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Liz Thomas Bolton Lancs England
25-11-2012 - Bolton lancs, United Kingdom

We applauded your sentiment last night of how you would bring peace to the world if and when you become President, what a wonderful idea, to exchange guns and weapons for musical instruments! If only!
Your St Pieters Church was absolutely breathtaking, and your music was enthralling as usual, bringing tears of joy and happiness. We always come away from your concerts very uplifted and full of happiness.
Thank you all for the wonderful gifts of your talents you share with us.
Happy Festive Season to one and all

Judith & Peter Pearson England
25-11-2012 - HUDDERSFIELD, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Peter and I are staunch supporters of all your efforts and have been foe the last 12 years which includes at least 5 live concerts. We have a good idea about your approach to bringing music to the populous. We have just been watching a programme on BBC1 called Fern Brittain meets.Alfie Boe and we are impressed to discover that this superb singer appears to be a person with similar ambitions to yourself. A Lancashire man born in Fleetwood who we feel certain should be brought to your notice. His character is a delight. We are looking forward to the Manchester concert next month and, as always we send all our best wishes to your wonderful organisation.

Liz Thomas, Bolton Lancs England
25-11-2012 - Bolton lancs, United Kingdom

Dear Marjorie, many thanks to you for your wonderful ideas that enable Andre and the JSO to bring so much joy and happiness to us all.Went to the cinema last night and oh what a wonderful concert that was, beautiful costumes,glorious music and breathtaking locations. Thank you also to Pierre and all the backroom people who bring these marvellous concerts to us.
The mens choir was magnificient, the children were delightful, and of course Kimi, Marisia and Carmen were enchanting, such beauty and talent.
Especially enjoyed the Q&A;and seeing the audience pictures at the end, You always have such lovely surprises for us, Thank you all and have a glorious Christmas, much love
25-11-2012 - Preston, United Kingdom

Dear Andre and all involved in the cinema presentation last night it was truly spectacular. Thank you for also sharing with your fans the special memories in your life.
Can i just ask a favour of you please could you design a Baby bib for little girls. I am going to be a 'oma' to a baby girl! and it would be so nice.
Thank you Andre and the JSO for all you do for your many fans world wide and look forward to the MEN on December 14th.
Take care my friends.

M,ary R iley 25-11 2012 Merseyside
25-11-2012 - ,

Dear ,Dear Andre

I so much enjoyed the visit to the movies last night took me back to my teenage years and as the song goes : Sitting in the back row of the movies on a saturday night . Holding hands together you and i etc ! etc !.Well Andre you did us proud every thing was perfect- the Q@ A, the film and you. What more could an old woman want ----- take care dear Maestro much love to you .Marjorie, Pierre and dear talented Marc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Betty Pugh Sheffield England
25-11-2012 - Sheffield, United Kingdom

Hi Andre

We went to see your show last night at Cineworld Sheffield, and thought it fantastic. Many thanks to YOU and JSO for all the pleasure given us. Looking forward so much to seeing you on 18th Dec at Birmingham.

The cares of the day, away they go,
When you attend the Andre Rieu Show.

Love Betty xxxxx

Moira Darroch, Scotland
25-11-2012 - EAST KILBRIDE, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre
Was at cinema last evening to see your "Home for Christmas". Oh my, Dear Maestro of the World, it was simply magical. The concert in your beautiful winter wonderland garden was so cosy and personal and the sound of the music and singers in the church was magnificent. Can't wait for my dvd to arrive!!
The Q&A;session to start was superb - my two favourite men in the Universe, Santa Claus and Andre Rieu (and NOT necessarily in that order!!!). You looked so handsome, and happy to be answering the questions.
7 December - and your wonderful blue eyes - almost here.
With much, much love
Moira xxxxxxxx

Rose.G . Abbey Wood
25-11-2012 - London, United Kingdom

hi andrea
what a fantastic evening at the cinema even more when one of my questions came up .Hope you enjoy your sliegh rdes
just keep playing that lovely music .Enjoy your vocation with all the family
LOve and Best wishes to you all

Christine faulkner
25-11-2012 - Warks, United Kingdom

Dear Andre I went to my local cinema last night to watch your At home for Christmas It was magical and the carols in your home church bought tears to my eyes. I am now in the Christmas spirit the Christmas tree will soon be in our house. looking forward now to your Birmingham concert next month so you and your family keep well and safe.
Love Christine x

Max Marianne en Youri Brandt
25-11-2012 - Schinveld, Netherlands

Hallo Andre.
Wat een geweldig mooi concert Home For Christmas vanuit het Royal Theater in Heerlen, wij hebben genoten.
Vele groetjes uit Schinveld

Maureen Mooney, Maynooth, Ireland
25-11-2012 - MAYNOOTH CO KILDARE, Ireland

Hi Andre my husband Michael and I watched your "Home for Christmas" concert in the Savoy cinema in Dublin last evening (24th) and it was absolutely fantastic. Loved your Questions and Answers with viewers too. A big Thank You to you, your family and to everyone who took part in giving us such a beautiful and sometimes emotional selection of Christmas Carols and ballads and putting us in the christmas spirit.
Also, Thank You for opening your beautiful home for the occasion which was just magical. Looking forward to seeing you and JSO on 8th December in Dublin. Kindest Regards to all your family.

Madeleine, Littlehampton, West Sussex, England
25-11-2012 - ,

Dearest Maestro André,
Your new Christmas DVD is a masterpiece. Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful to see you all in your home and grounds. Thank you from my heart. December Lights is just exquisite, and Marjorie must be so happy for the lovely tribute to her. Kimi singing Ave Maria had my grand-daughter and I in tears, (also December Lights). It is a DVD to cherish for the rest of ones life, thank you to all the JSO, the technicians, to Pierre for producing it and to you, dear André. You show the true meaning of Christmas.
I have renewed my Gold Membership, and I will see you in London on December 17th. I am lucky I shall be in the 3rd row from the stage. With all my love and God Bless You

Margaret Thompson
25-11-2012 - Salisbury, United Kingdom

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
I have your dvd Home for Christmas but to see the programme on a large screen was magnificent. The Odeon cinema at Salisbury was a complete sell out. You have many fans here.
To hear you speak so tenderly about your darling Marjorie and your devoted Mother-in-Law shows how loving and compassionate a person you are.
Wishing you all a very early happy and holy Christmas and New Year filled with music and good health. Margaret

25-11-2012 - Hebron, United States

Please,please come to Chicago in 2013!!! It was so sad that you and JSO did not visit us this year. We miss you and find so much joy in your music!!!

25-11-2012 - RIIO DE JANEIRO, Brasil

Ilustre Andre Rieu. Assisto-lhe pela TV. Canto, Danço, vibro com sua performance. Sua orquestra sob seu comando nos reporta a situações de enlevo, beleza, divina. Emocionam todas as suas apresentações. O recebe sua grande Será que terei o prazer de vê-lo no Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. Preciso assisti-lo aqui no RJ. Abra na sua agenda uma data para a cidade do Rio de Janeiro.
cumprimentos da

Diane Cutts
25-11-2012 - Dorset, United Kingdom

Dear Andre & JSO My husband and I have just been to Southampton Cinema to see 'Home for Christmas'. Absolutely wonderful. We took a friend and she was in awe. We were in Birmingham last year, and this year in Maastricht for your 25th Anniversary. You give us so much pleasure.

Happy Christmas to you all

Love Diane & Richard from Dorset

24-11-2012 - 's -HERTOGENBOSCH, Netherlands

Lieve fantastischeAndré en lieve Marjorie.
Vanavond naar de film geweesTHome for Christmas.Ik heb wéér genoten.Al zou ik de film 100 keer zien,dat maakt mij niets uit,hij blijft mooi.Hoe je het doet doe je het,maar je flikt het iedere keer weer om met iets moois en ontroerends te komen.EEN HEEL DIEP EERBETOON VOOR JULLIE HARDE WERKEN.Je bent en blijft voor mij een artiest van wereldklasse.Doeiiiiii lieve schatten een
heel fijn weekend en liefs voor jullie en alle anderen van.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Enid Goodfield, Cirencester
24-11-2012 - Cirencester, United Kingdom

Dear Andre, Marjorie and JSO
My husband and I have just returned from the cinema in Cheltenham where we watched 'Home for Christmas'. What a wonderful two hours of music and happiness. Thank you all so much. The rendition of 'Jerusalem' was the best I have ever heard - it reduced many in the audience to tears. We are now looking forward to seeing you all in December at Birmingham. Love Enid

Peggy Schroders
24-11-2012 - Maastricht, Netherlands

Today I saw your Home for Christmas concert in the Euroscoop, Lanaken (Belgium) and was moved to tears by the passion, sincerity and beauty of the music we were able to enjoy thanks to you and your orchestra. The surroundings, your house, de Observant, the church of St.Pieter (where my parents got married 55 years ago) it was astonishing. It woke up my love for music. I want to start singing again and I want my gifted yet autistic daughter to start playing some kind of instrument. Music is a gift and listening to you (I actually went to surprise my 86 year old mother) brought it all back to me... Thank you so much. Oftewel hiel erg bedaank.

doug stratford
24-11-2012 - Tamworth, United Kingdom

just been to see your christmas show at the pictures brilliant fantastic

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