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sheree, lowestoft, suffolk
10-06-2012 - Lowestoft, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, I only really got to know about you late 2010. since then i have recorded every concert that has been on the TV, bought lots of CDs and DVDs, a friend and I came to see you at the vrithof last year and we are returning again this year on the 23rd June. Its a shame I didn't see the exclusive offer until it was to late, i had already booked a hotel, I would have loved to have seen your studio and hopefully have met you and some of the JSO, still theres always next year. We've also booked tickets for the cinema on the 30th. I loved the warmth and good wishes towards you from the people of Brazil and S Africa which i've recently seen on the TV.
I've only got two weeks to go but i can hardly wait to get to Maastricht.
take good care and see you on the 23rd xx now off to put my vote

Simon and Jane , Hampshire United Kingdom
10-06-2012 - SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
We are so looking forward to being with you at your concert live in Maastricht on 24th June, we can only hope that the weather will be kind to us all
Is Carla going to be singing at this concert? along with Carmen and Mirusia and the Platin tenors, they are all brilliant.
Good luck to all the JSO
With our very best wishes

Krystyna Grunberg Curitiba-Brasil
10-06-2012 - ,

It is with great joy that I write to you. Your show in Brazil (June 05) was wonderful, far beyond any expectation. It was surprisingly marvelous.Your son Pierre is a charming guy I talked to him and I found him very helpful and charming, like the wonderful father. he speak portuguese well. People of Brazil has met their expectations of the public. We Brazilians love you, the result is the number of presentations that you did and will still do. I hope you come back in a brave, maybe later this year on september or in nex year . God bless you , your family and your staff. They are all wonderful.Thank you for all, and speciall thanks to Marjorie,she is a great woman and lovely wife..
Love Krystyna

10-06-2012 - Pomona, Australia

Thanks for the email about the Maastricht 25th celebrations. Would love to be there. We wish you health and happiness, and much joy in Maastricht.

winifred stone
10-06-2012 - Newark,notts, United Kingdom

Hi Andre and the JSO
.Thankyou for the amazingly humourous gala concert on Sky Arts 2 last night. It is a long time since i had such a good laugh - i felt like part of the family! Thankyou and keep the music coming.
Keep well and stay in touch with your inner child!!

10-06-2012 - SAINT NICOLAS DE PORT, France

Petit coucou !
je te souhaite Cher Androu, une belle soirée pour ce dernier concert, sans doute le coeur un peu serré de quitter des spectateurs si sympathiques.Mais oh! combien il est agréable de penser au retour à la maison, même les plus belles choses au monde ne remplacent pas la douceur et la chaleur d'un Foyer. Suis désolée, 22-23-24-26 et 30 trop occupée, pas libre, mais promis, je serai à Maxéville-NY. Bon voyage Cher Androu,et Bon retour.

Tom Brooke
10-06-2012 - SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom

From Tom Brooke Sheffield United Kingdom.

I am proud to have just become a Member! My wife & I are coming to the 24th June Concert in Mastrich - we can hardly wait!!
We have bought the beautiful book - The King of the Waltz - and are desperately hoping that if we bring it along to the Concert, there will be some way of getting Andre to sign it! Please, please say we can fulfil this wish!!

Kathy & Tom Brooke

Jutka Scheer Adelaide Australia
10-06-2012 - Adelaide, Australia

Dear Mr. Andre Rieu! I am waiting for your 3D dvd, I hope you will make one soon!!! Thank you for your beautiful music. Best wishes from Jutka Scheer

Claudia Otsuka
10-06-2012 - São Paulo, Brasil

Dear Andre
Your concert is wonderful . Thank you

10-06-2012 - ,


Jeff.. Cardiff, South Wales, UK
10-06-2012 - Cardiff, United Kingdom

Dear Andre.. When oh When are you bringing your music to Wales, UK??.. A concert in the grounds of and with the backdrop of Cardiff Castle would be wonderful.. It is 'the land of song' after all.. yet you never visit us.. Please let me know if you decide to come so I can be first to book tickets.
Kind regards, Love and Peace..

10-06-2012 - HUMAITÁ, Brasil

I´m a brazilian doctor, live in Rio de Janeiro and I´ve just gone to SPaulo to see the wonderful show. I loved it so so much and I agree with Andre when he told that music brings health and that a lot of doctors write to him to say so. I have also a great experience that a good music, a music played with soul like Andre plays, is a real fountain of cure. Congratulations to all members of orchestra, and thank you for coming to Brazil. I spent more 2 hours of joy and happiness. We have to thank God for your life and your job bringing just joy and health to the world. Love, Vera

Ana Maria Rezende Rosa- Uberlândia Brasil
10-06-2012 - Uberlândia, Brasil

Caro André,
Que alegria foi participar do show do dia 31 de maio no Ibirapuera! Foi maravilhoso! Ficamos encantados...estávamos em 10 pessoas da família e todos ficaram muito felizes! A minha mãe Divina de 80 anos, nas fotos, é só alegria! Os nossos filhos jovens, também curtiram muito! Tivemos o prazer eu, minha irmã meu esposo e meu cunhado de estarmos bem próximo do palco no final e vê-los de pertinho...adorei! Também dançamos a valsa Danúbio Azul! Obrigada pela alegria que você e sua orquestra trouxe para nós! Nunca vou esquecer!
Abraços, Ana Maria

Angela Borley
10-06-2012 - TRALEE, Ireland

Andre and all of your wonderful team. Many,many warm congratulations.
I'll be with you in spirit on the 30th and in my local cinema in Tralee, Ireland watching you all.
Get lots of rest everyone.
light and laughter.
Angel Blessings.

Jan Jefford
09-06-2012 - GU52 7 TR, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,
I just wanted to write and say thank you for the music. My husband and I have watched most do your shows on DVD or sky TV. Last year we started to play them for my father who is 91 and suffers from dementia and heart problems He used to love anything to do with wildlife and was very keen on bird and butterfly watching until about 3 years ago. He has always enjoyed watching sport and detective type programmes on TV but now he cannot follow them as his memory is so poor. However he loves to watch your programmes especially the variety of music and performers he can see. He also loves to see the enthusiasm of your orchestra and audience. It gives him so much pleasure so I thank you. My husband and I have booked to see you at the O2 stadium in London in December. Can't wait!

Lexa Baird, Kilsyth, Scotland
09-06-2012 - Glasgow, United Kingdom

Hi! Andre, JSO & Team. How are you all hope you will manage a few little rests in between your travelling. I am home for 2 weeks after a lovely holiday in Cornwall, a beautiful part of Britain. I will be off to Holland soon and will be paying a visit to Maastricht, unfortunately don't have concert tickets, but will soak up the wonderful atmosphere. We will be back in Scotland in time to take in the Cinema performance and am looking forward to that too. We tour a lot and listen to yourCD's in the car and in the evenings watch DVD's on the laptop. Lots of Love and God Bless -Lexa

09-06-2012 - CANADA, Canada

Dear Andre'. I have my new Under The Stars DvD. and the sweet little teddy bear and the two pillows that are awsome and lets people know I think alot of Andre' and the special man he is.I also have been voting every day at the site PERSONVANHETJAR.NL. It would so wonderful if you to win this place at the top. Because itr is your 25th year that the you and the jso have been together. What a wonderful team you are.YOU JUST MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TO BE. Love all of you. Iam also waiting for a new dvd of your tour in Brasil. Just keep making those dvd's because I love them. Take care Blue Eyes. love you.

Joan Quick, Whitley Bay, United Kingdom.
09-06-2012 - Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Dear Andre,

I could not make the trip to Maastricht to be at your concerts but (great joy) I have managed to get seats in my local cinema on the 30th June so I will feel as if I am there. I and my husband are so looking forward to being there in the cinema and I am sure all the other people there will be fascinated with the concert. Enjoy your break at home for a while and take care not to overdo it.
Lots of love to you all,

09-06-2012 - Florianopolis, Brasil

thanks for the show yestarday (08/06). Was beutiful and my family loved. My little son will keep this day for life
09-06-2012 - Preston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and everyone loved all the pic of your concert in Brazil also o pleased that we will be able to see the concert from Maatricht at the cinema.
Hope you are all well and you will be looking forward to returning home.
Get plenty of rest so that you are all fully well for the next set of concert.
How wonderful to get up in the morning and going to do the work you love.It is great when i come out of my work never mind what sort of day i have had i switch on the CD player and begin to smile when the muic starts - wonderful.
Well my friends take care and keep waltzing!

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