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Dörte M.
02-04-2012 - Schleswig, Germany

Mein lieber André!

Ich habe gerade Deine Message gelesen und habe ein paar Tränen in den Augen, wenn ich Deine Worte lese. Viele Deiner Fans und ganz besonders ich haben es sehr gerne getan, Dir die besten Genesungswünsche zu schicken. Ich hoffe aber nun für Dich, dass Du bei allem was Du tust es ruhig und gelassen angehst und wünsche Dir schon heute ein wunderschönes Konzert in Odense.
Meine Gedanken sind bei Dir.

Liebe Grüsse Deine Dörte

Elaine Aberdeenshire Scotland
02-04-2012 - AB355XN, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre,Thankyou for taking the time to send a note to your website,it's good to know from your own lips that you are beginning to feel better and ready to take on your schedule again.It has been such a worrying time for everyone,but most of all Marjorie and Pierre.May I wish you and all your family and wider family,your beloved JSO,a Happy Easter and know that all our love and prayers are with you all.
PLEASE rest as much as possible,you are SO special to your fans around the world.
Love from Elaine.

02-04-2012 - Barnet, United Kingdom

Mio carissimo Andre,
It's wonderful to know that you are finally well again. What a relief. Thank God for restoring your health. I'm sure that all will be well. I wish you abundant health and with it lasting joy. Will be celebrating my special birthday on April 19 and will be thinking of you more than ever whist I sit in front of Schonbrunn Palace, exactly where you sat, in Vienna "City of Dreams". I will obviously be listening to your music all the time and just dream away.......Tread slowly, Andre, the world awaits you and may God be with you always.
Con tantissimo amore, abbraci e baci......sempre...

02-04-2012 - ,


Beryl and Ray Clark
02-04-2012 - Mitcham, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, It was wonderful to see a message from you personally when I logged in to your website just now. My husband & I had just watched your DVD The Last Rose , again. No matter how many times we watch your DVD's the pleasure they give becomes greater each time.
We are so very pleased to hear you are progressing steadily and like all your other admirers are just waiting for your return to making your wonderful music. The pleasure you give to your audiences is something very special and am sure it must give you much joy to look down from the stage and see how the people feel about you. Your sincere admirers ,

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
02-04-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Greetings Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena a grey day but my home and heart are full of sunshine and your wonderful music as I continue to celebrate your slow recovery to full health. Yes it was sad missing your concerts in Frankfurt, Lille and Epernay but I have new dates to look forward to, plus Brussels, Antwerpen and 3 concerts in the UK, what magic the 2nd half of the year holds! The most important thing in the world is for you to get well, I've cried oceans of tears with worry at your health, the world will come alive again when the first notes of music flow from your fingers and your personality radiates its love and joy to all who eagerly await your return on 20/4/12 Progress slowly we need the 'Magic of Andre.' You'r very special. Lots of Love Lady Margaret

Catherine Crapart
02-04-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Merci de votre petit mot envers vos fans , c'est avec grand plaisir si nos petits gestes ont pu vous aider à vous sentir mieux. Vous nous donnez tellement de bonheur par votre musique! Alors c'est à notre tour d'être là pour vous!
Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes de Pâques en famille, avec vos petits enfants qui vont apporter des rires et de la joie pour la chasse aux oeufs dans votre jardin.
Le chocolat c'est bon pour la santé!, l'énergie, et le moral, alors bonne dégustation!
Au JSO et à toutes les fans bonnes fêtes de Pâques!

02-04-2012 - GILLINGHAM, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Thank you for your lovely message to us all, please get well again soon, take it easy. I hope to see you in Vienna, Dortmund and Maastricht. with much love Sally.xxxxxxxxx

bliquy danielle
02-04-2012 - Saint saulve, France

je viens de faire mon vote journalier, houaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa quel bonheur de vous voir vous élever c'est géant !!!!!

Mireille JOURDAN
02-04-2012 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André ! Je souhaite que ce beau printemps vous remette complètement en pleine forme !
J'ai réécouté le CD.2 de l'album "Les 100 plus belles mélodies" (2007) qui est une merveille. Beau choix : Mozart, Grieg, Vivaldi, Saint-Saens, etc... et vos solos (ou soli !) sublimes ! Merci, faites nous en encore et encore !!!!
Je vous souhaite une bonne fête de Pâques avec beaucoup d'oeufs en chocolats que vous allez dénicher dans votre jardin avec vos petits-enfants, moments joyeux et merveilleux dont il faut profiter au maximum.
Bonnes fêtes de Pâques à tous : JSO et fans aussi.
Mille baisers affectueux.

June and Malcolm Shute. E. Yorks England
02-04-2012 - Brough, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
My husband cannot start the day without playing "My Way" and "The Impossible Dream" three times each. We are currently on holiday in Los Angeles and as we left our hotel room this morning the floor manager said he had been standing outside our door for five minutes listening to the music. We thought he was complaining but it was just the opposite.He thought it was wonderful and asked who was playing.We invited him into our room for a"You Tube"session and within twenty minutes he was a fan.
When we saw him later he said that he had phoned his wife and asked her to go to the music store and get as many Dvd's as she could. When I think back I suppose it only took us about that length of time to become true fans.
Hope you are feeling loads better.
Take Care.

Vivienne Pratt
01-04-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi dear Andre,
I hope you've had a happy weekend. Roses from the South was on UK TV. It is a wonderful concert in spectacular surroundings against the 'Candy-coloured' Castle. I love Il Silenzio and Send in the Clowns, but of course my favourites are your solos You Raise Me Up and The Rose. Seeing you play so emotionally is very bitter sweet, as I love to hear you play but have really missed seeing your daily news and knowing that you have been so unwell made my heart very sad for you and your family. Hopefully now you have turned the corner and will soon thrill your beloved publicum once more. So another week begins dear Maestro, but remember to 'take time out' in between your industry and all will be well. God bless. Keep strong. Lots of love Viv XX

Enid Y Russell
01-04-2012 - Cooma, Australia

Hi Andre and JSO

What better way to spend a weekend after minor Op. than watching and listening to Andre and the JSO. (Even had a fan in next bed in hospital)
Maybe Andre you should watch yourself and receive the same impact that you have on so many lives (especially sick people)
Put one on for the grandchildren too, so they can see how 'special' you are to us all.
I just love the innocent look on Carmen's face when she is singing Puccini to her ' dad Andre', it is so real!!
Counting the days now when we can start seeing you back in action doing what you love doing best-making music for us all, but take care, we do not want any more 'sickies' as they say in Australia.
love as always
Enid. Cooma.NSW.Australia

01-04-2012 - HERRLISHEIM PRES COLMAR, France

MERCI pour tout le bonheur que vous m'apportez en écoutant votre DIVINE MUSIQUE.

Krystyna Grunberg/ Curitiba-Brasil
01-04-2012 - Curitiba-PR, Brasil

Andre, I am so happy with the news that you are better and begin to work . Please,please take care your health. Go slowly.Don't try to making biggest shows.Make regular shows , for you don't stressing.We love you and are very happy with trhis news.
Love and we are waiting you in Brasil.
Krystyna -Curitiba

Violet Kirkintilloch Scotland
01-04-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Dear Andre My family & i are so pleased that you are feeling a lot better . Marjorie & family & JSO will be pleased that you are getting stronger. You must still look after yourself. Best Wishes .Violet X

Patricia Smith
01-04-2012 - Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, As June gets nearer I cannot wait to come over to Maastricht - after watching all the Dvd's I have waited a long time to actually be there and it is only weeks away now. I hope you are enjoying the time with your family and grandchildren, I send you love and healing for your continued improvement with your health. Although you are greatly missed we all can wait for as long as it takes to see you back to your wonderful self. Stay strong Maestro. Much love Patriciax

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
01-04-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

A thousand and more Greetings to you Dear Andre from 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' at the MEN Arena, I have returned from my long stay in my second home Oostende and am so happy and delighted to know you are now feeling much better and on the slow path to complete recovery. We should have a huge festivity to celebrate - a big bonfire, thousands of fireworks to light up the sky and oceans of champage to toast the return of your health and the great delights to come of your wonderful music, enriching and brightening our lives every day. The sun shines Forever Vienna is playing and I am estatically happy for you, the JSO and your family. Life cannot get any better, carry on the recovery, take great care and remember you are very, very precious. Lots of Love Lady Margaret.

Carol Harrwood Great Malvern
01-04-2012 - UPTON UPON SEVERN, United Kingdom

Hi Andre ,
Hope you are having a lovely relaxing Sunday with your family. It is a beautiful warm day here , birds singing and baby lambs everywhere.. Watched your concert last evening on Sky Arts, Roses from the South, all my favorite music and artists together just wonderful. It will be fantastic when you return we, have missed the smiling blue eyes and the shiny shoes!
Kindest Regards Carol

Gill Wilton Northants UK
01-04-2012 - Northants, United Kingdom

Hello Andre,
Happy new month, wishing you good Heath lots of happiness and back on stage with all your charm and your wonderful sense of humour.
Looking forward to seeing you in Maastricht, counting sleeps now.
Love to you and your family
Gill xx

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