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Carol Harwood Malvern UK
02-11-2012 - UPTON UPON SEVERN, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
It was great to see you on both television programmes
on British TV. You looked so relaxed and obviously enjoying every minute as you were so funny and laughing .
I loved the jacket, looking forward to 16th December at O2 already have the dancing shoes ready,have alovely weekend..

Anna Gray, Scotland.
02-11-2012 - Inverurie. Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Really enjoyed your two TV appearances thisweek - nice to see you so relaxed and looking so well.
Hoping to still be able to see you in Glasgow on the 12th Dec. but I am in for a big knee operation on Monday so hope to be recovered in time. My Aussie friends are delighted that you are going to be with them next year. All the best for the U.K.tour.
Take care and best wishes to the Orchestra and your family.
Love Anna xx

02-11-2012 - ,

Dear Andre,
As well as being such an accomplished musician, you are always so charming, polite and interesting during television interviews even though you must occasionally get fed up with the same old questions! You alone, are bringing more and more people to know, understand and love classical music and it has truly enriched our lives beyond measure.
Thank you dear Andre,
Love Tessa x

Josep Pratllusa
02-11-2012 - L'AMETLLA DEL VALLES, Spain

Esperem veurel mol aviat per Barcelona. Ja que per aqui te molts fans que desitjem tenir la oportunitat de veurel.

02-11-2012 - COLERAINE, Ireland

Dear Andre,
Firstly I wish to congratulate you on your Classic Bri Award, well deserved. I have not been on the guestbook for quite some time now but we had a very bad Sept and Oct due to my best friend's brother tragically killed at his work and her husband dying 2 weeks later.It is only now I am getting a catch up with all your travels and concerts. I am really looking forward to your forthcoming concert in Belfast on 10th December, if it is anything like your concert in Belfast in April 2011 I will be ecstatic again, it was a breathtaking evening of music, which I never forgotten since then. God bless and remain in good health and safe travels to Ireland x

Patricia Elliott
02-11-2012 - Canning Vale, Australia

Hello Andre I have just purchased tickets for you 2013 Australia and NZ tour. I can't tell what a thrill it was to see you were coming to Perth, now all I have to do is be patient and wait .

I am also awaiting delivery of your new DVD Home for Christmas so I am very excited at the moment.

Keep well and best wishes to yourself and the whole JSO Orchestra, also your beautiful family.


Ricardo Marsico Teixeira
02-11-2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Prezado Andre Rieu,
Estive no Show em São Paulo dia 8 de julho de 2012.
Foi maravilhoso!!!!!!!
Gostaria de relatar um acontecimento na minha vida:
No momento mais difícil da minha vida, que foi o enterro dos meus País( dia 22/08/2009), coloquei para tocar no meu celular gravações da sua maravilhosa Orquestra, todos ficaram emocionados, e eu senti um grande conforto, pois a minha religião é a Música, é o que me liga a DEUS.
O meu Pai também gostava muito da sua Orquestra!!!!!
Passei muitos momentos maravilhosos com o meu Pai ouvido os seus CDs e DVDs.
Espero que o Sr. venha se apresentar aqui no Rio de Janeiro,
pois tenho muitos parentes e amigos que não puderam ir a São Paulo.
Muita Saúde e Paz!!!!

Sylvia Chung, London
02-11-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre,
It was a very nice Good Morning from you yesterday on BBC Breakfast News. Little & Petit Andre (twins teddy bear) were so exciting to see you. You look great and slimmer. Keep up with the fitness programme just like practising your scales.
Awaiting eagerly and patiently for your new CDs and DVDs delivery. Received a CD (issued before I was even born) yesterday (you were playing tracks 8-11 and 16-24) and of course updated my collection in my iPod.
Looking forward to your O2 Concerts. Little & Petit Andre (twins teddy bear) dit Bon Weekend to you, your family & JSO.

02-11-2012 - ?stanbul, Turkey

I wish we can find a chance to listen your awesome music in ?stanbul...

God bless you...

TimiVio -Bucharest Romania
02-11-2012 - Bucharest, Romania

Hallo Andre, ik ben een grote fan en ik weet dat er zijn een heleboel andere fans in Roemenië. zou het een grote eer voor ons dat als je in Roemenië komen. ik hoop dat op een dag een bezoek en ons land.Al het beste voor u en uw team en u verwachten.Een dikke knuffel uit Roemenië!

02-11-2012 - NSW 2250, Australia

Hi Andre & JSO, just ordered two platinum tickets to see you in concert n 16 October 2023 in Sydney, Australia. Can't wait!! Will be an unforgettable evening of music, great atmosphere and happiness! Thank you so much for making the long trip Down Under once again, Emily

jasmin , gorleston, united kingdom
02-11-2012 - Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

hi Andre,

it was amazing to see you on BBC breakfast, i hope you stay good and healthy for the concerts in December im looking forward to them.

best wishes to you and your excellent orchestra

Patricia Smith Portsmouth United Kingdom
02-11-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Hi Andre, A dear friend has just sent me your cd "December Lights" and it is absolutely wonderful! It is impossible to listen to it without shedding tears of emotion. You have such a way of bringing the beauty out in every piece, and a real feeling of Christmas. Every track is a joy but I especially loved "Petit Papa Noel" and also "December Lights" which has such an emotional story attached to it and is wonderful to watch on the Dvd . Christmas has come early for me because of this wonderful music - thank you Maestro. Patricia.

Marilyn Fitzgibbon
02-11-2012 - Paddington, Australia

So pleased to hear that you are heading back to Australia
in Oct 2013. I will be buying seats for your Brisbane
Concert as soon as they come available. Keep well and fit for your Australian tour. Hoping that the next 12 months go quickly.

bliquy danielle
02-11-2012 - Saint saulve, France

des messages qui réchauffent le coeur prince adoré, votre public français n'à qu'un seul désir en ce moment, vous revoir en 2013, votre êtes notre brillantissime roi de la valse, vous avez ce don unique d'avoir su dépoussiérer la musique et la rendre accessible à tout à chacun, sans ce savoir faire, nombre de personnes ne connaîtraient pas d'aussi beaux morceaux aussi bien interprétés, en compagnie c'est un moment très fort !!! c'est vivre un moment qui reste inoubliable ! enfin vous avez repris la direction de vos quartiers, vous êtes dans mon antre ou je passe des heures délicieuses, tendres baisers vers vous en cette fin de semaine de votre cht'ite Danielle

Jean Stevens, Melbourne
02-11-2012 - Victoria, Australia

Hello Andre. My husband and I now have tickets for Melbourne in October 2013. We have 40 of your DVD's and play at least one per week but nothing can beat a live performance. Look forward to seeing you and JSO in Melbourne October 2013. Best wishes to a.ll

Judy Needham Stourbridge England
02-11-2012 - Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Hello Dear Andre JSO & all
Cant sleep so thought I would drop you a line via the guestbook to tell you how good you looked on both Loose Woman and BBC Breakfast TV your red jacket really suits you, I agree with other writers shame they couldn't get your tour dates right, keep safe and well and enjoy your free time if you have any with Marjorie and your family especially the violin playing twins, you all may need ear plugs but what fun you will have. Take care Andre see you in Birmingham.
Love Judy from a cold frosty Stourbridge XXX

Shirley Johnstone Brisbane
02-11-2012 - Mount warren park, Australia

Hi Andre, Have just purchased my ticket for Saturday 12th October 2013 for the first Briisbane Concert. I am so looking forward it. Thank you for coming back to Australia.

Vivienne Pratt
02-11-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
Thank you so much for your tweet: I'm so happy you enjoyed your busy Promo-tour to the UK! The Newsphotos from your TV Recording with Katherine Jenkins are beautiful. What a stunning combination: her beautiful voice and your gifted sensitive musicianship in unison performing 'Ancora Non Sai': it will be breathtaking! The JSO ladies and men look extremely beautiful and handsome I must say! I loved your BBC Breakfast interview today. You looked so handsome and relaxed. I always love to hear you speak of your Schonbrunn Stage set and the picture you conjured of your gorgeous little granddaughters testing out their little violins was wonderful: I can well imagine the tears rolling down your cheeks! Safe journey home and have a happy weekend dear Maestro. Lots of love Viv XX

01-11-2012 - Leça do Balio, Portugal

Hello, I am a great admirer of yours, and would like to know when a coming to Portugal or Spain?
thank you

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