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22-05-2012 - Launceston, Australia

Dear Andre, I hope that you and the orchestra have a wonderful time in Brasil, can't wait to see the photos of your trip on your news page. Hope that everything goes well for everyone involved

Love Judy

Judith Bradley, Grimsby, England.
22-05-2012 - Grimsby, United Kingdom

I hope you all have a safe journey and a wonderful time in Brazil. I shall look forward to seeing the photos on your news page. Maastricht is coming closer now and I cannot wait to see you all again and watching your beautiful concerts. Keep having some time for yourself Andre to relax. Take care.
Love Judith.

Catherine Crapart
22-05-2012 - Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Cher André,
Bonnes répétitions pour vos concerts au BRESIL qui se rapprochent, l'ambiance va être chaude là-bas, ils aiment faire la fête! d'ailleurs leur carnaval est un des plus beaux! Bon courage André pour votre exercices quotidiens, qui vous tiennent en forme, continuez vous vous sentirez mieux!Je vous trouve rajeuni! Je souhaite bon voyage à tout le JSO! Amusez vous bien!
Nous on attendra de vos nouvelles, et des photos qui nous feront rêver!
Maastricht se rapproche, j'ai hâte d'y aller! Réaliser mon rêve! Goûter à l'ambiance de cette place du bonheur,pour un concert, comme le dit souvent Danielle, d'ailleurs je lui souhaite plein de bonheur en retrouvant vos concerts et aussi à toutes les autres fans! Bisous, Catherine

bliquy danielle
22-05-2012 - Saint saulve, France

de nouveau un petit voyage à travers vos sublimes photos remplies de gaieté, dans les photos des fans j'ai remarqué des amies de l'Allemagne, tout comme le Jso le bonheur d'une naissance, votre musique apporte ses fruits, de futurs fans pour l'avenir car bercés de toutes vos superbes gammes, difficile qu'il en soit autrement ! de tout coeur je vous souhaite un bon voyage vers ce beau pays qui n'attend que ce moment crucial VOUS APPLAUDIR chaque soir ce public verra sa vie se refleurir, un pays qui ne s'en remettra pas tellement il sera en extase devant tout ce que vous offrez, belle envolée prince adoré, tendres baisers remplis de mes pensées Danielle

marti - são paulo.brasil - 21/05/2012
22-05-2012 - Vargem Grande do Sul-SP, Brasil

Maestro, já estamos em contagem regressiva desejando uma feliz viagem a todos. Estaremos presente nos dias 31 de maio e 5 de julho para a realização de nossos sonhos. Parabéns por seu carisma, competência, cultura, inteligência e por este projeto inovador de descontração da orquestra que se aproxima mais do povo. Até breve.

22-05-2012 - Vineland Station, Canada

Dear Andre,
I want to send my very best wises to you and the orchestra for a perfectly wonderful time in Sao Paulo. Your concerts will be brilliant as usual and so many people will be thrilled beyond words to see and hear you. You do us all a world of good as you perform your incredibly beautiful music all over the world. All I can say is thank you once again.
Your daily schedule is very busy to say the least, and you will, I hope, stay with your health schedule. Please take time out to rest and do what you must do to look after yourself each day.
Travel safely and enjoy every minute!
Much love and cheers !!

Alziraa Rogerio
22-05-2012 - São Paulo - SP, Brasil


22-05-2012 - New hartford, United States

Hi Andre,
You are looking younger and more handsome than before your illness. I'm so glad that you want to take better care of yourself from now on. Before Brazil, take time " to sit behind the geraniums." (ha, ha) That's what I'm doing lately. There are so many beautiful Italian songs. Have you ever done Core 'ngrato, M'appari Tutt'Amor or Tesoro Mio? Probably, but they don't seem to be any of your regulars. I would love to hear you play them. I hope the East Coast of USA will be in your schedule next year or I won't be able to see you live in concert for too long!

Vivienne Pratt
21-05-2012 - CO12 4RJ, United Kingdom

Hi Dear Andre,
I hope you've had a good day. I was so glad to see your usual article in Chapeau this month. I always look forward to reading your personal message. Just as I love to see your tweets and photos when you are on tour giving a little insight into your daily activities. Thank you so very much. I expect you are now in the final stage of planning for Brazil and busy fine-tuning your programme to achieve your usual perfection. It is clear from all the Comments that a rousing and thunderous welcome awaits you! One thing is for sure: you will give your Brazilian publicum spectacular magical evenings of playful humour, beautiful emotional music and an unforgettable 'evening of a lifetime'. I look forward to seeing your news and photos. Take care dear Maestro. God bless. Love Viv XX

luciene moreau
21-05-2012 - Itu, Brasil

Olá André e Orquestra, estou ansiosa para o show no dia 29/05/12 em São Paulo, estarei lá curtindo...

luciene Moreau

Groetjes en liefs Maaike xxx
21-05-2012 - Den Haag, Netherlands

Lieve Andre en JSO.

Zo, de foto's weer even bekeken en tuurlijk weer genoten. Nu even rust en dan ja een verre reis staat op het programma. Neem de tijd en rust goed uit. Ook tijdens de concerten even goed op jezelf passen. Ikke(jij dus ) gaat even voor. Ik weet niet wanneer jullie vertrekken maar wens jullie een goede vlucht.
Nu weer even genieten van de familie en kleinkinderen voor al.
Ik hou jullie in de gaten via de foto's hihi

Luiz Gonzaga de Oliveira - Uberlândia - Minas Gerais - Brasil.
21-05-2012 - Uberlândia, Brasil

Dear André:

Seja Bem vindo ao nosso Maravilhoso Brasil. Que possa constatar ao vivo, o carisma dos Brasileiros, que o aguarda e demais integrantes da Orquestra, com muita expectativa.
Desejamos, como sempre, Muito Sucesso nesta temporada no Brasil.
Que possa acontecer mais vezes, em outras localidades importantes do País.
Grande abraço.
Luiz Gonzaga e Ângela Maria

LIsa Matthews :-)
21-05-2012 - Guildford, United Kingdom

Hello Andre, I have just joined to buy my mum another DvD for her collection. I have to say she is a huge fan, and I have never seen her so happy as when she is watching you! It is my parents Golden Anniversary this July, and the whole family have paid for them to come by coach to see you in Maastricht, something she has always wanted to do, and is so excited.
We originally hoped it would coincide with their anniversary as you usually do the concert in July I believe but moved it to June, but it is ok, as she has been so worried about you And your recent illness. I know she has checked every day to see how you are, and is very glad to see you are well again, but hopes you do not over do it and make yourself ill again. I will sign off now, my kindest regards to you and you family x

Janet Balodis Sydney Australia.
21-05-2012 - SYDNEY, Australia

Dearest Andre` Thankyou so very much for going Cinema Live with this years concerts in Masstricht.We look forward to getting together here in Australia to be with you all.It is so wonderful to be a part of the Attmosphere,We love you

21-05-2012 - Littlehampton, West Sussex, United Kingdom

Dear Maestro André
I have just returned from a short break in France to see my son. A Nightingale sang almost all the time, and I thought of your wonderful performance in the Vrijthov with the Nightingale - such a beautiful, moving performance. I am a full time carer and your music lifts my spirits to the highest heavens.
I am coming to the Vrijthov in June and hope it will be the first of many visits.
I wish you joy and every success in Brazil, along with the soloists and the JSO.
With all the love in the world, your most devoted fan,
Madeleine xxx

Peter & Sue ferndown
21-05-2012 - Ferndown bournemouth, United Kingdom

Hello all this week the weather has been cold, not able to go out much, so watched roses from the south twice,
it is so beautiful with all the flowers and lovely music, one
of my favorites send in the clowns, hope it is included in Dec at 02. getting the DVD for a friend as an introduction to J S O . Hope the new babies are fine, and Andre of course best wishes.

Margaret Jones, Cheshire, England.
21-05-2012 - CW11 1RW, United Kingdom

Dearest Andre the sun is out the sky is blue and 'The Lady in the Red Jacket' from the MEN Arena is so happy, singing and dancing to The Flying Dutchman as I make ready to travel in a couple of hours to Dover. Janie my lovely 'Zilver Vogel' (my Mercedes car) is nearly packed but most important of all the CD deck is loaded with all my favourite ' Andre' tapes so I'll have beautiful music to carry me along on my long drive. You Andre and your wonderful music are like a talisman keeping me safe as I drive, keeping me smiling and my energy levels high, I never travel anywhere without you. I now wish you a fantastic tour of Sao Paulo, have a great time with your lovely Orkest playing your brilliant music. Travel safely, remember you are very precious and very special. Lots of Lady Margaret.

FAY ROBERTS Toongabbie N.S.W. Australia;
21-05-2012 - ,

Dearest Andre' I have just received an email from Cinema alive they tell me your Maastrict concert will be in selected cinemas do you think I am excited you bet I am thank you for doing this, Australia is a long way to come to & as much as we love to see you I personally would rather you do this Live Streaming rather than push yourself too much & get ill , so take care dear Friend you are loved by so many down under;

Mireille JOURDAN
21-05-2012 - PARIS, France

Bonjour Messire André et tous, en pleins préparatifs pour votre départ prochain vers le Brésil où vous attend un succès éclatant !
Je viens de recevoir et visionner le DVD "Maastricht-V" : magnifique et qui me fait revivre les trois merveilleuses soirées passées au Vrijthof sous votre charme l'été dernier. (Bravo pour le nouvel emballage cartonné plus efficace).
Le JSO est très prolifique... cela prouve que tout le monde y est heureux et vous devrez agrandir votre nurserie !
Mes félicitations à Cord et Judith pour la naissance de leur fille.
Mille baisers affectueux à tous et bon voyage !

bliquy danielle
21-05-2012 - Saint saulve, France

en ballade ce jour prince des coeurs, je vous y emmène, une de mes priorités à ne pas manquer, un parcours dans la joie et la bonne humeur et des conversations à ne plus en finir vous concernant, que de beaux souvenirs à raconter encore et encore, des souvenirs qui me comblent de bonheur chaque fois que j'en parle !!!! le Brésil se prépare à vivre grand nombre de soirées exceptionnelles, une ville qui explosera dès votre arrivée et qui sera à son apogée dès votre arrivée sur scène, excellentes répétitions qui vous dirigera vers une longue et belle route fleurie , une envolée de tendres baisers de votre cht'ite Danielle

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