violin as well as Andre?

26-01-2013 - Newbury, United Kingdom

Your "Balade pour Adeline" is wonderfull. We chose this as the exit music to my mothers funeral, in May 2012. She had recently found your music and introduced me it as well.
Your style has given me some great moments, and for that I thank you

Shirley., Worcester England
26-01-2013 - WORCESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre, I watch your DVDs all the time and cannot get through a day without watching at least one of them. I have had obsessions with music before but this is different I have never ever enjoyed listening and watching someone so much. Every concert is different and you always put so much into them so that they are not just music you and your crew always add some beautiful things to them. Its always a great surprise as to what is coming next! I heard your version of titanic theme tune My heart will go on. This has a special place in my heart as it was the tune I played at my husbands funeral as it says everything I wanted to say. wish I had heard your version first. God bless and thanks.xx

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
26-01-2013 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Even more snow in the night Dearest Andre so your heavenly enchanting music from the In Wonderland CD fits the day beautifully, its magic is filling the heart of 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at Many Arenas with great warmth an happiness, as the sunshines I know it going to be another good to be alive day. You make every day special, as your magnificient music plays in my home there;'s always pieces to sing to, pieces that get me dancing in my salon or kitchen covering my face in thousands of smiles. You an your wonderful JSO radiate happiness along with the brilliant talent you have for giving music that special quality of life it becomes a magical spirit on its own making you gasp at the awesome pleasure it gives. Your a shinning light to our world Precious Man. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Chloe, Australia
26-01-2013 - Goolgowi, Australia

Creativeness. That's what is unique about Mr Rieu's concerts! Anyone can play the violin, about a quarter of those can perform it, but very few have the creative talent to make it come alive. Like Andre does.

susana eugenia padilla ortega
26-01-2013 - Mexico, Mexico

Andre me encanto tu disco de navidad muchisimo esta preciosa la pieza que le dediicaste a tu esposa creo que es la que mas me gusto . el poner en otro orden la orquesta y enfocar a los solistas me parece muy bueno para que los niños aprendan te felicito eres muy creativo

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