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20-03-2012 - Cheshire, United Kingdom

DEAR ANDRE,SO glad to hear you are wishes for a full recovery very soon.we all look forward to seeing you back on stage doing your magic, take care my friend.

Dorothy Laigle
20-03-2012 - Canton, United States

Good Morning, Dear Maestro, So happy to hear of your slow recovery. Have never stopped praying and keeping you on my prayer list daily. Take care and listen to your body, when, you feel tired take a resting period. Your fans all over this world of ours love you and are very concerned and caring about you. You are a very unique individual, and a great performer and entertainer. You fill our hearts and emotions with your talents. Continued Good Health and Much Success always. God Bless You.

Ann & Phil Moon.
20-03-2012 - Ilkley, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

My wife and I have just registered on the website and we have only just found out that you have been ill. We both wish you a speedy recovery. Over the last few weekends we have watched some of your past concert tours on TV and as in the past these have been fantastic. You and your wonderful orchestra bring back such memories of a time when manners and conduct where all important and uncomfortable are now sadly a thing of the past. At least we can spend a couple of hours watching your show and remove from our minds some of the conduct at times the World has to endure.

Martha and Alan. Whyalla Sth Australia.
20-03-2012 - Whyalla, Australia

Continue to work on your recovery. We were in Holland October 2011 and visited Maastricht as well as other places, so the Concerts have a lot more meaning for us. Wishing we could have met you there. Love your concerts, keep up the brilliant work

Jennifer Lauch
20-03-2012 - DURHAM, United Kingdom

A lovely surprise this morning. The postman delivered my extended Gold Member packLovely file envelope to keep my tickets in,tote bag to use every day and beautiful keyring.
I am now going to the shops to buy more photo frames to put the new photos in and hang them on my Andre wall.

Best wishes to you Marjorie pierre and the orchestra

nelleke van Raaij
20-03-2012 - ,

Lieve Andre,

Wat fijn dat het beter gaat, en weer snel kunt gaan optreden,
loop niet te hard van stapel neem op tijd rust.

20-03-2012 - CHESHIRE SK12 1QJ, United Kingdom

So glad you're feeling lots better.

Also really pleased to see the preview of Live In Maastricht 5.........I was in Maastricht for the concert, watched it on Cineworld Live when I got home and can't wait for the DVD release!

Best wishes for your continuing recovery

Frankie Gobey Harare Zimbabwe (Africa)
20-03-2012 - HARARE, Zimbabwe

Dear Andre'
,I am so glad to hear that you are recovering, this is just wonderfull, but keep resting, so that you will soon be on top of the world.
With the very best wishes to you and all your family and JSO,
With lots of love
Frankie xxxxxxxx

Moira Darroch, Scotland
20-03-2012 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre

Finally, news we have been waiting for in 'The Parlor' that you are back in the studio and office. Your family must be so relieved - as are your legions of devoted fans, Dear Maestro of the World.

I hope you will have learned to "let go" of more of the organisation now - as you often say in interviews about your concert tours, "I only need to be there and walk on stage"!! Now, more than ever, you REALLY need to learn to do just that. You are so very precious to everyone and your magical orchestra. Do take very good care and keep your wonderful blue eyes sparkling.

With much love
Moira xxxxxx

20-03-2012 - Bodrum, Turkey

Dear Andre, I hope you are getting better and hopefully my wife and I will be able to be at your concert in Berlin on the 16th May.We had come all the way from Bodrum, Turkey to see you in München ?n February, but it was canceled due to your unfortunately falling ill. The tickets for Berlin concert are already bought, flights and hotel booked. See you soon.

20-03-2012 - Bodrum, Turkey


Catherine Crapart
20-03-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Je suis contente de savoir que vous allez mieux, aujourd'hui c'est le printemps, il fait beau, mais un peu frais.
Bon courage pour les jours à venir, allez y doucement mais sûrement, vos fans seront heureuses de vous revoir!
Bonne santé!

Sylvia Chung, London
20-03-2012 - London, United Kingdom

Hi Andre
Glad to know that you've resumed various activities, but please always keep the 2Qs rule in mind and apply this from time to time. Occasionally-perform the do Nothing rule.
You still occupy the top 3 positions of the Classic FM Chart in UK - loss count into how many weeks now!
Your latest video King of Waltz in your website showing 35 millions CDs & DVDs and 335 Times Platinums overridden previous the same video of 30 millions and 243 Times.
A few months ago, you corrected the TV host in the programme Loose Women from 20 to 30 millions sold! (mistake was millions miles away - how many times u can go round the world!)
The official data shows that you are still growing & doing very well indeed. Keep things LEGATO

20-03-2012 - DE75 7FT, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

So glad you are feeling better!


Bärbel aus Zwickau
20-03-2012 - Zwickau, Germany

Lieber Andre,ich sprech jetzt sicher im Namen vieler,wenn ich sage::ICH FREUE MICH DASS ES DIR WIEDER BESSER GEHT!!Erhol dich noch gut,gönn dir noch die nötige Ruhe!(auch wenn es leichter gesagt als getan ist,wenn es einem wieder gut geht)Schick dir einen lieben sonnigen Gruß aus Zwickau nach Maastricht :-))

20-03-2012 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear Maestro André,
The whole world waits to hear that you are recovering and beginning to feel better. I do hope that the complete rest and being with Marjorie and your family have been a blessing to you. I hope the anxious times will be a thing of the past very soon. I have been faithful in praying for you, your family and the JSO every day.
I hope to see you in June and in December.
Dearest Maestro, please do not overdo things ever again. I am concerned about the number of flights because of your ear problem.
God Bless you (all) with all the love in the World, Madeleine xxx

Mireille JOURDAN
20-03-2012 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André !
En ce premier jour du printemps où la nature exulte, je vous souhaite de tout coeur "d'exploser" de bonne santé.
Votre beau sourire nous a beaucoup manqué et je ne doute pas que vous nous l'offrirez à nouveau très bientôt.
Mille baisers affectueux.

Steffens Gertrud und Pflegekind Kim aus Friedrichshafen
20-03-2012 - Mannheim , Germany


Hörst du den Gesang des Frühlings
Farben klingen gelb und blau
hörst du wie aus dunkler Erde
Grün sich drängt zu neuem Klang
und mit kleinen bunten Schritten
klingt die zarte Melodie.
Schade wer sie achtlos lässt
wer mit schrecklich lautem Dröhnen
diese Melodie erstickt.
Hör auf den Gesang des Frühlings.

DANKE für Ihre wunderschöne Musik , und wir wünschen
Ihnen das sie schnell wieder gesund werden .
Sonst fehlt etwas WUNDERBARES in unserem Leben !!
LG auch an Alle die bei Ihnen mitwirken !!

Jennifer Lauch
20-03-2012 - DURHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I am so happy that you are feeling much better,and will soon be back to your usual bouncy self.
I love the Mothers Day video card that I recieved from you . It was a fantastic idea.
My beautiful Shane and Serena also bought me Romantic Paradise Dvd and You Raise Me Up cd. so Mothering Sunday was a lovely day watching and listening to my favourite man
Only another 3 months till Maastricht. Now counting off the days.
Keep getting better. Lots of love to you all

Ali Ceylan
20-03-2012 - Mugla, Turkey

My wife and me will be coming to the concert at Budapest on may 5th, 2012 from Turkey. We bought the tickets already.

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